Sounding The Call

To Form A Council

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Chapter 10 – To Form A Council

Harry and Wyatt were as close as two people could get. When you looked for one, you can bet that the other was not far behind. Piper good naturedly joked that Wyatt practically lived at the castle.

"I see less of him with each passing day," she complained. "Not that I mind, but I would like to have some quality time with my son every now and then."

"Aww mom," said Wyatt. "You know I love you. Besides you see me everyday. Either you join me here, or Harry and I are at the manor."

"I will let you in on a secret son," said Leo. "No matter how much you and your mother see one another it will never be enough. You are growing up and that scares her. In less than a year you will be old enough to move out permanently. That worries her."

"How do you know?" asked Harry curiously. "I only ask because I never knew my parents."

"I know how she feels because I feel the same way," said Leo. "It reminds us of our own mortality. Don't think she doesn't feel the same way about you Harry. You may not be her flesh and blood, but she loves you like a son all the same. In the five months that we have known you, we have seen many wonderful things. We have watched you closer than you realize. We care for you just as much as we care for Wyatt and Chris."

"Thanks Leo," said Harry blushing. "That means a lot to me to hear you say that."

"What did you expect sweetie?" asked Phoebe. "You are part of the family now. Nothing will change that. Face it Harry. We love you. You are kind, generous, sweet, lovable, adorable, polite, and unselfish. We could not have hoped for a better match for Wyatt."

"The Elders have nothing but good things to say about you as well," commented Paige. "They are watching you just as we are. In fact, Elder Rowan stated that he has never seen a bond of the heart as pure and bright as the bond that the two of you have. The way you carry yourself makes us all proud. You treat people with respect."

"Look what you have done for me and Draco," commented Narcissa. "When I approached you two months ago and asked if it were possible for Draco and I to drop the Malfoy name and use the Black name, you had Steven take care of it in a matter of days. If anyone that lives here needs anything, you take the gold out of your vaults rather than let us pay for it ourselves."

"Well you are all family," said Harry. "What did you expect me to do? Seven million galleons will not last very long."

"That is true," said Narcissa. "However we have not had to touch any of it since we put it on our vault. You let Draco and I stay here in the castle rather than us buying ourselves a home of our own. You are paying for Draco's tuition out of your own vault. Those seven million galleons are collecting interest with each passing month. You gave me a job which adds gold to my vault weekly. With me not having to buy anything due to your good nature, it makes things easier for both Draco and I. We owe everything to you."

"You treat me with respect," said Harry. "I have never had people who treated me as a person. None of you present treats me as anything other than family. My fame and money means nothing to you all."

"That is because you do not use your fame or your status Harry," said Piper. "You do not treat anyone in the community as anything other than people. Take for instance the Dark Lord. He treats his minions as fodder. Albus does the same thing. Yet you treat everyone in this community as a person. You let them live their lives as they wish to live. We hear great things from your professors at Emrys. You have finally stepped up and you are allowing your potential to shine through. The professors tell us that there is only one person who is ahead of you. Hermione is barely ahead of you and I mean barely. She is better than you in two subjects, and you are better than she is in one other than that, you are equal. The only reason she is better in those subjects is because she has been taking them longer."

Harry did not know what to say about that. He just looked down at his shoes and accepted the praise with a grin.

"When are we going to go shopping for Christmas?" asked Chris. "We have quite a few people to buy for."

"You mean like a certain blond haired girl by the name of Luna Lovegood?" teased Wyatt.

"Wyatt stop teasing your brother," said Piper. "You and Harry are practically joined at the hip. He is right though. We have to go shopping."

"I have a good portion of my shopping done," said Harry. "I just have a few more people to buy for and I am finished."

"How did you manage that without me knowing?" asked Wyatt. "We are together all the time."

"That is the beauty of mail order and the help of people like Narcissa," said Harry with a grin. "It also helps when you are the largest vault at Gringotts. I have been learning gobbledygook so that the goblins and I can speak in their native tongue. You lot better hurry as Christmas is in nine days."

"Who do you have left to buy for?" asked Leo. "Maybe I can help you with it."

"I still have to get something for Phoebe, Wyatt, and Remus," said Harry. "Other than that I have everyone else's gift already taken care of."

