Sounding The Call


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Chapter 15 – Fury

"He did what?" asked Harry getting angry immediately. "Where did you guys orb to?"

"We went directly to the Ministry of Magic," said Leo. "Albus had a scarred up man and himself in the Minister's office. As soon as we orbed in they attacked. Wyatt was hit by a stray spell. Thankfully, Lord Voldemort stepped in and allowed us to escape."

Leo was laying his hands on Wyatt trying to heal him. Severus, Draco, and Hermione came in quickly. They were stunned by the sight that greeted them.

"Harry what is going on?" asked Hermione. "Lydia said that Wyatt was hurt. What happened?"

"He got hit with a cutting curse," said Harry. "It looks like Sectumsempra. They were bringing Voldemort back to Britain when Albus attacked."

Severus watched as Leo attempted to heal his son with no success. When he noticed that no matter what Leo did he could not get the wounds to close, he knelt next to him and pulled out his wand. He started chanting over Wyatt. Each time he passed his wand over Wyatt the cuts closed a little more. With the last pass, the wounds fully closed. Harry knelt next to his mate and concentrated on his core of magic. When he was in tune with it, he let the magic flow and had the satisfaction of watching the scars that adorned Wyatt from the curse fade from sight. Wyatt looked up at Harry and smiled. He quickly gave a kiss to his mate to thank him.

"Harry that was amazing," said Severus. "That curse always leaves scars after a healing. You reached into your core and healed him. That is some impressive magic. Not many can do that. It would appear that your magic is growing again."

"I am so pissed off right now," said Harry. "I think it is time for us to pay a visit to England. I feel my magic flaring at the injustice of what has happened. You try to do something helpful and right and someone special gets hurt. I want that old man to be punished for what he has done to Wyatt and what he is continually doing to me. I have had enough of him."

"What would be the point?" asked Draco. "Going back to England right now will be dangerous. I do not want you getting hurt. You can not run off angry. You will make mistakes and get hurt. Please calm down and think rationally for a minute."

"It is time to go hunting," said Harry. "I know the names of most of the Order members. It is time to bring them down. I want this over with and the old meddlesome fool brought to justice."

"Be rational Harry," said Hermione. "To do this properly we need to plan this appropriately. I want us to make sure we do this right the first time with minimal damage to us. We still need to make sure we can work with Voldemort. While he is cooperating, we don't want to run amuck in his territory."

"I agree with Hermione," said Draco. "We can work out a plan with the Council and send in a strike force to bring down Albus one member at a time until the old coot is alone. I have an idea too. With a little planning we can pull this off easily."

"What would that be?" asked Severus. "What scheme are you concocting? It better not put you in danger."

"It is simple really," said Draco. "Who is the one wizard that Albus hated as much as Voldemort and Harry?"

"Grindelwald," said Hermione. "Could it be that he is falsely imprisoned for crimes that he did not commit? After all Voldemort did not do some of the crimes that Albus says he did."

"You may be on to something," said Harry relaxing a bit. "Let's get Wyatt to bed and let him sleep. We can plan this more as we go along. I need you to find out the exact location of Nurmengard. If Grindelwald is still alive, he may be willing to assist us."

Leo orbed Harry and Wyatt to their suite of rooms and together they got Wyatt comfortably in bed.

"Dobby!" called Harry.

"Harry Potter is calling?" asked the elf. "What can Dobby do for his Harry Potter?"

"Wyatt was hurt," said Harry. "I need you to keep an eye on him in case he has back lash from the attack. Would you sit with him in case he needs something? He will be sleeping soon, but I will feel better knowing that you are here in case something happens."

"Of course Harry Potter," said Dobby. "You is can count on Dobby."

"We need to have a meeting," said Harry to Severus when they returned. "If we can get everyone that is on the council plus the professors and such it would help us to have a full notion of what we can do and not do to bring down the Order of the Phoenix."

"We have other things we need to discus as well," said Severus. "We have had a break through with the wards and such. That is what Hermione and I were racing to tell you when we came upon the scene."

"That is wonderful news," said Harry. "It will be a relief to have the school safe from attack. We can talk about that as well. We still need to get to England to make sure that Voldemort is alright."

