Ruby Tinted Glasses

By Stormy Lee

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News and Inheritance

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Chapter 7 – News and Inheritance

It had been a long two days for Harry. He was waiting for the owl that would send him the results of his written tests in DADA and Potions. He hoped he passed that aspect of the tests as well as he did on the practical part of it. Harry was sitting in his room when the fireplace jingled to let him know that he had a floo call coming through. He went over and waited. Soon enough, the head of Amelia Bones was in his fire.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of you popping into my fire?" asked Harry with a grin on his face. "If you are here for my results, they have not arrived yet. Aunt Minerva has been fire calling every hour on the hour."

"That is part of the reason I am calling, but not the real reason," said Amelia hesitantly. "I have a bit of news to impart to you. Is there someone there with you that can be by your side? The news that I have is not pleasant."

"Scott is down the hall," said Harry growing concerned. "Give me a moment to get him. I'll be right back."

Harry stepped away for a moment to open the door and call for Scott. He was not overly surprised to see Hermione with him. The trio walked back to the fireplace and waited for Amelia to tell Harry her news.

"Rita Skeeter has come to see me," she intoned. "It appears that Dumbledore still wants to protect you from the Dark Lord, but the information is that he is only doing so because he wants to destroy you himself. I am not sure how she does it, but she was able to be there when the spy visited and talked to Dumbledore. I am sorry to say that the spy is here within the Ministry of Magic. We are working hard to eliminate who it was. We have spoken with most of the members of the Wizengamot. So far everyone still has their magic so we know it wasn't them."

"Do you have any suspects?" asked Harry. "There has to be someone we can check out and see. Was there anyone present in the session that was absent when the Vow was given by anyone?"

"We suspect Percy Weasley," admitted Amelia. "He was not present to give his Vow like everyone else as he had left to start filing the documents of the session. So far as we have no proof that it was him, we can't really do anything to him."

"I think you can," said Hermione thoughtfully. "Everyone that was present that day HAD to give a vow. If he wasn't present and didn't give the vow then he is actually guilty until proven innocent. He managed to leave the room before he had to give his vow. As the Head of the DMLE and Chief Witch of the Wizengamot, it was your duty to make sure he took the vow as the wishes of Lord Emrys were to be seen to by everyone. Therefore, you have the right to question him using Veritaserum and see if it was him that gave up the information. If it wasn't him, then you have the right to force him to make the vow as that was the motion passed when the session convened. If it was in fact him, you have the right to arrest him for treason and endangering the life of a prominent member of the Wizarding World."

"You really are an intelligent young woman," said Amelia. "We will get right on that. You are absolutely correct. We will work on that as soon as we are done. However, I have more bad news for you all."

"We are tough," said Harry holding on to Scott's hand. "We can handle whatever it is that you have to say."

"Ronald, and Ginevra Weasley have both been found dead at home," said Amelia to the astonishment of the others. "The Dark Mark was seen over the Burrow. We are not sure how the Dark Lord got around the wards or even knew where to find the home of the Weasleys. Arthur Weasley was found later severely injured. He will be alright in time, but his wounds were severe."

"Someone from the inside must have given them away," said Harry. "I already knew about the attack. I can not say honestly, that I am sorry about Ron and Ginny, but Mr. Weasley is a good man with a kind heart. However, I didn't want to see either of them dead. So please don't think I am being cold hearted. My condolences are for the rest of the Weasleys that are saddened by the loss of two children and the attack and almost loss of a good man and father. Please relay our condolences to the rest of the Weasley family."

"I certainly can relay your condolences to the rest of the family," assured Amelia. "For the record, I don't think you are cold hearted. I know you have reason to dislike and be severely disappointed with Ronald and Ginevra. I would be too if they were plotting to kill me."

"Could it be possible that it wasn't the Dark Lord who did this?" Harry asked after a moment. "Is it possible that Dumbledore had a hand in this? After all, he DOES know where the Burrow is located and the Dark Lord doesn't. He would have every reason to take his frustrations out on the Weasley family as they both turned away from him and failed him."

"Harry," said Scott suddenly. "There is an owl headed this direction. I think your test scores have finally arrived."

Harry stood up and waited as the owl entered his room and landed on the perch. It held out its leg and Harry accepted the envelope. He gave it some treats and sat near the fire to open his letter. He scanned it quickly and read the contents out loud to all present.

