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Chapter 3 – Forks

Harry and Draco knew that Albus would send the elves and the owls to their new residence in the United States. Before they boarded the plane, Draco and Harry were met by Minerva, Pomona, Remus, and Molly.

"If you need anything at all," said Molly pulling both boys into a hug. "Do not hesitate to send an owl. We love you both very much. Take care of one another."

"Thanks Molly," said Harry.

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley," said Draco.

"Petunia," said Molly. "Please take care of our boys."

"You don't have to worry about that," said Petunia hugging the Weasley matriarch. "They will be in very good hands."

"Boys," said Minerva. "Do remember that we will miss you. Send us an owl every now and then to let us know how you are doing."

"We promise," said Harry for both of them.

"Do not worry about me," said Remus. "I am going to be fine. You just live your lives. We are all very proud of what the two of you have accomplished in your short time with us."

"Thanks Moony," said Harry wiping a tear away.

"Professor McGonagall," said Harry. "I would offer to give you the marauder's map, but it is one of the few treasures that I have. Maybe someday I will send it to you. Just know that with it I can keep an eye on all of you as well. Remus can tell you what I am talking about."

She gave a nod. Minerva was having a hard time keeping a dry eye. The four watched as Harry, Draco, and Petunia said one last farewell and then boarded the plane.

"I am going to miss them," said Minerva sniffling.

The others just nodded.

The plane took off and Harry, Draco, and Petunia were sitting in first class. They knew they had a long flight ahead of them. They had a stop in New York and then a second flight to Seattle. It was there that someone from the Cullen family would pick them up. Petunia put on her earphones and was listening to the music as she read her magazine.

"Harry," said Draco. "I have a question for you?"

"What is it?" asked Harry.

"Is it true that you are into blokes?" asked the blond.

"Yes it is true," admitted Harry. "I have not gone all the way yet, but I have kissed Seamus Finnegan. We were a couple for awhile until he got stupid on me. Then I broke it off."

"What is it like?" asked Draco with pure curiosity.

"You get a sense of protection," said Harry. "When you kiss a girl, it seems like it is something to do. When you kiss another man it gives you a sense of protection. Does that make sense to you?"

"Kind of," said Draco. "I have been battling with my own sexual desires for some time now."

"I know," said Harry. "Professor Dumbledore mentioned that I might be able to help you with that."

"We will just have to see," said Draco. "What are we going to do in Forks?"

"Albus wants us to go to the muggle high school. He wants us to go in as juniors that are a little advance for our age. We are to play it off like we are foreign exchange students. I have to admit that I am not sure about that. It has been so long since I last saw the inside of a muggle school."

"I am sure that the Cullen family will help us," said Draco. "From what Albus said, they have been to high school loads of times. That way they can tutor us in the different subjects."

"That would make things easier," said Harry. "I am glad that you and I have become friends Draco. These last few months would not have been easy without you."

"I have always wanted to be your friend Harry," said Draco. "My family had other ideas about that."

"I am sorry about what happened to your mom and dad," said Harry.

"Why should you?" asked Draco. "They were going to kill you. By them being given the kiss, it set me free to be the type of person that I have always wanted to be."

Harry and Draco each got lost in their thoughts after that. Later, Petunia got up and placed a blanket over both boys as they had fallen asleep. She closed both their books and set them on the side. With a smile, she went back to her own seat.

When they reached New York, Harry and company rushed to the next terminal so that they could board their next plane. There was not a long layover. They made it to the next plane with a few moments to spare. They all sat and watched out the windows as the lands of the United States passed by.

"It would be nice if we could have flown on our brooms," said Harry. "Professor Dumbledore said that he forwarded the rest of our luggage and things to the Cullen residence."

"That was nice of him," said Petunia. "It has made things a lot easier."

Both boys nodded. A few hours later, the plane landed in Seattle. The trio looked around as they didn't know what to do next. A melodious voice spoke up behind them.

"Harry, Draco, and Petunia?" asked the voice.

The three turned to see one of the most handsome faces they had ever viewed.

"I am Carlisle," said the man. "This is my wife Esme and my son Edward."

"I'm Harry Potter," said Harry. "This is my friend Draco Malfoy and my Aunt, Petunia Evans. It is a pleasure to meet you."

"What a polite young man," said Esme. "How about we get you home? I am sure you want something to eat other than plane food. Rosalie and Alice are cooking something for you."

