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Together Again

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Chapter 14 – Together Again

"Ok everyone," said Harry. "When I say go, I want you all to grab hold of the rope. You will feel a jerk behind your navel and we will spin away. I promise that everyone will be safe. If anyone who wishes to back out, this is your last chance to do so. We won't have any ill feelings towards you."

"Give it a rest Harry," said Draco. "We are all going. We already decided on it. Knock it off with the Gryffindor heroics. Be a person for a change rather than a mother hen. We know what we are getting ourselves into."

Harry stuck his tongue out at Draco which caused everyone to laugh.

"You know," drawled Draco. "If I had that ugly thing in my mouth, I wouldn't want to keep it in either."

This statement just made everyone laugh even harder. Even Harry relaxed and laughed with the rest.

"Ok everyone," said Harry. "It is time for us to go. Grab the rope."

When everyone was holding on to the rope Harry said the key word to activate the portkey and they all felt the tug behind their navels. When Harry was sure they reached their destination, he yelled for everyone to let go. Harry, Draco, and Edward all landed smoothly on their feet. The rest landed in a jumble on the floor. They quickly helped everyone get to their feet.

"Harry!" exclaimed Hermione before throwing herself into his arms. "It is good to see you again."

"Hermione it has only been a few days," said a laughing Harry.

"I know," she said turning and giving Edward a hug as well. "We just miss seeing you every day is all."

"Where is everyone else?" asked Harry.

"They are in class," said Minerva walking up and hugging Harry. "I gave Miss Granger permission to be here to greet you. She will be returning to her next class. It is good to see you again."

"Thank you professor McGonagall," said harry. "I am sure you remember Leah, Jacob, Quil, Embry, Paul, and Jared."

"Yes of course," she said greeting the rest of the group. "I do not wish to rush you Cullen, but we have to get you out of the castle in case there is a singer here for one of you."

"We would have smelled him or her by now," said Harry looking to Carlisle who nodded. "Even in classes, their smell would have hit us already. However, I agree that we need to get settled in before long. I know that some of the group is anxious to get started with rounds and such."

"Very good," said Minerva. "Harry, you, Edward, Jacob, Bella, Alice and for good measure Jasper will be sitting classes. The rest of you will be down in the Shrieking Shack. You are to use the passage under the Whomping Willow to traverse back and forth. Harry I will ask that you show them around. Here are your class schedules. Miss Granger has leeway in classes today to help show everyone around."

"Thank you Head Mistress," said Harry with a grin. "It feels good to be back in the castle again even if it is for just a month."

"Just remember that you are to be on time for your classes and such," said Minerva. "If Alice has a vision, she is to come to my office directly with it. The password is Cullen. Now off you go. I have some work to do."

With a smile to the group, Minerva left to head back to her office. Harry called Dobby and Winky to bring their bags to the Shrieking Shack. Harry noticed that on his schedule the passwords to all the houses were there. Enclosed with his schedule was a letter.


I have enclosed the password to each of the houses in your letter. If any of your family wishes to stay in the castle, then they may do so. I have arranged rooms in each of the towers to accommodate the group. These rooms are designed to keep the couples together as well as give you all privacy. While you may not be a student here, I will ask that you all behave in a proper manner. Welcome back to Hogwarts. We have missed you.

Head Mistress

Minerva McGonagall

"We can stay in the castle if it is better for everyone," said Harry passing the note around. "I think it would be easier."

The group followed Harry as he showed them around the castle. Severus waved to them from his desk in the potions lab. Filius walked over to shake his hand. Madam Hooch wrapped Harry in her arms for a huge hug. Hagrid greeted the entire family as if they were his long lost friends. He even asked Jacob if he would mind being his lesson for the week.

"I would be honored to help you Hagrid," said Jacob.

"There is plenty o' food in the forest," said Hagrid. "Just mind the magical creatures."

Harry and the group all nodded their heads in understanding. Harry showed them the different dorms. Harry and Edward decided they were going to stay in the room in Gryffindor Tower. Draco and Jacob decided they would stay in Slytherin. Alice and Jasper chose Hufflepuff. The rest of the group decided to go to the Shrieking Shack. Harry led the way to the tree and with his speed was able to get through the branches and hit the spot that would stop the tree from moving and reveal the opening. While the tree was frozen, he explained the reason for the tree.

"We all have class in a few minutes," said Harry. "Why don't the rest of you go and get settled in and get started on setting up defense while we get to class. I know that Alice, Jasper, and Jacob don't have wands, but they can still sit and learn. Who knows they may have enough magic in them to be able to get a wand. Edward can use my wand. I will work with him for now."

