Light In The Dark


What happens when the smartest witch since Lily Potter and the Boy who lived finds out they are related. There are MANY surprises in store with this story

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Stormy Lee
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DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling.

NOTE – Please do not flame at me if you do not like what I am writing. If this story is not your cup of tea then I suggest that you switch to coffee. I can not nor will I attempt to please everyone. Thank you for understanding.

NOTE – This is my newest novel. There will be lots of Weasley bashing as well as Dumbledore bashing. This story will feature good Malfoys and Snape. Cedric will still be alive though Sirius will not. Hermione and Harry are twins. So if this is confusion as to why I changed the birth date, then this is why. Dursleys are neutral. They do not treat Harry as an equal, but they do not treat him as they are portrayed in most stories. As usual I do not like following along with how the characters were portrayed by Rowling. The characters may be hers, but the story is mine.

Chapter 1 – Escape

Harry was sitting in his room at Number Four Privet Drive. After the events in the Department of Mysteries, Harry had been feeling that something wasn't quite right. The loss of Sirius hit him hard, but he was coping with that. He knew that it was not his fault that he was killed. Sirius was told to stay at Headquarters for his own safety. He chose to ignore his orders and was killed. What upset Harry the most was that it was not someone from Voldemort's group that killed Sirius. It was Dumbledore that did it. Harry supposed that it could have been and accident, but he was not sure what to believe anymore. The prophecy had been destroyed and Dumbledore was furious with him for that. There was a knock at his bedroom door and he stood to answer it.

"Harry I need you to come downstairs," said Petunia. "Severus is here with some people and they need to talk to you. I do not know who they are, but they seem important."

"Thanks Aunt Petunia," he said. "I will be right down. I have to feed Hedwig right quick."

"I will do that," she said. "You just go downstairs."

Harry left the room then and headed downstairs. Petunia opened the bag of food for the owl and fed her. Hedwig hooted in appreciation. Petunia hurried out and down the stairs.

"Harry in here," said Vernon from the den. "There are some people here with Severus."

Harry walked into the den and saw that Minerva, Cedric, Draco, Hermione, Narcissa, and Lucius were with Severus.

"Hey," said Harry entering the room. "What is going on? Is there a problem?"

"A bigger one than we realized," said Severus. "Have a seat Harry we have a lot to tell you and little time to do it in."

Harry sat down and waited.

"We ran into a complication," said Minerva. "I think it is best to allow Miss Granger to repeat what she has heard."

"Ron and Ginny are working with Dumbledore," said Hermione. "I was coming up the corridor by the Charms classroom when I heard them talking. Thankfully Draco was with me and we heard it together."

"What did you hear?" asked Harry curiously.

"Ron and Ginny were receiving their pay packet from Dumbledore," said Draco. "They are being paid to be your friends. From what we gather, Dumbledore is having them spy on you. This has been going on since your first year. Dumbledore was asking them what they had found out about you. They told him everything that you confided in them. You need to learn to not talk to them anymore. They are betraying your confidence. We also heard that Molly Weasley was going to be making another withdrawal from your account."

"What is the purpose?" Harry asked. "I think I am missing something here. Why would they do something like that to me?"

"Tell me Harry," said Lucius in his smooth way. "Have you received your letter yet from Gringotts for the reading of the will from Sirius Black?"

"No I haven't," said Harry. "It has only been two weeks since he died."

"Did you go to the funeral?" asked Narcissa.

"No," said Harry. "Professor Dumbledore said I wasn't allowed to go because Voldemort would try to get to me again. He said that I had to stay here because it was safer. I am so confused right now. You being here is the first contact I have had with anyone since the end of the school year. The fact that I am having a polite conversation with the Malfoys is even more confusing."

"Dumbledore is trying to cut you off from the rest of the wizarding world," said Minerva. "It is his claim that you killed Sirius Black."

"WHAT?" Harry shouted. "I was no where near Sirius when he was killed."

"We know that," said Hermione. "I was there remember. I saw what happened. You were fighting Bellatrix when Sirius died. Remus was with you."

