Sounding The Call

The Wedding

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Chapter 20 – The Wedding

Things in Potter Vale were quiet after the defeat of Albus. Harry would visit the jail from time to time and scan the old mans memories so that he could get the information needed. After the third such visit he arranged with the Minister of Magic of England for a visit. He knew the last location of Albus. He got permission from Aberforth to go and collect what he wanted from the home.

Wyatt, Piper and Harry orbed to the location of the house. Harry went through it with a fine tooth comb. Once he had everything that he needed, he apparated the group to Hogwarts. As he was once again the owner of the school, he knew that he had to check in.

"Harry," greeted Filius. "I am so glad that you took the time to come and visit us. We have missed you these last couple of years."

"Well," he replied. "I have missed you as well. This was my first home. To bad that there were others who felt that I should not have any happiness. How are things going here now?"

"We are doing very well here," said Filius. "Things could not be better. Some of the people that have left England for their safety have returned."

"Yes I knew that not everyone would stay in America," said Harry. "All I want is for people to be happy."

"I hear the Weasley twins have reopened their shop in Diagon Alley," said Filius.

"If I were you," replied Harry. "I would be concerned as they are also taking over the joke shop in Hogsmeade. They really have a knack for what they do."

"Rumor has it that you and Severus gave them, gifts for Christmas from the days of the marauders," said Filius with a laugh. "If that is true, then we are already on alert. The twins by themselves were great jokers and tricksters. Add the knowledge of your father and his friends and we have the most impish people around."

"I am sorry to report that the rumor is true," said Harry with a laugh. "However I have a second copy here so that you can know the counter spells of the pranks and such. I recommend that you and your charms professor read it carefully."

"This will give us a reprieve," said Filius. "It will also give us a general idea of the effects of the pranks."

"While quite effective, they are quite harmless," said Harry. "The twins may be good at what they do, but they will never create something that will be long lasting and harmful to others."

"Who will be running their shops here in England?" asked Filius.

"Lee Jordan is running the shop in Diagon Alley," he replied. "George will be coming back to England to run the one in Hogsmeade. Fred will be staying in America."

"How are Miss Granger and Miss Lovegood?" asked Filius.

"Hermione has her own book store," said Harry. "I gave it to her for Christmas. Luna is Head Girl now. She will be Head Girl again next year. When she graduates, she will be the Divinations professor. I suggest that you get a better one for Hogwarts. Sybil doesn't know what she is doing and I hardly learned anything from her."

"Now that the threat of the Dark Lord and Albus has passed, I am inclined to agree with you," remarked Filius. "She is an absolute fraud."

"I will not interrupt the way you are running the school," said Harry. "I am happy at Emrys. I am giving you and Rolanda an invitation to my wedding. Wyatt and I are getting married on October 31st."

"We heard that you were getting married," said Filius. "Lord Voldemort had already talked with me about it. It was determined that on that date, he would be here so that I can go to America to attend. We have decided to keep the program that he set up. Giving the students and over view of the Dark Arts in a protective surrounding is a good idea. This way they will know what to look for. However we have decided for their safety to keep it at fifth year and above."

"I am glad that Hogwarts is doing so well," said Harry. "We have talked with the Minister about having Hogwarts and Emrys added to the floo for communication between the two."

"I want to suggest something to you and Wyatt," said Filius. "I know that the Charmed Ones are not as long lived as we wizards are. Therefore I suggest you find a way of moving that Nexus to under the school or something so that they can have a quieter time in their golden years."

"Is that even possible?" asked Piper. "It would be helpful to not have the Manor attacked every few days by demons. However I do not want to put the students at risk at the school either."

"The students will be fine where they are," assured Harry. "We can also use the demons as practice for the older students."

"Demons are not as deadly to wizards as other wizards are," explained Filius. "Apparently Albus had books upon books here in the Head Master's office about the topic. Even a first year wizard can tackle a demon with little harm done to them. I know that Harry has a tougher curriculum on Defense than we do here."