"We can help you with a gift for Remus," said Piper suddenly. "We have made the potion to cure his werewolf problem. Now that we have had a chance to study his habits and take pictures and things like that, we can give him the cure. We have finally figured out the rest of the potion ingredients. Severus helped us."

"That would be great," said Harry with excitement. "By the way, Severus and Minerva are finally leaving Hogwarts and coming this way. Thanks to the suggestion that Paige gave, I was able to buy a bit more land on the outside of what I already own. We have been able to secure some of the muggle born students and their families there. We have been able to get the Creevey family, Dean Thomas and his family, Seamus and his mum, and a few others. Thanks to Severus and Minerva, Oliver Wood and his parents have moved here, the Tonks family are finally here and are doing well. Amelia sent Susan here last week, Blaise and his mum is here. The Nott family and Greengrass family also came over. Cho Chang and her family are here, not to mention the Patil family. That is not counting many of the people that came over on their own that I don't know. Rita Skeeter sends me reports on people all the time. Potter Highway is filling up with business all the time. They come in and buy a portion of the land they want and build on it. In the five months we have been working, we have at least one kind of every store here. Mr. Ollivander left England and has come here as well. I was not expecting that in the slightest."

"You are like a beacon for them to follow," said Narcissa. "They only want what is best for their lives. Many know that they have much to lose if they stay in England or Scotland. We received word that Fortescue is also moving here soon as well. Honeydukes is following us also. They are rather excited to follow the "Bringer of Peace" as they call you."

"With a little luck, some of the Dark denizens will not follow us," said Harry. "I will not tolerate places like Knockturn Alley popping up and causing problems for us."

The floo activated and Harry and Piper went to meet whoever was coming through. They knew that only those with a medallion could access the castle. Severus and Minerva stepped through. Harry ran up to both and gave each a hug. Both smiled and returned the sentiment warmly.

"How are you brat?" asked Severus.

"Doing well," said Harry. "I am happy that you two have moved before the holidays arrived. Has Head Master Flitwick found replacements for you finally?"

"Yes," said Minerva smiling. "Horace Slughorn will take over for Severus, and Clara Doll will take over for me in Transfiguration."

"Are you both settled in at the school yet?" asked Harry. "You know your suites here are always ready for you when you want to escape dunderheaded children or impertinent brats."

"You mean such as yourself?" joked Severus smiling. "Yes we are both settled in at the school. Thank you for letting both Minerva and I both be deputies at the school until you take over as Head Master."

"Didn't you read the fine print?" asked Harry with a smirk. "The two of you will remain deputies of the school even after I take over as Head Master. Who is the dunderhead now?"

Severus pulled out his wand and shot a stinging hex at Harry. Much to his amazement and to the amazement of everyone else including Harry, he threw up a shield without speaking or using a wand.

"When did you start using wandless magic?" asked Minerva looking at Harry with pride. "Let us not forget that you seem to have mastered nonverbal magic as well."

"To be honest, I have not had as much success with non verbal spells as I would like," said Harry. "I have a fifty percent success rate depending on the spell. As far as wandless, that was the first time I have ever done it. I didn't even think about it. I just did it. It made both the nonverbal and the wandless aspect easier. Is that the way it is supposed to work?"

"I would say that in some people it does work that way," said Piper. "It was like that when my sisters and I started using our gifts. Instinct takes over and you just know what to do."

"I agree with Piper," said Severus. "Even I am limited to the type of wandless magic I can do. We shall have to test you and see how far your ability and range goes."

"That is fine with me," said Harry. "By the way were you able to procure what I needed from England for Professor Sprout's Christmas gift?"

"I was successful in that," said Severus. "I have it at the school. I can give it to you Monday. I spent a few hours talking with the Potions instructor you have there. She is delightful and will be a great assistant and partner for when Draco takes the spot. She knows her stuff. I have also seen that you are still top of the class when it comes to DADA. Even Hermione is no where near you in that class. Rumor has it that you are even the class assistant. I expect you to do the same now that I am here."

