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Ruby Tinted Glasses

By Stormy Lee

Action / Romance

Dark Prospective

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Chapter 8 – Dark Perspectives

The days followed and at any given time, you could see Harry with his nose pressed to the books or training with one or more of the professors working with him on his new gifts. Marie was on standby as sometimes she had to take his power for a bit to control an accident. As time moved on, the accidents were becoming far fewer and far in between bouts. Many in the school got a kick out of Harry fighting with inanimate objects that his telekinesis inadvertently summoned.

Jean stepped in shortly after when Harry got fed up with an end table following him around and blew it up with a wave of his hand.

"Harry, you just need to be patient," she encouraged. "It will all fall into place soon enough. Things like this will not always occur. Once you get your power fully under control it will not fight you. I think you are just trying too hard and trying to fast."

"You are probably right," said Harry watching as Hermione repaired the broken table. "It just gets aggravating for me to wait. Do you know, that yesterday, the dresser knocked me down a flight of stairs? Thank Merlin that Dobby was able to prevent me from falling to far before he stepped in and rescued me. Thank goodness that Severus was able to patch me up of all the bruises that I got from the fall."

"It was rather funny in a horrific way," said Hermione in awe of the memory. "Once I knew that Harry was ok, I couldn't help but laugh at him. It is like the furniture is following him around like a lost puppy."

"Harry working with his Occlumency will definantly help with that problem," stated Charles as he and Severus entered the foyer. "Once he gets his mind organized with all the new abilities, he will not have this problem as much. I can report that he already has his telepathy down. He can close off or send thoughts with ease now."

"How did he learn that so fast?" asked Draco coming in. "I thought that would drive him batty for a few days. That sounds like the hardest one to get under control and it sounds like Harry made it the easiest one to deal with."

"It almost did drive me nuts," admitted Harry with a grin. "Professor Xavier actually went into my mind with Severus and taught me how to close it off when I don't want to use it. As I am so comfortable and trusting with both of them, it is easier for them to get into my mind and work with me without it causing harm to either. I would imagine that the same principles will work with the telekinesis once I get more practice with calming my mind."

"It will not be long now," assured Severus. "You are making great progress with your shielding and such. I imagine within the next week you should have all of this under your belt. You are already working well with your elemental abilities."

"We really should be heading to Britain soon," said Harry as he ducked another book that flew from the shelf at his head. "The sooner that we get back, the better I will feel that the students of this school will not be in danger even more because I am here."

"I think that we should leave next week," said Severus. "We want you here for as long as possible due to the assistance that Charles and Jean can give you. Ororo has already stated that there isn't anything else she can teach you. She says that you adapted a lot quicker to your abilities than she did."

"In not quite one month everything has been done," said Harry. "It is amazing that I have accomplished so much in such a short period of time."

"Let's not forget that you have also taken your NEWTS for Charms and Transfiguration and passed both with an Outstanding with ease," said Severus. "That will only leave COMC, Arithmancy, Runes, and Herbology. You have passed Miss Granger in all of your courses. You are doing well in Herbology thanks to going and visiting the American greenhouses and such. Pomona will be delighted to have you back in the school."

"I will definantly want to sit my OWLS and then NEWTS in Arithmancy and Runes," said Harry. "Getting back on subject though, maybe we can leak it out in the Daily Profit that I am returning to England. That way, the wizarding dumb asses can leave this school in peace, knowing that I am back where they think they have a chance to get to me. To bad for them I am coming with more power than they will expect or can handle."

"I was hoping that you would say that," said Severus handing him a copy of the newspaper. "We have already taken into account that you would do something like this and have already posted an ad."

Harry took the newspaper and read.

Lord Potter to Return to Hogwarts

It has been brought to our attention that Lord Potter has stepped away from Britain due to the conflict between the Dark Lord and Albus Dumbledore. Both wizards have a personal vendetta against Lord Potter for different reasons.

The Dark Lord is after him due to the prophecy. It was stated that Lord Potter was the only one with the power to defeat him thus marking him as the number one enemy of the Dark Lord.

Albus Dumbledore wants Lord Potter back here so that he can control him and try to use him as a tool against the Dark Lord. If Dumbledore can get him back under his thumb, he can also once more try and access the Potter family fortune. It is even rumored that Dumbledore is hoping that Harry Potter dies in the attempt to stop the Dark Lord.

