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What happens when sparkling vampires meet the Hero of the Wizarding World? Love, romance, and fights. Read to find out more.

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Stormy Lee
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Confrence With Albus

DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling. I only own the plot.

DISCLAIMER – Twilight and its affiliate are the sole property of Stephanie Meyer. I only own the plot.

DISCLAIMER – This is a gay love story between Harry and Edward. If you are offended by gay rights or homosexual innuendos, then I humbly ask that you NOT read this story. This is your only warning.

NOTE – I decided to attempt my first crossover story. I hope that you all enjoy it.

Chapter 1 – Conference With Albus

Harry sat at his desk in his room at Number Four Privet Drive. The battle in the Department of Mysteries was weighing heavily on Harry's mind. Sirius had died. Bellatrix Lestrange hit him with the Avada Kedavra. Harry cried often.

"BOY," screamed Vernon. "Get your ass down here now."

Harry snapped. After almost fifteen years of being addressed by everything but his name by his mother's sister and her husband, Harry decided that he had enough. He opened his door and stomped down the stairs.

"Took you long enough," Vernon sneered.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FAT LORD ASS," screamed Harry. "For my entire life I have NEVER gotten anything from you except abuse. I have had enough. If you open your mouth to me one more time I will personally see to it that you never open it again. Do I make myself clear to you?"

"Harry," said a quiet voice behind him.

Harry whirled around and drew his wand in a matter of a heartbeat. When he saw the Head Master Albus Dumbledore standing there with his hands in the air, Harry lowered his wand in embarrassment.

"I am so sorry Professor," said Harry. "I did not know that you were coming here today."

"I have some things that I wish to discuss with you Harry," said Albus. "May I have some of your time?"

"Of course Professor," said Harry. "We can go sit in the den if you would like."

"You go ahead," said Albus with a smile. "I will be there after I have a quick word with your Uncle."

Harry entered the den and saw Draco sitting there quietly.

"Draco?" asked Harry in astonishment seeing the bruises and lacerations on the blonds face. "What happened? Can I get you something?"

"Something cold to drink would be nice Harry," said Draco quietly as he grimaced in pain.

Harry rushed into the kitchen just in time to hear Albus tear into his Uncle.

"Vernon Dursley," said the old wizard with enough anger that Harry had to take a step back. "I placed Harry in this house to be raised in a good home. He has been beaten, verbally abused, starved, and many other things by your cruelty and that of your wife and son. Until July 31st, there will be two boys staying in this house. If I even hear of you speaking to either Harry or Draco, I will make you regret that you were ever born. Do I make myself clear Vernon?"

"You can't come in here and threaten me," said Vernon. "As for the second boy there is no way in hell I am allowing it. I don't even want the first one here much less have two freaks in this house."

Harry walked over to Vernon and slapped him across his face as hard as he could.

"You will NEVER refer to me or anyone that I care about from the Wizarding world as a freak ever again," said Harry furiously.

Draco had come in when he heard the commotion. He walked over to Harry and wrapped his arm around Harry's waited and pulled him away from the fat man.

"Harry," said Draco. "I really need that water."

"Of course Draco," said Harry turning towards the cabinet and getting a glass.

He filled it with ice and then some bottled water. He handed it to the blond. Draco drank the water and handed the glass back to Harry. Harry set it on the counter and then took Draco's face in his hands. He concentrated for a minute as he reached for the core of his magic. Albus watched with interest at this. An aura surrounded Harry's hands and he healed all of the bruises on Draco's face along with the rest of the cuts and such.

"That was VERY impressive Harry," said Albus. "Healing and doing it wandless."

"Well I just broke the restriction for underage magic," said Harry. "I am sure we will be hearing from the Ministry of Magic soon enough."

"Oh I doubt that," said Albus with a twinkle in his eyes. "Why don't you take Draco back to the den and heal the rest of his wounds. Draco, do not hesitate to point out anything that hurts to Harry. I will see you both in a few moments."

