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A Weasley Of Trouble

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Chapter 8 – A Weasley of Trouble

Days turned into weeks. Wyatt and Chris started school and every day they could be seen orbing to and from the castle back to Halliwell Manor. Harry also would apparate in and out of the manor as Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Leo made him take an oath to visit at least every other day so that they knew he was alright. From time to time on his visit, Harry would help with a demon problem. Piper and Leo would orb to the castle periodically to help out with the running of things there.

"Piper," said Harry one day. "Really you do not have to come here and help run the castle. Between Rebecca and Dobby we have things running smoothly here. Plus Narcissa has skill in handling a manor and such. We will be fine here."

"I run the most popular nightclub in San Francisco," Piper returned. "Trust me when I say I can handle this."

"I am sure that you are great in your nightclub," said Harry with a laugh. "However, when you come to visit, I just want you to relax and enjoy yourself knowing that you don't have to worry about demons for awhile."

"Give it up sweetie," said Phoebe. "No matter what you tell her she will do it anyway."

Piper shot her a dirty look as the elves all started laughing. Much to Harry's amusement, Rebecca and the rest of the elves were open to the suggestion of joining Harry and the others for dinner from time to time as well as, walking and talking with them for no reason what so ever. This really pacified Hermione who was still adamant about house elves having fair wages and days off.

In the weeks that had passed, Gringotts was built along with the hospital. Healers were already in place as Harry appointed Poppy as the administrator of the hospital. She had come to America much to the aggravation of Albus.

"Poppy," said Albus. "Where are you going? You have not left the castle for longer than a few days in years."

"I do not like the way that you do things Albus," she snapped. "Find yourself another healer for the school. I am leaving and going with Lord Potter."

"You can't do that," snapped Albus. "You have a contract with the school."

"HA," said Poppy with glee. "Harry Potter is a descendant of all four founders. He has voided my contract with the school and it will not hurt my magical core. We have found other descendants of Hufflepuff and they agree that I can leave if I choose to do so. Even the Dark Lord has given his two sickles on the matter as he is one of two descendants of Salazar Slytherin that is alive today. I have three words for you Albus No Name. GO. TO. HELL. I am leaving tomorrow and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it."

"I will put a stop to this," said Albus. "How dare that impertinent brat disrupt centuries of workings of the castle."

"Oh please," said Poppy with a sneer. "You are just upset that you got caught stealing from the boy. If I were you Albus I would leave him well enough alone. He has enough on you to get you the Dementor's Kiss for the stunt you pulled with those disgusting muggle relatives of his."

"Are you threatening me Poppy?" Dumbledore asked with an angry look on his face.

"Not in the least," she replied with scorn. "I am just stating a fact. Now get out of my hospital wing. As of tomorrow you can have it, but until then piss off."

Albus stormed out of the hospital wing furious with the medi witch. He knew there was nothing that could be done. The other descendants of Helga banned together with Harry and had the castle stripped of everything that belonged to them. The next day saw Poppy with a Potter medallion apparating to the spot. She was met by Harry who offered her the spot of administrator of the hospital. She accepted with a smile and set to work reviewing other applicants for the post of healers and such.

School started for Hogwarts. Severus and Minerva spoke with Pomona, Rolanda, and Filius. They told them everything that had happened over the summer with Harry and Albus.

"If you are interested in switching allegiances from Albus to Harry let us know," said Severus. "We are playing a dangerous game here and we need to get some of the other students that are loyal to Harry out of England and away from both Albus and the Dark Lord."

"I want to follow Harry to America," said Pomona suddenly. "I am loyal to the light. I no longer feel that Albus is the leader of the light that he claims to be."

Severus and Minerva spent an hour telling them what was going on. When they were done, Rolanda and Filius also swore fealty to Harry as well. Ten minutes later saw all three professors wearing a Potter medallion.