"My cousins are just as powerful as the next person," said Wyatt. "I am at Emrys full time and at the regular school for two hours a day until I graduate. I think it is a good idea. We just have to find a way of moving the Nexus."

Filius pulled out a book and handed it to Harry.

"Albus was already planning on doing it and stealing the power of the Nexus for himself," said the old wizard. "I think it is time to move it somewhere that it will be safe. Just because Albus and the Dark Lord are gone doesn't mean that someone will not try and take their place."

"Wyatt and I will work on it," said Harry looking at the spell. "Between us we can ensure that the Nexus stays safe as long as I am alive."

"The power of your magic will ensure that you have very long lives," said Filius. "The stronger the magic of a person means that they will have a longer life. The two of you have the strongest magic on the planet. Therefore, you will have extended lives. Albus was a very powerful wizard. He just passed his hundred and seventy fifth birthday. Your magic makes him look like a squib by comparison."

"Wow," said Wyatt. "That is a lot of power."

"Because it is so innocent and light," said a voice to the side of them. "It means that when the time is right, Harry will become an Elder as will you."

"How long will we be here on earth?" asked Harry.

"That is for you to decide," said Regina. "When you are ready, you will become an Elder and life will be never ending for you. It is a gift from powers that we do not understand ourselves."

The group all thought about that for a few moments. Harry looked over at Filius and smiled.

"Let me know when you are ready to retire," he said. "We will talk about your replacement from there."

"Oh I still have a few years left," said Filius. "Now that things are better I think that I can stay for a good ten years or more."

Harry smiled as he and Piper walked over to Wyatt. From there the trio orbed back to Emrys where Harry called a council meeting. Once all the members and guests were assembled, he launched into his ideas.

"We have found out what Albus was intending," said Harry to the group. "It would appear that he was trying to remove the Nexus from under the Halliwell Manor and steal the power it gives. Therefore, Wyatt and I will be moving the Nexus to under Potter Castle. I was going to move it to under the school, but I think that it is safer to keep it away from the students."

"I think that is a better choice," said Phoebe. "I say that because after you retire as Head Master, there is no reason to believe that others will not attempt the same thing."

"They will not ever have the chance," said Harry. "I have been studying hard and I know how to create spells now. With the help of Wyatt we can craft a spell that states that no one will ever have access to the Nexus. The spell will be so powerful that no one will be able to break it."

"Who will cast the spell?" asked Severus.

"Wyatt and I will," said Harry. "That means that once the spell is cast that Poppy will need to be near as it will drain the both of us to the point of unconsciousness."

"Is that necessary?" asked Poppy. "You are going to be the death of me yet."

"We feel it is necessary," said Wyatt. "Our power is the strongest on the planet. It is so pure that both Harry and I were assured spots as Elders when we are ready. If we are the ones to cast the spell, then no one can come after us and try to steal it again."

"Had Albus succeeded in his attempt, he would have been an unstoppable force for the Dark," said Piper. "I may not be happy about the risk that these two are taking, but I know that this is the best option."

"We will not be harmed," assured Harry. "We will just be drained and in need of potions to help recover our strength."

"If you do not feel that we should do this, then please speak now," said Wyatt. "There will always be descendants of the Charmed Ones around. We can continue to protect the Nexus that way. We are only offering a better solution."

"All those in favor please raise your hands," said Harry raising his own.

Wyatt, Leo, Piper, Paige, and Phoebe raised their hands immediately. Severus, Minerva, Hermione raised their hands after a moment of thought. Arthur, Kingsley, Amelia, and Remus did not raise their hands.

"We know that your intention is right," said Remus. "That still doesn't stop us from worrying about you. You and Wyatt are our boys and we don't want you to get hurt."

"We know you have the right idea," said Arthur. "You are like sons to me. Like Remus, I worry about your safety."

"I feel that the Nexus should not be moved," said Amelia. "It will put your home into a position of attack from the demons and such."

"I stand with Amelia on this," said Kingsley. "It will put your home in danger."

