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Grimmauld Place

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Chapter 19 – Grimmauld Place

The next morning Harry and his companions met outside of Minerva's office. Harry gave the password and they filed up the stairs. Minerva had the door open and was waiting for them. She smiled at them as they entered the room.

"Miss Granger's parents have written back and said that in the future, their daughter can go when and where she wishes," she informed them. "They only ask that she use her intelligence and keep herself safe."

"Thank you Professor," said Hermione. "I really appreciate it."

"Well," drawled Draco. "You are the brightest witch of the school. What did you expect?"

"Thanks Draco," said Hermione as she turned red in the face. "I appreciate that you are being so nice to me and such."

"It is hard to be Harry's friend and not be nice to his other friends," said Draco. "He has this whole protect my friends with my life thing going. It was bound to rub off on me one day."

"Oh shut up," said Harry with a laugh. "You just don't want the rest to know that under that hard Malfoy glare that you are just one big softie at heart."

"I do have a reputation to uphold you know," he replied with a sniff.

Everyone laughed at this. Yes life was definantly better when Draco Malfoy was your friend. Even Minerva was laughing at the friendly banter between the students. She ushered them to the fireplace.

"Professor Snape will meet you at the house in a little while," she said. "He has a few things to finish before he can join you. Please be careful. I will ask that you work together in groups of three so that no one gets hurt. If there is an accident, you will fire call immediately so that I can send Madam Pomfrey over."

"We understand," said Harry. "We will keep you posted during the day of our findings. If we find something that has dark magic in it, we will send it immediately away with an Order member or we will send it via Dobby or Winky here to your office."

Minerva nodded her head in agreement as Harry took some floo powder and called his destination. He had previously written the address on a scrap of parchment and passed it around to the others. Alice and Jasper decided that they wanted to accompany the group to the house as well. One by one, the group landed in Grimmauld Place. They were met by Kreacher.

"Master Harry," bowed the elf. "Nasty dark creature that he is. Welcome back to Mistresses' home."

Harry knelt in front of the old elf and gave him a look of pure disgust.

"If I EVER hear you say anything negative about me or any of my family or friends again, I will rip your head off and throw it to the stray dogs outside to eat," he threatened. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Master," said the elf in shock and fear. "Kreacher lives to serve the Ancient and Noble House of Black."

"The first thing we need to work on is trying to get Walburga Black off that wall," said Harry to the others. "I am tired of hearing her scream like a banshee every time someone comes into this house."

"There is a portrait of Aunt Walburga here?" asked Draco.

"A VERY annoying one," said Harry. "It is on the wall with a permanent sticking charm. As of yet, we have not figured out how to get her off the wall."

"Why not just remove that portion of the wall?" asked Alice.

"Do you think we can?" asked Harry looking at Draco and Hermione. "Is there a charm or something that can be used to remove just part of the wall?"

"Yes," said Draco and Hermione together.

Ron and Ginny started laughing at this. Harry led the others to the portrait and opened the curtains. Immediately Walburga started her screaming.

"FILTH," she screamed. "Mudbloods and blood traitors are in my home. What has this world come too?"

"SHUT UP," said Draco. "I will have you know that Neville, Ron, Ginny, Luna, and I are purebloods. Harry is the new Lord Black and as such he has the right to have anyone in this house that he wishes."

"What is that?" asked Walburga. "The Potter boy is the new Lord Black? What has that shame of my flesh done now?"

"I said SHUT UP," said Draco. "My mother was Narcissa Black and as a descendant of yours, I fully support Sirius' decision to make Harry the new Lord of this family. He is noble and decent. He may not have our training or upbringing, but he saved my life and I for one and happy to have him as the Lord of our family line."

"STUPEFY," said Harry pointing his wand at her when she opened her mouth to scream again. "Edward and Jasper, why don't you two take down these horrid curtains while Hermione and Draco starts casting the spell to take down this portion of the wall."

"Make it a window," suggested Alice. "That way you don't lose support in the wall. Plus it will make a nice view of the other room. I do have to say that this house if filthy."

"Kreacher is very old," said Harry. "Plus he has been going against anything and everything we have worked so hard on while we were here. DOBBY! WINKY!"

With two pops, the house elves entered the house.

"Harry Potter is calling us?" asked Dobby.

