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The Wedding

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Chapter 10 – The Wedding

Harry paced back and forth in agitation in the room. Ron and Hermione were trying to calm him.

"Harry you need to relax," said Hermione. "People get married every day. It is natural for you to be nervous."

"Most people don't have the Volturi and Voldemort breathing down their necks either," snapped Harry. "What if by marrying him I am putting him in danger?"

"Do you really think he cares?" asked Ron wisely. "I have watched him since we got here Harry. He. Loves. You. He will risk everything to be with you."

"I know," said Harry. "That is what makes me nervous."

"Harry, if you do not calm down I will go and get Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape," threatened Hermione. "Then you will have no choice. One or the other will force you to drink a Calming Draught."

Harry realized that she was serious and let the matter drop. He still paced back and forth, but he wisely kept his thoughts to himself. Edward was in the other room. He heard everything pass between his lover and his friends. Emmett and Jasper looked at Edward with a knowing look.

"He worries just as much about you as you do about him," said Jasper quietly. "If you had any doubt before that he loves you, I would say that he just alleviated any fear on that."

"I know he loves me," said Edward. "I am just as nervous as he is about getting married in a few minutes."

"I know," said Jasper. "The two of you are starting to give me a head ache."

"Sorry Jazzy," said Edward. "We know you are suffering because of us. Why not try that technique that Harry taught you. Maybe it will help. The emotions will be very high today from everyone."

"I already have my shields up," said Jasper. "The two of you are worse than anyone else. It is probably because the two of you are my family."

Edward took a deep breath and tried to relax. The wedding was due to start in ten minutes. Finally the time for the wedding to start arrived. Sue Clearwater was sitting at the piano and played the introduction song of the two. A small dais was created and Albus stood there looking magnificent in his dress robes. To his right, stood Hermione, Ginny, and Luna wearing silver gowns. With them were Ron, Draco, and Neville. Each wore a black tuxedo with a silver vest and tie. To Albus' left, stood Rosalie, Alice, and Leah in silver gowns that matched the others. Standing with them, were Emmett, Jasper, and Jacob. They were also in black tuxedoes and silver vest and tie. The gathered assembly looked in awe and a bit of envy at the beauty of the assembled wedding party. Many of Harry and Edward's classmates were there. Those that did not mind the relationship were invited with the understanding that they would witness things a little odd. Soon Sue started playing a different song. When the lyrics started, Edward walked in with Esme and Carlisle. His parents were in sapphire blue. Edward was paler than usual. He was wearing his white tuxedo with the silver trimmings just as Dobby wanted. He was escorted before Albus and the trio waited. Soon Sue started playing a different song and in walked Harry. Charlie Swan and Petunia were with him. Harry looked like he was ready to faint. The trio slowly made their way to Albus. Albus shot a quick glance to Jasper who nodded in understanding. Soon a feeling of peace swept through the crowd. Harry stood taller and with a proud look on his face, approached Albus.

"Who gives this Cullen away?" asked Albus.

"His mother Esme and I do," said Carlisle proudly.

Both kissed their son on the forehead and went to sit down.

"Who gives this Potter away?" asked Albus.

"His aunt Petunia and I do," said Charlie proudly.

Both kissed Harry on the forehead and went to sit next to Bella who had a smile on her face.

"Who stands for Edward?" asked Albus.

"We do," said Emmett, Jasper, and Jacob together.

"And who witnesses for him?" asked the old wizard.

"We do," said Rosalie, Alice, and Leah.

"Who stands for Harry?" asked Albus.

"We do," said Draco, Ron, and Neville together.

"And who witnesses for him?" asked Albus.

"We do," said Hermione, Luna, and Ginny.

"Let us begin," said Albus. "There is a time when two hearts will search for that special someone. They will continue to search until they find what they are looking for. It is on this day that Harry and Edward let their love for one another flow. Their hearts have traveled two very different roads. Both hearts have ended up at the same destination. They have ended up here in front of you, their family and friends. Love is a wonderful thing. It lets people do amazing things for one another. I have watched Harry grow from a mere boy to the wonderful young man that stands before you today. From conversations with the parents and from what I have witnessed myself, Edward is also a wonderful young man. The bond between the two will transcend time and space. Both are willing to sacrifice their lives for the other."

