Sounding The Call

Last of the Malfoys

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Chapter 13 – Last Of The Malfoys

That evening Harry went to bed exhausted. His studies were going well, he was making decisions about his community that were fair and just, and he had entered the heart of Lord Voldemort's lair unharmed twice. He fell asleep quickly. The next morning, he got ready in his dress robes and headed downstairs for breakfast. Rita was there with breakfast. She bowed to him and served his breakfast. To say that the elves at Potter Castle were happy that their master finally came home was an understatement. It was nice for them having humans around to care for. Visitors were constantly at the castle, so there was more work for them that they enjoyed. As Harry was eating, Draco came into the room and sat down. Rita served him his breakfast.

"What time to we have to be at Gringotts?" asked Draco.

"In about twenty minutes," said Harry. "We will floo directly to Ragnok's office."

"We can go whenever you are ready," said Draco. "I want to get this over with as soon as possible."

Harry nodded and finished his breakfast. From there, he and Draco made their way to the floo room and with a shout, vanished from sight. They entered the bank and the goblins all bowed low to them. Harry greeted them in their own language and chatted idly to the goblin as they were led to Ragnok's office. They entered and sat down. They were surprised to find that Voldemort was already sitting there waiting. McNair was standing in a corner keeping vigil. When Harry and Draco walked in, McNair gave them an appropriate bow. Voldemort and Harry exchanged formal greetings to one another as Harry and Draco sat. Draco did not look at the Dark Lord. Were it not for Harry sitting there, he probably would have fled the room. As it was he was having a hard time sitting there and not staring at the man.

"Do relax young Draconis," said Voldemort with amusement. "I am here for business. I am not here to cause trouble. You are protected by Lord Potter. As this is the reading of your father's will you would not have been in any danger anyway."

"Yes Sir," said Draco quietly.

"My regards to you for your loss," said Voldemort. "Lucius spoke proudly of you when you were mentioned."

"Thank you Sir," said Draco.

Ragnok came in and sat down. He looked at the three sitting before him with a little apprehension. It was no secret that the Dark Lord had sought out the death of Harry Potter in the past. It was also no secret that the goblins of Gringotts favored Harry Potter for this same reason.

"I trust that there will be no fighting here today gentlemen," said Ragnok carefully. "We goblins of Gringotts do not favor fights inside our walls. We are here for the reading of Lucius Malfoy."

"Lord Voldemort and I no longer have a quarrel," said Harry. "We have an understanding between us that both work at. You have no need to worry about us fighting."

"I am relieved to hear this," said Ragnok. "We are here today to hear the last will and testament of Lucius Abraxus Malfoy. His will was recently updated due to the unusual circumstances regarding your birthright Lord Potter. Other actions and considerations were updated as well."

Ragnok placed a sphere on the desk and touched it. The image of Lucius stood there and began speaking.

I, Lucius Abraxus Malfoy, being of sound mind and body bequeath the following:

To the goblins of Gringotts, please see to it that my ex wife is not at the reading of this will. She may have what I left to her, but I do not want her at the reading of this will. I sincerely hope you respect my wishes in this.

To my ex wife Narcissa Black Malfoy, I leave you ten million galleons. For all of the years of devotion you gave to our son, I deem it only fair to leave you with something. I also leave you the summer house in Italy.

To Lord Voldemort, I leave you ten million galleons. I hope that I have served you well for all these years. I humbly ask that my son not be brought into the ranks. This will ensure his safety from that meddlesome old fool. I also leave you Malfoy Manor. With all of the charms and wards, it would be safer than any other residence. Should you, decide to get rid of something, please offer it to Draco first.

To Lord Harry Potter, I leave fifty million galleons. I did not know until recently that you were a relative or I would have done my best to get you away from those horrible relatives. I also leave you with an apology. Those times that I purposely agitated, insulted, or attacked you were entirely innocent. I was just acting on my orders from my Lord. For a Malfoy, family comes first.

To my son, Draconis Lucius Malfoy, I leave the rest of my fortune. I also leave you with the winter home in France, the spring home in Germany, and the autumn home in Egypt. I also name you Head of House for the Malfoy line. I also leave you with a final thought. I may not have shown you emotion or the love that you needed, but please know that I did love you. I was very proud of you from the moment I first laid eyes on you. May your future endeavors, be as profitable as they are now.

