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Time After Time

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Chapter 23 – Time After Time

The warriors of Hogwarts got themselves into position. They knew that at any time either the Volturi or Voldemort would attack trying to gain the upper hand in the war. Harry was determined to make sure that the Volturi did nothing to harm his family. He kept a close watch on the Cullens as well as the pack from La Push. He was sitting there watching the tree line of the forest when Paul approached him and Jacob. Edward stepped a few feet away to allow Paul to talk with Harry privately. Having access to many of the minds in the castle, he already knew what Paul wanted to talk about. He also knew what Jacob was going to say as well.

"Harry," said Paul as he walked up. "May I talk with you for a few moments?"

"Of course you can Paul," he replied. "What can I do for you?"

"I wanted to talk with you about Hermione," Paul said.

"What about her?" asked Harry confused.

"What can you tell me about her?" asked Paul. "I want to know everything about her."

"She is a very intelligent and independent woman," said Harry. "She is quite capable of defending herself and will do so at any given time. She is the top witch of the school and she is the most intelligent one that Hogwarts has seen in a very long time. She is from two non magical parents. Her mother and father are both dentists. She is one of the best friends a person can ask for. I consider it an honor to call her sister."

"Do you think she would make a good wife?" asked Paul with a blush on his cheeks.

"I am sure she would," said Harry amused. "Why do you ask?"

"Well," he replied. "I want to ask her to marry me. I know that witches and wizards come of age at seventeen instead of eighteen and I want to marry her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with her."

"Well," said Harry. "I am sure that if you ask her, she would accept. I can not speak for her nor can I tell you she will agree, but I know she has a good head on her shoulders and she commits to what she says she will. If you treat her like the intelligent wonderful person that she is, then you will not have any trouble. If you treat her bad, I suggest you run. She isn't the smartest witch in the school for nothing. She knows spells that can make you miserable for life."

"I think I will propose to her now so that she knows that I love her and it will help us get through this war easier," said Paul. "I know her favorite wood is cherry wood. Can you change this branch into a wooden engagement ring for me?"

Harry pulled out his wand out of habit. He took the branch of the cherry tree from Paul and gave his wand a fluid swish. The branch changed into a beautiful ring. The wood gave a shine that made it seem like it was made of an exotic metal. Harry gave his wand a second swish and the image of a wolf appeared on the band. He set a few charms and spells into the ring. With a second swish, he created a second ring. The difference between the rings was instead of a wolf, the second one had a book on it. Harry smiled as he admired his handiwork. Albus and Edward were both smiling as well. Harry handed the rings to Paul who gave an excited yell when he saw the finished product.

"That was some impressive creativity Harry," said Albus smiling. "The rings were beautiful."

"Thank you Sir," said Harry. "I wanted to make sure that each ring said something special about the mate. We all know that Hermione loves books."

Albus and Harry chuckled at the image. Paul left and went in search of Hermione. He found her in the Great Hall with a book in her lap. He walked over to her and kissed her. She smiled at him as she ran her finger down his cheek.

"Hermione," he said. "I want to ask you something very important."

"What is it Paul?" asked Hermione with a small frown. "What is wrong?"

Paul opened his hand and showed her the two rings in his palm. Hermione took them and was looking at them curiously. She smiled at the image of the wolf on the one and the book on the other. She looked at Paul with a bit of confusion in her eyes.

"What are these for?" she asked. "They are beautiful. I see you remembered that I like cherry wood. I can also tell that there is some of Harry's magical signature on them. He must have put some spells and charms on the rings."

"You are right," he said with a smile taking the one with the wolf and grabbing her hand. "Will you marry me?"

Harry, Edward, and the rest of the Cullen clan as well as the wolf pack were all listening carefully. Albus, Minerva, Molly, and Arthur were holding their breaths as they waited for her answer. Ginny, Luna, Draco, and Neville were smiling at the question. Hermione looked shocked for a moment as she watched Paul slide the ring onto her finger. She watched as the ring magically adjusted to fit. She took the ring she was holding and grabbed Paul's hand. With a smile she slipped the ring onto his finger and watched as it too, adjusted to fit.

"Paul," she said softly. "I would be honored to marry you. We will go and visit my parents when this is all over with and discuss it with them. I am sure that they will give their blessing on this."