"So how does he figure that I was the one that killed Sirius?" asked Harry confused.

"The Order doesn't believe him," said Severus. "We have to get you to Kingsley and Amelia now so that we can clear you before this gets out of hand."

"What about Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon?" asked Harry. "I don't want them getting hurt. They are the only blood family I have left."

"They are now under a Fidelius Charm," said Severus. "I am their Secret Keeper. Also when they leave the house, there is an Order member watching over them."

"What about the blood wards that protect me here?" Harry asked. "I am safe from Voldemort here."

"There are no blood wards," said Lucius. "There never was. It was a farce to keep you out of the way of the plan as much as possible."

"So Voldemort can show up at any time he likes," said Harry sitting next to Cedric. "I thought that I was safe from him here."

"You are safe from him," said Hermione. "Please pay attention Harry. Draco and I heard some unusual information regarding you. Dumbledore knows everything. We need to get you to Madam Bones at Gringotts right now so that we can explain everything to you as we found out."

"How are we getting there?" asked Harry.

"We will all apparate there," said Minerva. "I will take Hermione with me. Narcissa will take Cedric. Lucius will take Draco. You will go with Severus. He is the best one to protect you."

"Ok," said Harry standing up and heading to Severus. "I am ready to go then. I have my wand in my pocket. Aunt Petunia, will you look after Hedwig for me until I get back? I don't want her getting hurt."

"Don't worry Harry," said Vernon. "We will look after your pets. Just go before someone else comes looking for you."

Minerva, Narcissa, Lucius, and Severus all grabbed their passengers and apparated right to the front doors of Gringotts. Upon landing, they immediately went inside where they were met by Kingsley and Amelia. Tonks and Scrimgeour stayed outside on alert.

"This way," said Griphook. "We want to get you out of the public eye Harry Potter. From there we can better protect you."

The group all went into the room that was reserved for them. When everyone was seated, Amelia started talking to Harry.

"Right now you are under the protection of the Auror Department and the DMLE," she told him. "Kingsley is here as your personal body guard. We just need the memory that you have of the fight in the Department of Mysteries."

Harry pulled out his wand and placed it to his temple. He brought forth the memory of what happened and pulled it from his head. Griphook placed a pensieve on the table and Harry put his memory into it.

"Before we look at it," said Amelia. "We want you to know that you are not in any trouble what so ever. We believe that you were led into a trap."

"Voldemort is good at planting visions in my head because of my scar," said Harry. "It would not surprise me to know that he is the one that set me up."

"It wasn't Voldemort," said Lucius. "I was with him when the vision hit you. He saw what you did and sent us to help you."

"So who sent it?" asked Harry confused. "Wait did you say he sent you to help me? That doesn't make sense. He wants me dead. Why would he help me?"

"We think Dumbledore sent it," said Cedric wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "I tried to get to you before, but I was in class. As far as the Dark Lord helping, I am sure that he has his reasons for wanting to keep you alive."

Amelia, Kingsley, Minerva, Severus and Narcissa all leaned over and entered the memory.

"Cedric what am I going to do?" asked Harry miserably. "I can not fight Voldemort much less Dumbledore as well. I am only fifteen fixing to turn sixteen. Umbridge was able to do damage to me with a Blood Quil."

"What did you say?" asked Lucius sharply.

"She used a Blood Quil on me all year," said Harry showing Lucius his hand where the words, 'I must not tell lies' was seen. "She said I deserved it for telling lies about the return of the Dark Lord."

By this time Amelia and the rest were out of the pensieve. They all looked at Harry with a mixture of pity and sorrow.

"Amelia," said Lucius. "I recommend that you have a look at Harry's hand."

Amelia and Kingsley looked at Harry's hand and both got angry. Severus and Minerva also looked at then turned to Harry.

"What is going on Harry?" asked Severus. "What happened to your hand?"