"Hermione gave me the list of names that had the students from the D.A.," said Minerva making a copy and passing it around. "Everyone on this list with the exception of the youngest two Weasleys and Miss Edgecombe are loyal to Harry. We need to see if they would be willing to leave this school and head to where Harry is. Severus and I are working on borrowed time. We will need people here after we are found out to keep working behind the scenes to help get muggleborn students away from here and to safety."

"I will stay behind," squeaked Filius. "I will work on getting as many muggle born students and their families to safety. I still have a few years left before I can retire."

"I will stay behind as well," said Rolanda. "I can help."

The five of them talked a little more before they split company and left. Each vowed to watch out over any problems that were arising. They also knew that the students themselves needed to talk to their parents as all mail from Minerva and Severus was starting to get intercepted.

"Professor McGonagall," said Luna one afternoon after class. "I have spoken with my father."

"What did he say?" asked Minerva. "By now I am sure that he knows you are the last of Harry's descendants from the Lovegood line."

"We want to move to Harry," said Luna in a dreamy voice. "We feel that our safety lies with Harry."

"When do you want to leave?" asked Minerva pulling out two medallions and handing them to the girl.

"As soon as possible," said Luna placing a medallion around her neck. "I had a vision that disturbed me. It took Padma Patil an hour to help me calm down."

"What happened?" asked Minerva getting alarmed. "What did you see in the vision?"

"I saw Albus No Name hurting my father and then starting a second war on the muggle borns," said Luna sadly. "Neville and I are next on the Head Master's list to harm us and our relatives."

"Thank you for telling me," said Minerva. "I will have one of Harry's house elves go and assist your father. You are to stay with me at all times today. The rest of your classes are hereby cancelled. I have in my quarters a copy of all the school books that students need from year one to year seven. Pick up your course books from the remaining two years and put them in your trunk. Make sure that you pack quickly and come back to my quarters immediately. I will have a house elf bring you to Harry within an hour. I have to find Mr. Longbottom and tell him what is going on."

Luna nodded her head and left to pack her things. Minerva left immediately to find Neville. She spent an hour telling him what was going on. From there she had him pack his belongings. She fire called Augusta and told her what was happening. Augusta went into action immediately. Minerva passed her a medallion through the fire. From there she instructed the Longbottom matriarch to contact St Mungo's to have Alice and Frank transferred to Lily Evans Memorial Hospital.

"We have a contact in St Mungo's that will be able to get your son and daughter in law safely out of England," said Minerva. "The goblins of Gringotts have finished the branch of the bank near Harry. So you can have your accounts transferred there. Ask to speak to Ragnok. He is the goblin in charge of account transfers. Harry told me that the bank is ready to go in America and there are already fifty vaults set up and ready to go with more being created daily. Poppy Pomfrey is the administrator of the hospital. She has a special area set up for people like Frank and Alice. They will get good medical attention. Have your house elf pack up your house and Harry will have everything set up for you in America. Your medallion will act as a portkey. Just say the words Potter Vale and it will activate it. Do not worry about Neville. He will be with Lord Potter within an hour. Good luck Augusta."

"Thank you for everything Minerva," said Augusta. "Hopefully we will see you soon in America as well."

Minerva ended the call and waited. Harry had adjusted the wards of his castle so that students from Hogwarts could floo from Minerva's fireplace to Potter Castle. When Luna and Neville knocked, she quickly ushered them in and helped them floo to safety. Minerva knew that Xeno and Augusta would join their children as soon as possible. A team of house elves from Hogwarts and Potter Castle were already arriving at both residences to help. Thanks to the assistance from people like Amelia Bones and the goblins, paperwork was prepared and ready to assist those wanting to run from the stupidity of Albus and Voldemort. The war was escalating in England now that both Albus and Voldemort knew that Harry was not going to participate.