"I know my mom will give her blessing as well," said Paul. "She has been waiting for me to imprint on a nice young lady for quite some time now. She will be happy to know that I have met the most wonderful woman on the planet."

Applause broke out around the hall. The two were so into each other that they did not realize that they had an audience. Hermione blushed when she realized that so many were watching and waiting. Ginny, Alice, Luna, and Rosalie all walked over to her to examine her ring.

"Just remember one thing Hermione," said Rosalie.

Everyone in the hall waited again. Rosalie was not one to talk with others often about things.

"What would that be," said Hermione with a curious smile on her face.

"You have to give him a flea bath at least once a week," she replied with a smirk on her face. "He does after all, like to roll around and play in the woods."

"HEY," said Paul shocked at the joke. "I resemble that remark!"

With that the entire Great Hall burst out laughing. Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, and Harry all walked forward to give both Hermione and Paul a hug with their congratulations. Jacob, Leah, Embry, Quil, and Jared all offered Paul well wishes and Hermione luck. Quil looked over at Ginny and felt the tug. Harry was watching the scene with amusement. Ginny's magic flared up to meet the imprint. Harry watched as the two grabbed hands with one another and looked deep into each other's eyes.

"I think you had better go and tell your family what just happened," whispered Harry. "They are watching you curiously."

"I am not sure what happened either," said Ginny. "Harry what is going on?"

"The two of you need to come with me," said Harry as he pulled Edward and Jacob with him. "I can explain it to everyone all at once."

Harry led them all over to where Molly and Arthur were standing with Bill and Charlie. He gave Molly a hug and was happy that she returned it. They were looking curiously at Quil and Ginny.

"I will explain it as best as I can," said Harry to the group. "Quil Antera, I would like you to meet Molly and Arthur Weasley. The two men standing with them are Bill and Charlie. They are Ginny's parents and older brothers. Molly, Quil has imprinted on Ginny. From what I am to understand of their inherited magic, they will wait for an eternity to find their soul mate. When they do, they will bond with them just like a wizarding bond. In this case, Ginny's magic reacted to the imprint causing her to bond with him in the same fashion."

"So what you are saying is that Ginny just found the person she was intended to spend the rest of her life with," said Molly.

"As did Quil," said Jacob. "He is a powerful person in the pack. He will give his life to protect and defend her. If something were to happen to her, he would die not to long after she does. If what Harry says is true, then she will do the same if something ever happens to him. I have known Quil since we were babies and I can tell you he is a very honest and giving person. He loves with everything he has."

"Will he marry her?" asked Molly.

"Oh yes," said Jacob. "We are taught that our imprinted mate is our world and we will do everything in our power to make sure that everything is done correctly. Quil will not take advantage of your daughter in any way, shape, or form. He will honor her integrity, honor, and heart."

"You say that her magic responded in a positive way to the imprint?" asked Molly looking at Harry.

"Yes," said Harry simply. "It is like with Hermione. Her magic reached out and embraced his imprint. The same thing happened with Draco and Jacob."

"Will he love her and treat her right?" asked Bill.

"I would rather die than to do anything to hurt her," said Quil speaking for the first time. "Now that I am imprinted with her, I will do what ever it takes to learn about her and her life and her ways. I will be by her side to protect her. I have admired her strength and beauty since she has been here. I am not sure why I imprinted now instead of when I first met her, but I am not unhappy about it. From what I do know of her, she is intelligent, and caring. I would be honored to ask for her hand in marriage one day in the future. Of course it will be when she is of age."

"How will you work it with her still being in school and such?" asked Molly.

"She could always go to a muggle school," said Harry. "Quil will need to stay with his pack. Therefore, Ginny will have to learn how to live in the muggle world. She will get her magical training. I can train her myself. If it is alright with Carlisle and Esme, she can stay with us. The floo can be connected to the Burrow so that you can visit her at anytime and she can come and visit you. I will see to it that she gets her N.E.W.T.S."

"You would do that for us?" asked Molly in a shocked voice.

"You are like my family," said Harry plainly. "Plus I know that Bill and Fleur were going to be moving to Washington anyway to help keep the last of the Death Eaters from me anyway. So it is not like Ginny will not be with family."

"That is true mum," said Bill. "Ginny can live with us until she graduates from both, wizard school, as well as, Muggle School."

