Sounding The Call


Harry Potter meets the infamous Charmed Ones after Wyatt gets a new charge. That charge is Harry Potter. Minerva and Leo work to get Harry to safety. Like in the US changes Harry and his friends.

Romance / Action
Stormy Lee
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Who Are You?

DISCLAIMER – I do not own any of the familiar characters. If I did, I would not be writing fan fiction. Harry Potter and Charmed are owned by their respective people.

DISCLAIMER – The characters may and will more than likely be ooc from normal. This is due to the fact that I want them to behave and act this way. Please do not bash me if you do not like their attitudes and ways. The whole purpose behind writing fan fiction is to portray the characters as I see fit.

DISCLAIMER – This is a slash between Harry Potter and Wyatt Halliwell. If you do not like what I am writing, then I humbly ask that you move on to a story that is more to your style. Flaming at me or complaining about my style or technique will not stop me from writing the story as I want. Thank you for understanding.

NOTE – Special thanks to Haunt of Twilight for helping me choose a name for this story. Wish me luck as I start you on this journey.

Chapter 1 – Who Are You?

Minerva McGonagall was sitting at headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix one evening after a meeting. She was not happy with the way things were going. Something about what Albus Dumbledore was saying caused her great worry. Things had happened at the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry of Magic that caused her to wonder about the sanity of Albus. She was in the Atrium when the battle between Albus and Voldemort took place. In her view point, it seemed as if Albus was waiting for Voldemort to do something very foolish or hurtful to Harry Potter. When Voldemort possessed Harry for the brief period of time, she was horrified at the look of pleasure that was on the face of Albus. As she was sitting there, she thought back to what Albus did after the incident was over. Albus had created a portkey and sent the boy to his office. From there, Albus made the boy recount everything he had been through and seen while there. She was confused on why he would do something like that when he had just lost his godfather to the Killing Curse from Bellatrix Lestrange.

Remus Lupin was not having a good day. Every time he asked about Harry, Albus would tell him not to worry. He was concerned for Harry. Sirius was the closest thing to a parent that Harry had. He knew from conversations with Sirius that Harry was being mistreated by his muggle relatives. He pleaded with Albus to let him go and get Harry and bring him here to Headquarters, but Albus was firm in the fact that Harry had to stay where he was. He left the library in Sirius' home and headed down to the kitchen. He was surprised to see that Minerva McGonagall was still sitting there.

"Minerva?" asked Remus pulling her out of her thoughts. "Have you heard from Harry yet this summer?"

"No I haven't," she admitted. "I am starting to get a bit worried. I know Harry deals with pain in his unique way. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and Neville have all told me that in the month since it happened that he has not responded to a single letter. He has not responded to anything that I have written either."

"Do you think that he is hurt and can not answer a letter?" asked Remus worried. "It is not like him to not respond to any letters from me or you. He has not answered any of my letters that I have sent him either. I have asked Albus to let me bring him here, but he keeps telling me no."

"I am very worried about Harry," said Minerva with a sigh of aggravation. "I know those muggles are not the best people in the world to Harry. Poppy has confided in me that she has had to fix quite a few injuries on the boy every time he returns to Hogwarts. Remus, I think that his relatives are abusive to him. Harry swore Poppy to secrecy. However as his Head of House, she has told me anyway. As of yet I have not talked with him about it due to respecting his privacy. I am very worried about him."

"Did Harry answer the letter from Gringotts regarding Sirius' will?" asked Remus. "I have my letter for the date of the reading of his will. Do you think that Harry will attend?"

"I do not know," admitted Minerva. "Do you think that we should go and check up on Harry? Albus keeps telling us to leave him alone, but I am truly worried about him."

"Personally I think we should check with Gringotts first," said Remus. "We should check to see if Harry has answered his letter from them or not."

As they were talking, Severus Snape entered the room. Both acknowledged his presence.

"What are you two talking about?" asked Severus sitting next to Remus. "If it is something important, I would like to help."

"We are wondering about Harry," said Remus. "He has not answered a single letter to anyone. We were just wondering if we should go and check up on him or not."

