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To Fuel The Fire

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Chapter 7 – To Fuel The Fire

Harry glanced behind Minerva and saw Albus walking towards him. Steven and Minerva stood with him as Albus approached.

"Harry," said Albus smoothly. "What have you done? You are to desist in taking things from the castle. You have no right to do what you are doing. The objects that you are taking from the castle do not belong to you. They belong to the castle. You will return the Sword of Gryffindor immediately to me so that I can put it back in the Head Master's office. You are totally stepping out of line."

"Actually Head Master," said Griphook coming up. "Lord Potter has every right to do what he is doing."

Griphook handed Harry a bag before he continued with his explanation.

"Lord Potter, we have rekeyed all of your vaults so that no one but you has access to the ones that are solely yours," said the goblin. "I have in this bag your father's wand as well as the rings of the houses that you are head of. Their magic will coincide with the rings of the other houses you are head of."

"I believe you are holding something that belongs to me Head Master," said Harry. "I would like it back now."

"Why are you taking my wand from me Harry?" asked Dumbledore. "I have held this wand since 1945. I won it fair and square in a duel."

"That may be," said Griphook smoothly. "However the wand was stolen and should not have been anywhere out in the world in the first place. Lord Potter there is also a staff in your bag that I took the liberty of shrinking for you. It is a simple spell that you will be able to perform the counter on."

"My wand please," said Harry holding out his hand and glaring at Dumbledore. "I want it back now."

Albus reached into his pocket and pulled out the wand. He handed it to Harry and was about to walk off when he heard Harry snort behind him.

"Do you think I am stupid?" he asked angrily. "This is not my wand. This is a fake that has no magic in it what so ever. I am tempted to leave you hold onto my wand so that it can drain your magic. You are not the rightful heir to the wand. However I am not like you nor am I like Voldemort. I just want to live in peace. My lawyer, mate, mother in law, and magical guardian are all witnessing you trying to deceive me. That is not counting the number of goblins that are standing here including my account manager. So if you don't want to look like a bumbling old fool, then I suggest that you hand over my property willingly."

"I will not let you get away with this Harry," said Albus. "You are turning just as dark as Tom is. The wizarding world will not support you once I have my say in what is going on. They will be after you to destroy you just like they want Voldemort destroyed. You can not hope to win."

"ACCIO WAND," said Harry pointing his finger at Dumbledore.

Both stood there with shocked expressions on their faces as Merlin's wand soared out of Dumbledore's pocket and flew to Harry's waiting hand.

"I guess Severus was right," said Harry to Minerva. "I am a natural at this. Wow it was so easy."

Dumbledore was furious. He tried to penetrate Harry's mind using Legilimency to see what was going through the boy's thoughts. As soon as he approached his mind, he was thrown out so hard that he actually lost balance and fell to the floor.

"I want it known to all witnesses that Harry Potter just tried to hex me," said Albus in a loud voice. "He is not as light as you all think he is. I have some disturbing information to impart. You may all read about it in tomorrow's edition of the Daily Prophet."

"Is that the best you can do old man?" asked Harry with a laugh. "I just won a one hundred million dollar lawsuit against the Prophet. Do you really think that they will print this information? Shall I tell the assembled spectators why you are on the floor?"

"I am sure that I have no idea why you attacked me," said Albus trying to gain the influence of the crowd. "I will defend myself if you try that again."

"Attack you?" asked Harry with scorn. "No Dumby. I did not attack you. I merely pushed you out of my mind when you tried to perform Legilimency on me just now. I will be giving an interview myself to the Daily Prophet. Rita Skeeter, I know you are out there so why do you not come out and we can have a nice little chat. As far as the items that are being taken out of the castle, they are my possessions and I can do with them as I wish. I shall be going now. Rita I want you to meet me in the Leaky Cauldron in exactly thirty minutes. I have a story that will save your job and make sure that you have a secured spot for the rest of your life."

Rita nodded her head and left to set up something at the tavern. Harry met Remus and the twins outside of their shop. He told them what was going on and they agreed to go and sit with him. Minerva said she was heading back to Hermione and that she would be talking to Harry later. She handed Harry a copy of the will of the Granger parents with regards to Hermione. Harry entered the tavern with his family and friends and made his way to Rita Skeeter.