"Let's do it this way," suggested Piper. "Leo can orb me and my sisters with Severus and Minerva and Harry to check on Voldemort. We can insure that he is safe and that they have managed to fend off the attack. The stipulation is that you stay with me at all times Harry and not to leave my sight."

"I agree," said Harry. "Let's go."

"I want to come too," said Hermione. "I have skills that can help. I was co leader of the DA and I am top of the class along side of Harry and Draco."

"If she goes then I go," said Draco. "I am not allowing my girlfriend to rush into battle and leave me behind. Besides, the more we have in our group, the safer we will be."

"Fine," said Piper. "Make sure that you all stick together and that you are never far from one of us. I mean it. I want all of you to be very careful."

Everyone held hands and Leo orbed them out of the castle and back to the Ministry. When they got there, a battle was still raging. Albus and Voldemort were locked in battle. Moody and Bellatrix were fighting near them. At the same time other Order members were fighting known Death Eaters. Harry and Draco automatically erected shields around their group. Albus noticed Harry and shouted out calling attention to him. Bellatrix and Moody both stopped fighting long enough to send a curse at Harry.

Harry watched this with an interested look on his face. He raised his hand and conjured a shield with the Potter Crest on it. He lifted the shield and had the satisfaction of watching both spells hit the shield and rebound.

"Piper stop Moody," said Harry. "We have to split up the fighters. The one person with the power to do the most damage is Albus. Moody was the best Auror in his day. Bellatrix is after me as well even though she was told not to. Those are our primary targets."

Bellatrix and Moody were both heading for Harry. Voldemort and Albus resumed their fight. Draco and Hermione were firing hexes at the two of them. While neither Bellatrix nor Moody had any love for each other, both hated Harry with the same passion. They were both determined to cause pain for the leader of the forces of Light.

"Wands," said Paige holding out her hand.

She had the satisfaction of seeing Bellatrix and Moody's wands appear in her outstretched hand. Phoebe meanwhile was locked in hand to hand combat with another member of the Order. Her years of karate training were paying off. Harry meanwhile was pulling Piper along with him while blocking stray spells. Together they made it to an area where they could defend themselves from Bellatrix and Moody. Hermione and Draco were firing spells at the two left and right. Even without a wand, both could cast spells.

"We have to get away from those two," said Harry. "We may have to blow one of them up or something."

"Harry have Piper blow up Moody's leg," said Hermione as she sent yet another hex at Bellatrix. "He can't walk without it. It will slow him down."

"His left leg," said Harry pointing. "It is a fake. Paige, snap those wands. If they are broken the power in them dies."

Harry sent a spell at Albus and had the satisfaction of watching the old man jump back and switch to defensive strategy. Harry let his mind connect with his core and he was firing off hexes left and right at offenders. Albus, Moody, and Bellatrix were all on the defensive. Fighting Voldemort one on one was one thing. Fighting an enraged Harry Potter was something all together different. Especially when working in conjunction with the Dark Lord.

"I will get you Potter," shrieked Bellatrix. "You will end up like my cousin when I am done with you."

"You killed Sirius," said Harry. "You are the reason that I am without my godfather. You will pay for what you have done. You better pray that your Master gets to you before I do."

"I am not happy with you either," said Voldemort as he concentrated on his fight with Albus. "I will deal with you when this is all over with."

"Alastor," said Albus. "Let's get out of here. We are overly outnumbered and out maneuvered. We can always get at these two later. I want the Order to retreat. We have accomplished something here today. You will be seeing me again Harry Potter. I will make you pay for what you have done."

With that Albus turned on the spot and apparated out. Moody however was stuck. He was unable to apparate as Paige had snapped his wand. Piper was watching Bellatrix as she paused in horror at having the full attention of her Lord on her now. With a wave of her hand, Piper froze Alastor in place so that he could not move. Other members of the Order by this time had fled with Albus. However, they were there long enough for Voldemort to get a good look at them and memorize who they were.

"You have disobeyed me for the last time Bellatrix," said Voldemort walking over to her. "I have specifically stated to all of my Death Eaters and especially my inner circle that Harry Potter was NOT to be harmed. Yet you feel that you are above my orders. Why would you disobey me?"

"I hate this boy," she said pointing at him. "He has caused us nothing but trouble since the first battle. He should be destroyed so that he can not impede your quest for domination over the wizarding world."

