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NOTE – You people rock. This story is getting star reviews. I love it. I am thinking about being a romance writer or something. I seem to have a knack for it. Thanks for following along. I know it goes here and there, but there is a method behind my madness. It's all part of being a good writer. I recently read something that someone else wrote about two characters and I can't agree more. Ginny Weasley is a Lily want to be and Bella Swan is a waste of space. However they make for great fillers.

Chapter 4 – Bella Swan

"What do you mean Singer?" asked Harry in confusion.

By this time the rest of the family had gathered around Edward and Alice.

"A Singer is a human whose blood is intoxicating to us," explained Rosalie to Harry and Draco. "It is similar to your Amortentia Potion. In this case Edward will want to kill Bella Swan as her scent is his favorite type."

"So we must help him so that he doesn't hurt her," said Harry. "I think we can arrange something."

"You would be willing to help my brother?" asked Emmett.

Harry blushed as he looked at the ground. Alice giggled and Rosalie smirked. Emmett's booming laugh followed.

"So the little wizard has fallen for the big bad vampire," said Emmett.

"Well," drawled Draco. "It would appear that the big bad vampire is quite smitten by the little wizard."

"Surely you all remember we are standing here," said Harry as he rolled his eyes.

"Of course we do," said Draco. "Oh and Harry please stop calling me Shirley."

"What?" Harry asked in confusion.

"It was a joke dear heart," said Edward with a musical chuckle. "I think Draco watched the movie Airplane a few times with Emmett."

"Well it is a very funny picture," said Draco with a smirk as Harry slapped him behind the head. "Don't mess up my hair Harry."

"And they same I am vain," said Rosalie with a grin.

Potter Clan and Cullen Clan all headed into the building for their next classes. They still had a few days to go before Bella Swan was due to make an appearance at the school. The good thing was that Harry and Edward shared most of the same classes. So Harry could help keep an eye on Edward. In the two classes that he didn't have with Edward, Draco did. So he was not that concerned about Edward. He was worried about himself.

That evening Harry and Draco were sitting in the yard talking.

"What if Edward falls for this Bella Swan?" asked Harry. "I finally find someone that I can relate to and trust and it is possible that I can lose him."

"I talked with Carlisle about that," said Draco. "He told me that Edward thinks of you as his mate. He also said that it is not common for a vampire to ever leave his mate. There are rare exceptions when a Singer will break the pair apart, but you will always be the most important one in Edward's life."

"I hope you are right," said Harry. "I don't know what I will do with myself if I ever lose him."

"I am sure that you have nothing to worry about," said Draco. "While we are out here I wanted to ask you about something totally different."

"I am all ears," said Harry.

"This is going to sound really different and strange and stuff," said Draco nervously.

"Draco you can tell me anything," said Harry. "It will not affect our friendship."

"Harry I want to move out of the Cullen house," said Draco.

"So we will get a place of our own somewhere for the three of us," said Harry. "I can still date Edward while not living with him."

"That's just it," said Draco. "I want you to stay here where you are happy. Petunia is doing well enough on her own that she will eventually want to go off on her own as well. Your happiness is all we care about."

"Where will you go?" asked Harry with tears in his eyes.

"Hey don't cry," said Draco. "I am just going to buy a house in town for myself is all it means. I found one that I like. You will still get to see me all the time. It's not that I don't like the Cullens. It's just that I want to be on my own. I want the ability to be free to choose. Here I feel like I have way too many moms and dads watching out over me all the time."

"I guess I can understand that," said Harry wiping away his tears. "You will visit me here often?"

"What are best friends for?" asked Draco. "Let's go back to the house and talk to the rest of the group."

Harry and Draco went back to the house. Edward went to Harry's side immediately after noticing the tear tracks on his face.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?" Edward asked furiously.

"He didn't do anything," said Harry. "Come sit next to me and we will tell you what happened."

Petunia sat next to Draco while the other Cullen family members assorted themselves around to listen. Draco explained his intention and what he wanted. Harry explained that he had misinterpreted Draco's meaning and it made him sad. Everyone around relaxed.

"We will help you get everything you need," chirped Alice.

"Oh no Draco if I were you I would run," said Rosalie in a low voice. "When Alice gets going she doesn't stop."

"It will take her a matter of minutes to have you on her arm and around town picking out wall patterns and such," said Edward smirking at Alice.

"Now you two stop picking on your sister," said Esme. "She can't help it that she tends to over do things."

"ESME," said Alice astonished to the laughter of the room.

