Sounding The Call

The Revelation

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Chapter 3 – The Revelation

"Who are they?" asked Piper. "Why are they glaring at you?"

"The old man is Albus Dumbledore," said Harry. "He is the one that has been stealing from me and the reason my relatives have been abusing me every day of my life that I live with them. He is the one that placed me on their doorstep when I was a baby and left me there with a letter. The older woman is Molly Weasley. She has it set in her mind that I will marry her daughter and make her family wealthy. They are purebloods that have dropped down in wizarding society because they are poor. The young one is Ginny. She has been infatuated with me since she was ten."

"Harry," said Dumbledore walking forward. "What are you doing here? You know that it is unsafe for you to be outside of your aunt's home. The blood wards do not work if you are not in the home. I insist that you come here and let me return you there immediately."

"I will not be returning there," said Harry with fury. "I will never be subjected to the abuse that they give to me. I will never allow you to tell me where I have to be and when. From this day forward I am my own person and there is nothing that you can do about it."

"Harry Potter," yelled Molly. "You will apologize to Professor Dumbledore at once. You are behaving like a spoiled brat. After everything we have done to keep you safe, you have the audacity to behave like this. I am ashamed of you."

"Like I give a dam what you think of me," said Harry snarling at her. "You do not care one dam bit about me you lying bitch. All you care about is my money. That is all you have ever cared about. So I suggest that you shut the hell up and get the hell away from me. I will not be held responsible for my actions otherwise."

"That is enough," said Dumbledore sharply. "Harry you will apologize to Molly this instant."

"You have no right to talk to Harry that way," said Wyatt speaking up. "You are not his parent or guardian. From what I am to understand, neither is she. So unless you want me to make you, I suggest you back up and allow us to leave."

"Just who the hell are you?" asked Ginny furiously. "I am Harry's betrothed. He has to return to the Dursleys."

"You are not my betrothed," said Harry. "I will never marry you."

By now, Hermione, Narcissa, Draco, Fred, and George arrived on the scene. They were followed by Severus, Minerva, Remus, and Amelia. It was a matter of moments before Griphook approached and spoke to Harry.

"Lord Potter," he said. "Here is the book I promised you with regards to your inheritance. The three wills are also included in this bag for your records. What would you like me to do about the property known as Number Twelve Grimmauld Place?"

"I want it closed off to anyone that was not in the room during the reading of the will," said Harry. "I want it stripped of everything just like the rest of the properties and its contents placed in my vaults. No one is to have access to my vaults without me being present and you do a blood verification that says I am who I say I am."

"It shall be seen to at Once Lord Potter," said Griphook. "Here are the documents that state all marriage contracts are hereby invalid. Here are your emancipation papers. Also word came from the DMLE that the trace has been removed. Both your wand and that of your father can not be used to trace you when you use magic. You are hereby a legal adult."

"I got word immediately," said Amelia. "I suggest that you stop by the Ministry of Magic to take your apparition test."

"I can always be orbed back for that right?" asked Harry looking to Wyatt and Leo.

"Anytime that you wish," said Leo. "One of us can get you here and we can go from there."

"What do you mean all marriage contracts are invalid," interrupted Ginny. "I was promised that I would be married to Harry as soon as I turn seventeen. I have a copy of that agreement."

"Your agreement is false," said Griphook nastily. "You were entered into an agreement without consent of Lord Potter's magical guardian. Therefore any contracts for marriage are hereby null and void."

"I am Harry's magical guardian," said Albus. "Therefore the contract is in fact valid."

"You are not now nor have you ever been my magical guardian," said Harry through clinched teeth. "My parents specifically named guardians. You were not on that list. If I were you, I would willingly give my money back to me. The same goes for Molly Weasley. My money was taken from my vaults without my consent and I want it back down to the very last Knut. Neither of you had any right to withdraw funds from my vaults. Expect to hear from my lawyers."

"You promised me," said Ginny turning on her mother. "You promised me that I would be able to marry Harry and then be rich. You said that once Harry inherited Sirius' vaults that I would not have to be poor anymore. You said that I only had to marry Harry long enough to be able to have a claim to his vaults."

"We are taking Harry away from all of this madness," said Piper. "I suggest that you all recover from what ever delusions of grandeur that you are suffering from. I will tell you three this one time and only once. If you come near Harry ever again we will make sure that it is the last thing that you ever do."

"Who are you to threaten me?" Molly sneered pulling out her wand. "I think I will teach you a lesson in manners."

