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Our team of family and lovers are at it further to make sure that things run as smooth as possible for the castle and for each other.

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Stormy Lee
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Shower me in Diamonds

DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling.

DISCLAIMER – Any similarities between my story and someone else's is purely coincidental.

DISCLAIMER – This is a gay love story between Draco and Harry. If you are uncomfortable with gay rights or homosexual innuendos, then I humbly ask that you not embarrass you or me by reading beyond this point. Thank you for your understanding.

DISCLAIMER – "Nights in White Satin" is sung by the Moody Blues.

NOTE – Here is the eagerly awaited sequel. If you have not read "For Love of A Slytherin", then please read it first before you read this story. To all of my fans, here is the first chapter for your reading enjoyment.

Chapter 1 – Shower me in Diamonds

Harry and Draco returned to the castle after spending two weeks on their honeymoon at Niagra Falls. Their flight home was smooth and undisturbed. What neither young man knew was that there was an Auror trailing them discretely. Albus had it set up with the United States to have Draco and Harry watched when they were not in their room. The Minister of Magic for the United States knew Harry's morbid story. She promised Albus that the two young men would be safe while in her country. While on the plane the Auror sat a few rows back to keep an eye on the newly weds. When the couple arrived at the airport, they were greeted by Alastor Moody. After congratulating the men again on their wedding, he lifted his wand and sent their belongings to the castle. From there he escorted them home.

Once home, the first thing that Harry and Draco did was check on everyone in the castle. Albus had already spoken with the Grangers to inform them of the teaching position their daughter had accepted. Hermione's parents were delighted that their daughter was allowed to work in the school she loved. Harry was in their room while Draco was conversing with Severus. He checked the wards on the wands, swords, and books. To his relief they were as he left them. He headed downstairs for dinner. He was greeted by the teachers that had remained in the castle during the summer. Harry sat in his place for the first time as Head Master of the school. It felt odd to him to be sitting in the chair that Albus had occupied for so many years. However the faculty and Albus refused to accept no for an answer. Once Harry was seated, the food appeared on the table. Draco was seated next to him. Hermione was on the other side of him. Dobby and Winky were all in smiles as they served Harry and Draco their meal. It was a delicious dinner designed to welcome the two men back.

"You is not eating enough on your honeymoon," squeaked Winky shaking her finger at Harry and Draco. "You is both looking to thin. Eat up Harry and Master Draco."

"Please Winky," said Draco. "Do me a favor and not call me Master. Draco will be sufficient. You are a part of Harry's and my family. We are not your master. We are just your family."

"As you wish Draco Potter," squeaked Winky smiling.

Everyone around the boys all laughed quietly at the look on Draco's face. It was a mixture of wonder and excitement.

"I guess I am still getting used to that," said Draco with a small laugh of his own. "I love the way it sounds though."

"So do I," said Harry leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. "We better eat before they rope others into making us."

The rest of the assembly openly laughed at this remark. Each knew that between Dobby, Winky, Severus, and Poppy that Harry's statement would in fact come to pass. They enjoyed the camaraderie of their family and friends.

"So what normally happens over the summer," Harry asked Minerva.

"Well we usually start working on our lesson plans for the upcoming year," she replied. "With so many new staff appointments this year, it would be best if Severus works with Draco for a couple of weeks to draw up plans for the upcoming year. I have already worked with Hermione. Most of us will have our lessons on your desk by the end of the week."

"What do I do with them after I get them?" asked Harry.

"From there all you have to do is read over them and approve or disapprove them," said Severus. "This way, if you feel like we are not teaching enough or too much, then we can change the plans accordingly before school starts."

"Well then I guess we will have to do this together," said Harry. "I will be counting on your help. I do not want to over or under work our students."

"We suspected that you would want our advice and council," said Minerva with a smile. "We have already taken that into account. Between Severus and me, we have already looked over the plans sent in by most. We will work with you in the evenings so that we can explain things to you. That way for the following semester and even next year, you will know what you are looking for."

"Now that is a great idea," said Harry. "Thank you so much for your consideration. It means a lot to me."

"You are more than welcome," said Severus with a smile.