"Draco, we will send Winky with you when you go," said Harry. "That way you have someone there who will cook and clean for you. We can get someone from here to deliver any groceries she puts on her list to you once a week."

"Are you sure about that?" asked Draco.

"I am sure," said Harry as Edward wrapped his arm around Harry's shoulders.

"Petunia," said Draco. "You haven't really said anything about the budding romance between Harry and Edward. What are your thoughts on it?"

"It really isn't my decision to make now is it?" she replied. "As long as Harry is happy, who am I to judge? Just know this Edward. If you do anything to hurt Harry emotionally, I will walk the ends of the earth trying to figure out how to end you."

"You have my word as a gentleman and a scholar that I will not harm Harry emotionally or physically," said Edward. "That doesn't mean that we will always agree and feelings will get hurt on the occasion, but I can guarantee that he will no longer have to worry about things like what happened by your ex husband and your son."

"I will hold you to your word young man," said Petunia. "Are you planning on turning him into a vampire?"

"It is a possibility," admitted Edward. "I will push it back for as long as I can. As my mate it would be easier for him if he were a vampire. At this time, he simply needs to live a normal happy life while he can. Wizards age slower than humans do. So, Harry doesn't have to worry about looking older than me for some time yet. It will also give us time to really get to know one another before the Volturi steps in and takes the decision away from us."

"You will not turn him without his full consent," said Petunia.

"Of course," said Edward. "I would never do something that ill mannered to anyone."

"Why does everyone talk about me like I am not in the room?" asked Harry. "Surely I am visible to everyone."

"Of course you are my little wizard," said Edward. "Oh and Harry, don't call me Shirley either."

Draco and the rest of the Cullen siblings burst out laughing at this.

"I really have to watch that movie to find out what is so amusing about all of this," said Harry with a sigh.

"I have a copy of it upstairs," said Edward. "We can watch it this evening after we are done with homework."

Charlie Swan was talking with Billy Black. They were discussing Bella. When the conversation ended, Billy called his son over to him.

"Jacob," he said. "It is time to hold a council meeting. Get the members and pack together."

Jacob ran off to spread the word. Charlie Swan had just made things very difficult for the town of Forks. The group got together and Billy told them what was going on.

"Charlie Swan's daughter is moving to Forks," said Billy. "This will be a problem for the Cullen Family."

"Why do we care about problems for the leeches?" Sam asked. "As long as they stay off of our land what do we care."

"We HAVE to care," said Billy. "I heard from a moon wolf by the name of Remus Lupin. He is or was the best friend of Sirius Black."

"Is Sirius a relative of ours?" asked Jacob.

"Yes," said Billy. "His line of the family went to England and our line stayed here. He is a distant relative."

"So what did Remus want?" asked Harry Clearwater.

"Sirius' godson Harry Potter is living with the Cullens," said Billy. "It would appear that he and Edward have bonded in a small way. Edward has done something similar to an imprint on the young wizard. Before you ask, Harry is not under his power. He is acting on his own accord."

"That still doesn't explain what that has to do with us?" said Leah.

"Bella Swan is Edward Cullen's Singer," said Billy. "She will be in danger."

"Oh shit," said Harry. "That is not good."

"Remus has been here for some time keeping an eye on Harry, Draco, and a woman named Petunia," said Billy. "He wanted to make sure that the teens got settled in nicely. Now one of the teens is moving out to be on his own and the woman is actually interested in Charlie Swan. With Harry and Edward as a mated pair, we have no control if a Cullen bites and turns Harry."

"Like hell," said Sam. "The treaty clearly states that those blood suckers can not bite or turn a single human ever."

"Harry is not a human," said Billy. "The treaty doesn't cover him. It also doesn't cover the other teen. We are here to discuss what to do about Bella Swan. I have great respect for Carlisle Cullen and his family. I do not want something to happen to end the treaty due to some unforeseen occurrence that was beyond their control."

"So what do we do?" asked Sam.

"We have to help Harry Potter keep Edward away from Bella Swan," said Billy Black.

A few days later, Charlie picked his daughter up from the airport. They did not talk much on the drive to Forks. Both were that way. Charlie pulled into the driveway of their house and opened the trunk of the car.

"Who does that truck belong to?" asked Bella.

"It is yours," said Charlie. "I bought it from Billy Black."

"Thanks dad," she said. "That saves me from having to go and buy one."

"Consider it your welcome home present," said Charlie.

He and Bella brought her bags inside and she got settled in. In the woods not to far from her house, Sam and Jacob was meeting with Carlisle and Harry.

