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To Anger A Potter

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Chapter 6 – To Anger A Potter

To say that Harry was furious was putting it mild. He was angry with himself for not thinking about Hermione's parents. He was furious with Dumbledore for ending their lives and causing the pain to his best friend. Harry paced back and forth in his office. A gentle knock sounded on the door.

"Come in," said Harry.

Wyatt entered the room followed by Severus. The two of them took in the state of Harry and with gentle ministrations, sat him in a chair.

"Harry," said Wyatt. "You can't blame yourself for this. You have so much that has happened to you in such a short period of time. It has only been a few days since we rescued you from your relatives."

"You can not expect to remember every little detail about what is going on," said Severus picking up for Wyatt. "I have been talking with Piper and Wyatt and I discovered some interesting news."

"I'm listening," said Harry coming out of his thoughts with a jerk. "What did you find out?"

"Well apparently Wyatt has the ability to draw Excalibur out of the stone," said Severus.

"You mean the sword of King Arthur?" asked Harry in shock. "I thought that was just a myth."

"Come on Harry," said Severus with a smirk. "After five years of living in the magical world do you really believe that myths can not exist?"

"True," said Harry. "We wizards know that Merlin existed. There is nothing to say that Arthur didn't as well. So what does this have to do with anything? I don't mean to sound cheeky or anything, but what does this have to do with me?"

In reply Severus pulled out a book on genealogy. He opened it to the proper page and handed it to Harry. The more Harry read the more shocked he became.

"Where did you get this information?" asked Harry in a whisper. "This is unbelievable. No wonder so many people are trying to get their hands on me."

"I found it in a section in the library," said Severus. "I was working in there earlier and found it."

"So I am the only descendant of Merlin alive today," said Harry in awe. "I still don't understand what this has to do with anything."

"I would have thought that even you could put the pieces together Potter," said Severus with a sigh. "Obviously I was wrong."

"I have a lot on my mind," snapped Harry defensively. "Why don't you just tell me instead of making me guess?"

"You are a descendant of Merlin," said Severus. "Wyatt can pull the sword of Excalibur at any time. We have already stated that we will be making our own magical community here in America."

"He is suggesting that we make our own version of the Round Table," said Wyatt. "King Arthur created the Round Table as a council of sorts. This alleviated too many burdens being placed on his shoulders on top of him being king. Merlin was an advisor of Arthur. So we think we can swap the roles. You can head the council and choose some advisors to help you run the community so that you can concentrate on what you need to without having to deal with the normal everyday stuff at the same time."

"I like the sound of that," said Harry. "There is no reason why we can't have our own way of doing things. We need to find out if there are other magical communities of our kind here in the United States and if there is a Ministry that goes with it. We also need to find out if there are other magical communities in the area."

Harry sat at his desk and started writing some lists down. He had different papers in neat sections on his desk. Between Wyatt and Severus, they worked for well over two hours with him. They worked on a structure for the Ministry. Harry was adamant that if Amelia Bones wanted the post of Minister that she could have it. Harry learned from Wyatt that Leo didn't want to be principle of the magic school any longer. So Harry made a notation to ask him to stay on long enough for him to finish learning what he had to learn. When other students graduated, they could be incorporated into the different fields of magic that Harry was accustomed to. From there they made a list of what people they wanted to bring over from Europe to settle in the new community that they would be building. After that, they worked on those that would be best to act as members of the council.

"Wyatt," said Harry suddenly. "I do not know what your powers are. I know what Piper, Paige, Leo, and Phoebe can do, but not what you and Chris can do."

"It is fairly simple," said Wyatt. "Chris has premonitions of the past and the present. He is skilled in psychometry. He is also telekinetic. He can orb and has mild telepathy. I have all of mom's abilities as well as those of a full white lighter. That means I can blow things up as well as freeze them. I can heal the injured as well as orb. I have full telekinetic abilities. I am an empath as well as severely clairvoyant. I have seer abilities. I am a transmutater. That means I can change the look of something into something else. Both Chris and I have been learning potions since we were young."

"Some of your abilities are like mine," said Harry. "What you call transmutation is Transfiguration to me. What you call seer and clairvoyant is Divination to me. Potions are potions. Severus is a top Potions Master where we come from. It seems like our powers are not that different after all. Maybe I can learn wandless magic."

"As a descendant of Merlin I see no reason why you can't," said Severus. "In fact judging from the history I know, it should be easy for you. We can always work on that. Right now, we have other things to worry about."

"I think we need to visit Diagon Alley," said Harry. "Wyatt, please go and see if your dad can find out any information regarding magical government here in the United States and see if there is any laws blocking us from starting our own government of magical law enforcement and such. I would appreciate any help you can give on the matter. Right now I need to go see if Hermione is ok."