Back in Potter Vale, things were running very smoothly indeed. Narcissa was teaching Harry the etiquette that he needed to run a community. Class schedules were set up for the students. Remus and Narcissa were teaching together to help the trio with their school work. They were sitting in class when the fireplace in the floo room announced that people were flooing in. Harry and Remus along with Hermione took off at a run to intercept anyone coming into the castle. When they arrived in the room, they were met by Luna. Moments later, Neville appeared in the room. After an explanation, Harry called a house elf to escort them to their rooms.

"It would appear that Albus is on the war path again," said Harry. "He has just targeted the last of my closest friends and their family. We better let Poppy know that she has patients coming in for treatment so that she can get a room set up for Neville's parents."

"We will resume classes tomorrow," said Remus. "Right now you have business to attend to."

Harry nodded and left the castle with a pop. Wyatt had orbed Harry to the Ministry in England where he got his apparition license. He was delighted when Rebecca taught him how to adjust the wards for those that were wearing a medallion to apparate in and out of the castle. He appeared in the hospital and hurried up to Poppy's office. The healers and medi staff all bowed low to him as he passed by. Some of the Americans had started trickling into the community and were assisting in buying land and building their businesses. Harry was delighted by this. Once the school was finished, they would be able to attend school. Teachers were on stand by and ready to come to the school to teach. Leo had keyed Magic School to the building they were constructing to serve as the school. When the goblins were done, they would access the portal allowing other magical students that attended Magic School to enter Emrys Academy. It was scheduled for the opening of the school in three days. Harry was drawn out of his thoughts as he approached Poppy's door. He knocked and when she opened the door, she was a little alarmed to see him standing there.

"Lord Potter," she said. "Please tell me that you are not hurt. You have done so well these last couple of weeks."

"No Poppy," said Harry with a smile. "I am here to tell you that St Mungo's will be transferring Frank and Alice Longbottom to you. We need a room set up for their privacy. They should be arriving soon. Neville has already arrived. Gabby is currently working with their house elves to bring Madam Longbottom here."

"I will put them on the Padfoot Ward," said Poppy. "That ward is set up with privacy rooms for our long term patients. Thank you for telling me. I have to inform the staff."

Harry smiled and left. If Poppy said she could handle it, then he had no doubt she would. The hospital had five floors. Harry was delighted to know that such names as Padfoot Ward, Prongs Ward, Potter Ward, Evans Ward, and Black Ward were names of some of the areas. He went straight back to the castle. He had a lesson with Narcissa with regards to running the castle that he could get done quicker. When he returned to the castle Pomona Sprout was standing there.

"Professor Sprout," said Harry. "What a surprise. What are you doing here?"

"I am here because I can not stand to be at Hogwarts any longer," she said. "I would like the opportunity to teach at your school. I have brought with me a sample of everything that we have growing in the greenhouses at Hogwarts. If we need anything else, we can get an elf to retrieve it for us as you have access to anything in that castle."

"I have a lesson with Narcissa in a few moments," said Harry. "How about I get a house elf to show you to your quarters and then you can have the plants brought to the greenhouse at the school. From there, you can get them settled in and work with them to ensure that they adjust to the climate and soil changes."

"That sounds great to me," said Pomona. "Thank you, Lord Potter, for allowing me to come here."

"Welcome aboard," said Harry with a smile. "Your rooms will be ready at the school in a few days."

"Are you still going to have different houses like at Hogwarts?" she asked.

"No," said Harry. "The design on the school is American rather than English. Therefore there will be seven floors. The students will stay there by their year rather than a house. Boys will be separated from girls with the classrooms, dining hall, kitchens and such. We felt this was better than trying to separate the students to much. It will also alleviate house rivalries and what not. I do not want a duplicate of what is going on at Hogwarts. The different floors have a name though. Starting with first year and moving up in age, they are Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Black, Evans, and Potter. Everyone talked me into using my bloodlines to name the floors. Each teacher will have an assistant. Each floor will have a Head of House for each gender as it were. I would like for you to stay with the girls as Head of House for the Hufflepuff ladies."

"It would be my pleasure," said Pomona. "I will see you later."

