Sounding The Call

To Fight The Dark

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Chapter 19 – To Fight The Dark

School started and Harry was pacing nervously in the dining hall. He was going to be giving his first start of term speech. To him it sounded like a cliché that he would sound a little bit like Albus when giving this speech. The main difference was that Harry would mean what he was going to say. As he paced, he thought about what had happened in recent events. Voldemort had invoked an ancient blood magic ritual. This effectively stopped Albus from getting his hands on the Slytherin fortune. As the last living descendant of Salazar Slytherin, he now had one more ring on his finger to prove it. This now made him Head of House of Potter, Black, Evans, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Dumbledore, Slytherin and Emrys. If one were to actually sit and look at everything and classify Harry in a category, he would be named King. His bloodline was purer than many others. However Harry did not want any more fame than he already had. He was worried enough about the disappearance of Albus. He knew that the old man was not far. Wyatt and Chris were near Harry at all times. They decided to start doing home schooling so that they could be nearer to Harry.

Chris and Luna announced themselves officially as a couple. They were happy with one another. Their abilities helped Harry and Wyatt. Phoebe's children were now attending Emrys Academy as were Paige's children. The legacy of the Charmed Ones was being passed on to the younger generation. It made things easier for Piper, Paige, and Phoebe to have all of their children near one another. None of them wanted the children to be accessible by the old man.

Harry switched his thoughts back to other recent events. Albus had approached Ragnok and tried to over turn the will of Voldemort and seize the vaults and property. The goblins of Gringotts stopped that in a hurry. They knew specifically what Voldemort had done and knew that even if Albus had the support of the Ministry that nothing could be done once the blood spell had been cast. Essentially, Voldemort made sure that Albus would never get his hands on the Slytherin fortune. Many thought that the founders had no money. This was mainly due to the fact that they set it up that until the heir of all four came into in majority, the other descendants could not access the vaults. Fortunately, the only ones that this affected were Voldemort and the other descendants of Hufflepuff. Now that Hepsiba Smith was dead, her grandchildren were able to inherit.

Harry was furious that Albus had stolen the medallion from Rita Skeeter. She was still blaming herself for the loss of the medallion. Harry sent her another with a letter stating that he didn't blame her. Albus was a thief and a murderer. There was little that Albus did that surprised Harry anymore. Eventually he would have to call out the old man and be done with it.

Harry had the newspaper clipping from the night that Voldemort died. Rita Skeeter set about to write the article immediately.


In recent events, it would appear that Albus No Name has defeated the Dark Lord known as Voldemort. The two battled at Malfoy Manor where Albus was finally able to defeat his arch nemesis. Upon his death, Lord Voldemort invoked an ancient blood ritual effectively preventing Albus No Name from getting his hands on the vaults of Salazar Slytherin. Upon investigation, I spoke with the goblins of Gringotts and this is what they had to say.

"Albus No Name has come in here trying to claim the vaults by right of conquest," stated the head of the British branch Ragnok. "Unfortunately for him, Lord Voldemort set it up with the blood ritual to ensure that Lord Potter received everything that he owned. Albus No Name decided to get pushy and threatened us. From there, he was banned from the bank. We hope that where ever he has gone that he leaves Lord Potter alone. That young man is a delight to the goblins and has helped out our kind. We further hope that British wizards decide to use Lord Potter's way of life as a standard to make their own life better here on the European continent."

From there I went to the Ministry of Magic. I spoke with the newly elected Minister of Magic Lucinda Bell. Here is what she had to say.

"We are on the look out for Albus No Name," she said. "He came to the Ministry of Magic hoping to slander Lord Potter. We all know from experience that Lord Potter is a kind and generous person. He is a beacon behind which we all can stand. We are actively working hard to recover from the darkness that befell us from Albus and Voldemort. Former Death Eaters are being rounded up and questioned under the influence of Veritaserum. If they have not murdered anyone, we are allowing them to fade back into society. If however they have murdered someone, then we are giving them a trial so that they can plead their case. We have spoken with Head Master Flitwick. Now that the threat of the Dark is gone, the parents are more than willing to allow their children to stay safely within the castle for lessons. Thanks to Lord Potter and Lord Voldemort, things are better there. We shall keep a close watch out over the future of the wizarding world."

