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Trials and Classes

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Chapter 6 – Trials and Classes

It wasn't long before a routine was set up for the new comers. Harry had spent time to get the new dentistry set up for the Grangers. Before long, all of the teens, and even a few of the professors, were set up for appointments to have their teeth checked, cleaned, and otherwise seen to. If the Grangers thought it odd for some of their new clients to have pointed teeth or forked tongues, they didn't let it show. It was a mark of faith to Harry and their daughter that they didn't let their shock show when they were working on some of the mutants. The Granger parents looked beyond blue skin or green hair and treated each person as if they were special and unique.

Severus quickly fell into his own pattern of life at the school. He was very skilled in chemistry. Therefore, he could teach the students what to do. He was satisfied with the one class a day for mundane teachings and then he took a few hours in the evenings to work with Harry, Hermione, and Draco on the magical aspects of their lives.

A week after they had started, a man from the Ministry of Magic of the United States arrived and tested Harry.

"We are here today for two different reasons, Lord Potter," stated the man. "We are going to test you on DADA, and we are going to test you in Potions. Should you pass your tests, you will not only get your NEWT, but we will give you your Masters as well."

"When would you like to begin?" asked Harry nervously. "I can have both of them done today if you want me to."

"This is why we chose a weekend to do this," stated the man who identified himself as Robert Andrews. "We are going to have you sit your written exams this morning, and then have your practicals this afternoon. Are you ready to begin? Headmaster Xavier has allowed us the use of one of his classrooms for you to take the written portions of your tests."

"Sure," said Harry watching as Scott smiled at him in encouragement. "I am ready when you are."

With that, the examiner handed Harry the DADA written exam and told him to begin. An hour later, Harry was done with the exam and was handed the one for Advanced DADA. He got started on that one as well. Two hours later, he stood and handed the finished exam to the examiner who looked at Harry in shock.

"Lord Potter," he exclaimed. "We have never had anyone finish that quickly before. Are you sure that you don't want to sit and go over the test again. You have another hour before the time limit expires."

"No," said Harry with a confused look on his face. "I have answered each question. I am sure that I did it correct. Would you like me to start on my Potions exam now?"

The floored man just handed Harry the test and didn't comment further. Harry sat down and began filling in the answers to the questions. Two hours later, he handed the paper to the man.

"We can start on your potions practical first," said the man. "That way we can give you the specially set up DADA test that we have for you. Before we begin that, have you been studying your books for Herbology, Transfiguration, and Charms?"

"I have," said Harry. "However, I can't do the practical part of the lessons for Herbology as there are no magical greenhouses near me."

"We will have to work on that," said Robert tapping his chin in thought. "We may be able to bring you to the testing site once or twice a week to let you do practical work while you are studying your books. Professor Snape tells me that you are advanced in Charms and Transfiguration. So we should be able to test you in those subjects before long as well if you so desire."

"Let's just leave that for now," stated Harry emphatically. "I don't want to over burden my brain with all of it just yet. I am still taking my muggle courses as well and I don't want to fall behind on my lessons there. Even though it is summer break, I haven't had a muggle course in five years. Thus I am studying and training this summer to get caught up so that when classes do start in September, I can sit with my classmates."

"Very well," said Raymond as Severus entered the room. "Professor Snape and I have decided on five potions we want you to brew. You may begin if you are ready. We may have to wait until tomorrow for your DADA practical. Time may get the better of you with these potions. We know that you have already brewed them, but we want to ensure this by watching how you do so and how you handle the situation."

Harry nodded his head and looked at the sheet of paper Severus handed him. Without making a comment, he got his ingredients and began. It was not longer than a couple of hours before he had five cauldrons all simmering with the different potions. Hermione was watching with glee as the two examiners as well as Severus all went to the cauldrons to look at the potions.

"Professor Snape," said Robert. "What is your opinion of these potions? You are a Master after all."

"My professional opinion is that they are perfect in every way for this stage of the brewing process. I would say that Lord Potter is extremely proficient in what he is doing. Were we to allow these potions to go to completion, I have no doubt that they would be perfect. As it is, we don't have a month to finish some of them so that he can get his grade. These are all Mastery Level Potions and they are the perfect color and texture."

"Can we just let them finish?" asked Harry hesitantly. "I am sure that we can use these potions somewhere when they are done. I would rather not waste the ingredients. Some of them were hard to get and expensive to boot."