"I am going to give you a story," said Harry. "I want your oath that you will send it in to the Daily Prophet exactly like I tell it to you. I will present you with documents to support my claim and everything. It will make you famous for telling the truth for a change rather than a conniving back stabbing bitch for once in your career."

Rita pulled out her wand and gave a wizards oath to print nothing but the truth. Once Harry saw the magic flare up, he sat and handed the Sword of Godric to Wyatt before he launched into his story. He produced documents to back up his claim and made copies of them for her to use in her story. When Harry was done, he made Rita promise to send him a copy of the paper. From there, Harry and his new family orbed back to Potter Castle.

"Harry," said Hermione. "I have read the will from my mum and dad. I am glad that I can stay with you here at the castle."

"I will be staying here as well," said Harry. "I just need my clothes and such from Halliwell Manor. Did you see the books that Winky brought from my vaults? I had Dobby and Aunt Minerva purchase at least one copy of everything that was on the shelves at Flourish and Blotts."

"Yes I saw that," said Hermione. "I was in the library when the books started floating to the shelves. May I have all of the duplicates?"

"Of course you may," said Harry. "Please enjoy yourself. If you find out any information regarding workings on a new magical community and the laws on how to do so, then please get me a condensed report on it. Between you, I, and Draco we have to work on our final two years of school work. Remus will stay with us and work with us on the different subjects. I am sure that there are things I can learn from both you and Draco in regards to Ancient Runes and to better myself in Potions and other classes. I of course can help you both in DADA."

"When is Draco due to arrive?" asked Hermione.

"I would have thought they would be here by now," said Harry. "Maybe they arrived and you didn't notice. It is a big place after all."

"Master Potter," said Rebecca. "Forgive my intrusion, but Narcissa and Draco Malfoy are on the fifth floor. The two of them made their appearance a couple of hours ago. Do you have any instructions to pass on?"

"Can you have everyone in the castle gather together in the dining room so that we can discuss what we are going to do?" asked Harry.

The elf bowed and left. Harry went with Hermione and Wyatt to the dining room. Piper sat next to the boys and waited. She was impressed with the way that Harry was taking control of the situation. It was not long before Narcissa, Draco, Severus, Minerva, Phoebe, Paige, Leo, Chris, Remus, and the twins joined Harry in the dining room.

"First off I would like permission for Wyatt to stay here in the castle with me," said Harry. "For now, I think it might be in the best interest of both Wyatt and me to stay here. At least until school starts. Chris is welcome to stay here as well. Of course you three ladies and Leo can come and go as you please. I just want to get into the habit of running the castle and such."

"I think that would be a good idea," said Piper. "It will keep the boys occupied until school starts and it will allow you and Wyatt to have more time to get to know one another. You have my permission for them to stay here provided that one of them orbs home in case of an emergency to get me and their father and aunts."

"Thank you Piper," said Harry. "I am sure that you will give us a few days until their school starts to work out everything."

Piper and Leo nodded.

"School in England starts on September first," said Harry. "What we need to do is get as many of the students out of there that we can without causing trouble for either Aunt Minerva or Severus. I don't want either of you getting hurt because you are caught in the middle of a three way fight."

"You let us worry about that," said Severus. "We are quite skilled in taking care of ourselves."

"I have to get the Head of House ring to Voldemort," said Harry pulling it out of his bag and handing it to Severus. Can you take care of that for me?"

Severus nodded as he took the ring and placed it in his pocket.

"I will send Hedwig through the floo to England and let her deliver it after that," said Severus. "Do not worry about her. She will be safe and only gone for about an hour before she comes back."

"The goblins will be here tomorrow to start building the bank, hospital, school, and a few other businesses," said Harry. "We need someone that can direct them where the best places for these things should go and what we really need. Narcissa, I think that you and Andromeda can do that. Someone should send her and Tonks a Potter medallion so that they can come here and help out. After all I am the Head of House and I could use the extra help."

