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The Tracks Of My Tears

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Chapter 17 – The Tracks of My Tears

Things were starting to heat up around the castle. Students could be seen practicing many different types of spells. Those that were loyal to Hogwarts and the Forces of the Light were especially eager to do their part and learn everything that they could. Quidditch matches were canceled for awhile so that no student was attacked when there wasn't someone powerful enough to watch over their practices and matches. Harry had brought the marauder's map to the teacher's lounge and with the help of some of the professors was able to enlarge it so that they could all help keep an eye on the school. Everyone knew that it was just a matter of time before the Dark Lord or the Volturi decided to attack the area. It was during one evening when Harry and Minerva were watching the map for signs of trouble when they noticed that Albus had arrived. Minerva headed to her office as Harry went to greet the old wizard.

"Harry my boy," said Albus with a smile. "How are things around here?"

"So far everything is quiet," replied Harry. "We are all working hard to learn as many spells and defense tactics as possible. We know that it is just a matter of time before Voldemort and the Volturi are here to begin the battle."

"Very wise of you," said Albus. "Has Alice been having any visions?"

"Not many," admitted Harry. "What we do know is that the Volturi are in fact on the move. They are bringing the entire family."

"What does that entitle?" asked Albus.

"They are bringing the guard and the wives," said Harry. "That means the entire Volturi force is coming this way."

"How long until they get here?" Albus asked.

"About three days," answered Harry. "They are the least of our concerns though. I am more worried that they will arrive before Voldemort and start harassing my family. I would hate for the fight to start before Voldemort gets here."

"Well how about we head to Minerva's office," said Albus. "I have some interesting news to relay. How about you get that delightful, young husband of yours to gather the rest of the professors for us, and meet us in Minerva's office. Also we will need Miss Granger and the rest of your family and friends. Let's meet in the Great Hall instead. There will be more room there."

"We will get right on it," said Harry.

He turned and ran swiftly to the Gryffindor Tower.

"Edward," he called. "Grab Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Neville and meet us in the Great Hall please."

"I am on it," came the reply.

Harry smiled as he raced to the Ravenclaw Tower.

"Alice and Jasper," he called. "We need you to gather Carlisle and the rest of the family and pack and meet us in the Great Hall please."

"I know Harry," chirped Alice. "Jasper is on his way there now. I will come with you to the dungeons to get Draco and Jacob."

"I should have known," said Harry with a grin. "Let's go then."

Harry and Alice raced to the dungeons. They gave the password and entered. Draco and Jacob were standing back to back. Draco had his wand pointed and Jacob was growling at a few students standing there.

"What is going on here?" asked Harry pulling out his own wand.

"Parkinson and her groupies decided that it would be cute to try and hex us," snarled Draco. "I am just trying to figure out what type of punishment to inflict upon them."

"One hundred points from Slytherin for attempting to hex a protector of the school," said Harry. "For the five of you that are so stupid to try something like that you will serve a month's worth of detention."

"You don't have the power to do that," said Pansy with a sneer.

"I however do," said Severus coming into the room. "I will have your wands now. You will be confined to your rooms for the duration of the evening. I will personally be locking you in. When the teachers are finished with their meeting, I will be back to enforce Mr. Cullen's punishment. You are lucky that I do not expel you. It is still an option. Now return to your dormitories. NOW! The rest of you try and make sure you do not leave any lasting marks on them. It will save me loads of tedious paperwork. For the record Miss Parkinson, Mr. Cullen does in fact have the power to dock points and give detentions. I certainly hope you five get lots of rest. I can guarantee that your detentions will be long and tiresome."

Harry walked over and placed a calming hand on Jacob while Alice was trying to calm Draco down.

"It will be ok," said Harry. "We will have Minerva get the castle to create another room for you guys somewhere else. That way you do not have to be in the dorms anymore. I am sure that Professor Snape will help."

"The two of you can sleep in my spare bedroom," said Severus. "I will have a house elf fix it up for you."

