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Edward Makes A Choice

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Chapter 8 – Edward Makes A Choice

Harry was lost in thought all the next day. The night before was a wonderful experience for him. He was delighted to be so much in love with another being. He was thinking about his parents. He gave a flick of his wand and allowed the images of his parents come to the surface. He sat there and watched the images for a few minutes. With another flick of his wand he drew forth the image of Sirius with his parents. He knew that Edward was out of the house doing something. He sat with tears in his eyes as he began to talk to the images.

"I miss you Sirius," said Harry softly. "I wish you three could be here right now to meet Edward. I am sure that you would love him. He is such a wonderful person. He is gentle and sweet and kind. I am sure you would be proud to include him into the family. I am going to be marrying him on Christmas. I wish you could be here for that. I promise that one day I will go and visit your graves. I would like to put a picture of me and Edward up near your tombstone. I would ask Albus to do it, but I want to be the one that places it on your grave. It would mean so much to me to do so."

"Then that is what you will do," said Edward wrapping his arms around Harry's waist. "Why don't you introduce me to these three people who obviously mean so much to you?"

"These are my parents," said Harry pointing to James and Lily. "The other gentleman is my godfather Sirius."

"So he is the one that died in the Ministry of Magic," said Edward looking closely at the image floating before him. "He is the one that you cry in your sleep about."

"Yes," said Harry sadly. "He died right there in front of me. He was a great comfort to me in my school days."

"Well then," said Edward. "We are going to go and visit your parent's grave and Sirius' memorial when you are able to control yourself around humans."

"What?" Harry asked. "How did you know I want to visit their grave?"

"Vampire hearing," said Edward with a smile. "There is little that you do that I don't hear. It is my way of knowing when you need me like right now."

"I know they would love you," said Harry.

"I am happy to hear that they would," said Edward. "I took the liberty of writing a letter to Professor Dumbledore. I told him what you were saying and what you desired. I sent it with Dobby."

"Dumbledore has more important things to worry about than me," said Harry sadly letting the images fade. "I am just one person. There is no reason for him to go out of his way for me like that."

"I think you will find that your happiness means the world to me," said Albus from the doorway. "It just so happens that I agree with Edward. When you are able to control yourself around humans, I think it would be a great idea for the two of you to visit James and Lily's gravesite. Just because your parents have passed away doesn't mean that they are not watching out over you. I am sure they would be very happy and very supportive of your choice of mates."

"You didn't have to come all the way over here because I was feeling foolish," said Harry looking down. "I know that you are a very busy person."

"Nonsense," said Albus. "I will always take the time to be here for you Harry. You have done so much for us. This is just a little of the compensation that we can offer you in return."

"It means a lot to me Sir," said Albus.

"Think nothing of it my boy," said Albus with a smile. "On a happy note, it is agreed by Head Mistress McGonagall that she will be attending your wedding. Also the entire Weasley family will be here as well. Molly is most anxious to come for a visit with Esme so that they can discuss the menu. I have arranged with Madam Cullen a time each week for Molly to visit. Expect your class mates and the Weasleys to arrive on the fifteenth of December and Molly and the younger two Weasleys will stay until after your transformation."

"They can stay at Draco's house for the duration," said Harry. "He has already offered it. It will make it easier for them to go back and forth until everything is done."

"This is very mature of Mr. Malfoy," said Albus. "I am sure that the guests will appreciate the gesture. Miss Granger wants to know if it is alright to interview Edward about his life as a vampire."

"I have no problem with that," said Edward.

"She will be most pleased to hear this," said Albus. "She is very interested to hear about the life of a vampire that lives on the blood of animals rather than humans."

"Sir," said Edward suddenly. "Are you familiar with the Volturi?"

"I know their history well," said Albus. "Why do you ask?"

"They are coming here in March to destroy my family," said Edward ignoring the shocked look that Harry gave him. "They have been trying to disband my family for quite some time. Harry and Jasper have already come up with a battle plan. I was wondering if you could send some trusted people to assist us when the time is right."

"I will work on it immediately," said Albus. "Harry's safety is my main concern. Now that you will be his family that means that I will ensure your safety as well. Harry, expect to hear from some trusted members from the Order soon."

Harry nodded at this. He was floored that Edward would even bring the subject up to Albus. Albus gave Harry a knowing look before he stood and left the room.

"Why did you do that?" asked Harry. "He already worries about Voldemort finding me. Now he comes here when I feel a little blue. You just added to his work load."