"We will send your things with Dobby and Winky," said Esme. "Just be careful. We will see you all in a few hours."

The group all split up and Harry and his group headed to the dungeons for Potions. Severus smiled when they walked in.

"Attention class," he said smoothly. "We have some new students working with us for awhile. I am sure that many of you remember Harry Potter. Try not to badger him. The two tables in the front are for their use. Mr. Potter if you will lead your class mates to their tables, I am sure that between you and Miss Granger, you can get them caught up on what we are doing. The instructions are on the board. You have one hour to complete the potion on the board. Begin!"

Harry smiled as he and Hermione led Edward, Alice, Jasper, and Jacob to the tables. Harry and Hermione went to the cupboard and got the ingredients needed for the potion on the board. Together among quiet whispers, they guided the rest of the group on how to make the potion. Soon enough six cauldrons were simmering the right color of potion. Severus nodded his head in satisfaction at seeing it.

"It would appear that other than Miss Granger," said Severus. "That the new students of the class are NOT dunderheads. By now all of your potions should be a lilac color while silver swirls flow up from it. In this whole class I see six cauldrons fitting that description. Mr. Potter, inform me quickly, what houses you all have chosen?"

"Yes Professor," said Harry. "Jacob will be in Slytherin. Edward and I will be in Gryffindor. Alice and Jasper will be in Hufflepuff."

"Very well," said Severus. "Five points to Slytherin and ten to Hufflepuff for the correct potion brewing. Fifteen points to Gryffindor for the same reason. This is including Miss Granger. Everyone is to bottle up their potion and put it on my desk. Those of you who did not brew it correctly will write me a two foot long essay on the composition of this potion and where you went wrong. For the six of you that got it correctly, there will be no homework. Class is dismissed. I would like a word with Miss Granger and Mr. Potter's group."

When the rest of the class had cleaned up and left, Severus walked up to the group.

"It would appear that you have studied your books for sixth year," observed Severus. "Miss Granger always does her potions correctly. I am surprised that you got yours right also."

"When you don't have to sleep, you tend to read everything you can get your hands on to pass the time," said Harry. "I am trying hard to be correct in my potions this year."

"Correct me if I am wrong," said Severus. "Haven't you sat your NEWTS already?"

"Yes sir," said Harry. "Draco agreed to wait until this summer. He wants a bit more practice."

"Well all I can say is congratulations," said Severus. "It appears that you have finally found your calling. I did not expect you all to do so well. Please keep up the good work."

"Thanks Professor," said Harry smiling. "Do you happen to know the ingredients for the blood pops?"

"As a matter of fact I have some for you all," said Severus. "I do not trust Honeydukes to not fill them with more than is required. You all have permission from Minerva to eat these when the blood lust starts. Remember to hunt often as you will be among more students here than in your muggle school."

"We will," promised Harry passing out the blood pops to Edward, Alice, and Jasper. "I have a question for you. Is it possible to get Mr. Ollivander to bring some wands here to see if this lot is even eligible to carry a wand?"

"Why do you ask?" inquired Severus.

"My thought is that because they have a power, they might actually have enough magic to be able to use a wand," said Harry. "I know that Dumbledore is working hard to get the Cullen family and the Denali clan special rights as we are vegetarians."

"I will send an owl to Albus immediately," said Severus. "You might actually be on to something."

"Thanks Professor," said Harry. "It feels good to be back in the castle."

"Why don't you all go and wander the grounds. I know that you all have a free period. You should have DADA for next class."

Harry looked at his schedule and showed it to Severus.

"I will inform the Professor that you are advanced in this class," said Severus. "He may want to change his teaching plan today to cover vampires."

"Thanks again for everything," said Harry.

Severus nodded and sat at his desk. Harry led the others out of the room. Hermione excused herself by saying she needed to get to the library. Draco joined them and together with Jacob split off and went down to the dungeons. Harry took the rest of his family and showed them some more of the castle. When the time came, Harry led his family to the DADA classroom. Once again they sat in the very front of the class. They were working on patronuses for the day. When the instructor saw Harry he asked if he would be willing to demonstrate. Harry stood up and looked at Edward. With a smile he lifted his wand and said the incantation. The stag came out of the wand and walked the length of the class room. Harry smiled as the patronus approached him and bowed. Harry bowed in return and released the stag.

"That was some powerful memory," said Mr. Richard.

"I have lots to be happy about these days," said Harry smiling at Edward.

"I was wondering if we could ask Mr. Cullen some questions about vampires tomorrow?" asked Mr. Richard.

"I have no problems with that," said Edward.

