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What Lord Emrys Wants

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Chapter 3 - What Lord Emrys Wants

The next morning, Harry was greeted by Griphook and Ragnok. Both goblins had warm smiles on their faces.

"We have your entire travel arrangements ready," said Griphook handing him a packet. "As soon as our business is dealt with regarding the Wizengamot, you can leave at your leisure."

"I have personally contacted the head of the Gringotts branch in New York," said Ragnok. "From there, he contacted the President for Magic and they are expecting you sometime tomorrow. From there, you can live in any of your properties that you desire."

"You have no idea of how appreciative I am of you all," said Harry with a soft smile. "You two have done more for me than any wizard alive today. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I need you to send a donation of tem million American dollars to the school that I am headed to. I want to make sure they don't need anything."

"You are a part of the goblin nation now," said Ragnok looking very pleased by Harry's words. "You will always be family to us. We will have the counter check drawn up for the school in America to send with your elves. They will be going ahead of you to make sure that your accommodations are ready for you when you arrive."

A few moments later, Severus, Minerva, Hermione, Fred, George, Andromeda, Draco, Narcissa, and Remus joined them in the bank lobby. A phalanx of goblin guards escorted them to the Ministry of Magic where they were met by Cornelius, Kingsley, and Amelia. Together the group all headed down to the meeting chambers. Harry and his party were set up on one side of the room while Amelia and Cornelius took their respective spots.

"We are here today by the request of one Lord Harry James Potter-Black," began Cornelius. "Madam Bones and I were at his inheritance test yesterday and some very startling evidence has been uncovered. It was discovered that Lord Potter is not only the Lord of those two Noble Houses, but he is also the Lord of the Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Peverell, and Emrys Houses. Before you all leave here today, you will all be asked to give an Unbreakable Vow to not repeat what you are going to learn about Lord Emrys today."

"That would mean that he is the new Chief Warlock," said Augusta Longbottom looking over the sheet of parchment. "By all rights, Harry Potter is now the leader of the Wizarding World of Britain. His blood lines are better than anyone else present."

"By the laws set by the founders of our world, that would be correct," said Cornelius. "He has the power, family backing, and influence to take any spot he wants in our community, including Minister for Magic."

"With that being said, I think we should hear what he has to say," said Amelia kindly. "We already know he owns Hogwarts and has the final say on what is to happen with the school. We know he has a few wishes that he would like made known. So please, step forward Lord Emrys, and let us know what you desire."

"First and foremost I would like to keep Cornelius Fudge as Minister for Magic," said Harry. "With the backing of the Wizengamot he is doing a good job. My advice is to listen when people tell you something Sir. I was right all along about Voldemort and if you had listened, my godfather would still be alive. Those that were dangling gold to get what they wanted were doing nothing but hurting us. It is time to make it known that the Ministry can't be bribed."

"Your words are noted Lord Potter," said Cornelius bowing low to Harry. "I shall not fail again. Anyone caught trying to pass a bribe to the Ministry will be arrested on charges of espionage and treason. No longer will certain families hold sway just because they have money."

"I would like all files reviewed regarding the prisoners in Azkaban," said Harry when Cornelius was done. "Sirius never got a trial and he was sentenced to twelve years for something that he didn't do. Madam Bones has the vials that contain my memories. I think it would be fair to make sure we have no other innocents in Azkaban."

"I will see to it personally," said Amelia smiling at Harry. "It is time for harsher punishments for those that are guilty of certain crimes. I look forward to being able to lead that party forward on that mission."

"I would like the following people arrested for crimes against me," said Harry firmly. "These will include Albus Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, whom you already have in custody, Bellatrix Lestrange for the murder of Sirius, Dolores Umbridge for the use of an illegal dark item on students of Hogwarts, and last but not least, Peter Pettigrew, who is very much still alive. Justice needs to be served and it needs to be served fairly. What you decide to do with the youngest of the Weasley family is entirely up to you."

"The orders are being written as we speak," said Amelia nodding her head towards Percy Weasley who was writing as fast as he could. "As soon as those said people are found, we will have them arrested and their punishments will be harsh."