"We don't want to be any trouble," said Harry unable to tear his eyes away from Edward.

Edward tried to probe Harry's mind only to be shocked as he got pushed out.

"Please do not do that without permission," said Harry. "I am more than willing to answer any question, but do not invade my mind."

"I do apologize," said Edward with a smile. "That is some gift you possess that keeps me out of your mind. Usually I have to work to keep the thoughts out of my head. It must be nice to be able to block it like that."

"Draco and I learned a branch of magic called Occlumency," said Harry. "It gives us the ability to keep people out."

"May I say something without sounding rude?" asked Draco suddenly.

"Of course," said Carlisle. "What did you want to say?"

"Well," Draco hesitated. "Edward looks just like our deceased classmate Cedric Diggory."

"Really," said Edward. "One of you will have to show me that image sometime."

"Shall we head to the car?" asked Carlisle. "We can talk more on the drive to the house."

Each of the Cullens took a suitcase from the Brits and led them to the car. It was spacious enough to fit all six of them. Harry found himself sitting next to Edward. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes off the beauty of the man. For his part, Edward was in the same predicament. The beautiful man sitting next to him was a blessing in disguise. He felt something stir in him that he never felt before. It was a sense of protectiveness, longing, and need. He wanted this young man more than anything else in the world. A couple of hours later, the car pulled up to the Cullen house. Harry and the others were led into the house.

"May I introduce Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, and Petunia Evans," said Carlisle pointing to each in turn.

The trio shook hands with everyone.

"This is my family," said Carlisle proudly. "The blond woman is Rosalie Hale. The blond man that looks a lot like her is Jasper Hale. The other young lady is Alice Cullen, and the big guy is Emmet Cullen."

Harry smiled at everyone. Edward thought his legs would give out. He had never seen such a beautiful smile before. Alice smirked at Edward before she taunted him.

"I told you so," she said. "You three must be very hungry. I hope you like Italian food."

They all nodded and followed Alice to the dining room. When they got there all three stopped and stared.

"Do you expect us to eat all of that?" asked Harry in astonishment at the buffet of food spread across the table.

"Too much?" she asked biting her lip.

Edward laughed at her.

"Look at the size of them," he said. "You two have made enough food to last them a year."

"It smells great though," said Draco taking an appreciative sniff.

"Dig in," said Rosalie happily.

"Oh Carlisle before I forget," said Harry. "We have two owls and two house elves that will be arriving soon. Is that going to be a problem?"

"They arrived this morning," said Carlisle. "The elves are upstairs putting your things away. I am afraid that you will have to stay with us for now until we can find suitable lodgings for you."

"That is fine with me," said Harry. "This is a very beautiful home."

"You seem to be the ringleader," observed Jasper. "The other two defer to your judgment."

"I trust Harry," said Petunia. "He is a very intelligent young man. So if he says it is ok, then I trust him."

"I have no trouble letting Harry be our spokesperson either," said Draco. "He is used to being in the forefront. Plus we know that should something go wrong, he is the one that can better protect us than I can."

"Meaning?" asked Jasper immediately.

"He means that since I have been at the head of the war for so long that it is easier to trust my instinct on things," said Harry. "While both of us are powerful wizards in our own way, our power lies in different fields."

"I'm curious now," said Carlisle.

"I am very skilled in potions," said Draco. "Harry does ok in it, but I was second in our year. Hermione is the only one who beat me in potions. I think however, that Harry would do better now that Professor Snape is not breathing down his neck making him feel bad for being alive."

"My skill lies in Defense against the Dark Arts," said Harry. "As fast and powerful as you all may be, I could probably take you all down without even breaking a sweat."

"That would be something I would like to put to the test," said Emmett. "Maybe one day we can have a little sparring match or something."

"Tell you what," said Harry. "Why don't you start moving at a pace that is comfortable for you? Edward, count to three and then find Emmett."

Both Cullen boys nodded. Emmett started moving around in a speed that was blurring. Harry and Draco were both able to follow his movements without a problem. Edward started counting. Harry pulled out his wand and gave it one fluid swish. By the time that Edward hit three, Harry had pocketed his wand and returned to his meal. Edward went looking for Emmett. When he found him he started laughing.

"You guys have to come and see this," said Edward.