"Thanks Sev," said Draco. "Thank you as well Harry. You came in at the right time. I'm sure that there would have been more problems than this if you had not come in when you did. I was having a hard time convincing Jacob to not phase and rip their throats out."

"What caused the fight?" asked Harry.

"They have a problem with me betraying Slytherin," said Draco.

"How do they come to that understanding?" asked Harry giving a confused look to Severus.

"They feel that because I am backing you instead of the Dark Lord, that I am betraying Slytherin," said Draco. "Also, because Jacob and I, are a couple, they feel that it is a betrayal to the pureblood concept."

"I get so tired of hearing the prejudices of purebloods," said Harry. "It should not matter who is a pureblood and who isn't. We should all be working together to preserve our way of life. This whole I am better than you because my blood is better is nonsense. At least Hermione is not related to her significant other."

Severus and Alice both snorted trying to hold back their laughter. Jacob had an amused expression on his face as well. Draco stood there in shock as he processed Harry's words. He started laughing. When he did, Severus and Alice also let loose with their laughter.

Harry looked confused.

"Why is what I said funny?" asked Harry.

"What you said is extremely accurate," said Draco fighting to control his laughter. "Many of the pureblood families are so intertwined that they have to marry half-bloods and muggleborns because if they didn't, they would end up marrying a relative."

"What made it so funny is that YOU are the one to have said it," remarked Severus. "The hero of the wizarding world has made a valid and amusing remark about blood status. I will hurt you if you repeat this, but Miss Granger is a better witch than many in the school and she is a muggleborn. Crabbe and Goyle are both pureblood wizards and they have the intelligence of a door handle."

Harry walked down the hall with an amused smile on his face. He was finally able to make some sense when it came to blood status. The group made it to the Great Hall and took the proffered seats. They only had to wait a few moments for the rest of the pack and the Cullen family to join them. Albus smiled at the group before he started his speech.

"I am here to let you know that the Dark Lord is planning on bringing his forces to the grounds of Hogwarts in a matter of days," he said. "From what I am to understand, it will coincide with the arrival of the Volturi. This means that we have to be extra careful in regards to keeping the castle and the students safe. I will be sending the Order here as extra protection and such. Plans need to be made to keep the students safe during the final confrontation. Molly and the rest of the Order are on their way now."

"Do you have any idea as to how we will get Nagini from the clutches of Voldemort?" asked Harry.

"I was thinking about that," replied Albus. "It is my belief that someone such as yourself or Edward will be able to move fast enough to get the snake before anyone is any the wiser. Tell me Harry, have you found that you are able to do things you could not before?"

"I never really looked," he replied. "I am faster and I can see and hear things better now that I am a vampire, but I have not really noticed or looked for any difference in my magic. Why do you ask?"

"Let's call this an experiment," said Albus. "Look into your magical core for me and tell me if you see something that was not there before."

Harry closed his eyes and concentrated on his magical core. He could feel the difference from the beginning. He examined his magic with a strong intensity. Severus was quietly whispering to him what to look for and how to test it. Harry pushed his older magic aside and was able to discover his new talent. He would be able to harness and work with the elements. Upon this discovery, he came back out of his magical core with a smile on his face.

"I am an elemental wizard," he proclaimed. "I can harness and work with the elements."

"Which ones?" Albus kindly asked.

"All of them," said Harry. "I can work with Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Thank you, Professor Snape, for guiding me through this exercise. Your instruction helped me identify what I was looking for."

"Harry," said Albus pulling his attention back. "Are you sure you can work with all four elements?"

Harry opened his hand and drew on the power of the fire element. He created a ball of the flames in his palm and sent it flying through the air. He quickly sent a second ball of water sailing after it to douse the flames before it could do any damage. From there, he caused a gentle breeze to flow through the Great Hall. At the last moment, he added water and dropped the temperature down so that ice started to form. Next he placed his hand on the floor of the castle and with a mere thought closed the crack in the cement floor.

