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It's My Power Now

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Chapter 18 – It is My Power Now

Lucius crept back out of the Atrium after the trial of Fenrir. He was aware that Harry knew he was there, but he wanted to see and hear what the young brat did and said. What surprised Lucius the most was the fact that Amelia and Cornelius let Potter be the Chief that presided over the trial. In a grudging way, Lucius was proud of his son for standing up for his beliefs and for stating what he wanted. Of course, the brat still needed to be put in his place and punished severely, but there was a hint of pride all the same.

Lucius made it back to the hideout of Dumbledore and sat in the kitchen while waiting for the older wizard to return. It was not that long before the ancient wizard entered and was sitting there.

"Well what has been going on?" asked Dumbledore. "What happened at the battle? Apparently Fenrir has failed as the Daily Prophet has already stated that Harry Potter was the Chief over his trial. I want all of the details that you could possibly give to me regarding what happened at the fight and what are Potter's weaknesses."

"I don't have any information to give to you as I was only there for the first part of it," stated Lucius in an aggravated voice at being bossed around by Dumbledore. "I didn't get to see hardly anything and what I did see was not something you will enjoy hearing about."

"What do you mean that you were not able to see the fight?" asked Dumbledore angrily. "You were sent there to watch the fight so that you could report back to me as to what was going on. Why didn't you do your job like you were asked to do?"

"Because Potter found me almost immediately even with this stupid charm that you have me wearing," retorted Lucius. "He knew the general vicinity of where I was hiding. He could not read my thoughts as easily, but I could feel him pressing on my shields. Had he pushed just a bit harder, he would have circumvented your charm and my Occlumency and read everything like it was a book open in front of him."

"Damn," swore Dumbledore. "This is not a good thing. What else happened? Do not leave anything out. I want to know every detail possible so that we can come up with a new game plan on how to defeat the brat."

"He knew that the fight was going to be harder than first thought," said Lucius sighing in frustration. "He sent for the Dark Lord. I saw him on the grounds helping to defend the school. From there, he called me out and announced to everyone in the area that I was not working with the Dark Lord, but working with you instead. He even stated that he knew that I was working with you because he knew your magical signature. He stated this where the Dark Lord could here. I have no doubts that the Dark Lord is now looking for my life. This is your fault Dumbledore. You sent me there when you knew it was a possibility that Potter could find me."

"Do relax Lucius," snarled Dumbledore. "It is not like the Dark Lord or Potter can find you here at this moment. He is too busy trying to get to a few others to get to you. Pettigrew and Fenrir are just lowly criminals in this war. He doesn't have the power to take both of us on as a team. He will fail. It is time that we step up our game plan."

"In what way?" an incredulous Lucius asked. "What new scheme are you concocting now?"

"We knock out some of his key players," stated Dumbledore in a flat voice that was lacking any emotion as to the dark intentions he was heading for. "It is time that we kill a few people that are closest to him. We start with a few of his lesser accomplices. We go after your son and the mudblood Granger. From there we go after Snape and a few of the professors of the school. We can kill off that useless Minister for Magic. We need to start picking off each ally one at a time until he is alone. He will hurt the most when we take care of the one that he calls his mate."

Lucius looked doubtfully at Dumbledore, but nodded his head in agreement after a moment. It would help to ensure that Potter lost as many of his closest supports as possible. Once Draco was dead, the Malfoy Vaults would revert back to him as the last remaining Malfoy. It didn't occur to Lucius that the vaults were under Harry's jurisdiction until it was clear that Lucius was caught and brought to justice.

Back at Hogwarts, Harry and company were already in conversation about what they were going to do to bring in the last three on the hit list of criminals needing to be brought to justice.

"What we need is to get Lucius, Bellatrix, and Dumbledore to come out of their hiding places," said Harry to his group. "Marvolo has already stated that Bellatrix is rarely given entrance to Slytherin Bastille. She is mostly used for scouting missions and to bring in supplies for him. Other than that, she is no more allowed to come near the meetings he holds as Lucius is. We already know that Lucius is working with Dumbledore. It is time that we bring another person to justice and weaken the hold that Dumbledore still holds on the wizarding community."