"My name I Piper Halliwell," she replied with deadly calm. "I am one of the Charmed Ones."

Piper raised her hand and in a second, Molly's wand blew up. Ginny screamed and fell over. Albus was reaching for his wand when Piper raised her hand and froze him in place. She walked over to Albus and released just his head.

"I am warning you all for the last time," she said. "You will leave Harry alone. We are taking him home with us. If I get so much as a glimpse of any of you three near him I will not hesitate to vanquish you."

Molly paled when she realized just who she was speaking to. The Charmed Ones were famous in the wizarding world as the most powerful force of good on the planet. Add Harry Potter to their number and you have a force that can not be beaten.

"Harry will be with me from now on," said Wyatt. "Even you can not hope to come near him old man. Just stay away from him."

"If you harm anyone that is standing here today," said Harry with a look that made even Dumbledore look frightened. "I will make sure that it is the last thing that you ever do. If you leave me alone, I will leave you alone. If you hurt my new friends and my family, I will hurt you. That is a promise."

Magic was rolling off of Harry in waves. Wyatt grabbed Harry's hand and was holding it trying to get him to calm down. Harry looked over at Wyatt and smiled at him. Leo, and Paige grabbed hold of family members and they orbed out of the bank. Wyatt took one last look around and orbed Harry and Piper back home.

When Harry and the Halliwells left, Dumbledore was released from Piper's magic. He was angry, but he was also very worried. With the Charmed Ones protecting Harry, he would have a hard time getting to the boy. He could also see that the blocks that were placed on Harry's magic were no longer there. He knew that if Harry ever found out the full extent of his powers that he would be unstoppable. Albus was a shrewd man. He saw the Potter ring on Wyatt Halliwell's finger. Wyatt was a very powerful magical being. This would take some rethinking.

"You had better leave now Albus," said Amelia. "We have evidence that could send you to Azkaban for the rest of your life. As it is, I think Harry is not pressing charges against you yet. I would advise you to leave him alone. I would expect to hear from the Board of Governors soon regarding your position at Hogwarts. You might get lucky and get to hold on to the position of Head Master."

Fred and George were eyeing their mother and sister carefully. So far they had not spoken. Finally Fred could not contain his thoughts any longer.

"I never thought that I would be so disgusted by members of my own family," said Fred. "This is worse than even Percy's actions."

"Now we find out that the two of you have been using Harry for his money," said George.

"We also hear that you tried to entrap him in a marriage contract so that Ginny can get her hands on his money," said Fred. "Imagine, stealing money from a child. The shame of it all will bring the name Weasley even further down. I wonder if Dad knows.

"We don't think we want to be a part of your family anymore," said George. "I will personally be speaking to dad about all of this."

"Maybe Harry will let us become Potters," said Fred with a smirk.

"Oh and Mom," said George. "You, Ron, and Ginny need to stay away from our store and home. You are no longer welcome on the premises."

"Why you ungrateful derelicts," snarled Molly. "How dare you speak to me in that fashion? I am your mother and if I decide I want to visit your store there is nothing that you can do to stop me."

"Actually," said Amelia. "If I even remotely hear that you looked at their store wrong or come within twenty feet of the premises, you will be arrested for trespassing."

"Come one Gred," said George. "We have business to attend to. Thanks to the money Sirius gave us, we can invent even more stuff."

"You have read my mind Forge," said Fred. "It was nice that he left us each five million galleons."

The twins knew that sentence would spark anger in their mother and sister. They were not disappointed. As they were leaving the bank, they could here the furious yells of both Molly and Ginny.

"Albus Dumbledore you are to immediately desist in gathering at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place," said Griphook. "Effective immediately Lord Potter has stated that no one be allowed to enter the home. The Fidelius Charm is hereby cancelled and you would be trespassing on the property. We know what is in the house. If anything is missing, you will be held accountable."

"Harry can't do any of that without his magical guardian present," said Albus stubbornly trying a different tact. "I am his magical guardian. I have not approved any of this."

"Actually," said Minerva stepping forward. "You were never his guardian Albus Dumbledore. Sirius Black was Harry's guardian. It was stated in James and Lily's wills that should something happen to them and Sirius, then Severus and I were to be named as Harry's magical guardians. We have approved of this. It is magically binding and there is nothing that you can do about it."

"The both of you can search for new jobs then," said Albus. "As of right now you are both terminated as staff members of Hogwarts."