"Well I guess that answers my question," said Albus. "Miss Granger I know you know the library better than any student in the castle. I would like for you to choose two people to help you in discovering as much as you can about an elemental wizard. I want a report within the next six hours. Make sure it will help Harry understand what his gift is and how far he can push it. Find out if there is anything that can be done about his vampire heritage being afflicted and harmed by flame."

"Of course Professor Dumbledore," said Hermione. "Rosalie and Esme, would the two of you help me. I know that the two of you can write as fast as I can read. It would be helpful."

"Of course we will," said Esme. "I think between us we can help get the information ready for Harry to read soon."

"I will do anything to help Harry," said Rosalie. "He is my family now."

The three women left chatting about Harry's new ability.

"Severus," asked Albus. "Have you discovered a way of helping Edward with his Occlumency yet?"

"He and I have been meeting twice a week to work on it," said Severus. "Due to the type of gift that it is, we discovered that he can block some, but not all. Harry has totally mastered Occlumency now. I can no longer penetrate his shields. Edward is not far behind him. I can barely get through. From there I have to fight hard. Between me and Harry we will have him ready within the next few days."

"Harry," said Dumbledore. "Do you mind if I try and see if I can get around your shields?"

"Be my guest," said Harry with a smile.

"Legilimens," said Albus without warning.

He pushed and tried as hard as he could, but could not get around Harry's shields. It was like he met with a steel barrier around Harry's mind. In one section he pushed and found himself to be the one whose memories were being viewed. Harry quickly stopped when he realized what he was doing.

"I am so sorry Professor Dumbledore," said Harry. "I did not know that would happen."

"Not to worry my boy," said Albus with a chuckle. "I am very impressed that you are able to do that."

"Let me guess," said Severus. "He turned the tables on you?"

"Quite right," said Albus with a chuckle. "Has that happened to you?"

"Yes," he replied. "I am impressed that he finally mastered mind magic. The Dark Lord is on for a big surprise."

"What are we going to do about that stupid shape shifter?" asked Ron suddenly.

"What are you talking about Mr. Weasley?" asked Albus sharply.

"The asshole that won't leave Hermione alone," snapped Ron.

"Ten points from Gryffindor for your language Weasley," snapped Minerva. "Now if you are done insulting people, why don't you tell us what you are talking about?"

"Paul imprinted on Hermione," said Harry with a sigh. "We have no idea as to what to do about the situation."

"How does Miss Granger feel about it?" asked Albus.

"She seems to be ok with it," admitted Harry looking down at the floor. "However I think you might want to ask her yourself. I just don't know what to do about the situation."

"For the moment," said Albus kindly. "We will not do anything."

"Like hell," shouted Ron. "I will not have Hermione dating a freak of nature."

At the word freak, Harry froze up. Jasper and Edward were by his side in a flash as Paul phased and stood growling at Ron. Ron sneered at the wolf and pulled out his wand.

"ENOUGH," said Albus. "Paul, you will kindly phase back and control yourself. Weasley you will put that wand away NOW."

Paul phased back and Severus quickly conjured clothes for him to wear. Jacob pulled him to the side and the vampires and other pack members could hear him giving instructions to Paul.

"Do NOT do that again," said Jacob. "We can not afford to fight among ourselves. We are here to protect Harry and Edward. If Hermione returns your interest then we will support you."

"I will not be threatened by that RUNT," snarled Paul. "Do you see the look on Harry's face? That red head has caused him pain. I can see it."

"I know," said Jacob. "I saw it, but let the Professors handle it. It is their job."

"He is quite right my boy," said Albus kindly. "Mr. Weasley, I think you owe the room an apology. You especially owe an apology to Harry."

"Why do I owe an apology to Harry?" asked Ron. "I was not talking to him or about him."

"After sixteen years of being called a freak, don't you think that he would be affected by the term when you use it on one of his friends?" asked Severus.

