Ruby Tinted Glasses

By Stormy Lee

Action / Romance

Coming To America

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Chapter 4 - Coming To America

The following morning, a very tired but whole Harry Potter arrived in New York. He was met by the American Wizards and quickly transported to the Xavier School. They gave him a quick outline of where the nearest magical community was before they departed. Upon arriving at the school, Storm, Jean, Scott, Logan, and Charles met him at the door.

"Welcome to the Xavier School for the gifted," said Charles extending his hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you Lord Potter."

"Could whichever one of you that is trying to read my mind desist please?" asked a tired Harry politely holding his head. "It gives me a headache. Please call me Harry. I am not one that likes to be reminded that he has so many titles."

"My apologies," said Charles. "Being a telepath, I forget that sometimes I do that without thinking. Would you like to come inside? I am impressed that you actually could feel me in there. That is some gift that you have to be able to block me."

"Coming in would be nice," said Harry shaking the man's hand. "I am very tired, but I am eager to begin my new life. From what I have seen of this area, it is quite beautiful here. The ability that I use to block both you and this lady here is called Occlumency. It is the ability to shield the mind from unwelcomed or unwanted invasions. Unfortunately, I have not mastered it yet and thus get severe headaches trying to keep people out."

The group all made it to the office of the Headmaster. From there, they all sat down. Dobby popped in with refreshments for the group. He hugged Harry quickly before popping away again. The others started at first until they realized what was going on.

"We are still getting used to having them popping around the Manor," said Charles with a smile. "This place has never been cleaner and it is getting better with each passing hour. Allow me to introduce some of my staff. The woman with the red hair is Doctor Jean Grey. She is a telepath and a telekinetic. She is partnered with Logan. Scott Summers is a professor here. He also goes by the name Cyclops. Ororo Munroe is another professor here. She also goes by the name Storm as she can control the weather. Finally, the man with the cigar is the aforementioned Logan. He is also known as Wolverine. We are all here to help mutants learn how to control their powers."

"So the students here all have some kind of power that they can use?" asked Harry not at all surprised by the thought. "I am going to need help with normal studies. I have my magical abilities under control and books to help me learn how to use and further them. As far as powers go, I don't think I need help with that at this time."

"There is a difference between those such as yourself that can use magic and those that have what we call the X gene," stated Jean. "If you think about it, it is kind of like having a super power. Some of our students can control certain elements such as fire and ice. Others can walk through walls or walk on water. We have those with super speed and others with mind abilities. You get the general idea."

"Unfortunately, we do not have anyone that has Wizard blood in them to be able to help you with your abilities," said Charles apologetically. "We may have to speak to one of the people that brought you here so that you can get help with that aspect of your life. We will be able to help you with non magical studies such as different forms of math and science and such. When you get settled in, we will test you to see where you are and what we will need to do to get you caught up."

"We are also going to take you shopping for clothes that are better suited to the climate here," said Scott politely. "The clothes you have are not all that suited for everyday life here."

Harry nodded in agreement. He was staring at Scott with an interested look. Something about the man was calling out to him and his magic, and he didn't know what it was. He pulled his thoughts back to the other people in front of him and concentrated on their words.

"Tomorrow I would like to run a few tests on you to make sure that you are physically fit," said Jean. "I am sure that there are different ways of doing things in the magical world, but I want to make sure that you are healthy and that you don't need any special diet and such. From what I see so far, you appear to be shorter than normal not to mention that you are not that big weight wise. We may have to increase your carbohydrates and such so that you can pick up a little weight."

Harry grinned at her. This floored the rest of them as Harry's smile totally altered the way he looked.

"What are you smiling about?" asked Scott with interest. "Did she say something amusing?"

"Madam Pomfrey is the same way at Hogwarts as Dr. Grey," admitted Harry. "She was famous for wanting to add weight to me all the time."

"You should smile more often," commented Storm with a smile of her own. "You have a beautiful smile and it does wonders for you."

