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The Final Battle

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Chapter 24 – The Final Battle

The Dark Lord paced back and forth. He was not having a good day. His Death Eaters were getting hit left and right by the Volturi. His beloved Nagini had been killed. The denizens of the forest were working tirelessly and in abundance against him. Last but not least, Harry Potter was a vampire that retained his magic after turning. From the report of his spy, not only had the boy kept his power, but he was stronger. Magical vampires were very uncommon. Elemental wizards were extremely rare. Now he had a very powerful elemental vampire wizard on his hands. Yes the most powerful Dark Lord to have ever graced the planet was very much indeed having a very bad day.

"It is time to show the Volturi that we mean business," said Voldemort. "Has anyone been able to get at the three leaders yet?"

"My Lord," said McNair. "We have good news on that front. We have finally managed to capture Marcus. We are waiting for instructions as to what to do with him."

"Make sure that he is magically bound," said Voldemort. "We do not want him escaping any time soon. I am interested in getting my hands on Aro and Caius. Keep working on it."

"As you wish my Lord," said McNair. "You know I live to serve."

"You are proving your worth to me and will be rewarded handsomely," said Voldemort. "Now leave me. I have other matters to attend to."

McNair bowed and left to attend the prisoner. He had his strike group that was ready to attack the offending vampires or the castle at any given time.

Harry was pacing back and forth. Alice was in the middle of a vision. Much to the surprise of the school, Luna Lovegood was in one as well.

"Harry," said Luna. "It is time for you to call out to the Dark Lord. It is time that he comes out into the open so that he can be dealt with once and for all."

"I think you might be right Luna," said Harry with a sigh. "I will never get this over with otherwise. I just want to go home and have my life back."

"You will Harry," said Albus kindly. "We will help end this and you will be able to go back home to the life you earned that finally makes you so happy. I will be by your side through all of this."

"Thank you Albus," said Harry. "You have always been like a grandfather figure to me. I may not have always agreed with everything you said or did, but you were always looking out for my happiness and well being. For that you will always have my love and respect."

"We would have pulled you out of this sooner if we could have," said Albus. "Minerva was especially eager for you to be away from your relatives and this whole fight."

"Professor McGonagall has always shown me that she cares," said Harry. "She may be strict and she may punish severely, but her heart is in the right place. Even Severus has his own way of watching out over me and pushing me to be the best that I can be."

"I always will Cullen," said Severus coming up. "I do not treat you like some hero. I treat you like a human being. Albeit, I treat you worse than I treat others, but look at the strength and frame of mind that you have. I loved your mother with everything that I had to love her with. When she was killed, I did everything in my power to help keep you alive. I may not have liked your father, but I am not so stupid to say that I did not have some respect for his ability. He was a very gifted wizard and your mother was a very talented witch. I think it is time to choose the groups that you want together on the actual field. After being with the Dark Lord for so many years, I am sure that he will be attacking soon."

"Ok," said Harry. "Edward, Jacob and I will be in one group with Albus. Severus, I need you to work with Hermione, Paul, and Alice. Professor Flitwick, I need you to work with Jared, Jasper, and Moody. Um, Professor Sprout, I need you to work with Kingsley, Emmett, and Embry. Bella, I need you with Poppy in the infirmary. Leah you are free to work with any group that needs you."

"Harry," said Albus. "I think that it is time to call out to the opposing forces now."

Harry raised his wand to his throat and whispered Sonorus.

"I know that you all can hear me," said Harry. "It is time to finish this once and for all. I had every intention of staying with my new family in Washington and not bothering anyone. For once in my life I was truly happy with what life had to offer me. Two opposing forces decided that it was not an option for me to be happy. Therefore it is time to end this once and for all. Aro, Caius, and Marcus, you are jealous of the Cullen family. You collect prizes from different covens around the globe to make you more powerful. You have lost sight of your main purpose as the leaders of the vampire community. You are supposed to be making sure that we stay alive and our natures and communities are kept secret. You do not do that. In my short time with the Cullen family all I have seen is them doing the work and you getting the praise for it. Now I am a part of that family and I will not have you trying to harm my family. Had you just left us alone, we would have obeyed the rules and stayed out of trouble. You have crossed the line and now you have pissed me off."

