Sounding The Call

When Change Comes

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Chapter 16 – When Change Comes

"Ginerva Prewett," said Voldemort walking into her suite of rooms. "You have been a thorn in people's sides for some time now. What ever shall we do with you?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about," snapped Ginny. "I am only doing what I was told and for what I was promised."

"Manners child," said Voldemort in a dangerous voice. "The old fool may have allowed you to speak however you wished, but I have a different agenda. So unless you want to find yourself in a world of pain, I suggest that you clip that sharp tongue when you are speaking to me."

"Why have you brought me here?" asked Ginny in a more subdued voice. "I am not complaining, but don't you usually send your prisoners to the dungeons or to Azkaban?"

"You are correct," said Voldemort. " I usually do, but I sense in you great potential. You have a strong mind and able abilities. You do not fear easily. You have been brought here as my guest."

"I don't understand," said Ginny. "What could I possibly offer someone such as you? My family is poor. Most of them follow Potter and the rest follows Albus."

"Let me break your question down into parts," said Voldemort making himself comfortable in a chair. "First off you will speak appropriately about Lord Potter. I will not tolerate you belittling him or speaking ill of him in any way. You will show appropriate respect for someone as pure and good as he is. Do I make myself clear?"

Yes," said Ginny, but after catching the look on his face amended her statement. "Yes Sir. I will start speaking more politely about Lord Potter."

"As I suspected," said Voldemort returning to a more passive face. "You are quick to learn. Regarding the fact that your father and four of your brothers left this area and went to Lord Potter, don't you feel that they were within their right to act as they did? On one side you have Albus and your mother plotting to steal Lord Potter's money, magic, and influence. On the other side you have me. You are not without guilt for wanting to steal Lord Potter's money and influence."

"That is true," said Ginny. "I was after his money more than his influence. I was promised his hand in marriage and his money. After so many years of mum telling me this, it sunk in that I deserved it."

"You deserved it?" asked Voldemort. "How can you deserve something that you have not worked for? You have never loved Harry. You have worked behind his back to steal from him. You have even gone so far as to take money from your former professor and Head Master that actually belonged to Harry Potter to be his friend. Tell me, how do you feel that you deserve his love, trust, or even his money?"

"I was only doing what I was told," said Ginny defensively. "Mum and Albus said that if I did it their way then I was assured Harry's wealth. I was trained at a young age to act and do what I was told. As I grew older I just started to believe it."

"What if I were to offer you a way out?" asked Voldemort. "What if I could offer you prestige, and even luxury?"

"What do you mean?" asked Ginny curiously in spite of herself.

"I have money, power, and fame," said Voldemort. "My top female has gone against my wishes far too many times and has landed herself in a bad situation. I have no desire to save her anymore. She had the opportunity of a lifetime to sit beside me and rule all of Wizarding Britain. Yet she defies me at every turn. You have a solid mind, nice looks, skill with magic, and a temperament that many desire. I am in need of a new female companion. That you are poor is of no consequence to me. I do not care about that."

"YOU want ME to be your new female companion?" asked Ginny. "How is that even possible? I am only fifteen. I do not turn sixteen until August. That means that I am still fourteen months plus until I am of age."

"You age is not an issue," said Voldemort. "Get your mind out of the gutter. I am not asking you to marry me or anything of the sort. I am asking for you to join my ranks, train hard, and help me rule Britain. Lord Potter will not interfere with our plans. He is only interested in being left alone. You are a smart young woman. We both know that the old fool will not leave him alone until he has from Harry Potter what he wants."

"I am a bit confused," said Ginny. "What is Albus after? He says he wants Harry's money, but is there something else he is after?"

"I will break it down for you as simply as I can," said Voldemort. "In the battle of Harry's mind, I could not help but realize that something was happening. Lord Potter and I are connected through his scar as you very well know. The old fool pulled him with magic causing me to become interested in what was happening as I felt his distress. As I entered the dream Harry got nervous and sent out a summons for his soul bonded. The soul bonded is one Wyatt Halliwell. He is the child that was born on the night of magic. His power is the greatest power for good on the planet. There is only one person whose purity and selflessness as well as magical strength can compete with that."