"It is Harry's fault they are here," snapped Ron. "Had he not brought them here, this would never have happened. I would not have lost Hermione had he just stayed away."

"THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH," said Molly angrily. "I am shocked at your behavior. After every thing Harry has done for our family, you would betray him like this. I am disgusted by your behavior."

"What has Harry done for us?" sneered Ron. "All he has done is put our family in danger from the day I met him on the train in our first year."

"Where do you think your new clothes came from?" asked Molly in a dangerous voice. "Harry bought all of it. He has replaced all of your second hand books with brand new ones. He has paid for everything for you this year. He gave us the money so that we could live better."

"That still doesn't say that this isn't his fault," said Ron. "He is a danger to us and I for one am tired of losing things because of him. HE almost got us killed in first year. In second year he almost got me and Ginny killed. In third year he was harboring the whereabouts of a mass murderer. In fourth year he went and got himself entered into the tri wizard tournament. In fifth year he started the DA when he was told not to. Now he brings vampires and werewolves into the castle that has us all in danger. The topping of the cake is now I have lost Hermione and it is ALL HIS FAULT."

"Let's break down each event slowly," said Harry with anger in his voice. "In first year, I don't recall asking you and Hermione to come with me. In fact I quite remember YOU egging me on. When that chess game was played I begged you not to get taken and YOU insisted it was the only way. IN second year I quite remember that it was Lucius Malfoy that gave Ginny the Horcrux diary. Not me. I got bit by a basilisk trying to save your sister's life. In third year I remember quite well that it was YOU that had Peter Pettigrew as a pet. That had absolutely NOTHING to do with me. I didn't give your family the rat. I placed myself in danger to save YOU. We almost got attacked by a werewolf because of it. Were it not for Hermione's quick thinking and me being able to produce a patronus, I would have died and NOT you. In fourth year it was discovered by Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape that it was NOT me that put my name in the cup. YOU WERE IN NO DANGER THAT YEAR. In fifth year I remember that it was YOU and Hermione that insisted that I train you all. I quite remember that I didn't want to. YOU and Hermione insisted that it was a good idea. As for this year, I did not ask to come back. I came back to help YOU and your family be safe from Voldemort. WE would have dealt with the Volturi in the United States. WE did not have to come back here. As my friendship means so little to you, you can go to hell. I no longer want to associate with a jealous prat like you. You don't care about me. You only care about my fame and how it makes you look as my supposedly best friend. When things get a little rough and you don't like it, you dump me and blame me for everything. NO MORE!"

"I want you to leave," said Minerva. "I can not believe that after everything that has happened that YOU are just as much responsible for, that you have the audacity to blame all of this on Harry. If memory serves ME correctly, it was YOUR fault Mr. Weasley that had Hermione in the loo when the troll attacked the school in your first year."

"I knew you would all take his side," snarled Ron. "You always do. Come on Ginny. We are leaving. Let the Golden Boy deal with all of this by himself."

"Who are you to tell me what to do?" asked Ginny. "I don't know much about the rest of it, but I know that what Harry said about your second year is true. He did nothing to me and it was not his fault. He almost died trying to save me. I for one will stand by his side until the end. He has my support and my friendship. He is as much a brother to me as you are. In some ways he is a better brother. So go to hell Ronald. I know where my loyalties lie and it doesn't lie with a backstabbing traitor like you."

"Come on Fred and George," said Ron looking at them. "You believe me right?"

"As it is little brother," said Fred. "We do not."

"We are in Harry's corner one hundred percent," said George. "We may be jokers, but we know where our loyalties lie."

"I don't believe this," said Ron. "My family is a bunch of traitors."

Molly had enough. She conjured a wooden spoon and advanced on her youngest son. She started whacking him with the spoon all the way out of the Great Hall yelling at him as she went. During all of this, Alice and Edward stayed quiet. Both knew that Harry was feeling hurt and betrayed. Jasper was trying to control the situation with is gift with little success.