From there I went to Hogwarts where I spoke with Head Master Flitwick. Here is what he had to say.

"I am disgusted with Albus," said Filius Flitwick. "He is a liar and a massive manipulator. He fooled us all into thinking that he was the leader of the light. He is nothing more that a coward, thief, and murderer. The staff of Hogwarts is making sure that the students are safe from him. We have even banned his portrait from taking its place among the former Head Masters and Head Mistresses here in the castle. We do not want anyone else to be influenced by him in any way shape or form."

When asked if he had any words for Lord Potter, he had this to say.

"Where ever you are Harry," he said. "Keep up the good work and stay true to your heart. You were always a good child and we are sure you will make an outstanding Head Master of your academy. Stay strong and keep your head up. The staff here at Hogwarts wishes you all the luck and happiness in the world. If anyone deserves it, it is you. You have done so much for so many. We all respect and love you."

So where is Albus No Name now? We know that he stole my medallion. It stands to reason that he has gone to America so that he can once again try to harm Lord Potter. We here in England hope that he is caught soon so that he can be punished for his crimes against us all. We know that he is responsible for the deaths of the Grangers, Lord Voldemort, Gellert Grindelwald, Molly and Percy Prewett, and many others. Former members of the Order of the Phoenix are now working with the Ministry of Magic to search for and apprehend their former leader. This reporter will keep you all posted on the happenings of the group.

We all want Lord Harry Potter to know that we support him in his endeavors to find peace and happiness. I personally want to congratulate him on his upcoming nuptials in October. I wish for many years of happiness between you and Mr. Wyatt Halliwell.

Rita Skeeter


Harry had that article framed and hanging in his office. It brought a small smile to his face at the thought of his upcoming marriage to Wyatt. The two of them were very happy with each other. The fact that their magic wrapped around the other's magic like a glove was a perk that neither of them expected. Both young men were happy with the idea that they were such kindred spirits in body, mind, and soul. The happiness that the two had was contagious around the castle as well as the school. People couldn't help but smile when they saw the two together.

Harry went back to the day that they had talked to people about the wedding. It was during one of the council meetings.

"We now know that Albus has a way of getting here," said Harry. "Now that he has a medallion, he can get into Potter Vale. Thankfully I have altered the wards so that those that are allowed to come to the castle can come here without a medallion. Now that I am firmly ensconced as the Lord of the Vale, it makes things easier. Thanks to Narcissa, I have been able to set it up that each person that is allowed to come here just has to touch their finger to the gate. Leave your drop of blood on the gate, and you will have access to the castle. Many of you have already done this. The medallions are now useless. So unless I personally escort someone to the gates and allow them to enter, they will not be able to come in."

"What about all of our children?" Phoebe asked. "Will they be able to come to the castle as well?"

"I am glad you asked," said Harry. "Severus has already collected their blood. It is a painless wave of the wand. They never felt a thing. Their blood has been set into the wards. They can access the portal from the school to the castle without a problem."

"Wait," said Amelia. "You have a portal between the school and the castle? Isn't that a bit dangerous?"

"Not at all," said Harry. "Unless your blood has been activated into the wards, you can not gain access to the castle. Even other students can not use the portal. They will not see it so therefore they can not use it. Add in the fact that the portal is in my office, and you have a very safe entrance."

"Don't forget that the school is a much protected place as well," said Minerva. "There are many wards that will prevent anyone from entering the grounds without express permission from one of the staff. You can not even enter the building if you are disguised in any way. That was something recent that Harry added to the wards surrounding the school."

"I am very impressed," said Piper. "It would seem that Harry is making sure that no one can hurt the children that attend. I feel safer knowing that my sons and nieces are well protected."

"I feel better knowing that my daughters are in capable hands," said Paige. "I think I speak for all of us when we say that we are thankful for all that you have done for us Harry."

"Children are the life of the world," said Harry. "Voldemort created horcruxes so that he could stay alive forever. Albus created a spell to steal magic from others so that he can stay alive forever. Children are what make us immortal. They are what makes us live forever."

"Very well said," remarked Arthur. "You are wise beyond your years Harry."

"Shall we discuss the wedding now?" asked Wyatt. "I can tell form the way that mom is fidgeting that she wants to talk about it."

"Yes well," said Piper. "We do need to talk about a few things."

