Ruby Tinted Glasses

Trouble in Diagon Alley

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Chapter 9 – Trouble in Diagon Alley

The next morning saw a flurry of activity. Harry and the group in his rooms went to the Great Hall for breakfast. The Americans were in awe of the beauty and majesty of the dining hall. They were soon met up by Draco and Narcissa. It was moments later that Hermione, Marie, and Bobby entered the hall. The Professors of Hogwarts started coming in by ones and twos.

"Harry," exclaimed Remus upon noticing him. "It is good to have you back, cub. How are you doing?"

"I am well thanks," said Harry as everyone sat together to eat. "I finally have mastered the art of getting my telekinesis to act when I want it to. Thanks to Jean, I am pretty good at it now. Storm has helped me master my elemental abilities. So now that, that is taken care of, I am looking forward to getting to teach Transfiguration."

"Yes," said Narcissa. "We just heard a few moments ago that you were going to take the post while working on Herbology and COMC on the side."

"Well, I am pretty proficient in both of those subjects anyway," said Harry blushing slightly. "I just need Professor Sprout and Hagrid to sort of fine tune things with me so that I can sit my tests and get rid of those two classes. I can just freelance studying Arithmancy and Runes. With Hermione and Draco as friends, I am sure that I can get the lessons done fairly quickly."

"Well I have taken the liberty of making sure that the class forum is set up for you," said Minerva handing him the parchments to review at his leisure. "This way you don't have to worry about trying to figure out what to teach when and where for now. I hope that you don't mind."

"Not in the least," said Harry scanning the sheet. "This will make things easier for me. I appreciate you thinking about this. It must mean that you were up fairly late last night getting this ready."

"Actually I have had it done for some time now," she admitted with a smile. "As neither Andromeda nor Nymphadora has had the time or the inclination to take the position, I was just going to do my best to teach and be Headmistress at the same time. I also took the liberty of making the class schedules for you. I felt that with time being of the essence that you would not have time to sit and learn how to set up everything. We can work on this during the school year if you wish."

"I thought that Kingsley was going to take DADA?" asked Harry changing the subject while nodding in understanding of her words. "What happened with that setup?"

"Well, with the hunt for both Albus and the Dark Lord going on, it is better that Severus take the post so that our Auror can stay where he is needed the most," Minerva informed him as the food appeared on the tables. "This way Severus is safe from attack as long as he is in the castle."

"Well I don't plan on hiding from anyone," said Harry through gritted teeth. "If either one or the other of the two fools wants to deal with me, they will do it on my terms. I refuse to be a prisoner of this castle just because those two megalomaniacs want to be difficult. I will not hesitate to slap either of them down should they mess with me or my friends."

"We just want you to use caution," said Minerva kindly. "We don't want you to feel like you are a prisoner here. We know that you are more than capable of handling yourself in any situation. So don't ever feel like you are a prisoner in this castle. You are free to come and go as you please. You do own the place after all."

"Well we are going to Diagon Alley later," said Harry with a sigh. "We will take the Knight Bus so that we can get there quickly. Hermione and Draco need to get their school supplies and I want to get some robes to teach in and a couple for Scott to work in so that he blends in better. I think the sooner we get there, the sooner we can get into a pattern of what we are going to do and such. Hermione's parents have already written a letter that states she is more than welcome to come and go at your discretion as well as mine so long as she remembers to be safe and watch her back at all times."

"We have to get back to New York today," said Jean entering the conversation. "So we will be leaving here shortly. I just want you all to promise me that if you need us that you send a message to Charles. We don't want any of you getting hurt. We love you guys and we only want what is safest for you."

"Scott and I promise to send word if we need you for anything," promised Harry before turning towards Narcissa. "Has Dolores Umbridge been caught and sent to trial yet? I want that bitch behind bars for her crimes against humanity."

"She tried to kill the Aurors that were sent to bring her in," said Narcissa carefully. "She ended up getting killed in the process. One of her nastier curses was deflected and it hit her instead of her target. So that is one less person that you have to worry about hurting you ever again. I know you didn't want to see her dead, but the situation ended with that occurring."

"What is going on with the capture of Death Eaters, the Dark Lord, and Dumbledore?" Harry asked making a mental note of things. "Who is still out there that I have to watch for?"