"That is not a bad idea," said Severus. "I know that Weasley and Granger are really worried about him. Both have approached me with their concerns. I know that Black made a few notations in his will. I am leery of the Weasley's motives behind wanting to know about Harry however. I get the feeling that they are after something."

"We were thinking of going to Gringotts and checking to see if Harry responded to their letter or not yet," said Minerva. "Would you be willing to help us? Also I agree with you. There is something not quite right about the way that Molly and her two youngest are acting in regards to Harry. It is as if they are waiting on something to happen."

"Minerva," said Severus quietly. "Harry's well being is very important to me. You know this. Lily asked that I help keep an eye out on him and I intend to keep my promise. If you think that Harry is in trouble then I will do what I can to help you. I know that losing Sirius was hard on him."

"What do you mean Lily asked you to help?" asked Remus. "I didn't know you had contact with Lily and James after they were married."

"Lily and James came to me two months after Harry was born," said Severus. "They knew that the Dark Lord would target them. They also knew that Sirius would be a target as well. So they came to me and asked that I help keep an eye on Harry should something happen to them and I said I would."

"I thought you hated James," said Minerva. "It is a surprise to me that you and he would talk to one another after everything that happened between you in school."

"James wrote a formal apology to me," said Severus simply. "I was named as Harry's second godfather by James himself as a form of that apology. Lily was so happy about that. She and I wrote often to one another before she was killed."

"Well we have to check and see if Harry is ok," said Minerva. "Something doesn't seem right with what Albus is saying about him. The fact that no one has heard from him since the end of the school year is odd in of itself. It is not Harry's style to not write to his friends or to even respond to me when I write to him. I really believe that something is wrong."

"Well then let's get started," said Severus. "I happen to agree with you both that something is not right with this situation. In my trips to the Dark Lord he is not sure what to make of the actions of Albus either. He seems as confused by the effort of Albus to ensure that Harry is killed as everyone else. The Dark Lord is having doubts about the whole situation regarding Harry Potter. He has even gone so far as to say that he has no intention of harming Harry at all. He only goes after Harry because Harry is conveniently at the location where he is intending at the time. Do you not think it strange that someone as powerful as the Dark Lord can not kill a child? This doesn't make sense to anyone. Even the Dark Lord is baffled by this."

"What do you mean?" asked Remus. "Why would the Dark Lord be confused by Albus? He wants both Albus and Harry dead."

"Shall we go someplace where the walls don't have ears?" asked Severus. "I have a story to tell you both that will shock you to your core. Once you have heard my story, then you will have a different view of the Dark Lord."

"Where can we go?" asked Minerva. "I think we need to check on things for Harry as quickly as we can to make sure that he is safe and unharmed."

"Let's go to Gringotts," suggested Remus. "The goblins are actually fond of Harry. They may let us use one of their rooms so that we can talk privately. At the same time we can check about Harry's letter and such."

The three adults all nodded and stood as one. With three cracks they apparated out of Grimmauld Place and appeared at the doors of the wizarding bank.

Albus Dumbledore was a man of great intelligence and cunning. He was a game player that loved to manipulate the people around him like a chess set. The current game he was playing, he fondly called "Beat the Dark Lord". In this game he wanted a tool to use to beat the one person that was the biggest threat to his plans for world domination. Albus was a man that was skilled at hiding behind many facades. His current one was of a grandfather to the one child that could help him gain more fame and money in the world. That child was Harry Potter. With the deaths of Lily and James Potter, Harry had inherited loads of money. The Potter name was one of the oldest pureblood names around. It rivaled the Malfoy and Black names. Albus also knew secrets behind the woman named Lily Evans Potter. This was something that he did not want coming out into the open. Now that Sirius had died, Albus was eagerly anticipating the fortune that Harry would be adding to his vaults. Albus was aware that Harry Potter was the new Lord Potter. He was also aware that Sirius was naming him as his heir and that Harry was increasing his fortune. Albus was busy trying to figure out how to get that money for himself. His scheme was working out well. He had intercepted the letter from Gringotts that informed Harry of his inheritance from the Potters. He was eager to do so again with the letter that would tell him of his inheritance of the Black family fortune. With this in mind, he decided to pay a visit to Number Four Privet Drive.