"CRUCIO," said Voldemort. "I have already explained that Harry Potter is my relative. I have already given my reasoning behind not attacking the boy. You have disappointed me for the last time. Had you followed instructions, you would have been awarded beyond your wildest dreams. As you do not seem to think my orders are worth following, I will make you regret that you are alive. I will state once more that Lord Harry Potter is not impeding my quest. He is to be left alone by any who do not wish to feel my wrath. You Bellatrix will feel the full extent of my power. I have a way of making you behave."

Voldemort lifted the spell and turned to Harry and his group.

"It seems that we have to work together to bring down the old fool and his minions," he said. "I think it is in both our best interest to work together and bring down the meddlesome old fool. I give my apologies once more for the actions of Bellatrix. She will be severely punished for her transgressions against you. You have my word that she will never do so again. I will contact you soon so that we can discuss the events that have taken place today."

"McNair, you will take Bella to the special cells I have at Malfoy Manor," instructed Voldemort. "From there, we will see to it that Lord Potter gets rewarded for his bravery in coming back to assist us in our time of need. I will award him by giving him everything in the Lestrange vault. Thicknese, you will arrange the paperwork. Rowle, you will bring the ex Auror to the cell right next to Bellatrix. From there, you will send word to Fenrir that I wish to speak with him. It is time to show those that defy my orders what will happen to them when they disobey."

The three men bowed and left to follow their instructions. Harry watched as the three dead Death Eaters were taken out as well as the four Order members.

"What have you done with Ginny Prewett?" asked Harry.

"She is in a special prison that I have built," said Voldemort. "She is being held for other reasons. She will not die. I have another plan for the stupid girl. She will be punished, but in a very different way."

"How did Albus get in here?" asked Piper. "I would have thought that you would have people watching out for him. Don't you have this place warded against people like him?"

"I did," said Voldemort pointing to the dead snake. "He came in here to get Nagini. She has been killed by him. That was his sole purpose behind coming here today. He wanted to get his hands on my familiar."

"So the last of your Horcruxes has been destroyed," said Harry. "Are you going to make more?"

"I can not," said Voldemort. "I have already split my soul into more pieces than anyone has ever done. Were I to do so again, I would cause my core to become unstable. I have no desire to die, but I have no desire to cause myself more pain and anguish. I think that it is in your best interest to go home now Lord Potter. I would not want the old fool getting his hands on you when he considers you to be the ultimate prize. Just know that you have my eternal gratitude for coming here and assisting me today."

Both Harry and Voldemort gave the other bows of respect fitting their station and Leo and Paige orbed the group back to Potter Castle. From there, the group made it to the school where the others were waiting. Leo went to check on Wyatt and was back a few minutes later.

"He is sleeping peacefully," said Leo. "Severus, thank you so much for saving him."

"You do not have to thank me Leo," said Severus kindly. "Wyatt is like another godson to me. Should something happen to Wyatt, then it would hurt Harry. I do not wish to see either young man hurt."

The group sat down and discussed what they could do to bring in the weaker Order members. An hour later, they broke up and made their way to their homes and jobs. Each would work on different ideas on how to grab said Order members and bring them to justice.

The days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months. Before they knew it, the end of the year exams was upon them. Harry, Hermione, and Draco were studying constantly. They were assisting the younger years as well with tutoring. Luna was sitting her OWLS. She was nervous, but at any given time, Harry, Hermione, or Draco could be seen tutoring her in her subjects. Neville was doing his best as well. He was still nervous around Severus, but now that Severus could show his true persona, he was passing DADA with the help of Harry. Herbology was still his strong point, but he was doing well in the rest of his subjects.

Soon the exams were over and the students could breathe easier. The end of the year feast was huge as the elves wanted the students to have something to remember them by. Minerva stood up and addressed the students.

"Our first year has come to a close," she said. "Our few seventh year students that we have will be leaving us and the sixth year students will be taking over. Congratulations to all of you for working so hard to ensure that Emrys Academy is up to the standards that Hogwarts was. The incorporation of American students with our English students went smoothly. The fact that there are many different types of magic being taught here has made for an interesting time here at the school."

Severus stood up and spoke next.