"Lucius, Bellatrix, Rudolphus, Walden, Augustus, and Rabastan are with the Dark Lord," said Narcissa while the rest of the professors nodded. "We have not heard much else about Dumbledore. Apparently the Order of the Phoenix has disbanded and they are actually talking about trying to claim the bounty that is on Dumbledore's head. They are not happy with him. According to Moody he wants you to either die in the fight with the Dark Lord or have you arrested as a murderer or some other trumped up charge when and if you do beat the Dark Lord."

"How is he going to manage that?" asked Marie angrily. "Isn't he a wanted criminal? There is no way he can have Harry arrested if he is a criminal is there?"

"The Ministry of Magic will not arrest Harry for something that Dumbledore claims him to be or have done," assured Minerva. "Cornelius Fudge and Madam Bones have been working around the clock to ensure that the rumors that Harry is a Dark Lord are squashed. They don't want anyone thinking that Harry is turning to the dark side. Besides, most of the populace doesn't believe it anyway. The whole situation with regards to him being the heir of Merlin pretty much ensures that Harry will never be a dark wizard. It has already leaked all over that he is the heir. Dumbledore doesn't stand a chance of having his wishes seen to."

Harry and Minerva watched as Marie got her anger under control. When they were sure that she would not blow up again, Minerva continued.

"The worse that will happen to Harry is that he will have to recount or show his memory of the situation when and if a fight ensues between him and either the Dark Lord or Dumbledore," she said. "Then again that would have to be done by anyone as proof that they were acting on behalf of the Ministry and the Wizarding World in general."

"Well that's good," said Bobby quickly. "I have only known Harry for a couple of months, but he is a good guy in my opinion. I can't see him being a Dark Lord. He is too nice and friendly for that."

"Trust us when we say that we all mirror that sentiment," said Pomona smiling. "We know that Harry would never do something like that. We have watched him since he first came to this castle, and we know he doesn't have an evil bone in his body. We are just trying to stop the gossip mongers from having field day at him again. They have done it before and caused him a lot of pain and suffering. We don't want him to have to go through all of that nonsense again."

"You all have to understand something very important," said Minerva to the Americans. "While we know that Harry is a good person, some people are of two minds. They want to believe in something so badly that they will listen to whatever is being said at the time and give it all the attention that they think it needs. All it takes if for a couple of people to start spreading rumors, and it blows up out of proportion."

She continued with her explanation as the others started to get upset with what they were hearing. She was not unaccustomed to this. Many times, Harry was blamed for something that he had no control over or was outright not his fault.

"There are still those out that there that believe that Albus Dumbledore is the leader of the light and is the only hope that we have to win the war against the dark side," she explained to them. "Many of us know that isn't the case. People just want to believe that others are willing to do what needs to be done so that they don't have to worry about it. It is the mindset, that as long as people like Harry or Dumbledore is handling the Dark Lord then, they won't have to."

"The situation between Harry and Dumbledore has many people angered," said Filius. "While the populace believes that Harry is the Chosen One, the older population still remembers what Dumbledore did during the time when Grindelwald was the Dark Lord and also for the first war with Voldemort. So they are divided as to who they want to believe the most."

"Many times Harry was hurt in this castle due to rumors and such," said Draco thoughtfully and regretfully. "He was shunned, made fun of, and in some cases attacked both verbally and physically."

Hermione snorted in agreement, but didn't say anything on the matter.

"His own house mates were against him at one point," said Draco looking at Hermione with a bit of fear and concern. "We are now in the process of wanting that to stop for good. We don't want him to have to suffer at the hands of those that are the children of the supporters of the Dark Lord or those that decide that he is just seeking attention and such. We also don't want supporters of Dumbledore getting their shots in at him either."

"Harry has told me of some of that," said Scott raising an eyebrow at the blonde who blushed in embarrassment. "He told me of some of the happenings that have occurred in this school. I can tell you right now that I will not allow that to continue. Someone or anyone wanting to hurt him will have to get through me."

"That is if we don't get to them first," said a vicious Hermione. "We won't let anything happen to our Harry."

