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Love Can Build A Bridge

DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling. I thought about stealing them, but I don't want to live behind bars with a room mate named Big Bubba.

DISCLAIMER – This is a gay love story between Harry and Draco. If you are uncomfortable with gay rights or homosexual innuendoes, then I humbly ask that you not read beyond this point. If you do read beyond this point then I will ask you to not bitch at me if you are embarrassed. Thank you.

DISCLAIMER – "Love Can Build A Bridge" is a song by the Judds. "Everybody Hurts" is a song by REM. The Book blessing is by someone else. I just can't remember where I saw it before. I THINK it came from Silver Ravenwolf, but again I am not sure.

NOTE – Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. The vote of confidence is outstanding. It is giving me the courage to continue with this story. I am working at a slower pace so that I can keep up with the plot and keep the story as interesting as its prequel. Thank you again for the wonderful reviews.

Chapter 10 – Love Can Build A Bridge

Harry and Draco slept clean through the next day and into the early morning. Poppy quietly entered the room and ran a diagnostic on both young men. After making sure that they were alright, she quietly left.

Harry had a rough night. The images of Draco, in the state that he found him in, were disturbing to the point of painful. Harry whimpered in his sleep often. When he would start, Draco would wake long enough to wrap an arm around Harry. From there, both young men would return to their slumber.

There were still a dozen Aurors going around the school. With the help of Molly and Narcissa, as well as any professor that had free time, any and every hole found was sealed shut. They wanted to make sure that people like Wormtail or Nagini would never be able to enter the castle again unnoticed. Petunia and Vernon were anxious to hear of word about Harry and Draco. When they saw Poppy come down the stairs they approached.

"How are the boys?" asked Petunia.

"Well," said Poppy. "Thanks to Harry, Draco will make a full recovery. There is very little I can do for him now except keep him comfortable and resting until his body regains the strength it needs. Harry is fine also. He just pushed himself a little too hard yesterday."

"How did he manage that?" Vernon asked.

"Well Vernon," said Poppy. "Every time you use magic it demands a price. The larger amount of magic used, the bigger the price. You need to use the heart, mind, and body to work with the magic. Harry used an extensive amount of magic to save Draco's life. He wore himself thin. His ultimate collapse came from the saving of Helga in her portrait from the spell that Voldemort used to enslave her. Harry, being a very powerful young man, uses more magic than the rest of us. Sometimes even someone as powerful as Harry will collapse when he pushes himself to hard."

"That foolish boy," said Petunia. "He should have waited to save Helga when he had more energy."

"I agree with you there," said Poppy. "However, we know that Harry will always push himself to the limit."

"She has a point," said Vernon. "I am glad that he was able to save Draco. I have grown fond of the young man."

"He and Harry make such a wonderful couple," said Poppy. "I am so glad that he has his family, Draco, and friends like us to be with him. I feel that if one more catastrophe happens, then he will snap."

"We will do our part," said Petunia. "I was wondering if you can teach me some rudimentary spells on healing. They did say I have the ability to cast minor magic. I have a wand now. Vernon and I went to Diagon Alley and bought me one."

"I can do that," said Poppy. "I am sure that we can find you some books on it also. Molly can teach you cleaning spells and such. Being a school nurse, I never had much time for house keeping."

"Yes I have already ordered some books that she has suggested," said Petunia. "I have had small success with some things. Others I just can't seem to grasp."

"It takes lots of practice," said Poppy. "You are a stronger witch than you think. You and Lily were sisters after all. Do not forget that you never had the proper training that Lily had either. In all reality we thought that you would be a squib."

"Well thankfully I am not," said Petunia with a chuckle. "The mess some of these kids make is annoying at times."

"Just be thankful the Weasley twins are no longer in school," said Poppy. "I had my hands full when they were around. They were bigger trouble makers than James and his lot."

Laughing the trio left to attend their duties. Meanwhile Severus was in a meeting with Minerva, Pomona, and Hermione.

"There is something that I don't understand," said Hermione. "How did Pettigrew get into the castle without Harry or Draco noticing? Also, how was it that Pettigrew attacked Draco and Harry did not know what was going on. They are to in touch with each other to not know. From what I am to understand from you Severus, Draco also knows when someone passes through the wards. How did both of them miss it?"

"I think I know," said Severus. "Do not forget that Voldemort is the most powerful being we know of other than Harry. My assumption would be that Harry was somewhere that is shielded from the rest of the castle. For instance, he could have been down to check on the tomb of Godric. He would not have known that Draco was in trouble or that there was an intruder in the castle."