The guests were sitting with rapt attention to what was going on before them. Minerva and Severus were both handling their wands in their pockets in case the magic escaped from the confines that Albus had it under. There were too many muggles here for something to leak out and expose them all. The President of Magic of the United States and his guests were also holding on to their wands. Albus continued with the ceremony.

"If there is anyone here who is opposed to the union of Edward and Harry," he said. "Please speak now."

"I object," said a female voice from the back of the assembly.

Jessica Stanley stood and was waving a hand in the direction of the two shocked people standing in front of Albus. Everyone present was embarrassed for Harry and Edward. Severus stood up and walked to the back of the room.

"On what grounds do you object?" asked Albus politely, hiding his fury.

"This is abnormal," said Jessica. "These two fags should not be allowed to do this. It is against the law."

By now Mr. Gordon was standing with Severus. At a nod from Alex Daniels, they drug Jessica out of the house. They came back a few moments later and resumed their seats. Jessica was sitting outside in the mud playing. She was getting many mud pies ready for the wedding ceremony.

"Sorry about that," said Severus. "I think I went a little over board."

"Shall we continue?" asked Albus with a smile and a twinkle in his eyes.

Everyone smiled and faced back to the front. Albus continued with the ceremony.

"Harry and Edward have written their own vows," said Albus. "I will ask that Edward go first. I am to understand that each will be singing a song as well."

"Harry," said Edward. "From the moment I met you, I knew that you were the one that was meant for me. I know that your past has been riddled with hardship, abuse, and death. I know that you are always looking for ways of saving everyone. I want you to know that when you stepped into my life, you saved me from my worst enemy. You saved me from myself. You have given me reason to want to move on with life and enjoy it to the fullest. You give me purpose and conviction when each dawn breaks. You give me joy and compassion every time I look into your green eyes. When I speak your name, all I want to do is hold you protectively in my arms and make sure that no one can ever hurt you again. I know that the future is unsure. I know that life is not perfect. I also know that two people will not always agree on everything. One thing we can agree on is that I will always love you and I will never leave your side. I gift you with my heart. It is now yours forever. I love you."

Sue Clearwater knew that is was up to her to play again. She looked at the sheets of music in front of her and stared to play the tune. Rosalie and Esme picked up their instruments and also started to play. Edward waited for the right note and begun to sing in that beautiful voice of his.

Am I really here in your armsIts just like I dreamed it would beI feel like we're frozen in timeAnd you're the only one I can see

Hey, I've looked All my Life for youAnd now you're hereHey, I've spent All my Life with youAll my Life

And I never really knew how to loveI just hoped somehow I'd seeAsked for a little help from aboveSend that angel down to me

Hey, I've looked All my Life for youAnd now you're hereHey, I've spent All my Life with youAll my Life

I never thought that I could feel a love so tenderI never thought I could let those feelings showBut now my heart is on my sleeveand this love will never leaveI knowI know

Hey, I've looked All my Life for youAnd now you're hereHey, I've spent All my Life with youAll my LifeAll my Life

Hey, I've looked All my Life for youAnd now you're hereHey, I've spent All my Life with youAll my Life

When Edward finished his song, there was not a dry eye in the place. Handkerchiefs were drawn and used. Albus wiped away tears of his own before he turned to Harry.

"Edward," said Harry. "Life before you was a long and dark tunnel. I saw shadows everywhere that wanted to drag me into the darkness. I have lost so much in my life that it was hard for me to trust and get close to someone. Then into that darkness a figure stepped in and lit the night. He made the shadows flee before him. My heart reached out and encountered someone that loves me for me. You are the one that I want to spend eternity with. You do not want me for my wealth, fame, or glory. You want me for me. You have made it your mission to keep the darkness out of my life. You only want me to be happy. I want you to know that you have succeeded beyond your wildest imagination. In your arms, I feel like a whole person. You love me with everything that you have and I want you to know that I am returning it with every bit of me. You are my world, my center, and my every thing. My goal is to ensure that you are happy and safe. I will love you with the last breath of air in my body. I gift you with my heart. It is now yours forever. I love you."

With that Sue started again. Rosalie and Esme were ready. Sue was having a hard time seeing the keyboard and the notes on the sheets as she was crying. The words from both young men made her want to wrap them both in her arms and never let them go. She quickly dried her eyes and started. Harry waited for his note and launched into his song.

