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Chapter 15 – Word From Albus

"Professor Dumbledore," said a cold voice. "Rather Minister Dumbledore. I would like to speak with you."

"Who might you be?" asked Albus feigning ignorance.

"My name is Felix," said the vampire. "I come from Volterra to speak with you on a certain matter."

"You must be the envoy from Aro, Caius, and Marcus," said Albus pretending to catch on.

"Yes I am," said Felix. "I am here to discuss the wizard known as Voldemort."

"Yes he does seem to be the topic of much conversation these last few months," said Albus. "What does the Volturi want of me?"

"You are a spokesman for people who are seeking peace," said Felix. "We have received and destroyed nine out of ten envoys from Voldemort so far. It is time that we put a stop to this wizard before he decides to attack Volterra. We are more than capable of taking down many of his minions, but some of them could do serious damage to us. For that we need your help."

"Well you will have whatever help you need," said Albus. "We are working hard to bring about the downfall of the wizard named Voldemort. He has finally managed to kill Harry Potter. It is time to destroy him once and for all."

Felix was stunned by this information. Aro did not tell him that Potter died. This was not what was supposed to happen. They were going to destroy the young wizard as well as the Cullen family.

Albus watched the vampire closely. The look of surprise on the other's face told him everything that he wanted. With a small probe, he invaded the mind of the vampire and learned everything he wanted to know without the vampire being any the wiser. What he saw made Albus extremely angry. However many years of dealing with unpleasant things helped him to school his face into the proper arrangement.

"I want you to know that the Cullen family has moved here to England," said Albus. "They are living not to far from Hogwarts. They have decided that they do not wish to fight the Volturi. They just want peace and quiet. You can tell Aro that it was I who told Harry Potter's Aunt that there were vampires living in Forks Washington. It was I who told Charles Swan and his daughter about the Cullen family. They have done nothing wrong here. If Aro wants to blame someone, he can blame me. The Cullen family has my protection. If they wish to take it up with someone, then they can come and talk with me about it. Good day Felix. I know you have to return to your masters. Good luck in your endeavors."

Felix bowed to the old wizard and left. He now fully understood the rumors about him being such a powerful wizard. This was not one that Felix wanted to cross. He could feel the power rolling off of Albus Dumbledore in waves. With that, he left and headed back to Volterra to tell the others what was going on.

- Meanwhile -

Chelsea headed to the last known location of the Dark Lord. She scouted the area and knew that he was in the vicinity. She started to slowly use her gift. It would affect the heart beats that were in the general vicinity. She could hear many more heart beats in the area. She just had to wait until one of the wizards who were outside, showed her how to get to the Manor.

"Lucius," said Voldemort. "You owe me for once again saving you right before you were to receive the kiss. You will allow me and the rest of my Death Eaters to use your home and property as our base of operation. That old fool Dumbledore has bought the Riddle Manor and had it torn down. Therefore we need a new hideout. This will be it. You and your wife will not leave the premises without specific permission from me. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes my Lord," said Lucius bowing. "Thank you for your generosity."

There was a knock on the door.

"Come," said Voldemort.

"My Lord," said Wormtail. "Harry Potter is here in England."

"WHAT?" he asked. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes my Lord," said Wormtail. "I saw him enter Gringotts. He was with Albus Dumbledore."

"So Potter has returned," said the Dark Lord smiling. "It is time to make the arrangements to attack Hogwarts and capture him once and for all. I want Potter alive. He will come to the dark side. It will further my plans to have him destroy that old muggle loving fool."

Another knock sounded on the door.

"Come," said Voldemort.

Delores Umbridge stepped into the room with the Daily Prophet in her hands.

"My Lord there is terrible news," she said. "Potter has been killed."

"WHAT?" Voldemort shouted. "How is this possible? Wormtail said he just saw him in Diagon Alley a couple of days ago."

"For once he was telling the truth," Delores said. "Potter was in Diagon Alley. Here my Lord. Read for yourself."

Voldemort grabbed the paper and opened it. The headline made him snarl, but he read the article anyway.

