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Chapter 25 – Return To Forks

The following weeks saw a flurry of activity. Harry and his family all assisted in the clean up of the grounds of Hogwarts. Harry went into the forest and worked with the denizens in healing the injured as well as paying respects to the dead. Between the Cullen family and the Order, they were able to clean up any debris that littered the floor of the forest. All bodies were taken away so that the forest could have a chance to recover from the war. Pomona and Neville led a team into the forest to assist with the planting of many trees and shrubs. Harry grinned in amusement at Neville who was in his element here.

"With what we are doing, the forest should recover within a year," explained Neville. "Professor Sprout and I have a certain type of magic that allows us to encourage the plants to grow faster. The fires destroyed so much that we are going to work for about a week to get it caught up."

"I think I can be of assistance with that," said Harry.

"How so?" asked Pomona. "I never thought you enjoyed Herbology that much."

"I liked it," said Harry. "It was not my favorite subject, but I enjoyed it. I can help you all as I am an elemental mage. I can get things to grow faster and fuller with my earth magic."

"That would save us a lot of time," admitted Daphne Greengrass. "How will you do it?"

Harry smiled at her and knelt on the ground. He placed his hands in the soil and summoned the earth magic that resided in him. When he had it, he let it flow into the soil. The others gasped in awe as the plants and trees started to grow and blossom in the area. Harry stood up and dusted off his hands.

"If one or more of you comes into the area and gives a boost to what I have done with your won magic, it will take less time for the forest to recover," explained Harry.

"Do not worry Harry," said Neville. "We will do it. Professor Sprout says that we can make it a project for the rest of the year."

"It is good to see you finally taking pride in your work Neville," commented Harry. "Always remember that just because we are not good in one subject doesn't mean that you are not good at all."

"We all have our strengths and weaknesses," said Draco kindly. "Not all of us can be Harry Potter."

"HEY!" exclaimed Harry as the others laughed at the joke. "I will get you for that. And I'll get your little dog too."

By now the rest of the Cullen family was roaring with laughter. Jacob looked indignant at the comment wondering what he did to deserve the remark. Harry lifted his hands to the sky and caused the winds to blow the rain clouds to the area. He concentrated hard on getting the clouds to release their burden. A gentle rain started to fall giving the newly planted greenery its nourishment. As the group left the area, Harry heard the plaintive cry of a young animal in the forest. He headed for the sound and came upon a small clearing that had a unicorn foal nudging it mother laying on the ground with a wound in her side. Harry knelt next to the mare and placed his hands on her. He concentrated on his healing magic and had the satisfaction of watching it flare. He was assisted by Draco. Harry carefully tended to the mare making sure to take his time as he healed her wound. The damage was extensive, but Harry knew that he could help her. Twenty minutes later, he dusted his hands of the residual magic and promptly collapsed on the ground. Draco and Jacob picked him up and carried him over to Edward. Harry weakly turned his head and saw the mare stand up and nudge her foal. She bowed her head to Harry who waved his hand weakly at her. Edward and his party left the forest to head back to the castle. They were met by Minerva who quickly cleared a path to the Gryffindor Tower for them. Edward laid Harry gently on the bed and told him that he better stay there. Harry nodded his head in agreement as Edward left to tell the others what happened.

"He just used up an abundance of his magic is all," said Edward. "Not only did he replant and help the forest recover, but he healed extensive damages to a unicorn mare that was dying."

"Foolish boy," said Severus. "Noble, but foolish. Some things will never change with him. He is always putting his life at risk for others."

"Where is Carlisle and Esme?" asked Edward.

"They are talking with Albus in the Great Hall," said Minerva. "They are going to be holding a ceremony tomorrow. There are quite a few awards that are going to be handed out."

"Let me guess," said Edward with a wry grin. "Harry will be at the forefront of most of them?"

"Did you really expect anything less?" asked Minerva. "He has captured and brought down the most feared Dark Lord to have ever graced the planet, captured and dealt with two of the most powerful and deadly vampires on the planet, and helped to defeat the most insane witch to have graced our planet in two thousand years. Do not think that you will not be awarded handsomely for your portion of it all either."

"You do know that Harry will not be happy about being in the spot light again don't you?" asked Edward with a small frown.

"We do know that," said Severus. "However, trying to get Albus to slow down is just like trying to get your sister to act like a normal person."

"Point taken," said Edward with a smile. "Well as long as we can go home soon and get away from all of this, I will be happy."