"How about we do this?" Severus asked eyeing him thoughtfully. "You can explain to Miss Granger and Mr. Malfoy what they are to do with these potions to be able to carry on from here. We will observe you in this capacity. Is that agreeable to you Mr. Andrews and Mr. Robinson?"

"We can call it another portion of the test," said Robinson thoughtfully. "I am curious as to how he will work with this. I say let him continue with it."

"Very well," said Robert. "Lord Potter, you will need to give these two students their instructions."

"Draco," said Harry waving him over. "This potion is Felix Felicis. It will need to be stirred every hour on the hour for the next five hours. From there, I would like for you to work with both me and Hermione in taking turns as it needs to be stirred counter clockwise every six hours for one week. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes I can," said Draco quickly and happily at being included. "I will make sure that we get it done."

"Hermione we need to make sure that the final ingredient is ready for the Polyjuice Potion," instructed Harry going into mode. "We want to make sure it is done right. Are you willing to come in at midnight to add the salamander blood as well as stir it twenty times?"

"Yes I can do that," said Hermione. "That is easy enough. I will set an alarm. As we have brewed this potion together before, I know what ingredients are needed when. I can also stir the other potion at the same time as it needs to be done at that time as well."

"The Veritaserum needs to be stirred at eight, ten, and again at twelve," stated Harry pointing to the next cauldron. "I will take the ten pm stir if Draco wants to take eight. Hermione can stir this one also at midnight."

"The other two I will handle myself at ten as that is when it can be bottled up and sent for use to the hospital," said Harry after a moment of thought. "I will need one of you to just keep an eye out to make sure that no one messes around in this room, and accidentally sets the place on fire. I will set up a shield around them to ensure that no one adds anything should someone come in here to play around. While none of the students in here would do something like that, it doesn't hurt to be cautious. I will make sure that you two, along with Professor Snape, are keyed into the shields."

Severus smiled in relief at that proclamation. It was always a good idea to shield the potions from outside influences. Severus looked over at the other two examiners and nodded his head. The two men understood his meaning and smiled.

"Well Lord Potter," said Robert. "I don't know about your written portion of your potions exams, but I can tell you that you have passed your practical portion. All five of these potions are perfect and the way you have handled the continued care of them is perfect as well. Let's not forget that you have been brewing potions and sending them to us for a while now already and they have been perfect in every way. We will have the results of your written exams in two days. Why don't you get a little rest and some dinner and we will be back tomorrow to test you in DADA. This way you can get a healthy meal and a good night's rest before we test you on the most physical aspect of any of your exams."

"I shall take over the potions for you," said Severus proudly. "We just wanted to see how you would do with them. It is not that we distrust Mr. Malfoy or Miss Granger, but we also know that they have homework and muggle classes that must not be forgotten for the magical ones."

"Are you sure Professor?" asked Hermione timidly. "I don't mind getting up and doing them."

"I am quite sure," said Severus with a small smile. "I am used to being up late in the evenings anyway. So this will not be out of the ordinary for me. You however, need to study as you have other tests coming up Monday."

The three teens smiled as the examiners left with a promise to return on the morrow. Harry led his friends to the dining hall where they were met up by Marie, Bobby, and John. The six teens had developed a friendship over the past week and it was blossoming more each day. Draco took Harry under his wing and taught him the different etiquette that went with being the Head of a prominent family. Hermione sat with them on these lessons and listened. What surprised Severus the most was the fact that, Draco didn't harp on pureblood supremacy. He gave the facts as they were meant to be told and then let Harry and Hermione both draw their own conclusions. The three mutant teens were in awe of the explanations as to how things were done in the wizarding world.

Never to be the one out of the loop for learning all he could about Harry, Scott sought out Severus.

"Excuse me Severus," said Scott one night. "Can I talk with you about Harry?"

"I was wondering when we would have this conversation," said Severus gesturing to the chair and closing the door while putting up a Silencing Charm. "Let me first and foremost tell you that I will not tell you anything that I consider something that Harry would want to tell you himself. I will not betray his confidence in that manner."

"Nor would I want you to," assured Scott. "I just want to know more about how that brilliant young man works and thinks. He is such a delight, that all of the students here have taken to him like bees to honey. He is so polite and soft spoken. All of the other teachers love him. He is polite with manners that we all wish the others had half of. What was he like at the magic school?"