"Excellent," said the professor. "Until tomorrow then."

Harry led the group to the Charms classroom. They sat and waited for the lesson to begin. This was easy for Harry and his family. They had learned their textbooks by heart. Harry was performing the charm easily enough. He decided to hand Edward his wand to see what he could do. Edward flicked the wand and red sparks flew out of it.

"Seems I was right," whispered Harry low enough for only Edward to hear. "You carry enough magic in your body to use a wand. Let me see if Alice and Jasper can do the same."

Edward handed the wand to Alice and told her to give the wand a flick. Hermione handed her wand to Jasper and whispered the same instructions. Red sparks flew from both wands. Hermione handed her wand to Jacob. When he flicked the wand, he flicked it to hard and it flew through the air. Edward was up and across the room to catch it and back before you could blink your eye.

"That was quite impressive Mr. Cullen," squeaked Professor Flitwick. "Mr. Black, try not to damage the other students."

"Sorry," said Jacob growing red in the face.

"Quite alright," said the tiny professor before he walked away.

Later that evening the entire family met in the Great Hall. They noticed that a special table was situated below the staff table. Minerva quickly told the family that the table was for their use while they were in the castle.

"Attention students," she said when she was at her place. "You will notice that we have an extra table in the Great Hall. This is for the Cullens, Denalis, and Quiluetes. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are now a part of these families. I ask that you not badger them. These families are here for the protection of the school. We have received word that the Dark Lord is on the move again. These three families have agreed to come and defend Hogwarts for awhile. It is in your best interest to follow any advice that is given to you by one or more of these families. That will include Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy. Both have been training extensively in another country in the art of Defense."

With that, she sat down and food appeared on the tables. Draco and those that ate food did so. Harry and the rest of the vampires discretely left the hall so that it would not be overly obvious that they were not eating.

"Edward, are you picking up on any negative thoughts from students?" asked Harry. "We need to know which students are going to be problematic to us."

"There is a handful at the table with the green badge," said Edward. "I think their names are Parkinson, Goyle, Nott, and Crabbe. They are talking about telling parents that you are here and such."

"We have to intercept their letters," said Harry. "It is in our best interest that Voldemort not find us here yet. We are only in the middle of January. Alice, any changes in the plan of the Volturi?"

"Jane, Alec, and Demitri have left to look for us," she said. "Chelsea is being sent to disrupt the bonds that Voldemort has with his minions and Felix is being sent here to talk to Dumbledore."

"Do you see any outcomes?" asked Carlisle.

"Chelsea will be killed," said Alice. "Felix will cause problems here. It will be up to us to stop him before he uses his gift."

"What if we put a charm on the grounds to negate his gift?" asked Harry.

"That choice you just made gives us victory," said Alice. "He will need to be destroyed."

"Leave it to me," said Emmett. "I owe him for what he has already done. When is he due to arrive?"

"You have two days," said Alice.

"I have to let the Professors know," said Harry.

He walked back into the Great Hall and made his way to the staff table. He quietly told the professors what was going on with the Slytherin group as well as the vampire that Aro was sending.

"I can counter his power," said Filius. "Not to worry Harry. He will not get far."

"I will deal with my house as well," said Severus. "They will not cause you trouble either."

"I was wondering if we could charm some jewelry to let us know if someone in our family is in danger or being hurt or something," asked Harry.

"That is quite easy as well," said Filius. "We can have each member of your group wear a chain with a medallion. We can place charms on it that will allow the rest of your group to know if someone needs you or is in danger."

"Thank you Professor," said Harry. "That will take a load of worry off of my mind. Professor McGonagall, has any school work arrived from our muggle school?"

"Yes," she said. "It is in the library. Madam Pince will let you, and your family, have access to the library at all times. I also want you to know that Mr. Ollivander and Albus will be here tomorrow to see if they can get a wand for Edward, Alice, and Jasper."

"We will assist the professors and prefects with rounds," said Carlisle. "This way we are doing something while we are here. As we don't require sleep, it would be better. This will give additional protection to the school."

"Demitri knows we have moved," said Alice suddenly. "They have made it to our area."

Sam was sitting with the pack. It had been a few days since the others left for England. He was running circuit with Seth. They were about to leave when Sam caught the scent of three new vampires in the area. He quickly sent word to Collin and Brady. From there Collin warned Remus, Tonks, and the two American Aurors. The four wizards grabbed the two shape shifters and apparated to the Cullen house. The remainder of the pack phased into their wolf form. One wizard paired up each with a wolf as they hunted for the vampires. They found the trio of Volturi not far from Harry and Edward's house.

