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Harry's Escape

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NOTE – Thank you all for the wonderful reviews on the first chapter of this story. From the looks of the statistics, this story will give "For Love of A Slytherin" a run for its money with the popularity. Personal thanks to NJFerrell for an idea that I will be using in this story.

Chapter 2 – Harry's Escape

The end of June rolled into July. Vernon and Petunia were arguing on a daily basis. Vernon didn't want either boy in the house and Petunia was getting pissed off more and more. Dudley made a disparaging remark to Draco and Petunia slapped him across the face. Dudley put his hand up against his cheek in shock.

"If I EVER hear you say something like that to either Harry or Draco ever again," she said. "I will take a belt to your ass faster than you can say cake. Do I make myself clear son?"

Dudley nodded is head and looked to his father.

"Now hold on one damn minute Petunia," snarled Vernon. "You will not be doing anything to Dudley because of those two."


Silence could be heard at this proclamation. Petunia took a deep breath and turned to Harry and Draco.

"I would like to go with you," she declared. "Someone will need to help cook and clean for the two of you."

"I will talk with Professor Dumbledore about it," promised Harry. "I doubt that there will be a problem."

"I don't see a problem with it either," said Draco. "I know a good divorce attorney that can get it done for you by the time we are ready to leave. If you want I can send him an owl and get the paperwork started. He works with both muggles and wizards."

"Please do it as soon as you can," said Petunia. "All these years I listened to this fat slug of a man tell me that I had no choice but to hate my sister and her family. Well the time has come for me to stand on my own. Vernon, if you come within one foot of either of these two boys I will beat you half to death with this pan."

"Now see here," snarled Vernon. "I will not let you leave just because of these two freaky children. You can't just quit our marriage because you feel that it is time to be nice to that freakish family of yours."

"Oh I can and I will," said Petunia as she swung the frying pan and hit Vernon in the chest with it. "These two young men will have a better home than this. I want you and this fat slug of a son to get out of this house."

"We will not be leaving this house," said Vernon. "I am the one that earns a living here."

"It was my family that paid for this house you asshole," said Petunia swinging her pan again and hitting him in the arm. "I want you out of my house. When we leave you can have it and burn the damn thing down for all I care. NOW GET OUT."

"Shall we?" Harry asked Draco as he pulled out his wand. "She will kill him with that pan if we don't."

"Yeah," said Draco pulling out his own wand. "I rather like her spunk. However I don't want her going to jail for murder."

Together Harry and Draco made one fluid motion with their wands and Vernon and Dudley found themselves outside of the front door.

"We can keep them out of the house," assured Harry to Petunia. "They won't be coming back in until we leave."

"I will be back in a few minutes," said Draco. "I am going to go write the lawyer. Harry can I use Hedwig? Magus is out on an errand already."

Harry nodded to Draco who left to go upstairs. Harry then walked over to Petunia and took the pan out of her hands and set it back on the stove. He pushed her into a chair and then made her a cup of tea. As he was placing the tea on the table, Albus appeared in the back yard.

"Harry?" said Albus coming in the back door. "I felt your magic spike. Is everything ok?"

"We just prevented Aunt Petunia from killing Uncle Vernon," replied Harry. "He started to run his mouth again and she hit him a few times with the frying pan. Draco and I felt it was better to remove Vernon and Dudley from the premises. That would be them banging on the front door."

"You and Draco are not hurt though right?" asked Albus.

"We are perfectly fine," said Harry. "Aunt Petunia asked for a divorce. Draco is upstairs writing a letter to a lawyer that he knows. Can she come with us to America?"

"If she chooses to do so then yes," said Albus. "In fact that would not be a bad idea. I do need to talk with both you and Draco."

"I will go and get him," said Harry standing and then leaving the kitchen.

"Petunia," said Albus. "Are you sure about this?"

"I am sick of that fat bastard putting down my family Albus," she said. "I never hated Lily and James. I have always wanted to be a mother for Harry. Vernon would not let me. I tried my best to sneak him food and things when Vernon wasn't looking."