"Harry Potter," said Ginny thinking about everything he was saying. "He has nothing but goodness and kindness in his heart. His magical strength is unmatched by many."

"Exactly," said Voldemort. "Now upon Wyatt entering the dream he noticed three things. Harry Potter, the old fool, and I were all glowing. Harry was emitting a glow of a very bright white. Albus was glowing black, and I was emitting a glow of grey light. A mix if you wish to call it of black and white. The two were arguing about Albus trying to get Harry to come back to England to fight with me. He stated that Harry is to die in the attempt. In the event that he was successful, Albus said that he would kill Harry personally and take the fame. He even was bold enough to threaten Harry's mate. So tell me Ginerva, what do you think? Let me hear your theories."

"The three aspects of magic," whispered Ginny in fascination. "According to legend there are three aspects of magic. The light magic is one who uses their power for the benefit of others. They will lay their lives on the line to save another. The black is purely a selfish individual who will not hesitate to hurt, use, or manipulate others to gain what they want. The grey is a person who walks both paths with ease."

"Think further about what you have just said," instructed Voldemort. "Tell me your outlook."

"Harry is a purely innocent person," said Ginny speaking out loud. "Even after everything that he has been through, he still is kind, caring, and unselfish. He has never hurt anyone intentionally and has always laid his life on the line for those he has cared about. He is thoughtful and never considered walking the path of darkness even after the abuse, torture, and near death experiences he has been through in his life."

"Very good," said Voldemort. "Tell me more."

"Albus has been scheming for years," said Ginny thoughtfully. "He has manipulated Harry his entire life. He was the one that arranged for Harry to be abused by the Dursleys. He is the one that insisted that my family go behind his back and do the things that were done to him. He has probably even manipulated you and others before you. He lies, steals, and hurts without shame or remorse for what he has done."

"Excellent my dear," said Voldemort. "Now finish the theory. Your intelligence is very high indeed."

"You are walking the grey path," said Ginny. "You ideas and ideals are correct, but your way of getting an end is what made everyone call you the Dark Lord. You have used manipulation, death, and coercion, not to mention torture, to help better the community for the safety of the wizarding community as a whole. How could I have been so blind to all of this?"

"Many are fooled by Albus," said Voldemort. "He has attempted to steal my magic from me. Now that I am my own person and can fight equally with him, he is after Harry's magic."

"I don't understand why though," said Ginny. "What would be the purpose behind stealing someone's magic. He is a powerful wizard already. Why would he want to steal someone's magic?"

"Harry is a threat to his power," said Voldemort. "If he can steal Harry's magic, then he will be a force that can not be stopped. He has lived longer than many. He has developed a way to stealing from people what will end up killing them. He only needs the wand that Harry took from him to accomplish this. If Harry were to reach his seventeenth birthday, then Albus will no longer be able to do this. By stealing someone's magic, Albus is trying to extend his life."

"So that is why he is so set on trying to find Harry," said Ginny. "Once he comes into his magical inheritance, Harry will be unstoppable to him."

"Very good," said Voldemort standing. "Harry is currently the most powerful wizard in the world next to Albus and me. Should Albus get his hands on Harry's magic, then he would be the most powerful and will rule unopposed. This can not happen. I have given you much to think about Ginerva. I suggest that you put that brilliant mind of yours to good use."

With that being said, he left the room. Ginny sat at her desk and let her thoughts take over. Hours later she was still pondering the epiphany of things. In the end, she realized that she had been used. She also knew that it was in her best interest to take the Dark Lord up on his offer. Harry would never accept her back into his good graces, nor could she go back to Albus and his lies.

Harry, Hermione, and Severus were going over the notes that pertained to the wards. Bill and a few other people were sitting there working with them.

"We can set up the wards," said Bill. "You are skilled at searching within yourself and focusing on your core of magic. Once we have the spells set up, you can use your power to fuel the spells and set the wards."

"So basically you are going to be the guide and I will be the foundation," said Harry.