"I need the two of you to start cleaning this house for me," he said. "I think it needs a serious overhaul. I would like for it to be totally livable. I think you should start with the kitchen and dining room first so that we can have lunch and dinner here."

"We is getting right on it," said Winky. "You is can count on us."

"I would not have asked if I couldn't," said Harry with a smile. "Dobby go and ask Professor McGonagall if we can borrow a couple of house elves from Hogwarts to help with the task. If I remember Tipsy and Tulip have always enjoyed talking with me."

Dobby bowed with a smile and popped away. Winky headed down to the kitchen to get started with the cleaning. Meanwhile, Hermione and Draco were casting the spell that would take down the portion of wall that Walburga Black was hanging on. Edward, Jasper, and Harry were assisting with taking it down. The curtains that hung in front of the portrait were removed and the three vampires moved the portion of wall into the back yard. It was not long before Harry had a fire going that was burning the curtains and the portrait. Hermione and Draco were busy working with Alice in creating a window in the area where the portrait once was.

"Harry," called Ginny. "I think you had better come and look at this."

"What is it Ginny?" he asked pulling his gaze away from the burning portrait.

"There are people outside that are watching the house," she said. "They look like Death Eaters."

"Really now," said Harry following her to the front window and looking out. "Ah it is Rudolphus and Rabastan Lestrange. This ought to be fun. Jasper, can you screw with their emotions?"

"Yes," he replied. "What do you want me to do to them?"

"These two men and the taller one's wife tortured Neville's parents using the Cruciatus Curse until their minds snapped. They will live the rest of their lives as vegetable in St Mungo's. Does that give you an idea of what I want you to do to them?"

Jasper looked over at Neville who was looking both saddened and scared.

"This one is for you Neville," said Jasper.

He turned and looked out of the window and concentrated on the two Death Eaters. It was not long before the two men were arguing. Neville and the rest were watching curiously at what was going on outside. It was not long before spells were flying and the two brothers were attacking one another. They were dueling with everything that they had. Jasper increased the hold on their emotions just a bit. It was not long before Rudolphus shouted the words AVADA KEDAVRA and Rabastan died. Jasper changed the feel of the emotions in the man. Soon Rudolphus was so consumed by guilt that he turned his wand upon himself and cast the same spell. He was dead before he hit the ground.

"Now THAT is impressive," said Severus coming up behind the group and watching the last portion of the duel. "That is two more of the inner circle of the Dark Lord defeated and we did not have to do much. I see you were able to get Mistress Black off the wall. I must say that the window is definantly an improvement."

"Thanks Severus," said Harry. "I have Dobby talking with Professor McGonagall about sending a couple of house elves over to help clean this house. This way the Order will have a better headquarters to work in without worrying about getting poisoned if they touch the curtains or something."

"Professor McGonagall is sending a team of twenty elves to help in this project," said Severus. "She agrees that it is time that this house was a livable place. For the moment, I think I had better do something about the two bodies outside of the house."

"Just take their wands and let the police find them," suggested Harry. "Hermione can use my invisibility cloak and go use a payphone to call them."

"Good thinking," said Severus. "That way the Dark Lord doesn't find out to soon that two more of his inner circle is dead just yet. I will send a patronus to Albus to inform him of what is going on."

"Ron," said Harry. "I would like for you to set up a rotation schedule. We need to keep an eye out on the front walk. If there are more Death Eaters that show up, then we can deal with them a little at a time. If we are lucky, we can pick off a few more today before Voldemort learns the truth about what is going on."

"I will get right on it Harry," said Ron. "I need something to write with and on."

"The library has both in it," said Hermione before putting on Harry's cloak. "I will be right back. I am going to go and make that call and grab their wands. Someone watch for me so that I can get back in. I will only show my hand."

"I will do it," said Paul. "Just be careful and don't stay out there to long."

"I will be back before you know it," she said kissing him on the cheek.

With that she headed out of the house to make the call. True to her word, she was back within minutes and knocking on the door to be let in. Paul hurried to open the door to allow her entry. Tipsy met her at the door and took the cloak from her and returned it to Harry's bag.

"Lord Black," Tipsy said bowing. "We is here from Hogwarts and is waiting for your instructions."

"Have the rest of the elves meet me in the dining room," said Harry. "I will be there shortly. Severus? Should I not have received the crest rings of the Black and Potter estates?"