Harry Potter Killed

After an interview with the Minister of Magic Albus Dumbledore, we are saddened to bring the news that Harry James Potter has been brutally killed while shopping in Diagon Alley. Minister Dumbledore finally managed to convince Harry Potter to return to England to assist in the down fall of the Dark Lord. While shopping in Diagon Alley, Harry Potter was brutally attacked and killed by a member of the Volturi. The Volturi are an elite pack of vampires that resides in Italy. They are the Royalty of the vampire world. It would appear that Harry Potter was being protected by a pack of "vegetarian" vampires by the name of Cullen. They came to England to help protect the boy from the Volturi. The Volturi are after the Cullen family for allowing a few humans to know of their presence. They blame the Cullen family for this. While shopping in Diagon Alley he was attacked by Jane Simon and her twin Alec. Demitri Polaski the tracker for the Volturi was also present. Together the trio captured and killed Harry Potter. What will the wizarding world do now that the Boy- Who- Lived is now dead? Many hope that Harry Potter will find the peace he has always wanted in life in death. He will be laid next to his mother and father in Godric's Hollow. No date has been set.

We are saddened by the loss of a bright and promising young man.

Rita Skeeter

Voldemort screamed in rage. He knew that Nagini was all that was left. All that hard work was now gone. Dumbledore had found the Diadem of Ravenclaw, the ring from the Gaunt's, the locket of Slytherin, and Hufflepuff's cup. Potter had destroyed the diary thanks to an error made by Lucius. Nagini was the last of his Horcruxes.

"It is time to destroy the Volturi," said Voldemort.

Another knock sounded on the door. Voldemort answered with fury.

"This had better be important," said Voldemort. "I am no longer in the best of moods."

"My Lord," said McNair. "We have captured an intruder."

"Who is it?" he asked.

"Someone from the Volturi," he replied. "She claims that she was sent by Aro, Caius, and Marcus."

"Show her in," said Voldemort with an evil smile. "I would like to meet her."

Chelsea entered the room flanked by her guards. She had let herself get caught on purpose. So far, two of Voldemort's henchmen were dead. They killed each other. She let herself get captured so that she could be brought to the Dark Lord. Once she was in his presence, she allowed her power to start. She watched as some of the Death Eaters started to look furiously at one another. The only one who was not affected by her power was the Dark Lord himself.

"I should have let the Dementors kiss you Malfoy," said Deloris pulling out her wand. "Thanks to my saving you and that loser of a wife, I lost my position in the Ministry of Magic. Now I can not help our Lord further. It is your entire fault."

"Shut up you toad," snarled Lucius pulling out his own wand. "You are just a stupid bitch that is power hungry. You have done nothing useful. You had Potter under your hand for a year and he still lived. You sent Dementors after him in his backyard and he still lived. You are worthless. You let yourself get tricked by Potter and his Mudblood friend. From there you got captured by a herd of centaurs. You are a pathetic excuse for a Death Eater and a witch."

Soon spells started flying. Chelsea moved slowly towards the edge of the room. She was just gloating when Voldemort stepped in. After a misfired spell came to close to him, he dropped Lucius with the Avada Kedavra. Lucius looked on in shock as he died and hit the floor.

"Lucius did have a point Delores," said Voldemort. "You are a failure. It is time for you to pay the price. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

The jet of green light flew at Delores Umbridge and ended her life. Chelsea smirked at the thought of two more of Voldemort's troops were now dead at the hands of their allies. She was about to move again when the red eyes of Voldemort stopped her.

"Do you think it funny?" asked Voldemort. "You come here into my headquarters, cause some of my top members to fight, and then I have to kill two of my inner circle because of your gift. Do you really think you will see the light of day tomorrow?"

"I am not scared of you," said Chelsea allowing her gift to flow stronger. "You are all pathetic excuses for a human. The Volturi will be victorious in this."

Voldemort pulled out his wand and pointed it at her. She was frozen in place without as much as a word coming from his lips. She started to panic. Aro said he was the most powerful dark wizard of the age. Now she knew how he got that title.

Voldemort smiled his cruel mile at her as he pointed his wand and aimed it at her chest.

"There will be one less member of the Volturi when I am done," he said. "They have caused me no amounts of troubles. Now I find that three of your members killed Harry Potter. Your coven of vampires will be severely punished for this. I will start with you. EXPULSO!"

Voldemort watched as his spell hit Chelsea and blew her up. He instructed the Death Eaters to gather the bodies of Umbridge and Malfoy and burn them along with the pieces of Chelsea.

"Leave her head," said Voldemort. "Send it back to the Volturi with my promise of their utter destruction."