"Not with this spell," said Harry passing a book around to them. "By using this spell, we will not only ensure that no one can access the Nexus again, we can also stop anyone from finding it."

Arthur, Amelia, Remus, and Kingsley all reviewed the spell. It was not one they were familiar with. Severus looked at it also and gave his utmost approval. Hermione also looked and was delighted by what she saw.

"You can use the whole council to fuel the spell," she said. "All of us here are for the side of the light. If we all give the spell a boost, then we can ensure that you two are safe during the spell casting."

Draco, Narcissa, and Poppy sat back with a smile on their faces. Leave it to Hermione to come up with a solution to the problem.

"Hermione has her head in the game as usual," said Minerva while Severus smiled. "I say we do it."

"With her logic, I can no longer say no," said Remus. "You have my support in this."

"I also give my support," said Arthur. "I feel better knowing that we can all help in this."

"I agree with my colleagues," said Amelia. "As long as we can all lend support then I have no problems giving my vote of yes."

"I think we should also include Hagrid in this spell," said Kingsley. "His strength will ensure that Harry and Wyatt do not drain themselves to the point of nothing."

"Do you think he will agree with this?" asked Harry. "I don't want to hurt him."

"Hagrid will do anything for you," said Draco. "He always has and always will. He may not be able to keep secrets very well, but his loyalty and love for you is unquestionable."

"He does have a point," said Severus. "I think we should include him in this. When did you want to do this?"

"The sooner the better," said Harry. "When we are done with the meeting I think we should get started."

"I will go and get Hagrid then," said Narcissa standing. "I shall return shortly."

"We still have not found Ginny," said Harry watching her leave. "While I am not worried that she can cause problems, I feel it is still in our best interest to find her and do something about her."

"I still have my best men looking for her," said Kingsley. "She is a highly intelligent person. She knows when they are coming and leaves before they can get their hands on her. We are still working on it."

"Just keep me informed," said Harry. "I have little to do with the affairs of the Ministry, but this is one topic I am interested in keeping up with. With a little luck she will go back to England and leave us in peace."

Narcissa came back in with Hagrid. Harry nodded to the assembled group and led them to the basement of the castle. From there, they went to the farthest cell in the dungeon. Harry called a few house elves and gave them their instructions.

"If we are all out, it will be your jobs to watch out over us until we start coming around," said Harry.

"Not to worry," said Rebecca. "We will do our part Master Harry."

"Ok," said Harry. "Everyone link hands then. I will start the incantation and Wyatt will join me. Three times three. Once Wyatt and I have repeated the incantation three times, I want the women to join in. Once they have repeated it three times, I want the men to add their strength."

Everyone nodded as they waited. Harry lowered his head and he and Wyatt called upon their magic. Immediately silver and gold surrounded the pair. Harry and Wyatt met with a swirl of power and started the incantation.

By power of light we call on thee

Innocence claimed and innocence used

Give us the power

Give us the tools

Move the Nexus from its place

Move it here with post haste

Give it the protection

With power of me

Move it now

Three times three

Harry and Wyatt chanted it three times. From there the women added their strength to the spell. Once the spell was said six times, the men added their power to the spell. They pulled on Hagrid's strength. Being a half giant, he had more raw power than most. Narcissa and Severus had explained to him before hand what was going to happen and true to Draco's revelation, he had no problems being the anchor for the spell. Once the group had finished the incantation, the power had risen so high that many on Potter Highway felt the magic in the air. The Aurors were on stand by as they had been quickly informed of what was going on. Harry and Wyatt chanted a second spell and the protection of the Nexus, was ensured. They released everyone from the circle and both young men with one final flare of power collapsed onto the ground in a dead faint.

Poppy rushed over to the boys and ran her wand over them. She was tired, but she knew she had to check on them.

"They are ok," she said. "Their magic is a bit low, but not as low as they thought it would be. All they need is sleep and some head ache potions for when they wake up. I also suggest that they have a nice meal when they wake up."