"That part makes sense," said Hermione thoughtfully. "I happen to know that Draco can feel people when they pass through the wards. Why didn't he sense Pettigrew?"

"I have two theories," said Severus. "The first is that Draco's senses with the castle are not as powerful as Harry's. Therefore Wormtail was able to get through undetected by Draco due to being in his Animagus form. The second is that Voldemort probably cast a spell on Wormtail so that he could get past the wards undetected. If I had to choose, I would go with the second."

"Both theories make sense," said Minerva. "I have to agree with the second one more though. So I guess it is time for Harry to reinforce and alter the wards a bit to stop all unregistered Animagus from getting in."

"His seeker abilities allowed him to spot Rita Skeeter the day of the awards ceremony," said Pomona. "He never mentioned anything about feeling her pass through the wards."

"I will talk with Rowena and Helga and see if they have any ideas about that," said Hermione. "The less that Harry has to do the better it would be. Do you think they are awake yet? I would love to go and visit them."

"There is only one way to find out," said Severus. "Let's go up and see if they are up."

Smiling Hermione, Minerva, Pomona, and Severus all got up and made their way to Harry's office. When they entered the office, they saw Harry sitting at his desk with his head in his hands. When they entered, he looked up and offered them a weak smile.

"What's wrong Harry?" Minerva asked.

"I am just worried about Draco," he replied. "It would have killed me had you all not helped me to heal him. How could I have been so stupid to not think about preventing unregistered Animagus' from getting into the castle?"

"Harry," said Severus. "Try not to be so hard on yourself. We were just talking about that. We think Voldemort may have had something to do with Pettigrew being able to get into the castle undetected. Hermione will talk to Helga and Rowena to see if there is a way to stop any unregistered Animagus' from entering the castle."

"Thanks," said Harry. "It is just so hard to sleep with the visions of him lying on the floor and bleeding the way he was. It shredded me. I can't bear to lose him."

"We know Harry," said Minerva kindly. "We would hurt to. I have instructed the choir to sing you and Draco a song. Give me a few minutes and you and Draco should be able to hear it. Is he awake yet?"

"Yes," said Harry. "I will be going back to bed myself. I am feeling a bit tired and miserable. If you all could take care of the castle for me until tomorrow, I would deeply appreciate it."

"Don't worry Harry," assured Pomona. "We will see to everything for you. I will get Dobby to bring you guys some food here soon. Make sure you both eat it or Poppy will have all of our heads."

Harry laughed and went back upstairs. The rest of the group left the office. Minerva gathered the choir and told them what song they were to sing. Neville took the lead while the rest of the choir gave him the full back up required.

When the day is long and the nightThe night is yours aloneWhen you're sure you've had enoughOf this life, well hang on

Don't let yourself go, 'cause everybody criesAnd everybody hurts sometimes

Sometimes everything is wrongNow it's time to sing alongWhen your day is night alone(Hold on, hold on)If you feel like letting go(Hold on)When you think you've had too muchOf this life, well hang on

'Cause everybody hurts take comfort in your friendsEverybody hurts

Don't throw your hand oh, no don't throw your handIf you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

If you're on your own in this lifeThe days and nights are longWhen you think you've had too muchOf this life to hang on

Well, everybody hurts sometimes, everybody criesAnd everybody hurts sometimes

And everybody hurts sometimes so, hold on, hold onHold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold onEverybody hurtsNo, no, no, no, you are not alone

Harry held onto Draco tightly as he listened to the words of the song. He was determined to make sure that nothing would take his love away from him. Draco was holding on to Harry just as tightly. He knew what would happen to Harry if something were to happen to him.

"Don't cry lover," said Draco wrapping his arm around Harry. "I am ok and things will be better. We now know that we have to ward the castle from unwanted intruders that have a magical signature that doesn't belong to someone familiar to us. Voldemort has once again failed. He will always fail."

"I am just tired of losing those I care about because of that abomination," said Harry. "I have now lost my parents, Sirius, and Albus. I came close to losing you. I can't handle that. If I lose you, then I will die with you."

"You will do no such thing," said Draco. "You will do what you have to do for the safety of the magical community. You are the one that can stop Voldemort."

"We will do it together," said Harry. "We will stop him and we will win."

"I am with you all the way baby," said Draco.

"Pomona is sending up some food for us," said Harry. "I think it is in our best interest to eat it all and get better soon. We have a lot of work to do and I really want you to help me free the last two founders. Plus we have to add special wards to the castle and such."

"Speak of the food and there it is," said Draco pointing to Dobby. "Thanks Dobby. This smells wonderful."

"You is welcome," the elf replied. "You is needing to eat all of this. The school nurse is saying she will hex you if you isn't eating all of it. She is meaning both of you."

