Sounding The Call

A World Of Difference

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Chapter 17 – A World Of Difference

Harry paced back and forth in his office. He had sent a letter with Hedwig asking the five Weasley men to meet him at the Castle. He knew that this would not be a conversation that he would enjoy having. He had sent a letter to Rita Skeeter and Voldemort asking them if they would be willing to check out the Burrow. He got back two letters that stated the same thing. Ronald Prewett had died and Ginerva was on the run from the looks of it. He sat behind his desk and placed his head in his hands and gave a sigh. Things in life would never be easy. Everything always had to be so hard.

Arthur, Fred, George, Bill, and Charlie all entered the office. One look at Harry and they knew that something bad had happened. They knew it had nothing to do with Harry personally as he refused to leave the castle until his seventeenth birthday. He was safe so long as he stayed within the confines of the castle or the school.

"Harry?" asked Arthur hesitantly. "What is going on? Your letter said something bad happened. Has Albus attempted something that the Ministry is not aware of?"

"No Arthur," said Harry solemnly. "Nothing like that has happened yet. I am not really sure how to tell you what is going on. So I ask that you be patient with me as I try and explain things to you. What I have to say is not easy."

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. If Harry said this was important, then they had no doubt that it was.

"As a descendant of Helga Hufflepuff, I inherited some of her abilities," said Harry. "I have natural visions now much like Phoebe does. My visions come when I am sleeping and more receptive to them. As you all know, I am so busy during the day keeping up with running my home and the surrounding areas that I do not always focus when I am awake."

"We know all about this Harry," said Arthur. "You do not need to make excuses for yourself. We all know how much you do for the community."

"Well last night I had a vision in my dream," said Harry continuing quickly before he lost his nerve. "In the dream I saw something that was not particularly pleasant to witness. I sent out missives to both Rita Skeeter and Lord Voldemort asking for assistance to check and see if my vision was accurate. Unfortunately it was. I am sorry Arthur that I have to tell you this. Ginny and Ron were dueling and Ron was killed. Apparently Ginny switched allegiances from Albus to Voldemort and Ron took that as an insult. They started fighting and Ginny sent Ron flying with a hex and he crashed through a chair. A piece of the chair went through his abdomen rupturing most of the internal organs in that area. He died quickly. I am sorry to have to tell you this Arthur."

Arthur's head hung for a few minutes as he digested what Harry had just told him. He knew deep down that even though he was disappointed in Ron, Ginny, Percy, and Molly, that they were still his family and that he still loved them deep down inside. Bill and Charlie grabbed their father and held him.

"Thank you for telling us Harry," said George with a sad look on his face. "I know how much this has caused you pain. We appreciate you going out of your way to make sure that we were told by you instead of someone that would not do it as tactfully as you have."

"Can you ask Lord Voldemort if it is possible to send Ron's body here to America?" asked Fred. "We may have been disappointed in his actions and such, but he was still our brother. We would like to bury him in the graveyard here where we can visit him."

"I will contact Voldemort and ask," assured Harry. "Ron will be buried in our graveyard. I have no reason to believe that Voldemort will deny this request. I will write him immediately. Will you be ok Arthur?"

"Yes Harry," he replied. "I will be fine. Can you also find out what will happen if Ginny is caught? I would like to know what her fate is for her actions."

"I promise that I will get all of the information you need Arthur," assured Harry. "Bill, why don't you take him home and make sure he has comfort so that he can mourn. I will contact Amelia and let her know what is happening."

Bill and Charlie both nodded as they escorted their father out of the room. Fred and George both gave Harry a nod, before apparating out and back to their home. Harry sat down and thought about how to word his letter. He finally picked up his quill and began writing.

Lord Voldemort

I have informed Arthur Weasley and his sons about the death of Ronald. I was asked to relay a request from you. The Weasleys would like to bury Ronald near them. Though they are disappointed in him, they still love him. We would like to bury him here so that they can visit him from time to time. It is also requested that I inquire about what will happen to Ginerva Prewett for her actions. Should you grant the Weasleys this request the body can be sent to Number 1008 Potter Highway. Thank you for your time and patience.