"That is one way of looking at it," said Severus with a smile. "For the wards to go up in a manner that won't be tainted, you have to be the supplier of the power. Because of your bloodlines, you are the only one that can power up the spells. Your magic is the strongest that wizarding kind has seen since the days of Merlin and then the four founders. The Dark Lord has admitted that you are far more powerful than he is. Once you receive your magical inheritance, you will be the most powerful wizard on the planet. Even more powerful than you are now."

"How long will it take to set the wards?" asked Harry.

"Give us one hour," said Bill. "After that, we can guide you to key them and send the power into them. What I would like for you to do now is to remember your Occlumency skills and get your mind into a meditative state. Minerva and Wyatt will sit with you while you do this to watch out over you. Poppy is on her way as well. Once we set the wards, we will guide you through the rest of it. Once you are done, you will probably be bed ridden for a few days."

"Is it going to drain my magic?" asked Harry.

"Practically down to nothing," said Severus. "We will have a guard posted around you for days to make sure that nothing happens to you while you are unable to defend yourself. Griphook and his family have offered to protect you as well as the elves of Potter Castle. All have agreed that your safety away from Albus is top priority. You still have six weeks before you turn seventeen. I do not put it past him to attempt something between now and then."

"OK," said Harry. "Let's get started. "I will begin going into my meditative state and you start setting the wards."

Bill nodded his head as Griphook and ten other goblins entered the room followed by Poppy and a dozen house elves. Minerva sat in a chair next to Harry. Wyatt sat on the floor next to him. Piper, Paige, and Phoebe were in the room as well. Harry closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing. It was not long before he was in a state that connected him with a strong link to his magical core. Bill and Severus went around the grounds and with the help of Hermione, Draco, and other students who were familiar with the situation, they crafted the wards. An hour later, they went back to the room and sat with Harry. He was smiling as he felt the harmony between his body and his magic. Bill and Severus nodded to each other. If there ever was a time for Harry to unleash his power, now would be it.

"Ok Harry," said Severus. "We have everything ready. Let your senses take over and feel for the wards. Once you have them, release your power and let it flow into the wards. Just remember that we are here for you and you have nothing to worry about."

Harry relaxed even more and let his mind become one with the land. He felt the wards on and around the building. Once he had them, he released the power that he was holding and watched in his mind's eye in fascination as his magic took hold of the wards. One after the other lit and became active. The different elements took hold and Harry had the satisfaction of watching as Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit took form and fueled the power surrounding the school. Colors of green, yellow, red, blue, and purple flowed around the school and enforced the walls with his and their power. When he finally brushed and tuned up each ward, he let his consciousness pull back any unused power. When he was done, he opened his eyes with a gasp and passed out cold on the floor.

Poppy rushed over to Harry and ran her wand over him.

"Physically he is fine," said Poppy. "I would imagine that he will have one monster of a headache tomorrow though. His magical core is pretty drained, but from I can tell it will be fine. He should be back to normal in about three days. I recommend getting him back to the Castle so that he can be comfortable in his own bed. Having him under the wards of Potter Castle won't hurt him either."

Wyatt grabbed Harry and orbed them to their bedroom. Leo and the rest came in quickly. Minerva transfigured Harry's clothing into comfortable pajamas and Leo and Wyatt got him comfortably in the bed. Poppy entered a few minutes later, with a basket of potions for Harry to use when he woke up.

The group set up shifts so that they could all keep an eye on Harry. Two goblins were station outside the door to the suite and two elves were stationed inside. One or more adults were always in the vicinity. Amelia had Aurors stationed outside to help intercept anyone who did not belong on the property. Wyatt summoned Excalibur and was adamant about staying with Harry the entire time he recovered. Chris stayed as well.

"That was an incredible display of power," said Bill to the group. "I knew that Harry was powerful, but that was a very big display. I have never seen anyone control that much raw power before. I doubt that Albus or the Dark Lord had that much control."

"He incorporated the elements into his power," said Severus. "I have never seen anyone harness the power of the elements the way he did."

"The good thing is that he has made what we already knew would be powerful wards even stronger," said Bill. "The ability to do what he did is a very limited and rare thing."