When Lucius finished speaking, Ragnok pulled out the appropriate documents for everyone. All three signed them and returned them.

"I will ask Lord Potter to make sure that Lady Black signs her documents," said Ragnok handing the paperwork over to Harry. "As soon as she does so, they will automatically appear on my desk."

"Of course Sir," said Harry cordially. "I will see to it as soon as we get back to Emrys."

With that the three stood and left the room. Harry called for Leo who orbed in and then orbed them to the school. They set out to head to classes. During etiquette class, Harry quietly approached Narcissa and handed her the documents to sign. She did so quickly and the paperwork disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The days turned into weeks. Before long it was Valentine's Day. Thankfully for everyone, it was on a Saturday. Wyatt and Harry had reservations at Madam Dina's for dinner. They stayed for awhile savoring the delicious meal. From there, they went to a party that Narcissa threw for the students of Emrys. They danced together for the first time. Narcissa got her hands on some muggle music and played it for them. They danced together oblivious of the jealous stares of the girls around them. It was a song that both Harry and Wyatt were familiar with.

Ain't there something I can give youIn exchange for everything you give to meRead my mind and make me feel just fineWhen I think my peace of mind is outof reachThe scales are sometimes unbalancedAnd you bear the weight of all that has to beI hope you see that you can lean on meAnd together we can calm a stormy sea

We love so strong and so unselfishlyAnd I tell you now that I made a vowI'm giving you the best that I got, babyYes I tell you now, that I made a vowI'm giving you the best that I got, honey

Everybody's got opinions'Bout the way they think our story's gonna endSome folks feel it's just a superficial thrillEverybody's gonna have to think againWe love so strong and so unselfishlyThey don't bother me so I'm gonna keep onGiving you the best that I got, babyThey don't bother me, said I'm gonna keep onGiving you the best that I got, listen baby

Somebody understands meSomebody gave his heart to meI stumbled my whole life longAlways on my own, now I'm home

My weary mind is restedAnd I feel as if my home is in your armsFears are all gone, I like the sound of your songAnd I think I want to sing it forever

We love so strong and so unselfishlyAnd I made a vow so I tell you nowI'm giving you the best that I got, listen babyI bet everything on my wedding ringI'm giving you the best that I got,Givin' it to you baby

When the song ended the couple kissed and they made their way off the dance floor to their table. There they met Hermione and Draco who had also just left the dance floor.

"Albus what are we going to do?" asked Molly. "We have now lost Hogwarts. Ron and Ginny have both been expelled. What are we going to do about all of this?"

"I believe we will have to send Ginerva to America and see if she can get into Harry's good graces again," said Albus. "We will send Hestia with her and they can work out something together."

"Do you think it is safe to speak of our plans here?" asked Molly. "Every time that we agree upon something, it leaks out somehow."

"I have put a Silencing Charm on the door to ensure that we will not be overheard this time," assured Albus. "Now let's get down to business shall we?"

"What is it you want me to do?" asked Ginny. "I am not sure how to get around."

"You do like everyone else and show up," said Albus. "From there, you claim that you are tired of working for me. Tell them that you were Imperiused and that you have finally been able to break the curse. From there, try to win your way into Harry's good graces. I need to know the location of the castle. The closest thing I can get you to is Potter Highway. I have been doing some asking around to the different vendors on Diagon Alley and I have finally had some success. You will go with Hestia Jones. She will fit in better than most. I think she is our leak anyway. Sending her there will most likely stop her from spreading to the press anymore of our workings here."

"What do I do after I get to Potter Highway?" asked Ginny. "I can't very well ask to be taken to Potter. That would throw them all off and not trust me."

"You tell them that you are running from the Dark Lord and that you wish for sanctuary," said Albus. "Go to your brothers Fred and George. They will be more likely to believe you than any of the others. Tell them horrible things about, what your mother made you do and such. Make sure that you play your part well. We need to find the castle or the school. It is our only way of getting hold of Harry. Once you get that, then use this mirror to contact me. I will apparate to you immediately. If I can get into range I can put a strong enough Imperio on Harry to bring him back here and force him to attack Voldemort."

"I can do that," said Ginny smugly. "It is easy to play the poor little sister. They will be like flies to honey."

"If you succeed, the reward will be great," said Albus. "Should you fail, you are on your own."

"I will not fail," said Ginny.

"Excellent my dear," said Albus. "You have one week to prepare for your journey. Make sure you bring enough stuff with you to make it convincing."