"Amelia," said Harry. "Would you do us the honor of performing the ceremony? As Minister of Magic, you have the most authority."

"I would be honored to perform the ceremony for you," said Amelia. "Thank you for asking me. I appreciate the kindness."

"Who are you going to have as bridesmaids and grooms men?" asked Phoebe. "We also need to know who will walk you down the aisle."

"Obviously I want mom and dad to walk me down the aisle," said Wyatt with a laugh. "I was hoping that Chris would stand as my groomsman."

"Wyatt," said Chris with a delighted look on his face. "I am so glad that you asked me. I would be happy to be your groomsman."

"I have already asked Luna to stand with me as my bridesmaid," said Wyatt. "She accepted."

"Excellent," said Phoebe writing all of that down. "What about you Harry?"

"I have asked Draco and Hermione to stand with me," he replied. "Both have agreed. I am in a bit of a spot due to having three guardians. Narcissa is my godmother. I have asked her to walk with me. She has agreed. Severus is my godfather of sorts so I am hoping he will walk with me down the aisle as well."

"I would be honored to walk with you brat," said Severus with a smile. "You know you can count on me. So what is your predicament?"

"Aunt Minerva is also a godmother of sorts," said Harry. "I want her to have a role in the wedding as well. I am just at a loss as to what position to ask her to be in."

"How about you let me carry the rings," suggested Minerva. "I am happy that you are thinking of me. I would be honored to carry the rings for you."

"That is a great idea Aunt Minerva," said Wyatt. "Both Harry and I love you. That way everyone that is important in our lives can do something. Aunt Paige and Aunt Phoebe can stand with Harry and me as well."

"To make it even, we can ask Neville and Hagrid to stand with us as well," said Harry.

"What colors have you decided to use?" asked Piper. "We need to know these things."

"Black and emerald green for my side," said Harry. "The black is in honor of my father's hair and the glasses that he wore were not to mention Sirius' hair color. The emerald is for the color of my mother's eyes."

"White and blue will be for my side of the wedding party," said Wyatt. "The white represents the white lighter side of me. The blue represents my birthstone and eye color."

"What kind of flowers?" Paige asked.

"Lilies," said Severus immediately. "You have to use lilies. They will also represent your mother."

"Lilies it is then," said Harry. "What flower would you like to have for you Wyatt?"

"I would like red roses," said Wyatt. "You can't have a wedding without red roses."

"That is true," said Hermione. "I think the combination of the two flowers will be beautiful."

"This will be a beautiful wedding all the way around," said Harry. "To me it would not matter if Wyatt and I wore jeans and a t-shirt. As long as we can get married that is all that matters to me."

The others all laughed at Harry's remark. At first Piper look scandalized until she realized the importance behind what Harry said. There was little doubt that Harry and Wyatt loved one anther with a passion that surpassed everyone else.

"I hate to bring us back to pressing matters," said Kingsley suddenly. "However I must ask if we got any word about Ginerva Prewett."

"I have not received word about her," said Harry sobering up. "She is still on the run. The last thing I heard was that she was in Brazil. I think it might be a good idea to send a group of four trackers to look for her. She needs to be caught and brought in for questioning. From what I saw in the vision, her intention was not to kill Ron. He attacked her first. It is not like she sent the wood through him on purpose. While I don't trust her around me, I also know that she is not an evil person. She may be very greedy, but that is partly not her fault either."

"We will get right on that," said Kingsley. "I have the perfect quad for that."

Harry pulled himself out of his thoughts as the students made their way into the dining hall. Minerva and Severus were with the first years. Unlike Hogwarts, there was no seating arrangement in the dining hall. The students were allowed to sit where they pleased. Finally the doors of the hall opened and Minerva and Severus entered with the new students. Harry and the rest of the staff all stood and applauded the group as they entered. There were forty six first years. Minerva and Severus lined them up in front of the staff table and Harry began his opening speech.

"Welcome to our second year at Emrys Academy," he said. "First years are to note that the woods are off limits due to the sensitivity of the creatures that live in them. Students are also reminded that anyone caught out of bounds will lose points for their dorm. Before I make the rest of the announcements, I would like each and every student to stand and say hello to the newest members of Emrys Academy."

