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The Misunderstanding

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Chapter 11 – The Misunderstanding

Harry twitched under Edward's arms. The fire had finally reached his heart and it hurt. He was able to send a few images to the others to let them know that he was ok. The fire raced through his heart with amazing speed. He felt it go still. He took a deep breath and moved again. He knew that he no longer needed to breathe, but he did it out of habit. He started to fidget. Edward let him go so that he could move freely. Harry opened his eyes and his instincts took hold. He jumped from the table and sprinted to the corner. He pressed his back to the wall and took in his surroundings.

"He is confused, but rational," said Jasper. "He is acting like any normal newly turned vampire should. Just give him a moment to let his mind catch up with his senses."

Harry turned to the sound of Jasper's voice. He looked at the young man with awe in his eyes. He knew that his eyesight would be sharpened, but he did not know that he would see things in a whole new light. He let his awareness flow around him like a shield. He took in his surroundings. His sense of smell peaked as he smelled the flowing blood downstairs. He knew that there were people in the house. His throat started to burn. Hagrid reached over and handed him a cup. Harry looked at it suspiciously for a moment. There was blood in it. Of that he was certain.

"What have you done to this?" he asked and startled himself at the sound of his own voice.

"Harry?" Edward said quickly. "Baby, it is ok. Just drink it. It will help the burning in the back of your throat. I promise that if you drink it, you will feel better."

"Edward?" asked Harry. "I never realized how beautiful you were before."

"Can I come near you?" asked Edward. "I don't want to scare you."

Harry stepped to the side and let Edward come closer. He could smell the scent of cinnamon, patchouli, and musk on him. It was three of his favorite smells.

"Harry," said Jasper making him jump. "You need to drink what is in the goblet. It will help you. I promise."

Harry looked towards Edward who smiled brightly at him. Harry lifted the goblet to his mouth and drained it in one gulp. He looked towards Edward and smiled.

"Would you like some more?" asked Edward. "We stocked up on plenty of it for you."

"That would be nice," said Harry. "I am sorry for my reactions. It is so unusual to be able to hear, smell, and see things so clearly."

"That is perfectly normal," said Jasper. "You are doing great Harry. No one here is going to hurt you. Hagrid, Edward, and Severus have been here most of the time. You are surrounded by friends."

"I felt you there the whole time," said Harry. "I knew you were there."

Edward smiled as he held his arms open for Harry. Harry eyed him with suspicion for a moment before he allowed himself to be wrapped in the arms. He stepped back with surprise.

"You are not cold," said Harry. "Your body feels comfortable to me."

"That is because your body temperature dropped to meet ours," said Carlisle coming into the room. "I have another goblet of blood for you."

"Thank you," said Harry. "So how is everyone else? Are they safe?"

"Everyone is fine Harry," said Jasper. "They understand that it is trying for you right now. They are patiently waiting for you."

"When can I see them?" asked Harry.

"When we are sure you won hurt em," said Hagrid.

"I understand," said Harry. "I guess they will need to be told not to move so fast towards me for a bit. I am still trying to adjust to everyone. I am sorry if it hurts your feelings."

"Husband," said Edward with a smile. "We will all take it nice and easy. No one is rushing you into anything. Now drink so that your throat won't hurt so badly. After that, I want to take you hunting so that you can get an idea of what we do."

Harry drained the goblet in one gulp and handed it back to Carlisle.

"Hagrid," said Harry. "Are you going to come with us just in case?"

"I will do me best to keep up with ye," said Hagrid.

"I will be joining you as well," said Jasper. "Between the three of us, we can help you keep control of your emotions. We won't go far."

"Thanks Jasper," said Harry. "I know that you will do what you can for me."

"Well Harry, we should probably go out of the window," said Edward. "We don't want to press our luck by going downstairs to soon. This way we can get you used to your other abilities."

"Sounds good," said Harry. "Where is my wand?"

"I have it right here," said Edward handing it to him. "I kept it safe for you. Severus said you probably won't have to use it anymore. I loved the fact that you sent me those images while you were turning. It made my feel better knowing that you could hear me."

"It was your image that kept me sane through all of it," said Harry with a smile. "I am sorry that I was nervous around you at first."

"It was a normal action love," said Edward. "We knew that you would behave on instinct. I am proud to say that you are behaving better than most new born vampires."

"In what way?" Harry asked pocketing his wand.

"Well," said Jasper. "For starters, you have not tried to get around us to get to the humans downstairs. Secondly, you are having a nice conversation with us rather than screaming and being scared. That makes you unusual to our kind."

"Great," said Harry with a sigh. "I can't even be a normal vampire. Where is Severus?"

"Right here," said Snape walking in the door. "How are you feeling Cullen? I was wondering if you would allow me to scan your body.

"Yes of course," said Harry standing still and raising his arms. "Thank you for your help during the transformation. It made it easier. Your presence comforted me as it was something that I was familiar with in a dark sense. Does that make sense to you?"

"Basically," said Severus. "You felt comforted by the fact that I don't see you as the Boy – Who – Lived. You are just another human being to me."