Harry blushed a bit at those kind words and nodded his head in acceptance of the praise. Scott was eyeing the young man with keen interest. When Harry smiled it almost stopped his heart.

"I am sure that you are curious about the grounds and such," said Charles with a smile. "How about we let Scott show you around and then we let you get settled in."

"I would like that," admitted Harry. "I have been curious about this place since I got here."

"The students are all happily playing with your pets by the way," said Scott as he led Harry out of the room. "Your owl is a very beautiful bird and the phoenix is starting to acquire some scarlet plumage. However, it is your gryphon that is drawing the most attention as he is so friendly and likes to run and play."

"All of my animals each mean something special to me," said Harry as he was led out the front door. "I just recently acquired Fyre and Dusty. Apparently, they needed the heir of Merlin to hatch and have been waiting for me for centuries."

"So Merlin was a real person?" asked Scott with interest. "It is like myth coming to life all of a sudden. This is really intriguing."

"Very much so," explained Harry smiling at the older man. "Merlin is the equivalent of the father of magic. He is the first known wizard around and I am his many times great grandson. We do things with a wand. However, I recently discovered that I can do magic both wandless as well as non verbal."

"Can't all wizards do magic like that?" asked Scott intrigued by the explanation.

"Females are called witches," explained Harry as they walked around the pond. "As for your question, the answer is no. Many witches and wizards could if they put their minds to it. Many can do one or the other if they so choose to do so. However, it takes someone with immense power to be able to do both at the same time. I am one of the few that can do more than a few minor spells both wandless and nonverbal. We are taught in sixth year how to do our spells non verbal. Professor McGonagall told me that the evening before last. It seems that I am a natural at it. Many witches and wizards CAN do nonverbal. Dumbledore, Professor Snape, and a few others can do wandless, but their power is limited. Apparently I am a magical prodigy."

"This is all very fascinating," admitted Scott as they made their way back to the Manor. "You and I will have many more conversations I hope. I would love to learn more about your world and I hope that I can teach you as much as I can about mine."

"I would like that very much," said Harry blushing slightly. "All I want is to have a normal life. For my entire life, there have been people who have dictated to me what I am allowed and not allowed to do. I have been a pawn in the war that is going on in the magical world. All I want is to be a normal teenager and have normal teenage things happen to. I want to be able to do things like go shopping without having to look over my shoulder all the time. I would love to do things like go to the movies or to a restaurant and have fun instead of being cooped up in the castle being watched every second of the day."

"I promise you that we will give you that to the best of our abilities," assured Scott sincerely. "We have been told by your elves a little about your early childhood and such. I want you to know that you can talk to any of us at any time about anything. We are here for you just like we are here for every mutant teenager that graces the halls of this school. Many of the children here have had similar lives. The last thing we want is for you to close yourself away from us. Each of us has been in your spot at one point in our lives. The X gene makes us different from others and we have learned to accept that and move on. Please promise me that you will talk to someone if you have problems."

"I promise that I will talk to someone when and if I need to," assured Harry with a smile on his face. "Right now I would like to take a nap if that is ok."

"Of course it is," said Scott laughing. "Jean and Storm will have my hide if I don't let you get some rest. I will show you to your rooms where I am sure that your elves have already turned down your bed for you."

"I hope that I can convince them that I can do things for myself," said Harry with a laugh of his own. "They are not good at taking no for an answer. If you would, could you please pass it on to the professors that if the elves feel that they have upset one of you that they will punish themselves? They are known to many wizards and witches as slaves. These three are not. They are part of my family. However, they are brought up to feel as if they must punish themselves if they feel they have upset you or done something wrong. I don't want them to punish themselves for a mistake."

"I will take care of it," assured Scott patting him on the arm. "Let's head up to your rooms. I can already tell that you and I are going to get along great. I like the way that you think. You are very intelligent. I can tell that just from the way you carry yourself and from our conversation. It will be fun to see what you make of things around here."