"We need to keep an eye out on Luna," said Harry suddenly startling the others. "She gets her things stolen all the time and hidden by her dorm mates. We don't want her getting hurt again. She is too good of a person to allow the bullying to continue. I will not hesitate to step in and put a stop to said bullies if I have to. I am hoping that my position as Professor will have a positive influence on these types of situations. I suggest that we have some sort of councilor that people can go to and talk to about what is happening to them and such."

"That is an excellent idea," said Minerva with excitement. "As it was yours, you can be the one that they can talk to. If you feel that the situation requires more than what you can help them with, then you can always talk to the rest of us and we can help come to an agreeable solution to the problem."

"I can do that," said Harry with a small smile. "This way we can help all who are hurting in one fashion or another. I don't like seeing people hurt for no reason. Luna is my friend and while she is a bit different, that doesn't give people the right to bully her or steal her things."

"I will keep a closer eye on my house from now on," said Filius as the remark floored him. "I will especially keep a closer eye on Miss Lovegood to ensure that she doesn't get hurt again. Thank you for calling it to my attention. She has never made a comment regarding this, so I had no idea that this was happening. Now that I know, I can put a stop to it."

Harry smiled as the food finally disappeared from the table. When that happened, everyone stood up to say their goodbyes to Jean and Storm. Harry escorted them to the jet with those that were coming to Diagon Alley with him. From there, he spelled everyone's eyes again so they could take the bus. Harry held out his wand arm and with a bang, the bus appeared.

"Wow," was all Marie could say. The others all agreed with the sentiment that one word represented.

Harry paid for all of them and asked for them to be taken to Diagon Alley. Stan and Ernie greeted Harry warmly and moved him to the front of the line for their destination. With a bang and a tumble, the bus was off and the teens and Scott were picking themselves off of the floor. Within moments, the bus was letting them off in front of the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron. After many goodbyes, Harry and his group all entered the pub.

Harry had the good graces to blush as so many people welcomed him back. Scott, Hermione, Draco, Marie, and Bobby were all ready in case any trouble started for Harry. So far it was just those that were in Harry's corner that were welcoming him back to his land of birth. Harry smiled all around and then opened the entrance to the alley.

The three Americans were delighted with the alley. It was a beautiful sight for those that had never experienced it before. Harry and the other two just took delight in their happy expressions.

"First things first," said Harry. "We need to get to my vaults at the bank so that I can get some money to pay for our supplies. We will go there so that you all can meet my extended family as it were. The carts are a lot like a roller coaster ride. I am sure that you all will enjoy them."

With that being said, Harry led the group to the bank. When he entered, he was floored momentarily as each and every goblin stopped what they were doing and bowed to the floor at his entrance.

"Please don't bow to me," said an embarrassed Harry to the amusement of Hermione and Draco. "If you care to remember, you ladies and gentlemen have made me part of your family. I am just Harry Potter and I am in need of getting to my vault. Is Griphook available to take us?"

"I am here Lord Emrys," said the aforementioned goblin hurrying forward happily. "I would be happy to take you all to your vault. May I ask who it is that is with you?"

"I am sure that you remember Lord Malfoy," said Harry pointing to a waving Draco. "I am also sure that you remember Miss Granger who is also under the protection of House Potter. The older gentleman is Scott Summers. I need him to get a duplicate key to my vaults so that if he should ever need anything, he has access. The two teens are Anna Marie Jackson and Bobby Drake. They are from America. Mr. Summers is my life partner."

"A soul bond is definitely there," said Griphook studying the two closely. "The only thing that is keeping it from fully opening is the fact that you have not procreated yet. I do recommend that you two spend as much time as possible being intimate if you are not ready for that step. It will be good to make sure that the bond has a solid foundation on which to finish its work. When it is fully activated, the two of you will be immune to most potions designed to trick or manipulate emotions and such."

"This is good to know," said Harry blushing. "I can say right now that I dare anyone to try and take him away from me. I will rip them to pieces with my bare hands if I have to, to protect him from the influences of someone interfering with my love life."

"Thanks Harry," said Scott blushing as red as his glasses. "I feel the same way about you as well."

"Shall we head down to the vault now?" asked Griphook handing Scott a gold key. "Will we need to stop at the Granger vault or Malfoy vault?"