Used to be that I believed in somethingUsed to be that I believed in loveIt's been a long time since I've had that feelingI could love someone, I could trust someone

I said I'd never let nobody near my heart again, darlin'I said I'd never let nobody in

If you asked me toI just might change my mindAnd let you in my life foreverIf you asked me toI just might give my heartAnd stay here in your arms foreverIf you asked me toIf you asked me to

Somehow ever since I've been around youCan't go back to being on my ownCan't help feeling, darlin', since I've found youThat I've found my home, that I'm finally home

I said I'd never let nobody get too close to me, darlin'I said I needed, needed to be free

If you asked me toI just might change my mindAnd let you in my life foreverIf you asked me toI just might give my heartAnd stay here in your arms foreverIf you

Ask me to and I will give my worldTo my baby, I need you nowAsk me to and I'll do anythingFor you baby, for you baby

If you asked me toI'll let you in my life foreverIf you asked me toAll you gotta do is ask me to

If you asked me toIf you asked me toAll you gotta do is ask me to

To say that people were shocked by his song choice was an understatement. Harry picked his song carefully so that he could express his true feelings. What shocked people even more was the depth of passion that underplayed his words. No one from Hogwarts knew that Harry had such a powerful singing voice. The beauty of his words and the flow of his voice was one that no one would forget anytime soon.

"It is time for the two to place the rings on their beloved's finger," said Albus with a smile.

Ron and Jasper both held open their hands. In their palms were two platinum rings. Harry and Edward decided on plain rings as both had their mother's engagement rings on their lover's finger already. Neither man wanted to take away from the beauty of the rings.

"Do you Edward," said Albus. "Take Harry as your life mate and soul bonded? Will you honor him, respect him, and keep him safe from all harm?"

"I do," said Edward. "With this ring I vow to be there for you in darkness and in light. I promise to stand by your side through everything that it has to throw at us from this day forth."

Edward slid the ring onto Harry's finger. Harry took a moment to catch his breath. His love for Edward was shining like a beacon for everyone with magic to see.

"Do you Harry," said Albus. "Take Edward as your life mate and soul bonded? Will you honor him, respect him, and keep him safe from all harm?"

"I do," said Harry. "With this ring, I vow to be there for you in darkness and in light. I promise to stand by your side through everything that it has to throw at us from this day forth."

Harry slid the ring onto Edward's finger. The love was clearly defined by the way that the two were looking at one another.

"It is with great honor to announce the two wonderful young men before me as one," said Albus. "May the love that the two of them hold for one another guide the rest of us through this world. I now pronounce Harry and Edward united in the bonds of matrimony. You may now kiss your mate."

Edward reached over tenderly. Harry held his breath for a moment. He surrendered to Edward in a flash. When their lips met, a glow of gold and silver enveloped the two. The wizards in the area were already working to Obliviate the minds of all the guests that were not in on the secret. When Harry and Edward drew apart, the glow died out. The muggles who were sitting there were mumbling about a great light show.

"Now that is some soul binding aura," whispered Albus. "I have never seen a silver and gold bond before. The two of you are truly a matched set. Good luck in the future."

"Thank you for everything," said Harry. "You have no idea of what you have given me by moving me here to this little town in the middle of nowhere. I finally feel like I can be the person that I have always wanted to be."

"That is the main reason I did what I did," said Albus. "Now I think that Molly is trying to stare me to death as I am holding you two away from the group. Why don't you both go and greet your guests? They are waiting for the new Cullen couple."

Harry and Edward smiled fondly at the old wizard before they went to greet the guests. They were hugged and congratulated for a few minutes by everyone. Soon the reception started and everyone moved so that the chairs could be set up in a different array. Soon music and food was everywhere and the new couple took to the dance floor for their first dance. They spun on the floor happy and smiling at one another.

"Thank you for everything Harry," said Edward. "You have no idea how much you mean to me."

"If I mean half as much to you as you mean to me then I have a good idea," said Harry. "I love you with everything that I have."

Soon the guests were cutting in to dance with the couple. Later that evening, the regular guests left and the other guest were allowed to come into the area. Hagrid appeared and congratulated the couple along with Dobby and Winky.

"We have a wedding gift for the two of you," said Alice with a smile.

"What did you buy us this time?" asked Harry with a smirk.

"I didn't buy anything," said Alice. "Now stop stalling and follow me please."

