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Chapter 16 – Felix

Felix did not know what to do. He knew that Aro was waiting for him to return from his meeting with Albus Dumbledore. Very few things disturbed the vampire. He was the elite of the Volturi guard and he knew it. However, after his meeting with Albus, he knew that the old wizard was not one to mess with. He knew that the Volturi elders would not take kindly to the old wizard's threat. At the same time, he knew that should Aro and the others elders continue to go after the Cullen family there would be problems for the Volturi. If they thought that the Dark Lord, Voldemort was powerful, they would quiver in the power of Albus Dumbledore. Shrugging to himself, he continued on his journey home. What ever happened, it would definantly be a messy situation. He personally had nothing against the Cullen family. Carlisle was a kind and solicitous man. Felix knew that the Cullen family were good people and did not want this fight. They were content to live their lives where they were and not intrude upon the Volturi. In fact in some cases, Carlisle and his family did the job of the Volturi. In his opinion, it was a shame that Aro, Caius, and Marcus had the grudge. The power of the Cullen family on a different continent was something that should be treasured instead of threatened. It made life for the Volturi easier. These were the thoughts that raced in his mind as he ran home.

In the Room of Requirement, Harry Potter and the rest of the DA were assembled.

"This year we are going to learn a few different things," said Harry. "I ask that you all be kind to my new family. They are just starting out with their own magic and it would be beneficial to us all if they learn as quickly as possible. I ask that you help them as much as I have helped you."

"Don't worry about it Harry," said Collin Creevey. "We will make sure that they get the friendship and help they need. What are you going to be teaching us this year?"

"First let me start by saying that from time to time, Professor Snape will be joining the group," said Harry. "He is good in DADA and he knows a lot about the Dark Arts. Plus from time to time, Minister Dumbledore will be joining us. Even Professor Flitwick will be joining us. We will learn just as much about how to stop a vampire as we do the Death Eaters. Now tonight we will not be doing any wand work. Tonight I want you all too just listen to the explanation that Jasper gives on vampires. When he is done, Hermione will give her knowledge of spells that she researched that will be good against a vampire. By the next meeting, we will begin working on those spells. All I ask is that you not hit my family with those spells."

Jasper stood up and gave the group a general outline of what it is like to battle a vampire.

"Just remember that they are strong and most of your minor jinxes will not have any affect," he said. "I happen to know that vampires such as Emmett can take stronger hits due to his muscle and bulk. Our skin is like marble. Therefore the spells will rebound. Even the killing curse will not affect us. The spells that work the best are the ones that deal with fire, and explosion. I will let Hermione take over from here. She knows more about which spells do what."

Hermione stood up and had the room provide parchment and paper for each person. Over the next hour, she went over the different spells that would be affective against vampires. The members of the DA were busy writing everything she had to say.

"Ok," said Harry. "Now we know what spells are going to work against a vampire. That doesn't mean we can relax against the Death Eaters, but we now have a list of spells in our arsenal that will be affective against the Volturi. I will arrange with Professor McGonagall for us to be able to use the empty classroom next to the Great Hall from now on. It is getting late, and I don't want any of you to get into trouble for being out after curfew. Thank you all for meeting with us tonight."

The group all stood and left in pairs to their prospective houses. Harry watched with the marauder's map until they arrived safely in their dorms. From there, he started with training for the other three. Edward, Alice, and Jasper were making great headway in their classes. They were catching on to everything that Harry had to show them. It made it easier for the professors that Harry was able to do this in the night. When they had practiced enough, Harry and Edward made their way to the Gryffindor Tower as Alice and Jasper headed to Ravenclaw Tower. As Harry was looking at the map, he saw Severus heading for his nightly rounds. Harry waited until the Potions Master caught up with him.

"Good evening Cullen," said Severus. "How did your DA meeting go?"

"We basically just gave history this evening," replied Harry. "We had Jasper explain about vampires and then Hermione gave a list of spells and hexes that would be usable against a vampire."

"Excellent," said Severus. "What are you looking at there?"

"This is a map that was made by the marauders," he explained showing Severus the parchment. "It is a detailed map of the castle that shows where everyone is at all times."

"So this is how you were able to get around on your own so much when you were a student here," remarked Severus.