"Tell her we will eat it all," said Harry with a laugh. "We are hungry."

Dobby smiled and left them to eat their meal. Later when Harry and Draco drifted off to sleep, Dobby removed the tray. Between him and Winky, they made sure that Harry and Draco were comfortable. They went downstairs to inform the rest of the worried staff that both had eaten everything brought to them and were both sleeping. The assembled worry warts all breathed a sigh of relief and went about their duties.

Harry and Draco woke up a few hours later and took in their surroundings. Harry got up and decided he had enough bed rest for the day. Draco looked like he was feeling better also. They did not want to risk the wrath of Poppy, so Draco stayed in bed.

"It is only for one more day love," said Harry. "Just please be patient. I have a few things I need to get done and I will be back in a couple of hours."

"Try not to use any magic Harry," warned Draco. "If you have to use magic make sure it is mild so that you don't end up like you were yesterday."

"I promise," said Harry bending over and kissing Draco. "I am going to Hogsmeade for a bit. I will be back before you know it."

"Just be careful," said Draco.

Harry grinned at the blond and left the room. He went downstairs and made his rounds of the castle. After thanking everyone for their concern, he left and made his way to Hogsmeade. While he was there, he went to Honeydukes and had the owners make a special candy bouquet to send to Draco as a get well gift. He also told them that he wanted to close the passage that led from their basement into Hogwarts. When the owners asked about the passage, Harry led them to their own basement and showed them.

"I used this passage in my third year to come to Hogsmeade," he explained. "Somehow I have to figure out how to collapse the tunnel without doing damage to either your store or the castle."

"What if you just cement the entire passage from here to Hogwarts?" asked Ambrosius after thinking about it for a few moments. "I am sure that there is a way that will not drain you to much."

"I think I will let Professor Granger and some of the other staff, deal with that," said Harry. "I promised my husband that I would not do anything to strain my magic today."

"We heard what happened in the castle," said Mrs. Flume. "You two are so good for one another. I am happy that you were able to save him."

"Thank you both for that," said Harry. "I am sure that he will love the candy bouquet that you are going to make for him. He does have a serious sweet tooth. If you will excuse me I have a few more places that I want to visit today."

"Your order should be at the castle within the hour," said Ambrosius. "There will be no charge for it either. Consider it our treat for two wonderful men."

"Thank you very much," said Harry with a smile.

He left the shop and headed to the florist. He told the florist what he wanted. She in turn promised to have the flowers to the castle in about an hour. Harry thought long and hard about what else to get for Draco. He wanted it to be special. Draco already wore his wedding rings, and the emerald ring Harry had given him. He wore the heart around his neck. He went to the book store and ordered Draco his own Book of Shadows. He had the cover made of silver leather. The words on it were emerald green. He asked to borrow a place to write in the book. The shopkeeper gladly let Harry sit at his desk in the back room. Harry lifted a quill to his lip for a moment in thought and then began to write.

I'd gladly walk across the desert with no shoes upon my feetTo share with you the last bite of bread I had to eatI would swim out to save you in your sea of broken dreamsWhen all your hopes are sinking, let me show you what love means

Love can build a bridgeBetween your heart and mineLove can build a bridgeDon't you think it's time?Don't you think it's time?

I would whisper love so loudly, every heart could understandThat love and only love can join the trials of manI would give my hearts' desire so that you might seeThe first step is to realize that it all begins with you and me

Love can build a bridgeBetween your heart and mineLove can build a bridgeDon't you think it's time?Don't you think it's time?

When we stand together, it's our finest hourWe can do anything, anythingAnything, anythingKeep believing in the power

Love can build a bridgeBetween your heart and mineLove can build a bridgeDon't you think it's time?Don't you think it's time?

Yeah, yes I doOh, love can build a bridgeWhoa, love and only loveBetween your heart and mineBetween your heart and mine

Love can build a bridgeLove and only loveDon't you think it's time?Oh, don't you think it's time?Don't you think it's time?Love and only love, yeah, love and only love

When he was done with that, he wrote an incantation in the book.

These words here in are mine alone

Fashioned deep inside my bones

Each picture, thought, and quote you see

Are all reflections of what is me

Beware the urge to take this book

Or read it in a private nook

Because its magick isn't blind

And I'll know you've touched what's mine.

When Harry was done, he thanked the shopkeeper and left. He headed back to the castle. When he entered he saw that Poppy was fuming as she came down the stairs.

"What's wrong Poppy?" asked Harry. "Did something happen to Draco? Is he alright?"