After dinner, Harry and Draco went upstairs to their rooms. Harry sat at his desk and picked up the first sheet of parchment. He read through the lesson plans and looked thoughtful at the list Remus had given him. He made a couple of minor adjustments to the page and then set it aside. Remus has inadvertently omitted the Levitation Charm. Harry felt it should stay with the first year lesson plan. He only did the one. There was still time in the night and he wanted to be with his new husband.

Draco was pouring over a book at his own desk when Harry caught his attention.

"Would you like to go for a walk with me?" he asked.

"I would love to oh husband of mine," said Draco flashing that brilliant smile at him.

Harry and Draco went down the stairs and into the fresh evening air. Hagrid was working in his garden. He paused long enough to say hello to the two of them. Hand in hand Harry and Draco entered the Forbidden Forest. It was a pleasant evening. They spotted a Unicorn with her foal. Harry and Draco bowed deeply to her, and she dipped her regal head in response. She walked over to the two young men and allowed both Harry and Draco to rub her nose and to play with her foal. Harry fed her an apple while Draco fed one to the baby.

"I know that you can understand what I am saying," said Harry to the mare. "If you could pass word to the others that we will assist you all in protecting the forest, I would appreciate it. We are still working on stopping the Dark Lord and his minions from ruining the peace that is in the forest. Would you do this for me?"

She bobbed her head in understanding. Harry bid her and her youngster goodnight and continued on the path.

"How did you know she could understand you?" asked Draco.

"She is a magical creature," said Harry. "Her magical core is similar even if it is different from a human. I hope that makes sense."

"It kind of does," said Draco.

"Let me try it this way," said Harry. "Apollo and Artemis can understand what we are saying all the time. It is because the magical core that they pull their magical properties from is the same one that we pull ours from. It is that bond we humans have with the rest of the magical creatures that gives us the ability to bond with animals and such. She is just as intelligent as you or I. We just can't understand her because she speaks a different language."

"Now that you have put it that way," said Draco. "It makes perfect sense. Leave it to you to be able to commune with everything that breathes air. At least the unicorns will know that you are watching out for them as well."

"That is part of why I spoke with her," said Harry. "They deserve to be happy and safe as much as we do. Do you remember what happened here in the forest in our first year? Voldemort was killing them to stay alive. It was sickening and saddening."

"Yes," said Draco with a pale look on his face. "You are absolutely right lover. You have a way with words."

My love for you is bright

It makes my soul sing

To make you smile

Makes my world spin

To hold you in my arms

Is a blessing I enjoy

To comfort you when you are in need

Is my life's goal

To work with you

Spreading joy and laughter

Is food for my heart

A hunger I work hard to appease

To give to you my heart

Makes my life complete

To have your love returned

Makes my soul balanced

Hold on to my heart

As I hold on to yours

Keep it safe from harm

And eternity is our reward

"That was beautiful," said Draco. "What are you going to call that one?"

"My Heart," said Harry. "I promise to write it out for you so that you can put in a frame with the other one. We should also add it to our book of love letters."

"I will take care of it as soon as we return to our room," assured Draco.

The two men headed back to the castle. That night Harry proved once again how much he loved Draco.

June ended and July rolled around. OWL and NEWT letters were sent with the results. Ginny, Luna, Hermione, and Draco received their letters. Molly brought the youngest of her children to the castle so that they could remain there. They were going to Romania for the rest of the summer and Hogwarts was the safest place for them.

"How did you do on your tests?" asked Harry one morning at breakfast.

"I did really well," said Hermione. "I received an outstanding in Arithmancy, Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, DADA, and Charms. I received an "Exceeds expectations" in Ancient Runes and COMC."

"That is wonderful Hermione," said Harry. "That is eight NEWTS for you. What did you get babe?"

"I received an outstanding in DADA, Potions, Transfiguration, and COMC," said Draco proudly. "I received and "Exceeds Expectations" in Charms and Herbology."

"Wonderful," said Harry. "That is six NEWTS for you."

"Well seven really," said Draco. "I got an acceptable in Muggle studies also."

"That is great," said Hermione. "That is still a passing grade. For someone who was never raised near the muggle world, that is a great mark."

"What about you Ginny?" asked Harry. "What did you get?"

"I got an outstanding in DADA, Potions, and Charms," she said proudly. "I got an E in Transfiguration, Herbology, and COMC. I also got an acceptable in muggle studies and History of Magic."