"I can deal with that while I am in England as well," said Severus. "Just give me three medallions and I will pass them along."

"I will give you a box of them," said Harry. "That way you can pass them to any student that would be good for us. I know I want Neville and Luna to have one. Give them one for their guardians as well. I will send you with fifty and Aunt Minerva with fifty. That way we can get this started when school starts."

"Lord Potter," said Narcissa quietly. "I can work with the goblins for you in getting things started if you like."

"First off," said Harry. "I want you to call me Harry. Everyone in this room is family now. I feel uncomfortable with being called Lord Potter. For now let Fred and George deal with Griphook and his family. I need you to teach me and Hermione and the Halliwells the protocol of the pureblood families. As you know Hermione is muggleborn, and I lived with muggles until I was eleven. So we both need to know how to play the political game so to speak. Plus the Halliwells are a prominent figure that will be in my life. They should have an understanding of how the system works."

"I would be honored to teach you," said Narcissa. "Draco and I want to thank you for allowing us to come here."

"You are family," said Harry. "Not just because I am the Head of House of the Black family, but because Draco and I are actual family. The Malfoy name came up in my family history when I did the blood genealogy test. As far as helping you, you are my godmother. I could do nothing else. The time for past prejudices and hatreds needs to be finished. I can't do this alone. I need all the help that I can get."

Everyone nodded around the table. Harry smiled at them before he continued.

"Fourth floor rooms will be for the under aged girls staying here," said Harry. "Fifth floor will be for the boys. Sixth floor will be for the adults. Seventh floor will be family members only. So that means that for now Fred, George, Remus, Severus, Minerva, and Narcissa you will be on the sixth floor. Hermione and Draco will be on the seventh floor with me as they are blood family. Sorry to Narcissa, Minerva, and Severus, but we need people with a strong since of responsibility to be in charge of those younger students coming in. For now we will use the meeting room on the second floor as a classroom. We will have to use somewhere on the top floor as a room to practice dueling and such. Remus will be our tutor here. Between us we can get us studied and ahead of our course schedules and such. Hermione and Draco can help me in my weak areas and I can help them in the areas I am stronger. Remus can send proper reports to Minerva and Severus until they get here to help oversee our training."

"That is a very good idea," said Severus. "Remus has skill in many areas. Miss Granger is top in most of her subjects. Draco is advanced in many of his subjects as well. I don't want you to sell yourself short though Harry. You are no slouch in any department. You just don't have the confidence in yourself that they do to have grades as high as they do. I do not want you to hold back any longer. I want you to live to your full potential. Even in potions you are nothing to sneeze at. Just build your confidence in your subjects."

"We will send your school books to you," said Minerva. "Harry already has a copy of his, but we will send you a copy as well. Do not worry, the book store will just send the bill to Griphook if Severus or I sign it. He knows us and is more than willing to allow the transactions to happen."

"I need a copy of tomorrow's edition of the Daily Prophet," said Harry. "Can one of you bring it back to me tomorrow? I want to see the reaction to what people will tell me. We can set up a spot that will allow the mail to go there instead of here. I don't want Albus or Voldemort to know the location of this place."

"We can have all mail delivered to Gringotts for you," said Severus. "Let Minerva and I excuse ourselves and head back to London. We have work to do. Hedwig will be with me. Draco I will see to it that Magus comes here as well. I will make sure that all owls don't have trackers on them so that they can't be found."

Harry and the others all nodded. Piper and Leo also said they had to go. Paige and Phoebe said that they would return tomorrow and they too left. Remus and the rest gathered at the table talked for a bit more before they all headed out to their rooms. Tomorrow would be a long day for the occupants of Potter Castle.

Once Harry and Wyatt got to their rooms, they discussed a theme for the room and colors and such. After an hour of chat, they had the room made up in a pretty cream color with a dark cherry wood finish. All pictures were removed from the room for now. The bed was a king sized bed that Harry used his wand to make the covering black. The curtains were all a rich beige color on the windows and around the bed. The furniture was all cherry wood. The upholstery on the couch and chairs was a deep chocolate brown. Right before they went to sleep, Paige orbed in with Harry's clothes. He smiled and hugged her. He would let Dobby deal with it in the morning. He and Wyatt got dressed in their night clothes and climbed into bed. They knew they had a lot of work to do the following day.