"Mr. Gordon at Forks High is a wizard," said Harry. "He can help with her as well."

"Ginny," said Molly looking at her daughter. "How do you feel about all of this? Is this something that you would like to do?"

"I would like to do this mum," said Ginny. "I will miss everyone here, but I feel like I should be there. It is hard to explain. You have always taught us that no matter what anyone has or their bloodline that we should treat them all with respect. When my magic reached out for Quil, I felt secure and safe. Besides, with the wolf pack, Draco, Harry, and the Cullens, not to mention Bill and Fleur, I think I will be more protected than Hogwarts."

Everyone burst out laughing at this statement. In the end, Molly and Arthur gave their consent. Harry promised to fund the whole thing and would not take no for an answer. Esme promised that they would get a house for them as soon as they could find one. Harry promised to talk to the President of Magic and get an international floo connected to the house when it was ready.

"I have a confession to make," said Embry walking up to the group.

"So do I," said Bella Swan.

"What happened?" asked Harry and Jacob at the same time.

"Embry imprinted on me," said Bella.

"When did this happen and how did you manage to keep it a secret from us?" asked Jacob. "When we are in wolf form our thoughts merge together."

"Professor Snape gave me a charm to help with that," said Embry. "Plus Bella is not open to having her thoughts read and such."

"That is true," said Edward. "Her mind is not like a normal person. It is as if she has a natural Occlumency shield protecting it. Even Alice did not see it happening."

"It would appear that the whole pack from La Push is finding their mates," observed Harry. "It may be a good idea to check with the rest to see if they imprinted on anyone."

"I am on it," said Jacob. "I will let you know what I find out."

Harry and Edward talked with the Weasleys for a few more minutes before Harry left to go upstairs to get his invisibility cloak. When he was back, he and Edward approached Albus.

"Sir," said Harry. "We are ready to go and retrieve Hagrid. I have my father's invisibility cloak."

"Remember your promise Harry," said Albus. "Go in and get out. Do not just send Hagrid back."

"I promise Sir," said Harry. "We will get in and then get out."

"Albus," said Minerva. "There is smoke coming from the forest. There are fires going on in there."

"Harry," said Albus. "Go in and retrieve Hagrid. Edward will go with you, take a look around when you are there and see what is causing the fires."

"We will be back soon with a report," said Harry. "Hermione, you are in charge of the DA until I get back."

Harry and Edward left the castle at a fast paced run. They went to check out a few fires and realized that it was vampires that were being burnt. Harry quickly explained to the centaurs what was happening. After being told that they would keep an eye on the fires, Harry and Edward continued through the forest. Harry and Edward went deep in the forest in search of Hagrid. Soon they came to the area where the Death Eaters were located. Hagrid was tied up to a tree. Edward and Harry put on the cloak and moved in close to observe what was happening.

"Has anyone heard from Bellatrix?" asked Voldemort. "She has yet to return with news about what is going on in the castle. She has also not responded to the burn of the Dark Mark."

"No my Lord," said Rookwood. "I have not seen her since she left a few hours ago to spy on the castle."

"Has anyone found Narcissa and Draco Malfoy?" asked Voldemort.

"Narcissa Malfoy has disappeared and Draco Malfoy is with Harry Potter," said Rookwood.

"What news of the Volturi?" Voldemort asked.

"We have had a few skirmishes, but as of yet we have not been able to get to Aro, Caius, or Marcus," said McNair. "They are surrounded by a special sector of guards that have been able to block us from getting near them. We are still trying to get to them as we speak. I have the Carrows working on trying to get to Marcus. He seems to be the weakest of the three. From there we will work on getting Caius. He seems to be the most blood thirsty of the bunch."

"My Lord," said Fenrin. "Why not let the wolves in my command and I go after the leaders of the Volturi. Our kinds have been enemies for generations."

"Your words have merit," said Voldemort. "I need a small contingent of wolves to help us get into the castle. Pick ten of your top wolves and have them report to me. It is time to let that old muggle loving fool know that I have not forgotten him. I know that the youngest of the Weasleys has died. I felt it when my magical shield around him ended. I want my wand back. Make it their top priority."

"Yes my Lord," said Fenrin.