Harry looked around at the assembled people and smiled at them. He knew that many were grinning at his words. A pissed of Harry Potter Cullen was indeed a force to be reckoned with. He looked back at the forest and spoke again.

"Tom Riddle," said Harry. "You attacked my mother, father, and I when I was a baby. You did this because you are a scared person that just doesn't want to let nature take it course. You are an old man that deserves to be punished for your sins and crimes. You have created me. You are the reason that I am able to stand here today and defy you with everything that I have to do so. Neither can live while the other survives. You have signed your own warrant. I am your trial, jury, sentence, and executioner. You will be brought down for what you have done. You preach about blood purity and what not. I will have you know that your ideals are admirable, in the fact that our world should be protected from muggles and the like. What I don't agree with is the fact that all people not of pureblood status should not be allowed into our world. Muggleborns as well as half bloods should be allowed to have the same education and chance to live in our world. After all a half blood such as yourself does. Why can't others."

Harry could hear the gasps from the people standing behind him. No one with the exception of Albus has ever commented on Voldemort's blood status. Harry was making a bold statement and everyone knew it.

"To both the Volturi and the Death Eaters," said Harry. "It is time to end this once and for all. So if you are feeling that superior, come and put your power against ours. For the record Aro, Voldemort has Marcus and he plans on killing him. Caius, he is sending a large pack of moon wolves to attack you. So if you are feeling pressured, then you should think about the other covens around the world when you raid them for your trophies. So when you are ready, we are. It is time to put this to an end. May the better force win!"

Harry cast the counter charm and waited with the others.

"That was very well said," Albus remarked. "When did you get so eloquent with your words?"

"When you have nothing but time as you don't need sleep, you tend to pick up things," said Harry scanning the forest. "I read for hours at a time during the night. Shakespeare and Falkner are good authors. Besides, I am the Lord of more houses than I know what to do with. I have been letting Draco and Minerva tutor me on the ways of politics and social standing. If I have to be a leader, then I will do it my way."

"Of that there can be no doubt," said Albus with a smile. "Shall we get into our own positions and see what the effect of your words has on the other two forces?"

Harry and Albus shared a smile before they went and got into position.

Aro and Caius heard what Harry said. It made sense to them that what Harry said was nothing but the truth. Marcus had disappeared earlier in the day and the vampires could smell the wolves in the forest.

"This is leading us no where," said Caius. "We came here to destroy Carlisle and his family and we find ourselves weakening with every member of our guard we lose to that abominable dark wizard. We have to do something Aro."

"What do you suggest Caius?" asked Aro with contempt. "It is not my fault that Marcus went and got himself captured. We can gather the brunt of the guard and wipe out the moon wolves. I know how much you fear and despise them."

"I do not fear them," spat Caius. "I do despise them however. So what do you suggest that we do about this?"

"We can send a special force in to see about getting to the Dark Lord and trying to recover Marcus," said Aro. "From there we split up the rest of our forces and I will take half with me to get to the castle and see if I can get to Carlisle's family. You can take the other half of our forces and see if we can do much damage to Voldemort and his troops."

"That is a good idea," said Caius. "Have Maxwell lead a force of twenty to find Marcus. We shall give a huge reward to any vampire that can kill Voldemort. Also we can give a bonus to every head of a moon wolf that they bring back to us."

"This has merit," said Aro. "I will take my half and depart for the castle now. With good fortune and luck, we will both be victorious in our endeavors. Good luck my brother."

"If we go with the plan we shall win," said Caius. "Good luck to you as well my brother. May the gods shine down on us."

Aro and Caius shook hands briefly and departed to do their own part of the battle. Aro called forth Maxwell and gave him his instructions. The vampire bowed and left to attend to his duty. After the guard left, Aro turned his attention to his portion of the remaining guard.