"I honestly don't have any information to give," said Severus. "Marvolo is already doing what he can short of turning her in himself. He doesn't want to lose her, but he readily agrees that she is a loose canon and even he has trouble keeping her in check from time to time. My guess is that all of those years in Azkaban is what finally caused her to lose what little bit of sanity that she has left."

"What other information do we have on Lucius or Bellatrix?" asked Harry. "Is there anything in the records in Malfoy Manor that would give us a clue as to how your father functions and how he thinks?

"It is possible that he has information in his records and in the family journals that will tell us what we need to know about him," said Draco. "We can go this weekend if you'd like to see if there is anything there that could possibly help us. As the temporary head of the Malfoy line, you have just as much access to the records as I do. I don't turn seventeen until June."

"If it is ok with your mother and of course Minerva, we should take a small party to Malfoy Manor this weekend and get to work," stated Harry while both Minerva and Narcissa nodded in approval. "This way we can pick out the last known helper of Dumbledore and get to work on bringing him down. As for Bellatrix, there has to be a way to snap that little bit of mind she has left and get her to attack someone that is working with us. If we can get to her, then she is one less threat that the world has to worry about."

"We will get to work as soon as we get to the Manor," assured Draco. "We can call it a group project if you want Headmistress. We can have a group of three from each house come with us and start looking through everything. That way, we can put all of the intelligence of Ravenclaw with the courage of Gryffindor. We can mix that with the cunning of Slytherin and hard work of the Hufflepuffs."

"Twenty points to Slytherin," said Minerva smiling in delight. "Draco, Millicent, and Blaise can go and represent Slytherin. Hermione, Neville, and Parvati can represent Gryffindor. Luna, Cho, and Padma can represent Ravenclaw. Last but not least, Susan, Hannah, and Ernie can represent Hufflepuff. Of course Marie and Bobby along with Scott will go. Harry will be there and I think for good measure, Remus and Severus should also go to the Manor to provide protection."

"We can also get Amelia to send Tonks and Kingsley to provide cover for us as well," added Harry thoughtfully. "This way, the Ministry can be involved with us in this endeavor. They have as much riding on this as we do. They want Dumbledore, Lucius, and Bellatrix caught as much as I do and in some cases even more."

"Very good Harry," said Minerva. "I shall set everything up for you for this Saturday. I suggest that you get together with the students and inform them as to what is going on so that they are not surprised or offended that we are offering their services without asking them. They will need to get permission from their guardians, but I will handle that aspect myself."

Everyone agreed to the terms and then headed off in the different directions to talk to the named students. Each knew that the importance of this task could change the tides of the war in a way that not even Dumbledore would be able to counter. What the group didn't know was that, while they were making their plans for the weekend, a new player to the game would show their face. Two days later both factions of the war were on the move doing what they had to do to win the war.

"I have some good news to share with you Lucius," stated Albus. "I have been able to get in touch with the Mutant known as Magneto. He will be joining us on a little raid so that we can pick off some of Potter's ragtag army. He will be joining us in a few days time. From there, he will assist you and me in attacking the castle. If we work hard enough at it, we can get to more than one person. Not even Potter can prevent one who works with metal from gaining access to the castle."

"I also have good news," stated Lucius. "I have been able to get hold of Bellatrix. She is tired of what is going on and would like for things to go back to how they were. She is tired of no longer being the right hand of the Dark Lord. She is willing to work with us as a spy. She is also willing to come and join this group with has just doubled in size. If we continue like this, we will have more players than we need."

"This is indeed great news," said Albus. "With the power that the four of us share, we should have no trouble getting a grip on the castle. Once we do that, then we will be unstoppable. We need to make sure that we get our foot in the door of that castle. As you are aware, it is a source of power and we can defend it easily once we uproot Potter from it."

"Just know that we deserve to have some of the credit in this," stated Lucius. "I am not anyone pawn anymore. What I do for you I do for the greater good. However, I am not going to just sit back and let you have hundreds of people come in and take my place. I am the first that has backed you and you would do well to remember that."

"I have not forgotten our deal Lucius," stated Albus sharply. "You will be rewarded handsomely for your work. When we are ruling the Wizarding World, I will have need of your services in some of the highest spots imaginable. Together, we shall take over this country, and from there, we can turn our sights to the other countries."