"To the first year students," he said. "I am please to present the house cup of Slytherin to the young men. They earned a total of four hundred and thirty two points. The girls came in closely at four hundred and twenty."

"To the second year students," said Minerva. "The house cup goes to the young ladies. They earned a total of two hundred and forty points. The young men earned one hundred and ninety."

"To the third year students," said Severus. "We have the closest run in points of the entire school. The young ladies won the cup with three hundred and four points. The young men earned three hundred points. Congratulations to both teams."

"To the fourth year students," said Minerva. "The young men have won the cup with two hundred and twenty eight points. The young women earned one hundred and ninety four points."

"To the fifth year students," said Severus. "The young women win the cup. They earned three hundred and seventy six points. The young men earned three hundred and twenty points."

"To the sixth year students we award the house cup to the gentlemen," said Minerva. "They earned four hundred and fifty eight points. The women earned four hundred and forty points."

"To our seventh year graduating students," said Severus. "We award the cup to the men. They earned three hundred and thirty seven points and the young women earned three hundred and ten points."

"We congratulate all students for their hard work," said Minerva. "To the students who did not win, do not let it get you down. Just try harder and work a little harder next year if you wish to win the cup for your house."

"The student of the year award goes to the following two students," said Severus. "We have decided to pick one male and one female student each year to earn this coveted award. This year the student to win the male Student of the Year goes to Neville Longbottom. He has gone from a shy and timid student into a fine young man. Congratulations Mr. Longbottom for your success."

Harry and his group all stood and applauded as Neville went up and received his award. He had worked hard during his time at Emrys and was relieved to see that it paid off. Harry and his group were all delighted to know that he has finally won something important.

"Our female Student of the Year award goes to Miss Luna Lovegood," said Minerva. "Some awards are for merit in this world. Miss Lovegood has earned this title for the devotion she shows to the students, staff, and community. She assists the staff and community by doing volunteer work. Her ideals and quirkiness may seem strange to many, but she is loved by many."

Harry stood up and walked over to Severus and Minerva. He smiled at both and then turned to the students.

"I do not mean to rain on Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall's parade," he said with a laugh. "However we as the student body banned together and decided that there will be Teacher of the Year awards as well. We have decided that one male and one female professor should receive this award every year. I have personally went around and asked each and every student to vote. Unfortunately the votes were not unanimous. We have a tie for both awards. So the male professors that have won the title of Teacher of the Year are Professor Remus Lupin and Professor Leo Halliwell. The females that have won are Professor Paige Matthews and Professor Minerva McGonagall."

The students were all standing and applauding as the four professors were presented with their trophies.

"Copies of all awards are in the trophy room," said Harry. We have plaques that state this year's winners of the house cups as well as the student and professor of the year awards. However I am not done. I have two awards to give out to people that have gone above and beyond the call of duty this year for the school. These two people have assisted in teaching classes with the professors. They have assisted in tutoring many of you in subjects that were needed. They have given up their time to help anyone who needed it during the school year. Therefore I award a plaque to Miss Hermione Granger and Mr. Draco Malfoy for Services to the School. Congratulations to both of you."

The professors all went around and shook hands with both Hermione and Draco. Both were red in the face at the praise that was given to them. Neither felt that they were doing anything other than their job. Both were pleased by the thought that was put behind the award.

The students at Hogwarts were going through a similar ceremony. Many students had left the school, but laws were being put into place that all children with magic had to start attending the school. Home schooling was no longer and option. Voldemort was making his changes subtly. He was starting to incorporate some of Harry's ideas into the school. Like Harry, he felt that it was time for the house rivalries to end. When the students left the school, he sat down with the professors and started to talk with them.

"I have been speaking with Lord Potter," said Voldemort. "He has had some ingenious ideas that I think we should incorporate here. At his school, the houses do not compete with one another. He has each house compete by gender. He has boys competing against girls rather than house competing against house. From what I have seen, it is working better than what is happening here."

"That would be an easier way of dealing with the problems we have with rivalries of the students due to houses," said Filius. "I for one am a little upset that now that you are in control of the school we are having our troubles with the Slytherins thinking and acting like they are better than the rest of the school. Attendance by the Slytherins is down not to mention that they are constantly treating the professors like they have no say so in their own classes. I recently had to put a whole class of sixth year Slytherins in detention for hexing Professor Burbage."