"No one is as good as you are in Potions," said Harry fondly. "You may be hard and strict, but you know what you are doing. I have always respected that about you. As far as DADA, I have reason to be good in that subject. Let us not forget the Dark Lord and Albus."

"Speaking of which," said Minerva. "We have reviewed your scores in classes. We have a bone to pick with you."

"What would that be?" asked Harry looking confused. "I have been doing well in my classes. I am passing every thing with a high exceeds expectation at my worst."

"That is the bone we want to pick," said Minerva. "You are actually working for your grades. At Hogwarts, you never worked to your full potential. We want to know why. You are even passing every subject you did not take before at Hogwarts such as Ancient Runes and Arithmancy."

"When I was at Hogwarts I had a homicidal maniac after me all the time," said Harry. "Let's not forget I had a jealous best friend, a girl who was chasing me all over the school because she had visions of grandeur, a Head Master who was manipulating my every move and thought, and relatives who were doing very bad things to me. Here, I can be myself and not worry about any of that. I actually enjoy learning. Therefore I can be myself and do the best that I can do. Hermione has been a big help in my new subjects. As far as History of Magic, now that I am able to stay awake in the class, I actually enjoy it. Binns was boring in the way he taught."

"By the way," Severus smirked. "I particularly enjoyed the fact that you made Albus the History of Magic Professor. He is not a very happy person. For each person that leaves Hogwarts and comes this way he grows more agitated."

"He is lucky to still be allowed near the students," said Harry. "After what he did to my mum, he is lucky I don't have him thrown in Azkaban."

The power started crackling around Harry. Everyone standing there could feel his magic coming off of him in waves. It was an impressive display of power.

"Calm down Harry," said Piper. "You will cause damage to the castle if you don't. Remember what happened last week?"

Harry snapped out of his thoughts and calmed down. From there he proceeded to tell Severus and Minerva about what happened.

"Amelia contacted me and asked if she could send Susan here," said Harry. "She told me that Albus had been making weird suggestions to her. Then the fight started between the Order and the Death Eaters and Susan was subjected to the Cruciatus Curse. When I found out, I was so angry that my magic spiked destroying the greenhouse on the first floor of the castle. I had to pay a small fortune to get it fixed. All of my plants were killed."

"So that is why Amelia is heading this way," remarked Minerva. "She said she is bringing Shacklebolt with her. Both have been talking with me and Severus. It is decided that enough is enough. They want out of the war. Shacklebolt says that Albus is focusing less on Voldemort and more on you. He is determined to get you back in England. The old fool just doesn't know when to quit."

"I think it is time to build the council then," said Wyatt speaking for the first time. "It would be in our best interest to get the council up and running. That way we can figure out as a team how to get the old man to leave us alone. The Dark Lord has sent Harry the second Slytherin House Ring. As they are the only two descendants alive, Voldemort decided that Harry should wear the second one."

"Maybe it is time to drop the hint that Albus is not paying attention to protecting England anymore," said Harry. "Aunt Minerva, I need you to contact Amelia and Kingsley immediately. It is time for them to come to America and get away from there. Wyatt I need you to gather the people on the list on my desk. Have them meet us in the Pentacle conference room."

Wyatt nodded and left. Minerva went to the fireplace and made the fire call to Amelia. She asked that they give her and Kingsley an hour. By this time Harry had left to head to his office. He wrote a letter to Voldemort. When he was done, he placed his ring on the envelope and had the satisfaction of watching the parchment disappear.

"How did you do that?" asked Severus curiously.

"Voldemort found out that the rings can act as a carrier for letters," said Harry. "Each Head of House Ring can send a letter to the carrier of the secondary ring. This is how I can keep in contact with Wyatt, Aberforth, Hermione, and Draco. I would like for you to carry the Ravenclaw secondary ring as you are my guardian and I would like for Aunt Minerva to carry the Gryffindor Ring. This way no matter where I am, we can keep in contact."