"Umbridge used a Blood Quil on me," said Harry. "I only know what it is because Hermione found it in a book for me. All of those detentions were the same. I wrote lines. Hermione was able to use certain things to help with the pain in my hand. I didn't tell you all because I didn't want any problems for you."

"That is a Dark Object," said Amelia angrily. "She had no right to use that on a student. What else has she done this year that we need to know about?"

"She was going to use the Cruciatus Curse on him as well," said Hermione. "It was at the last moment that I was able to stop her by pretending to know what she wanted to know."

"She used Veritaserum on me as well," said Harry. "Or rather she tried to. I took a page from Moody's book and when she glanced away I dumped it so she couldn't see. She is also the one who sent the Dementors after me and Dudley."

"Not to worry Harry," said Amelia. "We will deal with Delores Umbridge. We are here to let you know some other things as well."

"It would appear," said Griphook. "Albus Dumbledore and Molly Weasley have been accessing your vaults."

"They are taking money out of my vault?" asked Harry angrily. "I never gave them permission to do that. That money is for my schooling. It is all I have from my mum and dad."

"Not that vault Mr. Potter," said Griphook. "The Potter Vault is the one being accessed. You have a total of four vaults."

"I only know of the one," said Harry. "How is it I have four vaults? I never heard about the others."

"Your parents were rich," said Minerva. "Your mother and her sister are both wealthy from the Evans family fortune and the Potters are a very old and prominent wizarding family dating back to the time of the founders and beyond."

"Wait I am confused," said Harry. "What do you mean the Evans line? Dumbledore told me that my mother was muggle born."

"That is part of what we are here to tell you," said Narcissa gently. "Lily Evans is not a muggle born. Petunia is a Squib. Her memory of that has been tampered with. We will have someone from the Ministry out to fix her memory soon."

"So I am not a half blood," said Harry. "I am a pure blood like Draco is."

"That is right," said Hermione. "I am not a muggle born either. Like you I am a pure blood."

"Who are your parents?" asked Harry feeling very confused. "I thought the Grangers were both muggles."

"They are," said Hermione. "They are not my biological parents. You and I are brother and sister. To be perfectly correct, I am your twin. They moved my birthday away from yours to confuse everyone. Draco and I worked hard to uncover as much as we could and Lucius and Narcissa helped fill in the rest from documents they got from the Ministry."

"Who did this?" asked Harry. "Why would they have done this to us? We could have been a happy family this whole time. Instead my life has been up and down."

"We think Dumbledore did this," said Cedric. "Relax Harry. We will explain everything as we know it."

"Shall we hear the will of Sirius Black first?" asked Griphook. "While you are listening to that I can see about finding the Potter's will."

Everyone nodded and Griphook placed a crystal on the table and tapped it. The figure of Sirius appeared and began speaking. Griphook left the room to find the will of James and Lily.

I, Sirius Orion Black, being of sound mind and body bequeath the following:

To Remus Lupin, I leave one million galleons. For the love of Merlin, please buy yourself some new clothes. I also leave you the flat in Diagon Alley. Enjoy life Moony. I love you.

To Narcissa Malfoy, I leave one million galleons. Please watch over our godchildren. Harry and Hermione are all we have left.

To Severus Snape, I leave one million galleons. I also appoint you the magical guardian of Harry James Potter. Please make sure that he is protected and safe. I trust your judgment in this. I also apologize to you for the trick I pulled on you when James saved you that night from being killed. That was reckless of me.

To Minerva McGonagall, I leave one million galleons. I also appoint you the magical guardian of Hermione Lillian Potter. I know that you will do your best to protect her.

To Cedric Diggory, I leave you with a bit of advice. If you really love Harry then I recommend that you not hold back your feelings. If you do then you may end up like me and lose the one that you love the most.

To Harry James Potter and Hermione Lillian Potter, I leave you the rest of my substantial fortune. Face it kids, you are rich. I also leave you with a job. Harry as my heir, I leave you the title of Lord Black. You are to reinstate Andromeda into the family and see to it that she gets what she needs. Hermione, I leave you with my collection of books. While I know that Harry is intelligent, I know that you will appreciate them more.