Harry looked over at the red head and shot him an annoyed glance. He did not forget the way that Percy treated him and his own family recently. He also didn't trust the red head to not do something to further his own gains.

"I think that there needs to be something done about the fact that pureblood students, are able to sneak and use their magic outside of school, but some half bloods and muggleborn are not," said Harry going on to his next topic. "We can not practice what we learn if we aren't allowed to do magic away from school. It is only fair that if some of the students can get away with it, then everyone should be able to."

"What are you talking about?" asked Amelia. "No student is allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts. It is against the rules."

"That is true," said Harry. "However, we both know that pureblood homes and even some half blood homes have wards that block the knowledge of when magic is used. Muggleborns are not that lucky. They are monitored closer than purebloods. Equality is the key. Muggleborns are just as important to our race if we are to survive as purebloods are."

"What if we just remove the trace all together?" suggested Augusta. "I happen to agree with Lord Emrys. Our children need to be able to practice their studies at home as well as at school. We are in a war with a Dark Lord and his minions. We can't have favor with just pureblood children. We all know that most pureblood children use magic all the time away from school and we have no way of proving it. It is time that all magical children have the same benefits as some. Of course limits have to be put in place to ensure safety and such."

"We shall put it to a vote," said Cornelius. "All in favor please light your wands."

Just about every wand tip lit in the panel of Wizards. Harry stood there with a soft smile on his face. That was one hurdle that he thought would be hard to pass. Apparently if someone got the right people on board, you could get things done easier.

"The motion is passed," said Cornelius. "All students will be allowed to use magic outside of school in defense of their person or property. We will still monitor due to the infractions that some will have. It is a safety precaution to ensure we don't have children using magic to harm others or exposing our world to non magical people. Other than that, they will be allowed to use magic away from school. Should a child be caught abusing the privilege, they will be banned from using magic away from school and their wands will be held at the school until their return."

"I like that as well," said Harry. "Next, I would like to deal with some other issues. As you all know, I have a link with Voldemort. He has been using this link to send me visions all year. Professor Snape tried to teach me Occlumency, but let's face it; I can't get my emotions under control enough to successfully do so at this time. While he is able to send me visions, I have also been able to learn a few things as well. He has made a total of seven Horcruxes. Two of which, have been destroyed already."

The members of the panel were about to start with their outbursts, but Harry raised his hands to silence them before they got a chance to get started.

"This is serious information," said Amelia. "The creation of even one Horcrux is a serious offense, but to make seven has never been heard of nor done before. Do you know what and where these items are?"

"We have two of them in our possession," said Ragnok speaking for the first time. "The cup of Helga Hufflepuff was found in the vaults of Bellatrix Lestrange. The Lestrange vaults have been seized and they are going to be turned over to the Ministry as soon as we ascertain that there are no more dark items inside the vaults. A portion of the vaults will be turned over to Lord Emrys for giving us the notification that this has occurred. Give us a few more days, and we will send the file to the Minister. It will give a detailed list of what we found and destroyed as well as what is being sent to Lord Emrys and what is being turned over to the Ministry. Of course, we get a small fee for the work being done, but that is par for course."

"Thank you Lord Ragnok," said Cornelius bowing slightly to the goblin. "We appreciate your timely actions in this matter. Your race has been a huge help in this endeavor. We look forward to being able to work with you again in the future."

"We also have the Locket of Salazar Slytherin," said Ragnok getting back on subject. "It was found in a property that was owned by the late Sirius Black. We know that he had nothing to do with it. Both items will be destroyed. We goblins have our own way of dealing with objects such as this."

"So are these the two items that Lord Emrys was speaking of?" asked Tiberius Ogden. "Are these the two that have been destroyed so far? If that is the case, then we can breathe a little easier as that is two parts of the Dark Lord already destroyed."

"No," said Harry with a sad sigh. "One of them was a diary. I was able to destroy that in my second year using the fang of a basilisk to destroy it. The other was destroyed yesterday in the office of Griphook. My magic destroyed the one that was in my scar. The goblins took a look last night and confirmed that it is indeed destroyed. As you all can see, my scar has faded to the point that you can barely see it."