Harry woke early the next morning and made his way down the stairs. He headed to the dining room to find that Draco, Narcissa, Remus, and Hermione were already seated and enjoying breakfast. Wyatt and Chris came down a few minutes later and sat with them. Remus grinned at Harry before he handed him the Daily Prophet. Harry opened it up to see a bright headline. Quickly he opened the paper and started to read.


Harry Potter finally speaks out against the injustices done to him. I was able to witness an altercation between Lord Potter and the Head Master of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore. Accusations were thrown at Lord Potter. However many in the vicinity saw what really happened. Lord Potter who recently took his spot as Head of House of the Ancient and Noble House Potter as well as the Evans line had this to say.

"I recently found out that my inheritances from my mother and father were kept from me," says Lord Potter. "It was on the day the will was read of my deceased Godfather and Head of House of the Ancient and Noble House of Black that I discovered a few things. As the Head of House of the Potter line, Evans line and recently Black line, it has come to my attention that a certain Head Master of Hogwarts has been stealing money from my vaults. Albus Dumbledore has also claimed to be my magical guardian. This is both false and misleading. The wills of my parents stated that Sirius Black is to be my magical guardian. If for what ever reason he was unable to fulfill that duty then the guardianship would transfer to Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall. This never happened. As we know my godfather was sent to Azkaban without a trial thanks to Albus Dumbledore. From there, Head Master Dumbledore has proceeded to draw up a marriage contract that stated I had to marry Ginerva Weasley. Upon hearing the contents of Sirius' will, he had me declared emancipated and had the goblins of Gringotts void out all magical contracts arranged by Albus Dumbledore. Upon learning this, Ginerva Weasley blurted out that my money was promised to her by Molly Weasley and Albus Dumbledore."

When asked why he decided to talk now, Lord Potter filled us in on more tidbits of the going on of the magical community. When asked what was happening, he had this to say.

"I asked my account manager to do a blood test to see what other families I am related to," said Lord Potter. "Upon the conclusion of the test, I have learned that I am related to and the sole heir of the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw line. I am also a descendant of the Hufflepuff and Slytherin line. It is also now known that I am related to the Malfoy and Lovegood family. Therefore Head Master Dumbledore's claim that I have no right to take anything from the castle is false. I have every right to shut the castle down should I choose to. However, the children of England don't need to be punished for the untrustworthy shenanigans of the Head Master and some of his assorted Order of the Phoenix members."

When asked what his intentions were about the Dark Lord were, Lord Potter made the next shocking statement.

"I am not interested in fighting the Dark Lord," said Lord Potter. "I just want to have a life. It is my opinion that I should never have been placed into the situation where I would have to face the Dark Lord. Further indication is that he was not the one in fact who killed my mother and father. That is neither here nor there. I should not have to fight the fight of wizards and witches who are far more skilled than I am. Just because a prophecy states that I have to be the one to kill him doesn't mean that I have to. I will be the one to decide my destiny. Not the fraud known as Sybil Trelawney. She has even less seer blood in her than I do. I feel the Ministry of Magic should look into the prophecies that were made to Albus Dumbledore. For all we know, they could be a fake."

When I asked if it was true that he won his lawsuit against Albus Dumbledore, he had this to say.

"Yes I did," said Lord Potter. "Not only did I win, but between my lawyer and the goblins of Gringotts, everything that he stole from me has been replaced. Not only that, but because he could not pay everything he owes me, I am now the Head of House of the Dumbledore name. Therefore Head Master Albus, no longer has a family name to use."

When I asked Lord Potter what his plans for the future were he had the following to say.

"I plan on staying in the United States," said Lord Potter. "I will not interfere with the war going on between Albus No Name and Lord Voldemort. This was a war that started before I was even born. It doesn't have anything to do with me. Therefore I will stay happy and content where I am in the United States."

When asked if he had any final words to Albus No Name and the Dark Lord he had the following to say.