To the rest of you, do not trust Albus Dumbledore or the Weasleys. I over heard a few things during my time I was stuck at Grimmauld Place. The twins were talking about how they would love to take Harry and make him their slave. Percy was always a sorry sort of a person. Molly, Arthur, and Dumbledore were talking about a marriage contract between Harry and Ginerva and Hermione and Ronald.

To the goblins of Gringotts and Amelia Bones, I leave you with the job of voiding all marriage contracts. Also know that Dumbledore is not as light as he claims to be. He lies and he used the Unforgivable Curses. I have finally managed to break from the Imperius Curse he placed on me. That is how this will has come to be in existence. Also know that he enjoys using Mind Magic to get his way. He used it on me all the time. He is also the one that convinced me to switch with Peter Pettigrew as Secret Keeper for the Potters. He is the one that cast the Fidelius Charm. He is the one that sold the Potters to the Dark Lord. I was sent to Azkaban without a trial based on his testimony. He is also the one that placed Hermione with the Grangers. From there he used an Obliviate on Lily and James to make them forget they had a daughter. Please protect my godchildren.

With those last words, Sirius' image faded from sight.

"Let me see if I can sum this up," said Harry. "Dumbledore is the one that helped lead Voldemort to where my parents were killed. He used the Imperius Curse on Sirius so that he would forget lots of information about my family. Hermione and I are twins. Both of us are pureblood. Dumbledore is a berserk old man who is stealing from our vaults. The Weasleys are all in on the plan and have also been stealing from us. Ron and Ginny have been entered into a marriage contract with me and Hermione. It is probably so that they can legally get their hands on our money. Aunt Petunia is a squib. The Evans line was a pureblood family. The Malfoys are good people. Narcissa is my godmother, and now Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall is to help protect us as magical guardians. Does that about sum it up correctly?"

"That sounds about right," said Cedric. "Oh and by the way Harry. I am going to take Sirius' advice. I would be honored if you would be my mate."

"That I would like," said Harry smiling. "So what do we do from here?"

"First off, we have to change the wards on Grimmauld Place," said Severus. "As you are the new Lord Black, I can help you. From now on, it would be in your best interest if you and Hermione stay there rather than anywhere else when you are not in school."

"I will work with the Board of Governors to see about getting Albus Dumbledore replaced as Head Master of Hogwarts with Minerva," said Lucius. "All I ask is that you allow me to use the memory of what we have witnessed here today to help support my claim."

"In the meantime, I think that Cedric, Draco, and I should move in with you at Grimmauld Place to help protect you," said Minerva. "We need to discuss what you would like to do with the information that you have learned today."

"We should come back when we have the time and listen to the wills of our parents," said Hermione logically. "We need to make sure that Dumbledore can not get into the house."

"Any money that was stolen by Dumbledore and the Weasleys should be returned," said Harry thoughtfully. "The vaults should be rekeyed and sent to us. I am also going to sue the Weasley twins. If they are as dishonorable as the rest of the Weasley clan, then I think I should take action against them as it is because of me that they even got their start."

"What do you mean?" asked Severus.

"I gave them my winnings from the tri wizard tournament," said Harry. "It was under the assumption that they were my friends and was going to use the money to help us laugh during this time of darkness. As it seems, they are going to try and exploit me. I will not allow that."

The rest of the group all nodded in understanding.

"I think I should also come clean about a few other things as well," said Harry. "I know where the entrance is to the Chamber of Secrets. I can show you all when we get back to Hogwarts. I also should mention that the sorting hat originally wanted to place me in Slytherin. Though, it also said that any of the houses would have suited me."

"Well if we are to come clean then I have something to say as well," said Hermione. "As Harry has said his part and Cedric has said his. The sorting hat wanted me in Ravenclaw. In the end something happened and it sorted me into Gryffindor. Dumbledore approached me about wanting me to spy on Harry as well. I fed him lies the whole time. Something in me said that I was to protect Harry."