Smiling, Harry allowed Scott to lead him into the Manor and up to his suite of rooms. When Harry stepped into his rooms, he and Scott gasped at the beauty of it. The three elves teamed together and decorated it to his tastes. Apparently Dobby told the other two his favorite colors and what not. The walls were a deep green with highlights of pale wood in it. The curtains were a pale green with beige sheers. The bed was a king sized bed with hunter green curtains hanging on it with a black comforter and pillows decorating it. Pictures of his parents and Sirius were already up on the walls. All of his books were already on the shelves. Fyre and Hedwig's perches were near the open window. The door to his bathroom was slightly open and when Harry stepped into this room, he smiled. This room was done in shades of blue which delighted the young man. On the walls of the bedroom his house crests were strategically placed. Bold Gryffindor was next to Slytherin while Peverell was next to Ravenclaw. Potter and Black were on the other wall and Emrys was over his bed. All in all, Harry's rooms looked like royalty exploded in it.

Harry quickly changed into some comfortable clothes while Scott headed back down the stairs. Being in the presence of the wonderful young man caused his heart beat twice the normal pace. He couldn't help but smile when he pictured the beautiful green eyed teen.

"Well?" asked Charles when Scott returned to the rest of the staff. "How is he doing?"

"The young man is VERY intelligent," mused Scott. "He is very passionate about life and he is adamant about being normal. Apparently he is so used to doing what others tell him to do that it is kind of stuck into his mind that he is a pawn. We are going to have to work hard with him on that aspect of things. We need him to understand that he is not a pawn and that he is a person that can be happy in life. From the conversation that we have had, he has always wanted a family more than all of his wealth and fame. I can tell you, that from the conversation we had, he absolutely hates his fame. He mentioned that he wants to do things like go to the movies or go shopping. That is how bad he wants to be a normal person for a change."

"We will work on that once he is ready to begin his new life," assured Charles. "We may end up having to get one of his friends from England to come here and work with him as well."

"It will have to be someone he trusts explicitly," said Jean. "If what we heard is accurate, then he is hard pressed to trust anyone, especially if that someone is an adult. Most of the adults in his life have done nothing but hurt and use him."

"We can always contact that American Magical Society or whatever it is called," suggested Storm. "The elves told me that they use something called owl post. Apparently the owls that are used by Harry's kind are intelligent and carry letters to people. We can always ask to use Hedwig."

"We shall take all of this into consideration," said Charles with a smile. "We want the young man to fell at home here. If what his elves said is even partially true, I suspect that he was abused as a child and used for his money and fame as a teen. We need him to feel like he can trust us and talk to us."

"I would like to mentor him," said Scott to the astonishment of the room. "There is something about the young man that has sparked my interest for some reason and I would like to help by being his sponsor here at the school."

"That is very generous of you Scott," said Jean surveying him with pride. "I am sure that you will do a magnificent job of assisting him with fitting in and being more trusting of others."

"Charles if you write a letter to the American Wizards, I will send it off with Hedwig," said Scott. "The sooner that they know we will need assistance with him as far as his magical training and testing goes the better."

"I will get right on it," replied Charles. "I am sure that we can do something for Harry. When did you plan on taking him clothes shopping?"

"I was thinking in a couple of days we could take him to the mall and get him a new wardrobe," answered Scott. "The clothes that he does have will serve him for the time being, but it is best to let him rest and get settled before we expose him to too much."

"That is true," said Storm. "We need to let him get comfortable with us and meet some of the other students before we subject him to so many different scenarios. We don't want to over burden or over load him."

Dobby popped into the room and looked at the assembled professors.

"Master Harry is sleeping now," he informed them. "Dobby is wondering if Professor Chair would like for Dobby and Winky to prepare a welcome feast for Master Harry."

The others were all hiding laughter behind their hands at the title that the elf called Charles. Even Charles himself was fighting to not laugh at the little being.

"I like this little guy," said Logan from his spot behind Jean. "He has a sense of humor."