"I'm coming," said Petunia Dursley as she walked towards the knocking on her front door.

When she opened it she was a little surprised to see Albus Dumbledore standing there in front of her. She stepped back away from the door and allowed him entry to the foyer.

"Professor Dumbledore," she said. "What brings you here today?"

"I wish to talk about Harry," said Albus quietly. "Is Vernon home by chance?"

"He is in the den," she answered. "Please follow me."

She led Albus to the den where he sat and waited for Dudley to sit next to his mother.

"Where is Harry at this moment?" asked Albus.

"He is locked in his room," said Vernon. "We are following your instructions to the letter. He gets fed once a week and I have been beating him on a daily basis."

"Excellent my dear man," said Albus pulling out an envelope with money in it and handing it to him. "I think it is time for you to step up the abuse. It is time that he is sexually abused as well. He is still to proud and independent for my liking. He refuses to acknowledge that he is being abused in school. I have Ron and Ginny Weasley talking with him and he has yet to mention anything. I do not care what you do to him as long as you don't kill him. I want him totally broken by the time he comes to school for the start of term. If you succeed in this, I will give you a huge chunk of his inheritance. I want him broken to the point that he will not hesitate to come to me so that I can be the one to pull his strings. I expect that you will do your best to break him totally by the end of summer."

"We will get right on it this evening," said Vernon with an ugly grin on his face. "I already have the boy handcuffed to his bed. I will work some more on his later."

"Excellent," said Albus. "Then I will take my leave of you then. Good luck with your machinations. If you fail me, then you will be punished. If you succeed, then you will be very wealthy indeed."

Albus nodded his head in farewell and departed the residence. Vernon opened the envelope and saw the amount of money that was in it. He handed it to his wife and went to the kitchen to get a knife. From there he instructed Dudley to get a bucket of soapy water and follow him up to Harry's room. Vernon opened the door and walked in. Harry was half asleep as he was weak from hunger. When he saw his uncle standing in the doorway he cringed in fear. He did not forget the beating he had received only hours before.

"How ironic," he thought. "I am the savior of the wizarding world and I can not save myself from my own muggle relatives."

"It is time for some more punishment for being a freak," said Vernon. "I have news for you freak. By the end of the summer, I will have beaten all this nonsense out of you. You will be so disgusted by your freakish ways that you will never want to step foot inside the halls of that freak school you attend."

"What are you going to do to me now?" asked Harry in a hoarse whisper.

Vernon walked over and back handed him in the mouth.

"You will not speak to me," he said. "You will just take what I have to give you and be grateful that I allow you to live."

Vernon walked over to the desk and grabbed the roll of duct tape. He tore a strip off and placed it over Harry's mouth. He slapped Harry across the face a few times and when he had Harry close to passing out, he stopped. He undid the handcuffs and rolled Harry over. He replaced the cuffs on the bed frame and then he ripped off Harry's clothes. Dudley came in with the bucket of water and Vernon grabbed the towel and cleaned up some of the mess on Harry. He did not want to get himself any dirtier than he had to touching the filthy boy lying on the bed. When he was done, he grabbed the knife from his pocket and started carving the word FREAK on his back in big bold letters. Harry squirmed and moaned in pain under him. He was so weak from lack of food, that he was unable to do much. Vernon knew that he could not fight back.

"I am going to up the stakes here freak," said Vernon. "Just know that when I am done with you that you will wish you had never been born."

Vernon ripped off the rest of Harry's clothes. He knew that the boy was hurting and the abrasions were there from the tearing of the cloth. Vernon reached into another pocket and pulled out a jar of lube. Harry was half awake from the beating as he felt his uncle slap him a few times across his ass and back with a belt. He came fully to consciousness when he heard a zipper being pulled down. He was horrified when he heard the sound. It could only mean one thing. Vernon placed is fat hands on Harry's ass after he lubed himself and with one thrust he pushed himself to the hilt up Harry's ass. If Harry could scream he would have. It was his good fortune that he lapsed into unconsciousness when he did. The pain that he endured was great and he knew that had he stayed awake that he would have hurt more than one person could. A little while later, Harry came back to consciousness. His entire body was bruised, bleeding, in pain, and on fire. Tears fell from his eyes as he assessed the hurts all over his body.