Both Wyatt and Severus looked at Harry with a mixture of pride and sorrow. That Harry would put someone else's pain before his own was a beautiful thing. It is what made him such a caring and wonderful person. Severus was worried about him though. He had yet to deal with his own demons. According to Wyatt and Piper, Harry had yet to sit and actually talk about what had happened to him just days before. Having known Harry for the last five years, Severus knew that when he did finally open up about this, it would be hard on him. Severus was not foolish enough to think that Harry would sit and tell him about his life. After all, until recently, Severus was part of the reason that he was in the state that he was in. Severus was part of the guilty party that made Harry feel stupid and unappreciated. He had a role to play in keeping Harry safe. When he heard the words of Lily and James, that all changed. The man he hated for so many years had wiped the slate clean and he would never look back. Harry had lost so many people that meant something to him in his life in such a few short weeks and had witnessed so many tragedies in his life that Severus made a vow that he would support him with every ounce of his being. Now that Severus was no longer bound to the Dark Lord it made it easier to show Harry affection instead of hatred. He really enjoyed the bond that was forming between him and the Lord of Potter Castle.

Harry headed up the stairs in search of Hermione. After awhile, he got a house elf to lead him to her. He knocked on the door and was met by Minerva.

"How is she?" asked Harry.

"She has finally stopped crying," said Minerva. "She fell asleep a few minutes ago. After she calmed down, she went into typical Hermione mode and started making plans. She knows that her mother and father have made a will. She and I will go back to England long enough for the reading of the will. When that is done, we will come back here. I don't want you to worry about her. She will be safe with me. I know a place to hide her where Albus will not get his hands on her until she can come back here. I think we will be gone for about a week."

"We can all go tomorrow then," said Harry. "I have some business to attend to in Diagon Alley. Severus and Wyatt will go with me. There are a few people in Diagon Alley that I wish to speak to and such. I think that Fred and George will be going as well. They have to shut down their store and things like that. We have three weeks until term begins at Hogwarts. I am going to worry about both you and Severus. I don't want Dumbledore to do anything to hurt you."

"Don't worry about me and Severus," said Minerva kindly. "We are quite capable of taking care of ourselves. We are going to stay there part of the year so that we can work on getting more people out of Hogwarts and away from the war and such."

"I will worry about you anyway," said Harry. "I am looking forward to being able to have you all here and out of harms way. I know Severus wants to turn my potions lab into a classroom. So I think we had better get to work on getting some people here from the magical world that can start building things for us on the property."

"I have a couple of people that I trust and know that could help us with that," said Minerva. "I also have a few people that I want to talk to as well that would be trustworthy and willing to follow you. From previous conversations that I have had with them, I believe them to be loyal to you and not to the war. So we will look into it. I promise Harry that things will be ok."

"Now that you are my godmother of sorts what should I call you?" asked Harry the next day.

"Just call me Aunt Minerva," she replied with a smile. "We have to get comfortable with everyone. Narcissa and Draco will be interested in coming here soon. I know that they want to leave England and away from the war. They have no love for either the Dark Lord or Albus."

"I suggest that they leave now then," said Harry. "Get Narcissa to file for her divorce and then head over here. I should hear back from the lawyer soon as well. I also need to talk to Griphook. Can we go to Diagon Alley for a few minutes? I can get Wyatt to orb us directly to the bank. While I am there you can go to Flourish and Blotts and tell them I want a copy of every book they sell. They can send it to the castle with Dobby. The only owl I want to come to the actual castle is Hedwig for now. So we can use the elves as messengers for now. I don't want Dumbledore finding us any time soon. As far as funding things, I see no reason why we can't be able to live off of the gold in my vaults for awhile. It isn't like I will run out anytime soon."

"Clear it with Piper first," said Minerva. "We can go as soon as you are ready. We need to send an elf to Hermione's house and gather the rest of her belongings. I will let her know where we are going. Last I saw of her she was sitting in the smaller library."

Harry went off to find Piper. After a quick conversation, it was agreed that Harry and Wyatt could go to Gringotts as long as she went with them. The quartet met in the entrance hall along with Dobby and Winky and orbed to the bank. After a quick word with Griphook, he sent Dobby off with Minerva to the book store to purchase the books. From there he sent Winky down to his vaults to pack up all of his books that were there with instructions to take them to the castle.

"Mr. Potter," said Griphook. "We have managed to sell three of your properties so far. We got a very reasonable price for them. The funds have been added to your vaults. I would also like to let you know that the Grangers had a magical will done. You are named as Miss Granger's magical guardian along with Professor McGonagall. She is allowed to stay with you at Potter Castle. There will be no need to worry about anyone stopping this as Miss Granger turns seventeen in September. There have been a few attempts to get into your vault by Molly Weasley. As of yet she has been unsuccessful. Albus Dumbledore has been stripped of all of his money and we are still close to three million galleons short of your money that was stolen. He has a mansion that is worth two million galleons that we can lay a claim to for you. He also has some valuable artifacts in his vault that would equal the last of what he owes you. If you want us to act, then all you have to do is sign this parchment."