"You do realize that the American guardians that I have asked to help keep an eye on the boys are vampires right?" asked Albus.

"Yes I heard all of that the last time you were here," said Petunia. "As long as Harry and Draco are safe, I don't care of the people were beggars on the street."

Albus chuckled heartily at this as Draco and Harry entered the kitchen.

"We should hear back from the lawyer this afternoon," said Draco. "I asked that he place a rush on this. We know that time is of the essence. I am sure he will have your divorce done by the time we are ready to leave for America."

"Thank you Draco," said Petunia.

"You wanted to speak with us Professor?" asked harry.

"Yes," said Albus. "Please have a seat."

Both boys sat down and waited while Albus got his thoughts together.

"On July 30th we are going to go to Diagon Alley," said Albus. "We will clear up Sirius' will and get all of your accounts in order."

"Ok," said Harry as he and Draco nodded.

"Draco you already know the contents of your vault," said Albus. "Harry you do not yet fully understand everything that you own. So I am going to ask you both if you would like for me to be your proxy to sell off any unwanted property that you both own. As Minister of Magic I can make sure that they get sold quickly and for a good price. The money will be added to your accounts and you will not have to worry about having to come back and forth to Europe every time a house gets sold."

"I have no problems with that," said Harry. "You know you have my full trust. Once I leave I do not want to come back."

"I agree with Harry," said Draco. "I don't want to come back. So I will agree as well."

"Excellent," said Albus pulling out some documents. "If you could both sign your names on these documents, then I will see to it immediately. Now Draco your vault currently holds 568 million galleons in it. By transferring that into American money, it means that you will have that much there as well. With all of the homes you own, I can safely say that your money will double. The businesses that your family is partners with will keep a steady supply of money going into your account."

"Sounds about right," said Draco. "Do what you have to."

Albus nodded.

"Harry," said Albus. "In your vault you have about 300 million galleons. When you turn 16 you will inherit the rest of the Potter fortune as well as the Evans fortune. Plus Sirius left you the Black family fortune."

"So, how much money are we talking about?" asked Harry.

"Let's put it this way," said Draco with a laugh. "I will look like a pauper compared to you."

"No way," said Harry. "He isn't serious is he?"

"I am afraid he has succinctly put it in accurate words," said Albus. "You will make Bill Gates seem poor."

"You mean that computer guy?" asked Harry.

"The one and the same," said Petunia.

"Wow," said Harry. "That is a lot of money."

"We must not forget all of the businesses that the Potter family, as well as the Black family are part of," said Albus. "They will continue to add money into your account as well."

"So is there a branch of Gringotts in America?" asked Harry.

"Yes," said Albus. "I will have Carlisle take you to the general location when you arrive. Carlisle was a muggle before he was a vampire. Therefore he will not be able to see the actual bank. I can only give him the general location. You should have no trouble finding the spot once you are there."

"Sounds reasonable," said Harry.

Hedwig flew into the room and held her leg out to Draco. He thanked her and gave her an owl treat and opened the letter.

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

Thank you for using my services again. I can have Mrs. Petunia Dursley and Mr. Vernon Dursley divorced in a matter of one week. I can and will put a rush on it.


Raymond Richards

Draco handed the letter to Petunia. When she read the letter she smiled.

"We can have him come here," said Draco. "Just tell Vernon that he can have everything and I am sure that he will sign the papers. If he doesn't sign, then we will just have to figure out how to make him."

"I am sure that I can arrange something," said Albus with a smile. "Would the three of you like to go shopping today for new clothes and such? You will have to have clothes that fit Harry. It took the liberty of talking to Griphook for you and he gave me this to pass to you. It works like a credit card. I will be arranging your flights from here to Forks. You should get your tickets by owl in a few days. There is an Auror outside with a vehicle if the three of you wish to go shopping."