"Two more days and you will be back in your small town with nothing more exciting than finishing high school," said Minerva. "I promise that I will help see this finished quickly so that you all can go home."

"Thanks Professor," said Edward. "I can see why Harry loves you so much. He talks about you all the time and it is always in a good light. Professor Snape, Harry may not have liked you, but when he spoke of you, he had an air of respect. After seeing some of his memories, I can understand why he would not like you very much, but I can also see why you did what you did. Now that this war is done, I just want him to have a happy and normal life filled with friends and loved ones."

"I may have been hard on Harry," said Severus. "I know that at times I was down right cruel, but that was my way of building the inner strength that he has. I was best friends with his mother until one day when I made a terrible mistake. I have never forgiven myself for that mistake nor will I ever. I did not hate Harry. It pained me when I looked at him because he looks so much like his father with the exception of those bright and intelligent eyes. They are the spitting image of his mother's.

"I may not understand the whole situation," said Edward. "In fact I would rather not know all of the details, but I do know that Harry is a remarkable man and I am glad that he is in my life. I will not hesitate to hurt anyone who tries to take him away from me or causes him pain."

"We hope that you never cease in doing so," said Severus. "He deserves to be happy. So much was placed on his shoulders at such a young age. I for one am very content to know that he will be taken care of and will lead a happy life. Now that this war is over, he can truly be the person that he wants to be. From what I can see, all he wants to be is your mate and friend. I could not have wished anything better for him if I tried."

"Thank you Severus," said a voice behind them. "To hear you say that makes me very happy to count you as a friend."

"I thought I told you to remain in bed," said Edward with an amused look on his face.

"Since when do I ever do what I am supposed to do?" asked Harry with an impish smile on his face. "Why do you think Severus has so many grey hairs on his head?"

"Why you impertinent brat," said Severus heading for him and drawing his wand. "I am going to get you for that."

Harry laughed as he raced away with a shouting Severus hot on his trail. Minerva and Edward laughed at the scene. Together they made their way to the Great Hall. Albus was talking with Carlisle and Esme when they arrived.

"Ah Edward," said Albus with a smile. "How are you?"

"I am well Sir," said Edward. "How are things going here?"

"Everything is in order," said Albus with a smile. "Where is Harry?"

"He is being chased across the grounds by Severus," said Edward.

"Why is that?" asked Albus with a twinkle in his eyes.

"You know how Harry is," he replied. "I think Severus wants to teach him a lesson about being cheeky."

"Severus will not hurt him will he?" asked Esme worriedly.

"No," said Minerva with a laugh. "I do have to say that the two were laughing quite a bit as they raced out the door. They should be back in a few moments."

No sooner had she said that, a smirking Severus entered the hall with a complaining Harry. The others took in the sight of Harry and everyone burst out laughing.

"Severus you change me back this instant," said Harry. "I can not go to the feast or the award ceremony looking like this."

"Do pipe down Cullen," said Severus. "After all you deserve it."

"Maybe so," said Harry. "But did you have to turn my hair green and my skin grey?"

"It will teach you a lesson," said Severus. "You really think that I didn't learn some things from your father and his friends about pulling pranks and such? After all I DID teach the Weasley twins."

Hermione and a group of others came into the Great Hall. When they saw what appeared to be a green and grey Harry Cullen, she started to snicker. It was soon picked up by the others as they entered the room. Soon the whole school and its defenders were laughing at Harry.

"You think this is funny Draco Malfoy?" asked Harry. "Let us not forget the night you got drunk and wore your maid's outfit for Jacob. It took me a week to get his hair from hot pink to black again. Plus you did look cute in your little skirt."

"STOP!" screeched Draco turning red and running from the hall.

The laughter started again as Harry stood there amused.

"Oh and Hermione," said Harry. "Do I need to tell the others just how you got that cat tail in second year?"

"Harry Potter Black Cullen you wouldn't dare?" she asked in a chocked voice.

"MEOW," he replied.

She threw him a scowl before she sat down and did not laugh anymore.

"For the rest of you that are laughing," he said as he admired his nails. "I can tell stories that will have many others rolling in their seats with amusement. Do not forget that even though I say little, I see lots. This will include Ginny, Neville, Professor McGonagall, Minister Dumbledore, Professor Sprout, Hagrid, and a few others that I can name that I have dirt on. So if you don't want me to spill the beans, one of you better get Severus to fix this."