Storm was so full of laughter that she had to leave the room to get a grip on her humor. When she was able to do so, she returned to the room.

"I think that would be nice to be able to welcome Harry in this fashion," said Charles when he was sure that he wouldn't break out in laughter. "Please fix all of his favorites and such. Do you need us to go to the store for you?"

"No Sir Professor Chair," said Dobby bowing. "We is already going to the market in the magical community and buying what we is needing for the feast. What time is Professor Chair wanting dinner to begin?"

Scott and Logan could no longer contain themselves. Both men burst out laughing. Charles looked at each in amusement before turning back to the elf that was looking at the two as if they were crazy.

"Mistress Cloud lady is they being ok?" asked Dobby pointing at the two men. "Master red glasses is looking like he is having a fit and Master hair man is not looking like he is breathing to well."

Jean and Charles lost it. This little creature just made their day. Everyone in the room was rolling around with tears in their eyes at the antics of the little elf.

"Is Dobby doing something wrong?" asked the elf wringing his ears. "Dobby will punish himself if he is doing something wrong."

"No," exclaimed Scott sobering up immediately. "You have done nothing wrong and you are not to punish yourself. You are not a slave anymore. You are part of Harry's family and as such he has asked us to inform you that you will talk to one of us if you feel you have done something wrong rather than punishing yourself. We don't want you getting hurt. We know how fond of you Harry is. We are laughing because of the names that you have given us. We are not upset. Dinner at six this evening should be fine."

Dobby bowed to the group before he popped away. The group all chuckled a few minutes more before they all got a grasp of their laughter.

"I have not laughed that hard in a long time," said Jean as she leaned into Logan. "That was the funniest thing I have ever heard. I mean I know that Logan calls you wheels, but Professor Chair? That was just hilarious."

"Sometimes they just call you what is easier for them to remember," said Harry from the doorway. "Dobby used to call my ex best friend Ronald Weasley, Harry Potter's Weezy. Hermione Granger was known as Missy Grangy and Dumbledore was called Professor Dumbles. So it is what they can relate to as to what they call you. Elves see things differently than most people."

"We were wondering if we could borrow Hedwig?" said Charles holding up a letter. "We would like to have correspondence with the American Wizarding World with regards to your training and safety and such. As we are mutants and not wizards, we can only help you with mundane things."

"Hedwig would be delighted for the work," said Harry. "I think in this envelope, that I was asked to give you and forgot, there might be an address or someplace to tell Hedwig to go to if help is needed."

"Harry," said Storm as Hedwig entered the room. "Your elves told us that on your birthday you will come into your magical inheritance. We don't know what type of help that we can give you so we think it would be good to have a couple of Wizards and such here in case something goes wrong."

"That might not be a bad idea," said Harry. "From what I have read up on the subject, the tests vary from person to person. As I am the first known heir of Merlin to claim the title, we might just need someone here that can not only shield the place, but a healer that can help me through it as well."

"We still have six weeks before that happens," said Charles. "If I may, I would like to borrow that book so that I can read up on what is said about wizards and witches that come into their magical inheritances so that we may get an idea as to what to expect."

"Accio magical inheritance book," said Harry pointing his finger to the ceiling.

Within moments a book soared through the open door and into his hand. He smiled as he handed the book to Charles.

"This book will give you information on it," said Harry. "It isn't a whole lot as it varies like I said, but it will give you a basic outline as to what is going to happen."

At that moment Fawkes flashed in with a letter in his beak. Harry took the letter and stroked the head of the bird as a thank you. When he was done, Fawkes flashed away again.

"What was that?" asked Scott.

"That was Fawkes," said Harry as he opened the letter from Minerva. "He is a phoenix. Fyre will be the same when she is fully grown. Phoenix tears have healing qualities in them that are great if you are really hurt. I found that out in my second year when I had the fang of a basilisk pierce my arm and poison me."

"Dare I ask what a basilisk is?" ventured Scott.