Lord Harry Potter

Harry sent the letter and sat back in his chair. He knew that should Voldemort reply, he would be able to have the pastor of the church contact the Weasleys. He wrote a quick letter to the priest and sent it with Fawkes. It did not take long for him to receive a reply from Voldemort.

Lord Potter

The remains of Ronald Prewett have been sent to the disclosed address from your letter. I saw no reason not to grant the Weasleys the body of their youngest. With regards to Ginerva, she will be punished. Not only has she disobeyed a direct order, but she has failed her mission. I sent her with a portkey to aid her should a situation like this arise. I have my best scouts looking for her now. She will most likely be punished by death for multiple reasons. One reason is that she disobeyed orders. Another reason is that she did not return to me like she was told. She has also fled the country without permission. She will be punished most severely.

Lord Voldemort

Harry sighed as he asked Hedwig to bring the letter to Arthur Weasley. This stupid war was bringing to many people down. Too many families were being destroyed by one senile crazy old man. Something needed to be done to end the terror that this old man was causing.

A few days later, Harry received word that Ron was buried in the cemetery. He would have gone to the ceremony, but he knew that one slight mistake could allow Albus to get his hands on him. He did not want the old man to have access to him until after his magical inheritance happened.

June rolled into July with fierceness. Harry paced all the time now. He knew that his magical inheritance was something that would be immense. His power was growing daily. He could feel his core expanding more and more. He would have to go and speak to Ollivander to make sure that his wand would still be compatible with his magic once he came into his full power. Harry called the council together to discuss what they would have to do to prevent anyone getting hurt and destruction of property should his magic spike to high.

"You leave all of that to us," said Severus. "We have already contacted Drew Dugruise and he has stated that he has some specialist in his Ministry that deals with powerful wizards coming into their inheritance. They will arrive a few days before your birthday to help us prepare. The rest of us will work around the clock to ensure that your magical spikes do as little damage as possible. We will shield your room to keep as much of the magic in this one spot. Once you wake, you will be able to help us repair any damages."

"I am more worried that I will hurt someone rather than something," said Harry. "What if during one of my spikes, something goes flying and it hits someone?"

"Harry," said Piper. "You need to relax. Severus, Minerva, and the rest of us all know what we are doing. We will have Leo, Wyatt, and Chris on standby in case a flying object hurts someone. The professors will all work to make sure that everyone including you is shielded as much as possible so that you do little to no harm to anyone or anything. You seriously need to relax and let us worry about that."

"Sorry Piper," said Harry sheepishly. "I can't help but to worry about everyone. That is one thing that will never change about me. I worry about everyone and everything."

"For once in our life," said Minerva. "Let someone else do the worrying. We can take care of this. All you have to do is stay calm and trust us. We do know how to handle things. You also have to remember that the castle is in tune with your magical signature. The walls of the castle will absorb much of the impact that you cause. That is the one good thing about being the Lord of a property."

"Well then I guess I will just take it easy," said Harry. "I see I am outnumbered and out worried here."

Everyone laughed at his phrase and set about their duties. During the summer, the professors tended to stay at the castle with Harry. So to have the whole staff there would be a blessing. Everyone knew that Harry's magical inheritance would be higher than most. Preparations were set up though out the following days. At any given time, you could see Severus or Minerva working with someone on setting things up.