Harry watched as the older students stood and greeted the younger ones. With a smile he let the new students find family members to sit with as well as those who did not have family yet in the academy to find a place to sit. Harry was pleased when the older students encouraged the younger students to join them at the tables. Smiling, he continued on with his announcements.

"This year we are pleased to announce your Potions Professor," he said. "May I introduce Professor Draco Black? I know that he is young, but I expect you to show him the proper respect he deserves for his station. Draco, Hermione, and I all sat our NEWTS over the summer and passed our courses. Miss Granger is now working in her book store. This means that we have a new Head Boy and Head Girl this year. May I introduce Miss Luna Lovegood and Mr. Neville Longbottom? For you first years, they have the ability to dock points as well as give out detentions. They are also the ones to approach if you are unable to find a professor due to class and such. Each house has a prefect. Your Head of House will announce who they wish to be prefect by your actions over the next week. Please note that just because you are a prefect this year doesn't mean that you will be one next year. With that being said, I only have two words left for you all. LET'S EAT!"

Harry lifted his hands and food filled the tables. The chatter broke out among the students as they ate their dinner. When the meal was over with, Harry stood once more and addressed the students.

"There are still people outside of these walls that are intent on hurting you," he said. "The Dark Lord has been destroyed. However there are still other dark wizards that are stepping into his shoes. Our job is to protect you and to teach you how to defend yourselves from these people. Your job is to learn all that we have to teach you. Please make sure that you follow the rules and that you stay within the boundaries that are set. This is just as much for your protection as ours. Help us to help you. With that being said, I wish you all pleasant dreams. Welcome once more to Emrys Academy."

When Harry finished speaking he watched as each Head of House went about and collected their students. He smiled to himself as he watched each and every student leave. He had opened a book by the marauders and read the inscription about creating a map for the school. He worked with Severus, Minerva, and Remus to create one for Emrys academy. He went to his office and watched as the students made their way to their rooms. The building had adjusted to fit all of the students comfortably. He smiled as he remembered his days at Hogwarts. Life had been so much simpler back then. True Voldemort wanted him dead, but at least he knew he was safe then. Everything went sour when he found out that Ron and Ginny were after his money and that Albus was after his magic. It was an even larger shock when he finally found out all of his inheritances. Now Ron and Voldemort were dead and Ginny was on the run. He was Head Master of a school and Lord of many titles. His shining light through all of this was the fact that Wyatt was going to be his husband soon. Harry let that love guide him through everything. Looking at the map, he noticed that three third year boys were sneaking out of their dorm. Sighing, he lifted his hand and sent his stag patronus to intercept them.

"That will be fifteen points from Hufflepuff Boys for your actions," said Harry's voice through the patronus. "I suggest that you get back to your dorm before I make it thirty."

Harry watched as the three boys ran back to their dorm. Boys will be boys and it seemed that even here, they would still try and sneak around the school. He wrote a quick note to Ted Tonks and sent it with Hedwig. He mentioned to the Head of House about keeping an eye on those three. From there, Harry stepped through the portal and into the room that was set up next to his suite. Wyatt was waiting for him in the bed. Harry sighed as he got into bed with him.

"Hufflepuff boys have already lost points," said Harry. "I hope that I can do a good job as Head Master."

"You worry too much about the small things," said Wyatt. "That is what you have professors for. Let them do their jobs as well. Didn't you give them all a map of the school like the one you have?"

"I did," said Harry. "Ted was in the shower and did not notice that his students were out of bed. Hopefully everyone will chose their prefects soon so that they can start making the rounds and handling the out of bounds students and such. I hate disciplining the students."

"That is your job," said Wyatt. "There are rules that have to be followed. If they break the rules, then they have to be punished for it. You are only doing what is best for their safety."

"You are right," said Harry. "You always know what to say to make me feel better. I love you so much."

"I love you too," said Wyatt. "Would you like me to prove it?"

"What did you have in mind?" asked Harry with a small smile on his face.

Wyatt leaned over and placed a passionate kiss on Harry's lips. From there he ran his hands in provocative places. Harry moaned in response to the touches and let Wyatt do what he desired. Wyatt mumbled a quick spell and their clothes vanished. He kissed the entire way down Harry's neck. From there he tortured Harry's nipples. He did not stop until he got to his growing member. With one quick smile, he wrapped his lips around it. That was all it took for Harry. He bucked and moaned as Wyatt sent shivers down his spine with his ministrations. From there, Wyatt pulled out a bottle of lube and worked his way to Harry's back side. When he entered Harry, the passion ignited even further. The two locked into a steady rhythm of passion. They simultaneously had an orgasm. Harry muttered a charm to clean them and the two wrapped their arms around each other and faded off to sleep.

