Sounding The Call

The Wills Revealed

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Chapter 2 – The Wills Revealed

Severus entered the mind of Vernon Dursley. He ravaged ruthlessly through all of the thoughts that was going through the man's mind. The more he saw, the angrier he got. He was absolutely disgusted by what he saw when he finally pulled out of the man's mind.

"I think we had better get Amelia Bones here," said Severus. "We will need a pensieve. Are we sure that Albus can't get to Harry while we are here?"

"Quite sure Professor Snape," said Griphook pulling a pensieve out and setting it on the table. "As Harry Potter's sixteenth birthday was three days ago, he is legally emancipated. Even if Professor Dumbledore were to come here, there is nothing he can do to make Mr. Potter leave this place."

"Are you telling me that this child is sixteen years old?" asked Piper outraged. "He looks to be barely twelve. What in the hell is happening here that he is in this condition?"

Leo picked Harry up and put him on a bed that Griphook set up for him. Piper and Wyatt sat on each side of Harry and grabbed one of his hands. Harry smiled weakly at both in gratitude.

"These people," said Severus pointing at the Dursleys. "Starve him. He is very malnourish and it has stunted his growth some. I can give him potions that will assist in helping him grow more, but I doubt even with my help that he will get taller than five foot six. If we are lucky he will reach five foot eight."

"Why do you want Amelia Bones here?" asked Remus. "The less people that know we have Harry the better it will be. I do not want to put Harry in any more danger than he already is."

"Amelia Bones is on Harry's side," said Minerva. "She and I have had a few conversations about Harry already. It is not well known to the public, but she doesn't trust Fudge or Dumbledore in the slightest. She does her job and stays out of the way, but she watches and she listens. She knows what is going on in the Ministry even if Fudge thinks he is keeping it quiet. If we can get her here, she may be able to help us get Harry out of England safely."

"He will be coming with us," said Wyatt suddenly. "We can protect him. The power of the Charmed Ones, as well as my brother and I, can help protect him. Mom he has to come with us. We can't leave him here."

"We won't," Piper said. "We will take him with us. We just have to do it legally or they will bring him right back. He has to have the proper documentation or the United States will make him leave."

"Amelia can help with that," said Severus. "She can get him all of the documentation he needs to quietly leave the country. She is after all the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement."

"Well I think it is a good idea to bring her here so that we can get all of this sorted out," said Minerva. "The sooner we can get him safely away from both Albus and the Dark Lord the better. I will be back in a few moments."

Minerva left the room and then the bank. She turned on the spot and apparated to the Ministry, and sought out Amelia. It took her a few minutes to find her office. Once she found it, she knocked on the door. Amelia opened the door and was surprised to see Minerva standing there.

"Minerva," she said. "What can I do for you?"

"Your assistance is needed at Gringotts," whispered Minerva. "It regards the safety of Harry Potter. Can you come with me right now?"

"Just give me a moment to let Kingsley know that I will be stepping away from my desk for a few hours," she replied walking over to the floo.

When she was done, the two women apparated back to the bank. They entered the room and sat down and waited for everyone to get settled. Introductions were made and the group waited tensely for someone to start.

"Why are there three muggles in Gringotts?" asked Amelia pointing at the Dursleys.

"They are the reason why Harry looks in such bad shape," said Minerva.

"Gee thanks Professor," said Harry weakly from his bed. "I hope that I am looking better than when you found me."

"Forgive me Harry," said Minerva. "You look fine. You just look tired and underfed. We will take care of this. I would like for you to just relax and let us deal with the hard part. Wyatt and Piper will stay near you. If you need something please do not hesitate to ask."

"Amelia," said Severus. "I have looked into this muggle's mind and I have come up with the most disturbing things. These three people are Harry's relatives. They have each been physically abusing him since the day he was placed on their doorstep."

"Wait," said Piper angrily. "He was left on their doorstep like a package from the mail? How is this country run? Who in their right mind would leave a child on the doorstep of someone else's home and just leave him there."

"It is not like we asked for the freak," said Vernon. "Our lives would have been better had he never been brought to us."