"Please don't Jazz," said Harry. "I appreciate what you are trying to do. I knew that eventually he would turn his back on me. I am thankful that I have the support of the rest of the Weasleys. I love them like they love me. That is why I gave them all that money. I knew that they needed it."

"When did you do that?" asked Albus.

"Right before I left Gringotts that day," said Harry. "I handed Griphook a note asking him to add money to the Weasley vault."

"How much did you give them?" Draco curiously asked.

"Ten million galleons," admitted Harry. "I knew they needed the money so I asked that it be put in their vault. When I reached Forks, I sent them an owl telling them what I did."

"It was very generous and noble of you Harry," said Arthur. "We appreciate what you did for the family. We also want to apologize for Ron's actions."

"I do not want you to apologize," said Harry. "The only thing I want is for you guys to keep him away from me. When this war is done, I will go back to Forks and he will have his wish. I will stay out of his life."

"Harry," said Ginny. "I hope that you don't intend to stay out of the rest of our lives. Even Percy has come around and is talking about what we can do to end this. We love you for you and not your fame or money."

"I know Gin," said Harry. "I know."

The meeting went on for a little while longer. From there, Harry trained Jasper while Minerva worked with Alice. Edward stayed close to Harry as he knew that his mate and husband, was still hurting from the betrayal of the one that called himself a friend. He also knew that when Harry was ready, that he would come to him for support. Edward was raging inside at the audacity and stupidity of the red headed boy. He had warned Ron that if he did this to Harry that he would feel the consequences. He did not want to over step his bounds, but Ron needed to be punished. He sought out Professor Snape. He found him in the potions lab grading some papers. He knocked quietly on the door. Severus looked up at him and beckoned him in.

"How is Harry holding up?" asked Severus.

"He seems to be ok," said Edward. "I know that this was a hard blow for him. Is there some way that we can punish Ron for what he did? I don't want to overstep my boundaries and do it myself. That would hurt Harry more. However the traitor needs to be punished."

"Have you seen something in his mind that would cause you alarm?" asked Severus. "I happen to agree that Mr. Weasley needs to be punished for his betrayal."

"He is considering going to the Dark Lord and telling him everything he knows," said Edward. "You are one of the few people that Harry trusts explicitly. Is there some way we can keep him from going to Voldemort?"

"I think we can arrange something," said Severus. "You leave that to me. Between Minerva, Albus, and me, we will be able to keep Weasley away from the Dark Lord."

"Why do people like you call him the Dark Lord?" asked Edward. "I noticed that some people call him that while others call him by his real name. I also noticed that most just call him He- who- must- not- be- named. I am curious as to why."

"People such as Albus and Harry are not afraid of the Dark Lord," explained Severus. "They are powerful enough to be able to stand up to him. Others, such as myself, will call him the Dark Lord because we are in his presence so much. The rest call him the latter as they are terrified of him. So it is a matter of where you are in the power chain. Many believe that saying his name is taboo. So to not draw attention to themselves they do not refer to him at all."

"Why do you play a dual role?" asked Edward. "I don't mean to pry, but it seems that you are very unhappy with your role in all of this. It seems that you are balancing on the edge of a knife blade."

"I was the one to hear the prophecy made about Harry and the Dark Lord," said Severus after a moment of consideration. "It was on what I heard and repeated that Harry's parents were murdered. I begged the Dark Lord to spare Lily Potter. She was my childhood sweetheart. I ended that with one wrong statement and I lost her to James Potter. I hated James and Sirius for the many tricks and stunts that they pulled on me during our own days here at Hogwarts. I was no better than they were sometimes, but with them, it was always three on one. Lupin was the only one that did not go out of his way to hex or jinx me. However, he did not stop the others from doing it. Then one day, Lily and I were having a heated discussion about what was going on and I accidentally called her a Mudblood. I did not mean to call her that. It means dirty blood. One who is muggle born. It is the equivalent of someone calling a lady a whore. I regretted it the moment it came out of my mouth, but by then the damage had been done and she turned to James."