"I am very proud of you," said Harry. "That is eight OWLS for you."

"Thanks Harry," she said. "I could not have done it without you, Draco, and Hermione."

"That leaves you Luna," said Harry. "How did you do?"

"I got an outstanding in DADA, Divination, and Charms," she said. "I got an E in Transfiguration, Potions, COMC, and Herbology."

"Fantastic," said Harry. "This deserves a celebration dinner. How about I take you all to a nice restaurant?"

The group all discussed it and decided that it would be fun. They dined in Diagon Alley that evening and talked about different things. Over all it was a very good day for Harry and his friends.

The weeks went by and Harry was working hard to make sure that each member of the faculty was given their sheets back with his signature for approval. Nights were spent in discussion with the staff as to what could be done to improve the standard of teaching. Many ideas were placed on the table. Some were voted off, while others were taken and added to. It was interesting to see some of the ideas that were passed around.

"So what are we going to do for your birthday?" asked Minerva.

"Oh I don't want anything big," he said. "Just give me a nice small gathering of our closest friends and family."

"We will take care of it," said Draco. "How about we do like we did for my birthday last month?"

"That will be perfect," said Harry.

Harry went back into his thoughts of Draco's birthday. He had bought Draco some new clothes, and new robes for him to teach in. He also took him for a small trip to France to visit Madam Maxime and the Beauxbaton Academy. They made love that night under the Eiffel Tower.

Harry smiled as he came out of his reverie.

"What are you smiling about?" asked Draco.

"Just remembering your birthday gifts," he replied. "That was a wonderful night we had in Paris."

"Yes it was," said Draco with a smile. "The clothes and jewelry were nice, but the night itself was by far the best."

They chatted for the rest of the evening about minor things. Harry was still working on getting the school ready for the upcoming year. He wrote letters to muggleborns that would be attending school come September 1st. Between Minerva, Severus, Albus and himself, they made it to all of the homes. There would be close to one hundred first year students this year. It was the most new students that Hogwarts had seen in some time. With five houses, it was a good thing that there were so many dorms to accommodate so many new faces.

Harry's birthday came and went. He had many new gifts from his peers and family. He was happy with everything. Dobby and Winky bought him some new socks. He took his shoes off and put them on in place of the pair he was already wearing.

September 1st finally rolled around. Hermione and Draco were a bit nervous as they were now a part of the faculty. Harry and the rest kept assuring them that they would do fine. Harry sat in his chair and waited as Minerva brought in the first years. When they were all present, she placed the stool with the Sorting Hat on it and waited. The rip near the brim that was it's mouth opened and launched into its song.

When I was born

There were four

Who went in search

Of those to school

They taught history

They taught magic

They taught each other

Now there is one

With the blood of four

Changes have been made

And I keep the score

It is my job

To place you all

I'll look into your head

And see which house will call

To go to Gryffindor

You must be brave

Where dwells the lion

It's really the rave

To go to Ravenclaw

You must me sharp of mind

Thinkers is the lot

Of the intelligent kind

To go to Hufflepuff

You must be loyal

Stand side by side

Through good times and Turmoil

To go to Slytherin

You must be slick

Those cunning snakes

Will work their trick

The last house of Potter

Is one for good deeds

Your love must be strong

And you must take the leads

So put me on

I will find

Which house you go to

Because it is in your mind

Stand strong and Proud

Be true with that

Place me on your head

I'm the sorting hat

When the hat was done, the Great Hall erupted in cheers. Minerva unrolled her scroll and started calling names. As each student was sorted, applause was heard from each table. Those that were returning to the school knew that Harry did not like house rivalries. They may compete for the coveted cup, but they knew that fighting among each other in hatred would not be tolerated. Finally when all of the students were sorted and Minerva had taken her place at the staff table, Harry stood up and addressed the crowd.

"To all of you new students," he said. "I welcome you to Hogwarts. To those that are returning, I say welcome back. All students must understand that the Forbidden Forest is off limits. This is for your safety. The Dursleys have asked that you mind the list on their office door for the banned items. Anyone caught with an item on the list will lose house points and receive detention. Periodic house searches will still take place this year. This is to ensure that your safety is covered."