The rest of the Cullen family followed the sound of Edward's laughter. When they got there, they burst out laughing as well. Emmett was stuck to the wall upside down without a stitch of clothing on.

"Let me down," shouted Emmett.

Harry lifted his wand and cast the counter charm. He heard Emmett hit the floor like a ton of bricks.

"I hope you didn't do damage to Esme's floor," said Petunia.

Harry got up and went look for himself. There was a huge gouge where Emmitt had hit. He sighed and waved his wand fixing the damage.

"That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen," said Edward. "It was as if you could see him while he was moving."

Harry and Draco spent the next hour explaining quidditch to the family of vampires. When they were done with their explanation, everyone knew how Harry had been able to see Emmett.

"I am afraid of one small thing," said Esme coming into the room. "We are one room short."

"I don't mind sharing a room with someone," said Harry. "I don't want to put anyone out."

"He can share with me," said Edward.

"Dobby," Harry called.

The small elf appeared with a pop.

"Harry Potter sir is calling Dobby?" asked the elf.

"Did the rest of our stuff come in from Dumbledore yet?" he asked.

"Yes Harry Potter sir," said Dobby. "He is bringing it here at the same time as he is bringing Dobby and Winky."

"It appears that I will be sharing a room with Edward Cullen," said Harry. "Can you have some pajamas laid out for me? I am going to need a nap when I am done eating."

"Of course Harry Potter," said Dobby. "I is already taking care of that. Master Draco's and Mistress Evan's night clothes is also laid out on their beds."

"Thanks Dobby," said Harry. "Where are Hedwig and Magus?"

"They are upstairs in my room," said Edward. "We set their perch up on the balcony for them. There will be plenty of mice and such for them to feed upon."

"Excellent," said Harry trying hard to stifle a yawn.

"Come on Harry," said Edward. "Let's get you into bed. You look very tired."

"I have to help clean up everything," said Harry stubbornly.

"I is taking care of it," said Winky. "You is needing some sleep. Master Edward maybe you is carrying Harry Potter upstairs."

Harry and Draco both started nodding off. Edward grabbed Harry while Jasper grabbed Draco. They headed upstairs with the boys while Esme and Petunia sat in the living room and had a nice chat.

"Thanks for taking us in," said Petunia. "I hope we are not going to be an imposition."

"Think nothing of it dear," said Esme. "Those are two very wonderful young men. I am to understand that you and Harry are related?"

"Harry is my late sister's son," said Petunia.

She spent the next hour relating what she knew of Harry's life to the assembled Cullens. They all listened quietly to her explanation of events.

"Poor Harry," whispered Edward as he lay on the bed next to Harry. "I will protect you from now on. You will never have to worry about anything again as long as I am around."

Harry grumbled something in his sleep and snuggled closer to Edward. Edward started at first, and then relaxed. He made sure that Harry was covered with blankets before he wrapped his arms around him and let him sleep.

"Where is Edward?" asked Carlisle later.

"Watching out over Harry," chirped Alice.

"What is wrong with Harry?" asked Petunia getting alarmed immediately.

"Not a thing," said Alice. "He is sound asleep and Edward is keeping his nightmares away."

"I have heard Harry wake in the middle of the night screaming with those nightmares," whispered Petunia. "I am grateful that your son can help him. Is Draco alright?"

"He was asleep before his head hit the pillow," said Jasper coming into the room. "I used some of my ability to cause both boys to relax further than they would have otherwise. It was in their best interest to get some real sleep."

"I agree with you," said Petunia. "Draco screams about his Aunt all the time. Apparently she tried to kill him. Albus stepped in just before she was able to and saved him. Harry healed him. Together, they are a frightening team when their dreams start."

"It may be better if we build you all a house near us," said Esme. "That way, Edward and Jasper can help the boys get through their pain and fears."

"Or you could all just stay here with us," said Carlisle. "The choice is yours. We can add another couple of rooms to the house and have it done within a couple of months."

"We wouldn't want to impose," said Petunia.

"Nonsense," said Esme. "It would be our pleasure for you all to stay here. I will take you around town and let you get used to the area and such."

"It would make things easier if we stayed here," said Petunia. "I do have to clear it with the boys though."

"I am sure everything will be fine," said Alice. "After all, I will see if anything bad happens."

Harry started mumbling in his sleep. He started tossing and turning. Finally he started screaming. The vampires in the house were a blur as they were by his side in a flash.