Harry watched as Pomona walked away with Raymond. The house elf was busy explaining things to her. She was listening with rapt attention to everything he said. Harry smiled as he headed into his office. Narcissa, Hermione, and Draco were all waiting there for him. They sat down and the lesson began. Harry was quickly catching on to what was being said regarding how to run an estate and of course a magical community. He was learning the politics of everything. When the class was done Hermione approached him.

"Harry I need to go to Diagon Alley," she said. "Can you take me there? I want to talk to the owners of a couple of shops about them opening up a branch here in our community."

"Sure," said Harry. "We can go right now if you like."

Hermione smiled at Harry as he apparated the two of them to Diagon Alley's apparition point. He followed Hermione as she went in to the book store and talked to them about her proposition. Hermione was turning into a strong leader in the magical community. Her intelligence was respected by the steadily growing number of people entering the community. Houses were being paid for and construction was starting. Those that were starting a business usually had a flat or house built behind their business. Between the goblins and the builders, the houses and offices were going up fast. Hermione was determined to get many different types of businesses flowing to the community. She had already secured a pub, wand shop, clothing store, and a few restaurants. Now she was after a few other types of businesses. She wanted a quidditch supply shop, a book store, a coffee shop, a candy store, and other types of family oriented stores. Harry was grinning as she had success after success with some of the shops. They were leaving Flourish and Blotts when the first sign of bad luck happened for the couple.

"Well, well, well," said a familiar voice. "We have the Mudblood Granger, and the blood traitor, Potter. Now, what would the two of you need in Diagon Alley?"

"What we are doing here is none of your business Ginerva Weasley," snapped Hermione. "Now that I am a ward of Lord Potter, I no longer have to worry about doing underage magic. Therefore I suggest that you get the hell away from us and mind your own damn business."

"That is where you are wrong," said Ginny with a laugh. "You being here IS my business. If Potter thinks I am going to give up on getting my hands on his money, then both of you had better think twice. Professor Dumbledore is working hard to get the contents of the will of Sirius over ruled. Once that happens then I will be still contracted to marry Harry and there is nothing that he can do to stop it."

"That is where you will find you have trouble," said Harry with his own laugh. "First off, Albus no longer can use the name Dumbledore. I own the name, am Head of House, and it is already a done deal that there is nothing that can be done to void that. He lost his lawsuit. Secondly, there is nothing that Albus can do to over rule the will of Sirius. The will of my parent's states, that what ever Sirius wanted done with me after his death was a legal binding contract. As far as you and me getting married, it is illegal to create a contract of marriage between two minors. I looked at the contract. You needed both of your parent's signatures on it. You only had one. Secondly, it needed two signatures of my magical guardians as well. As my parents are dead, they could not sign it. The only name on that contract was Albus Dumbledore and as he was never my magical guardian, that makes that contract null and void. You will never get your hands on my money. You being here, tells me that you are still trying to gain access to my vaults. They are no longer here. I had them moved to a place where you will never find them. You are lucky that I don't sue your family and take away what little you have. As it is we are going to change the last name of Fred and George to Potter. My suggestion to you is that you leave me alone. I can make sure that your family name NEVER regains status."

"You think I am going to let this Mudblood take my spot as the future Lady Potter?" asked Ginny. "You have another thing coming then. I will kill her before I let that happen."

Ginny pulled out her wand. She and Ron had been training with Albus and they knew some spells that would hurt and kill without the Ministry even noticing. She pointed her wand at Hermione.

"I think I am going to enjoy hurting you," she said. "Your parents were an inconvenience to the Head Master. You are to be brought to him for punishment. You should have listened to him when he offered you the deal that would keep you in his good graces."

Hermione had enough of Ginny threatening her. She walked up to her and balled her fist and punched her in the face. Ginny's wand flew from her grasp and landed a few feet away. Hermione stood there and lifted her hand a second time and back handed her hard across the face. She stepped back with a satisfied smirk on her face as the imprint of the Evans Rings was marked into Ginny's cheek.

