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What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

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Chapter 9 – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

The next two weeks flew by. Molly visited with Esme during the day and was gone by the time Harry and the rest of the group got home from school. On December fifteenth, Harry did not go to school that day. He paced back and forth in front of the fireplace.

"Would you relax lover?" said Edward with an amused chuckle. "You will wear a hole in the floor if you don't."

"I have not seen them since school ended on June first," said Harry. "What if they hate me now? What if they won't want to be my friends anymore after I am turned?"

"If they feel that way then they have the problem," said Carlisle wisely. "If your happiness and safety means that little to them, then they were never your friends in reality."

"I know," said Harry running his hand across his eyes. "I just worry about them."

"You worry too much sometimes," said Edward grabbing Harry and forcing him to sit next to him. "You need to relax. Your heart rate is increasing the more you worry. At this rate it will pop out of your chest and roll around on the floor."

"That's funny," said Harry laughing. "Thanks for making me feel better guys. It means the world to me."

"That is what a family does," said Alice. "We all love you Harry. We just want what is best for you."

"If you continue to carry on like this," said Draco. "I will be forced to give you a calming drought. You know how good those taste."

"Ugh," said Harry. "Alright, you all win. I quit. I will sit here and just fidget instead."

"That's more like it," said Edward with another musical laugh.

"Don't sweat it Harry," said Jacob. "We all will love you no matter what, even if you will smell funny to us wolves after."

"Oh ha, ha," said Harry. "At least I won't smell like wet dog all the time."

"Hey," said Draco. "I give him a bath often. He shouldn't smell."

That had the desired effect he was looking for. Harry burst out laughing. The look on Jacob's face was priceless. Even Rosalie was laughing hard at the expense of Jacob.

"If it makes you feel better wolf kin," said Emmett. "He didn't say flea bath."

That made Harry howl with mirth even more. Esme was starting to get concerned as Harry was turning red in the face and tears were falling down his face. Edward however, was relaxed and let Harry laugh it out.

"Don't worry Esme," he said. "I think Harry needed this. He has been on pins and needles for days now."

Harry wiped the tears from his eyes as he looked over at Esme. When he saw her concern he walked over to give her a hug. She patted him on the back before releasing him. Still chuckling every now and then, Harry headed back to his spot next to Edward.

"You do realize that this means war don't you?" Jacob asked Draco.

"Bring it on," smirked Draco. "I am not afraid of the big bad wolf. You are just lucky that I don't have to put a muzzle on you or a leash."

This remark set Harry off again. During this bout of laughter the fireplace erupted and Hermione walked in just as Jacob was chasing Draco out of the room.

"Was that Malfoy running from that big guy?" she asked. "Harry is everything ok here?"

Harry struggled to compose himself as he stood to hug Hermione.

"Hello," said Edward walking forward. "You must be Hermione. I am Edward. That was Draco who was being chased out of the room by his mate."

Hermione was about to respond to that when the fireplace roared to life dumping Neville onto the floor. Hermione helped him to stand while Harry waved his wand to clean them up. Ron came in next and looked around. He was soon followed by Ginny and then Luna. Before long the rest of the Weasleys were there. Harry was busy introducing everyone while at the same time cleaning up the soot from Esme's clean floor.

By this time Draco and Jacob came back in.

"What is Malfoy doing here?" asked Ron rudely.

"Ronald," snapped Molly. "You will mind your manners. Draco is here because he and Harry are friends and are looking out for one another."

She walked over to Draco and enveloped him in a motherly hug. He returned it warmly. When she let Draco go, she did the same to Harry and then Edward.

"Draco dear," Molly said. "How are you? You are looking better since the last time I saw you."

"Thanks Mrs. Weasley," said Draco with a smile. "I am doing much better. Things have changed a lot since the last time that I saw you. May I introduce my mate to you? This is Jacob Black. He is a shape shifter from La Push."

"It is a pleasure to meet you ma'am," said Jacob. "Draco and Harry speak highly of you."

"That still doesn't explain what he is doing here," said Ron with a frown.

"Please have a seat everyone," said Harry. "We will explain everything as best as we can."

Harry looked over to Draco. Draco nodded his head and sat down in Jacob's lap.

"Bellatrix Lestrange got hold of Draco after the event in the Ministry of Magic," said Harry. "She was torturing him. Professor Dumbledore found them somehow and was able to save him. She barely got away. So Professor Dumbledore brought him to my house on Privet Drive where I healed him of his wounds. I thought the Ministry was going to expel me for using magic, but then I found out that Dumbledore is the Minister and was stopping that from happening. Draco stayed with me until I turned sixteen and we moved here. Are you with me so far?"

"You used underage magic to save Draco?" asked Hermione. "Harry, that was so generous of you. You risked everything to heal him."

