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Chapter 13 – Wormtail

"What is going on with the relatives of Harry Potter?" asked a cold voice.

"Master," said Wormtail bowing. "I sent the Dursleys to the Volturi. If anyone can help us find the boy it would be them. They have the best trackers in the world."

"Very creative," said Voldemort. "Have you found out any more information as to where the boy is hiding?"

"It appears that he is on the North American continent," said Wormtail. "From what I gather, he is staying near a group of vampires by the name of Cullen. The Volturi want the Cullen family destroyed now. Maybe they will team up with us to finally defeat Potter."

"The Volturi have no love for us," snarled Voldemort. "I have sent envoys to them already asking for their assistance."

"How do you know they will not help us?" asked Wormtail.

"Because imbecile," said Voldemort pulling out his wand. "Of the ten envoys sent only one has come back alive. CRUCIO!"

Voldemort was thinking about what to do. He lifted the spell from Wormtail and pressed his wand to the mark on Wormtail's arm. Within moments, pops could be heard as the Death Eaters apparated in. When they were all gathered, Voldemort began.

"It seems that Harry Potter is being protected by a family of vampires," said Voldemort. "This idiot has finally done something useful and found out the where about of Harry Potter."

"Are we going to go after the boy?" asked Lucius Malfoy.

"No," said Voldemort with an evil smile. "It would appear that the Volturi are going after the Cullen family. When they attack the family I have no doubt that Harry Potter will be killed right along side of them. He is just a boy after all. He will not pose much threat to them. When the boy is dead, we can attack the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts and take over the prominent buildings. From there that old muggle loving fool will fall."

"I am glad that we were able to get Bellatrix out of prison so quickly," said Delores. "I know she is your most trusted servant."

"You have done well Delores," said Voldemort. "Your timely and quick actions freed my Death Eaters from Azkaban. It is a pity that you no longer have access to the Dementors."

"Yes my Lord," she said. "Dumbledore has stripped me of most of my rank and influence. I will continue to do what I can to assist you my Lord."

"I already know this," said Voldemort. "You are all dismissed."

- Meanwhile -

Aro, Caius, and Marcus were sitting together in a meeting. Jane, Alec, and Demitri had left the previous night for their assignment.

"What happens if they flee?" asked Caius. "Will we continue to hunt them around the globe?"

"I think that the three we sent will be sufficient enough to start picking them off one by one," said Aro. "They have their orders to kill the wizard and all of the Cullens except for young Edward, Alice, and Jasper."

"What of Voldemort?" Marcus asked. "He is getting to be a bigger thorn in our sides. He needs to be pulled down a few pegs and stopped. He is a threat to our way of life."

"That too will be handled after we destroy Carlisle and his family," said Aro. "What we need to do now is send some of the guard after some of the known Death Eaters."

"What about sending word to Albus Dumbledore?" Caius asked. "He has always been very respectful of our ways. In fact he has even defended our rights."

"That is an option as well," said Aro. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Maybe we can assist the old wizard in knocking down the forces of the dark army. We will send word to him and see what he has to say."

"Very well," said Marcus. "Let us send Felix to him. Together they may come to some kind of agreement."

The three elder vampires agreed on their course of action. They sent word to Felix and spent the next hour going over what they wanted Dumbledore to know. They prohibited him from speaking about the destruction of the Cullens and the wizard under their protection.

"Let him know that someone named Wormtail sent the boy's relatives to us and that we destroyed them," said Aro.

Felix nodded his head in understanding and left.

- Meanwhile -

Albus was in Hogsmeade. He was explaining to a group of people the situation.

"I want the Shrieking Shack completely remodeled and made livable," said Albus. "I will be having a group of very special people living there and I want them comfortable. Make sure that you add enough rooms. We have a few couples. So we need no less than fifteen bedrooms. I would suggest an equal number of bathrooms just in case. I want enough food brought here to feed a small army. Some of the guests have large appetites."

"Not to worry Albus," said Kingsley. "We will have it done. Are you going to tell us what is going on?"

"I will this evening at the Order meeting," said Albus. "Right now I have to go and speak with Minerva. Please tell the owners of Honeydukes that we will need lots of blood pops made. Have them make them with animal blood rather than human blood if you will. Also, when you see Remus and Dora have them find me immediately. If you do not see them before the meeting tonight, I will get them there."

Kingsley nodded his head and went to work helping the others. Albus headed towards the school. When he passed through the wards, he knew that Minerva would be alerted to his presence. Sure enough, she, Severus, and Filius met him at the entrance.