"Yes my Lord," said Wormtail.

Voldemort sat at Lucius' desk to think about what his next plan of action would be.

- Meanwhile -

Harry and Edward were working in classroom twelve. Harry had Edward try some different things. Alice and Jasper were sitting together on two chairs as they watched.

"You need to concentrate Edward," said Harry. "The more focus and intent you use, the stronger the spell will be. Let yourself become one with the wand. The incantation is Wingardium Leviosa. The wand movement is swish and flick. I know that you can do this."

Edward smiled at Harry and gave his new wand a swish and flick. While he was doing that, he spoke the words and watched in delight as the book lifted off the table.

"Just keep concentrating and it will stay there," said Harry. "Now I want you to direct your wand and throw the book across the room."

Edward flicked his wand and had the satisfaction of seeing the book zoom across the room and hit the wall.

"Very good," said Harry with excitement. "Ok Alice I want you to try it."

"I am sorry Harry," she said. "I can not seem to get it. The magic seems sluggish to me. However I worked with the Head Mistress yesterday and I was able to transfigure some things. Hermione has been helping me with it."

"Dumbledore did say that you would not be able to do all types of magic," said Harry. "Jasper what did you work on yesterday?"

"I seem to be able to do minor spells and hexes," he replied. "I will be good in DADA."

"Ok let me get this all in order," said Harry. "Edward is good in Potions, Charms, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy. Alice is good at Potions, Transfiguration, Divination, and Astronomy. Jasper is good at DADA, Potions, History of Magic, and healing. Is that about right?'

"Yes Harry," said Edward wrapping his arms around him. "That is about right. We all have the ability to learn things like Astronomy, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, COMC, and muggle studies. We would like to take those classes along with our power class."

"I will arrange it for you," said Minerva from the doorway. "We know that time is of the essence. So we will train you as much as we can in the time that we have. Dumbledore would like to speak with you all. I need for you to send for the rest of your family. We will meet in the teacher's lounge."

"Of course Professor," said Harry. "Alice, why don't you, go get Carlisle and the rest, while I grab the pack from Hagrid. We will meet in the teacher's lounge in a few minutes."

Alice nodded as she and Jasper headed to the Shrieking Shack to get Carlisle and the rest. Edward and Harry left to go to Hagrid's hut.

"Hagrid," called Harry. "I am sorry to interrupt your lesson, but Professor Dumbledore wishes to speak with everyone from the United States. I am afraid that Jacob and the pack have to come with me. I promise that when we are done, we will send them back to you."

"All righ," said Hagrid. "I'll see yer lot later."

Harry smiled as the pack and Edward followed him to the castle. Once there, the pack phased back into their human form while Harry conjured up clothes for them to wear. It was not long before Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Tanya, Kate, Irina, Eleazar, Carmen, and Garrett were there. Albus, Minerva, Severus, Pomona, Filius, and Molly walked in next.

"We have been very busy," started Albus looking around at the group. "Minerva and I have been monitoring your progress since you have gotten here. Harry where are the strengths of your new family?"

"Edward is proficient in Charms, potions, ancient runes, and Arithmancy," said Harry. "Alice is proficient in transfiguration, potions, divination, and astronomy. Jasper is proficient in DADA, potions, history of magic, and healing."

"Very good," said Albus. "Edward I will ask that you work with Filius as often as possible for the next few weeks. Try and master as many charms as you can. Alice I want you to work with Miss Granger. She is very apt in transfiguration and will be able to teach you everything she knows. Jasper I would like for you to train with Harry. He is the best in his year in DADA. That doesn't mean that I do not want the rest of you to not train in defense. Let Harry teach you everything he knows. The only classes I want you all to attend are the ones that you are proficient in. Harry I would like for you to start up the DA again. I want you to sit classes in potions, charms, DADA, and transfiguration only. I want you to work on nonverbal and wandless magic."

Harry, Edward, Alice, and Jasper all nodded their heads.

"Professors Snape, Flitwick, and McGonagall will work with you all as much as they can," said Albus. "We will continue with the training exercises. However we will start working with other pairs."

"It would be a good idea to get the entire family working as a unit," said Jasper. "It will make things easier."

"Exactly," said Albus. "Now I want to let you all know some information that we have uncovered. Harry, as you know, Professor Snape is a spy infiltrating Voldemort. We have recently learned that Chelsea from the Volturi has seen and been destroyed by Voldemort. Delores Umbridge and Lucius Malfoy are dead. Draco I am sorry for your loss in this matter."

