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To Defeat The Dark

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NOTE – So many of you have been waiting and watching. The battle is getting closer and closer. I promise that it will happen soon. Also many of you wanted to know what happens with Ron. You will find that out in this chapter as well. So I won't prolong your anxiety any further and here are the answers to your questions.

SPECIAL NOTE – I totally spaced about the portkey. I knew I was forgetting something. So here is the explanation. I will just go ahead and say that the portkey was slipped into his pocket by Wormtail or Rowle during the battle in Diagon Alley. I am sorry about the confusion.

Chapter 22 – To Defeat The Dark

"What has your shorts in a twist this time Ronald?" asked Hermione pulling out her own wand. "You had better lower that thing before I force you to."

"Don't you tell me what to do you whore," snarled Ron. "I have seen you kissing that freak. I read Harry's journal. I know what you all have done to me and I will not stand for it."

"Mr. Weasley," snapped Albus. "Lower your wand this instant. You have gone against the normal behavior this time."

"Normal behavior Minister?" asked Ron with contempt. "How about what you did with your behavior, when you erased my memories? How is that fair to me?"

"I did what I had to do for the success in defeating Voldemort," said Albus angrily. "You are a liability to our cause. I was within my right to erase your memories as you were, and are once again, threatening your fellow students. Now lower your wand before I have you arrested as a traitor to the Ministry."

"RONALD WEASLEY!" screamed Molly causing Harry, Edward, and Jasper to hold their hands to their ears. "HOW DARE YOU THREATEN OTHER STUDENTS? YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR THIS TIME."

"Molly," admonished Minerva. "Kindly lower your voice. You are hurting Harry and his family."

"Sorry Harry dear," said Molly. "Ronald, I am so disappointed in your actions. I am ashamed to call you my son. You will lower your wand this instant or I will make sure you never hold one again."

"Are you threatening me mother?" asked Ron with a snarl on his lips. "How dare you go against your own flesh and blood for an abomination? Hermione was my love and my life. Now thanks to the boy – who – won't – die, I have lost her. You lot are just a bunch of traitors and I do not consider myself a part of this family of losers any longer."

"How is this any fault of mine?" asked Harry starting to get angry. "I have done nothing. I did not force Paul to imprint on Hermione. I did not force Hermione's magic to flare up and react to him."

"Had you not come back then this would never have happened," said Ron. "Do not think of trying to erase my memories again Dumbledore. My mind is protected now. I have seen the Dark Lord and he is very interested in what is going on in this castle right now. So I will demand that you give me his wand. He was very adamant that you give it back."

"You are Imperiused," said Harry suddenly sensing the change in Ron. "You are not acting on your own."

"Shut up Potter," said Ron. "I will be bringing you in front of the Dark Lord where he can end even your abnormal life. This time you will not get away from him."

"Why are you doing this Ron?" asked Hermione with tears in her eyes. "You do not love me. You have only shown interest in me when I am helping you pass your classes. For once in my life I am truly happy. You always ruin everything."

"I am not going to stand her and listen to you blame this on me you filthy Mudblood," said Ron with scorn. "You are no longer worth the dirt on my shoes. The Dark Lord said that you were to die. Therefore I am the one that will kill you. I think that when this is all done, he will award me with Potter's money. It is time that I got something from all of this."

"Expelliarmus," said Harry in attempt to disarm Ron.

"Nice try Potter," said Ron as he held on to his wand. "This is a nice little trick that the Dark Lord invented. You will never be able to disarm me. Quite a remarkable spell he created."

"There are other ways of getting your wand away from you," said Harry as he prepared to run at Ron.

"I don't think so Potter," said Ron. "I have a spell that will knock you down if you even step a foot out of line. I am very much protected by the Dark Lord and there is nothing that any of you can do about it. So I will take the Dark Lord's wand if you please Dumbledore."

Albus slowly took the wand out of his pocket. He was moving slowly while chanting under his breath trying to break the spell that surrounded Ron. Ron laughed at him and sent a stunner which hit him before he had time to blink. From there he summoned the yew wand.