"We will march upon the castle," said Aro. "Our primary goal is the Cullens. We are to kill and destroy as many as we can. It is within our power to end the threat of Carlisle and his family. They have been foregoing our laws for years. Another vampire has joined their horde. They have shared the secret of our kind with humans and now they need to be punished. We will attempt to save young Edward, Alice, and Jasper. They have gifts that will be beneficial to our family. With them in our ranks, we will be unbeatable."

"We will do as you wish," said Raymond. "We will attempt to bring as many of the Cullen clan to you for sentencing and punishment."

"Very well," said Aro. "Let us get to work then. Kill any wizard that you see. Some of them may be Death Eaters. Try not to kill any of the children of the school. That will only bring the wizarding population down on us. Albus Dumbledore is a powerful wizard that could be a problem for us if we harm a student of the school. If they are wearing a Death Eater mask, then do not hesitate to kill them."

The guard all bowed low and with Aro in the middle of them, they departed and started making their way to the castle. Caius was already talking to his group.

"We are going to head right into a fight with the dark wizard known as Voldemort," he said. "We will be fighting many moon wolves in his ranks. For every moon wolf you kill, I will give you a bonus. For the one that kills the dark wizard, I will give you a bonus beyond your wildest dreams. Our main objective is to kill as many Death eaters as possible."

"We will make it our duty," said Ashley. "I have no love for the wolves. So maybe we can wipe them out from this area. Do we know who the alpha is?"

"Our resources tell us that his name is Fenrin Greyback," said Caius. "A place on the council goes to the one that can kill him. Now let us get moving before it gets to late to do anything."

The guards bowed low and then they got into formation. They raced into the trees to deal with the werewolves, rogues vampires and the army of the Dark Lord.

"It is time to put an end to the impertinent brat," said Voldemort with a snarl. "I want the heads of Aro and Caius. I will reward who ever brings me the head of either of them handsomely. We have to stop that old muggle loving fool as well. We need to get our hands on Harry Potter and end his miserable life once and for all. Bring him to me alive at all costs. I will not tolerate failure."

"My Lord," responded McNair. "What are we to do with the prisoner? He is after all one of the three leaders of the Volturi."

"Greyback," exclaimed Voldemort.

"Yes my Lord?" asked the werewolf.

"You and your clan may play with him," said Voldemort with a sneer on his face.

"What if he dies in the process?" asked Fenrin with an evil leer.

"If he dies, he dies," said Voldemort. "I have no time for vampires that will not bow before me. Just remember, if you kill him to burn the pieces so that he doesn't regenerate. I will not have him coming back later and causing us more damage."

"As you wish my Lord," said Fenrin.

The werewolf beckoned to his followers and they descended on Marcus. Soon shrieks of pain could be heard as they wolves beat and started to rip him to pieces. Twenty minutes later, they had a fire going and they burned the remains of the ancient vampire. They were congratulating themselves on a job well done when Caius and his forces descended upon the group. An all out fight began. Death eaters joined the fight. Spells were flying as werewolf, vampire, and wizard fought. McNair was issuing out orders as he could while bringing down as many vampires as he could. Voldemort had already brought his portion of the Death Eaters to the edge of the forest so that he could deal with Dumbledore and Harry.

What neither dark army realized was that there were other factors in this game. The Volturi were after the destruction of the Cullen family as well as bringing down as many Death Eaters and werewolves as possible. The Dark Lord was after Harry Potter, Dumbledore, and as many members of the Volturi as possible for ignoring his summons to join him. Harry Potter Cullen, his family, and the forces of light just wanted peace. However what the two dark armies did not realize was that there was a fourth player in this game. Bane, Ronan, and Magorian had contacted the unicorns, hippogriffs, gryphons, and dozens of other denizens of the forest to assist in the attack. Aragog and his family left their glen and were harassing both vampire clan and Death Eater alike. So while the Volturi and Voldemort were in the middle of their fight and were also focusing on the castle, the creatures of the forest were picking them off from behind. Neither army knew what was attacking their ranks. Each assumed that the other dark army was responsible for the action. This suited Harry and Albus just fine. Let the two opposing forces struggle to dominate one another. It was significantly weakening them. This did not mean that they would be easy to defeat. No one from Hogwarts was stupid enough to think it would be an easy battle.