"I would not be surprised if Harry could use the elements now," said Paige. "He has a very natural talent for magic. Being a descendant of Merlin only proves that he has power above and beyond the normal. I think we need to look into books and maybe those that have some ability to work with the elements to see if they can help Harry master his new abilities."

"Even if the person is only able to work with one element," said Remus. "That person will be able to help Harry with some portion of it at least."

"We will look into it," said Amelia. "I will contact Drew and see if he knows of any elemental wizards here. We will come up with something."

The group all sat and waited. Shifts changed at appropriate times for those on watch. Wyatt refused to leave Harry's side. He slept when he needed to, but would not leave the suite. Harry woke the following morning with a groan. His hands went immediately to his head. Severus handed him a potion and he drank it quickly. Within moments his head stopped pounding and he was able to think clearly. He was still weak, but he was coherent enough to ask questions.

"Are the wards set right?" he asked Severus. "Was I successful?"

"You were more than successful Harry," assured Severus. "The wards are stronger on this school than they are on Hogwarts. You managed to do something that no one we know of yet has ever been able to do. You have harnessed the power of the elements to assist in keeping the school safe. So to answer your question, you have succeeded beyond you wildest imagination. Now I am going o have Dobby bring you something to eat. You had better eat it or Poppy will murder us all. When you are done eating, you may want to get some more sleep. You will need to bring your magical core back up."

Harry grinned at the man as Dobby walked in with a tray. Wyatt helped Harry sit up and he ate his food without complaint. When he was done eating, the elf quickly removed the tray. Severus and Chris left the room for a few minutes so that Wyatt and Harry could have some alone time.

"I think it is your best interest to stay in the castle or the school, until after you turn seventeen," said Wyatt. "You magical inheritance will be big from what I am to understand. As long as you are in the castle, then Albus can't get to you. Once you turn seventeen he can no longer hurt you."

"I will do that love," said Harry. "I want the old man to not have an easy time of getting to me. Far be it from me to make his plans easier."

Harry and Wyatt talked for awhile longer before Harry drifted off to sleep. Wyatt curled up around him and fell asleep with him. Piper and Phoebe found them like that later. Both women smiled as they took up their seats and read.

"What do you mean we can't get her back," shouted Molly. "This is my daughter we are talking about Albus. I want her back. I am tired of you telling us one thing and then something totally different happens."

"Shut up woman," said Albus snarling at her. "I have had enough of your mouth. You are the biggest runner of the mouth we have in the Order. For once in your life, just shut up. We are doing what we can to get your daughter back. Unfortunately unless she can aid us from the inside, there is nothing we can do."

"Do you think she can help us from the inside?" asked Dedalus. "We still have to figure out how to save Moody from the Manor."

"I have no idea how to do that," admitted Albus. "I think we should work on trying to get to Harry. We have less than six weeks before his magical inheritance activates and we lose any attempt we can gather to have access to him. Once he turns seventeen there is nothing we can do about him."

"I am so sick of hearing about Harry Potter," said Ron. "My sister is in Malfoy Manor with the Dark Lord and you are concerned about Harry Potter. He is unobtainable. When are you going to let it sink into your skull that you are never going to be able to get your hands on him? He is too protected. He never goes anywhere without the Charmed Ones present. Now he has most of your former colleagues working for him. He has half of the students and former students of Hogwarts with him. He has every member of the DA with him. WE CAN NOT GET TO HIM. I am with mum in stating that we should be concentrating on getting Ginny back and working on destroying the Dark Lord."

"Do you have any ideas on how to do that?" snarled Albus. "If you do, then I suggest that you speak now. We can not gain access to her unless she does something from the inside."

"You have no intention of going after her," said Percy. "You are willing to let her rot in there. She failed you and this is her punishment. You are a sick old bastard. I am tired of your lies. You have no more power. You have lost everything and you are dragging us with you. Well Albus No Name, I QUIT."

With those words, Percy stormed out of the pub. Molly and Ron took one look at each other and then glared at Albus. Ron made an obscene gesture at Albus and he followed Percy out of the room.