"I'm not," said Draco. "He was an evil man. It was time that he got what he deserved."

"That brings me to another part of this conversation," said Albus with a smile. "We need you to talk with Griphook about evicting the current residents of Malfoy Manor. Voldemort has taken up residence there since I bought and destroyed Riddle Manor. The goblins will evict the Dark Lord without him being any the wiser."

"I will send an owl giving the word," said Draco. "I thought you were working as my proxy. I want that house sold quickly."

"I would be delighted in handling the situation for you," said Albus. "Let me deal with it. You just work with the others in defense for the school."

"I can do that," said Draco.

"I have some other news to tell you," said Albus. "Felix has been to see me. He thinks that we don't know about the Volturi. I saw no reason to change his mind. They are determined to get their hands on the Cullen Family. I let him know to tell Aro that you all were under my protection. We shall see what comes of that."

"What about Chelsea?" Edward asked. "You never told us what happened."

"Ah yes," said Albus. "Chelsea is dead. Her head is currently being shipped to Aro as we speak."

"Well that is a problem that is alleviated for us," said Carlisle. "Her gift was the ability to break families apart."

"Quite so," said Albus. "I also wanted to tell you something else. I allowed Peter Pettigrew to see Harry while he was entering Gringotts."

"I knew you were up to something," said Harry with a grin. "What is the outcome of that?"

"Well as you know, Jane, Alec, and Demitri are destroyed," said Albus. "I paid for Rita Skeeter to post an article in the Daily Prophet. Basically we let everyone believe that Jane, Alec, and Demitri killed you on your outing. This will infuriate Voldemort. With the loss of Chelsea, and the words that I have sent back to Aro, it will ensure that both parties will come to Hogwarts to fight."

"So basically you lied," said Harry. "Your lie will cause the two other forces to hate each other more than they already do."

"Thus making our job to defend you and your family, and the wizarding world a whole a lot easier," said Severus with a grin.

"This is great news," said Harry. "Poor me. I had to die. I hate when that happens."

The group all burst out with laughter. Harry grinned at them. He just proved to the entire wizarding world that he was Harry Cullen and that he was happy to be doing his part. Edward wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and kissed him on the neck. Harry leaned into Edward's embrace and looked around at his family and friends.

"We have a lot of work to do in a very short time," said Harry. "I think it is best if we get started immediately. I can train Edward, Alice, and Jasper in the evenings and at night. That will help them get familiar with their magic quicker. It will also give us something to do while you are all asleep. I need Hermione to get me a complete list of Charms, transfigurations, and hexes and spells and such. If anyone knows the text books better than I do it would be her."

"As it stands," said Minerva. "I already have those lists. I figured that you would need them, so I had them made up. We will let you all use the Room of Requirement. It is out of the way and it won't disturb the other students who will be sleeping at night."

"We will begin this evening," said Harry. "Right now I think we all have potions."

The group split up from there. Severus and Harry led the group down to the dungeons for the class. They were working on different types of potions. Hermione was in the advanced class. She was the best in the year now that Harry and Draco were not in school. Draco was being given private lessons by Severus in the evenings as well. He was progressing well in his studies.

That evening Hermione and Harry were walking outside discussing things that they could teach the DA. Paul came around the corner and almost knocked Hermione off of her feet. After steadying her, he turned red as he apologized profusely for the mishap.

"I am so sorry," he stammered. "I was not watching where I was going. Are you hurt?"

"No I am ok," said Hermione with a blush. "Thank you for asking. Where are you going in such a hurry?"

"I am running from Hagrid," said Paul. "He wants me to be his pet for the week. I am not interested in being someone's pet."

"I will talk to him for you," said Harry. "Hermione I will meet up with you later."

If she heard Harry, she didn't show it. Harry watched the two for a moment with a look of awe on his face. Paul had a glazed look in his eyes that was matched by Hermione's. Jacob walked up to him.

"Did Paul just imprint on Hermione?" asked Harry.

"He sure did," said Jacob with a grin. "She looks like she is pretty much into him as well."

"Do you realize the problems this will cause?" asked Harry. "Ron is in love with her. He will not be happy at all to learn that he is going to lose Hermione."