"That won't be necessary," said Harry smiling. "We can just take it out of my vault."

"Have you lost your bank card?" asked a confused Griphook. "It will work in all wizarding stores. Also, if it is ever lost or stolen, it will return to you within four hours."

"No, I haven't lost it," said Harry smiling. "I just wanted to give the three Americans the thrill of the carts of the bank. You know how much I enjoy riding in those things."

"That I do," said Griphook with a small laugh. "You are one of the few humans that do."

Harry laughed at this remark. The goblins were busy waving to the group as they passed. To them, Harry was a remarkable young man. That he called each one that he remembered by their name, was endearing too many. That he was part of their family, made it to where he was a treasure. Harry took in all of this with grace and poise.

When they got into the interior section of the bank, Griphook called for two carts. They zoomed into view and Harry and the rest got in. With that, Griphook whistled and they were off. Harry looked back and could see Bobby and Marie yelling in delight at the speed and deftness of the carts. Scott was also smiling at the sounds issuing from the other cart. When they arrived at Harry's vaults, they all got out and waited. Harry handed his key to Griphook who opened the door. Harry watched in amusement as the others were looking on in awe at the vast amount of treasure that was in there.

"Hermione and Draco, I will be paying for your stuff so don't worry about anything," said Harry. "Let's split off and just look around. I haven't really had the time to look at some of the stuff that is in here. If something catches your eye, then grab it and bring it to the front of the vault with you. We can decide what to do from there. I am looking for something from the Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw vaults that belonged to the founders. They will have their marks on them. If you find anything like that, then bring them to the front of the vault so that I can look at them."

With that, they all split up and made their way around the vault. Harry was looking at some necklaces that were designed to fit either a male or female. There were a dozen of them total.

"These are designed to protect most people from just about any minor to moderate curse or hex," informed Griphook. "Of course they will not protect against the Unforgivables, but they should stop quite a few of the others. There are also protections from most forms of Mind Magic on them. That will include Legilimency, Compulsion Charms, and Obedience Charms. They are goblin made and therefore very powerful."

"This is good to know," said Harry putting one around Scott's neck before kissing him on the lips. "I am going to put one of these on Draco, Hermione, Bobby, and Marie. We don't want any of them to get hurt. I have natural defenses already. Therefore, I don't need to wear one of these."

"Harry," called Hermione. "I found a staff here. It has the Ravenclaw symbol on it. I thought that maybe since you are so powerful that you would rather use a staff than a wand now."

"I think I will take it with me," said Harry thoughtfully studying the artifact. "I don't think I will really need it that often. This way if I do need to use a tool to channel with, I can use this. I will have to ask Mr. Ollivander what the core, or cores, of this staff are."

"Look at this ruby," said Marie. "It is the biggest one that I have ever seen."

Harry looked around and saw that there was a chest filled with them. He looked at her and told her to keep it. She blushed as she gave her thanks and then she put it in a small bag that Griphook handed her.

"I am sure you will find chests with other gem stones in it," said Harry. "If you want, you can have one of each. Tell Bobby he can have one as well if he wants them. You never know when you will need money and these will get you a pretty penny if you need to pawn them or something."

"Harry," said Draco hurrying to him. "I found a staff for Slytherin also. Maybe you can have all of them put safely in the castle with you."

"The Gryffindor one is over there," said Griphook spying it and pointing at said artifact. "I have no doubt that Merlin has one in his vault as well."

"I, Lord Harry James Potter-Emrys, do hereby give permission for Griphook Stonehammer to access the vault of Merlin Ambrosias to assist in getting items out of the vault," said Harry raising his wand. "In this way, he can catalog all items and should I need or want anything from said vault, he can obtain the item in question for me. By my magic, I declare it to be."

"Harry," said Hermione in awe. "Do you realize the honor that you have just bestowed upon him? No wizard or witch has ever done that before. That is one of the top honors in the goblin world. No one is allowed in that vault except one of the Emrys bloodline and you have just given permission for Griphook to enter the vault."

"How do you know that?" asked Harry in a confused voice. "Wait! Let me guess. You read about that in a book. That was stupid of me to even ask."