"I am sorry for that," said Edward. "Your safety is my first priority. I don't care how strong and powerful you are. I want to ensure that you will always be by my side."

"I wish you would have discussed this with me first," said Harry. "Please don't do that again in the future. Don't make a decision about me without clearing it with me first."

"I promise," said Edward. "I did not mean to hurt you. I just worry about you."

Harry smiled at Edward. He could not stay mad at him. He knew that Edward loved him so much that he would do anything for him.

The next day people stopped Harry or one of the Cullens in the hall and congratulated them on the party. They took it in stride and smiled. Soon things settled down and they were enjoying themselves. Harry and Draco were finally caught up with the rest of the class thanks to the assistance of Bella Swan and the Cullens. Harry had been a bit worried about some of his muggle courses as he was struggling through them. Now he was a straight A student and he enjoyed it.

November slowly changed to December. Harry was becoming more desperate by the minute as the time between now and the wedding was starting to shorten. He loved Edward with every thing he had. He just hoped that something didn't go wrong to put an end to his plans of happiness. He was sitting in the living room reading a book for one of his classes when the fireplace lit up with green flames and the face of Alastor Moody asked for permission to come through. Following him was a person that made Harry's face distort in fury. Severus Snape entered the room with a scowl on his face.

"What are you doing here?" asked Harry rudely.

"Manners Potter," said Severus. "Trust me when I tell you that it is not my most exciting thing to be here as well."

"Then don't let me stop you," said Harry. "The fireplace is right behind you. You don't like me and I don't like you, so there is nothing that you could possibly tell me that I would be interested in hearing from you."

Severus pulled out his wand and pointed it at Harry. He was thrown across the room where he landed with a crash near the sofa.

"You had better NEVER threaten my mate again," said Edward. "Now put it away before I put it away for you."

"So you are the blood sucker that Albus wants me to help," sneered Severus. "I will be informing him of your rude behavior."

"No more than I will be telling him of yours," said Alastor. "Knock it off. We are here to train Harry and Edward."

"Potter is nothing but a big headed boy who believes that he is better than the rest," Snape snarled. "I am sure that there is nothing that I could teach him that would penetrate that thick skull of his. As far as the other one, he better never put his hands on me again if he wants to live."

"Are you threatening my son?" asked Carlisle coming into the room.

"This is getting us no where," said Alastor. "Harry and Edward, please join me outside. Albus sent us here for a reason, and I want to test your ability to work together as a fighting force. Severus you WILL control yourself right now."

Harry and Edward scowled at the Potions Master before stepping into the back yard. It was not long before the entire Cullen family had joined them. Alastor looked to Severus and Harry.

"The two of you will be sparring," said Alastor. "Albus sent Severus for a reason Harry. Even if you don't trust Snape, I ask that you trust me and Albus. We know what we are doing. Severus you will put your hatred aside. This is NOT James Potter and you will behave as such."

Harry and Severus glared at each other. Harry looked to Alastor and nodded.

"Right then," said Moody turning to Carlisle and the rest of his family. "Would you all be willing to act as the opposing team for me?"

"If it will help," said Carlisle.

"It will," said Alastor. "Before we begin, I will explain what we are doing here. Albus was looking into some information. You will retain your magic after you are turned, Harry. The only main difference is that you will be faster and have more endurance. You can still be hurt with many of the curses and such."

"How does Dumbledore know I will retain my abilities?" asked Harry with curiosity.

"Even someone as thick as you should have figured out by now," said Severus acidly. "That the Minster of Magic has made it a point of making sure that he finds out everything he can to ensure your safety and victory in the upcoming battles."

"That did it," said Harry with more anger than anyone had ever heard before. "I have seriously had it with this jackass cocksucker of a great git. I am going to beat the shit out of his with my bare hands if I have to, but either way I am going to inflict serious damage on him."

"Bring it on little boy," said Severus pulling out his wand. "Lets see if you can retain your anger long enough to save your partner from the vampires while going after the object of your anger."

Harry snapped then. The threat towards Edward fueled his anger even more. He and Severus went at it with a ferocity that made even the ex- Auror step back.

"Attack Edward," Alastor called to the rest of the coven. "Let's see what Harry can do."

Carlisle and his family nodded. They spread themselves out and surrounded Harry and Edward. Moody joined Severus with sending a few hexes at Harry only to discover that the boy deflected them easily enough. Emmett and Jasper lunged at Edward. They were surprised when as Edward was stepping aside, Harry hit them with trip jinxes and sent them flying. The whole while he was doing that, he never lost his sight on Severus. The Potions Master attacked with a vengeance. Harry countered him at every move. Alice and Rosalie went after Harry only to be met by Edward and easily dispatched.