Representative and magical caretaker Severus Snape had this to say.

"The Dark Lord and Albus Dumbledore do not know what is going on," he tells us. "I have been in constant contact with the Goblins of Gringotts since Lord Potter has left. We have discovered that the prophecy is a fake. Albus Dumbledore planted that prophecy in the Hall of Prophecies to ensure that a war would happen. Since the defeat of Grindelwald in 1945, Dumbledore has grown accustomed to fame and glory. He created the prophecy so that the Potter family would not supersede him in power and prestige. Now we know that Lord Potter is more influential than Dumbledore and more powerful as well."

When asked if he had anything else to say, he replied with his signature sneer.

"If the Dark Lord wants to know what the prophecy says, it would be in his best interest to wait until Lord Potter returns. I have no doubt that Lord Potter will give him all of the information that he requires. Albus Dumbledore would do better to turn himself in as when Lord Potter finally reaches his home land from his travels, there will be hell to pay. Dumbledore is a criminal of the worst kind and he needs to be brought to justice. I hardly think that the supposed Leader of the Light is as light as he claims to be."

We will keep you posted as to the happenings regarding the three most powerful wizards on the planet today.

Rita Skeeter


"Is everything she has printed the truth?" asked Harry looking at Severus in awe. "Did she actually print the truth instead of embellishing it to make herself look good?"

"Right down to the last letter," stated Severus with a smirk. "She has spoken nothing but the truth out of fear of what you will do to her if she tells one more lie about you."

"So who is coming back with me to Europe?" asked Harry.

"Hermione, Scott, Draco, and I will be returning with you," said Severus. "Emma and Dan are staying here. They like working with the kids and enjoy the area. Plus they are safer here out of the line of fire by either the Dark Lord or Dumbledore."

"I think that if Professor Xavier can clear it with the parents, that Marie and Bobby should come with us to England as well," stated Harry. "With Marie's special ability, it may come in handy when going up against someone as stupid as Albus Dumbledore. Add in the fact that I trust Bobby and you have two up and coming X-Men that I would be honored to have at my back in a fight. I can have the goblins get their paperwork done in a matter of moments."

"I will send word to their parents asking permission," said Charles nodding his head. "Those are some excellent choices. They will make a fine addition to the team heading to England."

Harry and the group all headed out to attend their duties from there. They knew that if they were leaving in a week that they had to get their stuff ready and organized.

Back in England, the Order of the Phoenix was in a meeting. From the sounds of things, certain members were not very happy with the leader at the moment.

"Now that we know Potter is coming back, we must find a way to capture him, and put him back under our control," said Dumbledore to the assembled people. "With some Compulsion Charms, Obedience Charms, and maybe binding his magic slightly we can get him back in our grasp. We want him to fight Voldemort. If he wins, we can have him branded a murder, new Dark Lord, or killed. However, I highly doubt that Potter will stand a chance against the power of Lord Voldemort."

"What makes you so certain that you will be able to get your hands on him in the first place?" asked Moody. "Provided that we actually agree to all of this, my sources tell me that you have nothing left to work with. You have lost most of your vaults to pay back the money that you stole from him. Also we are to understand that you are now classified as nothing more than a common criminal. There is a reward out for your capture. From what I have been told, it is a large one."

"That was all a vicious lie," thundered Albus. "I will see that boy in ruins due to his slanderous ways. I am the Leader of the Light and he will bow before me. He is nothing but a Dark Wizard in the making. Severus Snape will be punished for his actions as will young Mr. Malfoy. All of them will be in Azkaban before I am done. That is only if they somehow manage to not get killed in the process."

"Do not attempt to scan my mind again my old friend," said Moody irritably. "I for one do not believe a word you just said. You have been working for years to hurt that boy and now that he is no longer under your thumb and allowing you to pull the strings, you are determined to get him killed or do the deed yourself. You are fighting a losing battle."

Moody took a deep breath as the others of the meeting were nodding in agreement.

"My recommendation is to do what we were brought to this organization to do," said Moody. "We are here to figure out how to fight Voldemort. Harry Potter is not a part of this. MY contacts in the Ministry are telling me that all of the Horcruxes are now destroyed. Harry Potter has given enough information to ensure that they were all dealt with. We lost three of our members going after the snake."

"You will do as you are told Alastor or I will put you in the same category as Potter," snapped Albus. "I am in charge here and what I say goes. If any of you don't like that, then you are free to leave. I have no time for traitors."

