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Sneak Attack

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Chapter 20 – Sneak Attack

The next day dawned early for the occupants of the castle. They knew that it was just a matter of another day or so before the armies of the Dark Lord and the Volturi started to arrive and set themselves up on the grounds. Harry was not looking forward to having the two opposing armies near the one place he had first called home. Harry, Edward, Jasper, and Alice all had their homework done well in advance. All essays and such were completed the same day they were given. Though Harry was no longer a student, he did still attend classes and still worked hard to get good grades. The day went by without any signs of either opposing army. Harry decided that he and Edward would go with Dobby and Winky to Grimmauld Place again in the evening. They wanted to see if there were any more secret rooms in the house.

They arrived at the house and decided to start in the attic. They spent an hour there searching each wall and section of the attic carefully. They did not find anything interesting. A small secret cubby hole was found that had some of Sirius' old stuff from childhood in it, but there was nothing important. Harry placed the items in a box and shrunk it and put it in his robe pocket. On the fourth floor, they discovered a hidden bedroom. There was not really much in it. It was as if the room was designed to keep someone hidden.

"It is almost like something one would put in here for World War II," said Edward. "The English had many rooms hidden like this to hide the Jewish people behind to keep them alive from the Germans."

"If this were a muggle house, I would agree with you," said Harry. "However with this being a wizard home, there must have been some morbid reason for having this here. I guess we will never know. I will leave a note on the table letting people know that it is here though. That way if they need more sleeping room there is an extra room."

"Do you really think that they will continue to use this house after the battle?" asked Edward.

"Probably not, but it would be a good idea to still let them know in case of an emergency," said Harry. "One never knows if we will one day come to live in England and need a house to stay in."

"Where ever you go I will follow," said Edward. "I will never let you go alone."

"I know lover," said Harry. "I look forward to the time when we can go home to Forks and finish our education there and be a happy couple."

We could always spend five years here and then five in Washington," suggest Edward. "That will give people time to not remember us as clearly. We usually stick to ourselves."

"We could always move here permanently after our time in Forks," said Harry. "After all, we will be able to work for the Ministry of Magic or even become teachers at Hogwarts and such. There is always, work to be had in the wizarding world."

"That is an excellent idea," said Edward. "We can talk with Carlisle and Esme about it as well as the others. What would you do here?"

"I could always be the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher," said Harry. "I am rather good in the subject after all."

They were talking about different things they could do when a patronus from Severus arrived and asked them to meet Draco at the Leaky Cauldron. Harry answered with an affirmative and the couple flooed over to the pub. They waited patiently for Draco to arrive.

"Hey Draco," said Harry. "What's going on?"

"Ragnok sent me an owl this morning asking me to come to the bank," replied the blond. "I thought that you could come with me to help watch my back. I hope that's ok."

"Of course it is," said Harry. "We were just working in the house anyway. We found a cubby hole Sirius made in the attic to hide some of his toys and we found a bedroom behind the wall of another bedroom. We can always finish the rest of the house later. Your health and safety is what is important to us."

"I really appreciate it," said Draco. "I wonder what the goblins want from me."

"Harry," said Edward suddenly. "We are being followed. I think I am going nuts or something, but there is a rat following us closely. It thinks like a human. Plus that blonde man and woman have been following us since we stepped onto this street."

"The rat is Peter Pettigrew," said Harry low enough for Edward to hear. "Let's just go to the bank first. I want Draco safely with the goblins. We can get to the others after."

Edward shifted himself so that he was on the other side of Draco. Draco looked curiously at Harry.

"Just get into Gringotts," he whispered. "We will tell you when we are inside."

Draco nodded and picked up his pace slightly. Harry paused outside the entrance of the bank and scanned the area. He noticed that Narcissa Malfoy and Thorfinn Rowle were nearby trying to be obscure in their activity. Harry also spotted Wormtail hiding near a trash can. He turned and entered the bank. He knew that they would be there when he came back out.

"Edward," said Harry. "I need you to keep an ear on their thoughts. I want to know what they are planning so that we can counter it."

"What's going on Harry?" asked Draco.

"Your mother, Wormtail, and Rowle is outside waiting on us," he replied. "Edward will let us know what they want and when we are done with our business with the Goblins, we can figure out what to do from there."