Everyone broke out in laughter at this proclamation. Even Hermione after hitting him started to laugh. Harry told each of the assembled party to take one of each gem stone that they find for their personal use. The teens all took delight in being able to acquire treasure from the vault that obviously held so much. Even Draco was acting like a kid in a candy store.

"She is correct though," said an awed and humbled Griphook as the teens ran off. "That is a very high honor that you have given to me. I am grateful that you think so highly of me."

The four teens were returning from their scavenger hunt while Harry and Scott looked on in amusement. Each teen had a small pouch t hat had everything from rubies and diamonds to emeralds and sapphires and a multitude of other various gems. Due to the kindness bestowed upon them, the four didn't take the largest stone, but just took one of each for their collection. Draco didn't take anything but one nice emerald. He was the new holder of the Malfoy vaults and he knew that his vaults would have the same stones and such in them.

"Well," said Harry shrinking the three staffs and placing them in his pocket. "You have been taking care of me since I was born with regards to my vaults. Therefore, I trust you with my life and my possessions. You are an honorable person and I am thankful for all that you have done for me and will do for me in the future. Now, we have to go shopping. We did promise Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape that we would be back in the castle by a reasonable time. I would hate to be hexed or cursed due to us taking to long. I noticed a few things here that I will send for at a later date. I think some of these items will make great Christmas presents."

With that being said, they all got back into the carts and drove back to the top. Upon reaching the landing site, Harry pulled out four of the medallions and placed them around the necks of the teens. He explained what they were and told them that they were to never take them off.

"It will ensure that no one can hurt you when I am not there to keep an eye out on the situation," explained Harry. "Give me a few days and I will add a few more charms and protections to them. I want you guys as safe as possible during this war. No one under the protection of my houses will get hurt if I can help it."

With that they all hit the alley to do some shopping. They hit the Apothecary store and bought all of the ingredients they would need for their potions class. From there, they hit Madam Malkin's. Harry informed the matron that he wanted all of his house crests on the sleeves of his robes. He ordered a dozen different robes in various shades of blues, greens, and blacks. He also got a set of red dress robes with gold and silver trim. He ordered Scott several sets of robes as well. Harry made sure that all of his crests were on everyone's robes so that others knew that all three Americans and Hermione and Draco were under the protection of House Potter. He made sure to remind Draco to put the Malfoy crest on his lapel as well.

When they were done in that shop, they went to the pet store so that all of those with pets could get treats for their animals. Harry happily used is debit card and paid for all purchases. They went to Flourish and Blotts, where Harry let them get all the books they wanted. He had to rein in Hermione, but it was all in good fun. When they were done there, they went to the stationary store to replenish their ink, parchment, and quills and such. The last place that Harry wanted to stop was in Ollivanders. He entered the store and was immediately greeted by the proprietor of the store.

"Ah, Lord Emrys," said Ollivander. "How good it is to see you again. How is your wand holding up?"

"Very well thank you," said Harry producing said wand. "I have found a few artifacts in my vaults with the assistance of my friends and I was wondering if you could help me identify the cores."

"I would be happy to assist you," said the older wizard. "What are they and may I please see them?"

Harry nodded to Hermione who placed a Silencing Charm on the door and area. She then stood in a way that she could keep watch as well as listen to the explanation. Harry smiled his thanks and pulled out all three staffs and enlarged them to their normal size.

"I have here the staffs of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin," said Harry smiling at the older man. "Can you identify the cores?"

"Gryffindor was a hard working man," stated Ollivander happily as he handled the items with care. "His staff is made up of seven highly powerful materials. Gryphon feather, dragon heart string, phoenix tail feather are the three strongest ones. There is also mandrake root which is highly unusual. There are also mermaid scales, hippogriff tail and blood. The wood is made of oak. This is a highly interesting staff and I am sure you know to keep all three safe."

"Yes sir," said Harry smiling. "I know that these three staffs are a treasure to the wizarding world and people would kill to get their hands on them. What about Rowena's staff? What are the cores of it please?"

"Another unusual combination," said Ollivander examining the artifact. "There is snow owl, hippocampus, thunder bird, eagle, and unicorn hair in this staff. It is not as powerful as Godric's, but it is still more powerful than most wands around the world today. The wood of this staff is unusual as it is made with Cherry wood. The cores normally don't sit so well with such a passive wood. However, the maker of this staff knew what they were doing."