"Oh no," said Jacob. "I don't know what to tell you. Once we imprint, only death breaks the bond for us."

"We have to figure something out," said Harry. "We can talk with Ginny and Molly. They may be able to help us. Right now I have to deal with Hagrid. He seems to think that you guys are his pets."

"Yeah," said Jacob. "I was looking for you. I wanted to talk with you about that. He is getting really annoying with this."

"I am going to have to talk with Dumbledore about this," said Harry. "We have to figure out first and foremost what to do about Paul, Hermione, and Ron. If I were still human, I would probably have a headache by now."

"We will figure something out," said Jacob. "I will talk with Paul and you talk with Hermione."

"Deal," said Harry.

He and Jacob split off. Harry ran with his vampire speed to his room to write a letter to Dumbledore. When he was done, he asked Neville to send it with one of the school owls. Hedwig was still in Washington and the others owls were uncomfortable around Harry and his family. When he was done, he sought out Hermione. She was sitting with Paul and they were talking.

"Paul," said Harry. "I hate to interrupt, but Jacob is looking for you. Plus I have to talk to Hermione."

"No problem Harry," said Paul. "Have you done something about Hagrid?"

"I sent a letter to Dumbledore," said Harry. "If anyone can handle Hagrid, it will be him. For now, try and stay out of his sight if at all possible."

Paul laughed as he walked away to go and find Jacob. Harry led Hermione to an empty classroom and sat her down.

"You do realize that he imprinted on you," stated Harry.

"Yes I know," said Hermione with a blush. "My magic flared up for him as well."

"What about Ron?" Harry asked. "This could cause serious problems."

"I know," she admitted. "I have no idea what to do about it. Ron always acts so jealous and immature around everyone. It gets on my nerves. I have been meaning to tell him that I am not interested in being with him for some time now. However, every time I get on the subject, he starts complaining about something else."

"If you are sure that you are supposed to be with Paul, then you need to break it off with Ron," said Harry. "The last thing I need is more problems among my friends. Get Ginny, Luna, and Neville to help you. Jacob will talk with Paul. I have absolutely no idea as to what to do with this situation."

"I will deal with it," said Hermione. "You just work on getting Edward, Alice, and Jasper trained. Oh and we will be meeting tomorrow night for our DA meeting. I have it cleared with everyone from the original DA. We will be meeting at Hagrid's hut at seven."

"I will pass that information on to the others," promised Harry.

He left to search for Edward. He found his husband sitting in the charms room with Professor Flitwick. The two were going over some charms. Edward was making progress in his studies. When one did not need to sleep, it made things easier for you to practice. Harry smiled as he made his way down to the dungeons. He wanted to check up on Draco and make sure that he was alright. The blond was sitting at a desk and Severus was going over some things with him. Smiling, Harry left and went in search of Alice. She was up in the divination tower with Sybil Trelawney. Harry did not bother to even stay. He did not want the old fraud to start making predictions about him again. Finally Harry searched for Jasper. He found him near the lake working with Emmett and Rosalie on ways of combating mature vampires. Harry listened for a few more moments and then he searched for Esme and Carlisle.

"I need to feed," he said when he found his parents. "I was wondering if you wanted to come with me."

"We would be happy to," said Esme. "We want to thank you for all that you are doing to protect our family."

"I am a part of your family," said Harry. "I am doing this as much for myself as I am for you. This is the first time in my life where I have had everything that I have wanted. I have a mate that loves me for me and not what I can do. I have a mother and father who loves me like I was their own. I have brothers and sisters that make sure I am safe and happy. I don't want anything to come in between that. For once in my life I am going to fight for something I want."

"Thank you Harry," said Carlisle. "We thank the stars every day that you came into our lives. It has been very beneficial to our family to have you with us. We are glad that you are as happy as you are. We are also happy that you and Edward will be together. The most we have to be thankful for is the happiness that you have brought into Edward's life. We love you like a son and I speak for the rest of the family when I say that we are happy that you came into our lives."

Harry gave both Esme and Carlisle a hug before he led them into the Forest to go feed. A blur caught up with them and they realized that Edward was with them. Harry laughed to see his husband there and raced on with him to feed.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop this chapter here. I am working hard to make sure that I have all the names spelled correctly. It took me some time to get it all set. If there are still some names that are spelled incorrectly, then I deeply apologize. I will be working hard to correct them from here on out. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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