Dear Lord Potter,

We at the American Ministry of Magic would like to formally congratulate you on your test scores. These were not ordinary NEWT level exams. The level of these exams was both at a University level that is recognized around the world.

In Potions, you have scored an O on your written exam and an O+ on your practical. We are hereby giving you the title of Potions Master. Congratulations on your achievement. Not many your age could have accomplished something of this level and caliber. You are the youngest to ever receive the title of Master in one or more subjects.

In DADA, you have scored the highest we have seen in a long time. In fact we have never seen scores like yours before. Not only are you not quite sixteen, but you have passed your tests with higher scores than many that are far older and more experienced than you.

On your written tests, you have scored an O+ and on your practicals you have scored a perfect score. We didn't find one single mistake on your written tests and you easily defeated us in the simulations we set up. Therefore, we are giving you the title of Master of DADA. That is the highest award we can give to someone. We are also offering you the title of Auror. Whether you decide to actually be an Auror is your choice, but you have the qualifications for the prestigious post.

We look forward to testing you in Transfiguration, Charms, and Herbology. We shall set something up for you so that you may get hands on training in the subject of Herbology. We already know from reports from, Potions Master Severus Snape, you are well ahead of your year in all subjects.

Once more Congratulations on your success.

Raymond Smith – Examiner

Robert Andrews – Examiner

"Way to go Lord Emrys," said Amelia. "If you make a copy of it and pass it through the fire, I can file it with the Ministry of Magic here in England as well. Those are some impressive scores. I am very proud of you. We can make sure that your scores are filed for when and if you ever come back to this country. From I am to understand, you are the equivalent of a Master Auror. That is a prestigious rank. I can always contact the American Ministry and get the tests so that we can have a copy for our files."

Harry quickly cast the Gemino spell and sent a copy of the results to Amelia through the fire. He sat with a pensive look on his face. He knew that he had a few enemies to take out the picture. He just wasn't sure as to how to do it.

"We need to sit and make a list of things that have to happen," said Harry with a thoughtful look still playing across his face. "Madam Bones let me call you tomorrow please. I have some work to do both school wise and other. I will have a list, of what I think is a good one, of things that we need to take care of."

"As you wish Lord Emrys," said Amelia. "I will look forward to hearing what you have thought of."

With that, Amelia left the fire. Harry sat there for a few more moments thinking about everything. Scott sat with him with his arms wrapped around him as he watched Harry come to a decision.

"We need to sit with Severus and Draco and a few of the X-men and make some decisions," stated Harry seriously. "It is time to lay out all cards on the table and make some decisions as to what we are going to do and not do. We have other things in the works that we can get done as well. Between the two we can make sure that we know everything that we are up against as well as decide how we are going to handle each and every one of them."

"I will get the teachers of this school together," said Scott. "Let's meet in Professor Xavier's office in one hour. That way we have time to gather everyone together."

Harry and Hermione nodded and were off. Scott headed to all of the teachers and asked them to meet in one hour in the Head office. Hermione and Harry split off to find both Severus and Draco. When they relayed the message, both agreed to meet them in one hour.

An hour later, all parties met up in the Headmaster's office.

"We need to make a list of all that we have to face," said Harry to the group at large. "We have so many different factions, that it is hard to decide what projects that we want to work on first. I think we need to see what we are up against and what we can and are willing to do about them."

"I will take notes," said Hermione getting out pen and paper. "This way we can make sure we get it all down."

"First and foremost, we have to get past my magical inheritance," said Harry. "We still don't know how powerful that is going to be. That is in about two weeks. From there, we will need to see which factions are with us and who are against us. Shall we start with what is going on here in America?"

"We are dealing with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants," said Charles. "He is our biggest concern at the moment. His band of mutants are causing havoc wherever they go and we have our hands full trying to negate their ill intentions. It is not easy to stop him. He is definitely determined to cause trouble by telling what you call muggles that we are better than they are. This can not continue. We have to deal with him as well as his band. On top of all of that, we are working with the public as much as we can to eliminate any and all fears that mutants are power hungry individuals that are after the enslavement of the world."