Harry looked over at the students. Each one was paying attention to his words. Many knew that he cared for them greatly.

"I would like to point out a few staff changes this year," said Harry. "Professor Flitwick and Professor Vector left us with the end of last school year. So we have some changes that were made. Professor Hermione Granger will be taking over as the Arithmancy Professor. She will also be the new Head of House for Ravenclaw. Please make her feel welcome."

Applause sounded for Hermione as she stood up and waved. When she sat down, Harry continued.

"Charms this year will be taught by Professor Remus Lupin," said Harry. "Please make him feel welcome."

Again the applause sounded as many of the older students remembered him from having been taught DADA by him.

"This year Professor Snape will be teaching DADA," said Harry. "He will also no longer be Head of Slytherin House. He will now be the Head of Potter House. Please give Professor Snape a round of applause."

Those that were in Potter House applauded the loudest. Severus had become a favorite of many of the older members of the house. When Severus sat down, Harry continued with a smile on his face.

"Last but not least," he said. "May I introduce to you your new Potions Master and Head of Slytherin House, Professor Draco Potter? Please give him a round of applause."

The applause in the Great Hall was deafening. Many in the school loved Draco as much as they loved Harry and Hermione. Draco was red in the face at the applause. Severus and Minerva were hiding smiles behind their hands.

"I only have two more words to say to you all," said Harry when the applause died out. "LET'S EAT!"

Harry lifted his hands and the food appeared on the tables. Harry sat down and watched the students for a few minutes. Severus leaned over to whisper to him.

"Well done Head Master," he said with a smile. "That was a great introduction for the school."

Harry grinned back at him and started putting food on his plate. When dinner was done, Harry stood once again for a few last minute words.

"Prefects are to lead their dorm mates to their houses," said Harry. "Head Boys and Girls of all five dorms are to hand in their rotation schedules no later than tomorrow. Please remember that anyone caught out of their dorm after curfew without permission will lose points and receive detention. I wish a good night to you all and pleasant dreams."

Harry and the rest of the staff watched as the prefects and Head Boys and Girls lead their houses to their dorms. Harry waited until they were all gone before he wished his colleagues goodnight and wrapped his arms around Draco and apparated them to their rooms.

"We are lucky," said Draco as he and Harry stood together and watched the map that showed the students making their way to their dorms.

"In more ways than one," said Harry. "Why don't you tell me your reasons?"

"We are both seventeen," said Draco ticking them off his fingers. "We are married, both have careers, we are rich, and we have family and friends that love us."

"I would say you are correct," said Harry. "However I am a bit luckier than anyone else."

"In what way?" asked Draco slightly confused.

"I have you for the rest of my life," said Harry planting a passionate kiss on Draco's lips.

As usual, when their lips met, the electricity passed between them and their passion exploded. When they were done Harry started to sing a beautiful melody. As usual the castle projected it to the rest of the school. Harry and Draco were used to this by now.

Nights in white satin,Never reaching the end,Letters I've written,Never meaning to send.

Beauty I'd always missedWith these eyes before,Just what the truth isI can't say anymore.

'cause I love you,Yes, I love you,Oh, how, I love you


Gazing at people,Some hand in hand,Just what I'm going thruThey can understand.

Some try to tell meThoughts they cannot defend,Just what you want to beYou will be in the end,

And I love you,Yes, I love you,Oh, how, I love you.Oh, how, I love you.

Nights in white satin,Never reaching the end,Letters I've written,Never meaning to send.

Beauty I'd always missedWith these eyes before,Just what the truth isI can't say anymore.

'cause I love you,Yes, I love you,Oh, how, I love you.Oh, how, I love you.

'cause I love you,Yes, I love you,Oh, how, I love you.Oh, how, I love you.

Draco was caressing Harry's flesh as he sang. Around the castle, people were standing there and were listening to the beautiful words and voice that came from Harry.

"Looks like some things will not change," commented Minerva to Severus.

"Let us hope it doesn't," said Severus. "I for one would miss hearing the beautiful voices those two have."

"So would I," said Minerva.