"This is not good," said Draco as he and Harry headed to the first available goblin.

"Lord Malfoy," said Ragnok coming up. "Lord Potter-Black, what a pleasant surprise. What may we do for you today?"

"Please," said Harry. "Is there some way we can change all of that to something simple. I am Harry Cullen. I am here today escorting Lord Malfoy to see you concerning an owl he received this morning."

"Of course," said Ragnok. "Right this way, gentlemen. We received word that your father and mother had managed to escape from being given the Dementor's Kiss. We mainly wanted to let Lord Draco Malfoy know that even though his parents are still alive, that he is still the Head of the Malfoy House. He is still the new Lord Malfoy. It is proven however that your father was killed by Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort. As to the where about of your mother, we do not know at this time."

"Actually she is currently standing outside of the bank," said Harry. "She is following Draco along with Peter Pettigrew and Thorfinn Rowle."

"Does my mother have access to my vault still?" asked Draco.

"No she doesn't," said Ragnok. "As she was a convicted felon and was sentenced to receive the Kiss, she no longer has access to the Malfoy fortune."

"This is good to know," said Draco. "I am very disappointed in my mother. She was there when Bellatrix was torturing me and she did nothing to stop her."

"With Bellatrix as a Black can she access the Black family vaults?" asked Harry suddenly. "I happen to know that her husband and his brother are both dead. I do not want her accessing my vault."

"I was not aware that she was widowed," said Ragnok looking at him with interest. "Even if she changes her name back to Black she can not access the Black family vault. You are the only one that has access to the vault. Even Andromeda Black Tonks has no access to the vault."

"Maybe I should give Andromeda some money," said Harry. "Can you transfer ten million galleons into her account for me? You can let her know that it came from me. She has never done me any harm and from what Sirius told me she was disinherited from the family."

"It shall be done Lord Black," said Ragnok. "I just need you to sign this document and it will be taken care of immediately."

Harry grabbed the quill and signed his name to the parchment. After giving the goblin a smile, he leaned back in his chair.

"I want Malfoy Manor sold immediately," said Draco. "I don't want Aunt Bellatrix to get her hands on it nor do I want my mother back in that house."

"We will see to it at once," said Ragnok. "I know a wealthy family that is interested in the property. I can send you the paperwork in a few days."

"Perfect," Draco replied. "I look forward to finally getting rid of that place. I am looking forward to settling down and spending the rest of my life with Jacob in La Push."

After the two finished their business, they both thanked Ragnok and headed out of the bank. Harry took a look around and spotted Narcissa and Rowle standing at a distance watching them intently. He noticed that Pettigrew was also not far away watching them. Harry had no doubt that they were there to see if they could do damage to Draco. Harry and Edward took their places on either side of Draco.

"Shall we go to WWW and buy some stuff for the upcoming battle?" asked Harry pretending he didn't know they were there. "It couldn't hurt to have as much extra protections as possible."

"I am game," said Draco following his lead. "It will help I'm sure."

They were just about to enter the shop when Narcissa decided that it was time to approach her wayward son.

"Abomination of my flesh," she hissed. "How dare you present yourself in public knowing that you have humiliated me?"

"How pray tell have I humiliated you?" asked Draco. "If memory serves me, then it was you who let Bellatrix torture me and did nothing to stop her. If anything, you are the humiliation of the family. You do not love me. You never have. All you were after was the Malfoy fortune. Well I have a surprise for you Narcissa. The manor will be sold in a few days and you and your goon friends will no longer have a place to live. I have arranged it so that you have no access to the Malfoy vaults."

"You impertinent disgusting brat," she snarled. "I will not be talked to like that by you. You may have stopped me from being able to have access to the Malfoy fortune, but I can always rely on the Black family fortune."

"Oh I would not count on that if I were you," said Harry in his musical voice.

"Who in the hell are you?" asked Narcissa. "Also, what do you know of me and my family? I am a Black by blood that gives me the right to fall back on my family fortune if I so choose. I would also like to point out that you had better not put your nose in my business anymore if you want to keep it on that pretty face of yours."

"First off Narcissa," said Harry. "You would do well to listen to what I have to say."

"Now why would I want to do that?" she asked. "I don't even know you."