Harry grinned over at Edward. The two opposing forces were at odds with one another. This was good for the Cullens and Hogwarts. The more they killed off each other the better it would be when the time came to defeat Aro, Caius, Marcus, and Voldemort. Harry and Edward crept up to where Hagrid was sitting. Harry took out the portkey. He reached over until he was holding onto Hagrid and whispered INFIRMARY. With a jerk behind their navels, they landed in the Hogwarts infirmary. Albus helped by levitating Hagrid onto a special bed that was awaiting their return.

"Harry," he said. "What is going on in the forest?"

"I need Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape here as well," said Harry. "This way I can explain it once and everyone can learn of what is going on. While you are doing that, I will heal Hagrid with the help of Poppy."

Albus turned and sent a patronus to Minerva, Severus, Kingsley, Jacob, Hermione, and Carlisle. Meanwhile, Harry reached for his core of healing magic and let it spark to life. He placed his hands on Hagrid and let the energies flow into Hagrid. Poppy guided him to the many wounds on his body, and Harry healed each and every one of them. Due to Hagrid's own branch of giant magic, it took more of Harry's energy to heal him. When he finally healed all of Hagrid's wounds, Albus handed him a goblet filled with animal blood. Harry drank it down in one gulp. When he was done, Albus filled it up again. Harry drained the second cup just as fast.

"The fires in the forest are from Death Eaters burning the body parts of the vampires," said Harry looking around to the assembled party while Albus filled his goblet yet again. "Voldemort and his followers have been having small skirmished with the Volturi. As it stands now, losses are on both sides. Edward and I heard Voldemort asking for the location of Narcissa and Draco. She is safe in Number 12 right?"

"Dobby would be able to tell us," said Albus. "Edward, why don't you send him to make sure?"

Edward nodded and left to find Dobby. He told the elf exactly what they needed and smiled when the elf popped away. In a few moments, Dobby was back with a grin.

"Narcissa is there Edward Cullen," said Dobby. "She is sitting in the library reading. Is you needing her?"

"Bring her to the castle," said Edward. "She can help with the healing of the wounded."

"Dobby is taking care of it for you," said the elf.

Edward patted him on the arm and left to head back to the infirmary.

"I have Dobby bringing her here to the infirmary to help with the wounded," said Edward. "I figured she could be helpful."

"That is good thinking," said Harry. "Sir, we found out that Voldemort is going to send a group of ten werewolves here to the castle to attack it. So we need to be careful about that. We also know that McNair is trying to get his hands on Marcus. Fenrin is going to bring the rest of his clan to attack the vampires and try to get their hands on Caius and Aro."

"This is great news for us," said Minerva. "The more they fight among themselves, the less we have to do."

"We still need to keep on our toes though," said Harry. "Even one werewolf is going to be a handful."

"Yes but we aren't normal werewolves," said Jacob. "Plus I am the alpha of my pack. I might be able to sway them to our side."

Harry was about to make a response when two things happened at once. Dobby appeared in the infirmary with Narcissa, and a wolf patronus entered with Hermione's voice.

"Harry, there are ten people heading to the castle," it said. "You need to get here with everyone quickly."

With that the wolf faded away.

"Narcissa," said Harry quickly. "I want you to help Poppy in the infirmary. I know you have healing skills. It will be needed in this if the war starts to get bloody for us."

"I will do my part Mr. Cullen," said Narcissa politely. "Thank you for remembering that I can heal."

Harry looked thoughtful at the woman for a few moments and then nodded. He left with the others to approach the entrance of the school. Leah, Jared, Paul, Embry, and Quil were already snarling at the approaching werewolves. Jacob phased quickly and joined his pack. Draco, Hermione, Ginny, Emmett, and Jasper were by their sides. Molly, Arthur, Bill, and Charlie were not far. Jacob approached the first wolf and growled low in his throat. The werewolf still in his human form looked troubled. This was not his alpha, but it was definantly an alpha all the same. He looked quickly to his companions. They all felt the same. They were not part of this wolf's clan, but they knew that this was a very powerful alpha male. The fact that he was flanked by five of his pack mates as well as about twenty wizards and vampires made them all pause. Jacob growled again. This time he had a different note to his voice. The growl was more possessive and aggressive at the same time. From what Edward was picking out of his mind, Jacob was telling the werewolves that they were either to surrender or be destroyed.

"Jacob's first growl was to inform them that he is the alpha wolf around here," said Edward. "His second and third growls were warnings. Basically he told them to surrender or they were going to be destroyed."