"Let me tell you a few things you bitch," said Hermione pulling Ginny up by her robes and glaring into her face. "If I EVER, hear you disrespecting my family again, I will make you sorry that you were ever born. You are nothing but dirt under my shoes. I will never betray Harry. The money that you got for being his friend has all been taken away from you. Every last Knut that you and your mother stole from Harry has been returned with interest. Unlike slutty tramps like you, I have my pride and dignity. I have never given myself to every boy who thought I looked pretty. I have respect for Lord Potter. I have no respect for you and that red headed harpy you call a mother. The next time that you decide to attack someone, you had better remember one thing. NEVER try and attack someone that is stronger and more powerful than you are. Now my advice is to take your stupid, selfish, greedy, trampy, ass and get out of my sight before I decide to do some serious damage to you."

She release Ginny with a shove and had the satisfaction of seeing her fall to the ground once again. She raised her wand and pointed it at Ginny's. With a fluid swish, she had the satisfaction of seeing the wand blow up. Ginny screamed in anger at the sight.

"What are you doing to my daughter?" screamed Molly Weasley coming up. "Stay away from her you filthy mudblood. How dare you attack my daughter? I will be alerting the authorities about this. You can expect a stint in Azkaban for this."

"Actually," said Harry in a deadly voice. "You will find that it is lucky that Ginny doesn't get a cell in Azkaban. She attacked first. There are a dozen or so people standing here that have witnessed the entire conversation and actions. Ginerva pulled her wand out first and was going to curse Hermione. She attacked my charge. Therefore I think it is I who will be pressing charges against you and her."

"What are you doing here Potty?" asked Ron coming up. "You had better leave before I make you. You are not welcome here anymore."

"Ah yes," said Harry with a smile to the assembled crowd. "We have another Weasley threatening me and my charge. For your information Weasley, I can do to you what I did to the Head Master. If you don't want to lose what little you have, I would suggest that you back off and shut the hell up. I rarely use my influence as I don't want or like to, but in this case, my name is Lord Harry James Potter. I am the Head of House of Potter, Evans, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Dumbledore, Black, and Emrys. Should the three of you ever come within one hundred feet of me again, I will use my influence to make sure that you lose everything you have including your name. I suggest that you don't force me to do something that YOU will regret."

"Lord Potter," said Rita Skeeter. "I have witnessed the entire scene. Would you have any objections to me having this printed in tomorrow's addition of the Daily Prophet?"

"So long as you print it exactly how it happened then I have to problem with it," said Harry.

"Lord Potter," she said kindly. "I am loyal to you and only to you. It will be printed exactly like it happened. You have my oath and loyalty on this."

Harry smiled at her and then placed a Potter medallion around her neck.

"As one who is swearing fealty to the name Potter," he said. "It is my privilege to give you one of these. Stay loyal and you will be rewarded. Betray me and the consequences will be dire."

"Lord Potter," called Arthur Weasley. "May I swear fealty to you as well? I have had enough of the stupidity of my wife and her scheming and greedy children. I am filing for a divorce and would be honored to work with you."

"Arthur Weasley," said Harry with a smile. "I am grateful to hear those words. I have great respect for you and what you have had to deal with. Contact my lawyer and file for your divorce. Once you are free of Molly then strip her, Ron, Ginny, and Percy of the Weasley name and you may come with me. Mr. Richard will be able to provide you, Bill, and Charlie with a medallion that will allow you to safely come to me when the time is right. If you feel that Bill and Charlie can not be trusted then please do not send for them. I have no time for traitors and people who are after my titles and money."

"I will see to it at once Lord Potter," said Arthur bowing.

"ARTHUR WEASLEY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" screamed Molly. "How dare you do this to me?"

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Yes once again I am leaving you with one of my special cliff hangers. Stay tuned for the next chapter to find out the outcome of Arthur's dilemma. How will Albus feel knowing that he is losing more of his army?

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