"I have something to say as well," said Draco. "I have never hated either Harry or Hermione. I have admired both of them. If it isn't too late, I would still like to be their friend."

"We are family of sorts now," said Harry standing and offering his hand. "We have to stick together now."

"I agree," said Hermione. "I also feel I should be moved into my correct house. Is that possible? Something tells me that Neville is in the wrong house as well."

"I always wondered how he ended up in Gryffindor when his parents were both Hufflepuffs," said Minerva. "We will have to do a resort of all of Gryffindor House. It might not hurt to redo the whole school. I assume Lucius that you are going to get right on the project of getting him removed from the school?"

"I will start immediately after the children are safe," he said. "I assume that Mr. Diggory is ok with going with Harry to his new home?"

"I am fine with it," said Cedric. "We have to make sure that no one else can get into it. I would hate to have to go to jail for someone threatening my new boyfriend. While you are at the Ministry can you pass the word to my father that I will contact him as soon as I can?"

"I have an idea," said Griphook. "If Mr. Potter is willing to give me a sample of his blood, then Narcissa Malfoy, Minerva McGonagall, and Severus Snape can all head to Grimmauld Place and change the wards for him. Meanwhile Mr. Lucius Malfoy can attend his duties at the Ministry and the youngsters can stay here safe with Mr. Diggory here at the bank. As long as they are here, Albus Dumbledore can not get to them."

"I think that is a great idea," said Amelia. "Kingsley can stay here with them while we find Remus Lupin. I feel better knowing that the children are safe away from the two people who are actively trying to ruin him. I assume that the Dark Lord doesn't know anything about Hermione?"

"That is correct," said Lucius. "With our help, it will stay that way. You have the full support of the Malfoy name Mr. and Miss Potter."

"Thank you Mr. Malfoy," said Harry. "We appreciate all of the help that you are giving us."

"Call us Uncle Lucius and Aunt Narcissa," said Lucius. "I do have one question. Do you know what the prophecy states?"

Harry raised his wand to his head and pulled it out. He placed it in the now empty pensieve and Lucius looked at it. When he was done, he looked thoughtful.

"I think had the Dark Lord known about the full content then he would never have attacked you," said Lucius. "I think that it is in your best interest to allow me to tell him the full contents of the prophecy. From there, he will probably leave you alone."

"It is worth a shot," said Harry.

"Hold out your arm Harry so that I can get some blood," said Severus.

Harry did as he was instructed and Severus took his blood.

"We will send someone back to your home and get your belongings," said Amelia. "We will do the same thing for Hermione."

"You aren't going to do anything to them are you?" asked Hermione worriedly. "Even though I know they are not my real parents, they have always taken good care of me."

"They will be told what is going on and offered protection," said Amelia. "We will not modify their memories unless they ask us to. We will offer to erase their memories of a daughter if it will help them cope with the situation. However, our main job is to ensure your safety."

Hermione sat back. Draco wrapped an arm around her shoulder in comfort.

"Don't worry about it Hermione," he said. "Everything will be taken care of. My father will see to it for you. You can trust these people."

"It is rather nice knowing that I have a sister," said Harry grinning. "I have always wanted a sibling and now I have one."

"As have I," said Hermione. "Once you and Cedric get married, then I will have a second one."

Both Harry and Cedric were red in the face by this time. Draco laughed at them.

"Alright you lot," said Minerva. "Stay here with Kingsley until we come to get you. What ever you do, stay in this room and away from the public eye. Listen to what Griphook and Kingsley have to tell you. It is for your safety."

Harry, Hermione, and Draco all nodded.

"Mr. Diggory," said Narcissa. "I am counting on you to help defend them."

"Do not worry Madam Malfoy," he said. "I will do my part."

Together the adults minus Kingsley left the room. Kingsley stood up and stepped to the outside of the door to keep an eye out for potential danger.

"We will review the contents of your parents will another day," said Griphook as he left the room. "Refreshments shall be sent in shortly."