"Then allow me to introduce myself," he said. "My name is Lord Harry Potter – Black – Cullen. I am the Head of House of both the Potter family and the Black family. Therefore, you have no access to the Black family fortune as I have had both you and that bitch of a sister Bellatrix cast out of the family. As far as putting my nose into your business, you are my business. Anyone that threatens Draco is my business. Anyone who works for Voldemort is my business. Anyone who claims to have a say in MY money is MY business. As of now, your name is only Narcissa. You are no longer a Malfoy or a Black. So Narcissa No Name, I suggest you stop acting all high and mighty. You are nothing but a pile of dog shit under my shoe."

"Maybe she can become our maid," suggested Draco. "She will have to do something to earn a living. Once the goblins are done with Malfoy Manor, she will no longer have the clothes on her back much less anything else."

"I can always give her a potato sack," said Harry with a laugh. "That way we don't have to look at her naked body for to long."

Narcissa was red with fury. She turned and nodded to Rowle and Wormtail. The two men approached the trio. This is just what Harry and Edward were waiting for. They stood in front of Draco protectively while the three Death Eaters got into position. Harry waited for a mere second before he pulled out his wand. Before Narcissa had a chance to even act, Harry had transfigured her robes into a potato sack. Gone were the elegant robes she was wearing. There were no longer shoes on her feet. Her regally set hair hung down her back and looked unclean and disarrayed. Wormtail went to fire a spell at Harry when he was frozen to his core by Harry's next words.

"You owe me a life debt Wormtail," he said. "I think now I will collect it."

"No," said Wormtail. "I will not let you. I can't allow you to stop me from succeeding in my task. The Dark Lord will not allow me to live if I fail him yet again."

"That is no longer my concern," said Harry. "You have no choice but to accept my claim. I want you to protect us from Narcissa and Rowle. You will make sure that neither of them harms us. If you do this, then I will consider your debt paid in full."

"Please don't do this to me Harry," said Wormtail. "The Dark Lord will kill me."

"You should have died a long time ago," said Draco furiously. "So you either die by the Dark Lord's hand as a failure, or you die in battle living up to your debt that you owe the Lord of House Potter and Black."

"Enough of this," hissed Narcissa trying to transfigure here robes back. "Attack them now. The Dark Lord is waiting for us to return with information. He will be interested to know that we have lost the Malfoy Manor as our place of residence."

Soon spells were flying. Edward had raced around and snatched the wand right out of Narcissa's hand. She shrieked in fury as Rowle locked himself in battle with Harry. Fred and George came out and joined into the fray. Never let it be said that they would not help Harry and his husband. Draco had his wand out and was pointing it into the face of Narcissa daring her to move. Pops could be heard as Ministry officials began to apparate to the battle site. Harry waited just long enough before he disarmed Rowle and Wormtail and then snapped both their wands in front of their eyes.

"Mr. Cullen, are you alright?" asked Kingsley.

"Oh yes," said Harry handing the pieces of the broken wands over to him. "By right of conquest I demand that Rowle's vaults be given over to me. I have beaten him fair and square."

"That is something that can be done," said Albus walking up. "By right of conquest you can demand their vaults to be turned over to you. We shall send the appropriate paperwork to the goblins and it will be done immediately. Thank you for capturing three more Death Eaters. I must say that it is very impressive."

"We actually don't want Narcissa arrested," said Harry.

"Why not," said Albus. "She needs to be punished for her involvement with Voldemort."

"Oh, trust me when I say that she will be punished," said Harry. "She has been disinherited from both the Malfoy and Black families. Both families have stripped her of her name and access to the vaults in question. As head of her family, I will hold her wand. She will work as a servant for the rest of her life. I have read a book at Hogwarts that can bind her to a house that is similar to what happens with a house elf. If it is ok with the Ministry of Magic, I would like to bind her to my house."

"NO!" shrieked Narcissa. "I am not a servant of anyone."

"Really?" questioned Harry. "Just what do you call what you do for Voldemort? At least with me you will not be punished for breathing to loud nor will you get an Unforgivable Curse used on you."

This had the desired effect that Harry was looking for. Narcissa shut her mouth with an audible snap and thought about the impact of Harry's words. Harry stood there smirking at her as he watched her think about everything that Harry had just said. She looked at Draco who held a small smile on his lips at her discomfort. Albus stood there with an amused look on his face as he waited to hear what she was going to say.