Harry thought about it. He wanted Albus to pay. He also knew that the Dumbledore Manor also belonged to Aberforth as well.

"What will this do to Aberforth Dumbledore?" asked Harry cautiously. "I don't want him to suffer for what his brother did."

"Albus Dumbledore is the only one that has claim to the Dumbledore Estate," said Griphook. "His brother signed off a long time ago when he got into trouble for his experiments with goats. Albus got him out of trouble and bought him a bar so that he could care for himself. This left the remaining fortune to Albus. By taking this away from him we will be serving a dual purpose. You will have the manor. Should you win your lawsuit against him, you can strip him of his name. This means that you can become Head of House of the Dumbledore line as well. It will prevent Albus from gaining anything else from the name Dumbledore."

Harry looked at the parchment that Griphook had and signed his name on it.

"I still have to meet with that lawyer," said Harry. "Has he contacted you yet?"

"I was going to contact you," said Griphook. "Mr. Richard will be here in five minutes. While waiting on him, I suggest that we finish up the transfer of ownership papers of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place while we wait."

Harry nodded and looked over the contract that Griphook handed him. Griphook gave him a knowing smile as he told Harry what the contents of the contract stated.

"We have made it quite clear in the contract as to what will happen to the Dark Lord should he breach this contract," said Griphook. "We have very little love for Dark Wizards. We have even less love for wizards that attempt to harm you Lord Harry Potter."

"Does Merlin have a vault in this bank?" asked Harry suddenly.

"Indeed he does," said Griphook. "It was the first vault built here. He helped the goblins start out. Why do you ask?"

"We came across a genealogy book that says I am his only living descendant," said Harry. "I was wondering if there was some test you can give me that will show me who I am related to and how."

"There is always the blood verification test," said Griphook. "It will tell us who you are a descendant of and which vaults we should look into."

"Can we do that now?" asked Harry eagerly. "I would love to see the names that come up from this."

Griphook pulled out a funny looking device and placed it on the desk. He instructed Harry to put his finger in it. A small prick later and blood drawn, and the device activated. Griphook placed a sheet of parchment into the device and waited. After a few moments, the names appeared on the parchment.

Harry Potter genealogy and the number of living descendants of each ancestor

Potter – one living descendant

Evans – three living descendants

Malfoy – three living descendants

Lovegood – three living descendants

Gryffindor – one living descendant

Ravenclaw – one living descendant

Slytherin – two living descendants

Hufflepuff – seven living descendants

Myrddin Emrys – one living descendant

"Who is Myrddin Emrys?" asked Harry. "I thought the book said that I was related to Merlin."

"Not everyone in history is known by their actual name Lord Potter," said Griphook. "It is not a known fact that Merlin's true name was in fact Myrddin Emrys. You are in fact the only know descendant of Merlin. There are other heirs and such from the other names with the exception of the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw line. Of course we know that the Dark Lord is a descendant of Slytherin as well. Plus there are other Malfoys and Lovegoods. How would you like me to handle this?"

"Have everything that is in Slytherin's vaults sent to the Dark Lord," said Harry. "He can have all of it. Take what is left in the other two founders and have it put in my vaults. Hufflepuff's stuff that should go to me is to be placed in my vaults. One of the first things we will do when we build is get a branch of Gringotts in my community that we are building. From there I can get to my vaults without having to come here each and every time I want access. Maybe I can convince you to come be head of that branch. Anything that belongs to the founders that I am the only descendant of, I want secured where they can not be gotten to. I want the sword of Godric Gryffindor to be sent to me personally. As far as the castle, leave it as it is. There still has to be somewhere in England for the English students to go to school. Donate it to the school. As far as what is in Merlin's vault, I want it sent to me at Potter Castle. I don't want anyone else getting their hands on something that they should not. We also need to keep this quiet from both Albus and the Dark Lord."

"I shall see to it at once," said Griphook. "I will also like to be head of the Gringotts in your community. I can have a group of goblins on the property as early as tomorrow to start building the bank. You should have the honor of having vault number one there. I can see to it that we go where you want us to."

Harry provided a map to Griphook and showed him where they were building the magical shopping district and such. After a few alterations with Griphook, the goblin promised to send his family out there on the following morning to start construction on the bank, school, and a dozen or so more houses. Each person moving there would have the opportunity to get started with their own business in no time flat. Harry made sure that the funds for everything would come out of his account for now.

