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I Am Going To Get You

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Chapter 17 – I Am Going To Get You

Two days after the battle, Harry got a letter requesting his appearance at the Ministry of Magic. They had much to discuss and then as a group, they were going to set up the trial for Fenrir.

Harry and Scott left the castle and teleported to the Ministry. They landed near the Atrium and were met by Cornelius and Amelia. Together, the quartet made its way to the Wizengamot Chamber. Inside were many of the witches and wizards that made up the tribunal. Harry smiled as he watched Cornelius and Amelia take their respective spots.

"Lord Potter," called Amelia. "As there are so many of your fellow professors that are acting as your proxy, we need you to come up with an alternate plan so that they do not drain the castle of defenses or teachers for the trial of Fenrir Greyback."

"I have a thought as to what we can do about that," said Harry nodding his head. "I also have a special request of the Wizengamot."

"Let's hear what your thought is about your seats before we get to your request," said Amelia smiling. "What have you come up with?"

"I know that Minerva is the proxy for Gryffindor," said Harry. "I was wondering if the Wizengamot would allow my soul mate to sit in that seat instead as being Headmistress, Minerva can't make it to the trial."

"I am sure that would be acceptable," said Cornelius as the members of the panel lit their wands with an affirmative. "As no one seems to care one way or the other, the motion is granted. Mr. Summer-Potter can sit in the seat for Gryffindor. In all actuality, your soul mate constitutes a legal marriage anyway, and spouses are allowed to sit in the seat of a member who holds more than one seat. So the appointment of Mr. Scott Potter is within the law for you to let him sit in that seat. What other plans have you come up with."

"Draco needs to sit for the Malfoy seat," said Harry. "It is my understanding that people can hold more than one seat if they are requested to. Is this a correct summarization?"

"It is," said Amelia nodding. "However, Draco Malfoy is under age. While you are emancipated, he is not."

"That is true," said Harry pointedly. "However, as his Head of House, can I not request that he sit in his spot?"

"We had not thought of that," said Augusta nodding. "It is within the power of the Head of House to appoint the Heirs to their seats. However, my question is why would you want to do that?"

"I know that some of the students are interested in politics and so forth," said Harry with a smile. "It is my desire to give them a taste of what they would be dealing with in the future. I have complete confidence in Draco and two other people to sit on the panel as proxy for some of my seats and be mature about their thoughts and decisions. It is my idea that they could learn from this ordeal."

"You have my curiosity now," said Andromeda speaking for the first time. "What specifically do you have in mind? This sounds to me like you are showing us why you are the head of the Slytherin name."

"Ah yes," said Harry grinning. "I was thinking that Draco could take the spot for House Malfoy. Hermione Granger could take the place of House Black, and Augusta could take the place of House Potter. I am also thinking that since Neville is the heir of the Longbottom name, that he be allowed to sit for House Longbottom while his grandmother sit for House Potter. My thoughts are as the Longbottoms, Grangers, Bones, Weasleys, and a few other families are under the protection of House Emrys, that we could let the future heirs learn something."

"This is an interesting idea," said Augusta thoughtfully. "Indeed it has never been done before, but there is nothing in our law books that says it is not allowed. After all, there are now two goblins that are sitting for House Slytherin and House Peverell. I suggest that we allow this so that the teens can get a better insight as to what is going to happen if and when they decide to become involved with the Ministry and its laws in the future."

"All in favor, please light your wands," said Cornelius. "We will vote to allow it on the basis that they act responsibly and with intelligence. Should it be proven that they can not handle the situation, we will have to review and maybe prevent those that can't handle the pressure from coming again until they are more mature about the events that come into play during these sessions."

They had the satisfaction of watching just about every wand on the panel light up in agreement. Harry grinned and thanked each of his fellow panel members profusely before he took on a serious look on his face again.

"My request is unusual in manner," said Harry nervously. "I request to preside over the trial as Chief and if Fenrir is found guilty to be the one to pass his sentence on to him. I am not sure if that is allowed, but that is something that I am adamant about. I want to be the one that he sees when he gets his just punishment."

"Lord Emrys," said Amelia. "You have the most power and prestige of anyone here. We do, on occasion, let others sit in the spot of Chief. As you rarely ask for anything, we have no problem granting you your request. I will step down as Chief and allow you to preside over this trial along with the one for Lucius, Dumbledore, and Bellatrix when they are caught."