"That is something we can work out as we go along," assured Severus. "We need to make sure that Dumbledore or the Dark Lord doesn't team up with him. Should that happen, then we will have all sorts of troubles."

"Who do we have on our side here in the United States?" asked Draco. "Who are the allies of the X-men?"

"Unfortunately, we don't have many," said Storm. "Mostly it's just the mutants that are in agreement with our views rather than those of Magneto. He is most persuasive when he wants to be. We have a hard enough time undoing half of his shenanigans. Some of the politicians are working with us thanks to Hank McCoy, but for the most part due to Magneto and his band, we are still distrusted and are prey to false accusations and rumors."

"I think that if we speak with the American Ministry of Magic, that they may offer some assistance," stated Harry thoughtfully. "After all I am the descendant of the father of magic. As much as I hate my fame, it may be in our best interest for me to use it. I will feel guilty about it, but it is a necessary evil and one that I am willing to do to ensure the safety of all innocent people."

"What about what is happening in England?" Jean asked. "Who and what are allies and enemies there?"

"Molly Weasley is in Azkaban," said Harry. "We received word today, that Arthur Weasley was seriously injured, along with the information that Ronald and Ginny have been murdered. We are not sure what faction of that war is the cause. The report is that the Dark Mark was seen over the Burrow, but I doubt that Voldemort was actually behind it. After all, the Weasleys failed Dumbledore in more ways than one. First, they failed to marry me. Ron, Ginny, and Molly failed in their plot to kill me. Second, Arthur Weasley turned his back on Dumbledore when it came out that Dumbledore was stealing from me."

"Then you have the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters," said Hermione. "He still wants to rule England with an iron thumb. If he were to win this war, he will turn his eyes to other countries trying to expand his realm. He must be stopped at all costs and his Death Eaters must be stopped as well. Lucius Malfoy has escaped and we know he is working with the Dark Lord as his top Lieutenant."

"Then you have Dumbledore," said Scott. "We received word that someone from within the Ministry of Magic has leaked out to Dumbledore what is going on. Madam Bones stated that they think Percy Weasley is behind it, but as of yet, they have no proof."

"We can't forget about the Order of the Phoenix," said Harry. "They are loyal to Dumbledore to the point of utter devotion. I suspect that many were charmed or otherwise spelled to follow all of his orders without question. We will have to deal with that situation as well."

"So who are the allies against those forces?" asked Logan. "We have stated all of the bad guys, but who are the good guys?"

"The Ministry of Magic is on our side," said Harry immediately. "Also, the Goblins of Gringotts are on our side. They have no love for the Dark Lord or his minions. I received a letter from Griphook the other day stating that they are working with the Ministry. They are sealing the vaults of known Death Eaters and the vaults in question are being used to fund the campaign against both Dumbledore and Voldemort. They have been very successful in that aspect. Many of the known Death Eaters have been caught. There are still some serious ones out there that need to be rounded up, but for the most part, they have that well in hand."

"So what should we do?" asked Hermione. "We have the staff of Hogwarts that are determined to help out at all costs. We also have the Ministry and the Auror department that will help as they are loyal to you."

"What of the other people you pressed charges on?" Draco asked. "Have they arrested Dolores Umbridge?"

"I honestly don't know," said Harry. "I have had so much going on lately that I haven't had the time to really think about it. I have been so busy with my tests and classes that it slipped my mind."

"I will write a letter to Madam Bones and get that information for you," assured Severus. "I will send the word with Fyre and let her wait for the reply if that is ok with you."

"Of course," said Harry with a furrowed brow. "You know that you are more than welcome to use her at any time you wish. You all do know that I have a castle other than Hogwarts in Europe right?"

"I think you mentioned it before," said Scott surprised at the change of pace. "Why do you ask that?"

"Well," said Harry with a thoughtful and excited look on his face. "We have two bastions of power in Europe. We can let Potter castle turn into another Xavier School. This way we can get the help with the European mutants as well. I own Hogwarts and of course Potter Castle. We have more allies than we give credit for if we just utilize the situation."

"Harry," said Hermione with a laugh. "You are starting to repeat yourself. Calm down and we will work on all of this. We can get people that can get Potter Castle ready for inhabitants as well as get all of the equipment that is needed to secure the castle."