"Very well," she said slowly. "I would rather work for someone who will treat me as a living person than to work for someone who thinks we are all beneath him. Your words have merit. At least with you I know that I will not be punished for something that is beyond my control. I also know that you are too noble to use an Unforgivable Curse on me."

Harry looked over at Albus. Albus looked over at Amelia and Kingsley. He received two nods. In turn Albus nodded his approval to Harry. Harry took out his wand and held it to her temple. He cast the charm that would bind her to him and his house. From there he handed her wand back to her and told her to report to the gates of Hogwarts. He quickly transfigured her clothes into a set of plain black robes that had the Potter and Black insignia on them. He cast the counter charm on her hair so that it looked clean again even if it didn't look like she went to a hair dresser. With a wave of his hand he sent her off.

"I may not like her," said Harry. "However I do not think she is as evil as the rest of Voldemort's cast of characters. This way she can live and still have the rest of her life to regret what she did to Draco."

"You have done a VERY noble thing Harry," said Albus. "Not many would have done that for her. Most would have given her over to the Dementors and left it at that. I am very proud of your actions."

"Thanks Professor," said Harry. "Maybe in time she will realize her mistakes when it comes to how you are supposed to love your children."

"Mr. Malfoy," said Albus. "What is your view on what Harry has done? After all, she is your mother."

"I am not upset by what Harry has done," said Draco. "What she did to me is not something that I can easily forgive, but she is still my mother and I wish she would have been different. This way she can learn her lesson while still retaining her life. At least with Harry, I know that she will not be harmed."

"Well I think you all had better head back to the castle," said Albus. "Minerva will be wondering why Narcissa is standing at the gates of the castle."

Harry nodded as Albus handed them a portkey that would take them to the grounds of the castle. When they arrived, Harry led them to the castle. He told Minerva and Severus what was going on before he turned to Narcissa and gave her the instructions for the day. Narcissa may not have been happy with her new rank in life, but she knew it was better than being in Azkaban or with the Dark Lord.

Back in Diagon Alley, Albus was talking with Kingsley and Amelia.

"Some things never change," said Albus. "Harry Potter is proof of that statement."

"I still can not believe that he would be so generous with someone who obviously wants to see him dead," said Amelia. "We all know how little the Malfoy family likes Harry Potter."

"As true as that sentence used to be," said Albus. "It remains that Harry Potter Cullen is one of the most selfless people we know. His desire here is to punish her for her mistakes while he teaches her the importance of being flesh and blood to someone. He and young Draco have developed a very close bond of friendship. Deep down, Harry knows that Narcissa loves Draco. After being under the influence of Voldemort all these years, she lost sight of what is most important in life. Harry is just determined to see that she remembers is all."

"Is that why you let Harry take her instead of sending her back to Azkaban?" asked Kingsley.

"In all reality," said Albus. "We have nothing on her. Why she was sent there to be given the kiss in the first place is a mystery to me. Her biggest fault is that she is associated with the Dark Lord. There is no record of her actually being involved on the raids and murders. She attacked Harry today, but that is all we have on her. In the law books, the Head of House has the right to do what he did. Therefore, I allowed it to happen."

"I can only pray that she learns her lesson," said Amelia. "Life is hard enough without the complications that she added to it."

"I am sure that if Harry has anything to say about it, she will learn her lesson," said Albus wisely.

"Minister Dumbledore," said a new voice. "I wish to speak with you."

"Felix," said Albus. "Why don't we go into the Leaky Cauldron and talk? I must admit that I am rather surprised that you have returned."

"It is not my wish to be here," admitted Felix. "Aro is determined to get his hands on Edward, Jasper, and Alice Cullen. It is time that I switch my allegiance to someone who is not sneaky and under handed. I stand to gain more if the Cullen family wins this war."

The two made it to the entrance of the pub and entered. Albus thought that Felix must have a bit of magical blood in him to even know where Diagon Alley was located. When they entered the pub, Tom directed them to a private booth. They sat down and started discussing options.

"What do you stand to gain by switching your allegiance to the Cullen family?" asked Dumbledore. "What is it you hope to gain from all of this?"