"They are not here," said Demitri. "They have left the country. This has been a waste of time for us."

"Do relax," said Jane. "We will report back and get new orders."

"We can go after them wherever they are," said Alec. "I can't wait to start destroying Carlisle's family."

"I don't think you will be getting very far," said Remus. "You journey ends here."

"A moon wolf," said Demitri baring his teeth. "You are another enemy for us to destroy. Caius will reward us handsomely for this."

"Pain," said Jane and watched as Remus fell to the ground.

Sam rushed up and gripped her at the throat and ripped her neck open. She fell back as Remus stood up. Alec went to use his gift and was jumped from behind by Seth. The American wizards were busy assisting Sam as he tore Jane to pieces.

"Set fire to their parts," said Remus. "It will keep them from regenerating."

"Incendio," said Tonks pointing her wand at Jane's head.

The fight got interesting after that. Demitri thought he was going to run. As he turned to flee he was met with a wand to the face by Mr. Gordon.

"If there is one thing in the world I hate," said Mr. Gordon. "It is a coward who tries to hurt someone just because he can. You will not be going anywhere. Expulso!"

Remus had the satisfaction of watching the school principle blow up Demitri. The whole fight lasted a mere twenty minutes, but it felt like longer. It was not long after, that fires could be seen where the pieces of the vampires were burning. Seth and Sam along with Collin and Brady found all of the pieces of the vampires and together with the five wizards, they burned them.

"Well I think that the Volturi needs to do better than that if they are planning on getting to Harry and the Cullens," said Tonks. "We better inform both the Minister and the President what happened."

"I will inform our President," said Auror Dugruise. "You inform your Minister. Good job to all of you. The speed the wolves have is great. We will be informing the President of your work. We also want to thank you, Mr. Gordon, for stopping that vampire before he got away."

"Think nothing of it," said Mr. Gordon. "The Cullen family is my best students. I enjoy their manners and their outlook on life. Now that Harry is part of that family it is even better."

"Harry is a great guy," said Tonks. "He deserves to be happy."

"I can assure you that he is very happy," said Mr. Gordon. "I have to get back to my school now. Harry and his family will be sending me their school work via the floo. I have to be there to intercept it."

Remus and Tonks bid the school principle a pleasant evening and set about their tasks. Sam assured them that they would keep an eye on the fires for them.

"They are destroyed," said Alice with a smile. "Sam and Remus worked well together. The trio that is most important to the Volturi is now destroyed."

"This is good news," said Minerva.

"We still have to tell Professor Dumbledore about Chelsea and Felix," said Harry. "The more we can pick off the Volturi the better. We need to let them know that we are not in Washington anymore. I don't want them to send anyone else there."

"We can always send them a message with Fawkes," said Albus coming up behind the group. "What is happening?"

Alice, Edward, and Harry quickly explained the situation to Albus. He nodded his head in understanding and quickly took action. Minerva led the group to her office and let them use her desk. A letter was sent to the Volturi via Fawkes.

"We will take you all to Mr. Ollivander's tomorrow," said Albus. "He has assured me that he can shut his shop down for a couple of hours to help you all in acquiring your wands."

"I am pleased to hear that some of your family has the ability to carry a wand," said Albus. "We are already working with the Wizengamot to change the laws to state that all vampires who feed off of animals will have the right to carry a wand. For the moment, we are just going to allow Alice, Jasper, and Edward. It is the best I can do for now."

"It is more than we had hoped for," said Harry. "What time should we meet at Mr. Ollivanders?"

"How about you meet him at seven tomorrow morning," said Albus. "That way you don't miss too many classes."

Harry and the Cullens nodded. Harry had a suspicion that Albus was planning something else while he was out, but he kept his mouth closed. They would also deal with Gringotts while they were in Diagon Alley.

The next morning, Harry and the group all waited for Albus. They would use the floo from Minerva's office and floo directly to the store. Albus would shield them from the public eye as best he could while allowing them to take care of their business. They decided to handle Gringotts first. When they entered the bank, Harry was met by Griphook.

"Ah Mr. Potter," said the goblin. "Or should I say Mr. Cullen. Good morning. We can sit in my office, and have you sign all of the paperwork needed there."

"Good morning Griphook," said Harry. "May I introduce my mate and husband Edward Cullen? We need to set it up that he can make deposits and withdrawals to my account."

"I already have the documents set up," said Griphook. "All it needs is your signature and a drop of your venom. Minister Dumbledore has told us of the situation. A vampire's venom is just as easily unique as wizard's blood. So if the two of you would please give a drop each on this parchment, it will automatically set you up. From there, we can add Mr. Edward's personal accounts to this one. I know he has accounts in the muggle banks. We have wizards in every bank around the world. They will just add everything on their end. You will not even have to worry about it."