"We can work together to keep Edward from this area," said Carlisle. "I know that this is our side of the line, but if it keeps that young girl alive and my family safe, then I don't care about the line."

"The council agrees with you on that point," said Jacob. "We are going to work with you to save both Bella and Edward."

"We know there is history between your people and ours," said Sam. "If there has to be vampires in the area, then I would rather it be you and your family than some that are not as cooperative."

"The feeling is mutual," said Carlisle shaking hands with both Jacob and then Sam. "We can pull this off. I want to mention that I think there are some rogue vampires in the area. A few people were found dead not to long ago and it looks like a vampire did it. I propose that your pack come to my house and get our scent so that you know which scent is ours and which scent shouldn't be here."

"That might be a good idea," agreed Sam. "I will also want to catch the scent of the other teen and the woman living with you all also. Just so we know who is who."

Carlisle nodded his head in agreement and set it up for Saturday for the group to meet at the Cullen house.

"Oh Remus," said Harry speaking for the first time. "You can go back to England and tell Professor Dumbledore that I am ok. I know you have been watching out over me. This was not part of the plan."

"Actually I live not to far from the reservation," said Remus stepping out into the open. "I don't actually talk to Albus that much. However you are correct. I have to be getting back to Britain soon. I just wanted to make sure you got settled in alright."

"Mooney," said Harry sincerely. "I am in very capable hands. Between Jacob's pack and Edward's family, there is no way I can be hurt."

"Who said we were going to protect you?" teased Jacob.

"Wait until you meet Draco and find out for yourself," Harry teased back. "I think before long a new treaty will be drawn between your tribe and the Cullen family. You don't have to take my word for it, but I think you will notice that sometimes things just need to change and old hostilities need to end."

"You are a very wise young man," said Remus. "I will miss you cub."

"I will miss you as well Mooney," said Harry pulling out the map. "Oh and make sure you go right back to Hogwarts. I will be watching."

Remus laughed once more and pulled Harry into another hug. From there he left. Later the sound of someone apparating could be heard.

Bella got to school the next day. Once more the entire school was buzzing with excitement. First the Cullens arrived. Then a few months later Harry and Draco arrived. Now Bella Swan was here. That was eight new arrivals in less than six months. Harry was walking down the hall heading for his next class when Jessica caught up with him.

"How many times do I have to ask you not to press your body on me like that?" asked Harry in annoyance.

"Would you like to go to the Spring Dance with me?" asked Jessica.

"No," said Harry.

"Why are you being so mean?" Jessica asked. "Don't you find me attractive at all?"

"Are you hitting on my boyfriend again?" asked Edward coming up behind her.

"Since when is he your boyfriend?" asked Jessica rudely. "Why would he want to date a fag like you anyway? He could be so much happier with someone like me?"

"Is that what you think?" asked Harry thoroughly pissed now. "I would not climb near you with a ten foot pole if you were the last breathing person on the planet. The next time I ever hear you say something like that about my boyfriend I will wash your mouth out with the foulest tasting soap I can find."

"Are you threatening me Harry Potter?" she asked.

"Why yes," said Harry with a smirk. "I do believe I am."

"I am going to report you to the principle," she threatened.

"You go right ahead," said Harry. "I am sure Mr. Banner, who happens to be standing behind you by the way, who has heard this entire conversation will be all to happy to help you fill out that report."

Jessica squeaked as she turned around and saw the biology teacher standing there.

"It just so happens that I agree with Mr. Potter," said the teacher. "If I ever hear you say something like that again, I will provide him with the soap. Now get to class. Mr. Potter, Mr. Cullen, if you would be so kind as to head in to class I would appreciate it. That was very mature by the way Mr. Potter. I do not like or tolerate stupidity, immaturity, or prejudice."

Harry and Edward sat together at their lab table. It was then that Bella Swan came into the room. Harry pulled out his wand discretely from its holster and cast a charm to stop her smell from hitting Edward.

"Thank you," whispered Edward. "How long will it last?"

"Only until the end of class I am afraid," admitted Harry. "Just make sure you get outside when the bell rings. I will come to you as quickly as I can."

Bella smiled at them as she passed to get to the back of the class. Harry smiled back at her and Edward nodded a greeting.

"Do I need to be worried about losing you to her?" asked Harry quietly while jotting down some notes.

"Never," said Edward with a smile. "Nothing hit me about her except her scent. You hit me in ways no one has ever done before."

"Is everything ok here Mr. Cullen?" asked the teacher.