"I am warning you Albus," said Molly. "If you do not get my daughter out of the hands of the Dark Lord I will make you sorry that you started all of this. As of yet you have not fulfilled a single promise that you have made to my family or the wizarding community. The Dark Lord is still overthrowing the government, Harry Potter is out of our hands and unobtainable, and my daughter is a prisoner of an enemy you created. I am with my sons on this. We no longer desire to be a part of your stupid organization. We are accomplishing nothing except getting ourselves killed."

Molly stood up and with one threatening look at Albus, she left the room. Albus sighed as he looked at the pitifully few remaining members.

"Where have I gone wrong?" asked Albus sighing. "I have worked my entire life to get rid of darkness in the world. Now it seems that two very powerful dark wizards are going to rule the world."

"Maybe the darkness resides in you," snapped Hestia. "I agree with the others. Harry Potter can not be a dark wizard. The Charmed Ones would not have come to his rescue if he were. You have lost most of the order to either death or Lord Potter. You have lost sight of your goals in life. You are so focused on destroying that boy that you have forgotten your true meaning behind this group. I am out of here as well. When you get your priorities back, let me know. Until then, I would rather live than be killed due to your stupidity. For the record, I am fully in the mindset that Harry Potter is NOT a dark wizard. The sooner you get that through your mind the sooner we can get back to stopping the real threat here."

She stood up and left the room as well. Disgust was on her face as she left.

"They do have a point," said Dedalus. "Our goal was to stop Voldemort from over taking the wizarding world. We have failed. Your pursuit of Harry Potter has allowed the Dark Lord to succeed in what you were attempting to stop. I am no longer sure that I can be a part of something that has lost sight of its purpose. I agree with my comrades. If you can get things back on track, then give me a call. Until then, I am out of here."

Albus sat in fury as one after another, the members of the group all got up and left. Each one said what they were thinking as they did so. When the last person left, Albus got up and stormed out of the pub. He apparated to his only place of residence he was able to save from the lawyer. Once there, he let loose his fury and screamed his rage until he tired himself out.

Rita and Aberforth sat there with smiles on their faces. They were both thrilled to write letters to Harry and Voldemort telling them of how the Order of the Phoenix was breaking down into something that was almost non existent. When they completed their letters, they sent them off.

Days later, Harry was walking around the castle. He knew that now that Albus lost his support, that he would be working solo to try and harm him. He needed to know what the old man was up to. Harry was not stupid enough to think that just because the Order was falling apart that Albus would cease his plans of gaining Harry's magic. Through letters, he knew that Voldemort and Ginny were making headway in their conversations. Harry did not trust Ginny, but he knew that if Voldemort said she was coming around, then he could trust him. Voldemort also was not so stupid as to think that because the Order was falling apart that things would be any easier on him either. He knew that as long as Harry stayed in his castle that Albus couldn't touch him. He was wondering what he could do to draw the old man out into the open so that he could be captured.

Days passed without further word about Albus. The full moon arrived. Voldemort instructed his Death Eaters to put Moody and Bellatrix in the same cell. The anti apparition wards prevented either from leaving the cell. An hour before sunset, Fenrir entered the Manor and was escorted into the cell with the prisoners. He sneered at Moody as the old man was unable to do much with one eye and leg missing. Fenrir had his wand still, so he was not worried about Bellatrix. There was little she could do to him. Powerful she may be, but without a wand, she was no match for a werewolf fixing to transform. Sunset came and Fenrir felt the werewolf gene take hold. He threw his wand out of the cell to the guard standing there. His limbs elongated. Within moments, a fully formed werewolf stood in front of the two prisoners. He walked over to Bellatrix and with one hand, pinned her to the wall. Voldemort was standing there. He had given his orders and he wanted to make sure the werewolf kept enough of his mind of follow those instructions. Fenrir leaned his head to Bellatrix who for once in her life was too frightened to say or do anything. She quivered in fear as she realized what her Master's punishment was. With one lunge, Fenrir bit and she fell to the floor screaming. He let her go and turned to the old Auror. With a lunge, he bit into Moody and let loose his animal instinct. Within moments, the old Auror died. Moody finished his grisly work on the old man. As he looked back to Bellatrix, he was frozen with a spell. Voldemort had the remaining guards take Bella out of the cell and move her to a special one. Fenrir was left in the dungeon. He could not get out and there was no further threat to the prisoners that were there. In the morning, he would be released so that he could go about his normal duties.