"Blackmail Cullen?" asked Severus with amusement. "I didn't think you had any Slytherin in you."

"Shall I tell them about what I saw you in the other day when I came across you in the dungeons?" asked Harry with a smirk.

"STOP!" said Severus handing him a vial. "Here is your bloody antidote. Do NOT repeat what you saw Cullen."

Harry lowered his shields and let Edward see what he saw. Edward started laughing at the vision.

"Pink?" asked Edward laughing. "He wears pink pajamas?"

Harry laughed out loud at this. Severus turned every shade of red he could which was amusing with the skin tone he had.

"I didn't say it," smirked Harry as he changed back to normal. "I never said I would not show my husband the vision though so that he could tell."

"I don't think I can take anymore," said Minerva sitting in her chair wiping tears from her eyes. "I have not laughed that much in forever."

Many of the others were laughing as well. Severus was glaring daggers at Harry and Edward. Both vampires just sent a smug look back at him.

Remus and Tonks packed up the last of their things. The American Aurors were going to stay long enough for Harry and his family to return before they too left. Word had gotten to them that the war was over and that Harry had been victorious. Remus was the last of the parental figures that Harry had and he wanted to be with him during the award ceremony. Harry had sent a letter to him via Dobby that told him that he had a great gift for him waiting for him in England. He was curious about what it was. He and Tonks said their goodbyes and activated the international portkey that was given to them by Alex Daniels. They arrived in the Great Hall just in time to witness some of the laughter. Harry raced over to Remus and threw his arms around him.

"Remus," said Harry. "I have missed you greatly. How are things in Forks?"

"Quiet as a mouse," said Remus. "The American Aurors are staying until you get home. President Daniels asked me to tell you that he has something for you when you return home. Apparently Albus sent him a detailed report of what happened here and they have something special planned for the Cullen family when they get back. It will include the Quiluetes and the Denalis."

"Well at least they will not be targeting just me," said Harry with a grin. "You know how I hate the fame."

"So cub," said Remus. "What is this surprise that you have for me?"

"Actually," said Harry with a mischievous smirk. "I think I will let Severus give it to you."

Remus looked over to Severus who smiled and nodded.

"Apparently when I was helping Harry at Grimmauld Place, we found some rare and usable potions ingredients," said Severus pulling out a vial and handing it to him. "With these ingredients, I have been able to come up with the cure for lycanthropy. When it is your time to turn, you are to drink that. I can not promise that it will be pleasant, but I am sure that you will no longer change into a werewolf."

"You found a cure for werewolves?" asked Remus in shock. "Severus, do you realize how wonderful and important this is?"

"He will be a rich individual," said Harry. "I have made sure that he will be funded with all of the ingredients that he needs and that he gets paid for each and every potion that he makes."

"Harry," whispered Remus with tears in his eyes. "You are indeed a very special person and I am so thankful that you have done this for me and my kind."

"Remus," said Harry seriously. "You are the last of my father's friends. You deserve to be happy and lead a normal life. With this, you no longer have to worry about not being able to find work. You can settle down and have a family without worrying about what damage you will do to your children and such. The only thing I want from you is to be well and happy."

"I think I can manage that," said Remus. "Severus, I thank you for this. I will be eternally grateful for what you have done."

"Just follow the instructions I gave to you and all will be well," said Severus.

The next two days passed in a blur. Harry and his family were sitting in the front row that was made especially for them for the award ceremony. Albus and Minerva were standing at the head of the Great Hall. Both were resplendid in their dress robes as Minster of Magic and Headmistress of the school.

"I would like to start this ceremony by recognizing four very special people," said Albus. "Rufus Scrimgeour, Dean Thomas, Jeremy Winds, and Kelly Moore are being honored today as heroes for their part in the war. They gave their lives to help defend the wizarding world from both Voldemort and the Volturi. All four will be honored further by being the first people ever buried on the grounds of Hogwarts. Each will receive the Order of Merlin First Class that will be affixed onto their headstone. The families of each will receive a monetary settlement in honor of their dedication to the war effort. I ask that each of you bow your head in silent tribute to four fallen heroes, friends, loved ones, and family members."

The entire assembly bowed their heads in sorrow at the loss of life. The war had affected many over the years. It was never an easy thing to lose a loved one due to those who chose to walk the dark path of life.