"I would have thought that Albus would have given them to you by now," said Severus. "It is possible that he doesn't have them. It is even possible that they are in the vaults. I can always fire call the bank and find out for you."

"Would you please?" he asked. "I need to give the instructions to the elves so that we can start our search of the house."

Severus nodded and headed to the library so that he could use the fireplace. Harry headed to the dining room with Hermione and Edward to speak to the elves.

"I want to thank you all for agreeing to come here today to help me out," said Harry. "The idea is to get this house cleaned and habitable. As eves of Hogwarts, I do not have the right to ask you to do anything. I am grateful that you agreed to come and help. All we need is just cleaning done. Any old clothes in this house, is to be thrown into the garbage heap. If you find anything such as a hidden room or a hidden passageway, you are to come right to us and let us know. Save any and all dishes. Take the painting of Phineas Nigellus down from the bedroom where he is hanging and place him above the fireplace in the library. I would like all other objects and paintings moved into the drawing room so that we can look them over and decide from there if we are keeping them or not. If you think that the item in question is a dark object, let one of us know immediately. This way we can get rid of it quickly."

"We is taking care of it for you," said Dobby.

"One more thing," said Harry. "Please do not call me Lord Black. My name is Harry Cullen. Though I have the title as Lord Black I am happy with just being called Harry. Dobby and Winky I want the two of you to keep a close eye on Kreacher. He has a habit of stealing things and hiding it in his room under the boiler in the pantry. I do not want him stealing anything that could be a problem later."

"We is taking care of it Harry Cullen," said Dobby.

"Thank you all in advance for your hard work," said Hermione. "We really appreciate it."

The elves all bowed and separated to do what was asked of them. Harry, Edward, Draco, and Jacob headed down to the basement. Hermione, Paul, Ginny, and Neville headed to the library.

"Professor Snape?" asked Hermione. "Would you be willing to help us in this room? We want to get rid of all of the books that are a danger to anyone."

"That would probably be half the library," said Severus. "I would be more than happy to help you. First I have to find Harry. Do you know where he went?"

"He went to the basement," said Ginny. "He has Edward, Draco, and Jacob with him."

"Who is watching the front window?" asked Severus.

"Ron is taking first watch," said Neville. "In an hour, I will relive him. The schedule is posted on the wall next to the window we are looking out of. Alice and Jasper finished with the section that the horrible portrait was hanging. They are going to go upstairs to the second floor with some of the elves and start clearing out the old stuff from the bedrooms on that floor. Most of the elves are working on the third and fourth floor. There are five elves working in the attic to bring down everything that is in there. We have decided that we are going to make a few different piles. The stuff that is staying in the house will be placed in the drawing room. The stuff that is trash will be placed in the library, and the stuff that is dangerous and needs to be removed will go into the dining room. The stuff that we don't know what Harry will want to do with will be in the sitting room."

Severus nodded his head at that and went to the basement to look for Harry. He found the young man working with two elves. They were discussing what to do about a few items that they already discovered to be dark items.

"Severus?" asked Harry as the man approached. "Is there some way that we can create a box or something that will allow us to place a dark object into it that will automatically send it to somewhere else?"

Before Severus could answer another voice called from the top of the stairs.

"Harry?" sounded the voice of Albus. "May I have a word with you please?"

"I will be right up Minister," said Harry shrugging and following Severus up the stairs. "What can I do for you Professor?"

"Harry, Ragnok sent me a fire call regarding the crest rings of the houses of Black and Potter," he said handing the two jewelry boxes to Harry. "I am so sorry that I forgot to give them to you. I had them on my person at the time we were discussing your inheritance, but with what your late uncle was doing caused me to forget all about them. I do hope that you will forgive me. When I got back to my office I placed them on the desk and forgot about them while I was dealing with some other stuff. I found them a little while ago under a mountain of paperwork."

"You are a very busy man," said Harry with a smile. "I do not blame you in the slightest for forgetting. Thank you for bringing them to me. I need your help with something right quick."

"What would that be?" asked Albus curiously.

"I was just talking with Severus and we need a box that would act as a transport," explained Harry. "We want to be able to place any dark object we find in this house and have it automatically sent somewhere safe for the Ministry of Magic to dispose of. Can you create something for me that will allow me to put an item of any size and shape into it?"