"Minerva, it is time for a staff meeting," he said. "I have some important information to impart and I want the full backing of the staff. This will include Hagrid of course."

Minerva nodded her head and she and Severus sent patronuses to the other staff members. They all met in the teacher's lounge. Albus stood in front of the group and waited for them all to settle.

"Harry Potter Cullen will be coming back to Hogwarts in about a week," said Albus.

The sounds of delight rang throughout the room. Albus let it go for a moment before he raised his hands to get their attention.

"He will not be alone," said Albus. "His family will be with him. I am having the Shrieking Shack repaired to hold them. He will be coming with six shape shifters, one muggle girl, and his family. Also Mr. Draco Malfoy will be joining him."

"What is going on?" asked Minerva. "What is the meaning behind this? Do you think it is wise to bring that many vampires so close to the school?"

"They will not harm anyone," assured Severus. "They only drink the blood of animals."

"What is Harry doing with a family of vampires?" asked Pomona. "Why would he do something like that?"

"I sent him there of course," said Albus. "If anyone could protect Harry from the Dark Lord it would be Carlisle Cullen and his family."

"I do have to admit that I was surprised at how happy Harry was," said Minerva. "That was a very beautiful ceremony."

"What ceremony?" Rolanda Hooch asked.

"Harry married one of the said vampires," explained Albus. "He is a very delightful young man by the name of Edward Cullen."

"He is a very nice person," said Hagrid. "I liked them all. Very polite, the lot of em."

"Thank you Hagrid," said Albus. "Harry had a complication that was unforeseen by anyone. So we took a few steps to ensure his safety and his happiness."

"What did you do to him?" asked Filius.

"Harry's body was acting as a host for one of the Dark Lord's Horcruxes," said Severus.

Horror was seen on the faces of many of the staff members at this statement. Finally Poppy pulled her self together enough to ask the next question.

"What are we going to do about it?" she asked.

"If you notice," said Severus with a smirk. "I said was not is. We have already taken care of the situation."

"How did you take care of it?" asked Pomona suspiciously.

"Edward bit Harry and turned him into a vampire," said Albus. "Vampire venom is one of the few things that can kill a Horcrux."

"So Harry is now a blood sucking monster?" asked Rolanda angrily. "How is that making things better?"

"Harry is NOT a monster," said Hagrid loudly. "I was there. He did not attack any o' the students when he woke up. In fact he went out of his way ter protect some muggles that were going ter cross his path. He is still the kind little boy yer lot always knew."

"I too was there," said Severus. "Potter or Cullen as his new name is now is quite the same as he always is. I trust him to the fullest."

"Did you know about this Minerva?" asked Poppy.

"Yes I knew," said Minerva looking down. "It was not my place to say anything. What I don't understand is why you are bringing him back here. It isn't that I don't trust Potter. It's just that I thought you wanted to keep him out of sight of the Dark Lord."

"There was a complication that arose that we had not counted on," said Albus. "It would seem that the Volturi in Volterra Italy have a grudge against Harry's new family. They think that the Cullen family is after their power. Those of us that have met the Cullens know differently. They just want to live in peace and quiet. The Volturi likes to collect trophies. Edward is a mind reader. His sister is a seer, and his brother is an empath. They would willingly sacrifice the rest of the family for those three. Can you imagine what they would do to acquire Harry? His magic did not diminish in the slightest as we thought it would. In fact he is even more powerful than he was before. What is so unique about him is that he doesn't want it. He rarely uses magic anymore."

"He just wants to be normal," said Minerva. "Miss Granger has told me some of what happened while they were there. Harry has confided in her many things. The boy was beaten, starved, locked in a cupboard under the stairs and many other things his entire life. Now he lives in the open. He walks with his head held high and a smile on his face. Thanks to the Cullen family, Harry has what he has always wanted."

"Happiness and family," said Severus. "He is very much loved by those around him. He has united the shape shifters from the reservation that has had a life long opposition to the Cullen family. Now the shape shifters, vampires, and wizards all get along wonderfully. They work together to defend their area from unwanted intruders and problems."

"So why bring him back here?" asked Pomona.