"Nice try old man," said Ron. "Now I will finish with the second half of my job. It is time to kill the Mudblood. The Dark Lord told me to make it as painful and as long as possible. So I will start with CRUCIO!"

Ron cast the Unforgivable Curse on Hermione so fast that no one had time to act. Hermione fell to the floor screaming in agony. After a couple of moments, a couple of her ribs broke with a pop. Ron had a sadistic glee on his face. He was not prepared for what happened next. While he was concentrating on Hermione, he did not notice that Paul had entered the castle. When he heard Hermione screaming, he went immediately to the sound of her pain. It did not take him but mere seconds to see what was going on. Ron lifted the spell and raised his wand. He was able to say the word Avada when everything happened at once. Before anyone could cry out, Paul sprang at Ron and with one quick bite from his powerful jaws he ripped out Ron's throat. From there, the spell that was on the Great Hall ended. Everyone acted quickly. Harry raced to Hermione's side. He reached for his core of magic and brought the healing power to the forefront of his abilities. When he started to glow with the aura of the healing gift, he placed his hands on Hermione and allowed his power to flow into her. He was gentle with his administrations. He allowed his magic to do a pain block on her while he was healing her. Severus and Poppy were by his side. Poppy had her wand out and was scanning while Harry was healing. She directed Harry to her wounds and watched with a smile on her face as the wounds were treated. Paul was still in his wolf form and he was walking back and forth near Harry and Hermione. When Harry was finished healing her, she opened her eyes. Paul phased back into his human form and sat near her. He gathered her gently in his arms and held her. Severus discretely conjured some clothes for him and with a flick of his wand had Paul dressed.

Harry stood and was guided to Albus by Edward. Harry knelt next to the old wizard and let his gift heal the small wounds that Albus had. When he was done, Minerva pointed her wand at Albus and woke the old man. With her help, he stood up and looked around. Harry was still in his healing trance as he went over to Ron. It was just moments before they realized that there was nothing that could be done for him. If Harry could cry, he would have when he looked up at Molly. The sadness on his face was clear to everyone.

"I am so sorry Molly," said Harry. "All of this is my fault. It was never my intention to get anyone hurt. Ron was right. I should have stayed away. If I had, then none of this would have happened."

"Stop right there Harry James Potter," said Molly angrily. "I am only going to say this once so you better pay attention. This is NOT your fault. I am saddened by the loss of one of my children, but this is not your fault. Ronald was always jealous of you. I have read his journal. In it he said many unkind and untrue things about you. You are a pure soul that has had many bad things happen to you. You did not ask for any of this and you will NOT blame yourself for what has happened today. I will NOT allow it."

"I could have prevented all of this," protested Harry. "I could have made him see reason or something."

"How?" asked Arthur. "Molly is right. This isn't your fault. You are not to blame for any of this. Ron has been turning to the dark side for awhile now. We hoped that we were wrong, but we suspected it. He has made comments in the past about what he would like to do. None of them ever sounded good for you."

"But," said Harry. "If I had stayed away, then this would not have happened and Ron would still be alive."

"Oh shut up Harry," said Ginny. "Ron was an arrogant and selfish prat. He never wanted to do his own work. He was always expecting someone else to do it for him. He has been bitching and moaning for awhile now about how bad his life had gotten since you were not here to make him look good anymore. You are a part of our family and we would never blame you for his actions. You did not force him to go to the Dark Lord. He did that all by himself. He always was one that only wanted to play with or be with the strongest of the bunch. He did not love you. He only loved your fame and your money. So shut up and listen to mum and dad. They know what they are talking about. If I hear you blame yourself once more, I will hit you with my Bat Bogey Hex. You KNOW how powerful they are and how skilled at them I am."

"Harry," said Albus. "I think you should listen to the Weasley's. They love you. You are as much a part of their family as those of their blood. Ginerva is right when she says that this is not your fault. You can not keep blaming yourself for the actions of others. You have enough to worry about already without adding this to the load on your shoulders."