With that, Albus turned to other pressing matters.

"We have been able to bring down a couple of Death Eaters," he said. "Our numbers have thinned, but if we continue to pick away at Voldemort's forces, then he will no longer be a threat. I have managed to get my hands on all of his horcruxes but one. If we can get our hands on Nagini, we have a chance of winning this war. Now that Lucius Malfoy is dead, we are one more of the inner circle down. That was good timing on your part Alastor."

"Thanks Albus," said Moody. "With Amelia and Kingsley deflecting to Potter, we will have a harder time getting to the boy. However if the girl is successful, we can grab him right out from under their noses and no one will be the wiser. With some of the top Death Eaters dead, we can get to Voldemort easier. I heard a rumor that he inherited Malfoy Manor. We have to get a spy in there to give us the location so that we can bring down the wards. Once we bring down the wards, then we have a better chance of getting to Voldemort himself."

"Is it true that many of the rogue werewolves have gone for the cure?" asked Dedalus. "If so, that will lessen our chances of getting any to work with us in this war."

"That is a fact," said Albus. "However it also plays well for us. The more that goes for the cure, then the less werewolves that Voldemort has."

Everyone nodded around the table.

"One last bit of business," said Albus. "We have to get our hands on Bellatrix, McNair, and Nagini. Those are the three most important objects that stand in our way to get to Voldemort. If we kill them, then we have a clear victory over him. Get teams together to figure out how to bring the two humans out in the open. Get our operative in the Ministry to figure out where Malfoy Manor is and how to get his hands on Nagini."

There were nods all around as the meeting broke up. Molly and Ginny were the last to leave.

"Ginerva be prepared to leave in three days," said Albus. "You two are the only ones that know this. We will get around the spy in our ranks in this way to throw them off track. They can feed false information to Potter and the Dark Lord."

"Excellent thinking Albus," said Molly. "Not to worry. She will be ready."

Albus beamed at the two women in front of him. Albus canceled the Silencing Charm and left. Molly and Ginny followed behind him soon after.

Once more Aberforth watched the group leave. Rita was in the back of the room writing everything down on two sheets of parchment. She had been under the table the whole time in her Animagus form listening to the conversation. When she was done, she handed a copy to Aberforth who immediately sent it to Harry. From there, she stepped outside into the night air and handed a copy to the Death Eater that was patrolling the area with instructions to deliver the letter to Voldemort immediately.

Harry was sitting at his desk when the letter from Aberforth came in. He was just working on some of his homework. As was a habit of his, he worked on his school work as soon as it was given to him. This was how he excelled in most of his courses. When the letter came in, he read it quickly. He set it to the side and finished his work before getting up and heading to the floo room. He stepped into the fireplace and flooed to the Ministry building. From there he went to Amelia's office and knocked.

"Good morning Lord Potter," she greeted. "What brings you here so early today?"

"I received word that Albus is sending Ginny over," said Harry handing her Rita's letter. "I think it is time to put the sting operation into effect. From what Rita says, she will act like the poor puppy. I say let the puppy get kicked."

"Has Lord Voldemort been informed?" asked Amelia.

"Oh yes," said Harry. "Rita knows that she is to tell him what she learns of Albus' shenanigans. This way we can capture the old fool now that he is on the run and bring him to justice."

"Why are you leaving it to Voldemort?" asked Amelia. "Why not just face him dead on?"

"Britain is Voldemort's terrain," said Harry simply. "What happens there is his problem. It only affects us when it comes here. Albus doesn't know where we are. I have no doubt that he has been snooping around and knows about Potter Highway, but there is little we can do until he comes this way. He is stronger in England so he is concentrating on getting me there."

"What did you do with his family home?" asked Amelia. "You have never mentioned it."

"I sold it to some powerful people," said Harry. "I sold it to Fenrir Greyback. He and his werewolf clan live there. I got a contract out of it as well stating that neither he nor his clan is allowed on American soil. I will send you a copy of that if you don't have it already. Drew Dugruise already has a copy."

"I think I did come across a copy of the contract," said Amelia. "My secretary should be able to find it should I need it for reference purposes. That is a brilliant strategy."

"I sold him the manor really cheap as I wanted him and his furry friends out of our way," said Harry.