Everyone filed out of the house and followed Alice into the trees. Soon enough they saw what Alice was talking about. There was a house built in a small clearing.

"Alice?" asked Harry. "When did you have the time to do all of this? How did you keep it a secret from both me and Edward?"

"That would be us helping," said Mr. Gordon. "We placed charms around this area so that you did not know what was going on."

"I drew up the plans," said Esme. "The strength of the boys and the pack from La Push as well as the magic of the wizards made this job go fast. Everyone chipped in to help build it. Alice had all of your new furniture moved into the house."

Edward and Harry walked around the house. It had four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It had a nice office area and a dining room. There was a library built off the side of the living room. A huge den was set up in the back of the house with a fireplace so that Harry could contact the other wizards when he wanted. There was a basement that was set up as a potions lab.

"I took the liberty of getting you everything you need for potions," said Severus with a smirk. "I know that the two of you are working for the wizarding hospital by making potions."

"Thank you Professor," said Harry. "That was a very nice thing that you have done for us."

"Do not get all mushy on me Cullen," said Severus with a smirk as Harry started with the name.

"I guess it will take some time to get used to that," said Harry with a laugh.

"Harry and Edward," called Albus. "We have to get back to England now. Molly and the children will be staying here until term begins. Hagrid will be staying with you as well until after your transformation. Carlisle will be working with you and everyone else on the arrangements."

"I too will be staying," said Severus. "I have some experience with this sort of thing. Plus Remus will be nearby. However due to the natural animosity between vampires and werewolves, he will not be able to be near you until you are able to contain yourself. The same will happen with the shape shifters."

"I understand," said Harry. "Thank you all for everything."

Albus and Minerva hugged Harry goodbye and then stepped to Harry's fireplace and flooed back to England. The President of Magic congratulated them again on the ceremony and then he and his guests also used the fireplace to get back to his office. Soon it was the Weasleys, Hagrid, and the Hogwarts students left with the Cullens. Carlisle sat everyone down.

"We do not want to rush this, but we know that the rest of you have to be back in England for school," he said. "So it was agreed upon that Harry would be bitten tonight. For the next three to five days, we will need the La Push pack to circle this house. Hagrid, we will need you to be near Harry at all times. You will be the only one with the strength to hold him if he goes wild. Severus, we will need your potions to keep Harry calm. The turning will be painful. When he first wakes up after his transformation, I need you all to stay out of sight with the exception of Hagrid, Edward, and Jasper. When Harry is in control of himself, we will allow the rest of you to see him. Just remember that you will have to stay a distance at first. We don't want him to accidentally harm one of you. Are there any questions?"

"I have one," said Hermione. "Are you planning on putting the venom straight to his heart?"

"We feel that it is better that way as well," said Carlisle. "I have the syringes ready for that."

He waited to see if anyone else had any questions. When no one came forth, he turned to the group at large.

"Well I suggest that everyone get dressed in come comfortable clothes," he said. "We will be starting in one hour. I will meet you all upstairs in Harry and Edward's old room."

Everyone headed out. They made their way to the old house. Harry and Edward stayed at their new home and entered the huge walk in closet to change their clothes.

"Dobby," called Harry.

With a pop the elf was there.

"Harry Cullen is calling Dobby?" asked the elf.

"Dobby," said Harry kneeling in front of him. "Please keep yourself safe until I am done with the transformation. I don't care what you have to do, but I am asking that you help keep my friends safe from me. Can you do that for me?"

"Dobby and Winky is taking care of that," said Dobby. "You is not needing to worry."

"Thank you for everything," said Harry hugging the elf. "I love you Dobby. I am glad that you are a part of my family."

"Dobby is loving his Harry Cullen and Edward too," said the elf with tears in his eyes. "Dobby is happy to be a part of your family."

"I feel the same way about you," said Edward placing a hand on the elf's shoulder. "I am glad that you are part of the family."

"Master Edward is too kind," said Dobby.

"Are you ready Harry?" asked Edward. "I am sorry that we have to do this tonight, but it was the only way. I promise to make it up to you."

"I love you Edward," said Harry. "Can I have one more kiss before this starts?"