"Stubborn is as stubborn does," she spat. "He refuses to stay in bed. He says he is going nuts with nothing to do. That boy is as stubborn as you are. The floral arrangement and the candy bouquet were lovely by the way."

"I will go talk to him," promised Harry. "I may not have any more success than you did, but I can at least give him something to occupy his time."

"How will you do that?" she asked.

Harry pulled out the Book of Shadows with Draco's name on it and showed it to her.

"I will let him start doing research in Slytherin's book," said Harry. "That should keep him in bed and occupied for another couple of days."

"That might just do the trick," said Poppy with a smile. "You are always so thoughtful."

Harry laughed as he made his way up to his office. He lowered the wards on the tomes and pulled out the thick green book. After replacing the wards on the case, Harry secretly hid the old tome in the folds of his robe. From there he made his way up the stairs to hear Draco fussing about silly medi witches. Harry laughed as he walked in.

"I think you should stay in bed," said Harry with an amused smile on his face. "I have something that will keep you occupied for the next couple of days."

"Harry I am so bored," said Draco. "Thank you for the flowers and the candy. Both are appreciated."

"What if I provide you with something that will keep you busy," said Harry.

"What would that be?" asked Draco.

Harry pulled out the silver book and handed it to Draco. Draco's eyes widened when he saw the book.

"Harry," he breathed. "This is absolutely beautiful. How will this keep me busy?"

"Oh how about I let you use this book as well?" said Harry pulling Slytherin's tome out of the folds of his robes.

"You are going to let me start taking notes from Slytherin?" asked Draco.

"Of course," said Harry. "When you are done with this one, I will let you move on to the next one and so on until you have everything you want from each of the four founders. I have my book finished for now. That is until I create some more spells to put in it and such."

"Oh Harry," said Draco wrapping his arms around his husband's neck. "Thank you so much. I love you for this."

"Only for this?" teased Harry.

"Prat," said Draco throwing a pillow at him.

Harry laughed as he conjured up a tray complete with writing implements and such for Draco to use.

"Will this ensure you stay in bed for another day or two?" asked Harry. "I really don't want to have to hex Poppy for being furious with you."

"I will be a good boy," said Draco.

Good," said Harry laughing and kissing Draco on the cheek. "When you are not using Slytherin's book please ward it with your strongest wards. We don't want an accident with the book. I have already put a spell on the book, but we don't want to take any chances."

"No worries babe," said Draco. "This book will have every protection that I can think of."

"I will go and see if Hermione has learned anything from Rowena and Helga about warding the castle from unwanted Animagus," said Harry.

"Just let me know and I will copy it in our books," said Draco already scanning the first page of the tome in his lap.

Harry kissed him on the forehead and left.

He went downstairs and walked up to Hermione.

"Mione?" he asked. "Have you heard anything from the grandmothers yet?"

"No not yet," she said. "They are currently discussing it amongst themselves. I was asked to come back later."

"I have another project for you and the rest of the staff," said Harry. "Do you remember the underground passage from the hump backed witch that goes to Honeydukes?"

"Yes," she said. "What about it?"

"We want to cement it shut all the way from Honeydukes to the castle," said Harry. "I want you to assemble a team to work with you on this. Get Ginny to work on another one from the base of the Whomping Willow to the Shrieking Shack. We need all passages into the school sealed off."

"I will get Severus to help us as well as anyone else that wants to help," said Hermione. "I think we should create another tunnel to lead somewhere else in case we need to sneak out of the castle."

"There is one," said Harry. "It goes from the Room of Requirement all the way to the Hogshead Inn. We can leave that one open. I don't think Voldemort knows about that one. I can get to work on one leading from the Chamber of Secrets to a spot near where Aragog and his family live."

"That is a good idea," said Hermione. "No one would think of trying to enter the tunnel from that end. The acromantulas would never allow anyone other than us to enter their glen."

"Ok," said Harry. "I will let you get started. Time is of the essence. The sooner we get those tunnels closed the better."

"I will get right on it," said Hermione. "I will have Mother Molly get Arthur to start at the base of the tree and work their way back to the shack."

"That is a good idea," said Harry. "You and your team can work your way from Honeydukes back to the castle."

"I will take care of it Harry," said Hermione. "I think it is dinner time. The students would feel better seeing you in the Great Hall."

Harry smiled at her and together they made their way to the dining hall. Harry knew that it would be taken care of. If Hermione said she would do something, then he knew it would get done. She was a woman of her word and Harry loved that about her.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this chapter here. I did not have Harry free another founder because I wanted him to rest as well as clear up the mystery as to why Wormtail got through the wards without Harry or Draco knowing. I hope you will forgive me for not going into more detail with this chapter.

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