"Someone help me please," he called out in his mind. "I will do anything just as long as someone rescues me from this nightmare."

Severus, Minerva, and Remus all entered Gringotts together. They were greeted by Griphook.

"We need a private place to talk about Harry Potter," said Minerva. "We also need to speak to the representative that is dealing with Harry's inheritance from the Black estate."

"That would be me," said Griphook. "I am in charge of all of Mr. Potter's vaults. His parent left me in charge when they died."

"Wait," said Severus. "Does Harry know that he has more than his school vault?"

"No he doesn't," said Griphook leading them into a room and closing the door softly behind them. "Albus Dumbledore has asked that we wait until he comes of age for us to disclose that he has more vaults than his trust fund for school. However now that Sirius Black's will states that Harry is to be emancipated, it seems only reasonable that we tell him about his other vaults as well."

"Who is Harry Potter's magical guardian?" asked Severus. "I do not mean to pry, but it is odd that it would be Albus Dumbledore. Lily and James did not particularly trust Albus."

Griphook pulled out a folder and started to look at the documents. When he came across the one he wanted, he handed it over to Severus.

"Harry Potter's magical guardian was Sirius Black," said Griphook. "However in the will of James and Lily Potter it states that if something were to happen to Sirius Black that the guardianship was to be transferred to Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall. We thought that you all knew this and had let Albus Dumbledore act as proxy until Mr. Potter came of age."

"I can assure you that this is the first that we hear of this," said Minerva angrily. "Has there been any activity in the Potter vaults other than what Harry has been pulling out of his account?"

Griphook looked through the file and pulled out a couple of sheets of parchment. The names and the amounts on the parchment were shocking to the trio who was looking at the sheets.

"We have to go and see if Harry is ok," said Minerva. "We have to leave now. Griphook is there some way that we can bring Harry back here safely if we have to?"

"Absolutely," said Griphook. "We can discuss what is to be done about this when you return safely with Harry. I shall have someone watching out for your return."

Wyatt Halliwell was sitting in the attic of his home working on a potion. At sixteen he was a strikingly handsome young man. He was the son of Leo and Piper Halliwell. Leo was one of the most famous white lighters in history. Piper was one of the Charmed Ones. The three sisters lived in Halliwell Manor. Together they were an unstoppable force. Add Wyatt and Chris to the mix and you had the strongest force for Good that ever existed. It was the middle of the afternoon when Wyatt kept getting this strange tingle every couple of seconds.

"Dad," he called. "can I talk with you please?"

"Wyatt," said Leo entering the room. "What's wrong? Are you hurt? Is Chris ok?"

"Dad," said Wyatt slowly. "We are fine. Nothing is wrong, but I get this feeling that someone is calling out to me. You know that jingle you get when one of your charges calls to you?"

"Yes," said Leo. "You don't have a charge yet. So you should not be hearing that jingle."

"I hate to break it to you then," said Wyatt. "That jingle is getting louder by the moment. Someone is in trouble and they are calling out to me loud and clear. What should I do?"

"Chris," said Leo. "Go and get your mother and your aunts. I think we need to go on a rescue mission."

Chris nodded and left the room. He came back a few minutes later with Piper, Paige, and Phoebe.

"What is it Leo?" asked Piper. "What is happening?"

"Wyatt has a charge that is calling him," said Leo. "From the way he is describing it, it is pretty bad. We may need the power of the Charmed Ones to help with this."

"We are ready," said Paige. "I am sure that we can handle the situation."

"Wyatt," instructed Leo. "We are going to hold hands. Let your instinct guide you and orb. Between me and Paige we can guide you to your charge."

Wyatt closed his eyes and concentrated on his charge's call. He orbed the group out. Leo and Paige added their power to him and he landed in a room. The sight before them was frightening. At the same time that they orbed in a trio of people appeared at the same time. Everyone went into action at the same time. Remus held it together long enough to stop everyone from acting irrationally.

"Who are you?" asked Remus pointing his wand at the group. "What are you doing here?"

"We are the Charmed Ones," said Piper. "Who are you? We are here to help my son's charge. Apparently this poor boy is his charge."