"You said you begged the Dark Lord not to hurt Lily Potter," said Edward.

"Yes," said Severus sadly. "At the time I did not care about James or Harry. I just wanted her safe. However, I do not want Harry dead. At the time, it did not matter to me, but now he is the only link I have left to the wonderful woman that I have known for so many years. If things had been different, Harry would have been my child. He has proven that he is a good hearted individual who only wants a normal and happy life."

"Did you know that his Uncle and cousin were beating on him and that he was a slave in that house until the day Professor Dumbledore went and told him that he was moving to Forks?" asked Edward.

"I had my suspicions, but I could never prove it," admitted Severus. "I was hard on Harry because I wanted him to show what he could do. I wanted to see the fire in him that James and Lily both had when they were in school. He adamantly refused. I do regret making his life so hard here at school, but I was still harboring a grudge against James."

"I can understand your feelings and emotions on the subject," said Edward. "Thank you for telling me. We have some things in common when we say we want this war over and Harry happy. Thank you for all that you have done, are doing, and will do in the future for Harry."

The next day, Harry and Edward approached Minerva.

"Professor McGonagall," said Harry. "I was wondering if it was ok for Edward and me to go to Godric's Hollow today. I want to place a picture of us on both my parent's grave as well as Sirius' memorial."

"Well Harry," said Minerva. "Technically you are no longer a student here and you are a full adult. I am pleased that you have asked me however. How about I get Hagrid to take the two of you there? He knows where the location is and the two of you can do a side along apparition."

"Sounds great," said Harry with a smile. "Thank you for everything that you are doing for me and my family."

"Harry," she said with sincerity. "I would lay down my life for you if it was needed. I personally do not think that the fate of this war should rest on your shoulders. It took me all this time to convince Albus that the end of the war could be won without you. I have always felt that you needed to have a normal childhood. I would have taken you in as my own child if I could have. I did not want you to go to the Dursley's. I knew that they were going to hurt you. I wanted you to have wizard parents from the beginning."

She sent a quick patronus to Hagrid. Harry stared at her for a moment before he spoke.

"In a twisted sort of way," he said. "I am glad that things happened the way they did. Were it not for the chain of events that have happened, I would never have met Edward and I would not be this happy. I am not going to think ill thoughts of the past anymore. I have what I always wanted. I have someone who loves me for me and not for the fame or wealth that is just extra baggage to me. I have friends and family that want me to be happy. I have a mate that loves me more than life itself. For that I will always be thankful."

"You were always very mature about your life," said Minerva fondly. "Hagrid is waiting for you at the entrance hall. All I ask is that you not stay in Godric's Hollow to long. We like to make sure that you are safe."

I understand," said Harry laughing. "Thanks again."

"I too thank you," said Edward with a smile for the older woman. "It is obvious that you truly care about Harry and his happiness. We shall not stay to long. We still have a lot of training to do."

Minerva nodded with a smile as the two young men left her office. Hagrid greeted them both at the entrance of the castle and led them to the apparition point. When both had a firm hold on him, he turned and with a small pop the trio landed in Godric's Hollow. Hagrid led them to the memorial of Harry and his parents. After looking at it for a few minutes, he led them to the remains of his house. Harry had a soft sad look on his face as he looked at the ruins. Hagrid patted the young man on the shoulders in sympathy. Finally he led them to the grave of Lily and James Potter. Sirius's memorial was next to them. Hagrid left and walked away for a short distance to give them some privacy.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop right here. I want to keep the plot moving smoothly. So I will start the next chapter with Harry and Edward at the grave talking to Lily and James. Thanks for the reviews and for understanding why I am stopping here. I want to give the conversation some detail and such. Hugs and cookies to everyone who reviews this chapter.

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