Jacob's ear turned when he heard Edward's explanation. His eyes never left the werewolves in front of him. All ten of them stopped. It was obvious to everyone that they were unsure of what to do.

"At least three want to surrender right here and right now," said Edward pointing to each in turn. "There are five others who are uncertain. The two on the end are fixing to attack Jacob to see if they can take his role as alpha and report back to the Dark Lord for a reward."

"I think it is time to show them who is boss," said Jacob in his mind to Edward. "Let the three that want to surrender do so while I teach these two on the end who is boss."

Edward told the others what Jacob wanted to do. Harry stepped forward and beckoned to the three that wanted to surrender. They approached slowly and cautiously.

"My name is Harry Potter Cullen," he told them. "I am a cub of Remus Lupin. He is currently protecting my home and friends in Washington. I will accept your surrender and grant you safety. Albus Dumbledore and I guarantee that you will not be harmed by us in any way. All we ask is that you allow us to put you somewhere safe until the end of the war. From there, you will be given your freedom to live your life as you choose. Not all vampires, werewolves and certain other creatures considered dark are evil. Remus is a moon wolf and he is the gentlest man I know. I am a vampire and I still work with the forces of Light. There is hope for all of us in this world. Do you accept our protection and conditions?"

The three nodded and stepped forward. Minerva and Pomona showed them to a room where they could stay in safety. They locked the three in and sent a couple of elves to bring them food and drink.

The rest of the pack sent to attack Hogwarts watched the transaction carefully. The five that were undecided were even more undecided. The two that were going to attack sprang. They were countered by Jacob and his pack. The wizards stepped to the forefront and stopped any stray spells from them from harming anyone. The fight was over in a matter of minutes. Though the attackers were moon wolves, Jacob and his pack worked as a cohesive unit with each other and their wizard and vampire counterparts. The fact that it was not the full moon and the attackers were not at full strength helped out immensely. Two more of the pack walked forward and surrendered on the spot. Harry granted them safe passage and Minerva and Pomona escorted them to the room. They talked for a couple of minutes with them. After inquiring to their needs, they told them that if they needed food or drink or things like that, that they could call on one of the Hogwarts elves to provide it for them. After thanking her, they sat down to discuss their situation.

Meanwhile the last three decided to turn and run into the forest. They were met by a few vampires from the Volturi. Harry and Edward were on the defensive quickly. The three moon wolves were killed right in front of them. The guard from the Volturi stepped forth and pointed at Carlisle.

"Aro wants Edward, Alice, and Jasper to join him," said the guard. "He says that he will offer to spare the lives of the rest of the Cullen family if those three join him."

"You can tell Aro that I have no desire to join the Volturi," said Edward. "I am staying with my family."

"My brother speaks for me as well," said Alice. "My mate and I will be staying with our family."

"So be it," said the guard. "You have just signed the death warrants for the rest of the Cullen family.

"Expulso," said Harry pointing at the guard. "Incendio. Tell Aro that if he threatens my family, then he threatens me and I will kill every last one of you in attempt to keep them safe. I suggest that you all leave before I forget I need messengers. You might want to tell Caius that there is a large force of werewolves heading his way. Their orders from the Dark Lord are to destroy every last one of you. If they ask, tell them that I am Harry Potter Cullen. I am a vampire wizard and I will not tolerate anyone threatening my mate and my family. Now leave."

The four remaining vampires looked stunned at this news. They were not told that Harry Potter was a vampire. They also did not know that he had retained his powers. They turned as one and raced back to tell Aro what they discovered.

Jacob and the rest of the assembly started to bring the bodies and vampire parts to the fire to burn. When they had all of them, the phased back and were given robes to wear by Rolanda to wear.

"So you are still holding back everything that you can do huh Harry?" asked Jacob with a grin.

"No need to tell them that since my transformation I am an elemental wizard," said Harry. "This way Voldemort doesn't find out either."

A movement in the trees caught their attention. A second later the sound of someone apparating was heard.

"My Lord," said the Death Eater bowing low. "I have some interesting news to give.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Don't you just hate it when I leave with a cliff hanger like that? I am sorry to do that to you yet again, but the battle is the next chapter and I want to really go to town with it. I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter. Hugs all around to everyone.

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