"We are gathered here today to honor those heroes among us that are also still standing," said Albus. "The professors of Hogwarts please step forward."

The staff of Hogwarts stepped forward and waited for Albus to continue.

"For services to the school and for the parts that each of you played in the war effort," said Albus. "I give to you the Order of Merlin Second Class and awards for services to the school."

Harry watched as each professor of the school along with Poppy received their awards. He clapped louder than most.

"To the members of the organization known as the Order of the Phoenix," Albus continued. "Please step forward."

The members of the Order stepped forward. Albus smiled at each and every one of them.

"For stepping up to the occasion," he said. "For putting your lives on the line for the Forces of Light, I award each of you with an Order of Merlin First Class. The wizarding world thanks you for your dedication in helping us capture and defend against the Dark Lord and his minions."

There was another round of applause as each and every member of the Order received their awards. The Weasleys were blushing furiously at the praise. Their standing in the wizarding world had risen greatly with their support to the cause.

"Would the members of the organization known as the DA please step forward," said Albus.

Many watched as Harry Potter Cullen and his group of friends and classmates all stepped forward.

"For taking the initiative by forming this group and for using your natural talents to help defend the castle and the wizarding world," intoned Albus. "I hereby award you with the Order of Merlin Second Class and an award for services to the school."

The applause was loud at this proclamation as many parents stood up and gave an ovation for their children. So many were proud of the fact that their children stepped up when many full grown adults refused to do their part in this war. When the applause finally died out, Albus spoke again.

"Would the Cullens, Denalis, and Quiluetes please step forward?" asked Albus.

The crown got quiet as many watched Harry Potter Cullen and his new family stand and approach Albus.

"For leaving your homes and coming here to help us defend our homes," he said. "I hereby award each of you with the Order of Merlin Second Class."

Applause from the DA, professors, and the Order as well as the Aurors sounded loudly at this.

"To Harry and Edward Cullen and Dobby the house elf," said Albus. "For the rescue mission that was a complete success of our COMC teacher and friend Rubeus Hagrid, I award you the Order of Merlin Third Class. We thank you for being brave enough to go into enemy territory and retrieve him."

The applause was thunderous. Many knew that Harry and Edward had risked everything to bring Hagrid back. It was a first in history that a house elf was awarded a medal of honor as well. Dobby stood there with tears in his eyes. Harry and Edward knelt on either side of him and were holding each of his hands in comfort.

"To Harry Potter Black Cullen," said Albus. "For your ingenious capture of Bellatrix Lestrange, I award you with the Order of Merlin Second Class. For the information found and given as a new way of dealing with known Death Eaters that have received life sentences in prison for their actions, I award you with the Order of Merlin Second Class as well as the Lestrange vaults. For the capture and defeat of Tom Riddle, aka Lord Voldemort, I award you with the Order of Merlin First Class as well as any property and any monies that he had. For the capture and justice you served to the leaders of the Volturi that were abusing their powers, I award you with an Order of Merlin First Class for both Aro and Caius."

Many people in the Great Hall were floored. They knew that Harry had played a huge role in the battle, but many did not realize that he was the one that had really brought an end to the darkness. It was not missed on anyone that Harry was the most decorated hero in history. Albus gestured at Harry to speak.

"Many say that the definition of a hero is one who puts someone's life ahead of theirs," said Harry holding a hand of both Dobby and Edward. "Others say that a hero is someone that goes above and beyond the call of duty to make something wonderful happen for many. I thank you all for believing that I am that hero. I will tell you that I am just someone that did my job. If you want a hero, then I suggest that you look within yourself. Each and every person that played a part in helping to end the reign of terror that Voldemort started is a hero. Each person that put their lives on the line to help me and my family is a hero. These awards mean little to me. The reward that means the most to me is that each and every one of you stood by my side and did what you thought was right. Each and every person that was a part of this war played a pivotal role in our survival. While I appreciate that many of you looked to me as the savior of the wizarding world, I am just a man that has always wanted a normal life. So rather than thanking me for being the savior and the image of the Light, you should all be thanking yourselves for stepping up when the time was right and making a difference. I am proud of each and every one of you for being a hero. I am sincerely proud of my family and extended families for standing behind me and being there for me one hundred percent. I especially want to thank my life mate for believing in me and standing by me through everything."