"I have stated to both wizards," said Lord Potter. "If you leave me alone, then I will do the same. If you insist on coming after me, then I will retaliate. Thus far the Dark Lord has stopped sending his Death Eaters and dark creatures after me. As of yet, Albus No Name has not."

This reporter believes that Lord Potter has made it very clear that he wants to be left alone to live his life. His new guardians which include, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, and the Charmed Ones, will undoubtedly do everything in their power to keep Lord Potter safe and happy. Lord Potter has agreed to send me monthly reports on how he is doing. Please see the charts below so that you all can see the documentation of the theft from Lord Potter as well as proof of his claim of bloodline and blood status.

I wish to thank Lord Potter for giving me the opportunity to interview him. It is giving me the opportunity to prove to you all that I will now support him in his endeavors.


Rita Skeeter

Harry put the paper down and smiled. Rita did exactly what she said she would. She wrote his interview exactly how he stated it. Smiling, he looked at other articles. He noted that Albus had made a statement claiming that much of what was going on was a big misunderstanding. He also noted that the Ministry of Magic formally cleared Sirius' name. Harry was not foolish enough to think that this was the end of it. He knew that Albus would do anything and everything to try and discredit him. Harry would be ready when he did. For every lie that Albus told, Harry had a truth to counter it with. Harry never liked the fame or the publicity, but now that he was Head of House of six families, it made his work just a little bit easier. Albus was in for a fight that he could not hope to win.

A few hours later, Harry heard Fred and George come in. He smiled at them and waved them over. He had been reading a book that Narcissa suggested to him about the ways of the pureblood society.

"Harry the goblins are here and they are already working hard on building the bank," said Fred. "We have taken the liberty of placing the bank in the middle of the stretch of road that you picked out for the business district. Griphook said to give them at least two weeks per building and they would have them done. Goblins are using their own brand of magic to get the building done faster. Griphook has brought over one thousand goblins. As they tunnel underground to set up the vaults and such, they are using the stones to build the buildings. Your personal vaults should be ready to go in two days."

"That is an awful lot of goblins to pay," said Harry. "It is a good thing I have so much money."

"Well you won't have to pay for everything," said George seriously. "Many witches and wizards that join our community will actually pay you for the land that their residence or store is on. Fred and I discussed this as well. We will be adding our own money to have our shop built. There is no reason for you to have to pay for it."

"Thanks guys," said Harry. "I knew I could count on you."

"Harry," called Narcissa. "I have to talk with you. I think what I have to say will help out immensely. I did some calculating. To get everything built that you want, it will only cost about three hundred million galleons. Griphook and I were talking. The bank will not come out of your funds fully. As the goblins find gold under the earth, they will replace what they are using from you. The biggest part is the funding of the hospital and the school. The more people we get to come to the school, the more they can add money to help support it. Tuition and such will help fund the school. With regards to the hospital, it will eventually pay for itself. The people who use the hospital will be the ones to pay the costs. You are only paying to have it built. With the twenty homes and fifty businesses being built, you can recover at least half of your outgoing expenses in getting them built. In the future the people coming in can pay the goblins or builders themselves to have homes and businesses built. I have some friends in other countries that would be thrilled to open up shops in this new community."

"That would be great," said Harry. "The more people who join us, then the stronger front we can present if we get attacked. Has anyone asked about a magical government in the United States yet?"

"There is one," said Hermione walking in. "However it is so small that the people in charge say it would be great to have one on this end of the country as well. It will alleviate many problems they are having with over crowding in the school as well as provide jobs for many of the witches and wizards on this end of the country. I received a letter from the President of Magic. He says that their ministry got together and voted. It was unanimous. They all agreed that if you need help that they will do what they can in helping us get set up. They are willing to send in a team of builders to work on the shopping district. They will also send a list of all the families that are on this side of the country that could use the school and other businesses and buildings and such."

"We need Steven Richard here," said Harry. "He can draw up the documents and such that are needed so that we can work in peace and get everything set."

"I will take care of that," said Narcissa.

"Great," said Harry. "It looks like things are finally coming together."

Everyone nodded and went about their tasks.

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