"Keep going," said Alastor to the coven. "Their lives need to be in danger. Don't worry about doing damage. We have healers that can patch them up coming in now. Just keep attacking."

Alastor was hit with a hex that had him jumping around a bit. Harry heard the words attack and fired a hex at him. Harry and Edward were like a well oiled machine. Harry was working hard to keep hexes and spells from Edward and keep the other two wizards at bay. He paused long enough to send a family member flying with a spell when they got to close to Edward. As the battle intensified, Harry noticed that he and Edward could hear each other's thoughts. They acted in concert with one another to deflect and protect each other. Edward was able to take a few smaller jinxes and hexes that were aimed at Harry, while Harry was able to keep the stronger hexes and many of the Cullens away from him an Edward. Finally after about an hour, they heard Moody call a halt.

"Ok everyone," called Moody. "We can all relax now. It seems that Albus knew what he was talking about. These two will make a very formidable team."

"That was very good Harry," said Severus with a smile.

Harry stood there with an odd look on his face. Severus had just called him by his given name. He looked in confusion at Alastor who roared in laughter.

"It was an act Harry," said Alastor. "Severus was sent here because you and he have a rocky past. Severus knows which buttons to push with you to make you do your worst. We needed to make you angry enough so that you would not hesitate to act."

"By doing what we did," said Severus. "We have just allowed you to prove to yourselves that you CAN act like a team and defend each other. I have to say that I am very impressed with the way that the two of you seemed to know what was going on in each other's mind."

"I could hear Edward's thoughts," said Harry. "It was like we were one mind."

"I could also hear Harry's thoughts," said Edward.

"Have you been able to hear his thoughts before this?" Severus asked Harry.

"Only once," said Harry. "I used Legilimency on him one night after a nightmare to see if it would work."

"Did it?" asked Alastor.

"Yes," said Harry. "It was quite easy for me to do it. Now that I think about it, it was the first time I have ever used Legilimency before."

"Your powers are growing Harry," said Severus. "You will find that many things will be easier for you. I have not been able to penetrate your Occlumency shields the whole time I have been here. Also during the fight, I could not read your mind or Edward's. It is as if you were shielding his mind at the same time."

"Hey guys," called Draco. "Where are you all?"

Harry looked to Esme who nodded. She went and got Draco. There were a few more wizards in the room. She led Draco, Jacob, and the rest to the backyard.

"Uncle Sev?" asked Draco. "What are you doing here?"

"Training Harry," said Severus. "We are going to have to do the same with you as well."

Alastor explained the situation to Draco and the shape shifters. He also explained the reason behind the other Aurors and such being there.

"So this is the way it is going to work," said Alastor. "Harry and Draco along with Edward and Jacob will be our target. The four of you need to work as a team. If the four of you can work together, then as a cohesive unit, the Cullen family and the La Push pack with be an unstoppable force. When the Volturi decide to attack they will have met their match. I want everyone to give it everything they have. We happen to know that a few Dark Wizards will be joining the Volturi. We have medi wizards standing by those trees to heal anyone who gets hurt. On my mark now. GO!"

With that, the vampires and wizards attacked. Harry and Edward fell back into the pattern that they had when they were fighting before. Alastor and Severus along with the wizards and the rest of the Cullen family and a few pack members attacked the four. Jacob shifted into his wolf form immediately. The fight resumed with a fierceness that made even the battle hardened Aurors blanch. Harry was able to deflect the advance spells while Edward worked to keep his family members away from him. Jacob intercepted a few of the vampires and pack mates while Draco battled the wizards. The yard was a mess by the time it was all said and done. When they finished with their practice, some of the other wizards stood back to back and repaired the damage to Esme's yard. Harry was being healed by one of the healers for a cut to the forehead by a hex while Jacob was getting his bone reset my Carlisle. The healer lifted his wand and tapped Jacob's leg and mended the bone immediately. A few of Edward's siblings were being patched up by the healers as well. Harry had healed a gouge in Edward himself. When Severus realized that Harry was doing wandless healing he could not help himself.

"Harry?" he exclaimed. "I did not know you could do wandless and non verbal spells combined."

"I didn't know either until Draco showed up with all of his broken bones and cuts during the summer," said Harry. "Instinct just took over and I was able to pull from my magical core and heal him."

"Wait," said Kingsley. "You are able to pull from your core?"