"We are Harry's professors and magical guardians," said Severus. "We are here to get him to safety. As you can see he is hurt and needs to be helped."

"Minerva?" asked Leo. "What are you doing here? I haven't seen you in years."

"Leo my friend," she exclaimed. "It has been a long time. What are you doing here?"

"My son Wyatt got a distress call from his charge and we orbed here," said Leo.

"We better act quickly," said Severus. "If Albus finds us here we are in deep trouble."

"Handcuffs," said Paige holding her hand out to get the handcuffs.

"That is pretty impressive," said Remus. "We need to get him to Poppy before we lose him. He is fading fast. His injuries are severe. He looks like he has been sexually abused as well."

"I will take care of it," said Leo laying his hands on Harry.

Severus and Remus looked in awe as Leo started to glow and ran his hands over all of Harry's wounds. They cuts and tears knitted themselves together and faded from sight. Harry's broken bones and bruises all healed. The blood from his cuts and abrasions all faded as did the said wounds.

"We have to get him out of here now," said Severus suddenly. "We need to deal with his relatives as well. We don't want to have to deal with Albus now. We will grab the muggles and meet everyone at Gringotts. Do you all know where that is?"

"I do," said Leo. "I will take my family and meet you there."

"I will take Harry there," said Remus grabbing the boy and apparating to the bank.

"You grab the muggle boy and I will grab the adults," said Severus.

Minerva nodded and they set out to grab their persons. Leo and his family orbed to the bank and stood with Remus. A few moments later Minerva and Severus appeared with a trio of people. They all entered the bank and Griphook met them at the doors.

"This way quickly," said the goblin. "The sooner we get you out of sight the sooner we can protect Harry Potter. Who are these people?"

"They are friends of mine from America," said Minerva. "They are the Charmed Ones. This group of losers is Harry's relatives. We believe that they have been abusing him."

Minerva was astounded when every goblin in the vicinity all stopped what they were doing and gave the Halliwell family a low bow.

"Welcome to Gringotts," said Griphook to the sisters. "It is a privilege and an honor to meet the famous Charmed Ones. However we must get Harry Potter to safety."

"Dad?" asked Wyatt as they followed the goblin into a room. "Is this the same Harry Potter that we learned about in magic school?"

"Yes I believe he is son," said Leo. "Our job is to protect him with everything we have now. I am going to go and speak with the other Elders about this. I will be back in a little while. Can I orb directly into this room?"

"Yes," said Griphook. "Elders and white lighters have permission to orb directly into the bank. We will keep Harry Potter safe and well until you return."

"Professor McGonagall?" asked a tired voice. "Is that you?"

"Harry," said Minerva rushing over to him. "Yes it is me. Remus, Severus, and the Charmed Ones are here as well. Can we get you something?"

"I am pretty hungry," he whispered. "Can I have something to eat and to drink?"

"I will bring something," said Griphook before he headed out the door.

Severus knelt next to Harry and ran his wand over him. Piper and Paige were eyeing him carefully to make sure that he didn't do anything stupid to the boy.

"Leo healed all of his injuries," said Severus. "I can find nothing wrong with him other than malnourishment and lack of food. I am sorry, but I do not know you. Would you do us the honor of introducing yourselves?"

Piper and Phoebe walked over to Harry and stood by him.

"I am Wyatt," said Wyatt starting to point to the others. "This is my brother Chris. My father is the white lighter Leo. My mother is Piper Halliwell. Aunt Paige is standing next to Ms McGonagall and Aunt Phoebe is next to Harry."

"I am Professor Severus Snape," said Severus. "She is Professor Minerva McGonagall and he is Professor Remus Lupin. It is a pleasure to meet you all. We are professors at Harry's school named Hogwarts. However I am not so sure it is safe to send him back now."

"What are we going to do to save him?" asked Phoebe. "We can't just send him back to his relatives. They will just do this to him again."

"We are going to find the extent of abuse the relatives gave Harry and why," said Severus aiming his wand at Vernon. "Legilimens!"

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end chapter one here. Please let me know what you think. I know this chapter seems harsh and astounding, but I wanted to set the story up with a good first chapter. Please review and let me know what you think.

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