"Thanks Hermione," said Harry. "Well, my Aunt got her divorce with the help of Draco and she came with us from England. She is currently engaged to be married to the Chief of Police here in town."

"She is here?" Ginny asked. "What happened to your Uncle and cousin?"

"They are dead," said Alice. "They went to the Volturi to expose Harry and us. Someone named Wormtail went to their house and told them where to go to meet with the Volturi."

"Does Professor Dumbledore know?" asked Neville as the others were shocked and outraged by this bit of news.

"He does," said Harry. "He sent Moody and Snape to train Edward and me to be able to combat side by side. It is amazing what Edward and I can do as a team. Add Jacob and Draco into the mix and just the four of us make a very unique fighting team. In fact there is another training session tomorrow. Dumbledore himself will be here to assist in the training."

"So Edward," said Ginny seriously. "Do you promise that you will always take care of Harry?"

"I swear to do everything in my power to keep him safe," answered Edward.

"It is obvious that he is happy," said Luna speaking for the first time. "At least you are able to keep the Wrackspurts away from him."

"Yes," said Edward who had been warned by Harry of Luna's outlook on life. "I have beaten back quite a few of them to keep Harry safe."

Molly and the older Weasleys hid their smiles behind their hands. It was very obvious to the room that both Harry and Draco were indeed very happy and very well looked after.

"Hermione," said Edward softly. "How about we start on your report tomorrow? Right now, I would like to take you all out for something to eat. I know that a couple of you are hungry."

"I was ever so happy when Professor Dumbledore said you would be willing to let me interview you," said Hermione as she waited for Harry and Molly to transfigure their clothes for them into suitable muggle attire.

"I told him to run but he didn't listen," said Harry earning him a slap behind the head.

Edward and Harry along with a few others led the wizards outside to the cars. They drove them to the restaurant so that everyone could get something to eat. Hermione did not stop talking the whole time.

"Jacob is it true that you and your pack transform into wolves at will?" she asked.

"Yes that is true," said Jacob. "Our gift is passed down through blood. Draco told me that you would be interested in reading about it, so I brought you some of our histories for you to read."

"Oh," she squealed. "That is so thoughtful. Thank you Draco."

"Don't mention it," said Draco with a laugh. "Why are you staring at me Weasley?"

"I didn't know you were into blokes," said Ron.

"That is just rude Ronald," snapped Hermione. "I think it is wonderful that Draco found someone that makes him happy. It should not matter that his mate is the same gender."

"It is ok Hermione," said Draco surprising everyone by calling her by her name. "I know that it is rather a surprising turn of events."

"It still doesn't excuse his manners," said Bill. "We were raised better than that. Edward, I must say that I have never seen Harry this happy before. His eyes sparkle and he always has a smile on his face."

"Plus he has a mate that is as hot as he is," said Ginny without thinking.

When she realized what she blurted out, she slapped her hand over her mouth and turned redder than her hair. She hid her face in embarrassment as the twins started to tease her. Edward and Harry chuckled appreciatively.

"Fred and George that is enough," said Molly. "Ginny dear, do think before you speak next time."

"You must have had your hands full with so many children at the same time," said Esme to Molly. "How ever did you manage?"

"It wasn't so bad once they started to go off to school," said Molly. "It made things easier. Though I do have to say that, I would not trade any of them for the world. That does include those that are not mine as well."

"That means that you are now a part of her family," said Harry to Edward. "The Weasleys are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They took me under their wing when I was young and never let me feel anything but as a part of the family."

Molly blushed slightly at the praise. Edward and Esme chuckled at this.

The next day, Harry and Edward along with Draco and Jacob were once again in training. The Weasleys and Harry friends were asked to participate.

"You are allowed to use anything you wish except the Unforgivables on them," said Albus to the group. "I want to see how Harry and Draco deal with stronger spells and hexes. Whenever you are all ready, we can begin."

Harry and Edward stood back to back. Draco took up stance on the side with Jacob who transformed into his wolf form to the delight of those who had not seen it before. Albus gave the word, and the attack began. Just like before, Harry and Edward worked as if they were one. It was not long before many of the Weasley's were thrown back and disarmed. Hermione was putting up a good fight, but in the end, Harry hit her with a well placed spell that she could not counter and was eliminated from the battle. They watched as Harry went head to head with Albus and gave the old wizard a run for his money. Edward was doing an awesome job of keeping his family at bay while Harry worked on keeping the stronger spells and hexes away from them. The speed of Jacob and Edward combined was enough to cause many of them to get light headed as they threw off attacker after attacker. They decided to call a halt when Harry sent Emmett through the wall of the house and into the dining room. Edward and Harry raced to the spot. Albus and Severus fixing the wall as the others knelt next to Emmett. He was not moving. Harry placed his hands on Emmett and reached for his core of magic. He worked his way around Emmett's body and fixed any damage that had been done. When he was done, he stood and walked over to anyone else that was injured and healed their wounds. He fixed Ginny's sprained ankle while at the same time healing a cut on Severus. He fixed the leg of Leah Clearwater and one of Fred's. When he was sure that everyone was healed, he let the core of magic flow back to his center and he slumped to the ground. Edward was at his side and caught him before he hit the floor. He carried Harry upstairs and put him to bed. A healer went with them to check him out. He came down a few minutes later with Edward behind him.