Harry led Draco back to the den and laid him on the couch. Petunia walked in and watched what was going on. Harry ignored her as Draco lifted his shirt and showed Harry his other injuries.

"Harry," said Petunia. "Can I help you with anything? Those wounds look very nasty."

"Can you bring me some cool wet washcloths?" he asked her in astonishment.

She rushed out of the room and came back in a few minutes later. He placed one on Draco's forehead.

"Aunt Petunia," said Harry. "Hold on to Draco's hand. I have to reset a few of his broken ribs."

She nodded and knelt next to the boy.

"Well it would appear that Harry is in his element," said Albus. "I trust that you will not cause any more problems. An Auror will be here twice a day. If either of those two young men tells me that you or your family has even so much as looked at them wrong, then you will be arrested for child abuse."

"How long do they have to stay?" Vernon asked.

"Until Harry turns sixteen," replied Albus. "From there, both young men will be emancipated and I will take them both away. Harry and Draco both have a VERY substantial inheritance. Both are the richest in the country. Both will be leaving this country and away from the hardships that they have both suffered. With a little luck both young men will be able to get past the horrors that both have seen in the last few months."

Vernon nodded and looked down. Albus stared at him for a moment and then got up and walked into the den. He was a bit surprised at the scene before him. Petunia was kneeling next to Draco holding his hand while Harry tended to his injuries. With a couple of pops, Albus winced as the ribs were put back into place. Harry would hold onto Draco's face and beg him to hold on.

"Stay with me Draco," said Harry. "I only have one more to go and then you can get some sleep."

"Please hurry Harry," said Draco as tears fell from his face.

Harry nodded and then popped the last rib back into place. Draco screamed in pain, and Petunia grabbed his head and was doing her best to comfort him. Albus watched as Harry once again went into his center and pulled on his magical core. He watched as the aura came back and healed all of Draco's fractured and broken ribs. Harry gently ran his hands down Draco's arms and legs and let the healing magic touch the small injuries that were there as well. Petunia was wiping Draco's forehead with a wet cloth while Harry was doing this.

"It is ok son," she whispered. "Just hang in there. He is almost finished."

With tears in his eyes, Draco just nodded his head. When Harry was done he looked up a bit wearied.

"Aunt Petunia can you make up the guest bedroom for him?" he asked. "I will help get him upstairs in a moment."

She nodded and hurried up the stairs. Albus walked over to Harry and helped get Draco on his feet. Together they got Draco upstairs and into bed. Harry quickly transfigured Draco's clothes into comfortable pajamas. Albus meanwhile pulled out Draco's trunk and enlarged it.

"Well if I am going to be in trouble for underage magic, I just as soon get it all in at once," said Harry as he waved his wand and lowered the blinds and dimmed the lights. "Draco you get some rest and I will check on you in a little while. I will bring you something to eat later."

"Thank you for everything Harry," said Draco.

"You just get some rest," said Harry smoothing his hair back. "I am sure that Professor Dumbledore has a whopper of a story for me."

"I will stay with him for a bit," said Petunia. "Then I will cook something nice for you all later."

Harry and Albus nodded and walked down the stairs. Harry was looking around, but he did not see any letters telling him that the Ministry of Magic was on their way. Albus watched this with amusement for a moment.

"They are not going to be coming Harry," said Albus.

"Why not?" asked Harry confused.

"Because I told them not to," said Albus. "Please have a seat. I have a lot of things to tell you."

Harry sat down on the chair and waited with an interested look.

"After the fiasco at the Ministry of Magic in May," said Albus. "The entire wizarding world voted to dismiss Cornelius from the post of Minister of Magic. He went on to try and press charges against you. That just upset the populace even more. So it is my job to let you know what is going to be happening from here on out."

"Who did they get to replace Fudge?" asked Harry.

"I replaced Cornelius as Minister of Magic," said Albus proudly. "Minerva will be taking my place as Head Mistress of Hogwarts."