The elves all started working with everyone. Soon each person in the group was comfortably lying in bed. Beside each was a head ache potion and something to keep their stomachs soothed. Chris and Luna were assisting the elves with everyone. They had not been part of the circle of power.

The next day, people were starting to feel better and they gathered to talk about what happened. Harry and Wyatt were still in bed under threat by Poppy to not move.

"That was a very powerful spell," said Amelia.

"I have no doubt that they would have been unconscious for a week if they had attempted it alone," said Hermione. "As it is I am surprised that they are coherent now."

"When you have that much power it is not hard to replenish fast," said Severus. "We all know that they are the most powerful force of magic on the planet. I am glad that you figured out that we could lend them the power Hermione. Were you still in school, I would have given you five hundred points."

The group all laughed. Everyone knew that deep down inside that they would be fine.

The days turned into weeks and soon the wedding was upon them. They decided to have the wedding at the church on Potter Highway so that any who wished to attend may do so. Aurors were on the lookout for potential problems. Harry and Wyatt had separated the night before and were pacing their rooms nervously. The room was decorated in the four colors chosen by the boys. Sapphire blue was swirled with black as emerald green was swirled with white. Large bouquets of lilies and red roses were spaced around the room. Amelia was standing on the dais resplendent in robes of muted gold trimmed with silver.

Soon the music started. Chris in his white tuxedo with the sapphire trim walked in guiding Hermione in her emerald gown trimmed in black. They were followed by Draco in his black tux with the green trimmings and Luna in a sapphire blue gown trimmed in white. Following them were Neville and Phoebe dressed in the appropriate colors for their young man they were standing for. Following them were Hagrid and Paige. The guests all applauded at the beauty of the gowns. Minerva walked in after in a gown of sapphire blue trimmed in emerald holding a white pillow trimmed in black. Upon the pillow were two rings of silver and gold combined into each ring. Each ring had crushed diamonds embedded into the metal. Engraved on each ring were angel wings and a wand. Engraved inside each band was the phrase 'Love and Light will always shine'. Griphook made the rings personally. Never before had goblins been invited to a human's wedding. It was an honor that Harry and Wyatt had invited Griphook and his wife. Dobby and Winky were also present for the wedding. They were a beloved part of the family.

Soon the music changed and Wyatt walked in. He was wearing his white tuxedo with the blue vest and tie. On his right walked Piper. She was dressed in a beautiful rose colored gown. Her hair was piled onto her head and held in place with jeweled pins with Rubies and Sapphires on them. Leo was on the other side in a standard black tux. His vest and tie matched Piper's gown. They approached Amelia and waited.

"Who gives this man away?" she intoned.

"His mother and I do," said Leo proudly.

Both Piper and Leo kissed Wyatt on the forehead and went to sit in their seats. The music started again and Harry walked in. He was wearing a black tuxedo with an emerald green vest and tie. On his right walked Narcissa. She was wearing a lavender gown. Like Piper, her hair was piled high on her head and held in place by jeweled pins. Severus walked on his left in a black tux and a vest and tie that matched Narcissa's gown. They approached Amelia and waited.

"Who gives this man away?" she asked proudly.

"His Godmother and I do," intoned Severus just as proud.

Both Narcissa and Severus kissed Harry on the forehead and went sit in their seats.

"Who stands for this Halliwell?" asked Amelia.

"We do," said Chris and Luna. "We do this with pride."

"Who witnesses for him?" asked Amelia.

"We do," said Paige and Neville. "We witness with honor and love."

"Who stands for this Potter?" asked Amelia.

"We do," said Draco and Hermione proudly. "We do this with pride."

"Who witnesses for him?" asked Amelia.

"We do," said Phoebe and Hagrid both with tears. "We witness with honor and love."

"Let us begin," said Amelia. "Two hearts are beating. We know that danger brought these two men together to be one in the eyes of you, their family and friends. Darkness was thrust upon them. Together they have managed to shine forth and bring love, laughter, and life to us all. Love is a wonderful thing. It lets us care for one another in ways that we never would have other wise. These two young men have brought about love from people who would never have thought it possible. Together there is nothing that these two men can not do. Each young man has written their vows and has agreed to use them in place of normal wedding vows."