Harry opened the drawer and pulled out the said rings. He gave one to Severus and put the other in his pocket. Severus slipped the ring on his finger and Harry had the pleasure of watching the magic glow around him. Harry smiled as he led Severus to the conference room. Inside an oak table was there. Engraved on the table was a pentacle that covered the entire table. Minerva and Narcissa entered the room. Narcissa was not on the council, but she had other important duties to attend. Minerva and Severus quickly found their seats and sat down. Wyatt came and sat at Harry's right. Hermione was not long before she came in and sat at Harry's left. Piper was already seated in her chair. Paige and Phoebe came in next with Leo and they sat in their spots. Arthur and Remus came in and sat in their spots. They did not have to wait long before Amelia and Kingsley came in.

"You are probably wondering what is going on," said Harry. "We have been doing some research and it is decided that we would create a council. The sole purpose behind this council is to help me govern the area. This will cover the Ministry, School, Hospital, Pagan Magic, White lighter, Witch, and Wizard. It is my duty as head of the council to inform you all of your jobs."

"Why would you want me on the council?" asked Kingsley. "I have yet to prove my loyalty to you."

"Actually I have been receiving reports from Amelia, Minerva, and Severus regarding your activities," said Harry. "If they say you can be trusted, then I have no doubt that you are to be trusted. From my own dealings with you, you have shown me nothing but kindness and concern for my well being. As the Head of the Auror Department, I know you are an honorable man. You were one of the ones that was an advocate for clearing Sirius' name after he died and Pettigrew was discovered. You have vocally stood against both Voldemort and Albus in my defense. If that doesn't say loyalty then we need to change our definition."

Kingsley sat there with a smile on his face. Harry's words touched him. This young man had matured greatly in the time he had taken control of his own life. As Kingsley looked around he could see the pride in the smiles and looks that the other members were giving Harry.

"Very well," said Kingsley. "I accept the position. What are we going to discuss today?"

"I am glad that you asked," said Harry. "It is time that you all stay here and help work the community. I do not want power or fame or prestige. However sometimes even I have to bite the bullet and accept that I can not escape from it. So I am going to use my influence in this case and decree the following."

Everyone around the table listened with interest. Everyone knew that Harry rarely pulled rank. When he did, it was for a good reason.

"I, Lord Harry James Potter, Evans, Black, Dumbledore, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Emrys, decree the following," said Harry as Hermione set her quill to write. "To Amelia Bones, I give to you the title of Minister of Magic for the Western United States. I hope that you do for Potter Vale what you did for England. Do you accept this position?"

"I do Lord Potter," said Amelia standing and bowing. "I am humbled by the trust and faith that you are placing in me."

"You will need to contact Drew Dugruise of the Ministry of Magic for the Easter United States and discuss boundary lines and such. Good luck Minister Bones."

Amelia sat down and waited. She knew that Hermione would give her all of the documents. She and Harry had many documents ready to go that required signatures.

"To Arthur Weasley," said Harry. "For unswerving loyalty to the name Potter as well as the love and care you have shown me since I was eleven, I give to you the position of Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Do you accept this position?"

"I humbly accept the post Lord Potter," said Arthur with tears in his eyes. "My family and I thank you for the opportunity to prove to you that not all of us were after your money or prestige. Thank you for letting me prove to myself, that I am worthy of being a Weasley."

"Please report to Amelia when we are done so that you can discuss the running of the Ministry and the jobs and such that you want to incorporate into it," said Harry.

Arthur nodded and accepted the sheet of parchment that Hermione handed him. He quickly signed his name to the documents as Amelia did the same with hers.

"To Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall," said Harry. "I give to you the title of Deputy Head Master and Mistress of Emrys Academy. You are in total control of the school until the time when I can take over as Head Master. Do you both accept the positions that I am giving to you?"

Severus and Minerva both stood and bowed to Harry.

"I speak for both of us when I say it will be an honor to take the post," said Minerva. "We will continue to do our jobs of teaching the students how to build their skill in the branches of magic. The honor to work beside one such as you is great. We thank you for the chance to prove to the world that we only have the children's best interest at heart. As your guardians, we both agree that we are proud of the fact that through everything you remain a beacon of light for the rest of us to follow."

Harry smiled as Hermione handed Minerva and Severus their documents to sign.