"Pretty much the same," said Severus. "I had a job to do so I was harder on him than he deserved, but it was what was needed and I did my job to the best of my ability. The other professors all enjoyed having him in class as well. He was studious without flaunting his knowledge to the others. He was soft spoken then, as he is now. The biggest difference is that now he has a happy smile on his face rather than being ashamed of himself just for being alive. From what I am to understand, and from what I have observed since I have arrived, we have you to thank for that. I have never seen him smile so much and be so happy and relaxed."

"I respect him for him and not for his money, fame, or tragedy," said Scott solemnly. "When he smiles at me, my whole person just melts into his green eyes. I am very protective of him and will not hesitate to do what I have to do just to continue seeing that smile. Something tells me that he would do the same for me. He doesn't seem to have a vindictive or mean bone in his body."

"His mother was much the same way with me and a few others when we were that age," said Severus smiling at the memory. "His mother had the exact same eyes and she could make an iceberg melt when she floored you with her ways. She had a temper to match that fiery red hair of hers and she was extremely wicked with her wand when she was angry. Many a time, I witnessed her making someone miserable for crossing her by hurting me or any of her other friends. She was dangerous when she was mad and Harry seems to have inherited her protective streak and ability to extract revenge."

"Harry told me that you and his father didn't see eye to eye," said Scott. "He didn't tell me the details, but when Harry speaks of it, I can sense that he is somewhat ashamed of his father for his actions. From what I have been able to gather, his father was a bully and Harry despises bullies."

"That is surprising in of itself," stated Severus with a raised eyebrow. "James Potter and his three friends called themselves the Marauders. They were the biggest bunch of pranksters that the school knew until the fabled Weasley twins entered the building. One night they pulled a prank that almost cost me my life. One could say that I was saved by Harry's father. After everything that they did to me, I could not forgive him for that or everything else. Unfortunately I took it out on his son while forgetting that Harry was Lily's son as well."

Severus and Scott talked late into the night. By the next morning, Scott had a very good understanding of why Harry acted and reacted the way that he did. Scott assured Severus that he had Harry's best interest at heart and only when the time was right would he then take the next step in the budding romance between the not quite sixteen year old and the twenty one year old man.

The next day arrived for those that were anxiously waiting to see how Harry would do during his practical for DADA. The examiners arrived with a few other people to test Harry.

"We are going to do something that is similar to a simulation," said Robert. "These three men are Aurors here in the States. After an initial testing to make sure you can properly cast the spells, we will set up a second one for you."

"What will the second test entail?" asked a curious Severus. "It's not common for there to be two practical tests in a subject. So, I think a small explanation about the second test would be appropriate."

"Basically, we are going to attack him and see how he does with defending himself against us," said Robert shrugging. "We want to see how he does in a mock battle. None of us are going to hurt him. Madam Green is a healer in case an accident does occur. We want to see how he does in defending himself. It is more for the Auror training than anything else."

"If anything happens to him during this that causes serious injury, someone will pay," stated Severus sternly. "This is highly unusual and I will not have this young man hurt. He has had enough of that to last him a lifetime."

"Rest easy," said Robert waving his hands in surrender. "As I stated, it is merely a simulation to see how he handles himself in a battle scenario. We will not be using anything harmful or damaging to him. However, during these exercises, accidents do happen from time to time."

"I think I will be ok," said Harry softly to Severus. "I have fought the Dark Lord four times since I entered Hogwarts. These guys are just trying to help. I do appreciate that you are concerned, but I think I can handle this. I would have to go through this anyway if I wanted to be an Auror."

Severus nodded his head in agreement and stepped aside. He knew that Harry would take care of himself to the best of his ability. After all, Harry had the highest GPA in Hogwarts in history, in the subject of DADA. There were only three people who could match him, and that was Dumbledore, James, and himself. No one else could hold a wand like Harry could. He was a prodigy in that subject.

The examiners began by instructing Harry to start with his spells. They started at first year and went all the way to seventh year. Harry performed all of them nonverbally and wandless just to prove to the testers that he was proficient in his studies. They even tested him on Auror level spells and such. Harry floored all of the examiners by doing each and every spell flawlessly, without so much as, speaking a word or raising a wand.

"I guess when you are the descendant of Merlin you can do things better and easier," stated one of the Aurors with a sneer in his voice that Harry didn't like. "Let's see how you do in a real fight like situation rather than showing off to all of your friends."