"What has happened Edward?" asked Carlisle.

"I don't know," said Edward. "He was fine one moment and then the next he started screaming about someone named Cedric. His thoughts hit me hard. They were correct. This Cedric person looks a lot like me and Harry watched as he was murdered. There was nothing he could do to save the young man."

Esme and Rosalie had their hands covering their mouths in horror. It was not long before Jasper headed out to deal with Draco who was having a nightmare of his own. Alice went with him to help comfort the blond.

"I can tell you one thing," said Edward. "I will kill any bastard that tries to hurt Harry ever again. These two boys have been through hell and back. Harry has had a worse time of it than Draco. I am not allowing Harry to live anywhere but here with me."

"Take it easy Edward," said Carlisle. "We will do what we can for the boys."

"You don't get it Carlisle," said Edward. "I don't care about the other two humans. They are part of what Harry is going through. The female did her best by him, but from what I seen of her thoughts, her ex husband made life a living hell for Harry. The boy in the other room did nothing but torment Harry from the first time he ever laid eyes on him. He even mocked him when Harry told him his parents were dead. I would willingly sacrifice the other two for Harry."

"It won't come to that," said Harry trying to unwrap himself from the blanket. "All is well that ends well."

"Harry," said Edward anxiously. "How are you? I swear I did not probe your mind, but I seen a lot from when you were dreaming. I will never let anyone ever hurt you again."

"I want to try something with you Edward," said Harry as the other Cullen family members watched.

"Anything at all," said Edward.

Harry pulled out his wand and pointed it at Edward.

"LEGILIMENS," he said and watched everything that flowed through Edward's mind.

"Well you seem to have the concept of what I went through growing up," said Harry as he broke the contact. "For the record, I would be more than willing to stay here. I can't speak for Draco, but I would like to stay."

"Draco may have to stay for awhile though," said Jasper coming into the room. "At least until we can get him past what his aunt did to him."

"You were able to read my mind," said Edward speaking at last. "You saw everything that was in my mind."

"Didn't think you were the only one that could do something like that did you?" asked Harry with a smirk. "I hate to be a party pooper, but I could use some more sleep."

"You go right ahead dear," said Esme. "Edward will stay with you in case you need something."

Harry smiled and lay back down against the pillows. Within moments he was asleep again. The Cullen family looked at Edward and then left the room.

The next week saw a flurry of activity as Harry and Draco were enrolled in school. Being the new kids in town, they were bombarded by the locals. Draco was in his element. He enjoyed prancing around like a proud peacock. Harry however stood behind Edward often trying to stay out of the focus of things. Edward was more than willing to shield Harry from the students. Carlisle has set it up that at least one of the Cullen or Hale children would be in at least one of Harry and Draco's classes. Draco enjoyed the fact that he could take chemistry. It was a lot like potions after all. Harry was ok with some of his other classes. He seemed to really enjoy biology. The two boys were not as behind as they thought they would be. With assurances from the other Cullens, they knew they would be just fine in class. Petunia and Esme were always out and about unless it was a sunny day. This way, they could show Petunia around town and such.

One day Harry was sitting not to far from Edward reading his text book when Jessica Stanley approached him. He was trying to ignore her, but she was prattling on about stupid stuff. Edward was about to intercede on Harry's behalf when he witnessed the most unusual spectacle. Harry leaned towards the ground and made a few hissing noises quietly at a grass snake that was sunning itself on the side of the building. When he straightened up, Edward noticed that the snake made a beeline for Jessica. She screamed when she saw the snake and ran. Harry picked up the serpent and hissed his thanks and then set the snake back down.

"You can talk to snakes?" asked Edward amazed.

"Yes," said Harry. "It is called parseltongue. Quite a useful gift when you are trying to get rid of annoying muggle girls."

"Harry you are truly a wonder," said Edward giving him that special crooked smile.

"Edward," said Alice.

Harry and Edward looked over to see Alice with her eyes glazed over. They both rushed to her side.

"What is it Alice?" Edward asked.

"Isabella Swan," she said. "She is your Singer. She is coming to town and it will be a problem."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Thank you all for the wonderful reception that you are giving this story. I am having a blast writing it. I will end this chapter here as I want to do the next one justice. Just know that eventually our three Brits will no longer be living together.

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