"What about Draco?" Harry asked. "Does he get one of these cool credit card things?"

"I already have one," said Draco pulling his out and showing it to Harry. "Thanks for your concern though."

"Come on Aunt Petunia," said Harry excitedly. "Let's go shopping. I will buy you all the new clothes you want. Bring your big hand bag. We can just shrink all the bags and put them in your purse."

Petunia looked at Albus who was fighting to not laugh at the excitement on Harry's face.

"I think it would be a good bonding event," said Albus. "Go have some fun for once in your life dear. It will do you some good."

She nodded as Harry grabbed her hand and led her to the cupboard so she could grab her big handbag. She laughed as he tugged her out the front door. Albus laughed as he locked the door with a ward that Harry or Draco could open.

"Boys will still be boys," said Albus with a chuckle as he left to head back to the Ministry.

"Edward," asked Alice. "Are you sure you are ok? You know I can't control the visions when they come."

"Alice," he replied. "If you ask me that one more time I think I will rip your head off and bury it in the yard. I am going to be fine. I did not expect to see that I will finally get to meet someone that is possibly right for me."

"Son," said Esme walking up and hugging him. "It doesn't matter if it is a young man. As long as the two of you make each other happy, that is all that matters. If he is the one, then I suggest that you act on it. Just take it slow. From what your father has told us, he has been hurt, beaten, starved, and many other things in his life."

"I will," said Edward. "What about the other one that is coming with him?"

"They were enemies," said Carlisle. "Albus said they have become friends at last."

Alice was sitting there quietly as her eyes glazed over.

"What is it Alice?" asked Jasper. "What did you see?"

"The path changed slightly," she answered. "There is a woman coming with them. It just happened."

"Is she magical like the boys?" asked Rosalie

"No," said Alice. "She is related to Harry though. She is the sister of his dead mother."

"That poor little guy has been through hell hasn't he?" asked Emmett. "No wonder he is the way he is. We will just have to help him out the best way that we can."

"I agree," said Edward.

Harry, Draco, and Petunia went on a shopping spree that was the mother of all shopping trips. The boys ended up with fifty new outfits each. Petunia decided to splurge on herself and bought herself lots of new clothes as well. After they hit the clothing stores, the trio hit the shoe store. They bought a dozen different pairs of shoes each. From there, they sat and ate lunch. They were all having a wonderful time. They went to the luggage store where they each bought a large suitcase.

"We can put a charm on them so that they hold all of our stuff," said Harry. "Then we can put a charm on the cases so that they are not heavy. We can even shrink them and put them in our pocket."

"Wouldn't it look odd if we showed up in a new country with no luggage?" asked Petunia.

"Oh yeah," said Harry. "I hadn't thought of that. Then we all arrive in America with one suitcase each. We can buy a big house when we get there. Maybe we can get Esme to design one for us. Albus said that is what she does for a living."

"Maybe she can build us one not far from theirs so that we don't have to hide our magic as much," said Draco.

"All, that we can do is ask her," said Petunia. "The worst that will happen is she will decline."

"That is true," said Harry. "However if they are as nice as Professor Dumbledore says they are, then I doubt she will say no."

Draco nodded his head in agreement. When they were done eating, the trio bought themselves a few different jackets and then made their way back to the waiting car. The Auror dropped them off at the house and then nodded and left. Harry quickly took down the ward and they entered the house.

"I want all of this clothes washed before we pack it," said Petunia. "So if you all help out we can get it done quickly."

Both the boys nodded in agreement. Harry unshrunk the bags as Draco enlarged the suitcases and cast the charms on them so that they could hold everything as they came out of the laundry.

"Dobby," called Harry.

With a small pop the elf appeared.

"Harry Potter sir," said Dobby. "What is Dobby able to do for you today?"

"Are you able to apparate anywhere in the world?" Harry asked.

"All you is having to do is call my name and I can be there," said Dobby.

"We are moving to America," said Harry. "I would like for you to come with us."