"That is fine with me," snapped Moody right back. "I am not going to support your idiotic views. You have finally lost the sight you were once given. You are more than willing to get us all killed to prove that you are the best. I am not fodder for anyone."

Moody was glaring at Dumbledore with evident fury on his face as were others of the group. Each person was in agreement with Alastor. Dumbledore was finally losing his mind.

"I am going to say once more, that you need to leave that young man alone," snapped Moody. "He has never done anything to hurt you and I will stand by HIS side to make sure that you are brought to justice. I am faithful to the Ministry and the side of the Light. I will no longer support you or your twisted ideas. The next time we meet, it will be during the time that I am bringing you in. I QUIT!"

"I quit as well," Hestia proclaimed before she got up to leave the room. "Remus has quit. Tonks and Kingsley have quit and are with the Ministry and not you. Dedalus and Sturgis are dead thanks to you. Mundungus has gone around the twist. Minerva and the other members of Hogwarts are firmly ensconced in Harry's corner."

She was really itching to give Dumbledore an earful. She had been waiting for some time to give it to him.

"When will all of this end?" she asked incensed. "I value my life to much to continue to follow you just because you say that things are a certain way because that is what you believe. You never give us all of the information we need and yet you insist that we do what you tell us because it is for the Greater Good. I am so sick of that damn proclamation. Nothing will ever be good enough for you Albus Dumbledore. I quit as well. Like Moody, the next time we meet is when I am working with the Ministry to bring you in. Consider this your only warning."

One by one, the Order members all walked out after giving Dumbledore a dressing down. Albus was sitting there in complete disbelief that none of his pawns were willing to follow his rules any longer. He was unable to get into the bank. The goblins had made it clear that he was unwelcome there anymore. The last time he went there, they showed him to the door with no less than fifty swords pointed at him and slammed said door in his face. He was at a quandary as to what to do. The Ministry had a bounty on his head and it was a steep one.

His only solace was in the knowledge that none of the people that had just left were interested in turning him in at the moment. He was not stupid enough to think that they wouldn't from this point. It appeared that all of his spells and charms that he placed on all of them had broken. He could no longer get into Number Twelve Grimmauld Place as the Weasley twins had the wards changed with the assistance of Harry and the goblins. Things were not going as Albus had envisioned. He didn't know how his plans started to fall apart. He had devised so many safety precautions to ensure he would succeed. One by one they all unraveled and slapped him in the face.

Now he was a fugitive of the law himself and he lost everything he had. He was unable to get onto the grounds of Hogwarts. His assets that he had were all seized and given over to Potter. The more he thought about it all the angrier he got.

"So be it," he growled to the empty room. "They are all traitors. I will exact my revenge when I have the wizarding world under my thumb. They will regret turning their backs on me. I will punish them for this atrocity. When I have the ultimate power, I will ensure that all who are against me are either killed or in prison for the rest of their lives. I will have their power. I will rank supreme."

In another part of the country, a different, but like conversation was going on.

"My Lord," breathed Bellatrix. "What are we going to do? We are losing our members left and right to the Ministry and the Order. Now it is being said that Severus and Potter are coming back to Britain. We should send out a party and kill him before he can make to much trouble for us."

"I don't think so," said Voldemort to the astonishment of the room. "I think that we should really focus on the matter for a moment."

"But my Lord," began Bella only for him to shoot her with a glare that promised retribution if she interrupted him again.

"Potter left Britain for a reason," said Voldemort. "He left because he didn't want any part in this war. My sources tell me that he is aggravated with the old fool. He never wanted to be a part of the fight. I want to know what that prophecy says. According to the Unspeakables that work in the Hall of Prophecies, it is a fake and was planted by Dumbledore."

The Death Eaters in attendance were in awe by all of this. This was all new information to them. No one spoke for fear that their Lord would not continue with his thoughts.

"What I want to know is, why the old fool is setting us all up and what part in all of this does Harry Potter play?" the Dark Lord mused. "Rumor has it that Dumbledore has been stealing from the boy since the night I killed his parents. What is he after and why does he want that boy dead so badly that he is making sure that the two of us are always in each other's way."

"Would you please tell us more?" asked Bellatrix with an unusual look of sanity and intelligence on her face. "Please tell us more about your theory and what we can do to help."