The next morning, they entered the dining hall. Harry waited patiently for the students to sit before he spoke.

"It would appear that some students feel that my warnings from last night did not apply to them," he said. "So from now on, if you are caught out of your dorms without permission after curfew, you will be serving detention. It will be something that I want you to do and I promise that it will not be pleasant. With that warning stated, please enjoy your breakfast. Class schedules will be handed out after the meal is complete."

Harry sat down to eat and the tables filled with food.

"You seem in an odd mood today," remarked Severus. "Is that a love bite on your neck?"

"Yes," said Harry turning red in the face. "Please don't ask for details. Suffice to say it was an enjoyable evening."

"Was this the first time that you two have done this?" asked Leo amused in spite of himself.

"Yes," said Harry turning redder. "Please stop asking me questions. I am embarrassed already."

"Not a chance," said Minerva. "We are happy for you. It is about time you two progressed to the next step."

"Piper will kill us," said Harry. "I have no doubt she will kill us."

"Relax," said Paige laughing. "She has been waiting on this to happen. She will be delighted to know how red in the face you get when we talk about it though."

"You guys are not going to let us live this down are you?" asked Wyatt also very red in the face.

"Not on your life," said Draco with a smirk. "I think I will write to Hermione and let her know."

"DRACO BLACK I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU DO THAT," said Harry standing up and pulling out his wand. "YOU WILL NOT TELL HER ANYTHING."

Draco ran out of the room laughing as Harry chased him. The rest of the staff all burst out laughing.

"Is the Head Master going to hurt Professor Black?" asked a timid second year girl.

"No sweetie," said Paige. "He might torment him a bit, but he won't hurt him. They are just playing around."

At that moment a smug Harry entered the room and sat back down. A moment later a purple Draco Black with pink hair walked in the room.

"YOU better fix this right now Harry Potter," said Draco to the laughter of the students.

"Keep your hair on," said Harry waving his hand. "That will teach you to pick on the most powerful wizard in the world."

"Lesson learned," said Draco sitting down. "I promise that I will not say anything to Hermione."

"Tell me what?" asked Hermione entering and sitting down.

"That Wyatt and Harry had sex last night," said Chris and orbing out before Wyatt or Harry could do him damage.

Harry was busy banging his head on the table. Wyatt sat there gaping like a fish out of water. Hermione beamed at the two of them.

"It is about time," she said. "At least we know what happens when someone embarrasses you."

"Just wait until I tell mom about this," said Wyatt. "Chris will get it."

"Harry I need to talk to you," said Hermione. "It is very important."

"What is it Hermione," asked Harry with his forehead on the table.

"Albus has been spotted on Potter Highway," she said. "Before they could apprehend him, he disappeared again. That is why I was coming here. You told me to come here immediately if he was seen for safety reasons."

"You did the right thing," said Harry standing up immediately. "Leo I need Piper and Phoebe here. It is time to act. I will summon Amelia and Kingsley and Arthur and meet you in my office. Minerva and Severus, the school is now in lock down. The students are not allowed to leave the building until further notice. We need some of the Aurors here to help guard the place. I know he can't get through the wards, but I don't want to risk it. The safety of the children is my number one priority."

"I will go and get Amelia, Kingsley, and Arthur," said Paige. "You just worry about locking down the school. We should have no problem getting back in. The wards recognize us."

Minerva, Severus, and Harry all rose up from their table and whispered their instructions to the rest of the staff. From there, they went to each entrance of the building and shut it. They invoked the wards with their status as Head Master and Deputies to do so. The rest of the staff meanwhile escorted the students to their classes. Each group of older students was given the task of making sure that a younger student was safe while in the halls. Sixth and seventh year students were instructed to sleep in beds in the younger years rooms until further notice. This was a plan that Harry and the staff created to ensure the safety of the younger children in the castle. When they were finished locking down the school, Harry, Minerva, and Severus raced to Harry's office. When they got there, they were met by a frantic Piper.