Voldemort broke through the trees with his Death Eaters as Aro did. They engaged in battle immediately. Harry and Edward went into battle mode instantly. They were determined to keep as many vampires from approaching the castle as possible. Albus and his Aurors were engaging in the battle as well. The Order was also entering the battle and giving it everything they had. From time to time, a comrade would fall. There would be a quick flash of light as either Fawkes or a house elf would pop onto the field and bring the fallen to the infirmary. Other members of the DA were busy setting fires to the vampires that were torn apart on the grounds. After a time, they decided to start burning the bodies of the Death Eaters right along side of the vampires. Jacob stayed near Harry and Edward. With Albus, they managed to bring down many Death Eaters and vampires. Albus was a wizard of advanced years, but he fought like he was a man in his prime. The teams that were in the air were doing a wonderful job of dropping unexpected surprises on the enemy below. The professors had put a Disillusionment Charm on them before allowing them into the air. So they were hard to see when one did not know where to look for them. The battle raged.

Caius and his portion of the Volturi went deeper into the forest looking for Marcus. They came across the fire that signaled that a vampire was burning.

"Spread out," said Caius. "Kill anyone that moves in this area apart from our own group. They have managed to kill Marcus. Revenge will be sweet on our part."

"I doubt that you will be going far leech," said Fenrin coming into the clearing followed by at least thirty werewolves. For to many years you blood suckers have been coming around here and attacking my people for no reason. That will all end today. I will personally enjoy ripping you to shreds. My resources tell me that it is you personally that is responsible for the slaughter of so many of my people."

"Do you really think that you stand a chance against us you mangy mutt?" asked Caius with a sneer. "I will delight in killing the alpha of this pack of dogs. You do not stand a chance against the might of the Volturi guard."

"Well, lets put that to the test," said Fenrin. "I will enjoy this."

"As will I," snapped Caius.

At once, Volturi and werewolf collided in battle. Howls of pain could be heard on both sides. The Death Eaters that were in the area were not sure how to enter the battle that was so deadly. They were wondering what to do when about one hundred huge spiders descended from the trees and started to attack them. They tried to fight back, but the attack came as a complete surprise to them and they were unable to put up much resistance. At the same time hundreds of creatures from the forest descended upon the werewolves and vampires. Unicorns were stabbing with their horns while hippogriff were shredding with their talons. Centaurs were raining arrows into the crowd by the dozens with unfailing accuracy. Aragog himself was able to grab Caius as he went to depart while Mosag grabbed Fenrin. Neither leader knew what was happening. All they knew was that a spider the size of an elephant had them wrapped in webbing that neither could break with their strength. During this time, the werewolves and vampires had all but decimated each other. Those that were not dead were captured by the acromantulas.

An hour into the battle, and there were no more than five werewolves alive. Every singe Death Eater that was still in the forest were either dead or had fled. Of the Volturi guard, there was not a single vampire left in the group that was with Caius. Aragog ordered his family to wrap their prisoners tightly and drag them towards the castle for punishment. With many mandibles clacking, the spiders followed his orders. Bane, Ronan, and Magorian assisted the spiders in their endeavor. When it was over, they had seventeen Death Eaters and werewolves from Voldemort's group and fifteen guards left of the Volturi along with Caius. Each prisoner was brought towards the castle.

Harry and Edward were moving swiftly among the vampires and the Death Eaters. Many had fallen. Hermione, Paul, Alice, and Severus made a ferocious team for the ones that tried to sneak in around that part of the castle. The quartet made short work of the opposing forces.

"Professor Snape," called Oliver Wood. "Professor McGonagall says your group is needed in front of the castle. Harry's adopted mother and father are in danger."