"What did you call him?" asked Piper standing up and raising her hand.

"A freak!" said Vernon as Leo grabbed her and pulled her hand down. "He was left on our doorstep as a baby and we have had to deal with him and his freakish ways ever since."

"AS A BABY!" yelled Phoebe as Piper froze the man with a wave of her hand. "WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND LEAVES A BABY ON THE DOOR STEP OF SOMEONE WHO OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T WANT HIM?"

"Piper right?" asked Amelia as she eyed the frozen Vernon. "What have you done to him? Why is he not moving?"

"I froze him," she said in a huff. "It was the only way I could get him to shut up. It is better than the alternative."

"What would that be?" asked Amelia hesitantly.

"My wife is one of the Charmed Ones," said Leo. "She has the ability to halt molecules or freeze someone or something, and she has the ability to speed them up or blow it up as they call it."

"You three are the famous Charmed Ones?" asked Amelia with delight. "Then that means one of you can move or summon things with your mind while the other one has visions."

"Paige can summon things and Phoebe has the gift of clairvoyance," said Chris. "Aunt Paige, Wyatt, and I are all half white lighter."

"Wyatt is the one in our books as well being born on the night of magic," said Amelia. "I remember when that happened. It was all over our papers that the special magical child had been born. It is such a pleasure to meet all of you. That doesn't explain why you are all here though."

"That would be my fault," said Harry from his spot between Piper and Wyatt. "When he was done hurting me I cried out in my mind for someone to come help me. That is when they all came in. A couple of seconds later, Professors McGonagall, Lupin, and Snape came in. Leo healed me and we all came here."

"I was getting called by someone who needed my help," said Wyatt. "I answered the call and here we are. I am not happy with what we saw. I can tell you that it will not be pleasant for anyone if they try that again. I will vanquish anyone who tries to hurt him again."

"You speak for all of us," said Chris. "What we saw when we arrived was horrible. Harry was handcuffed to the bed. The word freak was carved into his back with a knife. He was bruised and cut all over and he was bleeding from his umm lower parts."

"He was bleeding from his ass," said Wyatt plainly. "Someone has forced sex on him. I can only guess it was one of those two there."

"Wyatt," admonished Piper. "Be careful how you phrase things. I am sure that Harry is embarrassed enough by all of this without you blurting things out this way."

"Sorry mom," said Wyatt. "I am just so angry that they did this to him."

"It is ok Wyatt," said Harry squeezing his hand. "The truth had to come out somehow."

"Well," said Severus pointing at Vernon. "Their words echo the memories I looked at in Dursley's mind. He is the one that raped Harry."

Amelia looked at Petunia. As of yet the woman had not said anything. She took in all of the surroundings with a look of loathing on her face. To say that she and Dudley were frightened of the people in the room was putting it mildly.

"Why would you and your family do that to Harry Potter?" asked Amelia. "What would possess you to hurt someone that can not fight back? I am sure you are aware that he can not do magic outside of school without getting into trouble. So I am assuming that you did what you did because you knew that he could not defend himself using magic. Why would you do something like this?"

"We were told to," she said quietly. "We were told that if we abused the boy that we would get a large sum of money from his inheritance. We were told that if we broke him that we would get my grandparents money from this bank for our own use and that we would be wealthy."

"On whose word were you told that you should do this?" asked Amelia. "Who put you up to this?"

"Albus Dumbledore," said Petunia. "He told me that I did not inherit anything from my grandparents because Lily was the only one that inherited the magic in our bloodline. Because I wasn't born with magic, I was not allowed access to the Evans family fortune. When Lily died, the boy inherited the Evans family fortune minus the accounts in our type of banks. Dumbledore said that we would get all of the Evans family fortune if we did what he wanted us to do. He never said why we were to abuse the boy only that we would be punished if we failed."

"You do realize that you will be going to prison for your actions right?" asked Amelia. "You and your husband will be tried for child neglect, child endangerment, and assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, and rape. The only reason, I am not charging you with attempted murder is due to the fact that the Charmed Ones stepped in and healed is wounds. Though, the jury may well charge you with it anyway."