"Actually," said Narcissa. "You can not fire either of them. Harry now holds the title of Lord Potter, Lord Evans, and Lord Black. He has the majority on the Board of Governors. As you are aware there are twelve names that preside over the Board. Harry holds three spots on the Board. I happen to have one. Madam Bones has another. Minerva holds one as well. Then there are the Longbottoms, Zabinis, Abbotts, Lovegoods, Notts, and Parkinsons. I can guarantee that three of those names will support my claim without speaking to them. Harry will support us. Minerva and Amelia will support the claim as well. That leaves you with the Longbottoms, Abbotts, and Lovegoods."

"The Abbotts will back us," said Amelia. "They play fair in everything."

"Neville and Luna are loyal to Harry," said Hermione. "They will help with their guardians about supporting us as well. Even without their support the majority would still say that Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall can not be fired."

"I guess that answers that," snapped Minerva to Albus. "I suggest you stop concocting any schemes and do your job of educating the students."

Albus looked disgusted at the assembled people before him. He turned with a swish of his robes and left the bank followed by Molly and Ginny. Minerva and the rest of the group stood around talking for a few more moments before they departed as well.

Back at Halliwell Manor, they group was all sitting at the dining room table. Piper was cooking dinner while they all talked.

"The first thing we have to do is take you shopping for clothes," said Phoebe. "I think we have some of Chris' old clothes for you to wear for a couple of days that might fit you. I was going to take them to good will, but I forgot. We can get you a whole new wardrobe."

"It would be nice to own clothes that actually fit," said Harry quietly. "Listen, I want to thank you all for being so nice to me. I don't want to be any problem to anyone. I promise that I will help out around the house and things. I don't want to be any trouble."

"Oh sweetie," said Phoebe. "I doubt seriously that you will be any trouble."

A flash of light appeared and Harry's school trunk appeared in the dining room. Harry walked up to it and opened it. He found his wand and placed it in his pocket. A second flash of light and Hedwig appeared in her cage. Harry opened it and she flew out and landed on his shoulder.

"What a beautiful bird," said Paige walking over to rub her head. "What type of owl is it?"

"This is Hedwig," said Harry. "She is a snowy owl. They are rare. She has been my best friend since I started at Hogwarts. Is it ok if she stays here with me?"

"Of course she can," said Piper coming into the room. "I want you to stop worrying. Everything is going to be ok. After dinner we will show you the rest of the house and get you settled in. Right now I want to get some decent food in you."

"Thanks," said Harry blushing. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Word of advice Harry," said Wyatt holding out his arm for Hedwig. "Mom is very territorial in the kitchen. It is best if you just stay out of the way."

The rest of the family laughed. Chris and Wyatt set the table while Paige poured drinks for everyone. Leo sat with Harry while Hedwig watched from the top of the grandfather clock. Piper then served dinner.

"We get attacked by demons here a lot," said Wyatt. "This house is sitting on a nexus and every demon in the underworld would love to get their hands on it. The nexus could and would serve good or evil. At the moment the Halliwell line guards it. We don't use it, but we protect it from getting abused by the demons. Chris and I are the first male Halliwells to be born in the family with powers."

"I would be more than happy to assist in destroying demons," said Harry. "I am the top in our school in DADA. I have an arsenal of magic that I can use that would help."

"We will have to work with you to see if our magic and yours can co exist comfortably," said Piper. "For now I don't want you to worry about it. We are more than capable of dealing with any demon attack that enters this house. We need to know if you want to go to school with Wyatt and Chris or if you would like to just attend Magic School."

"I am not familiar with Muggle School," said Harry. "I haven't been to one since I turned eleven. So I think it would be in my best interest to attend Magic School. I am interested in learning what your school has to teach. Maybe I can learn wandless magic."

"We would also like to learn more about the type of magic that you have as well," said Phoebe. "I have never seen a wizard before. So the thought that you can do magic with a wand that is different from what we do is interesting. Can you show us something that you can do?"

Harry pulled out his wand and gave the familiar swish and flick while muttering Wingardium Leviosa. He watched as the faces of the Halliwells were filled with awe. He gently lowered the vase back to the table. He gave another flick of his wand and transfigured it into a mouse. Chris was delighted by that. Harry gave another flick and transfigured it back into a vase.

"That is pretty cool," said Wyatt reaching for a biscuit.

Phoebe reached for one at the same time and touched Wyatt's arm. The vision hit her at once. When she came out of the vision, the other two sisters were looking at her with concern in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" asked Harry concerned. "Is she alright?"

"I just had a vision," said Phoebe. "I usually get them when I touch someone or something."

"You are skilled in psychometry as well?" asked Harry. "That is pretty cool. So did you see something bad when you touched Wyatt?"

