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Draco Steps In

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DSICLAIMER – This is a gay love story between Harry and Edward. If you are uncomfortable with gay rights or homosexual innuendoes, then I humbly ask that you not read beyond this point. If you do and get offended do not bash me for it. This disclaimer is here as a warning.

NOTE – Thanks to you all, my wonderful readers. I am happily flowing with this story. I am enjoying writing this one as much as I did the other one. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews and adds as favorites. It makes me smile to know that I can help you slip into another world for a little while. Flash back is in bold italics. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM AND RUDENESS.

Chapter 6 – Draco Steps In

That evening, the members of the Cullen house sat together to discuss the events of the day.

"I can't believe that Bella slapped Jessica," said Harry with a smirk. "That whore had it coming to her."

"Harry, language," said Esme.

"Yes mom," he replied as Alice and Emmett laughed.

"Did you see her face when Harry set the snakes on her?" asked Draco. "I thought Jessica was going to piss herself."

"Draco, language," said Esme again with a sigh. "Emmett your bad influence is rubbing off on these two and not in a good way."

"Hey what did I do?" he asked causing everyone else to laugh. "I surely haven't done anything of the sort."

"AND DON'T CALL YOURSELF SHIRLEY" chorused the rest of the group amidst peals of laughter.

"Oh Ha, Ha," said Emmett laughing himself.

"So Draco," called Esme. "When do you move into your new home?"

"In two days," he replied. "Thanks for helping me get the paperwork done so quickly. It was a big help."

"Now surely you know that it was no trouble at all," she said then realized what her words were and added. "If anyone says it I will belt you in the mouth."

Everyone hid their snickers behind their hands.

"UGH," said Esme. "That movie has been nothing but trouble since the day Emmett brought it into this house. Can't you all pick another line from another movie or something for awhile?"

"We will behave Esme," said Edward with a smile.

"So Bella Swan knows that we are vampires?" asked Carlisle once the room quieted down a bit.

"Yes," said Edward. "She also knew that Harry and Draco were wizards and that the reservation is filled with shape shifters."

"I wonder how she found out," said Petunia. "I know I have nothing to really worry about, but it would be nice to know that my family is not in any danger."

"Chief Swan knows also," said Harry. "Apparently someone from the reservation told them they were shape shifters. So she went onto the internet to look up other magical creatures. She said that you have to specifically know what you are looking for when you spot the Cullens as a vampire."

"There is nothing on the internet that would explain how we are different," said Edward. "I have already looked."

"That was fast," said Harry.

"Well it doesn't take that long when you have super human abilities," said Edward.

"The only solution I can think of then would be this," said Harry. "Remus told Billy Black. Billy Black told Charlie Swan. Charlie Swan told his daughter Bella."

"Unfortunately that will put our family in danger faster," said Carlisle. "Humans aren't supposed to know about us. Now we have three of them in this small town that does. The Volturi won't take too kindly to that."

"I am so sick of hearing about what this Volturi person will do to you all if we don't comply with his demands," said Harry standing up. "I dare the bastard to try anything to harm anyone of you. I will rip him to pieces with my bare hands."

"Harry," said Edward calmly. "The Volturi is a group. Not a sole person. When they act as a group nothing can be done to stop them."

"He is feeling very protective of the family right now Edward," said Jasper. "He is especially concerned for you."

Edward nodded that he understood.

"It doesn't matter if it is one or one hundred," said Harry fiercely. "NO ONE WILL HURT MY NEW FAMILY."

"Don't worry Harry," said Draco. "We will all stand united."

"Of course we will," said Alice. "I know because I have seen it."

"It seems that Harry has definantly made it clear that he wants to be a part of your family now," said Petunia with a smile.

"So it would seem," said Esme with an equal smile. "I for one couldn't be happier for them."

"I think it is time that our young men get some rest," said Carlisle. "You all have school tomorrow and Harry and Draco needs sleep even if the rest of you don't."