"You really are a remarkable person," said Amelia. "You have grown so much since you came here. I am so proud of you. So much is happening so smoothly and quickly. The school, hospital, and Ministry are all running efficiently on their own now. You have managed to procure land for the families of our muggleborns outside of the Vale, and you have managed to get us set up in such a short period of time. Business is booming on Potter Highway. We have made another short street consisting of twelve blocks of shops near the school for the students to go and have fun once a month. Everything is just wonderful."

"Well it was a hard job," said Harry. "We had a lot of red tape to cut through. There was so much paperwork to deal with not to mention that attack of trolls recently. We have had our first thief caught not to mention that Hagrid is up to some of his old habits of bringing in dangerous creatures to class again."

"No community will be crime free," said Amelia. "There will always be people about that will break the law. However we have a full Auror office. The Ministry is starting new jobs as well. We have a few prophecies in our Hall of Prophecies. We have a few farms that have gone up as well as a few herders of different livestock. I know that Hannah is enjoying her chicken farm. She now has over two hundred chickens. She always has eggs for sale to the school to earn her some money not to mention the older chickens to sell for food."

"We have our first person in our graveyard too," said Harry sadly. "I was shocked by the accident."

"That was horrible," said Amelia. "To think he fell seven stories. I wonder why he was working on the roof of the building without his wand. That was very foolish of him."

"Well we made sure that his wife and son is taken care of at any rate," said Harry. "The family was a poor family. So I am going to make sure the school allows him to enroll next year anyway. She is now working for Hermione. So they will have a small income coming in to feed them and clothe them."

"The chapel was completed yesterday," said Amelia changing the subject. "It is now open for weddings and such."

"We must tell Piper," said Harry. "She is dying to start planning our wedding."

"Have the two of you set a date yet?" she asked.

"Halloween," said Harry with a grin. "I think my parents would appreciate the irony."

The two chatted for a few moments longer before Harry stood up and excused himself. He set out to warn the rest of the Weasleys that Ginny was coming to America and her first stop was to try and get the twins to warm up to her.

The sting operation was set up and everyone was ready. Kingsley was in the joke shop the day that Ginny was supposed to arrive. Around eleven that morning a portkey flared and Ginny fell to the floor exhausted. Her trunk popped open and littered her stuff on the floor.

"What are you doing here Ginny?" asked Fred coming around the corner. "I thought we asked you to leave us alone?"

"Fred it was awful," said Ginny bringing tears to her eyes as she scurried to pick up her clothes. "The other morning I woke up and felt like a weight had been lifted off of my mind."

"What do you mean?" asked George coming up to her.

"It was like I was waking up from a bad dream or something," said Ginny. "It was like I was awake for the first time in months. I think mum or Albus put me under the Imperius or something."

"You really think she would do something like that?" asked Fred playing along. "She is our mother. I may not be happy with her, but putting one of her children under the Imperius Curse is pushing it."

"She and Albus are so set on getting their hands on Harry's money," said Ginny letting her fake tears fall. "She is not herself anymore. Professor Albus is so determined to get his hands on Harry's power and money that he is pushing everyone to the extreme. I had to get away."

"How did you get away?" asked George also playing along. "Getting away from Albus and the Dark Lord is not an easy feat for full grown wizards much less a fifteen year old."

"I remembered some of the tricks you guys pulled," said Ginny. "From there I just took the Knight Bus to Diagon Alley. Once there I got one of my friends to get their parents to give me a portkey here."

"Who did you get to give a portkey?" asked Fred with his hands in his pocket fingering his wand. "No wonder you fell over. International portkeys are expensive not to mention a longer trip."

"Yeah it was hard on us when we took ours here," said George mirroring his brother's actions. "So what do you want us to do?"

"I need help," said Ginny. "I need some place to live. I would also like to stay here and complete my education. I came to you because I figured you would help me. I have been through so much already. I just want to get away from mum and the Professor. Please say you will help me."

"I don't know Gin," said George directing his wand at a few boxes and levitating them to their place on the shelf. "You put Harry through a lot of grief."

"I am not sure if he will trust you," said Fred working on his own project. "Plus we have two shops that we are working in. Minister Bones may not let us take care of our little sister even if you are fifteen."

"I have no where else to turn," said Ginny turning up the heat a bit. "I would go directly to Harry, but I have no idea where he is. I heard about this place from Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley. My friend works there."

"Why would you go to Harry?" asked Fred.