Amelia looked at Wyatt and smiled at him. He turned to Harry and grabbed his hand.

"Harry," said Wyatt. "Before you came into my life I was not complete. I was living, but was not whole. Duty was my life and my life was dull. Then one day, I felt a pull that told me that the one that was destined to win my heart was in danger and needed me. I gathered my family and together we raced to see the one who would make my life complete. He was in pain and agony. It was on that night that I knew that my life had finally found the soul that was destined to be my mate. You have shown me compassion, love, and life. You have led me onto a different path than what I had thought possible. You give me the strength to be what I am today. My load is lessoned now that you are with me. My promise to you is that no matter where you are and what you are doing, that I will always love you, support you, comfort you, and be there for you. In this life I give to you my heart. For without you, it is not necessary. Thank you for loving me and accepting me into your life. Now and forever I am yours faithfully. Eternity is a pleasant dream now that I know you will share it with me."

Amelia wiped her eyes and then turned to Harry. He took a deep breath and then lifted his head high. Everyone could see the tears on his face.

"Pain and darkness were my life," he said. "I was hurt and in need of someone to come and save me. As the darkness was taking over a knight in white armor appeared. My guardian angel came to me and saved me from the darkness. Your gentleness saved me from myself. Your love, compassion, and outlook on life have given me hope. I am able to walk with my head held high. When I look into your eyes I see the love that you have for me. It gives me the strength to be who I am today. It is your love that has ensured that I will live my life as I was meant to be. With you by my side, there is nothing that we can not accomplish. I give to you my heart as a token of my love. I give to you my soul as a token of my compassion. The fields of eternity are blessed because they will have you on them one day. I promise from this day forth to be there for you when you need me. My life is meaningless without you in it. Should death ever call upon you, I can only hope that he lets me go with you. If you leave this world, I will insist that they take me with you. You are now and forever my love and my life. From this day forth, I swear to always be with you and to always love you.

There was not a dry eye in the place. It took a few moments for Amelia to recover. The words from both young men were filled with love and compassion. Minerva stepped forward and presented the rings.

"Wyatt please take the ring and place it upon Harry's finger and repeat after me," she said. "Take this ring as a token of my love. When people see it, let them know that it is this love that prevails for all."

Wyatt took the ring and gently placed it on Harry's finger. He repeated the words Amelia spoke with love and joy.

"From this day forward," said Wyatt. "Life, love, and happiness are my main duties to you. I love you Harry James Potter."

"Harry please take the ring and place it upon Wyatt's finger and repeat after me," she instructed. "Take this ring as a token of my love, when people see it, let them know that it is this love that prevails for all."

Harry took the ring and gently placed it on Wyatt's finger. He repeated the words Amelia spoke with love and joy.

"From this day forward," said Harry. "Life, love, and happiness are my main duties to you. I love you Wyatt Matthew Halliwell."

"By the power invested in me," said Amelia crying openly now. "It is with great honor to say to Harry and Wyatt, that you may kiss your mate."

When their lips met, the glow of silver and gold surrounded the pair. It flared as their magic accepted the bond of matrimony between the two. They rose off the floor for a moment as they kissed. When they broke apart, they were standing on the floor again and the glow died out.

"May I be the first to announce Mr. Harry and Mr. Wyatt Potter," intoned Amelia to the applause of the group.

Hugs and kisses were given by everyone. From there the reception started and they greeted all of their guests. Rita and Aberforth were there. Rita was writing her article and her photographer was snapping pictures left and right. There would not be a magical newspaper in the world that did not know about this wedding. For once in his life, Harry was happy to be in the spotlight. His life was his own. Together with Wyatt they were a happy couple. No one noticed the tears of loneliness on the face of one guest.

Ginny Prewett was saddened by the thought that Harry would never be hers. She now knew that life must go on for her and that she must move on. Harry was happy and she would never do anything to cause him more pain. Quietly she left a letter for him on the table with the gifts and quietly exited the building. Later that night, Harry read the letter with Wyatt.