"Thank you for granting me this boon," said Harry bowing low to the panel. "I will rule fairly, but when and if he is found guilty, my punishment will be severe to all four of these criminals. What happened to Pettigrew is nothing compared to what will happen with these four."

With that, the panel discussed other things before they left for the day. Upon returning to the castle, Harry sought out Neville, Hermione, and Draco. From there, he sought out Narcissa, Severus, and Minerva. When everyone was sitting comfortably, Harry looked to each and began.

"The Wizengamot has voiced its concern about taking all of the professors out of school during the trials of Dumbledore, Lucius, Bellatrix, and Fenrir," he told them. "I have to agree with them in part. With us being at the trial while the other three are still on the loose, we are putting the school in danger. Therefore, we have discussed and decided on the following for these four trials in particular. Hermione will sit for House Black instead of Narcissa. She being Head of House of Slytherin here at Hogwarts would help with her staying in the castle to help protect the students. In addition, her safety within the walls is guaranteed."

"I am ok with this," said Narcissa smiling. "Thank you for your concern for my well being. It is most appreciated. What will you do about the seat for House Malfoy?"

"Draco will sit for House Malfoy," replied Harry. "The Wizengamot and I decided that since he will be of age soon anyway that he should get a taste of what is going to be expected of him when he takes his rightful place as Head of House for the Malfoy name. At the moment, since the two of you are under the protection of House Emrys, I am acting as Head of House for the Malfoy name due to the blood relations that we all have."

"I didn't know that we were related," stated Draco. "How are we blood related?"

"Dorea Potter married a Black," said Harry simply. "This is another reason why the magic was cooperative in letting me be the Head of House for the Black family name. I am of the Black line as well."

"This is fascinating," said Hermione. "Then again, we shouldn't be all that surprised as all of the old pureblood families are related in one way or another."

"What else did you all decide about replacements for the seats?" asked Severus eyeing Harry with pride at his well thought out and reasonable ideas. "I am sure that you have something up your sleeve. You are a Slytherin at heart even if you don't carry the bloodline."

"Neville will sit for House Longbottom while Augusta sits for House Potter," said Harry quickly smiling. "This will free up Severus as he is the DADA Professor and can keep in contact with Marvolo in case the school gets attacked again while I am gone."

"That sounds reasonable enough," said Severus nodding. "In this, those that are the most familiar with how the school defenses work can protect the school.

"Scott will take Minerva's spot as voice for House Gryffindor," Harry continued. "In her spot as Headmistress, she has the most control over the wards other than me and Severus. She has the second most control while Severus has the third. We can let her keep the wards in tune with her while I am away dealing with the riff raff.

"Why would you want other teens to sit on the jury?" asked a confused Narcissa. "What do you have going through that head of yours?"

"It is my belief that people like Neville, Draco, and Hermione will be looking at places in politics when they are older and of age," explained Harry while reiterating his earlier point. "I felt and the Wizengamot agrees with me, that they could learn what it is that the Wizarding government does to protect its citizens. In this fashion, they can get a feeling of what it will be like when they are fully adults. Draco and Neville will have to take their spots when they turn seventeen anyway. In this fashion, both get an idea of what it is that they will be expected to learn and deal with when they are of age."

The others in the room all nodded at this statement. When he fully explained it, it made more sense for the rest of them that still had a bit of confusion as to why he would want to put teens on the panel.

"How is it that you got Miss Granger a spot for these four trials?" asked Minerva with interest. "I think that you have very valid points for what you are claiming, but she is not an heir or heir apparent of any of the spots. Also, how is it that you got the Wizengamot to go over Narcissa's head and let Draco sit on the panel?"

"Well I am the Head of House for the Black family," said Harry grinning as he gave a better explanation to Minerva who was finally starting to grasp the thought pattern of Harry. "As Narcissa is a Black and Draco is a Black, it was not hard for me to state that I wanted my family to sit on the panel. After all, my ancestor Dorea Black Potter was a Black. Currently by law, I am the Head of Draco's House until he turns seventeen. Hermione and Draco is a couple and Hermione is one of the most intelligent witches that I know. This will give her the chance to look at a prospect of law and such within the Wizarding World when she graduates."

"Very clever Harry," said Severus smiling. "You have learned well what it means to be the Head of House and what your roles are in the wizarding world. I am very impressed with your level of maturity as well as your insight on how to run things in a smooth manner."