Harry stepped closer to the panel and handed them a scroll from the goblin healers as well as lifting his bangs to show his scar. A few members of the panel were able to see it and smiled in relief.

"I think it might also have had something to do with me claiming my birthrights," said Harry. "As you all know, Merlin was one of the most pure light wizards in history. As his heir, nothing can darken me. That includes something as dark as a Horcrux. Now that I am the new Lord Emrys, the light magic destroyed the Horcrux that was being housed in my scar."

"So what are the other three items?" asked Amelia. "The sooner we find them, the sooner we can destroy them. Once that is done, the anchor that keeps him alive will be destroyed and we can finally be rid of him once and for all."

"One of them is in Little Whining," said Harry quickly. "It is in an old shack that was owned by members of the Slytherin line. The Riddle Manor is still near there. There are many wards and such guarding the Ring. So it would be best if you sent a team of Unspeakables to team with some goblins to not only get the ring, but to destroy the Horcrux. This is one Horcrux that I want after you break the curses on it and destroy the Horcrux. It is from the Peverell family and I would like the heirloom."

"I will see to it personally," said Amelia. "Kingsley will be in charge of getting a team together and meeting with Lord Ragnok at the bank. Together I am sure we can see to your wishes as well as break all the curses. The goblins are the best at that, after all."

"So what are the last two?" asked Cornelius. "Also where are they?"

"One of them is Nagini," said Harry. "She is Voldemort's familiar. The other one is in Hogwarts. It is the lost Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw. It is in the Room of Requirement. My suggestion is that Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, along with Hermione and Luna, go in search of the Horcrux and turn it over to Lord Ragnok for destruction."

"I will see to it as soon as we get back to the castle," assured Minerva. "I do not want that dark thing in the school any longer than necessary. The protection of the students is far superior to an ancient artifact."

"Once you destroy all of these Horcruxes," said Harry with a smirk. "Then Voldemort can be killed just like everyone else. My suggestion is that we take those that have been killing people for years and send them through the veil. People like Voldemort who kill children and others just for sport do not deserve to live in a place where they can eventually be rescued. We are being too lenient on the prisoners. Many are being rescued and are joining Voldemort faster than we can do anything about it. The Dementors have joined him and there is nothing that we can do about it. They are sending envoys to the giants. We need our own envoys as well as others to stop the Death Eaters that are going to go and approach them. In this way, if we can't have them on our side in this war, then they won't either."

"That is very good thinking," said Cornelius looking at Harry in awe. "We will get right on that. For far to long prisoners have been rescued by the Dark Lord and are returning to his service. It is time to end the murders."

"I would like to make a few decisions regarding my spots on the Wizengamot," said Harry. "First, I would like for Narcissa Black to sit as the voice for the Black Family seat."

"Very well," said Cornelius waving his hand to Narcissa for her to join them on the panel.

"I would like to appoint Severus Snape as the voice for the Potter Family seat." said Harry. "I would like Minerva McGonagall to sit as the voice for Gryffindor. I would like Andromeda Tonks to sit as the voice for Ravenclaw. I would like for Griphook to sit for Slytherin and for Ragnok to sit for Peverell. The Emrys spot will still be mine, and when I am in Britain I will be glad to sit on the spot to assist where and when needed."

"I believe that we can accept those conditions Lord Emrys," stated Cornelius with a smile. "Your requests are not only reasonable, but they are easily tended to. What of the Chief Warlock spot? What would you like for us to do about it?"

"I suggest that we give it to Madam Bones," said Harry. "She is fair and just and it won't take up that much of your Ministerial duties. In this way, we have the two of you working in concert with one another in bringing down Dumbledore and Riddle, unless you have something better in mind to recommend of course?"

"That sounds very reasonable," said Cornelius. "Your suggestions will be put forth immediately Lord Emrys. What are we to do about Hogwarts? The castle does belong to you after all."

Harry turned towards Minerva and spoke openly.

