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A Vision To Come

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Chapter 6 – A Vision To Come

Harry was for once in his life, truly blissfully happy. He had family, friends, and love in his life. He was purely where he had always wanted to be in his life. It did not matter to him that his family was vampires and that his friends were shape shifters. All that mattered to the Boy- Who- Lived was that they were there. Carlisle sent monthly reports to Albus on Harry, Draco, and Petunia. By now it was fixing to be Halloween. Edward and the Cullens knew that Halloween was the hardest time for Harry. It was the night that James and Lily Potter died to protect their son from the most powerful dark wizard in the world. In the months that Harry had lived with them, he slowly told them everything that had happened in his life. What thoroughly surprised everyone was that he did not hold grudges against people who helped to make his life so miserable. He had built up a strong bond with his arch nemesis Draco Malfoy. The two young men were best of friends. He had even built up a strong bond with his Aunt. Harry knew that deep down she had done her best to shield him from Vernon as much as she could. He did not even hold a grudge against Albus for putting his family in the predicament it was in, in the first place, nor hiding loads of information from Harry for years. However there were still nights when the Cullens were around the bed that Harry shared with Edward when the boy was screaming at the top of his lungs in a nightmare regarding Peter Pettigrew and Voldemort. There were nights when he would wake up out of a deep sleep in fright to make sure Edward was still there. On those nights, Harry had relived the event in the graveyard and the murder of Cedric. In a couple of nights there was going to be a Halloween party that the Cullen children were throwing for their classmates. Harry and Alice worked on the decorations while Draco and Edward wrote out all of the invitations and such.

"Should we invite the pack from La Push?" asked Edward to Carlisle.

"It would be a nice gesture even if most of them do not show up," said Carlisle. "I can bring them for you later if you like. Billy Black asked me to stop by and check up on Harry Clearwater. It seems Mr. Clearwater is not feeling that good."

Edward quickly wrote out the invitations and handed them to his father figure. Carlisle was thoroughly happy. His son was walking around with his head held high and with a smile on his face at all times. The look of love that was on Edward's face every time he looked at Harry Potter was endearing to the entire family.

"Edward," called Harry. "Did you write an invitation to Bella Swan?"

"Yes I did," said Edward giving Harry the smile that made the boy weak in the knees. "I am sure that between you and Draco spelling me every now and then, I can get through the evening. Now that I am adjusting, her scent is not bothering me as much as it used to. So I can go longer without the charm to disguise her scent."

"I am very proud of you for that," said Harry kissing him on the lips. "I love you Edward Cullen."

"I love you to Harry Potter," said Edward.

Rosalie and Esme smiled at one another as they were doing the prep work for the food. Thank goodness that Harry could spell the food with a cooling charm so that it would last for the two days until the party. They would be handing out the invitations tomorrow while at school. Halloween being on a Saturday made things easier for Alice and Harry.

The next day rolled around and the invitations went out. Many of the students were very excited to receive one. Harry and Edward made it a point to tell people that they could bring a date. They did warn everyone that Chief Swan would be in attendance. That killed the mood for pranksters who wanted to do things like spike the punch and such. Harry and Edward worked to get up the marquee so that they did not have to worry about the weather. Edward had set up his piano outside so that he could play some slow songs for the group. He and Harry had been working behind silencing spells on a gift for the Cullen family.

"Mr. Potter," said Mr. Banner while talking to the students about the snake in his hands. "Did you ever name these beauties?"

"Yes Sir," said Harry with a smile. "The lovely lady in your hands is named Lilith, and this young man is Damian."

"You know your biblical ladies I see," said Mr. Banner with a smile. "By all means, please continue to bring them with you to school so that we can watch their progress throughout the year."

"Yes Sir," said Harry with a smile as he went and retrieved Lilith from the teacher.

"I think they know that I will not hurt them," whispered Edward to Harry.

"Well why else would they sleep across your shoulder," said Harry with a teasing grin.

"Ok," said Mr. Banner. "I know that many of you will be at the Cullen's party, but do remember your report is due on Monday. Mr. Cullen and Mr. Potter have already turned theirs in."

The students all laughed as they walked out. Many were excited about going to the party. Jessica was livid with fury about not getting an invite. She would just have to get one somehow. Edward and Harry would pay for her humiliation. When her parents found out that she had been given detention because of her slanderous remarks, they grounded her as well. Suddenly she was hit with an ingenious plan of revenge. It just took a little bit of waiting until lunch time. She just needed a few supplies from the art classroom to finish her little plan. Edward of course, could hear every word that she was saying and reported it to Mr. Gordon. So when lunch time came around, Edward and Harry along with the rest of their family and friends watched as Jessica went to the silver Volvo and started painting derogative remarks all over it. Chief Swan and Mr. Gordon were watching the whole scene as it happened. Jessica was immediately expelled from Forks and was arrested for vandalizing private property. Harry and Edward were excused from classes for the rest of the day so that they could go home and take care of the damage. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley told Dr. Cullen that they would pay for the damage. Dr. Cullen assured them that it was not necessary.