When Harry finished speaking Edward wrapped Harry in his arms. He placed a kiss on his lips and held it there for many long minutes. Soon the rest of the Americans stood up and wrapped them selves into the huddle. Vampire, shape shifter, and wizard all stood together in one big smiling and happy family. The assembly was all standing on their feet applauding the group of people standing before them. The feast that evening was the biggest that Hogwarts had ever seen. People were coming over and constantly congratulating Harry and his family.

The next couple of days saw a flurry of activity in the castle as the Cullens and their group started to pack up their belongings to return to Forks. Many wonderful things happened during the awards ceremony. Vampires received awards along with a house elf, a muggle, and a known werewolf, not to mention the shape shifters. Indeed the wizarding world was changing for the better thanks to the efforts of Harry Potter Cullen.

They arrived home much to their relief the following day. From there, the Denali coven went home to pick up their lives again. The pack went back to La Push. Ginny and Hermione were with them. Hermione's parents promised to visit them soon. Hermione was a couple weeks shy of her seventeenth birthday, but her parents allowed her to leave with the promise that she would stay in touch until they could come and visit. Ginny, Bill, and Fleur were set up in a house near Harry and his family so that he could help keep an eye on her. The Cullens were welcomed back to the United States as heroes. Each was given a purple heart of valor for services to the country. President Daniels announced that even though the war took place in England, they were being awarded because they had stopped the war from coming to America. The pack from La Push were also awarded for their assistance.

When the Cullen family arrived back at school, they were greeted warmly by the entire school. They quickly picked up where they left off and managed to get back into the swing of things. Lilith and Damian had grown some since Harry left, but both were glad that he was back. Mr. Banner was delighted to have his two favorite students back in the class.

Harry received a letter a few weeks later from Remus.

Dear Harry,

I took the potion that Severus made. It was painful, but well worth it. It works just as Severus said it would. He is being recognized as the top Potions Master in the world. I am not sure what you did to help him, but he is fast becoming the wealthiest person around. Many clans of werewolves are coming to him for the cure. They all want happy lives and want to be reinstated into the wizarding community. They could not have done it without you and Severus. I am also writing to inform you that we have finally managed to capture the last of the Death Eaters. They were hiding from you and when you were no longer in the country, they attempted to start trouble. Without a leader, they had no organization or thoughts behind their attacks. Therefore they were easy enough to capture. I have some bad news for you however. We found Narcissa dead. Apparently she was poisoned by Kreacher for betraying the Black family. He has been punished for his crimes. I know that you did not want any harm to come to her. We also know she was starting to come around and doing quite well in Grimmauld Place where you left her. I have nothing else to report other than that Tonks is pregnant and we would like for you to be the godfather. Let me know what you think.

Love from Tonks and Remus.

Harry sat there and looked out at the sun. He was saddened by the loss of Narcissa. He knew that she and Draco were talking and trying to mend things. After Harry bound her to the Black family, she started working hard to prove herself. She did much soul searching to find where she went wrong in life and came to the conclusion that Harry was correct. Harry knew that life was never like you expected it to be. With a sigh he folded the letter and slipped it into a box with all of the others. He wrote a reply telling Remus that he would be delighted to be the godfather of their child.

Years later, Harry and Edward were sitting side by side in their house packing. They were moving back to England. Harry had graduated as Valedictorian from Forks high. He and Edward were going back to Hogwarts. Harry was going to take the post of DADA professor and Edward was going to take over as Charms Professor. Draco and Jacob along with Ginny and Embry and Paul and Hermione were all married and were living life to the fullest. Hermione was a school teacher on the reservation and Ginny became a police woman in town. Draco was living life to the fullest as a mechanic with Jacob. Harry laughed when he stopped in at the garage and saw Draco standing there full of grease. The two of them went into business with Rosalie and were having a very successful business going.

With one last look around, Harry and Edward said their goodbyes to the family. In a few more years, the rest of the family would follow them to England where they would be given jobs in the wizarding community. Due to their efforts in the war, many were told that even though they were a vampire that they would always be welcomed at any time.

Life definantly changed on the day that Harry Potter entered a little town called Forks.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I really didn't know how to end the story. I know many of you are going to be saddened by the thought that this story has come to an end. Thank you for following along with me as I led you on the journey that is Edward and Harry Cullen. This story has had many hits and visitors as well as a few hundred reviews. Thank you all for being so loyal. I am now going to start on my new cross over entitled, Sounding the Call. It is my first time writing a Harry Potter/ Charmed crossover. I hope it does half as well as this story did.

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