"The rest of you present today are all emissaries of your respected fields," said Harry. "I can not give you a job position and such as of yet. We are still too young of a community and position to allow such ranks as it were. Please note that in the future, Minister Bones will be more than happy to create new spots. I do believe that we will need to create an office that will act as one who will work with other countries and such. If you feel you can fill the post on top of what you already do, then please do not hesitate to turn your name into the Ministry for consideration."

"We are not only here for this," said Piper with a smile. "We need to discuss what to do about Albus. That old wizard is starting to get on my nerves."

"So far we have managed to keep Potter Castle and most of the community secured," said Arthur. "We know that the castle is unplottable, but I think we should consider making the school unplottable as well. It is the closet building to the castle. We need to make sure that the students are safe."

"We have been working with Griphook on learning wards and such," said Hermione. "Bill has been able to study some of the wards on the castle so that we can use them on the school. We agree that it is in the best interest of the students to do what the founders of Hogwarts have done."

"We are in luck there," said Harry. "I have some books that were written by Godric and Rowena. Some of the other Hufflepuff descendants have given me the books of Helga. I can always see if Voldemort will loan me the books from Salazar and we can see about doing what the four founders did."

"I have been reading Godric's books," said Hermione. "It would be nice if others could help with certain aspects of the other founders."

"I have read Rowena's books," said Harry. "I have a basic understanding of what her role in building the castle was. If Minerva could handle Helga's workings, I would appreciate it. I have asked Voldemort for the use of the Slytherin books pertaining to Hogwarts. I should here back from him anytime now. If he agrees and loans me the books, I would like for Severus to read them and see what can be done."

"I would be more than willing to help," said Severus. "However if they are written in parseltongue, then you would be on your own as no one but you and the Dark Lord can understand them. I would be more than happy to review the books from Ravenclaw and we can work on it from there."

"I am interested to see what Helga Hufflepuff wrote about her participation as well," said Minerva. "You can count me in. What wards do we have now?"

"So far we have few," admitted Harry. "We just have what Bill knows from his time as a curse breaker and what Hermione and I have discovered from the books. Some of it is beyond our concept at the moment. So basically, Dora has been acting as a school guard to help keep outside intrusions away."

"Just have the books brought to our quarters at the school and we can look into it for you," said Minerva. "As Deputy of Hogwarts, I have a good understanding of the wards there. I may be able to activate a few."

A flash of light and a package appeared in front of Harry. A letter was with it. Harry opened the letter and read.

Harry Potter

I have made a copy of the working of building the school for you. Your request to borrow the books is denied, but I see no reason for you to not have the information you requested in making sure that your school is safe. I do this because you are related to me in a way and you have a right to certain information. I deemed it harmless for you to know how to ward your school from people like Albus. Therefore I have sent you the text pertaining to our descendant's participation of building the school. I also thank you for the information regarding the happenings of what Albus is up to. Consider this a reward for the information.

Lord Voldemort

Harry opened the package and read through the first book. He passed it to Severus who nodded.

"I can read this," he declared. "We will look into the matter and let you know what we discover."

"Well, I have only one thing left to say to you all," said Harry. "Happy Christmas. Hopefully everyone gets many wonderful gifts this year."

With that being said, the group left the room. Each had their own shopping to do. Wyatt and Harry left to go shopping for Paige. By the end of the day, Harry knew that what he ordered for her would arrive at Halliwell Manor the morning of Christmas. When they were done, Harry went to Potter Highway and ordered the gift he had in mind for Wyatt. From there he went up to the roof where he and Hedwig spent some time working with her clutch of chicks. They were flying well and were as smart as she was.

Christmas time came quickly to Potter Vale. The morning was spent at the castle as there were so many people that were joining Harry. After a hearty breakfast the occupants of the castle headed to the sitting room, where a huge Christmas tree was standing. There were many packages under the tree. Harry waited until everyone had their gifts from everyone else before he handed his out. He handed Phoebe her gift and watched as her eyes got huge at the diamond necklace and earring set that Harry bought her. Piper and Paige cooed over the gift as well. Paige shrieked in delight when she opened her somewhat smaller package to find the keys to a brand new mustang convertible in it. Piper and Phoebe laughed at her as she tackled Harry and kissed him all over his face. Piper was confused by the gift that Harry had given her. It was two envelopes. She opened the first one and her eyes grew large. When she opened the second one, tears formed as she started to cry. Harry had paid off all loans that were on the manor and P3. She hugged him while she admonished him for spending so much money on them.