"I don't like your attitude," said Harry undeterred by the man. "If you think, that you can do anything to me, then do so. I have faced Voldemort five times and won. I don't think a petty man like you can do anything to me."

"Put your wand where you mouth is little boy," sneered the man hoping to get a rise out of Harry.

Severus made to interject, but Harry waved him away. Soon an all out battle ensured. Harry effortlessly parried and spun while he was countering the spells from the men. The one that didn't seem to like Harry so much, went out of his way to try do damage to him. Harry was able to block and get around him at every chance. Severus was getting angry, as was Scott. The more Harry would defeat the guy, the worse he became. Soon the spells that were flying were not so simple and Harry was starting to get concerned that the man was actually trying to hurt him. Soon it was an all out battle between the two. The spells from the Auror were starting to get Dark when Harry decided that he had enough and send the man flying through a wall. Before the man could get up, Harry had him disarmed and spinning slowing in the air by his ankle.

"WHAT IN THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?" a furious Harry asked. "Have you lost your damn mind? You are supposed to be testing me, not trying to kill me."

"He is actually trying to kill you," said Charles rolling into the room. "He has instructions to take you out of the picture at all costs. He is in league with someone named Lucius Malfoy. These are direct orders from Voldemort. This means that inadvertently, these testers have brought dangerous people into my school and have threatened the Lord of this land."

Severus and Scott were furious. Draco stood there with a stunned look on his face. Hermione was trying to wrap her mind around the situation. The other examiners were staring at their comrade in shock and displeasure.

"I assure you Professor Xavier that we didn't know that he had ulterior motives for asking to come here to assist with the testing of Lord Potter," stated Robert. "We didn't think that he would do something like this to someone so young."

"I don't understand how my father got through to anyone," said Draco. "He is supposed to be in Azkaban. How did he get messages from the Dark Lord and pass it on to this arse?"

"Your father is no longer in Azkaban," said Charles reading the guy's mind. "He has been broken out and he is also looking for you to seek revenge on you and your mother for turning your backs on him and the Dark Lord. I am afraid that you are in danger. This will put my students in danger as well."

"Not necessarily," said Harry after a moment of thought. "If we Obliviate this man and replace his memories with some that state that he succeeded in not only killing me, but also Draco, they will have no reason to send out further attacks on us. Also we can make him forget that he ever saw us."

"Or we could just make it so that he doesn't even know we are here," said Hermione thoughtfully. "If you are going to Obliviate him, you can keep enough of his memory to know that he was supposed to kill Harry. He can also be sent to prison for attempting to kill someone. However, we can plant it in this mind that Harry isn't here and that he heard that Harry is still hiding in the British Isles. It wouldn't be that hard to make him forget where the location of this school is as well."

"This means that there is a leak somewhere in the Ministry of Magic," said Harry angrily. "No one but someone on the Wizengamot is supposed to know that I am in the United States at all. If the leak isn't there, then it is in Gringotts. We need to talk with Ragnok and Griphook at the bank and let them know that they need to check. We can also talk with Amelia Bones and Cornelius Fudge about this. If anyone on the Wizengamot is unable to perform magic, then we know it came from that person. However, if all members that were present that day can use magic that means our leak came from Gringotts."

"Excellent thinking Lord Potter," said the examiner. "We will work on it for you. The last bit that we want to discuss with you is your magical inheritance that is due to take place in three weeks. We know that it will be stronger than most due to some of your blood lineage. We will arrive around eight in the evening and we will stay with you until morning. Most magical inheritances are usually not that bad. However, we are not taking any chances with you as the British Ministry has specifically asked us to keep a close eye on you until you come into your full majority."

"Thank you," said Harry. "I hope that you can deal with this nonsense and work out why he turned to the dark. I can always send a letter with either one of my house elves or with Fyre. She can get to Madam Bones quicker than an owl can. Also, thanks to the American Ministry, I have floo access to Hogwarts. We can get to the bottom of this quickly and quietly."

"Try using the floo first," suggested Severus. "Let Minerva know what is going on. Narcissa is in the castle after all, and that puts the students in danger due to Lucius wanting revenge on his former wife. We need to let everyone that is anyone, know of the dangers involved."

Harry nodded his head as he and Scott led the party to his room where the fireplace was set up for the floo call. It didn't take long before Minerva and Filius were there talking with Harry.