Harry and Edward made their way upstairs and to their room. Edward was sitting on the bed and Harry climbed into his lap. With a passion that was both fierce and hard, Harry kissed Edward on the lips. Edward returned the kiss with ferocity all of his own. It was not long before both were panting heavily. Harry pushed Edward back and straddled his chest. He opened each button of Edward's shirt one at a time slowly and enticingly. As the shirt opened, Harry leaned forward and kissed the neck of his vampire. Slowly he trailed those kisses down Edward's torso. Edward was moaning with the heat of the passion. Downstairs the rest of the Cullen family all stood still. This was definantly something they did not want to hear, but there was not anything they could do about it.

"They are making out aren't they?" asked Draco picking up on the mood.

Alice nodded her head and gave a little giggle. Draco rolled his eyes and got up.

"Where are you going?" asked Petunia.

"To put up a silencing charm," said Draco.

"I think Harry beat you to it," said Carlisle. "I can't hear them anymore."

"Thank goodness for that," said Emmett.

"You mean like I didn't hear you break your bed last night?" asked Draco with a smirk.

"Busted," said Jasper with a grin.

Edward heard just enough from Draco and the others to mention the silencing charm. Harry quickly lifted his wand and cast a very powerful one so that the other vampires couldn't hear. From there, he left his wand on the bedside table and surrendered to his passion. Edward was gentle and tender. He knew just where to kiss Harry that would send him over the edge. Harry returned the favor knowing just as well as Edward how to play the game of torment the skin. He was after all the youngest seeker of the century. Finding difficult to spot things was his specialty. Edward flipped over with the young wizard in his arms. He was gentle, but he knew that one turn had just given Harry a bruise. He ran his hands over the area. He unbuttoned Harry's shirt and drew it away from his body. Harry and Edward unbuttoned each others trousers and Edward pulled both their pants off with a couple of fluid moves. Harry was in a pair of silk boxer shorts and Edward was in a pair of cotton ones. It was not long before both pairs of shorts were in ruins on the floor. They took their time with one another. Both exploring and searching each others bodies. They stimulated each other to near sexual explosion. When they finally started to make love, the heights of ecstasy were so high that both knew it would be some time before they came down.

Later while Harry was asleep, Edward watched him marveling at the beauty of the man that had just given him everything he was missing in his life. Their passion had just sealed the bond that would make it impossible for anyone to try and take the other away from them. He smiled at the idea of being with this remarkable person lying in the bed next to him. Edward leaned over and kissed the scar on his forehead.

Back in England, Albus felt it when Harry's magic took a huge spike. He was waiting for Harry to finally relax enough to give his passion to another person. Truth of the matter was it was he who told both Charlie and Isabella Swan what was going on.

"I'm coming," said Charlie walking to the front door.

When he opened it he was shocked to see a very old man in a funny costume standing on the doorstep.

"Chief Charles Swan?" inquired the old man.

"Yes that's me," said Charlie. "What can I help you with?"

"If I may enter your domicile for a few moments, I have some important things that I wish to discuss with you concerning the safety of some people that are very important to both you and me," said Albus as he stepped in when Charlie moved to the side.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore," said the wizard. "I used to be Harry Potter's professor and mentor. It was on my idea that he move here with Draco Malfoy. They chose to include Harry's Aunt in the picture."

"You mean Petunia?" asked Charlie. "She is a beautiful and delightful lady."

"Has she told you anything about her life in England?" asked Albus.

"Only that she has an ex husband and a son that is about a year older than Harry," said Charlie. "Is there something I am missing here?"

"You are friends with Billy Black aren't you?" asked Albus ignoring the question for the moment.

"Yes, that's right," said Charlie.

"Has he told you his family's legends and history?" asked Albus

"You mean about them being able to transform into wolves?" asked Charlie as Albus nodded. "Yes he told me. What does this have to do with anything?"

"Patience my dear man," said Albus. "Before I leave here today you will know everything."

"Ok," said Charlie. "Can I get you anything to eat or drink?"

"That is most kind, but it will not be necessary," said Albus. "I can only stay long enough to tell you what you need to know before I have to be back in my country. There is a war going on over there that I don't want to follow Harry and Draco here to the United States."

"You have my full attention now," said Charlie. "I want to hear everything."