The night of Harry's inheritance finally arrived. Everyone was worried that no one had heard much about Albus. Even Voldemort was unable to find the old man and that greatly worried everyone. That could only mean that he was somewhere in the United States and had his sight set on Potter Vale. Add to the fact that Ginerva Prewett was on the run and Delores Umbridge had yet to be caught added more fuel to the fire. Harry went to bed that night nervous. He had a hard time sleeping. Eventually Severus had to give him a sleeping potion so that he would go to sleep at all. Midnight approached and as it did, the first signs of Harry's inheritance presented itself. The magical spikes were low at first. As the time passed, they increased with power. The windows of the room shattered with the magical energy showering everyone with glass. Severus and Minerva quickly repaired the damage. Harry slowly rose off the bed. The others in the room quickly shielded the rest from damage. Flashes of color could be seen circling Harry in what appeared to be a miniature cyclone. Green, red, blue, yellow, and purple all flowed around Harry in sequence. The others knew without a doubt that Harry was receiving elemental powers that would rival anyone. A white light appeared and surrounded Harry. It was so bright that everyone present had to cover their eyes. The light encompassed Harry in a cocoon of power. From there a beam of light that looked to be a combination of gold and silver flowed out of the cocoon and surrounded Wyatt. Wyatt rose into the air with a blissful look on his face. Leo had to restrain Piper to keep her from running to him. Smaller beams circled Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Chris, Leo, Hermione, Draco, Minerva, Remus, and Severus. When each person was touched by the beam, they rose off the floor. Each understood what Wyatt was feeling. While his beam was stronger, they knew without a doubt that Harry's magic was reaching out to family and loved ones and sharing the love and purity that was within each of them. Slowly each person was set back on the floor. Wyatt landed gently on his feet and turned to look at Harry. Harry gently lowered until his body was lying on the bed. The lights all faded and the room went back to normal. Harry sighed and turned over in his sleep.

"What just happened here?" asked Piper amazed.

"It would appear that during his inheritance, Harry wanted to thank you all for being there in the only way he knew how," said Dana Stevens. "He has gifted you all with a touch of his power."

"What does that mean for the rest of us?" asked Minerva.

"That means that you will each be a little more powerful than you already are," said Dana. "The fact that Harry was surrounded by the elemental colors tells us that he will be a powerful elemental mage. The white is indicative of the purity that is his soul. The silver and gold at Wyatt is reason to believe that even without ceremony the two will be together for many years to come. No one will be able to break up the bond. I have never seen one that powerful before."

"So is all of this finished now?" asked Chris. "Will Harry be alright now?"

"Yes," said Dana. "The inheritance is complete. It is safe to say that we can all go and get some sleep now. I know you all have a party planned for him for this afternoon."

"How will he feel when he wakes up?" asked Piper. "Will he be in pain or anything?"

"He should be fine," said Severus. "Even with all that power, he should not have any lasting side affects. We really won't know until he wakes up."

"Wyatt how are you feeling?" asked Leo. "Are you hurt in any way?"

"Dad that was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced," said Wyatt. "It was like I was in Harry's mind. All of the love that he has for me was all out in the open. I could feel his emotions as if they were my own. I am not in any pain at all. I feel great."

"I feel the same way," said Chris. "I know that Harry doesn't have the same feelings for me that he does for Wyatt, but I could feel the love that Harry has for me. It was almost like he was telling me that he is happy that he has a brother like me."

"I too felt like he was sending me his love," said Phoebe. "I felt embraced. It was like he was telling me that he was glad that I was in his life."

"He made me feel like a proud mother," said Piper. "It was almost like he was telling me that he is accepting me as his mother. What would his parents say to that?"

"Knowing James and Lily as I do," remarked Minerva. "I would say that they are happy that someone has stepped up to the task of seeing their son happy. All Harry has ever wanted in his life was a loving family. Severus, Remus and I are his godparents of sorts along with Narcissa. Draco, Chris and Hermione are like the siblings he never had. He sees Piper and Leo as surrogate parents. The rest he sees as family members in general."

"I am glad that we were able to come to his rescue," said Wyatt. "He has shown us nothing but love and compassion since the night we rescued him from those horrible people. I am glad that his soul picked me to be his bonded and his mate. He has made me so happy."