"Thank you," said Harry kindly. "What about Salazar's? I am sure there are all sort of dark creatures that make up the cores of this staff. His legacy would leave nothing else."

"You would be correct," said Ollivander. "This staff is made of yew wood. Its cores are basilisk fang, manticore hair, acromantula venom, and thestral blood. All highly sought out components and each is highly powerful. I would hold tight to this one so that the Dark Lord doesn't learn of this artifact."

"He can't touch it anyway," said Harry shrinking each staff. "I am the Head of the Slytherin line and he can't touch what doesn't belong to him. Do you think that I could use wand holsters with these items with as much success as I do with my wand?"

"Blessed Merlin yes," said Ollivander placing two of the items on the counter. "These will hold two each. I recommend placing one on each of your forearms. In this, the magic surrounding the holsters will prevent them from being summoned from you. I am sure that you will add your own protections to the holsters in time."

"You can bet on it," said Harry with a laugh. "I will make sure that these items do not leave my person while I am awake. I thank you for your time. How much do I owe you for your services today?"

"Ten galleons for the holsters," said Ollivander. "By allowing me to handle and examine the staffs, you have given me a great gift. Therefore, I am returning the favor by giving you a discount on the holsters and I am not charging you for the information. Good luck Lord Emrys. You will need it with Dumbledore still on the loose not to mention the Dark Lord."

Harry thanked the man and left the shop with a smile. As he stepped out of the store, a spell flew by his head and hit the window. Harry immediately produced a powerful shield to protect the group.

"Hermione and Draco," said Harry beginning his instructions. "Start scanning the area for our attacker. We need to make sure that whoever is shooting the spells at us is stopped."

"What about you?" Scott asked Harry as Marie moved to stand behind the group. "What are you going to do? Bobby, please be careful with what you are doing. We don't want any accidents."

"I am going to start maneuvering us as best as I can to a safer area where we have more protection," responded Harry. "That way I can send word to Hogwarts and the Ministry that we are under attack. Marie, take your gloves off just in case I need you to touch someone that is getting too close."

The young mutant did as he requested without question. Hermione and Draco were busy scanning the area looking for their attacker. More spells were thrown at them. Hermione was starting to get frustrated.

"I don't see where they are coming from," she stated. "Whoever it is either is Disillusioned, or using an invisibility device. How are you going to contact the Ministry, Hogwarts, and hold up that shield?"

"Don't forget that I am able to use mind magic from my Mutant abilities," mumbled Harry quietly while scanning the crowd. "I have already alerted Madam Bones. She and a few Aurors are already on their way. Word is being sent to the castle as we speak. Just keep up the charade that I can only do one thing at a time. They don't need to know that I am as powerful as I am."

"Harry," stated Draco loudly, pretending to be concerned. "Hermione is right. You are eventually going to tire out from holding the shield so long. Let me take over and you can go on the defensive. You are better at DADA than we are."

"Keep going," whispered Harry. "I am now scanning the area looking for our attacker. He is up by the Apothecary store. It is Dumbledore that is there. However, Bellatrix is in the area also. She is not attacking, but she is observing this with interest."

Another spell hit Harry's shield. The spells being used were designed to incapacitate but not to kill. Harry knew that if he got hit with the spells, it would not affect him as much as it would Hermione or any of the others.

"Scott," whispered Harry. "When I say go I want you to send a small blast at the section where the shadow meets the sunlight near the apothecary store. That is where Dumbledore is standing. Bellatrix is standing near WWW. She is not here to attack. She has other motives. She is here mostly for information."

"Just say when Harry," murmured Scott grabbing his glasses lightly. "I am ready and can aim even without my visor. Can you use magic to make sure that it goes to that particular spot with minimal damage to the area?"

"When I say go, I want Draco and Hermione to throw up shields," instructed Harry quickly. "Bobby you will aim your ice power at the very edge of the shadows. I will use my magic to guide Scott's blast so that it doesn't hurt the building or a passerby."

"I have a better idea Harry," said Bobby quietly kneeling. "You just hold the shield and keep those spells away from us."