"I have a book of magical creatures upstairs in my room," said Harry as he read the letter. "You can borrow it whenever you like. Just ask one of the elves."

The professors all watched as Harry paled a bit. Scott rushed to his side as did Jean.

"Harry?" asked Scott reaching out for him. "Are you ok?"

"Voldemort just killed some of the Weasley family," said Harry. "Also Dumbledore has managed to escape his trial, and the Ministry of Magic is still looking for him. Professor McGonagall said that the last word that they got was that he was doing his best to find me."

"Does he know that you have come here?" asked Charles nervously. "We don't want any trouble here."

"No one knows where I am except Madam Bones, Minister Fudge, Professors Snape and McGonagall and my closest supporters," said Harry ticking them off his fingers. "It might be a good idea to get Remus over here and let him live nearby in case I need some help. Mr. and Mrs. Granger will probably want to relocate Hermione here as well to help. Is there some place near here that we can build like a cottage for the four of them?"

"There is a house for sale not more than ten miles from the school," said Jean. "We could always buy it for them and they can live there."

"We are going to have to get the Ministry here to ward it carefully as Remus turns into a werewolf on the full moon," said Harry letting his mind go into work mode. "This way we can have the tutor we need as well as my closest supporters. Not to mention a pair of great dentists that could probably help with the teeth of the students here in the school."

"Then let's get it set up," said Scott standing at Harry's side. "Why don't you write to the Grangers and see if they can come. If they can, we can go and get them in the jet. It shouldn't take more than a day to get there and back."

"I will go and write to Gringotts as well as Madam Bones and Professor McGonagall and see what they suggest," offered Harry. "That way we can make further plans from there. I am sure the American Ministry can test us just as easy as the British Ministry when we are ready to sit our NEWTS. Hermione will lap up the thought of studying physics and stuff here in the school."

"Very well," said Charles. "Why don't you go and write to your friends and get some answers and we will get on things on this side. That way we can have everything set up."

With that, Harry left to go and write the letters that needed to be sent to England. When he was done, he sent them off with Kreacher. From there, he sent a letter off to the American embassy about opening a floo channel between his room and Hogwarts. When he was done with that, he headed downstairs to see what was going on. He heard a conversation between Scott, Jean, and Charles.

"I do not know what it is about Harry," said Scott. "His very presence just calls out to me. It is very similar to what I felt when I first met Jean. I have never felt like this about anyone else. I don't know what to say or do about it."

"It is like you are in love with him," remarked Jean with happiness tingeing her voice. "I have not seen you this happy in years. All I ask is that you wait until he is of age before you do anything with him. While he may be emancipated and a legal adult in the eyes of the world, he is still underage to those same people."

"I will behave in that aspect," assured Scott. "He is such a wonderful person. I could just sit with him all day and listen to him talk."

"He does seem very comfortable in your presence as well," said Charles. "You may be able to get him to open up and talk about his life. If he trusts you enough, he may even tell you what we need to know so that we can help him."

"You don't expect me to betray his trust do you?" asked Scott scandalized. "I can tell you Charles that I will not do that."

"I am not suggesting that in the slightest," assured Charles. "I merely meant that if he has a problem that we CAN help him with that he would trust you more than the rest of us to let us know so that we can help him. I will NEVER ask you to betray his trust any more than I would any other teen that graces the halls of this manor."

"I apologize," said Scott. "For some reason I am very protective of Harry. I would give anything that I have to make sure that he is happy and well taken care of."

"So what type of training exercises do you think we can arrange to see if his magic is compatible with our mutant abilities?" asked Jean. "It would be great if we can combine what he does with what we do."

"We will work that out as well," said Charles. "We want him to have time to be a teen as well. Between studying the magic, and what we are going to teach him, we need to make sure he has free time to be able to have fun and enjoy life."

Harry smiled as he crept away from the door. He somehow knew that his best interest were being well looked after. He was especially pleased with the way Scott stood up for him. Harry was delighted to hear what he did. To be able to have a life and do things with it was what he wanted.