"It came in handy in avoiding you in the halls," said Harry with a musical laugh. "I have been using it since we came back to keep an eye on the borders of the grounds and such. So far it has been quiet."

"Minerva would like to speak with you for a few moments if you would be so kind as to join me in her office. Have your mate come with you."

"We will be there shortly," said Harry.

Severus nodded his head and left. Harry looked over to Edward who smiled at him and nodded. The two of them headed to the Head Mistress's office. They gave the password and went up the stairs. When they got to the landing the door was open and Minerva was standing there. When she noticed them there, she beckoned them to enter and have a seat.

"Harry," she said. "It has come to my attention that you have been intercepting students that are in the halls and out of bounds."

"Yes professor that is true," said Harry. "We are just trying to maintain safety in the school. With two opposing forces coming soon, it would be better if the students followed the rules a little closer."

"I am glad that you believe that," said Minerva. "It just so happens that I am going to adjust the wards on the castle so that you and Edward along with Alice and Jasper will be able to dock points and give detentions."

"That will upset a lot of the students," said Harry. "Are you sure that is a good idea?"

"The safety of the students is top priority," said Severus. "It is in their best interest to follow the rules to the letter these days. It was my idea to have you and your family in a position to show the students that their safety is important."

"Thank you," said Harry. "I guess we will just have to be even more observant than we already are. By the way, you have two Slytherin second years heading down to the kitchens as we speak."

"I will go," said Edward. "I can get to them faster. Should I dock points?"

"Five each should be enough for now," said Minerva.

"Also tell them they will be serving a detention with me tomorrow night at seven in the dungeons," said Severus.

"Here are your badges allowing you to dock the points," said Minerva. "If you have any troubles, let me know. The four of you will have the same privileges as the rest of the staff."

"Edward," said Harry. "Why don't you bring these to Alice and Jasper while I deal with the students? They know me better. It will be easier that way."

Edward nodded as he took the badges. Together he and Harry left the room. Severus looked over to Minerva.

"Will they be alright in your opinion?" she asked him. "I would hate to see something happen that would devastate Harry."

"I have participated and watched them train," he replied. "The two of them are phenomenal in their ability to work together. I am glad that I am not going to be on the opposite end of Potter's wand when it comes to the Dark Lord or the Volturi threatening his mate."

"I have never seen Harry that protective of anyone before," she said. "You know how close he is to Miss Granger and the Weasleys."

"Multiply that by one hundred and you have a good idea of how he feels about Edward Cullen," said Severus.

"At least he is happy," said Minerva.

The two sat for another few minutes talking about Harry and his family. Harry made it to where the two Slytherins were.

"That will be ten points from Slytherin for being out of your dorm after curfew," said Harry. "Professor Snape asked me to tell you that you are to be in the dungeons tomorrow night at seven for your detention."

"You can't take points from us Potter," said the Slytherin.

Harry showed them the special badge he was wearing. The two looked a little sick at the sight.

"I can take points," said Harry. "The Head Mistress has given me the same rank as a professor. So I will have another five points for your cheek. Now unless you want another detention added to the first one, I suggest that you head back to your common room this instant."

The two Slytherins headed back to their common room. Severus came around the corner a few minutes later."

"Well?" he asked.

"They got cheeky," said Harry. "I was forced to take more points and to threaten them with another detention."

"Do what you have to do," said Severus. "It is why we decided on this. We know that you will be fair in your punishments and such."

"Thanks Professor," said Harry. "We will see you tomorrow for potions. Right now I have to go feed."

"Good night Cullen," said Severus as he turned and left.

Harry made his way to the forest to feed. Edward caught up to him and together they hunted. When they were done feeding, the couple made their way to the bank of the lake. They sat together and watched the ripples in the water.

"I love you Harry," said Edward. "I want you to know that I will be by your side through everything. You are my world and I will be there for you."

"I love you too Edward," said Harry. "I have to admit that I am comforted by your presence. With you by my side, I feel like I can do anything."

Edward wrapped his arms around Harry's waist. He leaned in and captured Harry's lips with his. Their passion ignited. Within moments, Harry had conjured a blanket. They laid there on the bank of the lake where they let their passion loose. Harry moaned as Edward trailed kisses all the way down his body. He arched his back when Edward hit his pleasure spot. Harry gasped as Edward made love to him. The bliss was pure and endearing. Harry was panting heavily by the time Edward and he were done. Even though the young man didn't need to breath anymore, he went through the motions. If his heart still beat, it would have exploded with the happiness at having Edward in his arms and by his side.