"We will work on some rules and such," said Voldemort. "I think it is time to let the Slytherins know that only one Slytherin means anything in this school and that would be me. Just because they are in my ancestor's house doesn't mean they are better. I suggest that you write down your ideas and present them to me. We need to make this school more like Lord Potter's and less like a war zone. We have enough war going on without it being here in the school as well."

"What if we stop sorting them using the hat," suggested Professor Sinistra.

"What do you mean?" asked Filius and Voldemort at the same time.

"Well you said Lord Potter's school has them separated by year rather than by a hat looking to see what house they belong in," she said. "What if we just line the students up and randomly pick an equal number of students to go into each house. This way we can have equal number of pureblood, half blood, and muggle born students in each house. Many of our problems between Slytherin House and Gryffindor House are that most of the pure blood children enter Slytherin while many muggle borns enter Gryffindor. If we put equal parts of each in all four houses we can keep the rivalries where they belong on the Quidditch pitch rather than in the hallways."

"That is an outstanding idea," agreed Voldemort. "I suggest that we make it happen then. I may not be happy about muggle borns being in Slytherin house, but it is an alternative to losing many students who will eventually leave and go away. So I will give my consent. Give it one year and see how it works. If it does work, we will keep it that way. If it doesn't, we will go back to how we were doing it."

"Are we still going to have the students compete by gender rather than by house?" asked Filius.

"I suggest we give that one year as well and see how it plays out," said Voldemort. "We should have a better idea of how the students get on by the end of the next school year. Any other ideas are to be submitted to Head Master Flitwick and then he will forward them to me for consideration."

The professors all nodded in agreement and left. Filius and Voldemort talked more about the running of the school. Later Voldemort was sitting in his office at Malfoy Manor. A knock on the door announced the arrival of Fenrir Greyback.

"I have a special job for you," said Voldemort.

"My Lord knows that I would do anything to serve him," said the werewolf bowing low. "What is it you wish me to do?"

"I have a job specifically for you and a second one for the remainder of your pack," said Voldemort. "I want your pack to hunt down and capture Delores Umbridge. She has been evading arrest for crimes against Lord Harry Potter. She has also been evading arrest for actions against me."

"Why does that have anything to do with us My Lord?" asked Fenrir curiously. "It would seem that she should be able to resume her duties within the Ministry."

"Lord Potter is a relative of mine," said Voldemort. "While the original arrest has been annulled, the thought has not. The original people who issued the warrant for her arrest have either moved to Lord Potter, or have been killed. However, her actions can not be over looked. She not only ran from justice for what she did to him, but she has yet to appear in front of me either. I want her found and brought in. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes my Lord," said Fenrir bowing. "You mentioned two jobs. What is the other one that is for me personally?"

"I want you in the cell in the dungeons during your transformation this month," said Voldemort. "I have captured Alastor Moody. You will bite him or kill him. Either is fine with me. However I have another in custody. I want Bellatrix bitten. She is not to be killed. She will learn a lesson about defying my wishes. On the night of your transformation, the two will be placed in the same cell. You will be put in there with them long enough to transform and do your duty. She will be brought in as part of your pack and will be under your rule until she learns that following my orders will be done."

"As you wish my Lord," said Fenrir. "I will see that your orders are carried out. We will bring Umbridge to you as soon as we locate her. The full moon is in two weeks, so I can take care of the rest of your orders then."

"You will be rewarded handsomely for your success," said Voldemort. "Now leave me. I have business to deal with. Make sure Umbridge arrives unharmed."

Fenrir bowed low and left the office. He headed down to the dungeons to examine the two he had orders regarding. When he approached the cell holding Moody, he sneered at the old Auror. Bellatrix approached the door of her cell.

"What are you doing here mutt?" she snarled. "Come to gloat?"

"Oh no," said Fenrir with a sneer. "I am here to view my next victim and snack. Count your days Lestrange because you only have so many left."

"What are you babbling about?" she asked. "The Dark Lord will forgive me and release me soon enough."

"That is what you think," said Fenrir with a feral grin. "I am just here to see how much fun it will be for me when the time is right. Count your days Bellatrix. You have fourteen of them left before you punishment is carried out. If I were you, I would worry. When I am done with you, you will wish you had never defied our Lord."