That evening the elves made a feast for the residents of the Manor. The teens were all curious about the little guys popping all over the place, but they had the manners to not be rude about it. When Harry entered the dining room accompanied by Scott, all conversations ceased as they all turned to look at him. Harry shyly stepped behind Scott. Marie, John, and Bobby all stood up and walked over to him. Each one identified themselves with both their real name and their mutant name before they welcomed him.

"Thank you for being so nice," said Harry. "I apologize for being so shy but I have not had much success in making new friends that didn't want something from me."

"You don't have to worry about that here," said Marie taking him off Scott's hands and leading him to their table. "We are all in the same boat here. No one is better than anyone else here."

"That is a relief," said Harry. "In my old school we were separated into four different houses and there were rivalries between the houses. There were also rivalries away from that as well. It depended on how pure your blood was."

"What do you mean?" asked Scott who was sitting near him. "Would you explain that to us?"

"Well there are three types of blood statuses in the wizarding world," explained Harry smiling at the man. "The first is pureblood. This means that you have so many generations of witches and wizards in your family tree. The second is called a half blood. This means that a witch or wizard is the by product of a pureblood wizard and either a muggle or muggleborn. A muggle is what we call non magical people. The third is called a muggleborn. It is when non magical parents produce a witch or wizard. Purebloods usually dislike muggle borns. That is where a lot of the problems start. They feel that they are better because they claim that their blood is purer and that somehow the muggleborns stole their magic somehow."

"So what are you?" asked Bobby curiously. "Which category do you fall into?"

"Until recently I thought I was a half blood," said Harry. "I had always been told that my mother was muggle born. My dad was from a very old and prominent pure blood family. It seems that my mother's side produced squibs and the magic finally came back to life with her and me."

"What is a squib?" asked Marie. "That sounds like an animal of some sort."

"You know how I said that a witch or wizard born to non magical parents was called a muggleborn?" asked Harry as he ate his food to the approval of Jean who was listening nearby with the other professors. "Well a squib is the exact opposite."

"So you mean a person born to magical parents that have no magic themselves," said Scott summing it up for the group. "The wizarding world sure has funny words and labels for people."

"Old habits will die hard with me," said Harry. "I spent the last five years being told this, that, and the other. So it will take some time to revert back to how I was before I found out about the wizarding world. I didn't even know anything about my heritage of being a wizard until I turned eleven. I only found out the specifics recently. I mean, that I found out about my ancestors and my titles and such."

"Don't worry about it Harry," said Marie patting him on the arm. "We will help you adjust to life around here. It is pretty cool actually. The teachers are all very nice and friendly and we are well looked after."

"Thanks," said Harry blushing slightly. "I will keep that in mind. I am glad that someone will be caring for me for a change instead of the other way around. It gets burdensome to always be the one to protect and save everyone else."

The next day, Scott, Harry, and a few of the other teens all made their way to the shopping mall. Scott led Harry to the clothing department and helped him get a new wardrobe. When it was all said and done, Harry got about thirty pairs of jeans and slacks in different colors and styles as well as shirts, under garments, shoes, boots, hats, jackets, and coats. Harry had a blast being able to decide what colors and styles he wanted.

Scott melted every time that Harry smiled at him. He watched as Harry and Bobby chose different things for him. He smiled as Harry listened with attention about the latest fashions and such. Scott insisted that Harry get a few shirts of different styles in the color of emerald green.

"They make your eyes stand out more," he explained to the blushing teen. "You have beautiful eyes and it is time to be able to see them. We need to make an appointment to get your eyes check and get you some better glasses than what you have."

Harry agreed with his statement and the group continued to enjoy their day. When they got back to the manor, Harry's elves were happy to see that there was a flush on Harry's face. To them it meant that Harry enjoyed himself. They were also delighted to see that same flush on Scott's face. Things looked like they would get better for their Master and friend.

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