"Very well," said Voldemort after a moment. "I have always suspected that something was wrong the night that I went to the Potter's house. It was too easy. Why would James Potter, who as you know, was an outstanding Auror, answer the door with no wand? Why would a man that was one of the top in that elite field find it necessary to stand against me without a wand in his hand?"

This statement took many aback. These were very interesting questions that had no answers.

"He would have lost to me still, but he didn't have a wand, nor did I find one after I killed him," continued Voldemort. "His love for his son was the only thing that made him come after me without any type of weapon. There is no reason to believe that something didn't happen before hand to make sure that it was easy for me to eliminate the threat. I heard him say that is was me to his wife. He knew it was me and yet he was still unarmed."

"That is something that we will have to work together and figure out," said McNair thoughtfully. "I stand with you my Lord, in saying that a top Auror doesn't go into battle without a wand. What about the mudblood mother?"

"She was armed," said Voldemort. "She knew that she was the only thing standing between me and her son. Now that I think back on it, she must have already cast a spell on Harry Potter. She was frantically trying to block me rather than just escaping. She didn't run. It was as if she couldn't."

"So in summary, she must have done what she could to protect her son because she knew there was no escape for the two of them," said Rudolphus. "I would have loved to see the fear in her eyes as she realized that you were going to kill her."

"There wasn't any," said Voldemort to everyone's astonishment. "There was no fear for herself in her eyes. It was all for her son. He meant more to her than her own life. If I had to wager an emotion that she was emitting, I would say that she was showing acceptance. It was as if she knew that she could not leave or was prevented from leaving."

"That still doesn't explain how the child beat you," said Rabastan out loud to the astonishment of the rest at his boldness. "How did a mere baby cause the spell to backfire and hit you?"

"That is a mystery," said Voldemort reluctantly. "It would not surprise me to learn that the old fool had something to do with that."

"So what are you orders?" asked Bellatrix. "What do you want us to do and who do you want us to watch and so forth? He has already annulled my marriage to Rudolphus. The Lestrange vaults are now his and the Ministry's. We have no more property as it has all been seized."

"You are to leave Harry Potter alone," he informed them. "For now, the boy is not our target. He may just leave us alone if we leave him alone. I for one am more interested in taking down the old fool. It is quite possible that after Potter deals with Dumbledore that he may leave the country again. I for one would not blame him. I killed his parents, but Dumbledore has made his life hell in every other way."

Everyone nodded in understanding. This was the rule set by their Master and they would live by it.

"Do we have any information regarding the Order of the Phoenix?" he asked his minions. "Also do we know who Harry Potter has working with him?"

"We have some information," said Rudolphus quickly. "We know that Harry Potter is being protected by an organization known as the X-Men. They are not muggles, but they are not wizards either. They are a group of people that have a special unique power if you want to classify it as such. Their leader is a man named Charles Xavier. He is a telepath. One that is powerful enough to get around most Occlumency shields with a mere thought. There are some that can control certain elements. Others are telekinetic and so forth."

"That is interesting," remarked Voldemort. "Are there people out there like that, which we can recruit to our own forces?"

"There is a band of Mutants that are known as the Brotherhood of Mutants," said Rabastan speaking next. "They are the opposing force of the X-Men. However, they are no where near as powerful as the Light Mutants as we call them. I would wager a guess that the Brotherhood is approachable, but would not necessarily be amendable to our cause. They feel they are better than muggles as we do, but their leader is like you in the aspect that he doesn't bow to anyone. Also, while the two bands of Mutants fight, they don't necessarily hate each other. They just have different views when it comes to the muggle population. Small skirmishes are done rather than actual fights between them."

"Most of the time it is the Brotherhood causing public problems, and the X-Men go behind them to clean it all up," said Walden. "It is similar to us and the Order of the Phoenix. We do what we do and the Order tries to clean it up."

"Intriguing," said Voldemort filing all of the information away. "What about the Order? What is happening in the old fool's group of misfits?"

"They are having dissension in their ranks," Bellatrix smirked. "We have been very successful for the most part in that aspect. They are fighting with Dumbledore due to not believing his lies anymore. If I had to wager a guess, I would say that they will be disbanded before long if it hasn't begun already."

"What makes you say that?" asked Voldemort. "I want you full theory."

"As you know my Lord, we are only able to get so far into the workings of the Order before we are captured or caught," she explained. "Therefore, our information is limited. I don't think we will be able to use the thief for information anymore as his mind is starting to break from the multiple Obliviations and Imperius Curses we use on him."