"We do have those mutant teens here that do not have any family except us," stated Jean. "Those that are graduating this year can always go to England to Harry's castle and still learn there. We can even send one of the teachers there to head that branch of this Mutant Academy."

"I have never been there before," said Harry. "However, if it is even close to the size of Hogwarts, then we will have enough room for many students to learn there and such."

"I do have some contacts in Europe that would be able to assist in this," said Charles. "We might be able to get you guys back to England so that you can deal with this matter and still leave us to deal with Eric and his group."

"It may be better if I DO go back to England," said Harry thoughtfully. "This way, we can deal with Dumbledore and his group while doing what we can to stop Voldemort and his group."

"I thought the whole purpose behind you coming here was to have a normal life," said Severus. "Why would you go back to the war when you adamantly stated that you didn't want any part of it?"

"I don't want it to hurt anything here," said Harry. "I didn't want the war to follow me here and as long as Dumbledore and Voldemort are out and about, we will always look over our shoulders and wonder if they are coming here. The life in this school is too peaceful to have it disturbed by two power hungry wizards that don't really have a clue."

"If you are going back to England, then I am going with you," said Scott seriously. "I have just got you in my life and I am not about ready to send you back there without me."

"I think that would be a good idea," said Charles eyeing Scott speculatively. "I think that the two of you have a good thing forming and I for one would hate to see it end. Do you know how to get to your castle Harry?"

"I am sure that Ragnok and Griphook will be able to show me," admitted Harry sheepishly. "It was the only property that I didn't want sold. So therefore, I am sure that we can get there eventually. The goblins have stated that I am a family member of the Goblin Nation."

"Well then," said Jean laughing lightly at Harry. "I suggest that we wait until you have come into your magical inheritance. In the next two weeks, you can sit and take your NEWTS in Transfiguration as well as Charms and get those out of the way. You can always work on Herbology and any other subject you want to get a NEWT in later. We really want to make sure that you know you are loved and wanted here however."

"I know that," said Harry brightly. "I will miss each and every one of you as well. There will always be an open invitation to both Hogwarts and Potter Castle for you all. We need to send a letter to Ragnok and Griphook about getting Potter Castle cleaned and ready for habitation. Professor Xavier can get in touch with his European friends and let them know that we have a strong hideout that will be coming available to them soon."

Everyone agreed on their part and then they split ways to get the wheels in motion.

The days flew by and before they were really ready for it, the day of Harry's magical inheritance was upon them. The American Wizards were present for the outburst of magic that all were expecting.

"OK what will happen is that we need for Lord Potter to stay as relaxed and calm as he possibly can," stated Dana Reeves. "The less you fight it, the easier it will be on your body and system. Our job is to make sure that your magic doesn't hurt anyone. Professor Snape is going to assist us along with Miss Granger and Mr. Malfoy. The only two people allowed in the room other than the seven of us will be Mr. Summers and Mr. Howlett. Mr. Summers is allowed due to the fact that your magic is forming a soul bond with him and he will be safest. Mr. Howlett has the ability to heal instantly and he may be needed incase we have to hold you down and such."

"Dobby, Winky, and Kreacher have stated that they have begun the shielding process," said Harry. "I think that Doctor Grey needs to be with them in case something happens with them as well."

Just then, Harry's fireplace chimed to let him know someone was calling through.

"Harry," said Poppy with her face in the fire. "Please allow me to step through. I am going to be with you during your inheritance. This will give us someone you are familiar with there as well as Severus to assist you through this. I have special permission from the British and American Ministries to be there."

Harry nodded his head and stepped away to allow the Medi Witch to step through. When she entered the room, Harry and Severus steadied her as she got her bearings due to the International floo. When she was steady on her feet, she took charge of the situation. The others all smirked behind their hands and such and let her proceed.

"You will get into bed right now," she said pointing at Harry. "It will not be long before this all begins and you will need some sleep. Where is your mate?"

"I am right here," said Scott turning red in the face much to the amusement of everyone. "I would not exactly call us mates yet."

"You are his intended, are you not?" she asked in a businesslike tone that brooked no argument.

"Well yes," stuttered Scott.

"Then the correct term is mate," Poppy said, cutting him off. "I want you in bed with him so that his body can know that you are there. Once this begins, there is no stopping it until it is complete."