While this was going on, the inhabitants of Potter Castle were working seamlessly to get the final preparations set up for those that were hiding out in Europe to come and move in. Already the Headmaster was sitting in his office while a few of the English mutants were running around. As the work that was left was so minor, he was able to get some of the older and younger mutants out of harm and into the safety perimeter of the wards of the castle.

"I am delighted that Lord Emrys has given us this castle to work in and live in," said Myst. "He is such a wonderful person. I like it here. Now that we have it updated and with things like running water and electricity, the students and faculty will be able to live here comfortably without worrying so much."

"He and I have spoken a few times already," said Raymond. "We have permission to do whatever we like here so long as the building is standing when it is all said and done. That is one very kind and hardworking young man."

"From what I have read in the reports, it seems like he is always on the go and doesn't slow down much," agreed Myst. "We were fortunate enough that Charles Xavier made sure that we knew about this place. Add in the fact that Harry Potter is probably the strongest mutant on the planet as well as the most powerful wizard, and you have an individual that most people would be afraid to cross."

"Charles sent me a message this morning," said Raymond. "He said that Magneto is on his way to this area. He will no doubt join Sabertooth so that they can join that old wizard Albus Dumbledore. This will be a problem. Lord Potter is not going to like it when I tell him this evening. We will have to put forth much effort to bring in Sabertooth and Magneto. Jean and Logan are already on their way here. They should be arriving within the hour. They will assist us in bringing in the miscreant mutants that are working with Magneto on the side. We can save some of them, but not all of them. The more we keep out of the hands of Eric the less chance they have of joining the Brotherhood."

"Not to worry," said Myst. "I will make sure that Lord Potter knows what is going on. I am heading out to the other castle right after we hear what Jean has to tell us. From there, I will be heading to Hogwarts. Lord Potter has given you and me the location of the castle. It will not be that hard for me to get him the information that he needs."

"Thank you my dear wife," said Raymond. "You have no idea as to how much I appreciate you for your dedication and hard work."

Smiling, Myst got to work on the last bit of information that she was typing up for Harry. While she was doing that, Harry and company were already raiding the books at Malfoy Manor.

"We are not finding a whole lot of information here," sighed Harry. "The only thing we have really uncovered so far is that Lucius is nothing more than the biggest swindler on the planet. His numbers are all fudged. There is nothing here to tell us where he would possibly be hiding out. If we can't get a lock on him, then we will have a hard time catching him."

"He does seem to be able to hedge his books well," said Hermione. "I have never seen so many discrepancies in an account log before. I know that he has the correct figures in the next book, but this makes him the type of criminal that would make most corporations fear for their livelihood. There are so many false things that he has claimed that would make the money drop significantly in the Malfoy vaults."

"Don't worry about that," said Draco. "I will make sure that all of this money is paid where it is supposed to go. With Harry's help, we can get all of this taken care of in a matter of days."

"How is Harry going to help you?" asked Marie. "He is already too busy. He has so much that he is already doing that it isn't even funny. Scott told me that he only sleeps for about five hours a night."

"Oh Harry is going to talk to Ragnok and get a couple of goblins over here to handle all of this," explained Draco waving his hand at all of the books. "This way, he personally doesn't have to deal with it. The Goblins of Gringotts are the best at keeping records. They will be able to make heads or tails of this mess. When they are done, all of the vaults that belong to the Malfoy name will be cleaned up and running like they are supposed to be."

"I hope that it doesn't wipe out your inheritance," said Hermione chewing on her lip. "That would be awful if you didn't inherit anything due to the espionage that is going on here."

"I wouldn't worry about that," said Harry walking in. "I will make sure that Draco is taken care of. He is part of my family and we are going to make sure that he is established."

Draco waved a hand at Harry which stated that, that comment alone is what made Draco not worry about the situation. If Harry said everything was going to be alright, then he wasn't going to complain.

"Ragnok is sending a couple of his workers here to clean up this mess," said Harry. "They will be here in a few minutes. They are going to go through all of the accounts and such. When they are done, they will be able to give you us a correct total of how much is owed and where the money will come from. If push comes to shove, we can always sell some of your out of the country homes to help cover the expenses. This way, the money itself doesn't drop below a certain level."

"Good thinking," said Draco. "I never understood why we needed so many houses anyway. It isn't like we produce dozens of children anymore. We need to get rid of some of the properties anyway. I was looking at some of the houses on the lists here, and I am unsure as to how we managed to own them and pay on them when we never even go there."