Edward enveloped Harry in his arms and kissed him. He kissed him with a passion that made Harry weak in the knees. When they pulled apart, Edward scooped Harry up in his arms and took off running for the main house. They went up to their old bedroom. They noticed that all of the furniture and everything was gone. They were told that Dobby and Winky had been working on it during the wedding. In the room, there was a single bed. Harry was instructed to lie on the bed. When Harry was comfortable, he looked over to Edward. His husband looked pained at the thought of what was coming up. He held Harry's hand and looked into his eyes.

"I love you Harry," said Edward. "I will be here by your side through the whole thing. I will read to you and talk to you and such. You will not be alone."

"I love you too Edward," said Harry. "I know that you will do your best to keep me from hurting anyone."

Edward nodded and stepped back. Everyone from Hogwarts stepped up and whispered their words to him. The adult wizards all gave him their support. Remus hugged Harry tight. Jacob and Sam were standing with Remus.

"Stay strong for me cub," said Remus. "It will be over before you know it. We all love you."

"Harry," said Severus softly. "I need you to drink these potions. It will make you more comfortable."

"Thanks," said Harry swallowing the held potions. "Are you sure that you will be ok while I am transforming? I don't want you to get hurt."

"Do not worry about me Cullen," said Severus. "I am quite capable of taking care of myself. This is after all not my first vampire party."

Harry chuckled as he lay back on the bed.

"Are you ready Harry?" asked Carlisle.

Harry nodded and held his hand out to Edward. Edward looked grieved as he took the hand. He kissed Harry on the lips before he moved to his neck. He kissed the area softly. With a pained grunt, he bit into the neck and allowed his venom to enter Harry. Harry gasped in surprise and held on for dear life. Edward let him go and grabbed Harry by the wrist. He lifted it to his lips and bit down again. He did the same thing to Harry's other wrist. He moved to Harry's ankles and bit each one. Harry had his back arched in pain as the fire began to flow through his veins. The potion that Severus gave him was able to aid in the pain, but he still felt like he was on fire. Carlisle took a syringe filled with Edward's venom and injected it straight to Harry's heart. As the venom flowed through Harry's veins, they took a step back as a dark cloud flowed out of Harry's scar making him scream in pain. They had forgotten momentarily that the Horcrux would be surfacing. It fought to stay in Harry's body. Severus placed himself at Harry's head and held him. Edward grabbed Harry's arms and held on for dear life. Emmett and Jasper grabbed hold of Harry's legs and were holding them down. Hagrid placed his hand on Harry's torso and held it down.

"We know it hurts Harry," said Edward. "Try and stay calm. The venom will do its job baby. Just hang in there. The Horcrux is almost dead."

"Harry Potter Cullen," said Severus. "Just hold on. It is almost over with now and that potion should kick in when the Horcrux is gone. You are doing great. Just hold on."

Harry was screaming in pain. He felt like his body was boiling from the inside. Esme and the other Cullens were working downstairs to keep everyone else calm. Remus made a beeline for the stairs only to be intercepted by Jacob and Sam.

"No Remus," said Sam. "You can't go up there yet. Trust in Carlisle and that Severus person. They will take care of Harry."

"He is right Remus," said Draco. "If anything goes wrong, Alice or Luna will tell us."

"Everything is going as it is supposed to be," said Alice with glazed eyes. "Harry will pull through. He is strong."

"The Nargles will protect him," said Luna with the same glazed expression that Alice had. "Harry will be even more powerful than he is now."

Hermione and Ginny were crying together in a corner. Hearing Harry scream was scaring them. Neville was doing his best to calm them. Spikes of magic were sent out every now and then as Harry's body started the slow and painful transformation. Draco and Hermione found that they had their hands full when it came to fixing the damage done. Remus and Ron stepped up to the plate with Molly and were helping repair the damage. They were working in shifts. Those that were not sleeping were going around and repairing the damage. The only people allowed near the house were Petunia and Charlie. Bella opted to stay at the house to assist with cooking for those that still ate food.

A couple of hours later, Harry had calmed considerably. The potion was finally able to work now that the Horcrux had been destroyed. Random spikes of magic still flared every now and then as the pain built up. They no longer had to hold him down. Edward stayed with Harry the entire time. He spoke to Harry as he promised. He read the school work to him and let the information sink in. He knew that Harry could not respond and would not for two more days at the earliest. He had promised that he would be there and he intended on making that promise a reality. Severus checked on them every so many hours to monitor Harry magically. Carlisle was only able to do so much as Harry's body started to change. Severus made sure to keep everyone posted on Harry's condition.