"I would just like your word that your daughter will stay away from my sons," said Carlisle. "We will call it even at that."

"You have it," said Mr. Stanley. "I am so ashamed of her actions. Please give Edward and Harry our sincerest apologies."

"Consider it done," said Carlisle with a smile. "I hate to rush, but I have to be in La Push to make a home visit. Good day."

Carlisle left to go and tend to Harry Clearwater. Harry Potter took out his wand and did away with the damage with a slight flick of his wand. The two of them spent the rest of the day enjoying the privacy of each other's company. They were very well ahead of their school work and had all of their homework done in a matter of hours. They listened to music and started talking about what costumes they would wear for the party.

"I think I am going to dress in my usual wizard dress robes," said Harry. "I want to portray what a real wizard looks like."

"I think I will go and dress in something from when I was a child," said Edward. "Alice made my costume months ago. I just don't know where she hid it."

"Did you know that Alice is going as Tinkerbell?" asked Harry with a laugh.

"Well," mused Edward. "She has the right build for it. Emmitt is going as a grizzly bear. Rosalie is going to pose as a super model, Jasper will wear his soldier's outfit from the civil war, and Esme will go as a witch."

Harry walked out into the back yard and looked around for a suitable branch. When he had one that he wanted, he transfigured it into a staff. He made a replica of his broomstick for Esme to use as her broom. He would have allowed her to use his real one, but he was scared she might actually go for an unwanted flight on it.

"Harry," said Edward suddenly. "Are you going to be able to cope well tomorrow? I know it is the anniversary of the deaths of your parents."

"I will be fine," said Harry with a smile. "I know when I am awake, that they don't want me to be sad for them. They want me to live. My trouble won't come until I fall asleep and the dreams start."

"They scare me as well," said Edward wrapping his arms around Harry. "It just makes me want to go to England and make some heads fly."

"My mom and dad wouldn't want you to do that," said Harry. "They would just want up to be happy. Besides, Albus is taking care of things on his end. From his last letter, they were able to bring down some more Death Eaters and find a couple of Voldemort's Horcruxes. Albus still thinks there is two left. He just doesn't know what they are."

Harry went to sleep that night and the nightmares started. Once again the Cullen family was around his bed as Jasper and Edward tried everything to help ease Harry through the dreams. All of a sudden the dream changed. Harry and Edward were pulled into Voldemort's thoughts.

"That old muggle loving fool can not get his hands on Nagini," said Voldemort to his group. "She must be protected at all costs. Has anyone found out where the old fool hid Harry Potter?"

Harry and Edward felt the anger as Voldemort didn't get an affirmative reply.

"What if he isn't in the country anymore?" asked Umbridge. "Maybe the old fool took him out of the country. Maybe some kind of bargain can be struck with Potter."

"What kind of bargain?" Voldemort asked with a snarl.

"Well," said Delores. "We can tell him he can stay alive if he doesn't return. This way you get what you want and he stays out of the picture."

"That has some merit for discussion," said Voldemort. "I will consider it. I want round the clock people trying to find out where the boy is."

"We will keep working on it," assured Deloris. "Never fear my Lord. We will find out where the old fool has hidden him."

"You better or your fate will be worse than his," threatened Voldemort.

Harry woke up then with a start. He starred at everyone with wide and unblinking eyes. Edward had him in his arms laying his cool hands and arms on Harry's fevered body. Esme and Rosalie took the hint and were helping to massage Harry's feet and legs with their cold hands. Carlisle went and started to massage Harry's temples trying to bring the young man around.

"Come on love," said Edward. "You have to come back to me."

"Try kissing him," said Alice with a chirp.

Edward took Harry's face into his hands and planted a deep passionate kiss on the young mans lips. Harry took a deep breath and returned the kiss. He had snapped out of his trance with the touch of Edwards lips on his.

"I hate when Voldemort does that," said Harry.

"What did he do?" asked Carlisle.

"He forgot to put up his own Occlumency shields and I saw and felt everything he was," said Harry.

"Why don't you go back to sleep," suggested Edward. "I am going to go down when you fall asleep and tell everyone what we saw."

Harry nodded and nested back into his blankets. Edward nodded to his family as he wrapped his arms around Harry and waited for the boy to fall back asleep. The rest of the family all went downstairs to wait for Edward. He came down twenty minutes later and told the family what they had seen.