The next morning came with a ray of sunshine that was a blessing for Harry and Draco. After showering, they both got dressed. Harry wore khaki pants and a green shirt. Draco wore black slacks and a grey shirt. Hermione would still be coming for her daily photo of the two. Minutes later they could hear the knock on the door. Grinning both went down and took their allotted places for their photo. Laughing the trio made their way to the Great Hall for breakfast. As Harry was sitting there enjoying his day, they were idly talking when the Narcissa ran in. Her hair was a mess and her clothes were torn. Harry and Draco rushed to her side immediately. As they approached, Harry could feel someone with the Dark Mark passing through the wards.

"Students are to report to their dorms immediately," said Harry. "Prefects and Heads will make sure that no one leaves. Members of Team Potter are to assist in protecting the other houses. Teachers are to follow me."

Harry was standing there watching the students rush out of the Great Hall and making their way to their dorms. Harry was about to ask Narcissa who was following her when a green flash of light flew through the air narrowly missing Harry. It hit the Potter House hourglass and the gems of the house feel to the floor in a shower of diamonds.

"McNair and Rookwood cornered me in Diagon Alley," said Narcissa. "They are trying to round up former Death Eaters. I am sorry for leading them here, but if anyone can stop them it is you."

"Luna take Narcissa to the Potter Dorm and see to her needs," said Harry quickly. "The rest of you follow me. It is time to go hunting."

Harry lifted his hands and brought the anti apparating wards down.

"I have brought the wards down some," he said. "Apparate as you need to. Team up and let's bring down two more Death Eaters."

Draco and Harry turned on the spot and apparated to the grounds to start the hunt. Minerva and Severus teamed up with members of Team Potter and then apparated to the grounds. It was not long before Draco and Harry found Rookwood.

"TRAITOR," snarled Harry. "How dare you attack my mother in law?"

"If anyone is a traitor it is her," snarled Rookwood.

"You work for the Department of Mysteries," said Harry. "How could you team up with Voldemort?"

"You dare speak his name?" asked Rookwood. "You are not worthy to speak his name."

"Oh please," said Harry. "If anyone is not worthy to speak someone's name it is him and not me."

"You are living on borrowed time Potter," said Rookwood. "Soon enough the Master will have his plans in effect. We shall see how strong you are after that."

"I am not scared of your Master," snarled Harry. "We will get the information out of you after I beat the living shit out of you for interrupting my school and threatening my mother in law."

"That is funny Potter," said Rookwood. "You have no idea what I can do to you. You are no match for me."

"Then let us put your words to the test," said Harry. "Accio Sword!"

Rookwood's eyes lifted a bit as Harry's sword appeared in his hand.

"Clever little boy," said Rookwood with a feral grin. "Now stop playing around and let me teach you the lesson you need. I am not an Unspeakable for nothing."

Rookwood fired three spells at Harry. Harry never twitched an eyelash as between his sword and wand, he repelled each spell.

"So you know how to duel," observed Rookwood. "I guess it is time for me to up the stakes a bit then. AVEDA KEDAVRA!"

Harry sighed as he shifted his sword to meet the spell.

"How is that possible?" asked Rookwood astonished in spite of himself. "No one can deflect the Killing Curse."

"Obviously I can," said Harry. "I don't understand why you Death Eaters don't let it sink into your heads that you will never beat me using the Unforgivables."

"CRUCIO!" shouted Rookwood.

Harry just stood there and let the spell hit him. He started laughing.

"For an Unspeakable you sure are not very clever," said Harry. "Didn't you hear what Carrow said about me not being affected by that spell?"

Harry waved his wand in an unusual gesture and pointed it at Rookwood's legs. The legs were frozen on the spot. Rookwood tried everything he could to undo the spell.

"What have you done to me?" he asked starting to panic. "That is not a spell I am familiar with."

"Of course not," said Harry. "I created the spell last year during school."

"You can create spells?" asked Rookwood in shock despite himself.

"I am the heir to all four founders," said Harry mockingly. "What do you think?"

"STUPEFY!" said Harry.

Rookwood lit up like a fourth of July firework. When the stunner was in place, Harry flicked his wand and sent him to the Great Hall.

Draco meanwhile had cornered McNair and the two were locked in a deadly battle. Draco had summoned his sword as well and was using it to stop most of the spells.

"Not all that tough when it is something that will fight back are you," taunted Draco.