With those last words, he left the dungeons and headed out of the Manor. He had to meet with his pack to find the toad.

"What are we going to do Albus," said Dedalus. "We have now lost Kingsley, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Minerva, Severus, and Alastor. How much longer are you going to continue with this charade? The deaths of the seven others are weighing heavily on us. New recruits to the Order are virtually non existent. You only have a handful of loyal supporters left. The werewolves refuse to join you. The giants are with Voldemort. The vampires are waiting patiently for you both to mess up so that they can strike and take over England. Italy and Germany have pulled out of the war. France and Bulgaria are still with Harry Potter. Rumor has it that Viktor Krum from Bulgaria and his family now has shops set up on Potter Highway."

"We can't keep going like this," said Molly. "Ginny is my only daughter and she is now in prison due to you and your schemes. Yes we want money from Potter, but not at the expense of what little family I have left. You either rescue my daughter or I am out of the Order."

"Shut up woman," said Albus angrily. "You all have made a vow to stand beside me and assist in the downfall of Voldemort. We have made some headway today. We have managed to kill Nagini. From what I can see, Bellatrix is now out of the picture. Voldemort will be punishing her as well. We are at the beginning of June. We need to head to America and deal with Harry before his magical inheritance."

"Why?" asked Hestia Jones. "Why do we need to act before then? It is my opinion that we should just back off and concentrate on what is going on here in Britain. Leave Harry Potter out of this. Our numbers are seriously depleted. We have no hopes of winning. From what I have seen, he has stopped you in every endeavor that you have created to get to him."

"Do not tell me how to run the Order," snarled Albus. "I will regain control of the situation. We just have to plan carefully now. Have you had any success with getting onto Potter Highway and finding out new information?"

"No," she admitted. "The punishment for going to America is severe. It will take me some time to get the proper paperwork to legally go to the other continent. The law from the United States from both Ministries states that any illegal witch or wizard caught will be subjected to punishment from both the United States as well as British laws. With Amelia Bones as Minister of Magic for the Western United States and Drew Dugruise as Minister for the Eastern United States, the power of the country with regards to protecting the magic as well as Harry Potter has multiplied tenfold. Last I heard the Canadian Ministry is working with them as well. I am still waiting on my source to let me know anything about the Mexican Ministry."

"With Voldemort running the Ministry here," said Ron. "It makes things harder to get proper paperwork. You have to state a specific reason for why you want to go to America. Now both Voldemort and Amelia Bones have to approve the reason for transfer. Maybe we just need to step back and focus on rescuing Ginny. I am scared for her. There is no telling what will happen to her now that she is in the hands of Voldemort. We don't even know where she is. Add to the fact that the Dark Lord knows who is in the Oder and we can not get paperwork to leave the country."

"We have had word on Ginny," said Albus slowly. "She is being held in Malfoy Manor. She is not in the dungeons however. She is in a room on one of the upper floors. She is being treated relatively well. She is not allowed to leave the Manor, but she is not being abused or tortured."

"You don't think she will switch sides do you?" asked Hestia. "She is too valuable to us for that."

"I don't know," said Percy. "She is pretty power hungry and greedy. If the Dark Lord offers her something that she likes, she may very well abandon us and stay with him. After all, she does like the power and influence. It was one of the main reasons she wants Potter so badly."

"Percy Prewett," said Molly stumbling over the name. "I better never hear you say something like that about your sister again."

Ginny paced back and forth in her rooms. The Dark Lord had not sent her to the dungeons. She was fed good food. She was brought decent clothes. She was even given a new wand. However the spells around the suite of rooms still were more powerful than she was. She was comfortable, but not able to leave the suite. She was seen once a day by an instructor that continued her schooling. She had no idea what the Dark Lord had in store for her. She wondered briefly what would happen to her if Albus and the Order did not rescue her soon. Sighing, she sat down and picked up her book on Transfiguration. Time would tell what the Dark Lord had in store for her.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Thank you for not killing me. I wanted to add some detail and such to this chapter. I think I like the new plot in this story that I have just thrown in. It was a spur of the moment decision about Ginny. I think I will enjoy using it.

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