"Harry," said Severus. "I am going to use Legilimency on you to check on your mind status. Try not to harm me. This is for your own good."

Severus said the incantation and was flooded with Harry's memories. He pulled out swiftly as the pain was great.

"Edward," said Severus. "Open his mouth for me. I want another potion down his throat. The after effects of the Horcrux have hurt him more than I realized it would."

Edward nodded and sat Harry up. Holding him tight with Hagrid's help, he was able to keep Harry still long enough to pry open his mouth and Severus magically forced the potion down Harry's throat.

"Its ok love," said Edward as he laid Harry back down. "Everything is going smoothly. It will all be over in two days. I promise to make this up to you. I love you so much."

Tears fell from the corner of Harry's eyes as he heard Edward. The potion that Severus forced down his throat had helped with the pain. A small part of his mind stayed focused on Edward's voice. From time to time during the next two days, he could hear words of encouragement from Molly, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Draco, Hagrid, and Luna. Esme and the others came and went periodically to check up on Edward.

"He will wake in twelve hours," said Alice. "Edward, I know that you promised not to leave his side, but you have to go hunt. It will be in Harry's best interest for you to be at full capacity when he wakes. He will understand."

"Severus," said Edward. "Will you and Hagrid stay with him while I am gone?"

"We will be here," said Severus. "Your sister is right. Harry will need you at full strength when he wakes."

"Harry," said Edward. "I have to go feed. I will be back soon. I am not going far. I love you baby. Please stay strong until I return."

A small spike of magic let the others know that Harry heard Edward. An image of a phoenix appeared in front of Edward. Edward held his hand to the image and it vanished.

"That is his way of saying he heard you," said Alice. "Hurry up and go. He is waiting."

Edward placed a kiss on Harry's lips and fled the room. Emmett and Rosalie went with him. Tanya and Kate had stayed with the Cullens for the transformation. Hermione was questioning them about their way of life and both female vampires were delighted to tell their story. Hermione was determined to get as much information as she could. She had decided that the vampire nation needed someone to tell their side of things. Edward and his siblings were gone for a couple of hours. They brought some vials with them so that they could collect some blood for when Harry woke.

"Rose," said Edward. "Thank you for everything. You have no idea as to how much you have made this easier for me."

"You are my brother," said Rosalie. "I have liked Harry from the get go. He is the best thing that could have happened to us."

"You have always had our support," said Emmett as he collected the blood in the container. "You will always have our support."

Edward smiled at his siblings before the three took off back to the house. They made sure to not have any stag blood with them. Harry was very adamant about not drinking the blood of a stag.

"It would be like drinking my father's blood," Harry had said.

Edward handed his container to Draco who put it in stasis for him. From there Edward flew up the stairs to be with Harry.

"I am here love," said Edward. "I came back as quickly as I could."

"He is in the last stage now," said Carlisle. "He is progressing well. He has already started to get colder. He will have one more spike of pain when the venom finally stills his heart, but other than that he will be just fine. Did you bring back the blood?"

"We brought him back bear and mountain lion," said Edward. "We have a bunch from rabbits and stuff also. No stag though."

"He will be happy to hear that," said Remus. "I doubt he would want to drink the blood of an animal that resembles his father's Animagus form."

"He told us as much," said Edward caressing the hair off of Harry's forehead. "Severus have you checked his mind?"

"A few minutes ago," said Severus. "He still hurts, but is able to bear it. I think he will let us know if he needs something else. His magical core is stronger and he is able to send images even in this state."

As if on cue, Harry sent and image of him kissing Edward.

"I love you too baby," said Edward looking at the image. "You just hang in there. It is almost done."

The last few hours were the hardest. The venom had made its final stand in Harry's chest. The pain was excruciating for Harry, but he sent an image of not wanting more potions. Edward stayed with him as did Severus and Hagrid. Finally in the wee hours of the morning, Harry shifted. The fire burned bright once more and then the cooling sensation hit him. He shifted again and Edward had him in his arms.

"He is waking up," said Alice from downstairs. "It should be any minute. He seems like he will be ok."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this chapter right here. We still have ten more to go in this book. I hope that I did the wedding and the turning justice. Thank you all for your patience in this endeavor. If I spelled anyone's name wrong, please let me know. Thanks for the support.

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