"I need to see him," said Ginny. "I need to talk to him."

"Why?" asked George. "He is very busy with school and such. Plus he has been taking extra courses in law, politics, and etiquette. He is also gearing up for his seventeenth birthday in July and his wedding in October."

"Wedding?" asked Ginny forgetting to keep her mask in place. "He is getting married? Who is he marrying?"

"That is not something we can discuss with you," said George. "Just know one thing Ginny. Albus will NEVER get his hands on Harry. Lord Potter is very well protected."

"Plus you are a terrible actress," said Fred pointing his wand at her. "We knew you were lying from the moment you stepped in here. STUPEFY!"

"Very good boys," said Kingsley coming from behind the counter. "That was very good indeed. The Ministry will take it from here."

"We said it before and we will say it again," said Fred.

"We are loyal to Harry," said George.

"And that is how we will stay," they said in unison.

Kingsley laughed as he put on anti apparition cuffs on Ginny and searched her for concealed portkeys. From there he woke her. She started screaming obscenities. Kingsley took away her mirror. He knew immediately what it was.

"Albus," he said to the mirror.

"Kingsley my boy," said Albus jovially. "I have not spoken with you in some time. What can I do for you?"

"Nothing," said Kingsley. "I am only giving you a warning. Your plan has failed. Miss Prewett is now in custody and will be punished by our laws and that of Lord Voldemort. Once we are done questioning her, we will send word with the British Ministry to come collect her. From there, I can not guarantee that she will live. At least here she will stay alive. I do recommend that you not try this stunt again."

"You are a traitor to your own country," snarled Albus. "I will destroy you and that traitor Potter."

Kingsley pointed his wand at the mirror and shattered it with a quick spell. With a wave of his wand, he banished the pieces. He pointed his wand at Ginny and grabbed her by the arm and led her out of the store. She was brought to a special prison set up near the Ministry building.

"You will not get away with this," said Ginny. "My mum and the professor will come for me."

"I hope they do," said Kingsley. "If they do, then they will end up in the same predicament you are in."

"Potter should have done his duty," said Ginny. "He should have defeated Voldemort and then married me. Now he is marrying some whore. It is probably Granger. She was always jealous of me. I am younger and prettier than she will ever be."

"Do shut up," said Kingsley. "For your information, Miss Granger is NOT marrying Lord Potter. Lord Potter is marrying one Wyatt Halliwell. They are a soul bonded couple. Even the strongest spell can not separate a soul bond. So you would never have him anyway. For the record, Miss Granger is not now nor has she ever been jealous of you. As far as looks, you may have been pretty once, but your greed has made you into a twisted ugly person. Miss Granger is beautiful on the inside as well as out. You are the one that should be jealous."

"Another boy?" screamed Ginny not hearing everything he said. "Harry is marrying another boy? He can not do that Professor Albus promised me Harry and his money."

"I thought I told you to shut up," said Kingsley as he shoved her into the cell and into a chair. "We will be back in a few minutes. You will be subjected to our laws while Lord Potter contacts Lord Voldemort. If you are lucky, you will live pass arriving back into England. You should have thought of a better way of life rather than to try and steal someone's money. You are indeed a foolish young woman. If you live, you would do well to find yourself another way of earning money. I can guarantee that you will never get your hands on Lord Potter's vaults."

Kingsley left and sent an owl to Harry telling him that he had Ginny in custody. Harry immediately sent word to Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort

The plan worked out fairly well. We have Ginerva Prewett in our custody. If you would like, I can send Leo to get you and orb you to our Ministry. This way we can both hear her confession under Veritaserum at the same time. You have my word that your safety is assured. If you could come soon, we can end this chapter of the sordid story. If you agree please meet Leo outside of Gringotts of Britain as he is familiar with the location.


Lord Potter

Within moments, Voldemort replied with an affirmative. Harry called for Leo.

"I need you to go and get Lord Voldemort for me," he said. "He is waiting for you outside of Gringotts. Ginny tried to trick her way into our community. Thanks to Severus, we have the Veritaserum here already for use. Lord Voldemort agreed to come here so that we can question Ginny together and all hear her confession as well as any other plans that Albus has."

"No problem Harry," said Leo with a smile. "I will return in a few minutes with him."

Harry smiled at him as he watched Leo orb out. Within a couple of minutes, he was back with Voldemort.

"That is a better way of traveling," said Voldemort.