"I will get you, you little blood traitor," snarled McNair. "This will be the last day you see with your lover boy. I will kill you."

"I hardly think so," said Draco. "Would you like to know why?"

"What could you possibly say that will save you," said McNair curious in spite of himself.

"I was trained by three very powerful wizards," said Draco deflecting a spell and sending one of his own."

"Who would they be," said McNair. "The Dark Lord is the most powerful wizard on the planet."

"I beg to differ," said Draco using his sword to deflect a spell. "I was trained by Harry, Albus, and Severus in the art of combat. My husband can beat your Master with his eyes closed."

McNair screamed in rage. It was just what Draco wanted. Bloodlust was in the other man and he was no longer acting coherently. Draco parried another spell and watched carefully for his opening. Soon McNair gave him what he wanted. Draco fired three stunners nonverbally at McNair and watched as two out of the three hit him dead in the middle of his forehead. He watched in satisfaction as McNair crumpled to the ground in a heap. He quickly conjured manacles for McNair. By this time Severus and Minerva found him.

"Where is Harry?" asked Draco. "I have beaten McNair."

"Last I saw him," said Minerva. "He was beating the hell out of Rookwood for attacking your mother."

"Did someone call my name?" asked Harry appearing beside Draco.

"I am finished with this one," said Draco pointing to the ground. "I am sure you beat on Rookwood enough."

"Oh goodness yes," said Harry. "To bad Kreacher isn't here with a skillet to beat him physically. Shall I move this heap of trash for you lover?"

"By all means," said Draco laughing.

Harry sent McNair to join Rookwood in the Great Hall. Together, Harry and the rest of the combatants entered the castle. Harry raised his hands and the anti apparition wards snapped back into place.

"I think we will take this one step further," said Harry producing a small silver knife and cutting his palm. "It is time to remove their Dark Mark. Help with that, would you lover."

Draco lifted the sleeves of the stunned men. Harry let his blood fall and cast the countercharm for the Dark Mark on each man. When he was finished, Severus cleaned and sealed his wound. Harry bent down and wove his hand in a circle in front of each mans face. He repeated the gesture over their left arm. Severus quickly used the counter charm to wake them.

"Gentlemen," said Harry. "I suggest that you look at your left arm. You will see that I have removed your means of contacting your Master. From here you will be going to Azkaban. I feel the Aurors passing through the wards, and making their way to the castle with the Minister of Magic. To bad you will not be rescued again from prison. You will have the rest of your life to think about what you have done. You are just lucky you did not do any lasting damage to Narcissa or I would not have been so lenient on you."

"You call this lenient?" asked Rookwood. "The Dark Lord will rescue us."

"Oh he will not know where you are," assured Harry. "You will be put in a special cell in prison. As he can no longer find you using the Dark Mark, I am sure you will have many years of torture where you are going."

Harry turned as Albus and the Aurors entered the Great Hall.

"Playing with your toys again Harry," asked Albus with an amused smile.

"Just the one," said Harry. "Draco took care of the other. Our lesson with my husband really paid off. Rookwood claims he knows about some plans of Voldemort. You might want to get that from him."

"We will take it from here Head Master," said Albus with a smile.

"Thank you Minister," said Harry with a grin.

Harry watched as the Aurors left taking the prisoners with them. Harry turned to the people standing with him and smiled.

"Shower me in diamonds," said Harry. "That was fun. Shall we get back to training our students?"

The rest of the staff all laughed as Harry repaired the hourglass for Potter House. They all went about their duties of handing out class schedules.

Albus smiled as he heard Harry's remark. To see a smile on his face after the battle was over made the old wizard smile. Harry was taking his role as defender of the school very seriously. Albus was not worried about the safety of the students so long as Harry was in the castle. He knew that Harry would not beat himself up over the fight mainly because Harry had not hurt anyone. While he gave Rookwood a thrashing, it was done in a way that Rookwood was not hurt except in pride and maybe a few bruises where Harry beat on his with his fists. Albus looked forward to watching the outcome of the upcoming year. Harry was doing better than he had hoped for. With him leading the army of Light, they really stood a chance of winning.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will continue to do poetry and songs in this book as well. The plot will stay strong as will the emotional range of Harry and Draco. Thanks in advance for the wonderful reviews.

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