Albus spent the next hour telling Charlie everything. He explained about the Cullens and their role in the game. He also explained about Harry and Draco being wizards. Charlie did not seem all that surprised to find out that the Cullens were vampires that did not drink human blood. In fact he thought it was pretty noble of them. He was even less surprised when he heard that Harry and Draco were both very powerful wizards and that they could do magic. Albus transfigured Charlie's coffee table into a horse and back as proof.

"Now that was cool," said Charlie. "You did not mention what this had to do with my daughter. She is due to arrive in about a week."

"She is the reason I am telling you all of this," said Albus. "While the Cullens do not drink human blood, there comes a time when a person enters their lives that the blood sings to them. That person is called a Singer. The blood of that person drives them insane. It is like an aphrodisiac. When they get the smell of that person's blood, they want to feed on it right then and there."

"Ok I am with you so far," said Charlie. "I still don't understand what this has to do with Bella."

"She is Edward's Singer," said Albus. "Carlisle and Harry will be working with Billy Black and his pack to keep Bella safe from Edward. It is no ones fault and if properly monitored, it can be contained. Your job is to inform Bella of all of this so that she can do her part in the role of helping as well. Until Edward is able to keep control around her, Bella will be in danger from him and he will not be able to help it."

"I understand," said Charlie. "I appreciate you coming all the way from England to tell me this. Is Petunia a witch?"

"No dear boy," said Albus. "She is just as human as you are. She just needs someone who will love her and treat her well."

The next morning Harry and Draco were sitting down to eat breakfast.

"Draco I need your help with something and I don't want Aunt Petunia to find out," said Harry quietly.

Harry knew that every vampire in the house had heard him. It was not that big of a deal. If he was up to something it was none of their business so long as he didn't get himself hurt.

"What do you need help with?" asked Draco quietly.

"You know enough healing that you can heal bruises and things right?" asked Harry.

"Yes," answered Draco. "Why?"

"When we were umm you know," stammered Harry.

"Making out," supplied Draco.

"Yes," said Harry very red in the face. "When we turned over it was not quite the right way and Edward accidently bruised by back. I was wondering if you could fix it before Aunt Petunia sees it."

"Where is she right now?" whispered Draco.

"She is still sleeping," said Esme quietly.

Draco got up and lifted Harry's shirt. Both he and Esme winced at the dark bruise across Harry's back. It was the perfect shape of Edward's arm.

"He has to be more carful than that," said Esme.

"It was an accident mom," said Harry quickly. "He was holding me in his arm when we flipped over and he accidentally bruised me. I bruise very easily. We are just lucky that was the only one. He didn't mean it."

"I know he didn't mean it dear," she said kissing him on the forehead as Draco healed his bruise. "He still needs to be a little more careful."

"I shall," said Edward coming into the room and kissing first Harry and then Esme.

"I knew I bruised him as soon as it happened," he continued. "That is why he only has the one."

"Well at least you now know how hard you can grab him," said Esme patting him on the cheek.

The boys went to school later. When they got there Edward, Draco, and Harry were all called to the principle's office. When they arrived, they noticed Bella Swan sitting there. Harry halted Edward long enough to cast the charm and they entered.

"I wish to talk with you," said the Principle. "Jessica Stanley is making a formal complaint against the four of you. I have a list of things that I will be reading one at a time and address as we go along."

All four teenagers nodded.

"First," said the Principle. "Harry, did you threaten to wash her mouth out with soap?"

"Yes Sir I did," replied Harry. "Mr. Banner can give you the full details of that conversation as easily as I can."

"I would like your side of it first?" said the man.

"She was rubbing her body on me in a sexual manner," said Harry. "When Edward asked if she was hitting on me, she called him a fag and said some very derogative remarks about him. I do not appreciate people calling my loved ones foul names. So, yes Sir, I threatened to wash her mouth out with soap."

"I will talk with Mr. Banner," he said. "If his story matches yours, I will dismiss the instance. Now is it true that you had two snakes in the cafeteria yesterday?"

"Yes Sir," said Harry pulling them out of his pocket and showing them to the principle. "I was going to let the biology class see them and I forgot. Alice asked to see what they did on the floor and I set them down long enough for them to slither away for a moment. I tapped my finger on the floor and they came right back."