"Mr. Potter is fine," said the man. "He is just tired."

"I can't believe that Harry used wandless, nonverbal, healing magic," said Hermione. "That was just amazing. How did he do that?"

"Has Harry ever told you that he can look into himself and see his core of magic?" asked Albus.

"No," said Ron while the others shook their heads. "He never mentioned it to us. Is that good or bad?"

"That is a very good thing," said Severus speaking. "Harry is so in tune with his magic, that he doesn't need a wand. Each person has the ability to look into their core and see their magic. 98% of wizards don't because it is simpler to just use the wand."

"From what I am to understand," said Albus. "Harry has been doing this since first year. We had him sit his NEWTS a few weeks ago and he scored an "outstanding" in every single subject."

"So why did he let Draco and I do better than him?" asked Hermione in confusion. "If what you are saying is correct then Harry has been down playing his strengths and intelligence this whole time. Why would he do something like that?"

"Can you think of no reason for him to do so?" asked Remus.

"He wanted less attention on him," said Neville. "Harry has always wanted to be normal. So he dumbed down so that he would not stand out further."

"Succinctly said Mr. Longbottom," said Albus with a twinkle in his eyes. "This is the main reason that we know that Harry will maintain his magic even after he is turned."

"No one told us that Harry will be turned into a blood sucker," said Ron suddenly.

"RONALD," said five voices at once.

"Well it's true," he said. "Why does he have to become a vampire? Why can't he stay human?"

"Harry being turned will benefit him in a multitude of ways," said Albus. "Not only will it keep him alive in a manner of speaking, but it will also save his life."

"How is becoming an undead beast going to save him?" asked Ronald earning him a few glares from his family.

"Harry is a Horcrux," said Albus sharply. "A piece of Voldemort's soul is trapped in Harry's body. Tell me Mr. Weasley. Would you rather Harry live the rest of his life as a happy immortal vampire, or would you rather he continue to be chased by Voldemort and risk becoming a Dark Wizard?"

"He will kill people," said Ron. "He will be a danger to us anyway."

"He will NOT kill people," said Edward. "We do not feed on humans."

"What does that mean?" asked Ron. "You still have to suck blood from somewhere in order to survive."

"Really Ronald," said Hermione angrily. "Do you EVER pay attention in class? They live off of animal blood. Look closely at Edward's eyes. Look at the rest of his family."

"I don't understand," said Ron looking at each vampire. "What am I looking for?"

"UGH," said Ginny throwing her hands in the air. "Their eyes are topaz. A vampire that drinks the blood of a human will have red eyes. You really are dense Ronald."

"So you won't let Harry hurt anyone?" asked Ronald feebly.

"We will all work together to ensure that Harry will not hurt anyone," said Edward.

"That is why you all will be here for him," said Albus. "He will need people who are his friends to stand beside him before, during, and after the transformation. I have Hagrid coming so that he can help hold Harry down after. Even a new born vampire will be hard pressed to get away from someone as powerful as a half giant."

"If you feel that you can not handle the situation or the control of your tongue," said Severus sharply. "Then we will gladly send you back to Hogwarts. Harry will not want someone around who doesn't trust him."

"I suppose he trusts Malfoy too," said Ron with a bite to his voice.

"With his life," said Albus becoming annoyed. "Mr. Weasley, if you can not control yourself then I ask that you please, speak up now. We will send you back to Hogwarts and I will explain to Harry as gently as I can why his best friend refuses to stand by his side at a time when he needs him the most."

"No," said Ron. "I will be here for him. I am sorry for my actions. It is just a lot to take in all at once."

Albus looked over at Edward who nodded.

"He is telling you the truth," said Edward. "His mouth may be saying one thing, but his mind is with Harry. He does want to be here for Harry."

"You can read minds?" asked Hermione. "That is so impressive."

"I can only read minds of those that are not shielded," said Edward. "For instance, I can read everyone's mind except Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape, and Harry. Everyone else is like an open book."

"So you are using Legilimency on us," said Ginny with interest.

"It is similar to that," said Edward. "The biggest difference is rather than me going look into your mind for the information, your mind is sending me the information. I was rather hoping that Professor Snape or Professor Dumbledore can work with me a bit to see if there is a way of blocking my mind from everyone's thoughts."

"We will see if we can find some information on the subject for you," said Severus.