"Think nothing of it," said Harry. "When you have as much money as I do, things like this are relatively small in comparison."

Leo and Chris opened their gifts and were delighted by the necklaces that were inside. Harry left the room for a moment and came back with two cages which he presented to Minerva and Augusta.

"I know both of you lost your familiars," said Harry. "These gifts are from both me and Draco."

Both women looked at each other and lifted the covers. In each cage was a beautiful owl.

"These owlets are the offspring of Hedwig and Magus," said Harry. "The grey one is named Marcus and the white one is named Gwen. We hope that you like them. We have worked with them for a month now to make sure they are properly trained."

"They are beautiful," said Minerva opening the door and letting Gwen fly to her shoulder.

"I love him," said Augusta. "He is a handsome owl. Thank you Harry."

Hermione and Narcissa were quiet during this. Both looked at the envelopes in their hands wondering what Harry had done. Both women gasped in delight when they saw what Harry had gotten them. For Narcissa, he had gotten her a boutique that sold dress clothes for witches and wizards. For Hermione, he bought her a book store.

"Lady Black's Fashions and Granger' Book Worm are well stocked with supplies that both of you need to get started," said Harry. "The Grand opening is up to you. I know Hermione is still in school and Narcissa is a professor, but I figured the extra income would not hurt. Also I figured that I could not come up with a better gift for Hermione if I tried. Giving her a bookstore would make her happy. It's already fully stocked with books. Each of you has a helper that I have hired to assist with the store. Three months from now, you both will be able to pay your own employees. For now I am coving their wages."

"Harry that is so wonderful," said Narcissa. "I absolutely love it. Thank you."

Hermione meanwhile was crying. She was so delighted by what Harry had done for her. All she could do was get up and hug Harry.

Gifts continued as Pomona shrieked in delight as some of the seeds and saplings that Harry had bought for her as a gift. Severus was delighted by some of the rare potions ingredients that Harry had gotten him not to mention books on DADA. Arthur was delighted by his collection of muggle stuff. Harry had bought him a wide variety of things. He got Draco a pendant with his own insignia on it. An emerald with a dragon holding the gem in its mouth hung from a platinum chain. Draco was speechless at the exquisite piece. For Luna, he bought her all sorts of books on being a seer. She was delighted by this. For Neville, Harry bought him his own Firebolt and a wand holster. For Bill and Charlie, Harry got each of them gift certificates to different shops on the Highway. For Steven he gave the building that was now set up as his law office in America. For Hagrid he floored the half giant by walking to the fireplace he had charmed and pulled out a phoenix egg. The egg hatched right there in Hagrid's hand.

"Harry," said Remus looking at the chick in Hagrid's hand. "Where did you get that egg?"

"Fawkes brought it to me," said Harry. "His mate gave him the egg to give to one I thought would appreciate it. Hagrid now has his own phoenix."

"Where is Fawkes now?" asked Remus looking concerned.

A ball of fire later and Fawkes was trilling a happy note from Harry's shoulder.

"He left Albus and he has come to me," said Harry. "He sent me images of what Albus is up to and then sent me the image of living with me and being with me."

"That is a very rare occurrence," said Severus. "Phoenixes rarely switch allegiances. Albus must have really upset Fawkes for him to switch allegiances."

"It happened right after the incident involving Susan Bones," said Harry.

Everyone nodded. Harry walked over to Fred and George and handed them each a small package.

"I think you would like this," said Harry. "I have not given you the originals, but I sent them off to a friend and he made copies. I think you will appreciate what I have to give to you."

Fred and George tore open the packages. Both were so shocked by what Harry gave them, that for once they were speechless. Harry looked over to the others to explain.

"Fred and George idolize the Marauders," said Harry. "As three of the Marauders are no longer in play, I felt that it was time to pass the torch. I have given them with permission from Moony, a copy of the journals of pranks and tricks that my dad and his friends pulled during their time at Hogwarts."