"I am glad that you enjoyed that," said Leo. "I shall be with you all during the questioning so that I can bring you home when we are done. I am on the Council of Magic so I can act in a dual role here."

"Lord Voldemort," said Harry approaching the man. "Thank you for coming so swiftly. Shall we get on with the questioning? Minister Bones and Head Auror Shacklebolt are already with the prisoner."

Voldemort nodded and the trio made their way to the holding cell.

"This is part of your Ministry?" asked Voldemort with raised eyebrows.

"It is," said Harry. "We have designed out buildings to be a bit more modern than they are in England. Our buildings are a bit more updated."

They entered the room and Ginny screamed in fear.

"I knew you were working with the Dark Lord," said Ginny. "Albus was right. You are a dark wizard."

"Shut up girl," said Voldemort. "Lord Potter is NOT a dark wizard. I know of you. You are supposed to be an intelligent one. Do you think a white lighter and the Charmed Ones would help Lord Potter if he was a dark wizard? Would he be engaged to be married to the legendary child of the night of magic if he was a dark wizard?"

"Is that who you are marrying?" asked Ginny with wide eyes. "Albus told me that you were just using your power and influence to lie to everyone."

"With your permission Lord Voldemort we can administer the truth serum to her," said Amelia.

"By all means Minister Bones," said Voldemort politely. "I will not stop you from doing you job. This will save me time and energy from having to do it all over again when she is back in England anyway. If there is further information, I can always use Legilimency on her.

Amelia nodded to the worker and watched as Ginny was given the potion. They waited for a few moments as the potion worked.

"What is your name?" asked Amelia.

"Ginerva Molly Prewett," said Ginny. "I used to be a Weasley."

"Where do you live?" she asked.

"The Burrow," answered Ginny.

"Why are you here?" asked Amelia.

"I was sent to trick Harry into believing that I was sorry for my actions," said Ginny.

"Who sent you?" asked Amelia

"Albus Brian," said Ginny. "He said that if I succeeded in getting the information, I would be able to get to Harry. If I got to Harry, I was to tell him where the castle was."

"What was he going to do with Harry?" asked Amelia.

"He was going to put him under the Imperius Curse and bring him back to England where he was going to force him to cause trouble for the Dark Lord," said Ginny. "He said this would insure that the two would start fighting again. He doesn't want either of them to be friends with anyone. He said he would award my family with some of Harry's money. He said that he is working on a spell to drain Harry of his power."

"How far along in this spell is he?" asked Amelia alarmed.

"He didn't tell me," said Ginny. "From what I gathered it is a spell of his making. This is why he was so mad about losing the wand. It was essential to the success of the spell."

"What wand?" Voldemort asked.

"Harry's ancestor's wand," said Ginny. "I do not know who it belonged to before, but it is a very powerful wand."

"I will tell you later," said Harry. "It was a shock to me as well."

"What are the plans regarding me?" asked Voldemort turning back to Ginny.

"Albus has ordered his group to capture and kill McNair and Bellatrix," said Ginny. "He said that he has already destroyed five of your horcruxes and he is after Nagini so that you have none left. He wants both you and Harry to die so that he can have your power. I think he is angry that both of you are more powerful than he is."

"Do you really think I am a Dark Wizard?" asked Harry sadly.

"No," said Ginny. "I just wanted your money. I followed along with Albus because it was a way for me to get it."

Harry left the room then. He walked down the hall a bit, sat down, and started crying. Moments later Wyatt orbed in and sat next to him. He gathered Harry in his arms and held him as he cried. A few minutes later, Voldemort came out of the cell with Ginny. She was in a trance and walked behind Voldemort like a puppet. Voldemort walked over to Harry and looked down at him.

"Those who you considered family have betrayed you," said Voldemort. "This one and the other three will be punished as will Albus. I know that this is hard for you. Just know that even though this is painful, there are always those who will step up to the forefront and make that pain vanish. You are a leader of the forces of light. I once walked in your shoes. It is because of a certain wizard we both know, that I chose the path that I did. Shall we sit somewhere and talk about it?"

Harry nodded and stood with the help of Wyatt.

"How about we go to the Academy?" asked Harry.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Yes I know you all want to beat me up for yet another cliff hanger. I truly am sorry to keep doing this to you all. However, doesn't it leave you wanting more? Isn't that the mark of a good writer? Let me know what you think.

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