"Harry and his group will need your support in this war," said Albus. "By Harry coming back here, he will detour the Dark Lord from bringing his forces to Washington. By the Cullens following Harry here, they will detour the Volturi from attacking innocent people in that area. There is little love between Voldemort and the Volturi. Our thoughts on this are to bring the three forces together here. That way we can defend Harry and his family from both the Dark Lord and the Volturi. Our hope is that the hatred between the other forces will be enough to significantly weaken one or more of the other groups. Harry and his new family have no wish to fight the Volturi. They just want to be left in peace. We all know that Voldemort will not stop until we are all dead and that includes the Volturi."

"So we help Harry by standing with him," said Minerva. "We help protect him and his new family while we take down as much of the Dark Lord's army and the Volturi as we can. With the hatred the other two groups have for one another, they will help us in reducing their size and number. This way the remaining Volturi can flee back to their city and no longer be a threat to Harry and his family, while at the same time weaken the Dark Lord's army enough for us to wipe them out finally. Is that what you are getting at Albus?"

"I could not have stated it better myself," said Albus with a smile. "I am not pressuring anyone. If you do not want to help, then you will not be forced to. I am asking you as friends of Harry Potter Cullen to help."

One by one the professors of Hogwarts gave their pledge to help Harry in his campaign to end the war. Albus spent the next hour going over details about what would be happening in the future. It was decided that Harry, Bella, Edward, Jacob, Leah, and Alice would be sitting classes. Draco and the rest of the group would be working to build defenses in the town and surrounding area while staying out of sight of the Dark Lord.

Later that evening at the Order meeting, Albus went over the whole plan in better detail. Remus and Tonks agreed to go to the United States to help guard the area where the Cullen family lived. Between the two of them along with the remaining pack members, they were sure that they could keep the area safe from rogue vampires and infiltrated Volturi members along with any stray Death Eaters.

- Meanwhile -

Jacob and the pack took off for La Push. They held a council meeting with the elders and told them what was going on.

"We want to help Harry and his family," said Jacob. "Six of us will be going with him to England. Sam will stay behind with a few members of the pack to guard against rogues and such. When the ones that we are waiting on starts to phase Sam and the rest will train them as best as they can. Sam will be in charge of the pack until I get back. So I want Collin, Brady, and Seth to work with him on forming strategies to keep the area safe. Remus Lupin will be coming here with another wizard from England. They will help protect the area."

"Harry and Draco's school principle is a wizard also," said Sam. "Harry will talk to him about keeping an eye on the area. Plus that Albus person said he would talk to the person in charge of wizards in the states to send some extra protection to the area. With their help, we should be able to keep any unwanted and unwelcomed vampires from the area.

"How long will you all be gone?" asked Billy.

"Until the fight is done," said Jacob. "I'm sorry Billy, but we have to do our part in this."

"It still doesn't stop me from worrying about all of you," said Billy.

"Just promise us that you will all stay safe," said Harry Clearwater.

"We will do our best," said Jacob. "Doc Cullen will work on us if something goes wrong."

"Good," said Sue. "At least someone who knows your genetic makeup will be there to assist you."

"We will win," said Leah with venom in her voice. "No one threatens our vampires except us."

Her sentiment was echoed around the hall.

- Meanwhile -

Harry and Edward made their way towards the school. Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett left that evening to head to the Denali coven. When Tanya and her family heard about what was going on, they agreed to accompany the Cullens to England and work with them.

"Thank you for agreeing with this," said Esme. "It means so much to my family that you are willing to be a part of this."

"Your family has done much to help my family," said Tanya. "We stand by you. We live free because of Carlisle and the rest of you. We want the same happiness for you. You have our full support in this matter. We will meet you at your home in three days. That will give us enough time to settle any matters that we have going on here."

Esme and Tanya hugged once more and the Cullen trio left and made their way back home.

"Mr. Gordon," Harry called. "I need to speak with you about a delicate matter. Do you have time?"

"Of course Mr. Cullen," he replied. "Come in and sit. Why don't you tell me what is going on and I will see what I can do to help you."

"My family and I are going back to England for a month or more," said Harry. "We are doing this for a couple of different reasons."

"You have my complete interest now," said Mr. Gordon leaning forward on his elbows. "I know that Minister Dumbledore has been going back and forth between England and your home since your transformation."

"We are going to draw out the Dark Lord and end the battle," said Harry. "Alice had a vision that my Aunt's ex husband and her son went to the Volturi in Italy and told them all of the secrets of Forks. They of course were killed, but now the Volturi find it necessary to come here and destroy my family. We have no intention of being destroyed. Therefore we are going to lure them to England. The last thing that the President of Magic wants is a vampire war in his country again. I am sure that you also understand that it would be in your backyard as it were. We don't want the area invaded with blood thirsty vampires. So we are luring them to England instead."