Severus waved a hand in understanding and he and his group raced to the scene. Carlisle and Esme were standing back to back facing ten vampires that had gotten past the external defenses and were trying to enter the castle. Rosalie and Emmet were working with Jared, Ginny, and Embry knocking back any vampire or Death Eater that tried to get past them with much success. Paul and Alice quickly joined the battle by knocking over some of the vampires. This caused them to lose their focus on Carlisle and Esme. Now that they had a moment to breath, the Cullen parents went on the offensive. Severus and Hermione came up and started to immobilize the vampires that were there. Hermione was a witch of great talent. Severus was a former Death Eater and he used his curses with deadly accuracy. It was not long before the members of the DA that were in the entrance hall to come out fighting as well. Soon parts of the vampires were flying as each person of the DA using their own cutting curses to strip the vampires of their body parts. They all knew that to keep the vampire from using their speed was to aim for their legs first and then go after the rest of their body.

Moody and Kingsley brought more forces into the fight soon and were making a clean sweep through the vampires. Fast they may be, but the vampires were no match for Britain's finest Aurors. Rufus was in another group that was having trouble and he fell. A vampire ripped his throat out and he died causing those that witnessed it to realize that one of their own had fallen. Dean Thomas raced to the Auror's side and hit the vampire with a cutting curse. He bent over to see if there was anything he could do for the Auror. This was his final mistake. He had not fully checked his surroundings and he was hit with a spell. His body fell over the dead Auror. Once those two fell, the rest of their group all joined them in death. Harry noticed what was going on out of the corner of his eye. He sent the mental message to Edward, and the two battled their way to the fallen members of the team. After an intense and bloody fight, they managed to send a message to the elves that they had four dead allies. Harry, Edward, Jacob, and Albus looked at each other for a moment. Jacob and Albus were breathing heavy, but there was an intense look in their eyes. As one, the four nodded and rejoined the fight with an intensity that had many vampires and Death Eaters fleeing in terror at the looks in the four pairs of eyes.

Hours later, the battle started to die out. All three sides of the battle had casualties. Thankfully the Forces of Light had minimal casualties. Thanks to Edward, Harry knew that they only had four deaths on their side. Harry lifted his wand to his throat and said Sonorus!

"I think you will find that many of your subordinates have fled or been killed," said Harry. "As I can see it Aro you have maybe a dozen vampires left in your group with yourself. Tom you maybe have ten Death Eaters with you. We have our full force to stand behind us. Let us end this once and for all. Most of my group will fall back. If you attempt to get to the castle you will be killed. If you stay here, we will battle until one of us is left standing."

"Chose your champions Potter," called Voldemort. "I grow tired of this game. I will have your head along with Aro, Caius, Dumbledore's, and Malfoy's.

"You will have a hard time with that," said Aro. "Powerful you may be, but we are still strong. I will have your head Voldemort. I will also bring about the downfall of the Cullens. Caius will be here soon with the rest of the guard."

"I highly doubt that," said Harry pointing to the area behind him. "It seems that there was one thing that you both missed in your plans for domination."

"What would that be Potter?" asked Voldemort with a sneer.

Harry sent a hex at Voldemort causing him to yelp in pain.

"How many times do I have to tell you that my name is Harry Cullen," snarled Harry. "Neither you nor Aro is a match for me."

"Care to put that to the test?" snarled Voldemort. "I am Lord Voldemort. I am the heir of Salazar Slytherin."

"Who cares?" asked Draco coming to stand beside Jacob. "MY name is Lord Draco Malfoy. I am the heir of the Malfoy line and the new Lord of the Malfoy name. You don't see me pretending to be more than I am not. I am a Slytherin."

"My name is Edward Mason Potter Cullen," chimed in Edward. "I am husband and consort to Lord Harry James Potter Black Cullen. So I guess that makes me someone special also."

"What is all of this nonsense?" asked Aro. "Edward, you are mated with the Potter heir?"

"Not only the Potter heir, but the Black heir also," said Harry. "Oh and Tom just so you know the blood of Godric Gryffindor flows through my veins as well. Does that make me a Lord of the Gryffindor line?"

"How do you know that boy?" Voldemort sneered.

"Because only an heir of Gryffindor can open a book written by him," said Harry with a sneer of his own.

"What book?" Voldemort asked with a confused look on his face.

"The one that told me how I can make your life miserable," said Harry.