"What is going on?" she asked. "Amelia and I are worried here you know. You can't just send for us and not tell us what is going on."

"Albus was spotted on Potter Highway," said Harry. "The school is in lock down until he is apprehended. I need the Charmed Ones to come with me to the Highway to lure him out. It is me he wants after all."

"But you will be in danger," said Amelia. "How will you ensure your own safety?"

"That is where Piper, Phoebe, and Paige come in," replied Harry. "They will be with me under a Disillusionment Charm. That way they can watch my back when he strikes."

"I would feel better knowing you had more back up than that," said Minerva. "Powerful you may be, but you are still our charge and we will worry about you."

"Aunt Minerva," said Harry. "I would ask you and Severus to come with me, but you two are the ones that have to make sure that the school stays safe. Make sure that the elves at the castle know to not admit Albus. He can not hope to stand up to seventy six elves and live to tell the tale. I am more concerned about the students. I can handle myself. Besides, Wyatt will be with me."

"Wyatt and Harry together are formidable enough," said Phoebe. "With the three of us watching their backs, we may be able to capture him before he does damage to anyone."

"Chris will be helpful in this as well," said Leo. "He is an empath after all. He will be able to sense Albus before we see him."

"We have to make sure that the three boys are safe," said Piper. "I am not happy about this, but I know that this is the best option."

When everything was set up, Harry, Wyatt, Chris, Phoebe, Paige, and Piper all went to Hermione's store. Harry cast a quick charm on the girls to hide them from sight and then he and the boys walked outside. They started walking up the Highway.

"He is near," whispered Chris. "I can't pinpoint exactly where he is, but I know he is not far. He doesn't know we are here yet."

"Stick together," said Harry. "I don't want either of you getting hurt."

"We know how to handle ourselves," said Wyatt. "We have been fighting demons since we were children. One old man will not stand a chance against all of us."

Harry snorted in response and continued walking up the street. He would speak out loud every once in awhile to draw attention to himself. People who noticed him and the Halliwell boys all bowed low. Many greeted them and wished them well on the wedding coming up in October. Harry and Wyatt would graciously accept the well wishes.

Suddenly Chris stopped. Harry and Wyatt looked at him with concern. He was staring at a man that was just outside the wand shop. Something was not right about the man. He let his gift extend so that he could see the man better.

"It is him," said Chris. "The man by the wand shop is the old man."

Albus turned towards the trio and dropped his disguise.

"Figured me out have you," said Albus with a laugh. "Well at least you will not be going far. You will be dead before the Aurors can get here to save you. From there I will strip you of your power. After that I will use that same power to make a will that states you will give me everything you own. I will have it all and there is nothing that you can do about it."

"Hasn't anyone ever told you old man," said Harry with scorn. "That you should talk less and act more. For all the brains you claim to have, you are one of the stupidest people I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. Shall we dance?"

Harry and Albus stood and faced each other. Both bowed low in proper respect before the duel began. For every spell that Albus cast, Harry had a counter. Harry rarely used his wand. This seemed to infuriate Albus even more. The two locked in a deadly dance of spell work. After a little while, Harry leaned up against the side of a building and used his hand to direct Albus' own spells back at him.

"Is this the best you have old man?" asked Harry. "I am getting bored with this game. Had you left me alone, I would have stayed away from you. I would have been happy to live out the rest of my life right here. You never learn. You are greedy, pompous, stupid, and blinded. You will NEVER beat me. My bloodlines are more powerful than you will ever be."

"I may not be able to hurt you," Albus sneered. "Let's see what happens when I attack your mate and his brother."

Albus swung around and pointed his wand at Wyatt and Chris. As he was about to cast the Killing Curse, he froze and couldn't move. Harry turned and waved his hand cancelling his charm on the girls. There stood the Charmed Ones in all of their fury. Piper waved her hand and blew up the wand that Albus was holding. She walked up to the old man and unfroze his head.

"If you even think about trying to leave or to undo my power you better think twice," she said. "It is one thing to fight someone that is your equal in power. It is totally different to fight someone that is not in the same category as you. I was more than willing to let Harry and you fight as he is your match. You screwed up when you threatened my sons."