"Oh dear," said Minerva. "That means we can expect people to start pranking others in school now. Harry has just ensured that those two, who incidentally are top ranking pranksters all on their own, the weapon of the greatest jokers in Hogwarts history."

"Merlin, help all of us," said Severus. "I may not have appreciated what your dad and Sirius did to me in school, but even I can not deny that they were the best in their field when it came to jokes. It makes me regret giving these two what I have given them.

"What did you give them?" asked Harry.

"My potions prank book," said Severus. "We are in for one hell of a time at Emrys."

Harry laughed as he handed a small package to Remus and one to Wyatt. Remus opened his first and looked at the little bottle curiously.

"Piper and Severus helped me get this for you," said Harry. "It is a cure for lycanthropy. The envelope is from someone who wants to work with you on an autobiography about your time that you lived as a werewolf. He will work with you to tell your story and from there we will get the book published."

"I would be honored to buy and sell copies of your book in my store," said Hermione.

"As long as I get an autographed copy, I will be happy," said Harry. "You are to take that potion tonight so that we can monitor you during the night. We are not sure how your body will react and we want you safe. Leo and Poppy will be here to assist you with pain potions and such. Severus will also be with you during this to help log what happens."

"It will assist in making money for the community if more werewolves want the cure," said Piper. "As co inventor, I am donating half of the proceeds to the Ministry of Magic for regulation of the cure. This will help fund the Ministry."

"I will also be donating half my proceeds to the Ministry," said Severus. "The cure for lycanthropy will earn quite a bit of money."

Remus sat there with tears of happiness falling down his face.

"None of that Remus." said Harry. "You deserve what we have given you. Of all the werewolves on the planet, you are the gentlest of souls. You deserve to have a happy and normal life."

"Thank you cub," said Remus. "Thank you everyone. This means so much to me."

Wyatt by this time had opened his gift. It was an engagement ring made for a male. It had a sapphire in the center it had a smaller ruby on each side of it. Flanking the rubies were three diamonds. The band was platinum and had each of Harry's house emblems engraved on the band. Piper noticed how quiet Wyatt was and moved over to him. He was too shocked to say anything. Harry stood and walked over to him. He took the box from his hand and knelt on one knee.

"Wyatt Noah Halliwell," said Harry. "Will you do me the honors of marrying me?"

Silence surrounded the room as they waited for Wyatt to speak. He took a large intake of air before he released it. He looked Harry straight in the eye and spoke.

"Harry James Potter, I would be honored to marry you," he said.

Harry reached up and placed a kiss on Wyatt's lips. Everyone surrounding them started clapping. Piper and Phoebe as well as Minerva and Pomona had tears in their eyes.

When their kiss ended, Harry sat next to Wyatt and grabbed his hand.

"As you all know," he said. "I am emancipated. Wyatt turns eighteen in September. Normal wizards and witches come of age at seventeen. Therefore we have time to learn more about one another. We will talk more and set a date for after we are both of age."

"That will give us time to plan the wedding and make sure we have everything we need and such," said Piper. "I am so happy for you both."

"You knew that Harry was going to do this?" asked Wyatt.

"Yes we knew," said Leo. "We are happy for both of you. We are proud of both of you as well. You both get high marks in your tests both magical and non magical. Wyatt you are going to be valedictorian of your year. Harry is in a close tie with Hermione for the same spot at Emrys. You are both very mature young men with a solid mind. Your mother and I saw no reason to say no. When Harry asked if he could propose, we said yes rather quickly."

"We knew also," said Phoebe. "We were delighted that Harry asked the whole family."

"I get a new brother," said Chris. "Harry thank you for all the gifts that you bought me for Christmas. I love everything."

Harry and the others laughed and talked. They enjoyed the merriment of the day. Harry had gotten many gifts as well. He received letters from other people that he sent gifts to all thanking him for the wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

Later that day, Hedwig soared into the room with a copy of the Daily Prophet. Harry opened the paper and gasped at the headline. Rita made sure he got this quickly.

Ministry of Magic Attacked

The Dark Lord as raided the Ministry of Magic. Many witches and wizards died on both sides.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Yes I am leaving one of my cliff hangers. I apologize for doing this, but I want the next chapter to speak a volume as well. Thanks for understanding.

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