"I approve as well," said Narcissa smiling. "I think that it would make for a great learning experience for the teens. It is not going to be much longer before Draco turns seventeen anyway. So to let him get some hands on experience now would be good for him and Miss Granger as well as Mr. Longbottom."

Harry was sitting there smiling when he has a sudden brush upon his mental shields.

"Harry," said Charles. "You have another small problem headed your way. Sabertooth has left this country on Magneto's orders and is actively searching for you. We didn't find out until it was too late to do anything about it. We have been lucky in that we have captured Toad and Mystique. Both are in facilities that will keep them out of trouble for the time being."

"Have you alerted the European Mutant League yet?" asked Harry. "I know for a fact that over the last few months they have begun to set up Potter Castle as a school much like yours."

"I have," said Charles. "My friend Raymond Downing is using his connections to keep your area safe. We are determined to assist in the capture of a vicious individual. Logan and Jean are in flight now to assist with the capture. Thanks to your donation of the castle, and some of the work my European counterparts have done; they have better holding cells for the captured members of the Brotherhood."

Harry smiled at this as he let Charles close the link. They had been keeping in contact with one another for a few months while they got the castle under reconstructions thanks to the assistance of the goblins. Harry was delighted when he visited his ancestral home and saw that they had the making of a beautiful rendition of Xavier's.

Raymond Downing, aka Mind Stalker, had thanked Harry most graciously for his donation to the mutant movement. The two men kept in close contact with one another while the renovations were done to the old castle so that people could live there comfortably with modern technology.

"Harry?" asked Hermione looking at her friend in concern. "What is wrong? What is going on that you has spaced out on us? Are we under attack again?"

"As you all know," began Harry. "The Goblins of Gringotts has been working round the clock to get Potter Castle ready for human habitation. Mind Stalker has been working with others to get it to have things like normal plumbing as well as electricity and so forth. We have been conversing back and forth for months. Well, the castle is well finished, and the European mutants have begun to gather there for their safety. It is what has kept the Brotherhood from making it onto British soil thus far."

"We know all of this already," said Hermione looking at him with curiosity. "Why are you rehashing all of this?"

"I am trying to make a point," said Harry frowning slightly at her. "Charles just contacted me via telepathy. He told me that in the last four months they have captured both Toad and Mystique. However, one member of the Brotherhood that is most loyal to Magneto has escaped onto British soil."

"Which mutant was it?" asked Scott. "Who has made it this far and should we be worried?"

"No," said Harry. "We don't have to be worried yet. We have enough troubles with Dumbledore and Lucius. Sabertooth has made it to this part of the map. I am sure that Mind Stalker will be able to have his mutants ready to capture the hairy beast. Charles told me that Jean and Logan are coming to Britain to assist in his capture."

"We at least they have things set up to capture the bad mutants," said Narcissa. "They are having an easier time than we are with our problems."

"That is very true," said Scott nodding his head. "While Magneto and Charles don't agree on the ways of dealing with the mundane world, they are not really enemies. They just disagree on what to do about the non mutant world. They don't necessarily hate each other. They just have different view points. Magneto and his band are no where near as evil as your Dumbledore and Lucius. We are able to deal with them far easier."

"I am sure that in time, Magneto will rescue Mystique and maybe Toad," said Harry shrugging. "However, for the brief respite, the X-Men will have an easier time dealing with some of the mutants that ARE as dark and twisted as Dumbledore."

"Well," said Minerva. "If you are ok with what is happening, then we will trust your judgment. However, if this Sabertooth should come near Hogwarts, he will be brought down and dealt with."

"Absolutely," said Harry. "I could not have stated it better. I will know if he gets to close to the castle. Unlike Malfoy and Dumbledore, he can't shield his thoughts from me. In addition, Cerebro will tell Charles where he is hiding and he will pass that information on to me. It is a win, win situation for everyone."

"What time is the trial for Greyback?" asked Minerva bringing the conversation back to the current situation. "This way we can have everyone ready to go by the time they need to be in the Ministry."

"The trial starts at ten in the morning in two days," said Harry. "I will be presiding over the case as Chief Warlock. Between Scott, Madam Bones, and a few others along with me, we can keep them safe from harm."

"Well I was not worried about harm," said Minerva. "We know that wherever you are, they will be safe if they are with you. We just needed to know when and such so that they can be excused from classes. They are so far advanced in their studies that it won't make a difference anyway."