Dear Harry

I am sorry for all of the trouble that I have caused you. You may no longer be able to marry me, but that is no excuse for me to be cruel and selfish. It was a beautiful ceremony. I will never bother you again. All I ask is that you call off the Aurors and allow me to attend my last few years at Hogwarts under a different name. You will never hear from me again nor will I ever cause you any trouble. You have my word as a witch that I will no longer trouble you.

With a little hope, I can eventually forgive myself. Please tell my dad that I did not mean to kill Ronald. It was an accident. I left the light because Albus said it was a necessity. From there I left the darkness because Voldemort opened my eyes. Now I walk my own path. All I ask for is forgiveness. Hedwig will be able to find me should anyone want to talk to me. All I ask is that you not try and find me.


Ginny Weasley Prewett

Harry sat at his desk and wrote a reply. He gave her permission to attend Hogwarts. He also wrote to Amelia, Kingsley, and Arthur and told them to call off the search. From there, he sent the letters with Dobby to the Ministry and Ginny's letter with Hedwig. After wishing her a safe journey, he climbed into bed beside Wyatt and after an intense love making session, fell asleep peacefully in his arms knowing that for once in the world all was well.


Harry and Wyatt worked and ran Potter Vale happily for over four hundred years. Chris had married Luna and the legacy of the Charmed Ones was incorporated into wizard kind. Draco eventually married Hermione and the two of them had a chain of book stores around the globe. As family members died, they were buried in the Potter cemetery.

Rita Skeeter had eventually married Aberforth and they took over the running of the Daily Prophet. Harry and Wyatt did not have any children for themselves. They were content to spoil their godchildren.

Chris and Luna had four children. Their oldest child was a boy that had Luna's looks and combined powers of both the father and mother. Hermione and Draco had three children of their own. Their son looked just like Draco. He was complete with the white blond hair of the Malfoy legacy. They also had two daughters that were the image of Hermione. All three children had the silver grey eyes of Draco and Hermione's thirst for knowledge. Severus ended up married to Narcissa and the two of them lived to be near one hundred before they passed. Minerva retired twenty years after she began to teach at Emrys. She died peacefully in her sleep at the age of one hundred and fifty two years old. Piper eventually sold the club and she retired to Potter Castle. It wasn't long before Phoebe and Paige did the same. Leo and Chris eventually became Elders when their prospective mates died.

Professors came and went at Emrys Academy. Hogwarts and Emrys both had Heads that were either of the Halliwell or Black line. Malfoy Manor was reopened and Draco's great grand children moved in. Both Ministries were run by powerful witches and wizards. Dark Lords came and went, but none lasted long as they were not powerful enough to take on the legacy of Harry Potter and the Charmed Ones. Harry and Wyatt both decided upon Harry's four hundredth birthday that it was time to move on and become Elders. They kept an eye on their legacy however.

Albus died in his prison cell. At two hundred years old, he finally felt the remorse of his actions in turning Voldemort into the Dark Lord and for the death of the only man in the world that loved him. In his finally days, he cried and apologized to Harry for his mistakes in life. One night he went to sleep and never woke up.

Arthur Weasley had finally restored his family name to the position that it was before he married Molly. He remarried and had another little girl that he named Harriet. For once in his life, Arthur did not have a child that had red hair. Harry was named godfather.

The twins opened many joke shops around the globe. WWW was a huge success where ever they opened. They helped their father restore the pureblood name that the Weasleys had once been.

Neville ended up marrying one of Paige's daughters. Together they had a chain of nurseries around the globe. Both lived long lives doing exactly what they loved.

True to Ginny's word, she never interfered with Potter Vale. She graduated with high honors and then disappeared. No one ever knew where she ended up.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Yet once again another story has come to an end. Thank you all so much for sticking with it. I have anther project that I am going to be starting. It is a story with Harry and Hermione. I hope to see you all there. Thank you all for everything.

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