"What we do know is that those that were closest to him have been released from the enchantments that were placed upon them by the old fool," said Goyle. "They have all left him, but as of yet, they have not turned him in."

"Very well," said Voldemort thinking about all he heard. "You are all dismissed for now. Keep your eyes and ears open for any more news. We have to keep ahead of the old fool as much as we can. If you hear of anything, you will bring it to me as soon as possible."

The Death Eaters all bowed and left the room. They each had work to do, and they knew it. If they were to stay alive and free, then they needed all of the information that they could get their hands on. One didn't stay ahead in the game of power by being idle.

Harry and his group were all busy as well. None of them were idle for any longer than they had to be. Trunks were being packed while they were getting as much studying as they could in the time they had left.

"Hey guys," said Harry to the group as they were meeting for the last time the night before they were due to leave. "Professor McGonagall has special quarters set up for me and Scott along with Draco and Hermione should they want it. She will reinstate Hermione and Draco as Prefects and I am to be made a Head Boy and assistant teacher as I have my Mastery in DADA, Charms, Transfiguration, and Potions. This way I can attend Herbology, Runes, Arithmancy, and COMC while still working on other things. She said that Scott was more than welcome to sit with me during meal times and she asks that he, Marie, and Bobby help patrol the corridors in between breaks."

"How is that going to make a difference?" asked Charles. "They have their own classes to attend. I will be sending their work to them via your phoenix. They may not have time."

"She is going to make them honorary prefects or in Scott's case, she will make him part of the staff," said Harry. "She also wants Severus to take the spot of DADA professor. She wants him to take over as Head of Gryffindor house as well. Term starts on September first and she has already bought our books for us and they are waiting in the castle."

"We already have our books," said Hermione with a confused look. "Why would she go and get more?"

"She is just being cautious," assured Harry with a smile. "This way, there are spares on the side if we need them."

"I never thought that I would be asked to be Head of Gryffindor House," said Severus with a frown. "I think she is trying to kill me. I dislike Gryffindors. Why would she want me as the Head of House? That just doesn't make sense to me."

"Oh lighten up Severus," said Harry with a laugh. "At least with me and Hermione in your house, you are assured that you have loads of point gain and reliable students to work with. Not that Draco is a slouch, but well you now get three instead of just him that is willing to work hard in their classes."

"That is a valid point," said Severus after a moment. "You had better help me win the house cup or I will use you for Potion's ingredients."

Everyone in the area laughed at this. The relationship that Harry and Severus had built with one another was strong in friendship. Add in Hermione and Draco, and you had a quartet of wizards that many leaders would kill to have on their side.

"I have heard back from Marie and Bobby's parents," said Charles. "Both are excited to learn that at least for this year both have been offered the spot of Exchange Student. It will make things easier to know that they believe that their children are safe. While Marie's parents know of her mutation, Bobby's parents don't know of his."

"Not all parents are as acceptable as Marie's parents," said Jean interpreting the look on Hermione's face. "It is not always easy for a parent to accept that their child has mutant abilities. From what Harry has told us, there is much the same happening in the wizarding world as well."

"That is true," said Hermione sadly. "Well, I am glad that I got the chance to be friends with all the students here. Maybe when I graduate from University, I can come back here and teach."

"With the way that you soak up everything that you learn, you should pass with no troubles," said Jean in amusement. "You are a very intelligent woman. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we hope that one day you do come back to teach here."

The next day, all of those that were heading out to England gathered together to say goodbye to those that were being left behind. When everyone was done, they boarded the jet and strapped themselves in. They knew that they had a long flight ahead of them.

The night swiftly flew for those that were asleep. For those that were awake and flying, they just conversed about different ideas and what they could do to work with those friends of Harry's. They had many ideas of how they could help the situation. They arrived in Hogsmeade and together, they made their way to the castle. When they got there, Harry lifted his hand and opened the gates to the grounds. As the heir, he could do such things. When they got to the castle proper, Minerva met them at the door.

"I would have opened the gates if you had given me a moment," she said with a laugh. "Welcome home Harry, Hermione, and Draco. It is good to see you again. Draco, your mother asked me to tell you that she is looking forward to seeing you in the morning. Severus, welcome back to Hogwarts and we shall see you in the morning. As it is still summer, we have a few days left of vacation. I suggest that the three of you Hogwarts students get caught up on your reading if you have not done so already."