"It is true Sir," said Bella. "I was watching from a nearby table. It was amazing. I didn't think you could train snakes to do something like that."

The principle was holding on to one of Harry's snakes.

"A very impressive specimen," said the man. "Just try not to set them on people again."

"So what will my punishment be for threatening to wash her mouth out with soap and pulling my snakes out in the cafeteria?" asked Harry.

"None at all," said the principle. "I am not going to punish you for something that was a verbal remark. Though, I will ask you to keep your babies in your pocket while you are in the lunch room."

"Yes Sir," said Harry with a laugh.

"Mr. Malfoy," said the man next. "Did you threaten Miss Stanley?"

"Yes I did," said Draco. "She went off on Harry and his family and I don't like my relative subjected to verbal abuse from anyone. I simply told her that I had better never hear her say that again or she would regret it."

"I can see that you are all being very honest with your answers," said the man. "I take it Miss Swan that you will say yes when I ask if you slapped her?"

"I will," said Bella. "She was getting down right insulting. I had enough of that when I was in Phoenix. Just because these three men are gay doesn't mean that people like Jessica has the right to belittle them and try to embarrass them in front of the student body or even the new person."

"While I understand your reasoning," said the principle. "I don't condone what you two actually did. You will both join Miss Stanley in a detention. You Miss Swan will be there for slapping her. You Mr. Malfoy will be there for threatening her. If it makes you all feel better, she will be serving a full week. Now I suggest that you put your wand back in its holster Mr. Potter and get to class."

Harry and the group were just about out the door when the man called once more.

"Mr. Potter," he said. "You seem to have forgotten something."

Harry looked over to where he was pointing and the snake was hissing angrily in the chair.

"Sorry Sir," said Harry picking up the snake and tucking it away. "How did you know about my wand?"

"I am a wizard as well Mr. Potter," said the man in parseltongue. "I know a parseltongue when I see one. Good day."

With a smile, Harry left to join his lover and his friends.

"Thanks guys," said Harry sincerely. "It means a lot to me that you spoke up for me."

"All, we did was tell the truth," said Draco. "Besides, detention here is sitting down and reading a book silently for an hour. I am sure I can handle that."

"Besides," said Bella. "You are the one that is helping me stay safe around Edward. For that you will always have my thanks and support."

"We better get to class or we will be late," said Edward quickly.

Soon enough, Bella Swan became a friend of the Cullen family. Jessica plotted from time to time looking for a way of getting them into trouble and was thwarted each time by a family member who would arrange it so that a teacher or someone was on scene when Jessica would start her shenanigans. Soon Jessica spent most of her time in detention. That did not stop her from trying to split Harry and Edward apart. She would make loud comments about their lifestyle when they passed. If Harry was by himself in the hallway, she would come near and touch him. Harry had enough of that one day and instructed his snakes to hiss at her if she came to close again. The next time she tried it both snakes opened their mouths in an angry hiss and had her reduced to tears. Every time Jessica tried to complain about one of them, the principle would yell at her instead. He knew what was going on in his school the whole time. He decided to let nature take its course. Either the girl would get a clue or get herself in enough trouble that she could be suspended or expelled. Harry and his group and family were exceedingly adept at ignoring her. The only time they got active with her was when she tried something on one of them. Her main focus was Harry. The man shook his head in wonder. The girl was really stupid.

Draco and Winky moved into the new house that weekend. Winky was busy putting everything away while Draco was doing his best to make her take a breath and slow down. Nothing he said or did made a difference.

Petunia meanwhile had started dating Charlie Swan. Therefore she was spending more and more time at the Swan residence. Harry was delighted to be in the arms of his vampire every night. For once Harry was perfectly content with the way things were going.

Well until the next day when Jacob and his pack arrived to spread some interesting news.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this chapter here as I have the plot moving on in the next chapter. Expect lots more twists with the story. I could not help but make the principle a wizard. Dumbledore has friends everywhere in the world. I also want you all to be ready for loads more Jessica bashing. I really, really hate that character. Even in the movie she was "like" on my last nerve "like" UGH. Anyway. Hope you like this.

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