"The goblins will figure all of that stuff out," assured Harry. "As we have not found anything here, how about we head back to the castle so that we can get some food and some rest. Classes start back again tomorrow and we need to make sure that you are all ready. It is already the middle of January. I had not realized that time was flying so quickly."

"Your new home should be finished next month," said Hermione. "I noticed that the elves are already moving your possessions into the completed portion of the house. Thank goodness that they are so willing to assist with that. It is quite the job."

"The house should be finished in about four weeks," said Harry. "Griphook and Ragnok said that they should have it done in time for Valentine's Day. That way, Scott and I can move into the Manor with Marie and Bobby should they want to stay with us."

"I want to stay in the castle," said Marie emphatically. "I enjoy staying the tower with Hermione. Plus we have our classes there."

"I would like to stay in the castle as well," said Bobby. "It is fun having so many new friends and such."

"We will allow that," said Scott smiling. "You two are so well behaved anyway that it is not that big of a deal. Plus you are honorary prefects. You still have your duties to perform around the castle."

The group looked around some more before they went back to Hogwarts. There they met up with the wife of Raymond Downing. The two sat together and discussed a course of action that could be taken in making sure that Magneto and the others were captured quickly and efficiently. Two hours later, all of the kinks were worked out in the plan. They would let all of the bad guys come to the castle.

The days flew by and the members of all three factions were all busy planning and staging their parts of the operation. Harry and his group were all working to make sure that the three they were after were caught quickly and efficiently. Jean, Logan, and the other mutants were after Magneto and Sabertooth. Dumbledore, Lucius, and their group were getting prepared to attack the castle as soon as they could. The Ministry of Magic was in a dilemma as to what they should do.

"We have already had one attempt on your life Cornelius," stated Amelia emphatically. "We can't afford for one of the bad guys to get you. You need to let us double the protection around you for your safety."

"I already have too many people wandering around and getting into my way," said Cornelius. "I have a Ministry to run and I can't do it with all of these guards all over the place. I still say post two in the inner office and two outside of the office with some standing guard on each end of the hallway. This way, I can still get my work done without having an Auror underfoot."

"Very well," sighed Amelia. "For now we will do it your way. HOWEVER, one more attack and we will do it my way. If you don't, I will get Lord Emrys involved and you know how hard of a time you have of saying no to him. He is already doing the work of five wizards and mutants. Now either you agree, or I will immediately contact him."

"ALRIGHT!" said Cornelius throwing his hands up in defeat. "We try it my way first and then we do it your way if something goes wrong. Don't get Harry involved. He is already busier than anyone I know."

Amelia smirked at Cornelius as she left the office. She knew that she won easily enough. Cornelius respected Harry to much to not agree to the simple terms and conditions she set down for him for his safety.

Later that evening when it was relatively quiet around the castle, Harry felt his body tense up. He knew without even asking that someone had finally managed to breech the wards. He sent the mental summons to the key players on his team. Without question, they set to work in making sure that all students were in the safe rooms that were made for these situations.

It was a project that Harry, Severus, Minerva, and the rest were working on all year. They were using the elves and other workers in the castle get the dungeons ready for any house at any time without a hassle. When the alarm was sounded, they students knew that they were to move quickly and quietly through the halls and to move to their safe quarters.

Harry sent the magic through the walls of the castle. In each dorm room, the lights started flashing. The red flashing lights signaled the students that danger was present and they needed to move. Seventh year prefects took over the first year students. Sixth year prefects took over second and third year while the fifth year prefects took over fourth year. Each prefect knew to keep their groups together and to move them to safety. Thus when all the lights around the castle were flashing red, everyone knew.

Harry and Scott watched as the students started to trickle down to the dungeons. Marvolo and he had gone through them with a fine tooth comb and made sure that there was only one entrance in and one out of the dungeons once the school was in lockdown. The professors moved in and took control of the areas that they were designed to defend. Some ran to the parapets while others ran to the doors of the castle. Still yet others ran to the basement to act as a line of defense for the students.