"Exactly," said Harry. "You never treated me like I was fragile. Your attitude was constant."

"Well Cullen," said Severus with a smirk as he ran his wand over him. "Don't expect me to change now. You are still a big headed boy that is to cheeky for your own good."

Harry laughed with his new musical laughter. Edward laughed with him. Together with Jasper, they jumped out of the window and landed on the ground. Edward had Harry follow him through the woods. When they got there, Edward stopped.

"Ok Harry," he said. "Let your instincts take over. Use your senses and find yourself something to eat."

Harry stopped and smelled. He could smell a few different things around him.

"There is cat and bear near," said Harry taking off in pursuit of his meal.

Edward and Jasper raced after him with Hagrid rumbling along in the rear. Harry spotted a huge male mountain lion sitting on a boulder. Edward and Jasper hung back and watched. Harry let his instinct guide him as he circled the great cat. With a leap, Harry had the cat pinned down and its head pulled back. He sunk his teeth into the jugular of the animal and within moments, had it drained. The fire in his throat lessened significantly at that. He looked to Edward, Jasper, and Hagrid. All three smiled in encouragement, and Harry raced off again. He trailed the grizzly bear. When he saw the beast, he attacked. The bear tried to fight, but Harry had it pinned down and bitten before it could put up much of a resistance. When Harry was done, he looked up. He could hear a noise in the distance. He turned and ran back to Edward and Jasper.

"There are humans in the forest," he said. "I can smell them. Hagrid you have to help me hide the body of that bear. They are on their way in this direction."

Hagrid gave a nod and the group began to scrape a grave for the bear. They buried it quickly and left the area before the humans spotted them. They made it back to the new house where Harry went in to shower and change into fresh clothes. When he came out, he saw Jasper pacing back and forth.

"What's wrong?" asked Harry. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No baby you didn't," said Edward standing up and giving Harry a kiss on the lips. "We are very proud of you in fact. Not only did you not want to go after the humans, but you had the presence of mind to hide the body of the dead bear."

"So why is Jasper acting so funny?" he asked.

"Normal newborn vampires don't have that much control," said Jasper. "You emotions and such are confusing me. You are behaving like Carlisle and Edward when they are around humans. You are not normal."

"I have never been normal," said Harry with a sigh. "Everything about me screams abnormal. Maybe Vernon was right and I am a freak."

"You are NOT a freak," said Edward. "I don't want you to ever call yourself that again. You are Harry Cullen. You are the light and love of my life. You are special. I love you for your kind ways and gentle style."

If Harry was still able to blush he would have. Edward chuckled as he wrapped Harry in his arms.

"Would you like to go see your friends now?" asked Edward. "I think you are in control enough to see them."

"I would like that," said Harry. "I know that they are worried about me."

Together Harry and Edward walked behind Hagrid and Jasper. When they got to the house, Jasper asked Harry and Edward to wait outside while he went in to talk with the others.

"Harry is coming in," he said to the room. "Do not make any sudden moves in his direction. It would be best for now if you refrain from touching him. His eyes will still be red for a little while longer. So please keep that in mind. He is self conscious as it is. His hearing is very acute right now. So, loud voices will startle him. Keep your voices even and light."

Everyone nodded their heads in understanding. Alice went to stand with Jasper as Edward led Harry into the room. Harry stood there and looked around at everyone. They all smiled back at him.

"Thank you all for being here for me," said Harry. "It means everything to me that you all stayed here to help me through all of this."

"It is what friends are for," said Jacob sitting at the table with a plate of food in front of him. "We all think of you as a little brother. Dad says that you need to come for a visit soon. He wants to see your new look."

Harry smiled at Jacob. Leave it to the alpha wolf to make him feel better about things.

"How are you feeling Harry dear?" asked Molly stepping forward slowly.

Harry stepped back behind Edward. She had made a move that was to fast for his comfort. Jasper and Alice were by Harry's side in a flash.

"It is ok Harry," said Alice. "You won't hurt her. We all understand that this is new to you."

Harry watched as Luna made her way towards him. She ignored the shocked looks of everyone as she approached Harry and wrapped her arms around his waist in a hug.

"I am glad that you are ok Harry," she said in her dreamy voice. "I asked the Nargles to keep an eye on you and it seems as if they listened."

Harry patted her gently on the back. She did not bother him in the least.

"Thank you little sister," said Harry. "I am thankful that you had them look out after me. I am glad that you are my friend."

"Ronald needs to be careful," said Luna. "He will be infested with pixies later because of his attitude."

Everyone looked towards Ron. He was red in the face with anger.

"What's wrong with you Ronald?" asked Hermione.

"He let Looney Lovegood go near him, but not the rest of us?" asked Ron in anger. "I guess our friendship doesn't mean that much to him anymore."

"Ronald Weasley," shouted Molly. "How dare you speak like that about Harry? It is not his fault that he is nervous around everyone."

Harry had dropped to his knees with her first yell. Edward and Jasper were with him in a flash. Luna was kneeling next to him as he pressed his hands to his ears.