"I suggest that the Ministry provides an Auror that is open minded and without prejudice of house emblem to teach DADA," said Harry ticking things off his fingers. "Muggle Studies needs to be updated. I have looked at Hermione's book and it is about one hundred years behind the times. I also recommend getting rid of Professor Binns. Hermione is the only student that is able to resist falling asleep in his class."

"Many of us had the same trouble when we were in school," chuckled Augusta. "I know that I was one of them and so was Minerva."

"Augusta," chided Minerva with a smile. "Don't tell them that. I have a reputation to uphold you know."

"What about the Head spot?" Cornelius asked. "Who would you like as the Head of the school?"

"Well that should automatically go to Professor McGonagall," said Harry nodding towards his favorite teacher. "I also think she should be allowed to choose her own deputy so that the two can get the school running better. I have no doubt that Professor Dumbledore was a good teacher. We have discovered recently that he is a pedophile. Would it be alright if Remus goes back and teaches?"

"Remus will be a very good History professor," said Minerva happily. "If I remember, he got an Outstanding in the subject on his NEWTS. Once we clean up the subject to talk about things other than just the goblin wars, he will make an admirable teacher of the subject."

"I see no reason why not," said Augusta nodding. "He is a qualified teacher and Severus Snape makes sure he has his Wolfsbane Potion each month. He is not a danger to the students. Plus the general consensus from the students was that he was a favorite amongst them."

"By the way," said Harry. "Even though I own the school and stuff, I am still going to have the Board of Governors. The school does need more money for things like brooms and such. I will donate if I have to, but things to need to get better for the school."

"Are you really leaving us?" asked Tiberius Ogden. "Is all of this being set up so you can leave us?"

"Yes," said Harry simply. "The prophecy is a fake. Dumbledore and Riddle have made my life a living hell since the night my parents died. I want out. Anyone can defeat either man. It is time that I live my life for a change. It is time that I have some happiness. This war should never have been put on the shoulders of a child. I am only fifteen. Many of you have more skill than I do. It should not be placed on me that should to be the one to kill the Dark Lord. I do not want to taint my soul like that. It is bad enough that Quirrel died due to the touching of my flesh. I will not have another murder on my conscience."

"Nor should you have to," said Narcissa firmly. "I vote to let Lord Potter go and enjoy his life. He has already done much for us. Let him have a chance to do something for himself for a change. So far from my count, he has beaten the Dark Lord five times. Let someone else pick up and take on the fight and end it for good."

Every single wand lit in agreement with her statement. Harry glanced around and looked at his friends. He had tears in his eyes and people like Minerva and Severus stood near him and supported him. Hermione was beaming at him in happiness that was only for him.

"I will of course leave contact information for you all," said Harry when he relaxed. "It will be very easy to contact me. Gringotts will be able to assist me in that aspect. I do want my privacy and such respected, but there is no reason why we can converse and pass information back and forth."

"When will you leave Harry?" asked Remus. "We will be saddened by you going, but we know that you deserve this."

"Tonight," said Harry. "I am going to leave tonight and I am going to my property in New York. Griphook and Ragnok have already made the arrangements and I have some American money and stuff that I need."

"We will have you escorted to the airport then," said Amelia. "Tonks and Kingsley will also be joining you on that flight in case of an emergency. We also have your OWL results if you would like them."

Harry reached out and took the envelope from her hand. He opened it and read the contents before cracking a brilliant smile.

"I got an O in Charms, Transfiguration, DADA, Potions, and COMC," he said with a smile. "I got an EE in Astronomy and Herbology. I failed divination. I got an Acceptable in history. That is probably due to me having that vision during the test. As far as Divination goes, I agree with Professor McGonagall. It is a poor subject and I suggest that you consider dropping it from the curriculum. Most of it is guess work and Trelawney is nothing but a fraud. I got tired of hearing her predict my death every class. It is rather annoying."

"Congratulations Lord Emrys," said Minerva proudly fighting not to laugh at his statement about Sybil. "Those are some excellent marks. You even got an O in potions."

"I would have done better in potions if Professor Snape had given me room to breath and certain Slytherins we won't name would have stopped sabotaging my potions," said Harry with a grin. "When left to my own devices, I wasn't bad in the subject."