"I have the memories in the pensieve if you wish to view them," said Severus. "I took them directly from his mind."

"I think I have enough to go on for now," said Amelia pulling out her wand and conjuring a bottle for the memories. "However, I will take these with me as evidence. What else do you need me for?"

"Harry will need the proper papers to get out of the country legally," said Minerva. "We need to get him safely out of England and way from the Dark Lord and Albus."

"The goblins of Gringotts can handle that for you," said Amelia looking over at a nodding Griphook. "I will stay until they are ready and put my signature of approval on them however. Is there other business that you needed to attend here at the bank?"

"We are supposed to be here for the reading of Sirius' will," said Minerva. "I am not sure who else is supposed to be here for it."

"Miss Hermione Granger, Mr. Fred and George Weasley, Narcissa, and Draco Malfoy," said Griphook.

A knock sounded on the door. Minerva drew her wand and went to open it. She was surprised to see the Weasley twins and Hermione standing there. She stepped back and let them enter the room. She glanced into the lobby and saw the two Malfoys standing there. She beckoned them over and allowed them to enter the room. It took some time for them to recount what had happened to Harry and why they were all here. Narcissa and Hermione looked in disgust at the three Dursleys. The Weasley twins and Draco looked very angry at the treatment of Harry.

"Now that we are all here," said Griphook placing three spheres on the table. "We can begin the reading of the wills. Mr. Potter, do you have any objection to everyone staying while you listen to the wills of your mother and father?"

"No I don't mind," said Harry. "I don't want to think about being without these people here. I feel like if I am out of their sight for to long that something will go wrong. Can we do something about Uncle Vernon though? The way he is frozen like that makes me feel weird."

Piper stood and raised her hand and unfroze Vernon.

"You will remain quiet Dursley or I will make sure you do not speak," threatened Amelia pointing her wand at him. "You are only here as I can not move you until everything is done. So sit in those chairs and do not open your mouths or I will permanently shut them for you."

Griphook smiled kindly at Harry and then tapped the first sphere

I, James Harrison Potter, being of sound body and mind herby make the following instructions of my last will and testament.

To Remus Lupin, I leave one million galleons. Moony make sure that you get yourself some new clothes. I also leave you with one of the Potter medallions. The goblins of Gringotts know which ones they are and can give it to you. Please help protect my one and only son.

To Sirius Black, I leave you my son. Please take care of our boy. He is the greatest treasure that I have ever made. Love him like your own and never let him out of your sight. I also leave you one of the Potter medallions.

To Severus Snape, I leave you one million galleons. Severus, please help Sirius and Remus take care of my son. I have a feeling that Albus is planning something major. Also please note that we switched secret keepers from Sirius to Peter. Albus knows this. I also leave you with one of the Potter medallions. Once you have it, you will know what it does.

To Minerva McGonagall, I leave you one million galleons. I am also entrusting you with my wand. Should something happen to me, please see to it that Harry gets this wand? It has been handed down in my family for centuries. I also leave you with one of the Potter medallions.

To Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, I leave you one million galleons. Please help protect my son from the Dark Lord, Cissy. As his godmother, you can do this. If you and Draco have not taken the Dark Mark, then each of you will receive a Potter medallion. They will keep you both safe.

To my son, Harry James Potter, I leave you the rest of the Potter fortune. I also leave you the title of Head of House of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter. The ring that symbolizes and marks you as head of house has a special function. Each person that has a medallion can be summoned by using the ring. Your grandfather and I got the idea from the Dark Lord, but rather than using the flesh of your friends and family, we decided to use jewelry.

To all of you assembled please know that no matter what, we do not want Harry being sent to his Aunt and Uncle Dursley. They are not to be trusted. If Lily has joined me on our journey, then Harry is to get the second Potter ring. The ring will chose a partner that is right to assist Harry. He doesn't have to be married to or mated to anyone for the ring to choose the right person to wear it with him.