"Enough games," said Aro. "I demand the surrender of the Cullen family. They have broken the laws set by the Volturi. They are to be punished by our laws."

"What laws have they broken?" asked Harry sarcastically. "They do not tell others of your secrets. They do not harm humans. They have done nothing wrong. YOU are just after my husband, brother, and sister. I am telling you this for the last time. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THEM."

"Enough of this," said Albus. "Let us end this once and for all. Severus, take the remainder of our forces and enter the castle. Draco, Jacob, Harry, and Edward, you will stay here with me. I want the rest of you safely inside the castle."

Everyone hurried to do as Albus said. When the doors of the entrance of Hogwarts closed, Albus turned back to the opposing forces.

"Time for this to end once and for all," said Albus. "If you think you can beat us then I suggest that you do what you think you have to do."

That was all it took for the two opposing forces to start their attack. Harry and Edward once again entered battle mode. Draco and Jacob were in their own element as Draco fired off hexes and curses at the opposing forces and Jacob used his speed and agility to rip and tear. Albus for his part went head to head with Voldemort. The battle raged. Many of the remaining vampires fled. Soon Aro was alone. Harry sent a spell at him that encased him in a bubble of magic that he could not get out of. He could not run nor could he move. The Death Eaters had long since perished. Edward and Draco were quickly gathering the pieces of the vampires and were burning them.

Harry approached the battle between Voldemort and Albus. When Albus realized what Harry was about to do, he lowered his wand and stepped back.

"Harry Potter," said Voldemort. "You have finally come to do a final battle with me? I may not win the war today, but I will definantly win the battle."

"You no longer have the protection of the twin cores," said Harry. "I have the upper hand here. You can not beat me."

"AVADA KEDAVRA," screamed Voldemort pointing the borrowed wand at Harry.

Harry sighed as he pointed his finger at Voldemort and stunned him without saying a word. He put a full body bond on Voldemort. From there he woke him up.

"Watch now as I end all of this," said Harry. "Edward, find Caius in the pile of prisoners over there and bring him to me."

Edward went over to Caius and with a charm, levitated the body to Harry. Harry lifted his hand and caused the webbing of Aragog to fall off of him. He put the same bubble cage around Caius as he did with Aro.

"Tom Riddle," he said. "For killing my parents as well as many others, I sentence you to a life of misery. For the torture of many innocent people both human and not, I sentence you to a life of fear. For the many times that you have hurt me, I sentence you to a life without magic."

Harry lifted his hand and pointed a finger at Voldemort. Fear flittered across the eyes of the Dark Lord before he hid it and glared at the young man in front of him.

"Professor Dumbledore," said Harry. "Would you be so kind as to bring me the werewolves that have surrendered?"

"Of course Harry," said Albus sending a patronus to the castle with the required information.

It was within five minutes that everyone was standing on the grounds and was watching the proceedings. Harry looked back and Voldemort and pointed his wand at him.

"Per meus vires quod vox , EGO hic iuguolo vestri veneficus," intoned Harry. "I meant every word I said. I was your trial. I was your jury. I was your sentence, and I am your executioner. You will NEVER be able to perform magic again. You will live your life in prison as a muggle."

Harry waved his hand and released Tom from the binds of magic. Tom reached into his robe pocket and brought forth another wand.

"You were foolish to think that I would surrender so easily," said Voldemort pointing the wand at Harry. "EXPULSO!"

Harry and the defenders all looked on with amusement at the horror that crossed the face of Tom Riddle. He tried many more spells and realized with horror what was happening.

"This is not possible," screamed Tom. "What have you done to me?"

"From a muggle you came and to a muggle you have become," said Harry. "As an heir of Godric Gryffindor I have destroyed your ability to use magic. Before you are taken away I want you to witness the full extent of my wrath."

Harry looked to the werewolves and beckoned them over. He whispered something into their ears and watched as each one thought for a moment and then nod.

"Caius," said Harry. "For centuries you have been hunting and destroying werewolves. You have made it your mission to eradicate the entire species. While I am not happy with the species for their actions, I do know that not all of them are evil. Therefore the Volturi will fund Professor Snape in his endeavor of curing lycanthropy. The remaining Volturi vampires will be left in peace so long as they do nothing to harm the project or my family. I can not say the same for you."