Leo and Piper smiled as they took in the look that was on Wyatt's face. The others around the room all voiced their opinions about the events of the last year. Around the castle others felt the power of Harry's magic. Each was touched in their own personal way with feelings of love and gratitude for the support that they all give freely to Harry. An hour later saw the occupants of Potter Castle sleeping soundly. The threat of Albus trying to get to Harry was over. Harry was powerful enough now to sand up to anything that the old fool had in mind to throw at him.

Voldemort was waiting for word from his scouts. So far they had not managed to find Delores Umbridge nor were they having any success in finding Ginerva or Albus. Things were not looking good for Voldemort at the moment. His one stroke of good fortune resided in the fact that Bellatrix was adapting to being a werewolf. Voldemort did not allow her to carry a wand, but allowed her to run with the pack.

"I will tell you one last time that Harry Potter is off limits to you Bella," said Voldemort. "If I have to tell you again, I will peel the flesh off of your body and let you live long enough to feel the pain. Do I make myself finally clear to you?"

"Yes My Lord," she said. "I will do better."

"Good," he said. "I have a job for you. It is time for that old fool to be brought in. I want you to go and purchase a wand and then hunt him down. Now that Harry Potter has come into his full magical inheritance, he will back off and come back after us. I want him found a killed."

"Yes Master," she said. "I will get right on it. Thank you for being so merciful."

Voldemort waved her away and went back to his documents that were on his desk. He still had other people he needed to keep an eye on. He summoned McNair.

"I want you to bring Molly and Percy Prewett to me for questioning," he instructed. "They are still out there and I want them brought in. Have others go after Diggle, Jones, and any other remaining members of the Order of the Phoenix. By now you should all know who is in that wretched organization."

McNair bowed and left immediately. His Lord wanted it done, and he was the best one for the job. He gathered a group together and went about the appointed tasks.

Delores Umbridge was far from stupid. She knew that the best way to hide was to hide in plain sight. That the law was after her did not bother her in the slightest. She was furious that they would side with the Potter brat for what happened in her classes. She was a Ministry official and it was her duty to administer punishment to those that deserved it. For to long they had talked about bringing that insufferable brat down and no one would do anything about it. She had done what too many were afraid of doing. She punished the boy for his crimes against humanity. She stepped up to the plate and now she was being hunted for it.

She had stepped out of her house to get some fresh air when all things happened to her at once. She was roughly seized by strong arms and held in place.

"Unhand me you filthy vagabonds," she screamed. "I am loyal to Cornelius Fudge and as such you will release me at once."

"You are way behind the times," said a voice into her ear. "Fudge is dead and there is a new Minster of Magic. You are wanted for crimes against Lord Harry Potter. The Dark Lord also wants you for crimes against him."

"What crimes have I committed against the Dark Lord?" she asked. "If anything I have been helping him by causing trouble for Potter."

"That is something that you will have to take up with the Dark Lord," said Rowle. "My orders are to bring you in. I will be rewarded handsomely for your capture."

He conjured manacle and placed them around her wrists. From there he took out a portkey and they vanished and appeared at Malfoy Manor. They appeared in the foyer of the manor and he led her to the office that Voldemort used. He knocked on the door and waited for permission to enter. When he got it, he pushed her forward and entered behind her.

"My Lord," said Rowle bowing low. "I have managed to capture the old toad finally."

"Leave her here and return to our other duties," said Voldemort. "Your reward will be taken care of and will appear in your vaults soon enough. Just know that you have my gratitude."

"Thank you my Lord," he said bowing. "It is always a pleasure to serve you."

"Delores Umbridge," said Voldemort as Rowle left the room. "You have managed to hide out for almost a year now. You have gotten sloppy. By leaving your house, you stepped outside of the wards of the Fidelius Charm that you created on your home. You have much to answer for. You have done some serious damage to Lord Potter and I will be the one to sentence you for your crimes."