"I think it is time for us to go and get that shower," said Harry. "I know that we have potions bright and early."

"I would enjoy taking a shower with you," replied Edward. "I love having you in my arms and holding you."

"As soon as this stupid war is over, we will have all the time in the world," said Harry with a grin. "I for one am looking forward to that day."

"That makes two of us," said Edward.

Together they headed to the castle to clean up. The day would be profitable in the knowledge department.

Felix made his way to the antechamber and waited for the three leaders of the Volturi. They came in and sat in their chairs and waited for his report.

"I have spoken with Albus Dumbledore as you requested," said Felix. "I was informed that the Cullen family is aiding the castle in defense against the Dark Lord."

"This is indeed interesting news," said Marcus. "I wonder where Jane, Alec, and Demitri are."

"As to that I do know," said Felix. "I followed your orders to the letter. Dumbledore has confirmed that the Dark Lord is planning on killing Harry Potter if he gets his hands on him as well as wiping out the Volturi."

"We suspected as much," said Aro. "Please continue. What else did Dumbledore say?"

"He told me to tell you that the Cullen family was under his protection," said Felix. "I have been in your service for many decades. That is one man that I do not want to cross. His power was radiating from him in waves."

"I am familiar with Albus Dumbledore," said Aro. "I know you are no coward. He is indeed a very powerful wizard. Have you found out anything else?"

"Not from the old wizard," said Felix. "However I did pick up their newspaper on my way home. There is an article that would interest you. It would appear that the Dark Lord has destroyed Jane, Alec, and Demitri while attacking Harry Potter. It would appear that Harry Potter is now a vampire."

"Has he kept his power?" asked Aro suddenly.

"He has," said Felix. "The old wizard is particularly fond of him. He sent a message to you. He said that it was not Carlisle that told the humans of the vampire world. He said that it was he personally that did it. He said that the reason he did it was because the said humans needed to know."

"Did he say why they needed to know?" asked Caius.

"He did," said Felix. "The reason he told the three humans was because the human girl is Edward's singer. The old wizard told the humans to help keep them safe from Edward Cullen."

"It would appear that your reasons for attacking Carlisle are no longer founded," said Marcus quietly from his chair. "What other news have you on this?"

"Edward has married Harry Potter," said Felix. "They are working hard to defend the castle from the Death Eaters and the Dark Lord. They only want to live in peace."

"We have lots to think about," said Aro. "Leave us while we discuss this matter in private. Check with us later for future instructions."

Felix bowed as he left the room. He still did not want to bring a fight to the Cullen family. He knew he had a duty to perform.

Later that morning, an owl flew into the area with a box in its claws. The owl stopped at the reception desk and left the package there. The receptionist looked at the tag and headed down the hall. Knocking on the door, she was told to enter by Aro.

"A package for you my lord," she said. "It was delivered by an owl."

"Thank you my dear," said Aro. "You may leave it on the table. I will get to it in a moment."

The woman curtsied and left the room. Aro approached the box and opened it. When he saw the contents he screamed in fury. This caused Marcus and Caius to rush into the room.

"What is it brother?" asked Marcus.

"The Dark Lord has killed Chelsea," snarled Aro. "This means war. We must gather up the guard and head to England."

"Indeed," said Caius. "I am with you brother. We can deal with the Dark Lord and the Cullen family at the same time."

The three sat for a few hours as they made their plans. Felix was summoned once again.

"We need you to go back to Dumbledore," said Aro. "We need you to convince him that we are after the Dark Lord and not the Cullen family. Tell him that we want to help bring about the downfall of the Dark Lord. That should cause him to relax. When the time comes, we can end Carlisle's family once and for all."

"As you wish," said Felix. "I shall head out at once."

"While you are heading out, do something with the package on the table," said Aro.

Felix bowed as he grabbed the box and left the room. He was in for a long trip. He still felt that the Cullen family should be left alone. However he was given a specific order and he still had his honor.