"That is easy enough to do," said Albus pulling out his wand. "Watch closely."

Albus took a teacup and transfigured it into a large cardboard box. From there he cast the teleportation spell on the box. When he was done with that, he placed the enlarging spell on the box so that it would allow anyone to place any dark object into it without worrying about the shape and size.

"All finished," said Albus. "Anything that you place into that box will be sent to a special department in the Ministry. We will dispose of the items for you. I appreciate the fact that you are willing to go through this house and get rid of all dark items."

"Well as the new Lord Black, I want to be able to let people know that we support the Light in this war," said Harry. "We have finally figured out how to take Walburga Black down from the wall."

"How did you manage that?" asked Albus astonished. "Even I could not get her down."

"We just removed the whole section of wall and turned it into a window area," said Harry with a musical laugh. "You should have seen her face when Draco started yelling back at her. Had she been alive she would probably have had a heart attack. OH! That reminds me. I want to get Kreacher out of this house. He will be a problem and I do not like looking at him. I will not have him undoing all of the hard work that we are getting accomplished here. Can you help me with that as well?"

"Just have him come here and switch his bond to me," said Albus. "I am an important figure in the magical community. Therefore we can transfer his bond to me and you won't have to deal with him anymore."

"Kreacher," Harry called.

With a small pop the elf appeared and bowed low.

"Master called?" he said and then began to mumble under his breath.

"What have I told you about your ugly remarks?" said Harry. "You will bond with the Minister of Magic immediately. That way you will not have to worry about any more people coming in and out of this house because you will no longer be living here."

Kreacher looked shocked at Harry for a moment. He may not have liked his new Master, but he definantly did not want to leave the Black house. However Harry had given him a direct order and he could not disobey it. Albus pulled out his wand and pointed it at the elf. The elf touched the tip of his finger to the wand and the bond was transferred to Albus.

"Go to my office in the Ministry and sit," said Albus sternly. "I will deal with you when I return."

Kreacher gave one last tearful look at Harry and then he bowed to Albus and left with a small pop.

"I hate to rush," said Albus. "However I do have a Ministry to run and a war to lead. I will talk with you later."

"Thanks for everything Professor," said Harry hugging the old man.

"Think nothing of it my boy," said Albus. "Severus I will talk with you another time."

Severus nodded and Albus disappeared with a pop. Harry grinned over at Severus who could not help himself and grinned back. From there they split up and headed to their locations. Hours later, they had the kitchen, dining room, basement, drawing room, sitting room, all seven bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor cleaned and were preparing to start on the third floor when Harry let out a started exclamation. Edward and Draco were by his side in a flash.

"There are more rooms down here," he exclaimed. "Jacob, please go and get Professor Snape and Hermione. They are going to want to see this."

Jacob nodded and rushed away to get them. Within moments, he was back with Severus and Hermione breathing heavy from their run.

"What is it Harry?" she asked holding a stitch in her side. "What did you find?"

"I was leaning against this wall when it turned on me and I fell into another room," said Harry with excitement. "You have to see this. It is a potions lab with some pretty amazing ingredients in it."

Severus and Hermione followed Harry as he pushed the wall again to make it open. He froze the door with a quick spell to make it stay open. They entered the room and started to look at what was before them.

"The ingredients in this room are in some sort of stasis," said Severus. "Even after all of these years, they are still usable. However some of this stuff is extremely hard to get. Acromantula venom, basilisk venom, basilisk blood, centaur blood, and mermaid blood are not common ingredients. Harry, may I have these?"

"Take what you want," said Harry shrugging his shoulders. "I am never going to use it. I will even provide you with some vampire venom when the war is done."

"There are a couple of vials of unicorn blood," said Hermione looking at a vial. "Some of this stuff is illegal."

"That stuff can go into the box," said Severus. "I will talk with Albus about them. He may allow me to look at some of the older potion recipes that I have. Some of these ingredients may be able to cure lycanthropy if the potion is brewed correctly."

"You mean you may be able to find a cure for Remus?" asked Harry with excitement. "That would be great. Rather than send these potions to the Ministry, just set them to the side. We can ask Dumbledore about them later."

"I may not have liked your father and his friends much," said Severus. "However, I did love your mother and I respect Lupin. If I can find a way of curing him I will."

"If anyone can figure it out," said Harry. "It will be you. You aren't the greatest Potions Master around for nothing."