"I have helped you by causing him problems," said Delores. "Why are you punishing me for assisting you?"

"We have laws to uphold," said Voldemort. "You have broken the law and you must be punished for it. In the past I have wanted the demise of Harry Potter. Now that I know more of the boy's story as well as his bloodline, I no longer have any interest in harming one hair on his head."

"He needed to be brought down," said Delores. "He was acting out and no one had the courage to do anything about it."

"You have used a Blood Quill on him during his time in school," said Voldemort casting a spell and silencing her. "You attempted to use an Unforgivable on him as well. You took my servants and had them attack the boy. That is NEVER a good thing. Harry Potter is a relative and as such he will not be subjected to abuse by people such as your self. As it is, he has that old fool causing trouble for him. Harry Potter has left the country in hopes that he can have a caring and good life. He has been beaten down at every turn. Your actions against him will definantly be punished. His lawsuit that he won against you will be honored and the funds will be automatically sent to his vault. Due to the eleven months that it has taken you to pay him, I will double his award. You will be spending the rest of your life in Azkaban for your crimes against a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Shall I let you in on a little secret Delores Umbridge? Would you like to hear a story?"

She nodded her head. She was unable to speak due to the spell cast on her. She was scared. She now had one of the most powerful wizards in history upset with her. She was lucky that she would be able to get away with her life.

"Harry Potter is protected by the Charmed Ones," he said interpreting her thoughts. "Do you understand the relevance behind that statement?"

He lifted the spell so she could speak.

"How can he be protected by them?" she asked. "They are the most powerful force for the light that exists on the planet. If history is correct it is their son that was born on the night of magic all those years ago."

"That child is now Harry Potter's soul bonded," said Voldemort. "His magical core and heart is so pure that he was able to bond with the child. They are due to be married in October. Harry Potter has come into his magical inheritance last night. He is the most powerful wizard on the planet. Add to the fact that he is a Light wizard and you have a problem for people like you Delores."

"Albus Dumbledore is the leader of the Light," she said. "How is it that a mere boy has become so powerful?"

"Albus No Name is now in ruins," said Voldemort. "He is classified as a Dark Wizard. He will now be known to all as the one who attempted to kill the boy to steal his money, magic, and influence. You however will never get to know the outcome as you will be sent to Azkaban in a few moments."

Voldemort went to the door and handed a portkey to the guard stationed outside. From there the man took Delores and with a flash they were gone.

"So much for your ideas of how to punish the boy," said Voldemort. "He has been punished for to much that was not his fault in this life."

Molly and Percy did not know what to do with themselves. The death of Ron hit both of them hard. The fact that he was sent to America to be buried near his father was a small blessing.

"At least Harry was noble enough to make sure that Ron had a decent burial," she said. "You father will see to it that his final resting place is a nice one."

"Do you think we have made a mistake?" asked Percy. "Father, Bill, Charlie, and the twins have all left us for Harry Potter. Thanks to Albus, we lost Ginny and now she is on the run for killing Ron. We are the only ones left. What if we made the wrong choice?"

"I don't know anymore Percy," said Molly. "It would appear that we have lost everything. I am not going to do anything more with Albus. I am going to just live my life as I feel. We only have each other left. We can do something to make sure we manage and survive. I think it is time to leave Harry alone. Nothing seems to work anyway. For every move we make, he has a counter."

"Better we walk away with our lives then to not survive this at all," said Percy. "I agree with you mother. We need to leave Harry Potter alone."

While the two were talking, neither realized that someone else was listening to their conversation. As they were speaking, he was getting angrier with each word. He opened the door to the Burrow and entered.

"Albus," said Molly. "What are you doing here? Get out of my house this instant. You are not welcome here."

"Did you really think that I would just let you walk away from all of this?" asked Albus. "I don't think so."