Harry smiled brightly at the older witch that he saw as a mentor and mother figure. She really did care for Harry and Hogwarts. This above all else is what made Minerva McGonagall a truly gifted witch.

Two days later, Harry, Scott, Hermione, Draco, and Neville were once again in the Atrium of the Ministry. Once more, they were met by Amelia and Cornelius personally to escort the group to the Wizengamot Chambers.

Once there, Harry instructed the teens on where they were to sit and so forth. Thankfully, Harry was able to group them all together due to the relationship that he had with each one. He knew that House Malfoy usually sat a little further down, but due to the fact that he was the new Head of House, they allowed the switch to group them all together.

The way it worked was those with the most prestige were usually placed closer to the front of the panel while those of lesser rank and prestige sat further to the back. Harry, having the most prestige of anyone on the panel had all of his houses sitting in a cluster on the right of the Chief Witch or Warlock presiding over the case.

The Longbottoms and Weasleys, due to being under the protection of House Potter and Emrys were sitting with Harry's seats a little to the back for House Weasley and to the right for House Longbottom. When Harry was assured that all of his friends and family were situated, he took his spot in the direct center as Chief Warlock of the session.

Once all of the members of the tribunal were accounted for and present, he signaled to the guards to bring in Fenrir. He watched with a dispassionate face as the werewolf was brought in and placed in the chair. Immediately the gold chains snaked up and bound the mongrel to the chair so that he could not escape. Harry looked to his left at Cornelius who gave him a nod. He looked to his right and got one from Amelia Bones as well. From there he took a deep breath and began.

"My fellow witches and wizards," he said in a stern voice. "We are here today to give witness and possible sentence to the werewolf known as Fenrir Greyback. Defense council will be Jeffrey Jamison while the prosecution will be Kingsley Shacklebolt the Head Auror of the DMLE. We will start with the prosecution of the witness. Mr. Shacklebolt, you may begin."

"It has been proven on more than one occasion that the criminal has stationed himself in the vicinity of muggle and wizarding children alike on the night of the full moon," began Shack. "It is also proven that when he turns, he has bitten to infect said children as well as outright kill them. We have statements and testimonies from certain wizarding families as well as their memories that prove that he is responsible for causing their families to be torn apart due to the lycanthropy virus."

Harry nodded while he watched the werewolf sneer in a typical way. He saw the defense attorney looked at his client in disgust before he turned away.

"Mr. Jamison," called Harry to the man. "Is there a problem? I noticed that you are listening, but you are not advising your client. Is there something that you wish to tell us? If you are not going to represent your client professionally and unbiased, then we will have to get him an attorney that will."

"If it pleases the panel," said Jeffrey. "The laws state that there doesn't have to be an attorney present to represent a criminal. I am only here due to the fact that I was paid to be here. Everyone who is anyone in the Wizarding World knows about the infamous Fenrir Greyback. I am here and have already advised by client about his rights, but if he chooses not to listen to said advice, then it is hardly my problem. I am already fulfilling my end of the bargain by stating to him what he can and can not ask for. For the most part, there is nothing to go against the prosecution with. Even my client likes to brag about his conquests."

"Fair enough," said Harry. "It is so noted that the client is not cooperating with his attorney. Mr. Shacklebolt, you have the floor. Please continue presenting your evidence against the accused."

"Other evidence shows that Fenrir Greyback has been in the service of the Dark Lord for quite a number of years," continued Shack. "Our reports show that he has led the armies of the werewolves on multiple attacks against areas within the Wizarding World."

"Good times," said Fenrir to the irritation of the panel.

"The accused will kindly refrain from speaking unless he is spoken to," said Harry pointing his finger at him. "One more outburst from you and we will make sure that you are unable to do so again for the duration of this trial."

Fenrir snorted, but didn't speak again. He glared at Harry with unadulterated hatred. The werewolf wanted nothing more than to rip out the throat of the young upstart. Dumbledore and Lucius would have paid him a nice bonus should he pull it off. What no one knew was that he was frantically trying to get around the chains holding him to the chair. Harry smirked at him and tapped his head knowing exactly what the werewolf was thinking.

"You are not going anywhere," said Harry pointedly. "I am able to read your mind as well as anything else you have in that head of yours. Even the spells that Dumbledore placed around your thoughts isn't helping you. I know that Lucius paid you with money that Dumbledore has to attack the school. We WILL get to him and his assets will be seized before long. Mr. Shacklebolt, please continue."