Griphook pulled out a box that had medallions in it. He handed them out to everyone but Narcissa and Draco. Both nodded in understanding and lifted their sleeve to present their arms to show that neither was branded with the Dark Mark. When they did this, Griphook handed both their medallions. He handed the ring box to Wyatt who in turn gave it to Harry. Harry opened the ring box and took out the Potter ring. It had a lion and a gryphon standing back to back with a wand and sword crossed over it. Harry put it on his finger and had the satisfaction of feeling the protective spells surround him. He took out the second ring and held it in his hand. Everyone in the room waited with baited breath as they waited to see what the second ring would do. They watched in amazement as the ring rose in the air and hovered over Harry for a moment. It flew around the room for a moment pausing in front of each person as it did. When it paused in front of Wyatt, it flared briefly before dropping into his lap. Wyatt picked up the ring and looked at his mother. She smiled at him in encouragement and he slipped the ring on his finger. He glowed for a moment as Harry did before he felt the power of the ring settle around him.

"It would appear that the ring has chosen Mr. Halliwell as partner to Mr. Potter," said Griphook. "If everyone is ready, I will go over the contents of the Potter will."

At Harry's nod, he continued.

"The Potter vault contains six hundred and fifty eight million galleons," said Griphook. "It also contains many paintings, jewels, jewelry, books, furniture, and other odds and ends. You now own Potter Castle which oddly enough is in California. You also own three summer homes here in England, two in France, and four in Japan. If you are ready, we can get on to the last two wills."

Harry nodded as he signed all of the documents that Griphook handed him. When he finished that, he handed them back and Griphook tapped the second sphere.

I, Lily Marie Evans Potter, being of sound mind and body bequeath the following.

To Sirius Black, I give you my son. Please look after him with everything that you have. Please make sure that he has everything that he needs in this world. I know that you do not need money, so I will not give you any. You would not take it anyway.

To Narcissa Black Malfoy, I leave you one million galleons. I know that you are married to Lucius, but I know that you are not happy and that you are worried about both you and your son. I also leave you with an Evans family medallion. It will allow you access to any of the three Evans mansions. If you need to run to protect Draco, you may have any house of your choice.

To Severus Snape, I leave you one million galleons. Please help Sirius with the raising of Harry. You know how immature he can be. I trust you Severus to be the voice of reason.

To Minerva McGonagall, I leave one million galleons. I also leave you with a small job. If Harry doesn't get sent to Petunia and Vernon as we request, then give Grunnings to Vernon and Petunia and the account that was set up for proceeds to go into. If however our wishes were not respected and Albus succeeded in putting Harry with my sister, then the business is to be sold and the money is to be added to Harry's vaults.

To my son Harry James Potter, I leave the following. I leave you as the Head of House for the Evans line. You are the first male in our line to be born with the magic. I am not a muggle born witch. I am a pureblood. I am the first born in some time that has been born with the magic. You are the first male Evans child to be born with the magic in some time. Therefore you can take up your rightful place as Head of House. There are two rings to be given to you. One is for you and one is for your companion. As with your father's house, it doesn't have to be a mate or spouse. The ring will choose for you. Be well my son and know that your father and I loved you very much.

Let it be known that Albus Dumbledore is not to be trusted around my son. He has tried to rape me twice in my time at school. Please make sure my son is safe from that mad man.

Gasps could be heard at this proclamation. Minerva and Severus looked a bit green at hearing this. Vernon was on the verge of opening his mouth to argue about Harry getting the company he worked for taken away from him, but at a glare from Amelia, he shut up and sat back.

"I want Grunnings closed down," said Harry. "Give a severance pay to all of its employees of one year of their salary. I don't want Vernon getting anything. I also want to know why no one told me that Narcissa Malfoy was my godmother. Draco and I could have had a better relationship all this time if I had known."

"We felt it was best after your parents died to not mention it as my husband is a Death Eater in the inner circle with the Dark Lord," said Narcissa softly. "I did it to protect both you and Draco."

"I can understand that," said Harry with a sigh. "At least I know now that I have more guardians than I could want. I won't be alone anymore. Draco is it to late to be your friend?"