Draco and Severus both had the good grace to blush at this light chiding.

"I am going to miss you all," said Harry looking around. "I will write to you all often. I will never forget any of you."

"It is time for you to go," said Griphook softly. "Your plane leaves in an hour and we need to get you to the airport. Your bags, familiars, and elves have already been transported to the American Ministry and someone will be waiting for you to take you to the Xavier School for the Gifted."

With that, Kingsley and Tonks stood beside Harry and the group left the room. Harry took one more look over his shoulder at the smiling and waving people before his vision of them was gone.

"That is one hurt but brave young man," said Augusta after he left. "I for one wish him all of the luck in the world as well as the happiness that he seeks."

"I will be sending in the requests for when we are going to hold the trials for Dumbledore and Molly Weasley," said Andromeda. "Due to the evidence that the goblins have provided us, he doesn't have to be here for the trials. Plus, Lily and James, as well as Sirius, have all left memories. I don't want to have to disturb Harry any more than necessary."

"We will get to that as soon as possible," said Cornelius. "I think that it is time that we take our Wizarding World back and make it a better place for ALL witches and wizards. That young man has given us lots to work with and many things we can improve upon."

- In America -

Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher all left the British Isles with a pop using the assistance of the goblins. Each elf had shrunken down and transported Harry's belongings with them. All three appeared in the office of Charles Xavier. All of the people in the office were shocked to their core by the appearance of the three small beings.

"Who are you?" Charles asked recovering from his shock first. "What are you doing here and how may I help you?"

"The better question is what you are?" stated Scott. "I have never seen a mutant that looks like that before."

"We is not mutants," said Dobby bowing low. "We is house elves. Master Harry is coming and we is needing to get his rooms and stuffs ready."

"Master Harry?" asked Charles. "Who is Master Harry?"

"Lord Harry Potter-Black," said Winky. "We is being told that the Potter family owns this school and the land."

"Ah yes," said Charles suddenly in understanding. "So the new Head of House has finally reached his majority?"

"No," said Winky. "Lord and Lady Potter is being killed by the Dark Lord when Master Harry is a baby. Professor Dumbledore is hurting Master Harry. He is sending Master Harry to his mother's sister who is hurting him. Lord Black is dying and Master Harry is coming into the Lordship of his ancestry."

"How old is the new Lord Potter?" asked Jean. "You make him sound very young."

"Master Harry is turning sixteen on July 31st," said Dobby bowing to her. "We is having two envelopes to give to Professor Charles Xavier. One is being Master Harry's information. Master Harry is asking that he be learning how to be a better muggle. He is wanting to learn school away from the magical world."

"I am sure that we can do something for him," said Storm. "Can you tell us anything more about him?"

"Master Harry comes from a bad house," said Dobby sadly. "Master Harry is being hurt lots and is wanting to find a family and being happy. He is wanting to be loved by someone."

"Are you telling me that he was abused growing up?" asked Jean in fury.

"Yes Mistress," said Kreacher speaking for the first time. "Master Harry is having a very hard life, but Master Harry is always nice to people. Kreacher is not wanting to be away from Master Harry for long."

"Who are you three?" asked Scott standing in front of the elves.

"I is Dobby," said Dobby pointing to himself. "She is Winky, and he is Kreacher. We is bonded to the Potter-Black family. We is going to help cook and clean around here."

"Well," said Jean. "We are trying to teach the teens how to clean up after themselves. So we may have to work out something in that aspect."

"We is understanding," said Winky. "We is mostly wanting to make sure that Master Harry is safe and that he is not needing anything. He is also wanting to make sure that his three pets is being allowed to be around here."

"What kind of pets?" Logan asked speaking for the first time. "he is the owner of the place, so I don't see why they wouldn't be allowed, but I am curious as to what they are."

"Master Harry has an owl named Hedwig," said Winky snapping her fingers allowing the snowy owl to come into view.

"Master Harry is also having a phoenix," said Dobby snapping his fingers and allowing the bird to come into view.

"Not much by way of a bird," remarked Scott. "It doesn't have any feathers yet."