Harry sat down and placed his head in his hands. Edward sat next to him and wrapped his arm around Harry's waste. Draco had helped Paul get Hermione comfortable in a chair and was quietly talking with her. Paul looked disgusted with himself. Bill and Charlie were talking with him trying to get him to calm down. Molly and Arthur went with Poppy to the infirmary to be with their youngest son. Harry was miserable. He knew that this was something that could have been avoided. He just couldn't figure out how. Jasper helped out by projecting calmness into the room. Harry knew that this was hard on him with so many emotions. Severus was standing with him and was trying to shield him as much as possible. By now everyone that was a part of the DA was assembled. Harry stood with a sigh and made his way over to Albus.

"Professor," said Harry. "Now that everyone is assembled, I think that we need to get started on what everyone is to do."

"I think that might be for the best," replied Albus. "Walk with me to the front of the Hall."

Harry and Albus made their way to the staff table. They stopped in front of it and turned to the assembled people. The hall quieted as Harry and Albus stood there and looked around.

"I think that it is in our best interest to get started," said Albus. "All Aurors are to start setting up wards that will stop the Death Eaters from gaining ground here by the castle. Members from the Order are to split off in different factions. I want a party that will help with healing, one that will help rescue fallen comrades, another to help keep the students safe, and another to help with the fighting. Those of you in the DA will report to Harry. The staff of Hogwarts will report to Minerva. For the moment, I would like Minerva to hand out her assignments to the staff."

"We have had a consensus Albus," said Minerva. "Half of the staff will work with you and the other half will work with Harry. Severus, Filius, Pomona, Rolanda, and I will work with Harry and his group. The rest will report to you for instructions. Sybil will help Poppy in the infirmary."

"Harry," said Albus turning towards him. "I think that it is time for you to give your DA members their instructions."

"I have been thinking about this carefully," said Harry. "I would like for Cho, Collin, Dennis, Neville, and Luna to work inside the castle. They are to help guard the secret tunnels. Hermione, I need you and Paul to guard the area by the Whomping Willow. Take Leah and Alice with you. Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, and Rosie, I need you to help guard the entrance of the castle. We do not want any members of the guard to get into the castle. Professor McGonagall I need you to work with Draco up in the astronomy tower. We need you to grab a few members of the DA to help rain spells down on the Death Eaters from up high. Professor Sprout, I need as many plants that can be gotten to help guard the castle. Neville can help you there with that as he is the best in Herbology. I need the quidditch teams to be in the air. You will be dropping some of the plants that Professor Sprouts gives you onto the enemy. Ginny will work with the Gryffindor team. Professor Snape, I need you to let Oliver Wood work with the Slytherin team. Fred I need you to lead the Ravenclaw team, and George I need you to work with the Hufflepuff team. Professor Flitwick, I need you to charm the grounds around the castle as much as you possibly can to cause disruptions to the vampires and werewolves. If anyone can do it, it would be you. For those of you in the air check with Fred and George for your supplies. They have brought many things from their shop that can help in this fight. I would have asked Hagrid to handle Aragog and the other creatures of the forest, but as he is still captured at this moment, I do not know how to handle that."

"I will do it," said Albus. "Many of the denizens of the forest know who I am. They will trust me. I will be out and about on the grounds anyway as I want to be in view for when Tom comes out into the open."

"We is wanting to help too," said Dobby from near Harry. "We is able to help. Dobby is talking with the other house elves and we is all agreeing that we is wanting to help defend the school."

"I don't want any of you to get hurt," said Harry. "I would be very sad if I lost you or Winky."

"We is knowing that Harry Cullen," said Dobby. "We is loving you too. We is also knowing that you is needing our help."

"We can always get them to help with the injured as well as retrieving fallen comrades," said Jasper. "That way they are not in as much danger."

"Good thinking Jasper," said Harry. "Winky I want you to get twenty elves and help Madam Pomfrey. Dobby I want you to get another twenty together so that we can get to the fallen on the grounds. The rest of the elves can help protect the younger students in the dungeons."