Harry and Edward both produced the required venom for the goblin. Once it was done, they were set up. Edward's wealth added to Harry's wealth equaled a large sum of money.

"I need a total of eight keys for the vault," said Harry. "I would not mind the rest of my family using this money as needed."

Griphook just nodded and produced the keys and handed them to Harry. He then produced seven more credit cards for the Cullen family to use. When they were done, Harry and Edward led the rest of the group to Ollivanders. When they got inside, Albus quickly shielded the store from outside viewers. Harry held on to Edward's hands.

"If the first wand doesn't choose you don't worry," said Harry. "We went through half the store before my wand chose me."

"You must be the Cullens," said Ollivander coming from the back of the store with a bunch of boxes in his hands. "I want you all to relax. The wand chooses the wizard. You will know you have the right wand when you handle it. Now who would like to go first?"

"Let Alice go first," said Harry. "You will have an easier time with her."

"Sure," said Ollivander. "Try this one. Eleven and a half inches made of Rosewood and Unicorn hair."

Alice took the wand and immediately she glowed.

"There you go," said Ollivander. "Nice and easy does the trick. Who is next?"

"Jasper is an empath," said Harry. "Try him next."

"I have a special wand then," said Ollivander. "Try this one young man. It is ebony wood with the core of a hippogriff feather."

Once again as Jasper grabbed the wand, he glowed.

"Very good," said Ollivander. "That is two down. Who is next?"

"Edward is a thought sensor and mind reader," said Harry.

"Hmm," said Ollivander. "I think either phoenix feather or dragon heartstring should do the trick. Try this one. It is holly and dragon heart string."

Edward took the wand and nothing happened. He gave it a flick and accidentally banished Ollivander's clothes. Alice giggled as Albus quickly conjured some robes for the older wizard.

"Apparently not," said Ollivander taking the wand back and handing him another. "Try this one. It is holly and phoenix feather. It is just like Harry's wand, but a different phoenix."

Edward took the wand and started to glow.

"This was simple enough," said Ollivander. "Is there anyone else?"

"We could try Jacob," said Harry. "He is a shape shifter. His abilities are inherited. If he can actually use a wand or not, we don't know."

"If the magic is inherited, then I highly doubt that he will have the same type of magical core as wizards do," said Ollivander. "The fact that your wand is still working so well with you even after your transformation is a remarkable feat. I did not think it would. Your magical signature has changed. The wand has adjusted to suit your power. You will more than likely not need the wand for most things."

"I don't," admitted Harry. "I just use it for the sake of downplaying my abilities. We don't want the Volturi or the Dark Lord to know that I am a vampire who has retained his magical abilities. We also don't want them to know that three vampires also have the ability to use magic."

"Be warned," said Albus. "They can use magic, but it will be very limited. They will be able to do some types of magic and not others. For example, Edward may be able to excel in charms and be dismal in transfiguration."

"We understand," said Harry. "I will work with them to test them and see where their strength and weaknesses are. I will have the report sent to you by the end of the week."

"There is no rush," said Albus. "Go slowly with them. Remember that they do not have the training or the power that you have. You are definantly a unique individual. Many wizards lose their magical power after they are bitten. You appear to have gotten even stronger."

"I didn't want more power," said Harry. "I just want to be happy and safe with my new family. The last thing I need is to be hunted down because people will think I want to be the next Dark Lord."

"We know that you are not the type of person to desire such things Mr. Cullen," said Ollivander kindly. "You are an exception to just about every rule there is."

"Please do not remind me," said Harry. "I just want to be normal."

"Relax Harry," said Edward. "Soon enough this will all be over and we can go home and be normal."

"I am looking forward to that day," said Harry with a smile. "Shall we get back to the castle now? We still have classes to attend and Severus doesn't like people to be late even if they are doing something important."

With a laugh, the group headed back to Hogwarts. They went to potions and enjoyed themselves. Over all they were having an easy time blending in with the other students of Hogwarts. Little did they know that, while they were in Diagon Alley, Harry was recognized by a certain Death Eater.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this chapter here. I got a little carried away with things. I hope that you are all not that disappointed with the chapter. Thanks for your support. I wanted to also let you all know that sometimes things will change in the chapters. I had to all but rewrite this one as I got things mixed up and backwards. So if you see Draco's name in classes and such, it is because from time to time he will sit them. Also know that sometimes different Volturi will go to different areas. This is because the path will change. Thanks for understanding. When you have this many characters in play it does get confusing.

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