"She is correct," said Healer Waters. "This is a good course of action. We can give you a Dreamless Sleep Potion to help you relax and get your body as calm as possible. A Calming Potion probably wouldn't hurt either."

"A partial dose of Dreamless would be better," said Poppy thoughtfully. "That way, if he has to wake for whatever reason, he won't have to fight so hard."

"Good thinking," admitted her American counterpart. "Ok Lord Potter. Please get into bed. Mr. Summers you are to join him."

The two men shrugged their shoulders, changed, and got into the bed. The others were already sitting around the room looking on in appreciation as the Hogwarts matron took over and gave instructions. Dobby entered the room long enough to tell them that they were ready and the shields were set before he bowed out and sat outside the door.

"Mr. Malfoy," Poppy stated looking at him. "Make sure you have a stock of Pepper Up Potions on you and sit with the elves. When they start to get tired, make sure that they drink one. Due to their bond with Harry, they will need to stay alert as the brunt of the shielding will fall on them."

"Yes Ma'am," said Draco heading out to get the supplies. "Please give me five minutes. Harry and Severus have made sure we have plenty of those while we train and learn."

"Severus, please dose Harry with the potions that we need him to take," instructed Poppy as she moved people about the room. "Miss Granger, you will need to help these people fix the damage that his magical spikes will cause. We will need you to go about this building to help repair all damages and such."

"Yes ma'am," said Hermione before she hugged Harry and then Scott and left the room to patrol the Manor.

"I just found out some interesting information," said Jean coming into the room. "I ran some tests on Harry's blood. He and Charles are related. They are distantly related, but they are related none the less. I am surprised that it didn't show up when he did the tests with the goblins."

"If that is the case," said Scott. "Then he may end up opening his X-gene at the same time. You might want to get Charles in here so that he can help monitor the situation. He is a stronger telepath than you are Jean."

She nodded and headed out to get him. While she was gone, the others got set up with their tasks.

"It is quite possible that Charles is a distant relative of the Potter family," said Severus.

"Well that would explain how it is that Professor Xavier had the school and such built on the land and how it is that my family owns it," remarked Harry accepting the vials from Severus. "With him being a relative, my ancestors gave him permission to build this school here and such and as it is in the family, I inherited it as my claim is wizarding and his isn't."

"That is a very logical conclusion," said Severus thoughtfully as Harry drank the potions. "Something tells me that you are probably one hundred percent accurate in that statement. However, it would be great if you have the mind gifts that Charles does."

Harry's eyes drooped and he fell asleep. The others waited around for a few moments to see if he would need anything. Scott wrapped his arms around Harry protectively while they waited for it all to begin.

As the clock stuck midnight, Harry started gasping. Scott was wide awake in a moment and there with him while the magic took effect. Harry rose slightly off the bed as he began with the first spikes of raw magic. Not much damage occurred. The little that did was easily fixed by those in attendance. Soon Harry started to cry out in his sleep as the magic started to expand his core. Charles was sitting there while this was going on.

"His mind is open to me," explained Charles. "He is trying to adjust to fit the core expansion. Do you have any instructions that you want me to give him?"

"Tell him to not do anything," said Poppy at once. "Tell him to let the magic do what it needs to do. If he interferes with anything, it could put him in pain or worse."

Charles relayed her instructions directly into Harry's mind. The spikes of magic started to get a little stronger. However, as Harry let things happen as they were meant to, he was not in any pain. Everyone that was magical could in fact feel the effects of the inheritance as the magic swirled around the room. Even the mutants knew that something was there. It was like a breath of air on their skin.

"He is asking if anyone is hurt by any of this," stated Charles. "I have been soothing that fear by telling him that nothing has happened to anyone yet."

"Tell him that things are going far more smoothly than we thought they would," Poppy said, running a diagnostic on him. "Tell him to continue to allow what ever needs to happen to happen. Assure him that he is doing a wonderful job and that we are all proud of him."

Charles relayed the information as a spike of magic broke the windows. Raymond and Severus immediately fixed the damage.

"He is more aware than you know," said Charles. "He wants to know what just broke. I have told him that a spike of his magic broke the windows, but it was easily fixed. He is worried about the safety of everyone."