"What about us?" Jacob asked. "What is our job? We came here to help you end this once and for all and that is what we are going to do."

"Your job is to take down as many vampires as possible that are attacking the school," said Harry. "Stick together that way you don't have to worry about anyone falling during battle. I want as few injuries to you all as possible."

"Sounds good to me," said Jacob.

"I will be watching out for you from the astronomy tower," said Draco. "You had better stay out of trouble or I will hex you into next year."

"Do not worry so much," said Jacob. "We know how to stay alive. Besides, Harry and Edward will be out on the grounds as well."

"What is our main goal?" asked Hermione. "Who do we really want to bring down? Who are the top priority people to stop?"

"Obviously Voldemort," said Harry. "We need to bring down Bellatrix Lestrange as well. Then we have McNair, Rookwood, and Gibbon. We also want to stop Aro, Caius, and Marcus. Other than that, I think it is safe to say that we just hit anyone that is attacking. Just remember that if it is a vampire that is attacking with red eyes, you can bet that it will kill you. All I ask is that you are careful when casting spells around my family."

"Where will you be?" asked Albus.

"Edward and I will go in and retrieve Hagrid," said Harry with a smirk. "If we can back off you and Moody while Carlisle, Emmett, and Jasper were trying to distract us, then we have the best chance of getting into the clearing and getting Hagrid. All we will need is a portkey to get Hagrid back to safety."

"I will approve this on one condition," said Albus. "It is not open for debate either. Once you get to Hagrid, all three of you come back to the castle. You are not to send just Hagrid."

"I can accept those terms," said Harry. "We will get him back."

Albus pulled out a galleon from his pocket and cast the portkey spell on it. He handed it to Edward.

"You know Harry just as well as we do," said Albus. "Make sure he comes back with Hagrid."

"I will make sure that he comes back," said Edward. "You have my word on that."

With that, Harry, Albus, and Minerva cleared the hall. Everyone knew what they had to do. Many of the sixth and seventh years were to stay as close to the castle as possible to assist where they could. They were not to engage in the battle unless they had no choice. The older members of the DA were to team up in pairs of threes and fours to bring down as many werewolves and Death Eaters as they could. Harry and Albus were adamant about no one being by themselves. People such as Agusta Longbottom were going to stay in the castle to help with fallen comrades and to help with protecting the students. Andromeda and Ted Tonks were going to fight on the grounds. Moody was organizing the members of the Order while Kingsley had the Aurors and such going about their tasks.

Harry and Edward left to be alone for a little while. They sat on the edge of the lake and enjoyed the presence of each other's company.

"I love you more than anything Harry," said Edward. "Now I see why you were the way you are. This war has made you a natural born leader. It is a shame that someone as young as you are has to go through something like this. You never had a chance to have a normal childhood much less anything else. At least I had seventeen years with my parents before the flu took them. Then I have had over one hundred years with Carlisle and Esme."

"We will win this," said Harry. "I don't want you to worry about that. When this is all said and done, I will be able to have hundreds of years of being happy with you. I will not let Voldemort stop us from having a happy life. You are now my world and my, everything. Not a day goes by that I am not happy with the knowledge that I will have you for eternity."

"How sentimental," said a mocking voice behind them. "Itsy bitsy baby Potter loves his blood sucker. We can't have you happy now can we Potter. It is time to take away the one thing in this world that makes you happiest. I think I will have your boy toy."

Harry gave a sadistic smile as he cast a shield around Edward. It was still unknown to the Death Eaters that Harry had retained his powers much less having the ability to cast wandless and wordless spells. He pulled out his wand and made a mocking bow to Bellatrix.

"So the top lieutenant of Voldemort has come to dance," he said. "I was hoping he would be so stupid as to do something like that."

"One of these days Potter," said Bellatrix in anger. "You will regret allowing his name to pass through your half blood lips."

"Right," said Harry. "Like his blood is any purer than mine. Oh wait I forgot, I don't have blood anymore."