"How dare you think that you could do what you do and get away with it," said Paige. "We are the most powerful force for good on the planet. Our power is only rivaled by Harry's and Wyatt's. You are the worst sort of person that I have ever met. I have met demons that are more polite that you are."

"We vanquished the Source of All Evil," said Phoebe. "We are not afraid of one stupid old wizard. Did you really think that we were stupid enough to let these boys out of our sight knowing that you are on the loose and prowling around? These boys mean the world to us."

Wyatt walked up to Harry and took his hand. Harry looked at him and smiled. The two let their magic come to the surface and flare up. Pops could be heard as the Aurors and Amelia Bones apparated to the scene. By now Harry was emitting a brilliant golden color while Wyatt rivaled him in silver. The two walked hand in hand to Albus and stopped just in front of him.

Albus took one look at the power coming off the two young men and fear finally crept into his eyes. He knew that he was beaten.

"Harry, please have mercy," said Albus. "I am an old man who is ill. I never meant to hurt you. You have to believe me."

"He is lying," said Chris. "He is trying to break the hold mom has on him so that he can escape and try again another day."

"You will never hurt another living soul," said Harry reaching and touching Albus on his left temple.

"You have gone to far and hurt too many people," said Wyatt touching him on the right temple.

"You punishment for the crimes against England and America will be justified right here and now," said Amelia. "As Minister of Magic I sentence you to life in prison without parole. When you are done here, the Ministry in England will want their say as well."

"Lord Potter, do not kill him," said Arthur. "He is not worth you tainting yourself."

"We have no intention of killing him," said Wyatt speaking for them both.

"We are hereby stripping him of his magic," said Harry lashing out. "By the power of the phoenix, I Lord Harry James Potter, hereby strip you of your magical core. May you rot in hell for your sins?"

"By the power of the angels, I Wyatt Matthew Halliwell, hereby strip you of your core. May you rot in the underworld for all eternity for your sins?" intoned Wyatt.

Gold and silver light surrounded Albus and lifted him off the ground. There was little he could do to stop what was happening. Harry and Wyatt stood as if they were statues as their magic flowed around the old wizard and drained every magical fiber from him. When all of his magic was gone, Harry and Wyatt sent a second flash of magic into Albus collapsing his core.

"You will live for another twenty years in agony," said Harry. "You will be haunted by your actions until the day you die."

"For your other dealings you will feel regret and despair for the rest of your days," said Wyatt. "You will never forgive yourself."

"By our power," intoned the two together. "We judge you so. So mote it be!"

With one more flare of silver and gold, Albus crumpled to the ground in a heap of bones and rags. The light that surrounded both Harry and Wyatt faded and they collapsed on the ground as well. Leo and Piper were there immediately as were Paige, Phoebe and Chris.

"They are ok," said Chris. "They are just tired. Dad did they do the right thing? Will they get into trouble for doing that to the old man?"

"No they will not," said a voice behind them. "Forgive my intrusion. I am Elder Regina Reyna. Their actions were a gift from powers that not even we Elders understand. They did not kill the old man. They simply took away his ability to harm anyone in the future. The punishment that they gave to him is light compared to what others could and would have given to him."

"What exactly did they do to him?" asked Amelia as she conjured stretchers for the two.

"They planted a bit of magic in his mind that will make him feel regret for his actions. He will have nightmares for the rest of his life about those that he has killed. He will feel guilty for his actions in using and manipulating others. No harm will come to him. This is his punishment. In time he may grow to understand what he did and seek out atonement for his actions."

"So my sons did not do anything dark to him?" asked Piper.

"No they did not," Regina replied. "They are as pure as they were before this altercation."

"I think it is best to get them home and into bed," said Leo. "That way they can rest in comfort. Paige I think you can go and alert the school that the danger has passed. I am sure that Amelia can handle the old man and let England know what is going on."

"I can do that," said Amelia. "We will take care of it. Just see to our boys."

"Piper and I will watch out over them," said Phoebe. "That way Paige and Leo can return to their classes along with Chris."

Everyone nodded and set out to do what they needed to get done. Today was a success for Potter Vale and those that were loyal to Harry Potter. Justice had been served to someone who deserved it.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop right here. This chapter went on and on. I am sorry about that. I had so many elements to work with. Thank you all for the wonderful support you are giving me. The final chapter is the wedding. So I will see you next chapter.

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