"Thank you Griphook," said Harry. "You have our gratitude for your help."

"Always a pleasure to serve," said Griphook. "Plus Gringotts has a reputation to uphold. You are being stolen from and it is our duty to rectify the situation. I have already sent out reports to certain members of the bank and they are working on this situation as we speak. We will have all of your funds returned by the end of the week."

With that being said Griphook bowed to Harry, Hermione, and Draco and left.

"So," said Draco after the goblin left. "Lord and Lady Potter. Your family is even older than mine. Who would have thought that you two would be so powerful? If you add the backing of the Black fortune and prestige, you are probably the richest people around. I know the Black family was very wealthy. The Potter family has to be equally if not more established than the Black family. Then there is always the Evans family fortune. It makes you a very powerful set of people."

"What do you mean?" asked Harry.

"As Lord or Lady of an estate, it automatically gives us a seat on the Wizengamot," said Hermione. "You are naturally the Lord Potter as you are the only male Potter born to James and he was an only child and from what we have discovered, you are older than I am. Sirius named you as the heir to the Black family name."

"So," said Harry.

"That gives you two seats on the Wizengamot," said Draco. "If your parents did what I think they did, then Hermione will have a seat as well as Head of the Evans line. That makes you two the most powerful people on the panel. As brother and sister you control three seats."

"You have an interest in the Wizengamot," said Cedric. "You can make a motion to have Albus Dumbledore removed from office as Chief Warlock."

"So why doesn't Arthur Weasley have a seat on the bench?" asked Harry. "If what you are saying is true then he should have one as he is from a pureblood family and is Lord of his house."

"Have you never heard the rumors behind why they are so poor?" asked Hermione shocked. "I did some research on it. Arthur and Molly Weasley were caught embezzling funds from a business and were fined heavily for it. They lost everything. Even the family home was sold to cover their fees."

"When we are finished with them they won't even have their name," said Harry viciously. "How dare they steal our money? To make things worse, they have been trying to be our friend and getting paid for the privilege. I should have listened to Draco a long time ago. Once a crook always a crook I guess."

"Not to worry Harry," said Hermione. "We will get even with them."

The quartet talked more about the situation as they waited for the others to return. A couple of hours later, Remus entered the room followed by Amelia.

"Harry, Hermione," said Remus. "Thank god the two of you are safe. I was seen by a healer and they fixed my memory for me. I know who you two are to each other now. Thank goodness you are safe. What is going on now?"

"Severus and Minerva are working on changing the wards on Grimmauld Place," said Amelia. "Once they are done, these four will be living there until school starts. We are also having Lucius Malfoy talk to the Board of Governors about Albus. We are going to get him dismissed as Head Master of Hogwarts. Harry has expressed interest in pressing charges against certain members of the Weasley family."

"What did they do?" asked Remus.

The group spent the next thirty minutes telling him everything they knew. The wolf in Remus came out at one point as he threatened to tear them to pieces. Not to long after, the rest of the adults returned.

"We have the wards set," explained Severus. "Right now only the ones in this room can get into the house. I suggest that you keep your invitations to a minimum. If you want to invite someone, I suggest that you run it by one if us first."

"Luna and Neville," said Harry immediately. "They helped keep me safe in the Department of Mysteries. They have always been faithful to me and not my money."

"I agree with Harry," said Hermione. "They can be trusted."

"I happen to agree with you," said Minerva. "We shall discreetly send them an invitation. For the moment, I have Tonks bringing your things to Remus and from there he will bring them to the house."

"I have your measurements," said Narcissa. "I will see about getting some proper clothes for you Harry. We want to get you things that fit properly."

They all stepped out of the room. As they did so, Albus Dumbledore was standing there along with Molly, Ginny, and Ron.

"Harry Potter," said Dumbledore. "You should not be here. I insist that you come here this instant along with Miss Granger so that we can bring you both home."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop here in the first chapter. I hope that you are enjoying it. It will make things easier with just the crew from Harry Potter. Thanks in advance for your reviews.

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