"To be frank, I am hoping to become the next ruler of Volterra," said Felix. "Now that Chelsea is destroyed, I am the next in line in rank. Jane, Demitri, and Alec were all higher than me in rank. I am the strongest member of the guard now that those four are out of the way. If Aro, Caius, and Marcus are defeated, then I can take over the Volturi and leave the Cullen family alone. I do not feel that they are a danger to our kind. If anything, they are good people that need to be left alone. They go out of their way to help us by keeping the rogue vampires under control on the North American continent. They keep to themselves and wish to be left alone."

"I see," said Albus. "As ruler of Volterra, what would you do to ensure that you can keep a tight reign on your clan?"

"Well for one, we would not lead innocent people to their deaths," said Felix. "I see no reason why we can not talk to the leaders of each country and have their condemned inmates sent to us to feed on. Not only will it give us the blood we desire, but it will also rid the world of humans that deserve to die anyway."

"How will you help the Cullen family?" asked Albus.

"In truth, I just want to stay out of this fight," said Felix. "I do not know Harry Potter, nor do I care to. He has done nothing to me; therefore I do not have any grudges against him. He is a vampire and a Cullen. In my opinion, that makes him honorable."

"Harry is one of the noblest people I have ever met," said Albus. "I am one hundred and seventy five years old, and I have never met someone with the generosity and love that Harry possesses. That is until I met young Edward."

"How is it that a human can live that long?" asked Felix.

"In the wizarding world, we have long life spans," explained Albus. "We can easily live up to three hundred years. We are not immortal like vampires, but we live our lives to the fullest. What assistance do you need from me in your endeavor?"

"I need your protection," said Felix. "Once Aro and Caius finds out that I have deserted, my life will be forfeit."

"What of Marcus?" Albus asked. "You do not refer to him as much as the other two."

"They do not really treat Marcus as an equal," said Felix. "He is just a vampire that is as old as they are. They only really consult him when they can not come to an agreement between themselves. That is not to say that he is honorable like the Cullen family, but he is the lesser of the three evils, so to speak."

"I see," said Albus. "Well I can offer you the protection that you need. However you will have to do your part by staying out of the upcoming battle. You should be safe enough here for the next few days. I recommend that you stay here at the Leaky Cauldron. I shall speak with Tom for you. He will be able to provide you with blood. I will ask that you not attack anyone while you are here."

"You have my word on it," said Felix. "The Volturi will be here tonight. They will hide in the forest until tomorrow. Then they will attack both the Dark Lord and the Cullen family. They never had any intention of letting the Cullen family have yet another vampire in their family. They know that it was you, who told the humans about them, but they still want to disband Carlisle's family."

"Thank you for letting me know," said Albus. "I shall send word to you when the war is over. Thank you for the information."

"Thank you for the protection," said Felix. "You may be younger than I am in years, but you have lived more of your life than I. So in this regard, I will accept your council and wisdom."

Albus patted the vampire on the arm and left to make the arrangements. After that, Felix was set up in his rooms to wait the outcome of the final battle.

That evening the occupants of Hogwarts made ready. They knew that at any time the Volturi or the Death Eaters could attack Hogwarts. Jacob reported smelling new vampires in the Forbidden Forest. Alice was telling the defenders of the castle that the Dark Lord was on the move.

"It would appear that some short goblin like creatures have evicted the Dark Lord from his hiding place," she said. "He will be in the forest with his army in a few hours time. Hagrid is in danger."

"WHAT?" Harry asked. "What is happening to Hagrid?"

"He was taken by some of the Volturi guards," she said. "They have him in the forest."

"We have to do something to help him," said Harry. "I think I know just the thing."

"What are you thinking Harry?" asked Hermione.

"You will find out soon enough," said Harry. "Come on Edward. We are taking a small trip into the Forest."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – You will also find out in the next chapter what I have in mind. Sorry for the cliff hanger, but it is fun to leave you wanting more. As far as some of the other things I have done with this chapter, I wanted to have a totally different way of doing things. I like being unique. That is the reason I did what I did with Narcissa as well as Felix. I have read the entire Twilight Saga and even in the books, Marcus is like a mute. He rarely says much and when he does, the other two sort of treat him like a geriatric with Alzheimer's. Therefore I am undecided what I want to do with Marcus. I am not sure if I want him stopped or let him go back to Volturi as a doddering old fool.

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