"So what can I do to help?" asked Mr. Gordon. "I assume you need me for something. You would not have told me all of this otherwise."

"Well we don't want to fall behind in our studies," said Harry. "We were wondering if you could send our schoolwork to us in England so that we can keep up."

"I think that is easy to do," said Mr. Gordon with a smile. "I am pleased to hear that you are enjoying your life now Harry. From what I know of your past, it was never all that pleasant."

"Thank you sir," said Harry. "There is one more thing we would like to ask of you."

"If it is within my ability to do so, then I will," he replied.

"We were wondering if you could help keep an eye on the area," said Harry. "My godfather of sorts is coming from England with his Auror girlfriend to help the shape shifters from La Push that are staying behind defend the area. My Aunt and Charlie Swan are also staying behind to quell any rumors. Professor Dumbledore has placed wards around their house, but we need someone to help keep an eye on the area."

"I am sure that I can work something out," said Mr. Gordon. "Just have your English wizards meet with me as soon as possible so that we can work this out between us."

"Thank you Sir," said Harry. "I am glad to know that you, as a fellow wizard do not look at me for my fame and stature. You treat me like you treat the rest of your students."

"I treat you like a person," said Mr. Gordon. "You are polite and intelligent. You have more manners than most of the teenagers in this school put together. I will always think of you as a person. I don't care how rich you are or who you are married to. I do not even care that you are a vampire. So long as you behave in my school, I will treat you with the respect that you have earned and deserve."

"I really appreciate that," said Harry with a smile. "I will be leaving Lilith and Damian with Mr. Banner. I know that they will be cared for there while I am gone."

"I am sure he will be delighted to hear that," said Mr. Gordon with a laugh. "He talks about your babies all the time. Just make sure you let them know that you will be gone for awhile and that I will be looking in on them every now and then."

"I can do that," said Harry with his musical laugh. "Thank you again for everything."

Mr. Gordon smiled as he watched Harry stand up and leave. Harry made his way to the biology classroom and interrupted Mr. Banner long enough to check on his babies.

"I will be going away for about a month or so," he hissed silently to them. "Mr. Gordon is a parseltongue. He will be keeping an eye on you for me. I will come back when this stupid war is over with."

"Be safe Harry," hissed Lilith. "We will miss you while you are gone. Hurry back to us."

"I promise," said Harry.

Harry turned and told Mr. Banner briefly what was going on. Mr. Banner assured Harry that his babies would be well taken care of while he was gone. With that being done Harry and Edward left to head home.

Back at the house, there was a flurry of activity. Carlisle had managed to get an extended leave of absence from work. He told them he had family troubles back in Europe that needed his attention. At home, Alice and Jasper were busy packing things for everyone. Bella was at their house assisting them where she could.

"Dobby," called Alice.

"Mistress Cullen is calling Dobby?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "I need you to have Winky bring Draco's things here. After that I need you to pack enough stuff for Edward and Harry for our trip. I think Harry will want both of you to come to England with us."

"Dobby is taking care of that right away Miss," said Dobby. "Is you needing anything else?"

"No thank you Dobby," sang Alice. "I think we have everything covered here. If we need you we will call you."

Dobby bowed low to Alice before popping away to pass the information to Winky. It did not take long for Winky to pack what Draco needed for the trip. She apparated to the Cullen house an hour later with all of Draco's things packed neatly in a suitcase. From there, she assisted Alice and Dobby in packing enough clothes for everyone else. Slowly the rest of the family started trickling back in from their designated tasks. Within a week, they were ready to head to England. Alex Daniels came by later with their international portkey.

"You will land in the Great Hall of Hogwarts," he said. "We wish you all good luck in your endeavor to stop the Dark Lord. We are not so foolish to think that he will stop in England were he to win. Just come back to us in good health. May the blessing of the United States of Magic go with you?"

"Thank you sir," said Harry shaking the man's hand. "We will win this war because we have something worth fighting for. We will win because we want peace, and happiness, and the right to live free with our families."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this chapter right here. I hope that I am keeping your interest. I don't want to over kill or under write something. If it is too much or not enough, then please tell me. All I ask is that you speak your words nicely. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Please note that Lucius and Narcissa were saved from the kiss at the last moment by Delores Umbridge. They are now fugitives of the law.

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