"Suck up," said Draco with a snicker.

"Oh shut up Draco," said Harry. "If you don't I might just tell what you did recently during one of your escapades in town. You know the one. It involved a bottle of whiskey and a French maid's outfit."

"STOP!" screeched Draco red in the face. "If you say one more word I will hex you into next week."

Everyone burst out laughing at that. Severus gave Draco a calculating look before he let the matter drop. He turned to Harry and whispered to him.

"I want a detailed account of that event," he said. "I will enjoy blackmailing Draco with it when he gets to snotty for his own good."

The rest of the group all laughed at that. Jacob laughed hard at his mate until Draco pulled out his wand and sent small hexes at him while chasing him out of the basement.

"This is all your fault, Jacob Black," he yelled firing hexes at he went. "I will never forgive you for this."

By the end of the afternoon, all of the floors were accounted for and cleaned. Harry had the elves start helping them sort the stuff. Phineas was talking with Harry and Severus while they were working. A chain of elves worked with the occupants of the house while they sorted through the stuff. By dinner time, Harry and company was able to rid the entire house of any illegal and dark artifacts. The stuff that was garbage was put in a pile outside and immediately incinerated. Severus talked Harry into keeping all of the books from the library. He suggested that Harry put them in the Black family vault rather than leave them in the house. Harry nodded in agreement and Severus boxed all of them up for him. The stuff that Harry wanted to keep in the house was put in storage trunks. From there once a trunk was full; he would send it to the attic with one of the elves. By ten o'clock that evening, the entire house was cleaned. As was predicted, Order members came and went. Moody stayed for most of the day helping to identify items and such. Molly took the books for Harry and brought them to Gringotts. She came back later with the receipt of deposit from Griphook.

"We can come back next weekend and start searching for more hidden rooms and passage ways," said Harry. "We need to get back to the castle. Now that the house is spotless, we can make sure that it stays that way. Ginny and Ron, you can get your family to come from time to time and stay here. That way they can help make sure that things are going ok in this house."

"Everyone needs to grab the hand of a house elf," said Severus. "They can apparate us directly to the castle. It will save us from having to bother Minerva to much by using her floo. I will floo to her office and let her know that you are all returning safely to the castle via the elves."

Everyone nodded in agreement and grabbed the hand of a house elf. It was not long before the entire party was in the castle.

"Ah students out of bed and past curfew," said Filch coming up. "This will mean detention for Granger, Weasley, Weasley, Longbottom, Lovegood, Malfoy, and Potter."

"First off," said Harry. "My name is Lord Harry James Potter – Black – Cullen. I am Head of House of both the Potter and Black name. The Head Mistress knows that we are here. None of us will be serving a detention. Lord Malfoy and I are no longer actual students here. As for the rest of the students, they were on a work project and have the permission of the Head Mistress to be out of their dorms past curfew. So I recommend that you mind your own business for once in your aggravating life and take that busy body cat with you before I make her my next midnight snack."

Filch squeaked as he grabbed Mrs. Norris and took off at a run. The rest of the students all laughed at this.

"That was brilliant Harry," said Hermione. "One of these days, that man will have a heart attack due to stress. I loved the whole Lord Potter- Black- Cullen thing. As much as I am one for following the rules, that was a great display of diplomatic power."

"Finally someone put the squib in his place," said Ron with a hearty chuckle.

"After so many years of that man annoying the hell out of me I had to do something," said Harry. "I am glad that I was finally able to get him to run. I have always despised that cat. I am glad that you all were entertained. However I do think you should all head to your dorms now. We don't want someone with higher authority to come down on us."

The group all headed out and made their way to their dorms. Draco and Jacob both headed to the dungeons where Severus had his rooms. Luna, Alice, and Jasper all headed to Ravenclaw tower. The rest of the group all headed to the Gryffindor tower. The day had been a very productive one. Harry knew that Grimmauld place looked better than it had in a very long time.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This chapter is just something I wanted to do for fun. I know you all are patiently waiting for the battle, but I want to make sure that we can get other factors in there to make things for Harry and Edward smooth and interesting. Grimmauld Place was always one that I wanted to really work with. I hope that I have not lost your interest in this endeavor. I hope that you all enjoyed what I did with Filch. I hate that man. Let me know what you think.

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