The rest of the pack was waiting in their hide out. Many had lost their human minds for the transformation, but they knew that their alpha was on a special mission. They hunted near their area. They did not go far as they knew that they would be punished if they did so. The fear of their alpha was less than the fear of the Dark Lord.

The next day, Voldemort walked into Ginny's room. She gave him a smile as he made himself comfortable in the chair in front of her.

"Have you come to a decision about your future Ginerva?" he asked.

"I have my Lord," she said bowing her head. "I would like to become part of your group. I have had lots of time to think things through. I have come to the conclusion that I walk in the path of the grey. I am not selfless or giving enough to be on the side of light nor am I vindictive or merciless enough to walk in the shadows of the dark. I will accept your offer with gratitude and pleasure."

"Hold out your left arm," instructed Voldemort. "You will feel a little pain from this."

Ginny held out her left arm and watched as he pressed his wand to her flesh. When he muttered the incantation, she dropped to the floor with a gasp at the pain that lanced up her arm and into her flesh. After a few moments the pain receded and she stood up. The dark mark was branded onto her skin. She was now part of Voldemort's circle and she knew it.

"It would appear that your remaining family members have left the service of the old fool and his Order," said Voldemort. "You have a job to do. You will find out what is going on and what the plans are. If you are successful then you will be rewarded well. If you fail me, then you will be punished."

"I understand," said Ginny bowing. "With your permission, I will leave immediately."

"You will report back immediately should you find out anything," said Voldemort handing her an object. "I have given you a port key. Use it if you find yourself in danger."

Ginny bowed again and left. The first place she would go was the Burrow. She arrived there that evening and went inside. Ron was sitting there. When he looked up, he immediately raced to her.

"Are you ok?" he asked hugging her. "Have you been mistreated in any way?"

"I am perfectly fine Ronald," she said pushing him off. "I have not been mistreated at all. In fact, I have been treated very well considering I have been in Malfoy Manor under the thumb of the Dark Lord."

Ron noticed her arm. He stood up and drew his wand and pointed it at her.

"You have switched to the dark," he said. "How could you betray our family like that? I will make you sorry you betrayed us."

Ginny laughed at him as she pulled out her own wand. The two siblings began to duel. Due to Ginny's ambition and Ron's laziness, they were fairly matched.

"I am as powerful as you are Ronald," said Ginny. "Unlike you, I have studied hard and have gotten good grades in school. Why aren't you with Albus? I am sure he would love to hear that I have left his service and entered the service of another."

"We have all left his service," said Ron firing a hex at her. "That doesn't mean we have turned our backs on our family. You are a disgrace to us all. I will kill you for this."

Ginny laughed at him again. Ron was about to cast a powerful hex at her when she hit him with a spell that caused him to fall over. He crashed through a chair. Upon his landing, she noticed that he was bleeding profusely. The chair that had crashed under him had broken and the wood penetrated his abdomen. Ginny turned and fled into the night. Ronald would be dead before long and she was aware that she was now a murderer. She had to get out of the country before anyone found out about this.

Harry was sleeping peacefully when a strange dream hit him hard. He watched as Ron and Ginny began to duel one another. His horror struck when Ron went crashing through a chair and the wood penetrated his abdomen. He watched in disgust as Ginny fled into the night. She had not even stayed to help her own flesh and blood.

When the dream was over, Harry sat up gasping for air. Wyatt woke up and grabbed him.

"Harry!" he said. "What is wrong? I recognize that look. You had a vision of some sort. What happened?"

"I have to talk to Arthur Weasley and his sons," said Harry. "Something bad has happened."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Yes I am leaving with a cliff hanger. Well, sort of. I had to find a place to end the chapter and I felt that this was as good a place as any. Thanks in advance for the reviews. Let me know what you think. Should Ginny run from Voldemort as well, or should she go back to him?

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