"The Ministry officials are here," said Harry. "Madam Bones is impressed with my telepathic ability, but she knows where we are and what we are attempting to do. She and her group are already moving civilians out of the area. Whatever you are planning Bobby, you had better do it now as Dumbledore is planning on using slightly stronger spells."

"He is already on it," said Marie quietly. "Just watch the area you are talking about. The ice is almost there."

"Yes I see it now," said Harry with glee. "The old man is starting to wonder what is going on. THERE! His breath can be seen from the cold. He is now trying to combat the cold. Hermione, I need you to take over the shield. I am going to attempt to stun the old bastard. With your assistance, we can keep him distracted long enough for me to get in one good shot."

Hermione waved her wand in one fluid motion and a shield appeared in front of them. Harry took aim and let loose with a volley of stunners. Dumbledore threw up a shield. Harry stepped out of the safety of Hermione's shields and stalked forward. Dumbledore figured that he could get to Harry. Harry had no trouble letting him think that he was stronger. When Dumbledore was about to cast his next Obliviation Charm, Harry lifted his wand and sent the spell flying back towards its caster. A stunner flew right behind the reflected spell.

Dumbledore, realizing that he was not going to get Harry this day so easily, quickly turned on the spot and apparated away before the two spells had a chance to hit him. He appeared a few feet on the other side.

"You will come quietly Harry Potter," called Dumbledore. "You are going to be sent to prison for becoming the next Dark Lord. People are already noticing that you are using dark spells here today."

"What are you talking about Dumbledore?" stated Amelia loudly. "I have seen him reflect a spell and use stunners and shields only. You are under arrest for the attempted kidnapping of Lord Emrys. You are also under arrest for multiple theft charges. Let's not forget that we suspect that you are responsible for the death of Ronald and Ginny Weasley, the attack on the Burrow, destruction of property, consorting with spies within the ministry, and attempted murder. If you come quietly right now, we may decide to not give you the Dementor's Kiss. If you continue to evade the law you will be marked as a more dangerous threat than the Dark Lord."

"I will not be upstaged by a Dark Lord upstart," snarled Dumbledore just as loudly. "I will be back and when I have accomplished my task, the whole world will know how dangerous Harry Potter is. You all will beg me for forgiveness. I will make sure that this Dark child is destroyed for his sins against humanity as well as his crimes against Britain."

Harry didn't bother to give a response to the accusations. He simply pointed his wand and fired a few more hexes at the old man. Dumbledore stood there in astonishment as he realized that the spells were not coming from Harry's wand, but from his hand. Harry sent a smirk at the old man. Knowing that he was beaten for the moment, Dumbledore snarled in frustration and then apparated away.

"Bellatrix," called Harry. "You might want to tell your Master that I desire to meet with him. He and I have to have a very long talk and he will not like what I have to say. When it is all said and done, I will be the one who will be victorious here. I am sure that some sort of agreement can be made between him and me. I want to be left alone. Should he do that, I will not seek him out personally. Should he mess with me, I will do to him what I just did to the old coot."

A pop could be heard as Bellatrix apparated out of the area. She knew that she was no match for Harry Potter and his group. She was also not stupid enough to even attempt it.

"Madam Bones," said Harry to the Chief Witch. "I will gladly give you an account at Hogwarts. I want to get these four students within the safety of her walls. I am sure that Headmistress McGonagall will be more than happy to let you come to the grounds and talk with us."

"Of course Lord Emrys," she answered. "Please feel free to get them to safety. We shall assist you by apparating with the four youngest while you take Mr. Summers with you to the castle."

Harry nodded as Kingsley, Tonks, Rufus, and Amelia each took the arm of a teen and within moments apparated to the gates of Hogwarts. Harry wrapped his arms around Scott and within seconds, he was standing there as well.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop right here. Thanks for all of your support and I am sure that I am going to be answered quite a few reviews with this one. Yep Harry is apparating a year younger than normal. I did this for a reason also. He is the heir of Merlin after all. NOTE- I am aware that Rogue's last name is probably not Jackson. However, in all the sites that I looked, it never gave her one. As she is from Mississippi, I went with a southern sounding name. If anyone knows Marie's last name, I will gladly make the change. Thank you!

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