"We are here for a reason," said Severus standing next to Harry and speaking loud enough for the teen to hear. "In case he can't hear me, just tell him to let us worry about us and he just needs to stay calm and relaxed. The less he fights it and doesn't worry, the easier this will be and the sooner it will come to completion."

Scott, meanwhile, was busy whispering soothing words to Harry. Poppy nodded her head to him to continue. Scott nodded in understanding as he grabbed Harry's hand to offer the younger man more comfort.

Charles relayed their instructions. As the time passed, more spikes of magic flared up and broke small things. An hour into the inheritance, the foundation of the house started to shake.

"His core is starting to stabilize," said Poppy. "Tell him that it shouldn't be much longer now. Make sure he understands that he is doing a brilliant job."

"I am telling him everything," said Charles. "Unfortunately for us, his X-gene is awakening now and it is starting to play havoc with his emotional system."

"What are his mutant abilities?" asked Logan holding Harry down on the bed with the assistance of Scott. "Are you able to tell?"

"He will have the ability to work with the elements," said Charles working in Harry's mind to keep him relaxed. "He will also be a telepath and telekinetic. Those are gifts that we have others that can work with him on. He and Jean will be the only two above level five with their mutant gifts. There are other gifts there, but those will be the most prominent and with his wizarding inheritance going on, I can only sense so much."

As he said this, Harry cried out in pain and all of the windows of the school blew out. He started to glow a bright white. Healer Waters and the American Aurors were amazed by this.

"He will be the most powerful light wizard on the planet," she stated. "Add in the fact that he will be pretty much unrivaled in mutant power, and you have a VERY powerful being here."

"That is not all that surprising," said Poppy without thinking. "He is a descendant and heir of Merlin after all."

"POPPY," admonished Severus. "That was more information that was not needed to be given out."

"Wait," said Healer Waters. "Are you telling me that this is Lord Emrys? He is the heir or Merlin?"

"Yes and when this is all said and done, you will give your Vow to not repeat this to anyone," said Severus. "He has too much to worry about already without someone spreading it around that the heir of Merlin is walking the planet again and has mutant powers on top of strong magical ones."

"It is starting to end," said Charles. "I can sense in him peace. I am already working with him to keep his mutant gifts under some control until we are able to train him."

"He will have a few more mild spikes, but other than that, he will be fine in a few minutes," Poppy said looking up from her work. "As the shaking of the building has stopped, I am sure that he is just about over with this."

"He is ready for sleep," said Charles with a smile. "He also says thanks to everyone that is here for their help. I have already told him that I will have someone work with him on his mutant abilities. I have no doubt that someone will work with him on the other courses that he wanted to take for NEWTS."

"Well if he wants to, he can always go back to Hogwarts and study for his NEWTS in the subjects he wants," said Severus. "It isn't like he won't have time with having passed two of his exams already. He will find that he has lots of time to sit his last three or four. I know he scored high in everything expect Divination and History of Magic. He probably would have passed that course with a higher score had the teacher been worth anything."

After a while longer, Harry settled into the bed. He moved to a more comfortable position against Scott and fell into a natural sleep. The others all smiled at this and then began to exit the room. Hermione and Jean peeked in to see Scott starting to drift off with Harry still tightly wrapped in his arms. Jean used her gift to make him more comfortable before she closed the door. She turned to all three elves.

"You three are to take the day off tomorrow and get some rest," she said pointing a finger at them in warning that brooked no arguement. "Harry would be upset if you didn't. We can handle the cooking and such for one day. I don't want to hear any arguments from any of you on the subject."

Dobby gave her a tired grin and then he and the other two elves popped away to their room to get some sleep.

Meanwhile, Severus was extracting the Vow from the Americans with regards to the secrecy of Harry's heritage. When they gave the Vow, all of them bowed their heads to him, assisted in the repairs of the Manor, and apparated away. Poppy was shown to her room and she went to bed. The others all turned in as well. This was one hurdle that was passed and they were grateful that the damage was minimal. Storm and the rest of the Professors got the students settled for the night after the fright that went on and made sure that they all knew what had happened. Before long, everyone was sleeping peacefully for the night. None were more peaceful than Harry wrapped tightly in the arms of the man he was falling head over heels in love with.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This is as good a place as any to stop this chapter. Thanks for being so patient with me as I get everything to fall into place. It isn't easy to maneuver so many characters around.

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