"Thank you Chief Warlock," he said. "You have just spoken about my next bit of evidence. He was the Alpha that led the attack a few days ago against Hogwarts where he lost his spot in the conflict with Remus Lupin. Mr. Lupin was one of the aforementioned children that Greyback attacked as a child and infected."

"Thank you Mr. Shacklebolt," said Harry. "Please proceed with your questioning of the accused."

Hermione raised her hand and waited patiently to be recognized. For the past two days, those that were not familiar with the way of the Wizengamot had been coached by Amelia and Cornelius in the evenings of the ways and workings. Harry noticed her hand shoot up in the air and smiled.

"The panel recognizes Hermione Granger, Proxy for House Black," said Harry acknowledging her request to speak. "What would you like to say or ask?"

"I was just wondering why it was necessary to even ask him anything," she stated hesitantly. "I know that the laws dictate that he has a right to defend himself with an attorney, but so far from my observations, he has just been nodding and smiling throughout the entire claims of his guilt. He has even been smiling about most of it. Add in the fact that we have all of the evidence in the form of memories of people, and I think that this would just be a waste of time for us."

Draco's hand shot up into the air and Harry nodded to him.

"The panel recognizes Lord Malfoy," said Harry pointing to him. "Your thoughts or comments, please Sir?"

"I agree with Miss Granger," said Draco. "This is a trial to see if he is guilty or not, but he is already proclaiming by his actions and so forth that he has actually DONE what we are accusing him of. We had the Chief Witch, Amelia Bones, who is also the Head of the DMLE there the night that he attacked Hogwarts. We have all of this evidence to prove that he is guilty. I agree that the panel has more important things to do than to watch the accused sit there and grin and enjoy his self during the accusations."

Cornelius, Amelia, and Augusta all sat there with triumphant smiles upon their faces. Harry was doing a very professional job of running the session and the two teens made their smiles grow larger as they spoke their minds and presented themselves with dignity and accuracy of their wording. Add in the fact that they had both been watching the accused while listening to the charges brought forth, and you had a new era of power just waiting for their places in the world.

"Essentially you are correct," said Harry nodding to both. "However, the laws dictate that we have to at least give him the chance to defend his actions. If we do not, then he can escape justice again with the technicality of it all. We all KNOW he is guilty, but we have to follow the laws stated by the founders of the land. The crown dictates that all criminals have to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. While we know he is guilty and have the evidence to prove it, he still has to be allowed to defend his integrity and honor."

"Then I motion that the accused desist in his grumblings as well as his offensive facial gestures," said Hermione with disgust. "Not only is it insulting, but it gives off the impression that he is proud of his actions as well as insulting the members of this panel. We are not some sort of game here and I for one and offended by his manners."

"I second that motion," piped up Neville. "I am also getting tired of his mannerisms. He is here to be tried for the multiple accounts of murder, attacks upon family and places, as well as infecting people with an incurable disease. This is NOT a party."

"The panel recognizes the motion set for by the Proxy for House Black," said Harry. "The panel also recognizes the second given by the Heir of House Longbottom. The motions are carried. Fenrir Greyback, you are to desist in acting in an unprofessional manner. It just so happens that I agree with these two houses that this is NOT a party and you are NOT the guest of honor. You will behave yourself, or you will be fined for your actions."

"Please," snorted Fenrir. "These two are not even real members of the Wizengamot. They have no right to pass any motions to be considered. When I get out of here, I will make sure that all of these young upstarts are taught a lesson about putting their noses in places where it doesn't belong."

Harry waved his hand and a beam of red light hit the werewolf in the center of his chest knocking him clean over. The fury that was on is face was evident to everyone that was present in the chamber.

"If you EVER threaten anyone on this panel ever again, it will be the last thing that you ever do," said Harry in fury. "For your remark and for your behavior, this court hereby seizes all of your assets and your vaults will be used to fund the campaign against Albus Dumbledore. For the record, these two teenagers have every right to make the motions as they are seated as representatives for the Ancient and Noble houses of Black and Longbottom. Before you decide to start spouting off the laws to people, you had better learn said laws in advance."

"Perhaps we should get back to the viewing the memories and so forth," said Amelia. "As for the motions that were presented, they are accurate and legally done. So says the laws and so says this panel. The accused will only speak when asked a question and he will refrain from pretending that this is a victory party. As it is, he doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. As Head of the DMLE and Chief Witch, I second the motion passed by Lord Emrys in the seizing of all assets and vaults of the accused."