"Hello Professor McGonagall," said Harry. "Hi, Professor Flitwick. We come bearing bad news I am afraid. One of the testers here in the United States got a mission from Lucius via the Dark Lord. He was sent to kill me and if he could manage it, he was to kill Draco also. Thanks to Professor Xavier, we were able to get all of the information."

"What have you all done with him?" asked Minerva with a frown. "We will need to inform the Ministry as quickly as possible."

"That is why we are here," stated Harry. "We know that Lucius has put a hit out on both Draco and Narcissa. We need her to be protected from her former husband. We also know that there is some kind of leak either at the Ministry, or Gringotts. Someone let it slip that I was in the United States and we need to figure out how to deal with it."

"Have there been any suggestions made so far?" asked Minerva. "We will do what we have to do to protect Narcissa. As you know the castle is impenetrable now. We made sure that there were no longer any secret tunnels into or out of the castle."

"We suggest that a session of the Wizengamot be called and have each person tested," said Harry. "As you are aware, they were all asked to take an Unbreakable Vow to keep my location secret. It may be a good idea to test Percy Weasley also as he was there the day I met with the group. If he checks out and everyone on the panel has their magic, then our leak is at Gringotts and that will be a problem as they have classified me as family."

"I will take care of it immediately," said Minerva. "I will send Fawkes with an answer as soon as we have one. I want you to make sure that you, Mr. Malfoy, and Miss Granger start warding the school that you are in now so that no one can sneak up on you there. We need to make sure that you are as protected as possible."

"I think that the American Ministry as well as the branch of Gringotts that is here will agree to those terms," assured Harry. "I am more worried about you than I am of myself. I don't want any of you hurt due to the fact that you have stood up for me. Has there been any more word on the capture of Dumbledore?"

"The Ministry and the ICW have bulletins out on him," said Minerva. "We have Ministries around the globe looking for both him and the Dark Lord. I don't want you to worry too much about that. For the moment, you are the treasure of the wizarding world around the globe."

"Thanks Professor," said Harry smiling at her. "I will keep you up to date as to what is going on over here as well. I have taken my exams for both Potions and DADA today and yesterday. I have passed both practicals. We are just waiting to see if I passed the written exams as well. I will send word to you when we find out. They also tested me for Mastery in both subjects. So I should know whether I am a Master soon or not."

"Just let us know when you get your results," said Minerva smiling. "For now I have to talk to Amelia and let her know what is going on. We will get back to you when we know more. We love you Harry."

"I love you all too," said Harry happily. "You will hear from me again soon."

With that, Harry pulled his head out of the fire and turned to face the others. They all nodded in understanding. Those that had to leave did so and the rest went about their activities for the day.

"Are you sure that he is no longer in the British Isles?" asked Dumbledore. "I may not be happy with him at the moment, but it is imperative that we keep him safe from the Dark Lord. If Voldemort finds him, then he will leave this area and head out to get him. At least as long as he is here, I can keep an eye on him and step in where I am needed."

"I have told you already that he is no longer in the country," snapped his visitor. "The goblins will never tell you what information they have on Harry Potter. Our leak in the Ministry will have more proof soon enough. We have a couple of people working on it as we speak. I know for a fact that Lucius Malfoy sent out a hit on his son and wife."

"We have to stop it," said Albus. "We can't let the Death Eaters know where they are. I will be the one to bring Potter to his knees. I need his money and his power. When I have it, you will be handsomely rewarded for your services to me. Now leave me. I have plans to make and things to do."

"As you wish," the spy sneered and then left the room.

What neither man noticed was the beetle that flew away from them in the area. Rita Skeeter had been doing her best to find Albus Dumbledore so that she could claim the reward to bring him in. She knew a few of his plans that were already in motion. She also knew that if those plans came to pass that the world was in for a fight that it could not survive. With her knowledge, she left and headed to the one person that would always stand up for Harry Potter. She knew she had to get to Amelia Bones.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I am going to end this chapter right here. I have 4 factions that are going to come into play. Harry and the X-Men, Dumbledore and his plots. Voldemort and his group. Magneto and his group. This is not going to count Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic or the Goblins of Gringotts. PLEASE NOTET THAT I AM AWARE THAT THE TIME LINE OF THE POTIONS IS INACCURATE. I DID THAT ON PURPOSE. So much to do and so many chapters to write. Please be kind with your reviews.

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