"I have been able to do that since first year," said Harry starting to become concerned. "Should I not be allowed or able to do that?"

"You are allowed to do that," said Rufus. "It is just unheard of that someone so young could do it."

"You played down in classes didn't you?" asked Severus. "You are more advanced than you let on."

"I didn't want people to think I was something more important," said Harry. "I just wanted to be normal for once."

"I can understand your reasoning behind it," said Severus. "This just made things a whole lot easier."

"Was I wrong for doing that?" asked Harry with a bit or worry in his voice.

"Not wrong," said Severus. "Foolish maybe, but not wrong. This will work to your advantage though. I assume that you have studied and mastered all of your school books?"

"Yes," admitted Harry. "I have even been working on the potions with much success. I have been having them tested by a Potions Master here and then they are shipped off to the local wizarding hospital."

"Very impressive indeed," said Severus. "I have a gift for you then."

He pulled out a few worn and tattered copies of potions books and handed them to Harry and Draco.

"These will come in handy when making your potions," said Severus with a smirk. "After all, I had to do something to keep your father and his friends off of me in school."

"I am sorry about what my dad and his friends did to you in school," said Harry flipping through the pages. "They should have been nicer."

"You are not the one that needs to apologize," said Severus. "It has nothing to do with you. I should not have taken my anger at your father out on you. For that, you have my apologies. Now if you will excuse us, we have to get back to Britain. We have some work to do."

"Thanks for everything," said Harry sincerely.

"It is us that should be thanking you," said Kingsley. "You have shown us something that we did not think possible."

"What would that be Sir?" asked Edward.

"That humans, vampires, and shape shifters CAN work together as a cohesive unit," said Rufus as he shook hands all around. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, it was a pleasure meeting your family. We now know that there are good vampires in this world that would do what ever it takes to help a human."

"We have also learned that not all wizards hate vampires," said Edward. "Your generosity and desire to come all the way over here and help Harry has made me up my respect for wizards and their kind. You have my immortal gratitude for helping my lover."

"You have ours for making him smile and live," said Alastor shaking the young man's hands. "Bill, Fleur, and Charlie Weasley will be moving not to far from here. They will stay in Forks until the threat with the Volturi is over with."

"Just know that you can call upon us when and if you ever need help," said Harry.

The wizards all smiled as they all headed into the house to use the fireplace to floo home.

"Well that was fun and interesting," said Jasper. "Maybe we should practice that a bit more often. This way we can really be ready if something comes sooner."

"It would be in the best interest of everyone for us to do that," said Harry. "Especially as the La Push pack needs to learn how to deal with vicious vampires instead of this family. That is if you guys are ok with that."

"I think it is a good idea," said Jacob.

"We can come here every other night and practice with you guys," said Sam. "It will give us a chance to get to know you all better as well. We can learn each other's techniques so that we can better assist one another in the fight."

"On the day of the fight, we are going to need Charlie, Aunt Petunia, and Bella somewhere safe," said Harry. "Can they stay in La Push with the elders while we are fighting?"

"Yes," said Jacob. "Sam and I will choose one from each of our packs to help guard the reservation while we are at war."

"That way we can make adjustments as we go along," said Sam.

"We can have one of the wizards with them there also," said Harry. "That will help keep La Push safe."

"How is Harry Clearwater by the way?" asked Carlisle.

"Much better thanks to you Doc," said Sam. "He is back to his old self. We are very appreciative of what you have done for us."

"Think nothing of it," said Carlisle. "Thanks to some of Harry's school books, I have a better understanding of how the pack bodies work and what to do for you all if something happens."

"I guess it couldn't hurt to start stocking up on healing potions and such," said Draco. "I see no reason why you have to be a wizard to make them. With the extra time that the Cullens have, they could actually help us with some of these."

"I have read Harry's potions books," said Edward. "It is a lot like chemistry. It seems easy enough. With a little guidance, we should have no troubles."

"Hey you guys," called Esme from the house. "Dinner is on the table. Come in and eat please. There is plenty for everyone."

Together vampire, shape shifter, and wizard all made their way into the house. The camaraderie was a delight to everyone. They enjoyed the new friendship that they had with the Quileute tribe. Again it was a marvel to everyone that all it took was one tiny wizard with dark hair and green eyes to make everything fall into place and old rivalries disappear.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end the chapter here as I want the next chapter for Harry and Edward's wedding and Harry's turning. Thanks for being so kind with everything and following along with my work. It means the world to me that I am able to bring joy to so many.

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