"We need to talk to Albus," said Carlisle. "The sooner the better, but I have no way of getting hold of him magically. All I can do is write a letter to him and wait for a reply. That could take weeks."

"Dobby can take the letter if you is wanting him to Sir," squeaked the house elf.

"You would do that for us?" asked Carlisle in shock.

"Dobby is doing anything to help his Harry Potter," said the elf.

Ten minutes later saw the elf pop away with the letter Carlisle wrote to Albus. Ten minutes after that saw Albus Dumbledore stepping out of the fire and walking into the sitting room of the Cullen house.

"Is Harry ok?" asked Albus concerned. "Is he hurt in any way?"

"He is upstairs sleeping," said Edward. "He is more annoyed than anything."

"So what happened?" asked Albus.

"Some little short woman that looks a lot like a toad was talking to this Voldemort person," said Edward. "They are doing everything that they can to get the location of Harry out of you. Voldemort said something about not letting Nagini out of his sight. That may mean something to you, but it confused me and I don't want to wake Harry to find out."

"Nagini is his snake," said Albus. "That must be where the last Horcrux is hidden."

"I think there is more than one," said Edward. "He is troubled by more than Harry's disappearance. Plus between what Jasper picks up from Harry, the thoughts I sometimes pick up on, and the unusual visions Alice sees, I think that Harry may be one as well."

"That thought has crossed my mind many times," said Albus with a sigh. "I had hoped that I was wrong. I want Harry to live a whole happy life, but if he is in fact a host for the Horcrux, then we have to do something."

"Can vampire venom kill a Horcrux?" asked Edward.

"Yes it can," said Albus. "Why do you ask?"

"The answer is simple," said Edward. "We turn Harry into a permanent member of our family and to hell with the treaty or the Volturi."

"I would rather have Harry live his life happy as a vampire of your family than to subject him to what could happen if Voldemort gets his hands on him," said Albus.

"It just so happens that I agree," said Harry from the stairs. "Hello Professor. It is nice to see you again."

"Harry my boy," said Albus with a smile. "It is good to see you with a smile on our face and happiness in your eyes."

"You knew that Edward and I would fall in love didn't you?" asked Harry.

"I had hope and nothing more," said Albus with a smile as he hugged the young man. "I have to say that I am very happy that you did though."

"That statement speaks volumes for the lot of us," said Harry with a smile. "So I am a Horcrux and to get rid of it I should consider being turned into a vampire."

"Accurately summarized," said Albus with a smile. "I think the sooner you do it, the better. In fact, I can send over some help for the transformation and they can take pictures that we can circulate throughout the Wizarding world that says you have died."

"Who will you send over to help?" asked Harry.

"Ah my dear boy," said Albus with a mischievous smile. "Let's have the Golden trio ride again for a bit. I will send over Mr. and Miss Weasley as well as Miss Granger, Miss Lovegood, and Mr. Longbottom. We will call it a field trip to America for understanding the American Wizarding world better. I will set it up with the President of Magic for you."

"Excellent," said Harry. "Draco along with those five will be a sight for me to see when I wake from the transformation. Let's do this during the Christmas Holidays. That way no one misses out on a lot of school. Edward and Alice can always send my homework to me here and I can work on it while learning to control myself around humans."

"You always were very mature about things," said Albus. "How is Draco enjoying bachelor life?"

"He loves it," said Harry. "He comes over all the time though. He loves Esme's cooking to much. Aunt Petunia moved in with Chief Swan and they are engaged to be married. Edward has finally learned to control himself around Bella Swan."

"I would like for you to marry me," said Edward suddenly kneeling next to Harry and opening a ring box.

Inside was a very old ring that had a Ruby reset in it with the diamonds.

"This was my mother's ring," said Edward. "I had the diamond replaced with a ruby. Please say yes Harry."

"I will say yes on one condition," said Harry.

"What is that condition?" asked Edward.

"That you keep a tight reign on Alice and her decoration plans," said Harry with a laugh.

"That is something that we will all ban together and work on," said Edward. "So is that a yes?"

"Yes Edward," said Harry. "I would be honored to marry you."

"Well then," said Albus reaching into his pocket. "You may be wanting this then. I found them in a box that I was holding for you. It was your mother's engagement set. I have your parent's wedding rings as well."

"This is perfect," said Harry as he held out his mother's ring to Edward.

Edward and Harry each slipped the engagement rings on the other's finger. Wearing the rings of their late mother's was something special all on its own.

"A Christmas wedding," said Harry. "You can change me after the wedding."

"Perfect," said Edward giving Harry an award winning smile. "I love the sound of that."