"Yes Sir," replied Edward smoothly. "Just tutoring Harry a bit on understanding what you just said. I will be quieter about it. I didn't mean to disrupt the class."

"Actually you were not disturbing the class at all," said Mr. Banner. "I was just checking to see if you needed some help with it is all."

"Oh no thank you," said Edward smiling at the man. "I have everything under control here. I appreciate the offer."

The next day at lunch, Harry was sitting with the Cullens while Draco was sitting with the normal misfits of the school.

"So who are they?" asked Bella pointing to the Cullens.

"Well," said Jessica. "The big one with the dark hair is Emmett Cullen. The blonde girl is Rosalie Hale and her twin brother Jasper. The dark haired girl is Alice Cullen. Alice and Jasper and Emmett and Rosalie are each a couple. Dr Cullen and his wife adopted the four of them and two others who you will meet soon."

"Who is that?" asked Bella pointing towards Edward and Harry.

"The tall one is Edward Cullen and the short one with glasses is Harry Potter," Jessica answered. "I wouldn't waste my time if I were you, they are both fags."

"I beg your pardon," said Draco harshly.

"That was a totally cruel thing to say," said Bella. "The appropriate term is gay men or homosexuals."

"Either way you put it, they are both still fags," said Jessica.

Bella stood up and slapped Jessica across the face with a loud pop.

"I will have you know that Harry and I are related you nasty little bitch," snarled Draco. "If I ever hear you talk about my relative like that again I will make you sorry you were ever born."

"Hi," said Bella to Draco. "I'm Bella Swan."

"I am Draco Malfoy," said Draco. "Thank you for sticking up for Harry and Edward. That was a very nice thing to do."

"I have gay friends back at my old school," said Bella. "So I am not surprised in the least. I think they make a cute couple. I love Edwards amber eyes and Harry has some beautiful green ones. Are you gay also?"

"Why yes I am," said Draco taking an instant liking to the girl.

"Cool," said Bella. "This is going to make me feel better about coming here. Gay men are always so fashionable."

"Well now that was an interesting scene," said Edward as Harry and the rest of the group were all trying hard not to laugh at the stunned look on Jessica's face. "You do realize that there will now be trouble for both Draco and Bella don't you?"

"I think the two of them can handle themselves fairly well," said Harry with a grin. "I liked it when she said I love Edward's amber eyes."

"Oh shut up you," said Edward laughing. "How about, when she referred to your beautiful green eyes? If I might say so they are very beautiful. I do enjoy getting lost in them."

Edward leaned over and gave Harry a quick kiss on the lips.

"EEWW GROSS," said Jessica loudly pointing at them.

"Would you like to see something funny?" Draco asked Bella.

"Sure," she replied.

"Watch what Harry does to her in retaliation," said Draco gleefully.

Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out two baby pythons that Edward bought him. He had meant to show them to the class, but forgot. He leaned over and quietly hissed to both snakes. When he got confirmation, he set both on the floor and watched as both snakes made their way towards Jessica.


Harry tapped the floor and the snakes came back to him. He picked both up and congratulated them on a job well done.

"Those are some beautiful specimens," said Mr. Banner coming over. "Where did you get them?"

"Edward bought them for me," said Harry handing one to the biology teacher.

The man gave his professional opinion of the snake before handing it back to the boy and walked off without saying a word.

"Now that was awesome," said Bella. "How did he learn to teach snakes how to do that?"

"It is a natural gift of his," replied Draco. "You seem like a smart young woman. I am sure you will come up to your own conclusion. Just be careful what you say and be careful who you say it to."

"Oh you mean like the fact that there is five vampires and two wizards sitting in the cafeteria right now?" asked Bella with a smug smile. "You would be surprised at what you can find out on the internet. The secret is safe with me. Besides I know all about the shape shifters on the reservation. My dad and I are quite skilled at remembering their stories. If it makes you feel better you have to know specifically what to look for to point out that they are vampires. As far as both go, they are still fables. It takes someone who knows other magical creatures to recognize one. You might want to tell Emmett that it is time for him to hunt. His eyes are dark."

Silence could be heard as seven people stopped dead at what they were doing at her words.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this chapter here. I wanted Bella to have a role in the story, but I wanted to totally humiliate Jessica Stanley who I happen to despise. Bella is a dead weight, but I wanted to portray her in a different light. Let me know what you think about brilliant Bella and homophobic Jessica. Please do not bash me about the truce between wolves and vampires. After all that is why this is called a fan fiction story.

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