"Actually no," she replied. "However I can not say anything yet. I have to fully understand what I saw before I can really speak of it. I am not sure what the reactions would be to my vision. For once I think though that it could be something very good."

Piper looked at her with a strange look, but did not elaborate. She knew Phoebe well enough to know that if it was something bad she would say something. They were settling back into their seats when everything happened at once. Four demons phased into the manor and the adults went into action.

"Demons," said Paige.

Harry looked at the four beings before him. They all looked menacing. Harry had faced Death Eaters and the Dark Lord. He was not scared at all. He pointed his wand at one demon and shouted STUPEFY. He had the satisfaction of seeing the demon collapse. Piper was busy fighting another demon while Wyatt was trying to protect Harry. Harry looked up in time to see an energy ball flying at him.

"PROTEGO," he shouted and watched the energy ball hit his shield and fizzle out. "EXPULSO!"

He had the satisfaction of watching the demon explode. Paige and Phoebe were already in battle with the remaining demons. Harry looked around and saw Piper blow up her demon. Harry pointed his wand at the demon fighting Phoebe and shouted IMPEDIMENTA and watched as the demon got blasted away from her. She smiled her thanks and levitated into the air as the next energy ball flew at her. Paige had already vanquished her demon and the sisters and Harry targeted the last one. Harry walked calmly to the forefront and with a quick flick of his wand cast the curse that caused the demon to explode. When all of the demons were gone, Harry lifted his wand and gave it a fluid swish.

"SCOURGEFY," he said.

All of the remains of the demons vanished leaving the room clean again. He gave a second swish of his wand and muttered REPARO and had the satisfaction of watching the furniture and stuff repair itself. When he was done, the house looked as if nothing had happened.

"Now that is great," said Piper with a smile. "With Harry around we no longer have to keep buying new furniture and stuff every time we have a demon attack."

Harry grinned as he sat back in his spot at the table. The others resumed their seats and talked a bit more.

"I see what you mean when you say that you are skilled," said Paige. "That was some pretty impressive fighting."

"Well," said Harry with a grin at her praise. "When you are chased most of your life by a psychotic Dark Wizard, you tend to learn how to defend yourself. I am just glad that none of you were hurt."

"We are glad that you are so quick on the draw," said Leo. "Your timely actions proved to us that you are definantly someone that knows what he is doing. I am the principle of Magic School. After we get your new clothes I would like for you to start attending classes."

"That is fine with me," said Harry. "Do you want me to help with the dishes?"

"No," said Paige. "I will do them. Why don't you let Wyatt and Chris take you upstairs and get you settled into your room?"

Harry smiled and followed the two boys upstairs. They showed him his room and the bathroom. From there they showed him the attic. Harry approached the Book of Shadows. Wyatt went to stop him, but was stunned into silence as Harry was able to touch the book and read it.

"Is this all of the demons and stuff that you fight all the time?" he asked. "I would love to study this so that I can understand it better. Do you think your mum and dad will let me?"

"You may read it as much as you like," said Piper coming in. "There are just a few rules about the book. Never take it out of the manor and always bring it back up here when you are done with it. This is a very valuable book and could be dangerous if in the wrong hands."

"Thank you," said Harry flipping through the pages. "Hey these are the guys that attacked up earlier. "The Hydra Brothers." It says that you can't actually destroy them by blowing them up. It says that you have to decapitate them. No one has been able to defeat them before in their entirety. Every time that you kill one other than decapitating them, they come back as two. It appears that I have to get to Gringotts one day and see if my family had any swords. If these guys keep on attacking then a sword would come in handy. To bad I cant get my hands on the sword of Gryffindor."

"Very good Harry," said Wyatt. "Mom he is right. These are the same guys. They always attack in groups of four."

"How about you boys go and get some sleep," suggested Leo. "We can look into the matter more tomorrow after you go shopping."

The boys nodded in agreement as they headed back downstairs. Harry took a shower and put on some pajamas. He climbed in bed and with a wave of his wand turned off his light. He was asleep in a matter of moments. Near midnight the manor was woken up by the sounds of him screaming. They all raced to his room to find him thrashing on the bed. Piper and Phoebe sat with him and tried to wake him up. Wyatt sat with them and grabbed Harry's hand. They were not prepared for what happened next. One minute Wyatt was sitting there and the next he was pulled into Harry's dream.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Yes I am leaving you with one of my famous cliff hangers. I will update again soon so that you know what happens. Thanks for the support and the interest.

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