"No Harry," said Draco. "I knew what was going on. Mother told me. I had a role to play to help protect you. I have always watched out for you as best as I could without getting into trouble myself. I would be honored to be your friend. Before you ask, I will also be nice to Hermione. It was all an act."

Griphook handed the box of Evans rings to Harry while Harry and Draco were talking. Harry opened the box and placed the Head of House Ring on his finger and watched as it combined with the Potter ring. Harry could feel the magic working in his body as blocks seems to melt from around his magical core. Harry lifted the second ring from the box and had the satisfaction of watching it fall into Hermione's lap. She looked delighted by the aspect and slipped the ring on her finger and felt the link with Harry open. She looked delighted by the new line of magic. Harry nodded to Griphook to continue. The goblin smiled back and pressed his finger to the third sphere.

I, Sirius Black, being of sound mind and body bequeath the following.

To Remus Lupin, I leave you five million galleons. Please for the love of Merlin go and buy yourself some new clothes.

To Severus Snape, I leave you five million galleons. Please look after my pup. He will need someone strong to look after him.

To Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, I leave each of you five million galleons. Please help Severus look after Harry. The address to the family home is Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. As owner of the house I can get around the Fidelius Charm.

To Minerva McGonagall, I leave five million galleons. Please keep Harry away from Albus. I am not worried about Voldemort. Severus has explained to me about him. Harry doesn't have anything to worry about from him. Albus is not the man he claims to be. He is the one that sent me to Azkaban with Fudge without a trial. Get Harry away from him. I also want you to know that Albus is trying to steal the Potter and Evans inheritances away from Harry. Apparently the Dumbledore family is now broke and Albus wants that money for his self. Do not let him get his hands on Harry's money.

To the goblins of Gringotts, I leave you five million galleons. I also leave you the job of voiding all contracts that pertain to marriage of Harry to anyone of Albus Dumbledore's choice. I also herby charge you with preparing the documents to have Harry emancipated at the age of sixteen. I want my pup to be free of any binds to Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore.

To Hermione Granger, I leave you five million galleons. Use this money to buy yourself all the books you want. All I ask is that you remain loyal to Harry. Help keep the Molly, Ron, and Ginny Weasley away from Harry.

To Fred and George Weasley, I leave you each five million galleons. I also leave you with some advice. Some of your family is not what they appear. They are only after Harry's money. Help the others keep them away from him. I know from our conversations that you two along with Hermione are loyal to Harry above all others.

To Harry James Potter, I leave you the rest of the Black family fortune. I am also naming you my heir. You will now be known as the Head of House of the most Ancient and Noble House of Black. You will receive the rings marking you Head of House as well as the partner ring. If you have finally heard your parent's wills, you will know that I have done the same with these rings as they have. You do not have to be married to the wearer of the second ring. It will choose for you. Do me one favor kid. Reinstate Andromeda and Nymphadora into the house. They did not deserve to be hurt. Also give them each ten million galleons.

On this last note, I am hereby disinheriting Bellatrix Black Lestrange from the family. She is no longer to be allowed to carry the name Black. May she rot in hell for what she has done.

Once more Harry put the head of house ring on his finger and felt it bond with his other two. He threw the other ring into the air and watched as it soared to Draco. Draco smiled at Harry and placed the ring on his finger and glowed with the power that came with the ring.

"We have to go over the money and property of both of these wills," said Griphook. "From the Evans inheritance, you have three hundred million galleons. You have the jewels, jewelry, furniture, books, artifacts, and other odd items. You inherit all three mansions here in England as well as the one in Italy. From the Black inheritance you have nine hundred and forty three million galleons. You inherit the property known as Number twelve Grimmauld Place. You also have all of the artifacts, jewelry, jewels, and other possessions in your vaults."

"That makes you wealthier that the Malfoys," said Draco with a smile. "You have more power and influence than we do."

"I don't want it," said Harry. "I would like every house stripped down of its possessions and put in my vaults and then I want them all sold. I want a lawyer hired to sue the Daily Prophet for all of the slanderous things said about me for the last five years. I want all of my money recovered from Albus Dumbledore that he stole from my accounts. I want him sued for his troubles. I want Delores Umbridge and Cornelius Fudge sued for the damages that they have both done to me. If possible I want them both out of office. I want to have access to my vaults once we reach California. I want Hermione to come with me when I move. I NEVER want to come back to England again."