"I want the hospital, bank, and school to be taken out of my funds," said Harry. "Also we can have about a dozen different shops built. Anyone else who wants to can pay to have their own shop built after that. There is no reason that I should have to fund everyone that wants to leave this country."

Griphook drafted the contracts for Harry and he signed them. After that there was a knock on the door and Griphook excused himself as he let Harry and the lawyer speak in private.

"Lord Potter," said the man. "My name is Mr. Steven Richard. I am the lawyer that Madam Malfoy got on your case. I have some good news. The lawsuit against the Daily Prophet was a total success. We have managed to get you one hundred million galleons in damages and slander. Rita Skeeter is now unemployed and is facing charges from the Prophet. A formal apology will be featured in the next issue. All I need you to do is sign the papers and the money will be transferred to your accounts."

Harry quickly signed the papers and the lawyer left a copy in the envelope on Griphook's desk.

"We have had success in the lawsuit requested against one Cornelius Fudge," said Mr. Richard. "He has paid the three million galleons and is facing the Wizengamot for his role in the pain and suffering that you went through. Delores Umbridge has fled. She is currently being hunted by the Aurors for her illegal practices on students. Her accounts here at the bank have been frozen and she has no access to them. When they catch her, she will be tried and sent to Azkaban and then the five million galleons will be transferred to your vault. We have the lawsuit that we are working with the goblins of Gringotts with regarding Albus Dumbledore. After the success that the goblins had, there is little left for him to lose. We will see to it that any extra money or hidden properties he has anywhere is given over to you immediately."

Harry listened to all of this with pride. Narcissa did Harry a huge favor. This lawyer was ruthless. Harry signed all of the documents that were placed in front of him and grinned.

"I hope this teaches people that they can not hurt others and hope to get away with it," said Harry. "We just have to work on getting some of my friends out of England now."

Griphook entered the bank with a smile on his face. He walked over to Harry and handed him the Sword of Gryffindor. Harry held up the sword and admired it.

"That was such fun," said Griphook. "Albus Dumbledore is furious. We have a team of goblins going through the castle and stripping it of everything that is rightfully yours. If it is items like dishes and such, we are replacing it with everyday stuff that is cheap. We are having everything placed into your vaults. I would expect to see Albus Dumbledore coming here at any moment. He has something on his person that he has to surrender to you visually."

"What would that be?" asked Harry confused.

"Merlin's wand," said Griphook with a sneer on his face. "He has been carrying Merlin's wand on his person for years. Therefore he has obtained much of his power with it. You are the rightful bearer of that wand. He has to come and return it. If he is not here in five minutes, the wand will start to drain his magic from him."

"Wow," said Harry. "First he had my father's cloak and now he has my ancestor's wand. It makes me wonder how many other heirlooms he managed to claim from me."

"Do not worry Lord Potter," said Griphook with a grin. "We are getting everything back down to the chair and desk he uses in his office. This will definantly teach him a lesson about stealing."

"Mr. Richard, what ever became of my relatives?" asked Harry. "Did they go to trial yet?"

"Oh yes," said Steven. "Vernon and Petunia Dursley have been sentenced to fifty years in Azkaban. Dudley Dursley is being sent to the wizard equivalent of juvenile hall until he turns eighteen. From there he will serve ten years in Azkaban."

"It is time to get Narcissa and Draco away from Lucius," said Harry. "I assume that she filed for a divorce?"

"Yes," said Steven. "She will meet you here in a few minutes to head back to Potter Castle. Once all of my business here is done, I will close up my practice here. I would like to follow you to America. It was said that you are planning to start your own magical community there. I would like to be a part of that. My services will be needed."

"Great," said Harry. "I have Griphook's family building a few businesses on a new version of Diagon Alley. I see no reason why you can't have one of the offices that will be there."

"It would appear that what they say about you is true," said Mr. Richard. "You are indeed a generous person. Well I must be off. As soon as those buildings are done then please let me know so that I can transfer my stuff over. Thank you for your time and my fee has already been seen to out of the winnings. If you have further need of a lawyer then feel free to count me in as your personal one at any time."

Harry smiled and shook the man's hand. Winky entered the room with a bag in her hands.

"I is having every book that was in your vaults Master Harry," she said. "I is taking them over to Potter Castle now if you is wanting me to."

"That will be fine," said Harry smiling at her. "I will be back in a little while."

Minerva and Dobby entered the room next. Minerva looked panicked.

"Aunt Minerva?" asked Harry. "What is wrong?"

"Albus is here and he looks mad," she said.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Yes I am leaving you with a cliff hanger. I know you all enjoy them so much. Thanks for the reviews and such that I know you all will send. I promise to update when I can. Please remember that if you anonymously review I can not send you a reply. Thanks for everything.

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