"Professor McGonagall," said Harry with a blush. "I would like to introduce you properly to my mate. This is Scott Summers. He is the man that has helped me so much since I left England. He is also the one that will be working with Marie and Bobby on their lessons while we are here."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Summers," said Minerva smiling at him. "We have heard many great things about you. I hope that your time here at Hogwarts will be a pleasant one. The same goes for you Marie and Bobby."

"As long as I am near Harry, then I am sure that anywhere will be fine," said Scott smiling back at her. "Would it be possible for Jean and Storm to stay here tonight?"

"Of course," assured Minerva. "Severus, you are now going to take the quarters in the DADA apartment. Dr. Grey and Miss Munroe can sleep in the guest rooms of Harry's quarters in the Transfiguration Department. Mr. Malfoy you have the option to either go to your dorm room or you may have quarters either with Harry or your mother. Miss Granger, you can either go to Gryffindor Tower or you can also have rooms with Harry. Marie and Bobby can use Gryffindor Tower. Mr. Summers, we will have a classroom set up for you near the entranceway or Transfiguration Department for your classes with your charges."

"I think that I will room in Gryffindor," Hermione said nodding to something she thought of. "That way one of your prefects is already there and I can show Marie and Bobby around."

"I will take a spare room in Mother's quarters," said Draco with a smile. "That way she and I can work together on everything to ensure that Harry and his party succeed in this war."

"That reminds me," said Harry. "Can we go to Diagon Alley tomorrow to get our robes and other supplies? Time is of the essence now that term starts in a couple of days."

"Well you don't really need my permission, but yes you can," said Minerva with a smile. "It is good to have you back Harry. I was pleased to hear that you got your Mastery in Transfiguration. Don't be surprised if you are asked to take over a class if one of the other Professors is ill. Of course we will make sure it doesn't interfere with your four classes that you are still taking. Please remind me what they are again."

"Arithmancy, Runes, Herbology, and COMC," said Harry. "I could probably take my tests for Herbology and COMC, but I want to make sure that I have enough information. I will let you know when I am ready to sit my NEWTS for those classes. It will be awhile before I am ready to take my OWLS in Runes and Arithmancy though. I just started studying them. As they are an elective, I can do that in my spare time if you want."

"As you wish," said Minerva. "Concentrate on the last core subject and let me know when you are ready to take your tests. The same can be done with COMC, but as it is an elective, you don't have to sit a NEWT if you don't want. Then again, we can let you take your last two subjects while you become the Transfiguration professor. We do need one now that I am Headmistress here."

"I can do that," said Harry graciously. "I am sure that Professor Sprout and Hagrid will make a little time working with me so that I can take my last two tests. I will do it for you. Thanks for thinking of me."

"I am glad that you are so decisive now," Minerva said laughing softly. "It is a relief to know that I no longer have to look for a professor. I really didn't have one and you are a blessing in disguise. Thank you for giving me the solution that I couldn't find."

With that, she led them to the rooms where they would be sleeping that night. While they were walking through the castle, Scott and the two mutant professors were in amazement at the moving pictures and the talking suits of armor as well as the ghosts in the castle. When they got to the sleeping quarters, the trio was in awe of the beauty and majesty of the common room not to mention the beauty that was the sleeping quarters of Harry and Scott.

"You have until the end of the weekend to get all of your needed supplies," said Minerva. "Miss Granger and Mr. Malfoy will retain their spots as prefect. Just use discretion when you are disciplining someone please."

The two Hogwarts students and new professor all smiled and nodded their heads. Minerva gave both Hermione and Draco the passwords to their common rooms and bade them all good night. Hermione led Marie and Bobby to the Gryffindor dorm and to where they were going to sleep from now on.

"With Harry as a teacher now and Ronald being deceased, you will be comfortable here with Neville, Seamus, and Dean," Hermione told him. "They are good guys. I think that you and Neville especially will hit it off well. He is rather shy. Marie will sleep in my dorm with me. There are only three of us in our year for females in Gryffindor. So it will make things easier. Lavender and Parvati are gossips, but they are ok when they want to be."

Draco headed down to his common room and was happy that the elves were busy putting his things away. Everyone settled in for the night and each were lost in their own thoughts as sleep claimed each and every person.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop right here as I have a good place to start the next chapter. Thanks for your patience.

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