Hermione and Draco were already near the doors to the castle when Poppy ran in and with a flick of her wand, had a temporary medical ward set up. Harry had already told her to make a permanent one, but as of yet, she didn't have the time. Neville, Luna, and Marie were assisting her with the set up while under the careful watch of Draco and Hermione. Harry, Bobby, and Scott were heading to the immediate outside of the doors to keep a look out for whoever it was that was intruding upon the grounds. Hagrid was already racing to his post with Fang and Fluffy while Grawp looked around the side of the castle and sat near the Whomping Willow.

Harry smiled in relief when he sent a mental summons to Ragnok and a phalanx of goblin warriors appeared at the gates. Harry lifted his hand and opened the gates.

"Marie," said Harry suddenly. "Make sure that you are ready to tap into someone should we need your skills. This is a small party, but it is one that we will have to fight hard with. I want you to stay with Severus and Remus."

"You got it Harry," said Marie taking off her gloves and putting them into a pocket. "I will work with them as I have before. No one will get around us."

"Bobby," called Harry. "I want you to work with Scott and Minerva. Scott knows your powers better than I do. Between the three of you, you can keep anyone out of the castle. Make sure that you use your ice to block anyone from entering the castle that doesn't belong."

"I can do that," said Bobby already beginning his task of building a lower leveled wall. "It will not take me long to expand and heighten this wall with a little bit of power. I can make a half circle around the front door and make steps for Scott and Minerva to stand on."

"Excellent," exclaimed Harry happily. "Marvolo, I would like for you to work with Draco if you don't mind. He is skilled with a wand and I have need of Hermione and her wisdom. We will not be far from each other just in case one of the four of us should take a hit of some sort. You and I are the most powerful here and I would feel better knowing you were working with Draco."

"This place means as much to me as it does to you," replied Tom shaking his head. "I will help you in any capacity that you need me to assist you with. Draco and I will make a formidable team. However, it will pale in comparison to what you and Miss Granger can do."

"Dusty!" called Harry and had the satisfaction of watching the large golden gryphon land near him. "I need you to patrol the skies over the forest. Make sure you send the word out to Aragog and Bane. They can help us defend the forest. We don't know just what to expect here."

Myst and Raymond appeared out of the sudden fog with Jean and Logan. Harry grinned in delight at seeing them.

"What would you like for us to do?" asked Raymond. "We are yours to command."

"Jean I need you to work with Marvolo and Draco," said Harry quickly. Myst, I need you and Logan to act as a team to bring in anyone who falls. Raymond, I need you to help me break the enchantments that Dumbledore placed on charms. They are blocking our power to an extent, but we can get through it if we push hard enough."

"What about me Harry?" asked Hagrid looking lost. "What do you want me ter do?"

"That's easy Hagrid," said Harry smiling kindly at his large friend. "You and Fluffy will guard me and Hermione. Fyre and Fawkes are going to be patrolling the skies over the castle and will pass information around. Myst as you are great with illusions and Dumbledore doesn't know your power yet, we may be able to frighten Bellatrix and Lucius. I need you to use the memory that I am going to give you and create these creatures to swarm around the grounds. Mind Stalker can help you fuel the power needed."

Harry looked her square in the eye as she opened her channels to him. He proceeded from there to show her the image of the basilisk that he killed in his second year. She paled at the vision, but lifted her head proudly.

"I can do that," she explained. "It is child's play for me. I can have three of them surrounding the immediate vicinity of the front doors. Let Miss Jackson go out onto the field with you guys. I will take her spot in front of the ice wall."

"Hermione, I need you to work with her," he said suddenly. "I can handle myself with Hagrid and Fluffy. Not many will want to tangle with a Cerberus and a half giant. Add in the most powerful mutant and wizard on the planet, and you have a great team. Plus my familiars are out and about."

Harry pointed to the sky and those that hadn't noticed before now noticed the gryphon, phoenixes, and owls flying around. Dobby and Winky came forth with a contingent of house elves.

"Harry," called Dobby. "What is you wanting us to do?"

"Kreacher can get half the elves to guard the students with the professors,' instructed Harry and watched as the old elf smiled and left to do as asked. "Winky take half of what is left and go to the towers to keep things like werewolves and other creatures out. Dobby, the rest of you can split up with each team and work with them to defend their area."

The elves all bowed and popped away to do as asked. Harry looked around and saw that everyone was splitting up into their teams and beginning to do their work. The goblins were getting into teams of five and were standing guard every ten feet from each other spacing out in front of the entrance to the castle. Twenty more goblins divided up with a few house elves and went into the remaining secret entrances of the castle.