"Finally," said Harry with a sigh. "Someone will be in the Ministry that will do something for a change."

"Accurately described," said Albus with a chuckle. "I was sworn in a few days ago. This is why you have not heard from me this past month. I had not forgotten you. I was just very busy at the moment."

"I understand," said Harry. "Ron and Hermione kept me up to date on what was going on. Though, this is news that I didn't know about."

"That would be because they didn't know themselves," assured Albus. "We are here to talk about you and Draco though."

"What happened to him?" asked Harry looking up at the ceiling beneath the room the blond was sleeping in.

"Bellatrix Lestrange got to him," said Albus. "Fortunately I was able to get to him in time. It would appear that you are more magically gifted that I thought Harry. Tell me. What does your magical core resemble?"

"A phoenix," said Harry. "It always looked like a phoenix."

"You have been able to see your core before today?" asked Albus with shock.

"Since first year," admitted Harry.

"Why did you never mention this?" asked Albus.

"I didn't think it was important," said Harry.

"Ah my dear boy," said Albus. "You are definantly a remarkable young man. You behave the same way that a phoenix does. Your loyalty is unswerving as is your desire to help anyone who needs it."

"I helped Draco because it was the right thing to do," said Harry. "I didn't care if the Ministry came to take my wand. I knew he was in pain and I was going to help him."

"What if I were to tell you that you no longer have to fight in this war?" asked Albus.

"I would say that you might be Imperused or something," admitted Harry.

Albus laughed with Harry at this.

"You are serious aren't you?" asked Harry.

"Quite serious my dear boy," said Albus. "That is the reason we are here today. I want you to listen very closely to what I am going to tell you. It is very important that you do so."

"Of course," said Harry.

"We are going to emancipate both you and Draco," said Albus. "This means that at sixteen you will no longer have the trace on you. You will be able to do magic anywhere at any time. Draco is already sixteen. I brought him here because I asked if he would help keep an eye on your safety while you were still here and he agreed."

"I am going to be free at sixteen?" asked Harry in disbelief.

Very free," said Albus. "We just need the two of you to stay here until you turn sixteen. From there we will be taking you away from this country and all of its conflict. I have some friends in the United States that would be more than willing to watch out over the two of you until you can make your own way in the world."

"You want Draco and me to move to the United States of America?" asked Harry in a shocked voice.

"Yes I do," said Albus plainly. "Tell me Harry. "Are you opposed to being watched out over by a group of vegetarian vampires?"

"What is a vegetarian vampire?" asked Harry confused.

"They do not feed on people," said Albus. "They live quite easily on the blood of animals."

"Well as I have a werewolf for an uncle it would be hypocritical of me to be prejudiced against vampires," said Harry. "Do we actually have to live with them?"

"No," said Albus. "You and Draco will be living on your own. Their job is to keep an eye on you until you feel well enough to be on your own."

"Tell me about them," said Harry interested.

"Carlisle is the father figure of the coven," said Albus. "He works in the medical field as a doctor. His wife Esme is an architect. She designs houses for a living."

Harry nodded. He knew Albus was not slighting his intelligence.

"They have three sons and two daughters," said Albus. "All adopted of course. Edward is a mind reader. You can keep him out of your head by using Occlumency. It works on the same principle. Alice is a seer. She is a true seer of things that COULD happen in the future. If the path is changed, then the vision will change. Do you understand what I mean?"

"Yes," said Harry. "Like if I decided that I am going down the third corridor she could see that, but if I decided that I want to get off on the second floor her vision would change as the path did."

"Very accurate," said Albus with a smile. "Emmet is a big fellow. He is very strong and very powerful. His wife Rosalie is a striking beauty. She would put Fleur Delacour to shame in the beauty department."

"That is saying something," said Harry with a smile.

"Last but not least is Jasper," said Albus. "He is an empath. He can calm a room down with just a thought or entice a riot if he desired."