"Then we have to get busy if we are going to be hosting a wedding here," said Esme with a smile. "Alice dear, do stop pouting. I am sure Harry will let you be his bridesmaid."

"Yes you can make the wedding beautiful," said Harry. "I just want it simple as well. I don't want anything to big."

"It will be beautiful Harry," said Alice happily. "You will see."

"Well I must be going," said Albus. "I have lots to get done between now and the Christmas holidays. I am very happy for you both. I hope that my blessing as a grandfather to the two of you will go a long way for you."

"I am honored Sir," said Edward as Harry hugged Albus.

With that, Albus flooed back to England. Edward wrote a letter to the La Push elders and asked Harry to send it with Hedwig. Alice, Esme, and Rosalie were all sitting quietly together with pads and pen and were jotting down notes.

"Oh I have to cook Harry's breakfast," said Esme jumping up.

"Dobby is already doing that Mistress Cullen," said the elf.

Dobby walked over to Edward and looked at him. Edward knelt next to him so that he could be on eye level with him.

"Dobby is happy that you is taking care of Harry Potter," said the elf. "Dobby hopes that you will never forget him."

"Harry and I will never forget you Dobby," said Edward softly. "You will always be a part of our lives."

"Thank you Sir," said Dobby. "Dobby is happy to be hearing that."

"We need you," said Harry also kneeling next to the elf. "You are a part of our family now and forever."

"Thank you Harry Potter," said Dobby. "Dobby is wanting to make a suggestion for the wedding."

"Anything you have to say we will gladly listen to," sang Alice.

"Dobby is thinking that Harry Potter and Mr. Edward should both wear white with silver trimmings," said the elf.

"It will be done," called Esme. "Thanks for the idea. In the future if you have any more ideas, please let us know."

Dobby was grinning ear to ear.

A knock sounded on the back door and Jacob and Sam were there with a couple of other pack members. Edward and Carlisle sat them all down and started talking to them about what was going on and what they needed to do in order to stop Harry from being hurt.

"We want the pack to know that we do not want to upset the treaty," said Edward. "We value the friendship with the wolves to much for that."

"You have our blessing on this," said Jacob. "We want Harry safe from all harm. He is like a little brother to us."

"Are you all hungry?" asked Esme. "We cooked plenty of breakfast."

"That would be great Mrs. Cullen," said Jacob walking over and sitting at the table.

"Just call me Esme dear," she replied as she placed the food on the table with Dobby's help.

"Edward," whispered Alice. "We have problems."

Harry and Edward jumped up and ran to Alice. Her eyes were glazed over as she watched in disgust what was happening.

"Vernon Dursley went to the Volturi," said Edward. "He told them that Harry, Draco, and his wife were here and under our protection."

Vernon had a hard few months. He had lost his wife because of that freakish relative of hers. He was forever plotting his revenge on him.

"Why don't we go and talk to those Volturi people," said Dudley. "That Wormtail guy said they would help us."

"I think you may be right," said Vernon. "It is time to bring about the downfall of Harry Potter."

The two travelled to Volterra to speak with Aro, Caius, and Marcus. Jane led the two humans down to speak with the leaders.

"It is unusual to get human visitors that willingly come to our home," said Aro. "To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?"

"We both want the downfall of certain people," replied Vernon. "You want the downfall of the Cullen family, and I want the downfall of Harry Potter."

Vernon spent the next hour telling Aro what he knew. Dudley added his own information in from time to time.

"So it seems that it is time for us to step in," said Aro. "We have the information we need to finally disband Carlisle's family."

"Yes," sneered Vernon. "You also can deal with Harry Potter while you are at it. I want him to suffer slowly for being alive."

"Just hatred towards someone who has never done you anything," said Aro. "I must admit that I am disappointed in you."

"I don't care how you feel about me," said Vernon bravely. "As long as the boy dies is all that matters to me."

Aro looked over to Caius and Marcus. One look was all it took before the three vampires descended upon Vernon and Dudley.

"What are you planning on doing to us?" asked Vernon nervously. "I thought you would let us go after you got your information from us."

"When did we ever make that deal?" asked Caius. "You two are just humans that are willing to betray another just out of spite. Besides that, you now know of our existence. So now you have to die as well."

Vernon squeaked at that. He and Dudley turned and were about to run when the three vampires attacked. It did not take long before the cleaners were in the room taking care of the remains.

"It is time to deal with our rivals," said Aro.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will leave this chapter dangle right here folks. I want the Halloween Party as well as Aro's plans to come out in the next chapter. Please give me all the feedback that you can on this. I will be interested to hear who you think Aro will send first to deal with the Cullens.

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