"Harry Potter is wanting Dobby to come with him?" asked the elf.

"Yes," said Harry. "I would like for you to come with us. Now that you are no longer bound to anyone I can let you wear something nice so that you don't stand out quite so much. That is if you are interested."

"Dobby will do anything for his Harry Potter," said the elf.

"Hey," said Draco suddenly. "How about, that house elf named Winky? Maybe she would like to come with us as well."

"Good thinking Draco," said Harry. "Dobby will you go and ask her for me?"

"Of course Harry Potter," said Dobby.

The elf gave a smile and popped away.

"I think I know that elf," said Petunia. "He was in my line of sight just before that pudding hit the floor."

"Yes," said Harry. "That would be him."

A few minutes later both Dobby and Winky were back. Both elves agreed that they would accompany the trio to America.

"We have a lot of laundry to do," said Harry. "Could you give us a hand with it?"

"Leave it to us Harry Potter," said Winky. "We is going to take care of it for you."

"I wonder if we should buy all of our sixth year and seventh year books while we are in Diagon Alley." said Harry. "Even though we won't be in school anymore it would still be beneficial for us to study."

At that moment a package appeared on the table in the dining room. There was a letter attached to it.

Dear Harry and Draco

I took the liberty of sending you the books you would have needed for both sixth and seventh year had you stayed in Hogwarts. I sincerely hope that the two of you can work together to master the charms and such inside.


Albus Dumbledore

"I guess that answers your question," said Petunia with a laugh. "Why don't you boys go bring those upstairs and I will get dinner started."

"Oh no Mistress," said Dobby. "Dobby is going to make dinner. You is just needing to go and relax. Dobby is calling you when dinner is ready."

Petunia looked over at Harry and Draco who both shrugged and grinned.

Within the next couple of weeks saw a flurry of activity in the house. Harry, Draco, and Petunia were busy getting everything ready to leave. Vernon had been allowed in the house just long enough to sign the divorce papers before Harry and Draco evicted him again until they were ready to leave. When the trio was all packed and ready, an Auror came to the house and drove them to the Leaky Cauldron. Albus charmed Petunia's eyesight long enough for her to get inside. Tom led them to their rooms. After setting their bags down the trio headed back downstairs. Albus was patiently waiting for them.

"Shall we go get everything finished?" asked Albus.

Harry and Draco nodded. Along with Petunia, the trio made their way outside where Albus opened the archway to Diagon Alley. Petunia was in wonder at everything she saw. They made their way down to Gringotts. Two hours later, all of the paperwork was signed and ready to go. Harry was indeed a very wealthy man. After their work was done in the bank, Albus excused himself telling them that their car would be arriving in the morning to take them to the airport. They nodded and decided to do some last minute shopping. They hit the apothecary and stocked up on potions ingredients. They went to the book store where they took their time and browsed. They bought many books relating to different subjects. Draco favored potions books while Harry favored DADA. They bought books on advanced charms as well as many other things.

"Part of me will miss all of this," Harry confided to Draco that evening at dinner.

"Me too," said Draco. "Look on the bright side though. We no longer have to be part of the war."

""That is always a bonus," said Harry with a laugh.

They finished eating and then they all said goodnight. They had a long flight on the morrow and they wanted to get lots of rest. Dobby was packing Harry's books in his suitcase while Winky was doing the same with Draco's. Both young men thanked the elves and then climbed into bed.

The next morning, they ate breakfast and then stepped outside. The Auror was waiting for them at the entrance. They climbed into the car and he drove them to the airport. The three of them took one last look around and then turned their backs and walked into the airport to catch their flight to their new lives.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Many are wondering why I have not let Ron and Hermione in on the secret. It will be safer for Draco and Harry if fewer people knew. Harry will still write to his friends from time to time, but they will never know where he is at. Ron and Hermione know enough about what is going on to understand that this is for Harry's benefit. Thanks in advance for the reviews.

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