The castle was going through its normal holiday changes. Before long, Valentine's Day was upon the students. Valentines were being handed out to one another. Harry and the Cullens were no exceptions. They received Valentines from some of the students and a tin of fudge each from Molly. Harry had written a poem to Edward. He shuffled nervously as he handed the card to him. He had gotten Dean Thomas to help him design the card. Ginny had sat and copied the words to the card for him as she had a beautiful handwriting. Harry nervously paced while Edward smiled and opened his card.

Step into the morning

See the colors of a new day

Watch the life team

With color and activity

Step into the afternoon

Feel the change in the air

Feel the breezes as they blow

Tenderly on your skin

Step into the evening

Watch as the hustle and bustle

Of the day draws to an end

Enjoy the fact that you were able

To be a part of it all

Step into the night

Fell the cool night air

Revel in the beauty

As the moon and stars send new waves

Of light to make everything familiar seem different

Step into your dreams

Live your life to the fullest

Make your life what you will

Just step into your day

Thank you for stepping into my life. It means the world to me that you are there.



Edward read the card a second time. He looked at Harry and gave him that award winning smile. He reached over and pulled him into an embrace. With a smile he leaned over and kissed Harry's lips.

"Thank you for this Harry," said Edward. "I will put it in a frame and hang it in our home. It will be placed over the fireplace so that everyone can see it. I am flattered that you went through all of this trouble to get me something for Valentine's Day."

"You are my heart and soul," said Harry. "I wanted to do something special. I look forward to us being able to go home. It seems like we have been here forever instead of just a month. I want to go home. I miss the trees and stuff of home. I miss our friends at school."

"We will be able to go home as soon as we handle the situation here," said Edward. "How about I sing you a song? I have a good one that fits the mood."

"You know I live it when you sing to me," said Harry with a grin. "By all means please sing to me stud."

Edward laughed. He started to hum. When the tune was right, he pitched into the song.

Another summer dayHas come and gone awayIn Paris and RomeBut I wanna go homeMmmmmmmm

Maybe surrounded byA million people IStill feel all aloneI wanna go homeOh, I miss you, you know

And I've been keeping all the letters that I wrote to youEach one a line or two"I'm fine baby, how are you?"I would send them but I know that it's just not enoughMy words were cold and flatAnd you deserve more than that

Another airplaneAnother sunny placeI'm lucky I knowBut I wanna go home

I've got to go home

Let me go homeI'm just too far from where you areI wanna come home

And I feel just like I'm living someone else's lifeIt's like I just stepped outsideWhen everything was going rightAnd I know just why you could notCome along with meThis was not your dreamBut you always believed in me

Another winter day has comeAnd gone awayIn even Paris and RomeAnd I wanna go homeLet me go home

And I'm surrounded byA million people IStill feel aloneOh, let me go homeOh, I miss you, you know

Let me go homeI've had my runBaby, I'm doneI'm coming back homeLet me go homeIt will all be all rightI'll be home tonightI'm coming back home

"That totally describes how I feel right now," said Harry. "I look forward to the time when we can go home."

Together the two vampires entered the Charms classroom and sat together.

"Nice song," chirped Alice. "I love it when Edward sings."

Harry laughed as Professor Flitwick entered and class began. Things were running smoothly until Alice's eyes glazed over. Jasper, Harry, and Edward were with her in moments.

"The plan has changed," she said. "They are going to be heading here soon. They want revenge for the death of Chelsea. They are still not going to give up on a chance to do damage to our family."

"You four need to go and tell Professor McGonagall now," said Filius. "She will want to hear about this."

Harry nodded as he led the others out of the room and up to the Head Mistress's office. He gave the password and then they knocked on the door. Minerva called for them to enter and they walked in.

"Alice has had a vision," said Harry. "The Volturi are planning on coming here soon. It looks like the time has come for the confrontation to start. Voldemort killed one of their vampires and now they want revenge. They also want to get their chance at destroying my family."

"I shall contact Albus immediately," she said.

Harry liked this about Minerva. She acted with swift precise mannerisms. When she made a choice, she stood by it. Harry wondered what was going to happen now. He knew that once the fighting started, that it would continue until two of the opposing forces were destroyed and there was only one victor. Harry prayed with everything he had that his family and Hogwarts would be the winning team.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will go ahead and stop this chapter here. I do not mean to prolong things, but I want the plot to work out as it was meant to. I am thinking about having Felix refuse to fight Edward and company. What do you think about that?"

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