"Joke all you want Potter," said Bellatrix. "It will end right here and right now for your lover boy. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Harry and Edward laughed as the killing curse hit Edward. Edward pulled out a wand and was now pointing it at Bellatrix.

"Shall we end this lover?" he asked Harry. "I am so getting tired of having to tell people that your name is no longer Potter. People will never get it through their thick skulls that your name is now Cullen."

"How did you survive that curse?" asked Bellatrix. "No one can survive that curse except for Potter."

"Did you really not listen when you saw me last?" asked Harry incredulously. "You can NOT kill what is already dead with the killing curse you stupid insane bitch."

"HOW DARE YOU," she yelled. "I will destroy both of you for that."

Immediately she went on the offensive. She was a witch of prodigious skill. There were only two people alive that were better than her. The Dark Lord and Albus Dumbledore were better than she, and she knew it. She came across Harry and Edward thinking that she had an easy kill. She was not expecting Harry and Edward to fight her. The battle raged. Bellatrix cast every spell she could think of. However, Harry and Edward went into battle mode. They had not practiced with Albus, Moody, Severus, and others for nothing. Their minds merged, and they fought like and endless team. A couple of vampires came out and the battle raged further. Bellatrix knew she was gifted. It was not long before she figured out what spells would hurt a vampire the most. What she was not counting on was Edward being able to use magic. Harry was able to counter each and every hex she threw while Edward kept the three Volturi guards at bay. They were soon joined by two more Death Eaters and a few more guards of the Volturi. Harry and Edward were working as a cohesive unit while the other two opposing teams were trying to attack anyone that was not a part of their group. Soon the battle was joined by other members of Harry's family. Draco charged in sitting between Jacob's shoulders. As soon as they entered the fray, Draco jumped off of Jacob and stood with Harry and Edward. Jacob, Leah, Embry, Paul, Quil, Jared, and Hermione joined in the fight. The battle raged around the area for an hour before it ended. When it was done, Bellatrix was alive, but she was taken into custody. The vampires that were not part of the Cullen family were destroyed and burned. The other Death Eaters were dead on the ground in front of Harry.

Aurors appeared at the scene and Harry sagged against Edward. Edward held him as the Aurors took Bellatrix away. Hermione and Draco helped the pack gather the pieces of the dead vampires while Edward and Harry stood and watched. Carlisle and Esme rushed up to make sure that their boys were unharmed.

"Are the two of you alright?" asked Esme as Carlisle looked them over. "Are you hurt anywhere?"

"Esme we are fine," said Edward. "The training that Albus set up for us paid off. We were able to stay on guard and keep ahead of everything while the others got here. We won this fight."

"Who is that woman that they have taken?" asked Carlisle. "She seems a little insane."

"That is Bellatrix Lestrange," said Harry. "She is the top in Voldemort's army now that Lucius and Severus are no longer a part of it. I think I know a way of stopping her for good now."

"How would you go about that?" asked Albus. "The only way I can think of would be to have the Dementor's Kiss administered."

"You could always take away her magic," said Harry. "I found a spell in a book that I found in Grimmauld Place. According to the book, Godric himself created the spell that when used by a powerful Light Wizard, they could enter the mind of a dark witch or wizard and take away their ability to use magic."

"What is the effect of the spell?" asked Albus curiously. "What happens to the person it is performed on?"

"Physically they will live," said Harry. "Basically you go into their magical core and cause the equivalent of an explosion in their core. The magic will drain away."

"Who would you want to cast the spell?" asked Albus.

"I would have thought that obvious Sir," said Harry with a smile. "You are the most powerful Light Wizard alive today. It will help us to know that she can never help Riddle again even if he does manage to save her."

"I will need a copy of the spell," said Albus. "When I have that, I will cast it. Will it affect me any at all?"

"You might need to eat something or sit down and rest for awhile, but you will not be harmed by the spell," said Harry. "I would cast it myself, but I think that it is best if I just stay on the sidelines and let you handle the fate of the criminals."