Harry raised his hands and sent forth a sphere of flame that engulfed the trapped vampire.

"For crimes against other species, I hereby order you to burn in hell for all eternity," said Harry. "May the flames that you feel now be the flames that you feel in the afterlife. To you that have surrendered, I suggest that you have each person in your clan send word to Severus Snape. He has managed to create a cure for your furry little problem. With the aid of the Ministry of Magic he will be able to get the ingredients needed to continue to help you all."

The five werewolves bowed low to Harry and made their way to where Severus stood. Harry watched as Severus told them when they could come for the cure. Harry turned to look at a new vampire that was entering the grounds with his hands up in a non threatening gesture.

"Felix," said Edward as the rest of the Cullens came into view and stood with them.

"What do you want Felix?" asked Harry. "Two of the leaders of the Volturi are dead. The third will be dealt with shortly."

"I want to lead the Volturi from now on," said Felix. "I have no quarrel with you or your family. I have already spoken with Minister Dumbledore and an arrangement has been made. I would like permission to take what is left of the forces back to Volterra with me and start with new laws and such. I wish no harm to you or your family. You have my word that I will never do to you what Aro and Caius have done. I promise to lead the Volturi in a new and different light and change the ways we have done things in the past."

Harry looked over to Edward who nodded his head in agreement.

"Very well," said Harry. "By right of conquest I could take over the leadership of the Volturi myself. However anyone that knows me will also know that I do not want that. Therefore I am willing to give you the chance to prove yourself. I give to you the task of leading the Volturi into a new era. You are to fund Severus Snape with the money he needs to help all werewolves who want to be cured. If the werewolf in question can afford it, they will pay their own way. For those that were forced into poverty like my Godfather Remus, the potion will be funded by the Volturi. Do you agree?"

"I will assist in any way that I can," said Felix. "I thank you for your generosity."

"Take your vampires and leave," said Harry. "Expect an owl from Severus soon with a list of what he needs for his potion."

Harry and his family watched as Felix went around to the different vampires that were entrapped on the ground. Other vampires came out of the forest to assist him. Once all of the vampires were freed, they all turned to Harry and the Cullen family and saluted. From there they faded into the trees and left.

"Aro," said Harry turning to the last vampire still in front of him. "You are a greedy person that likes to collect trophies. You were determined to destroy my family despite the fact that you were told they were innocent. As the one that has defeated you I proclaim the following. YOU will be a trophy as well as a prisoner in the Ministry of Magic. You will be subjected to tests as well as ingredients for different potions. You will never see the light of sun again. You will from this day forward never taste the blood of a human. You will live on animal blood for the rest of your life. I think that the blood of rats should do the trick. When the Ministry feel that they no longer need you, they will destroy you."

"I suggest that all of the Aurors start rounding up the last of the Death Eaters," said Albus. "Harry, by right of conquest I give to you a souvenir. Here is the brother of your wand. Do with it as you will. Any money that Tom had will be transferred into your account. What would you like me to do with the vaults of the Death Eaters that you have hand in being captured?"

"Have their vaults checked for dark objects and then sell off any properties they own," said Harry. "All proceeds will benefit St Mungo's. Also I think that an orphanage should be built for those children that are now in need of parents. Let Molly and Arthur Weasley run it. Let some of the money go to that and things that the orphanage needs."

"I have said it before and I will say it again," replied Albus with a smile on his face. "You are one of the most generous people I have had the grace of meeting. Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are. Now I suggest that you spend some time getting things around here back to normal and then go home. You are no longer needed here. I think that WE can manage it from here. I want you to go home with your new husband and family and get your life back and live happy. We love you."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this right here. The next chapter will be the final one of this story. I hope that you all enjoy the hard work and dedication that I have put forth into this chapter. It is the longest one that I have written so far. Thanks for the support.

Per meus vires quod vox , EGO hic iuguolo vestri veneficus. Is latin which translates closely as By my might and power, I hereby kill your magic.

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