Molly watched in horror as Albus pulled out his wand. Two flicks later, both Molly and Percy were lying dead in the living room of their home. Only one person had ever survived the killing curse and that person was Harry Potter. Albus left the Burrow and then turned. With a flick of his wand, he set the house ablaze. Turning on the spot, he apparated away.

The next day the headlines made many people wonder out loud if their beliefs were correct.


This reporter was called to the scene of the residence of the Weasley family. Molly and Percy Prewett were killed by the Killing Curse. Once that was done, their home was set on fire to hide the evidence. Luckily the Diggorys saw the blaze and reported the fire to the authorities. The Aurors were able to tell that the magical signature belonged to none other than Albus No Name. The bodies of Molly and Percy will be sent to America so that they may be laid to rest near Ronald who was brutally murdered a few weeks ago by his own sister Ginerva. No word yet as to the where about of Ginerva Prewett. Anyone with word about Ginerva should report it to your local authority immediately. A reward is out for the capture of Albus No Name and Ginerva Prewett. Let us hope that this ends the final chapter for the Weasley family as they have lost so much in the past.

Rita Skeeter


Reactions were different around wizarding Britain. Many were saddened by the loss of life of yet more members of a pureblood family. Others were relieved to hear that Molly and her brood were unable to hurt Harry Potter any longer. Others felt sorry for the Weasleys. Of course there were those who were angry about the situation in general. Both Albus and Voldemort were angry that this had occurred. One was angry for getting caught and the other for not being able to stop it.

Harry sighed as he stood up. He knew that once again he had to give bad news to good people.

"When will this stupid war end and people get their heads out of the sand," said Harry to Wyatt the next day. "So much life wasted. All of it is for power, fame, and money. What a stupid way to live."

"There is nothing that you can do about it Harry," said Wyatt. "You are only one person. The decision was theirs to make. They made the wrong decision and they paid the price for it. There is nothing that you can do. The only thing that you can do is to challenge Albus and be done with it. I don't think you are ready for that yet. Even someone as powerful as you are will be unable to challenge him without knowing where he is or what his agenda is. I suggest that for now you let Lord Voldemort deal with this. From this report, we know that he is still in Britain. So for now, you don't have to do anything. Voldemort is powerful enough to oppose him."

"You are right of course," said Harry. "I will just leave it alone for now. I just hate the thought that more people have died for something so stupid."

'It can not be helped," said Piper coming into the room. "It happens. We all play our own parts in all of this."

"Thanks Piper," said Harry. "What brings you here today?"

"Arthur Weasley asked me to tell you that he knows all about his ex wife and son," she said. "He said to tell you that they will be buried next to Ronald and not to worry about him."

"One day I will stop that old man," said Harry. "He will regret the day he ever started all of this. Has anyone found out where Nurmengard is yet?"

"Hermione found it," said Wyatt. "Unfortunately Gellert Grindelwald is dead. He was murdered in his cell. Apparently Albus decided it was a risk to his group to allow him to live and had him killed."

"It seems that the old fool is becoming a mass murderer," said Harry with a sigh. "I can't stand the fact that my hands are tied."

"Something will work out in the end," said Piper. "It always does. It is time for you to relax. You have a wedding to plan and school starts on September first. You are entering your last year of magical education and need all the training you can get."

"Actually I was asked if I wanted to sit my NEWTS early," said Harry. "I was told that my abilities are so high that I could probably pass each and every subject with ease. Draco and Hermione were also asked. We agreed to study a bit more and then go from there."

"Harry that is wonderful," said Piper. "It will mean that you can take over as Head Master of the school officially. That is wonderful news."

"We shall see how it goes," said Harry with a smile. "Thanks for the support. It means the world to me."

Piper and Wyatt both smiled at Harry. It definantly was a good sign to hear him talking like he was. Life would move on as it always did.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I ended the chapter here because I still have some surprises in store for the last few chapters. I want to make sure the story goes well, but I am almost out of plot. So to save the story, I will be making sure that the last elements come into play so that we can have a nice ending.

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