"Wow," said Harry. "I guess he would come in handy when I lose it like I have been lately."

"Harry," said Albus gently. "You have been through so much. Your body, mind, and soul need to heal. If you do not desire to leave, I will not force you. I was just offering you a way out of this situation so that you can have what you always wanted."

"A normal life," said Harry. "I would like to go. I need to get away from here."

"Harry I must ask something personal of you," said Albus.

"Professor Dumbledore," said Harry. "You know you can always ask me anything."

Albus smiled at the boy in front of him before he continued.

"What is your sexual preference?" asked Albus. "Are you interested in men or women?"

"Wow," said Harry. "That is personal. I would have to admit though that I am gay. Why do you ask?"

"I think it would be better if you help Mr. Malfoy then," said Albus. "He doesn't understand his own sexual feelings."

"Do you want us to become a couple or something?" asked Harry in horror.

"Of course not," said Albus. "There is too much animosity between you for that. However I do see you becoming fast friends."

"Then is there someone that you are trying to set me up with?" asked Harry shrewdly.

"No," said Albus with a chuckle. "I am far too old to play cupid. Love will find you when you least expect it. In the meantime, I want you and Mr. Malfoy to work together. An Auror will stop by twice a day. If any of your relatives try and do anything to either of you, I want you to tell the Auror. I will not allow them to hurt you any longer."

"I am sure that we can do that," said Harry.

Petunia came downstairs and went into the kitchen. Albus and Harry could hear her and Vernon snapping at one another.

"I am going to help those boys whether you like it or not," said Petunia loudly before slamming a pan down on the stove. "If you don't like it you can leave until they do. It makes no matter to me."

"Now that is something you don't hear everyday," commented Harry quietly to Albus.

"Well my boy I must be going," said Albus. "Just know that we love you very much and only want your happiness."

"Thanks Professor," said Harry. "That means a lot to me to hear you say that."

Albus stood with Harry and gave the young man a brief hug. Harry escorted him to the kitchen. Albus paused momentarily to glare at Vernon before he stepped into the back yard and apparated away. Harry looked out the window for a moment before turning away.

"Do you want any help?" he asked his aunt.

"No Harry," she said. "Why don't you go check on the young man upstairs and see if he needs anything?"

Harry nodded and headed up the stairs. He peaked into Draco's room and noticed the boy sitting up. When he realized that Harry was there he turned and smiled.

"Thanks for everything," said Draco.

"You don't need to thank me," said Harry. "Can I help you with something? Aunt Petunia is downstairs cooking dinner."

"I am still a bit unsteady on my feet," admitted Draco. "Can you help me get into some regular clothing?"

"Of course I can," said Harry.

Together the two got Draco dressed in some black slacks and a black shirt. Harry helped Draco get his shoes on and then excused himself to write some letters. When he got into his room, he noticed that Draco's owl was sitting on the perch next to Hedwig.

"Your master is in the other room and he is better," Harry told the owl. "You are more than welcome to stay here with Hedwig if you like."

The owl hooted softly as Harry sat down and wrote two very long letters to Ron and Hermione. When he was done with them, he walked over to Hedwig and handed her one of the letters.

"Can you take this to Ron for me?" he asked.

She nipped his finger in affection before grabbing the letter and flying out of the window. Draco's Eagle owl held out its leg for Harry's other letter. Harry quickly told the owl where the letter was going and watched as the owl flew out the window with his letter.

"I guess he wanted to say thanks for helping me," said Draco with a smile.

"Shall we go down to dinner then?" asked Harry.

Draco nodded and both boys went downstairs to dinner. When the meal was done, Harry washed the dishes after assuring Petunia that it was fine. It gave him time to think about everything that happened so far today. He knew that his life was going to change in a way that he could not expect.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I hope that I had success in laying out the plot fairly well. I want to point out that Harry and Draco will NOT be a couple. They are just going to be the best of friends from this point out. Please let me know what you think.

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