With that, they trial got back underway. They watched and spoke about the memories that were presented. The trial lasted for more than two hours. In that time, all of the evidence was shown to the panel as well as questions asked to Fenrir.

What angered most of the panel, was the blasé way he answered the questions asked. He did it in a way that made it seem like he was proud of his actions. When it was all said and done, by the time it came to cast the vote for guilty or not guilty, most of the panel was ready to give him a trip through the veil.

"I think that it is time for us to cast a vote of his guilt or innocence," stated Harry when more than one outraged cry sounded at the werewolf's attitude. "All those in favor of a guilty plea of murder, please light your wands in red. All of those that find the accused innocent please light your wand in white."

All of the wands lit up instantly. There was not a single white light to be seen. Even the guests that were just there and watching the trial lit their wands in red. Harry held back a grin at this.

"All of those that find the accused guilty of leading multiple attacks against magical places around Britain, please light your wands in the same fashion as before," instructed Harry. "All of those who find him innocent please light your wands in white."

Once more every wand on the panel lit in red. Harry sat there with a pleased look on his face.

"On the final count of purposely infecting innocent people and especially children with the virus known as Lycanthropy, please light your wands accordingly," instructed Harry. "Red is for guilty and white for innocence, please."

For a third time, all of the wands lit in red. Harry looked around before he made his final blow to the unabashed werewolf.

"For crimes against humanity, you are found guilty of all charges pressed against you," said Harry in a cold voice. "As such, you punishment will be the following. You will forever wear magical suppression bracelets to keep your magic from ever being accessed again. You will be placed in a special cell within the Department of Mysteries where you will not be able to see the light of the sun or moon again. You will be used as a test dummy for all possible cures for the lycanthropy virus. All tests and blood needed for use to study and learn will be given by you. You will have minimal access to the human world. From this day forth until the day you die, you will be treated like the animal that you are. Vicious animals always live in a cage and that is exactly what you will be living in inside of your cell. There will be a Dementor placed in the cell with you that will ensure that you do not ever have a single happy thought in your head. By my magic, I so will it to be. This now concludes the trial of Fenrir Greyback the animal."

"Just to be safe," called Hermione from her spot. "I can still see his wheels turning. His wolf senses will be heightened and he will have an easier time escaping his captors in transport. May I suggest that he be given a powerful sleeping draft before he is moved so that he can't escape?"

"That is a good suggestion Miss Granger," said Cornelius. "This motion shall be passed. Guards, dose the wolf with the most powerful sleeping draught that we have and inform the Department of Mysteries that their experiment is in transport. The sooner that he is in his cage, the safer the rest of us will be. Please tell the head of that department that even I don't want to know where his cell will be for safety reasons. The fewer that knows were he is, the better. Let it also be known that I will want proof that he is still there with complete reports every other day."

With that, Harry banged his gavel one last time and the panel that made up the Wizengamot adjourned. Harry looked to Amelia and smiled. She walked over to him with Cornelius.

"You have done a wonderful job Harry," said Cornelius. "That was very fair, professional, and precise. Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy, and Mr. Longbottom were also very well behaved and intellectually sound. Congratulations to you all on a job well done."

"Thank you Minister," said Harry. "I am delighted to hear that you are pleased with our performances. We were hoping that we did the right thing. As for my outburst when I hit him with that stunner, I apologize, but don't like my family being threatened."

"We are just glad that you did it before anyone else could," said Augusta. "I have no doubt that had you not done what you did he would have been hit with way more than that by others on the panel. I noticed that others pulled their wands on him at that remark as well. I would not have been so lenient on him."

Harry smiled at the older witches and wizard. He bowed to them and excused his party. From there, he brought the group back to Hogwarts where they were met up by an anxious group of professors.

"Everything went smooth and accordingly," said Harry. "Fenrir Greyback will NEVER be a threat to anyone ever again. We are happy with the way we were able to handle the situation and we were praised by the senior members of the Wizengamot for our performances."

The group talked late into the afternoon while the teens and Scott gave a recount of the highlights of the trial.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – How did you like that? I wanted to make sure that I was keeping the trial as interesting as possible while giving the chance for Harry to shine as acting Chief. I hope that you enjoyed that.

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