"We goblins shall take care of most of this for you Mr. Potter," said Griphook. "I have your papers ready for your signature. If you have a preference of a goblin that you want to watch out over your accounts please let me know. Also we will send out a team to bring all of your possessions out of your homes and placed into your vaults. The other requests can not be conducted by us."

"Griphook," said Harry. "I would like for you to be the one to handle my accounts. I am sure you will let me know where I can get to a branch of Gringotts that will allow me to have access to what is in my vaults here."

"Each branch of Gringotts has a portal that can be used by a key carrier," said Griphook. "I am delighted that you choose me to handle your accounts. Your key will be recognized as one that can access the portal so that you may enter your vaults no matter where you are. I also have the equivalent of a muggle credit card for you so that you can get muggle money from any ATM as well as any magical one. You can also write to me at any time to take certain things out of your vault at any time you wish. A detailed book will be sent to you with every single item described in it."

"We can get you a lawyer to start on the legal proceedings," said Narcissa. "I have one that works only for me. He will be delighted by the business."

"Thank you," said Harry. "I need to know where I will be staying until I can get settled in my own place in California."

"You will be staying with us of course," said Piper. "We will make sure that you are comfortable and such. We have enough room for you."

"Are you sure?" asked Harry. "I don't want to put anyone out."

"We are sure sweetie," said Phoebe with a smile. "I promise that you are not putting anyone out. It will give us all time to learn more about each other and things."

"Is it ok if the people you see here visit me and checks up on me?" asked Harry.

"Absolutely," said Paige handing out business cards to everyone. "They are welcome to come and see you when ever they wish. I have a friend of mine that knows of some property in the mountains that you can buy. We can get to work on that and you can build your own magical community. Your talents would go a long way in Magic School."

"Hermione and Draco," said Harry. "Once I get my house and stuff started would you two like to come live with me?"

"If it is ok with Mother then I would love it," said Draco. "It will get me away from Father and the Dark Lord. I have no desire to be a Death Eater."

"I turn seventeen in March," said Hermione. "I am sure that mum and dad will allow me to come. You just get settled in first. Get adjusted and when everything is set up Draco and I or anyone else you want will be able to find you through either a ring or medallion."

"I like the sound of that," said Harry. "How about we get me out of here before Dumbledore finds me? Severus, I will want to talk to you so that I can pass a message to Voldemort from me."

"Give yourself a few days to rest," said Severus. "Once you get settled into a routine, we will meet and I will gladly pass on any information that you wish. When things are better for you and you are rested and such just contact me through the medallion and I will be able to find you."

"Is it possible to make more of these medallions?" asked Harry. "I would like for Hermione and the Halliwells to each have one."

Severus pulled out his wand and pointed it at his medallion. He muttered a few Latin phrases and ten more medallions appeared. He instructed Harry to let a drop of blood fall on each medallion. When this was done, they all flared gold for a moment and then were keyed to Harry as the head of House of Potter.

"In the future we can make more if you need them," said Severus as he handed a medallion to Hermione, Fred, George, Amelia, and the Halliwells. "We can get this all taken care of at a later date. Just know that each of us present will always be here to help you and keep you safe from the Dark Lord and Dumbledore."

"Thanks Professor Snape," said Harry with a smile. "This means a lot to me."

"Keep in touch," said Minerva. "If you need anything, just summon me through the medallion. However, I know that you are in very capable hands with the Charmed Ones."

Harry and the Halliwells shook hands, or in Harry's case, hugged everyone in the room. After promising to keep in touch, they left the room and entered the lobby of the bank. They were met by a very angry Albus Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, and a smug Ginny Weasley.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – You all know I love leaving with cliff hangers. I am so sorry to do this to you. The chapter just got away from me and started to grow faster than I though. I had more that I wanted to put here, but I can move that to the next chapter and so on. Please let me know what you think.

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