"If we find a way of helping you, then we will send the information to you," said Albus.

"Any help you can give will be appreciated," said Edward. "I do believe that my soon to be husband is awake and stirring in bed. I will not tell him what has happened here today out of respect, but if you, Ron, do decide to change your mind, then I will ask that you not stick around and hurt Harry. The consequences will be very unpleasant if you do."

"I am sorry," mumbled Ron as Edward glided up the stairs to be with Harry.

When Edward walked into the room, Harry was sitting up holding his head.

"I have a massive headache," said Harry. "I need one of those headache potions."

"Here you go," said Edward handing him the required potion. "I kind of figured you would want one of those."

"Thank goodness that you are so adept at making them," said Harry. "It seems like I am forever getting headaches from something or another. I need a shower."

"Here let me help you," said Edward. "The healer said that you would be wobbly at first."

Edward helped Harry into the shower where he was able to clean himself up. When he was done, Edward helped him get dressed. A piggy back ride down the stairs, and Harry was settled comfortably one the sofa with Edward sitting next to him. Esme brought him something to eat.

"Where are Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape?" asked Harry looking around.

"They had to head back to England dear," said Molly. "They said to tell you that they would be here for your wedding."

Harry smiled as he thought about that.

"So let me see your ring Harry," said Ginny.

Harry lifted his hand and showed his ring to the girls. They all chatted over the beauty of the ring. They were all excited when they heard that the ring once belonged to Edward's late mother.

"Did you give one to Edward to wear also?" asked Hermione.

"He is wearing my mother's ring," said Harry as Edward showed them the ring.

"So what are your wedding colors?" asked Ginny.

"Silver and white," said Harry. "It was Dobby's idea."

"Is Dobby here?" asked Hermione.

"Him and Winky both," said Draco sitting on the arm of the sofa.

"Oh that is great that you took them with you," said Hermione happily.

"So I wanted to ask," said Harry. "Would Ron, Neville, and Draco be my groom's men? Also would Hermione, Ginny, and Luna be my bride's maids?"

"Oh Harry," said Hermione. "I think I speak for all of us when I say yes. We would be honored to stand for you. Who will stand for Edward?"

"Jasper, Emmett, and Jacob will be my groom's men," said Edward. "Rosalie, Alice, and Leah will be my bride's maids."

"We don't have anything to wear," said Hermione. "The wedding is in eight days."

"Alice has already taken care of that," said Harry. "All we have to do is fit you all and size the garments."

"How would she know that we would say yes?" asked Ginny.

"Alice and Luna share some of the same traits," said Harry. "Alice is a seer. Jasper is an empath."

"Wow," said Hermione. "Will I get to ask them some questions as well?"

"That would be up to them," said Harry with a laugh. "Really Hermione, I would like for you to take some time and enjoy your holiday."

"I don't think the bookworm knows how to relax and enjoy herself," said Ron with a grin. "Harry mate, I am really happy for you. I was confused when they told me that Edward was a vampire and said some things that were really mean and cruel. I am really sorry for jumping to conclusions the way I did. I won't embarrass myself by repeating what I said, but just know that I will be here for you until the very end."

"Thanks Ron," said Harry. "That means a lot to me coming from you. Now I think we can have you and Neville and the three girls stay here. The rest of you can bunk at Draco's house. That is if it is ok with Esme and Draco."

"I have no problem with it," said Draco.

"Nor do we," said Esme with a smile. "Why don't you all go upstairs and catch up. I will bring you all a snack later."

"Let's have a slumber party," said Alice. "That way we can get to know each other better."

"That's a good idea," said Harry looking around and seeing everyone nod in agreement.

Harry and the Cullens led the Hogwarts students upstairs. Carlisle offered to drive the rest of the Weasleys to Draco's house. Later that evening, everyone was having a great time. Alice and Luna became fast friends while Rosalie and Ginny were talking about hair styles and the like. The boys were all for hearing about Jasper's time in the vampire wars. Hermione set her quill to start recording some of the history. Esme and Carlisle sat downstairs in each other's arms.

"It is wonderful to have a house full of youngsters," said Esme quietly. "The sound of their laughter is endearing."

"It is nice to see our family enjoying themselves as well," replied Carlisle. "They seem to be enjoying the students as much as the students are enjoying them. It may be that they may make history together."

"That would be nice," said Esme. "It seems we were very blessed when Harry came into our lives."

"He not only saved himself, but he saved us as well didn't he?" came the reply.

The Cullen parents sat in silence as they listened to the fun going on upstairs. Both had a smile on their faces.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I am so sorry. I wanted this chapter to be the wedding, but it got really out of control. I wanted to lay down a little ground work, but it went on longer than I had anticipated. The next chapter will be the wedding and turning. Please don't beat me up with a cookie to badly. Hope you all enjoy the ground work.

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