"Fyre is still a baby," explained Winky. "When fully grown, Fyre will be a phoenix that can flash anywhere in the world."

"This is truly amazing," said Storm looking at the animals in interest. "What is the third animal?"

"This being Dusty," said Kreacher snapping his fingers and producing the final pet. "Dusty is being a gryphon cub."

"These are creatures right out of mythology," said Jean picking up the Gryphon cub and examining it. "I am simply amazed. They are very beautiful. I wonder if Lord Potter will let me examine them."

"I am sure that we can find somewhere safe to put them," said Scott. "How about we put them in the suite on the top floor? That way when Harry gets here, he can have his rooms already set up."

"That is an excellent idea Scott," said Charles. "Storm would you be so kind as to show the elves where they can get Lord Potter set up?"

Storm nodded and led the elves out of the room. When they got to the third floor, she showed them the suite that was for Harry. The three elves got to work and immediately had his entire luggage unshrunk and put away.

"Master Harry is going to be needing some more clothes," said Winky to Storm. "He is not used to having good clothes and what he is already having will not be good enough for the new area."

"I am sure that we can arrange something for him," assured Storm. "I hope that he likes it here."

"If anyone is trying to hurt Master Harry they is going to be sorry," said Dobby staring up at her. "We is going to use our own brand of magic to protect Master Harry."

"I doubt that anyone here will attempt to hurt him," assured Storm. "The worst that he will get for awhile will be some stares and whispers. We will make sure that those are kept to a minimum. Now that we know he was abused, we will make sure that he gets help in dealing with his past as well as studies and such."

"Thank you Mistress," said Dobby bowing low. "Dobby is happy to hear that you is going to help Master Harry."

From there, Storm showed the elves around the rest of the manor. The teens were all curious about the elves, but after a warning shake of the head from their professor, they left them well enough alone. When they were done touring the place, they headed back to the office of the Head Master.

"We is forgetting to give you the other envelope," said Dobby bowing and handing he envelope to Charles. "Master Harry is being told that this school is being funded by donations. Master Harry is a great and kind wizard. He is donating to the school."

Charles accepted the envelope and opened it. He let out a gasp and promptly dropped it. Jean and Scott turned to him in concern.

"He donated ten million dollars to the school," said Charles when he recovered himself. "That is the biggest donation that we have ever gotten from anyone. His letter states, that if we need more to ask. He says that he has more money than he knows what to do with and that as he will be staying here and learning that he should contribute to the school."

"I wonder if he even knows what a mutant is," mused Scott softly. "I hope that he isn't too freaked out about all of this."

"Master Harry is not being like that," assured Winky. "He is the greatest and most kind wizard. We is needing to warn you that Master Harry has not come into his magical majority yet. We is knowing that he is powerful and that he is needing someone he can depend on to be there for him. We is going to help as much as we is being able to, but he is be needing someone that can help him."

"We will do what we can to help," said Scott. "You can count on us to be there to help him. When will he come into his magical majority?"

"Midnight on the thirty first of July," said Kreacher. "We is going to shield as best as we can. We is just not knowing how powerful he is being during and after."

"We will do what we can for him," said Storm. "We have some of the students here that we have helped when their X gene kicked in. So we have some skill when it comes to dealing with new powers awakening. How is Harry getting here?"

"Someone from the American Wizarding World will be bringing him tomorrow when his plane lands," said Charles reading the first letter. "He will be tired for a couple of days, but he should be fine."

"The elves said that he will need a new wardrobe," commented Storm. "Someone will have to take him clothes shopping."

"I will take him," said Scott suddenly to the delight of the others. "It will give me time to talk with him and explain things to him. We don't want to overburden him with to much all at once and with to many."

"That is very kind of you Scott," said Charles smiling at the man. "I will leave it to you to make the necessary arrangements when he arrives. We want our new student to be as comfortable as possible."

With that the professors all went about their different tasks around the school. The elves went about decorating Harry's rooms and started getting things set up for him.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop right here. I have to watch myself with chapters as I tend to just keep going and going. Thanks for the support.

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