"Very well," said Albus. "Where is her wand? It will need to be destroyed."

"I have it," said Edward. "It feels just as evil as the one from Voldemort. I hate handling it. It just feels so dark compared to my own."

"Her wand is made of cherry wood with the core of thestral blood," said Albus. "Thestrals are very dark creatures according to lore as you need to see someone die before you are able to see them. We all know that not everything that is written in books about dark creatures is accurate. You and Harry are living proof that just because you are classified as a dark creature, you live and serve in the light."

"I did not find anything sinister about the thestrals when I saw them in my fifth year," said Harry. "In fact I thought they were very gentle creatures. That is how we got to the Ministry of Magic that night. We flew on thestrals."

Harry pulled out the book and showed Albus the spell he was talking about. Albus read it through a few times and nodded his head.

"This will help us with a lot of our Death Eaters when they are captured," he said. "It will help us in the long run when we get rid of the Dementors and can actually have our criminals stay in prison. It will also help that without their powers, we can hold them as we will not want the muggle prisons fill with what they would consider insane people talking about our world."

The group made it back to the castle. Kingsley was standing with his wand pointed at Bellatrix. She sneered at Dumbledore as he approached her. He looked down his nose at her and gave her a sad smile.

"It is my unfortunate job to tell you that you will never harm another living soul again," said Albus. "After today, you will be of no use to Tom. We will see to that."

"He will rescue me," she sneered. "I am his most loyal servant."

"Oh I am sure that if he survives this battle that he will no doubt come after you," said Albus. "However you will no longer be of any use to him. As Minister of Magic I am herby informing you of the following. For crimes against the wizarding world, I hereby sentence you to the following. Your magic will be taken away from you and you will live as a muggle for the rest of your life in prison."

"What are you talking about?" she asked with fear creeping into her voice. "You can not take away my magic."

"Actually there is a way," he said taking out his wand and pointing it at her. "Stupefy!"

Bellatrix hit the ground. Albus walked over to her and pointed his wand at her and said the incantation with loud clear conviction.

"Per meus vires quod vox, EGO hic iuguolo vestri veneficus," he intoned.

He watched as her body arched up. Those that were strong in magic watched as her core began collapsing from the inside out. Tendrils of magic could be seen escaping her body. She twitched on the ground as her magic left her. When the last tendril escaped her body, Albus woke her. He handed her wand back to her and waited expectantly. She screamed and started to cast spells only to stop when she realized that none of the spells she was screaming actually worked. She froze in horror as she looked down at her wand.

"What have you done to me?" she asked. "This is not possible."

"You will find that if you look inside your core that you will no longer have any magic," said Albus taking her wand from her and snapping it in half. "I did just what I said I was going to do. You are now a muggle and will be escorted to a prison of my own making. For now you will be locked in a classroom until the end of the war. When the war is done, you will be taken to prison where you will remain for the rest of your life. From there we will clear your vaults of dark items and divide your possessions between Harry Potter Cullen, Neville Longbottom, and St Mungo's."

"You can not do that," she said. "That is my family's money."

"You will find that I can do just what I said," replied Albus. "It is in our law books. You actually owe your life to Harry Potter Cullen. At least you will live rather than die."

Albus nodded to Kingsley and the Head of the Auror department escorted Bellatrix to classroom thirteen. She was pushed inside and the door was locked with a strong charm to prevent her from escaping as well as a Silencing Charm to muffle her screams. Harry and the rest of the group made their way to the Great Hall to tell their family and friends what had happened. Everyone knew that things were going to change in the wizarding world and it was all because of Harry Potter Cullen. They all knew that the tide of the war had shifted to favor the Light.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I hope that this chapter isn't too cheesy. I am not sure how it sounds and such. I wanted to do something totally different. I hope that you all enjoy it. Please don't flame me to bad. It gets annoying when people go from offering assistance to being down right rude about what they like and don't like about my story. The spell Dumbledore cast translates as the following: By my might and power, I hereby kill your magic!

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