"Dobby," said Harry suddenly turning pale. "Go to the Ministry of Magic and get Cornelius Fudge and Amelia Bones. Tell them we are under attack, but it might be a trap. Have both of them come here with a few trusted Aurors. We need to keep the Minister safe."

Dobby nodded his head and popped away. Tinkle approached Harry and he smiled down to her.

"Go to Madam Longbottom and tell her to stay safe inside of the wards of her home," he told her. "From there, I need you to go to Arthur Weasley and tell him the same thing. The last I heard, Xeno Lovegood was out of the country, but go to the Rook and check on him when you are done with the first two tasks."

"Yes Sir," said Tinkle and popped away.

Within moments, Dobby was back with Cornelius, Amelia, Kingsley, and Tonks. Cornelius was sent down to be with the students while Amelia and Kingsley joined a team each. Tonks went to Poppy to assist her if needed.

Harry stared into the woods. Tinkle returned with Arthur who stood next to Amelia. He was informed that Madam Longbottom acknowledged his request and that Xeno was in Australia somewhere.

"I have a lock on someone with a mind that is wild and unbalanced," said Raymond in disgust.

"Move out everyone," said Harry. "That means Bellatrix is on the grounds. Magneto isn't far. I can feel the metal in the castle fighting his power. Dumbledore must have told him that there are suits of armor in the castle that can be used and so forth."

"I will deal with Magneto," said Jean with Raymond nodding beside her. "You just go after Bellatrix and Lucius if he is here. Make sure you tackle Dumbledore."

"Sabertooth is here as well," said Logan sniffing the air. "I can smell him. I will take him on with Remus if you don't mind."

Harry nodded his head and watched as werewolf and feral fighter departed to hunt their prey. Marie was spacing out and was watching the woods in front of her with interest. She has seen movement and she was wondering who it was that had come into her peripheral view.

Out of the woods in front of her, Bellatrix lifted her wand to send a curse at her. Harry watched this with interest before he blew up the wand with a quick spell. She whirled around and saw Harry standing there. In her fury, she threw a few wandless spells at him. Harry dodged each and every one of them. He was aware that she knew she was no match for him. He wanted to see how this would play out.

Bellatrix was furious with Potter for destroying her backup wand. She turned to fight him completely forgetting the other girl in the field. She turned her back on Marie and went after Harry with everything that she had. Had she been paying closer attention, she would have seen the look of sheer glee that spread across Marie's face. While Bellatrix was concentrating on Harry, she totally ignored Marie. This was a huge mistake.

Marie walked up quietly behind Bellatrix and grabbed her by the hair and yanked. From there, she placed her hand on Bella's forehead and waited. It was not long before Bellatrix learned of her folly.

"This is why my mutant name is Rogue," said Marie as the power filled her up. "I am going to drain your core until there is nothing left of your magic. From there, I will be the one to start firing the curses instead of you. Once I am done, you will never be able to raise another wand against anyone every again."

"What are you doing?" raged Bellatrix trying to get out of the hold that Marie had on her. "I am starting to feel funny. Stop whatever it is that you are doing. You are going to kill me."

"Oh no," said Marie. "I am no murderer. I am to you a thief. The proper term is Rogue. I am taking your power from you. As long as you are touching me, then you will be drained of your magic. No one will be able to help you. Harry and Hagrid are already keeping Magneto and the others busy. He was a decoy and you fell for it hook, line, and sinker. How does it feel to be the weaker person and not be able to fight back?"

"YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME," snarled Bellatrix growing weaker still. "When I get lose from this, I am going to enjoy torturing you into insanity like I did Longbottom's parents."

"I know all about your exploits," said Marie as she pushed Bella further to the ground while maintaining a grip on her face and neck. "I know of most of the horrible things that you have done to people. I am here to make sure that you never do this to another living soul. You are now MINE to play with. I have your power now."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This is a great place for me to stop. It gives me a new and better area to start the next chapter with. I hope that you all like what I am doing with Bella and Marie. In this, I can show that even though Harry is powerful, he can still sit back and let others help in the fight. It IS like Bella to turn her back on the weaker person and go for the more powerful. Thus she turned her back on Marie thinking she wasn't a threat. Boy did she ever get that wrong.

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