"Molly that is enough," said Remus as he went to assist Harry. "Look at what you just did to Harry."

Hermione grabbed Ron's arm and led him to Harry. Both knelt next to him. Harry was crying with dry sobs. Ron grabbed Harry's hand and held on to it. Harry started at first and then relaxed when Ron was kneeling there in front of him. Slowly the rest of the group made their way to his side. Each person took their turn to wrap him in a hug and offer their sympathy.

"Harry mate," said Ron. "I am sorry. I didn't mean that. I know you would never do something like that on purpose."

"I think you should apologize to Luna," said Harry when he was wrapped in Edward's arms. "She is a person too. Her attitude and abilities is what is endearing too many of us."

"Luna," said Ron. "I am so sorry for what I said. I like you. I was just surprised that Harry let you near him when no one else was allowed."

"It is ok Ronald," she said. "I knew that Harry would not hurt me. I was still not sure about you. So I decided to break the ice. We are all safe now. Harry will be better with us being near him now."

"She is right," said Alice. "Everyone is safe around Harry. Just remember that loud noises and sudden moves will still hurt him and scare him for a little while."

Harry was led to the living room where everyone made them selves comfortable. They chatted for a couple of hours before Harry noticed that some of the humans started to look tired. He chuckled as he told them that he would talk more with them in the morning.

"By the way Harry," said Ginny. "I love the red eyes. They are so cool looking. I am going to have to get mom to let me get some red contacts so that I can have red eyes too."

Harry laughed at the expression on Molly's face. The students from Hogwarts made their way upstairs. Bella joined them. She had agreed that she would stay with the group during Harry's transformation so that she could keep Charlie and Petunia in the loop. She made a quick call to them and told them everything that happened. They passed on their well wishes to Harry.

"I don't wish to be rude," said Harry. "I would like some quiet quality time with my husband if that is ok. We never actually got to go on our honeymoon yet."

Emmett made some cat calls and was slapped behind his head by Rosalie for his troubles.

"You two go on ahead," said Esme. "We will meet up with you later."

"I have to get back to the school and let Minerva and Albus know what is going on," said Severus. "I will be taking Hagrid with me."

"Thank you both for everything," said Harry. "I don't know if I could have done this without you."

"Just take care of yerself," said Hagrid. "Keep on practicing yer magic. You will need it."

"We look forward to you coming back to England for a visit," said Severus. "I have lots of pictures to spread so that everyone will think you are dead. It may make your life easier here. Your parents would have been proud of you. Until later Harry Cullen, I bid you good evening."

Harry smiled as he watched Severus and Hagrid turn on the spot and apparate away. Edward led Harry out of the Cullen house and back to their house. When they were in the privacy of their home, Edward slowly started to undress Harry. Harry laughed at this and let his husband have his fun. It was good to see Edward not looking so worried and with a smile on his face. Edward started kissing Harry along his neck. Harry moaned into the kisses and embraced his lover. That night, their passion exploded. All of the fear of hurting Harry was gone. Their ecstasy was higher than either could have hoped for. They made love more than once that night.

Harry smiled as Edward and he lay in the bed and watched as the sun came up. Harry knew that he had lots to work through before he was able to rejoin the world. He needed to get over his aversion to fast movements and loud noises. He knew that the Cullen family would be by his side for the whole thing.

Edward took Harry out later to hunt again. They did not want to take chances on Harry accidentally hurting one of the Hogwarts students or one of his friends. The days passed and Hermione, Ron, and the rest of the group from England knew it was time for them to return. Remus and Harry held on tightly to one another.

"I don't care that you are a vampire," said Remus. "All I care about is that you are happy and well looked after. I can see by the way Edward looks at you that I have already gotten my wish. I love you cub. Lily, James, and Sirius would have been very happy for you and Edward."

"Thanks Remus," said Harry. "I know this was hard for you, but it was for the best. At least now I have a chance of being happy and surviving this war after all."

"Edward," said Remus shaking his hand. "Please continue to look after my cub. He is all I have left."

"You have nothing to worry about there," said Edward kindly. "I will make sure he is well looked after. Please feel free to come by whenever you want to check on him."

Molly took both Edward and Harry in her arms and gave them a hug. She said her goodbyes and then she stood with the rest as the students all said their goodbyes to the Cullen family. The international portkey flared, and in a flash they were gone. Tonya and Kate said their goodbyes as well and left. Bella asked Edward to take her home, and after giving Harry a hug and a kiss on the cheek left to wait by the car. Edward kissed Harry quickly on the lips and left.

"I will be back before you know it," said Edward. "I love you Harry Cullen."

"I love you to Edward Cullen," said Harry with a smile.

"Welcome to the family," said Esme after Edward left with Bella.

"Thanks mom," said Harry wrapping his arms around her. "It feels good to finally belong somewhere."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I am sorry that this chapter is shorter than most. I mainly needed it for a filler. The next chapter will fast forward a bit so that we can get closer to the confrontation with the Volturi. For this I apologize in advance.

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