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Love Reciprocated

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Chapter 11 – Love Reciprocated

The next few days passed in a blur for Harry. Poppy finally allowed Draco to get up and go back to attend his duties as Potions Master. Narcissa decided that she would rather take over the class for etiquette. The other professors were delighted by this and allowed it. By doing this, Narcissa could remain in the castle to watch over her sons. She considered Harry as much of her son as Draco. Her devotion to both boys was astronomical. Harry offered to hire Andromeda to take over care of the magical children and creatures, and she accepted with a smile. The children and magical creatures were removed from Malfoy Manor and brought to the Slytherin Manor. Narcissa got a team of workers to remove everything she wanted from the manor. She sent any dark items that were discovered during this process to the Ministry of Magic to be destroyed. There were many things in the house that Narcissa had no idea were there. Lucius had many hiding spots around the Manor that she did not know about. Once everything was taken care of, Narcissa sold the house and deposited the funds into Harry and Draco's vault.

"Why would you do that?" asked Harry.

"I have full access to your vault," she replied. "It is only fair that I put some money into it as well don't you think?"

"I guess," said Harry. "You didn't have to do that though."

"I know that," she said. "Besides I no longer need the Manor. I have a home here in the castle now."

"Yes that is very true," said Draco. "Plus now that you are a professor, you will get paid for your work."

"Plus I get to be nearer to the two of you," said Narcissa fondly. "I also get to see my grand children when they are born. I have already started shopping for baby furniture and things like that. Molly and I will go and get baby clothes and everything else needed for the babies when we know what gender they are."

"It will definantly be nice to have you here," said Harry kissing her on the cheek. "Draco and I worry about you all by yourself in the Manor."

"Are you calling me a decrepit and incapable woman, Harry James Potter?" she asked playfully.

"No way," said Harry quickly. "I am not stupid enough to assume something like that. I know very well that you can take care of yourself. However, that doesn't stop us from worrying about you being all alone. Besides, I like the idea of grandmother Narcissa spoiling her grandchildren."

"Well you can stop worrying," she said. "I am here now. And I do plan on spoiling them every chance that I get."

"Shall we head to breakfast?" asked Draco laughing. "That way Harry can tell the students that you are taking over the etiquette class."

The other two nodded and arm in arm the trio made their way to the Great Hall. When all of the students were in their seats, Harry announced what was going on. The students applauded politely at this bit of information. The rest of the faculty also applauded. They knew that their work load would be a little lighter with Narcissa taking over all aspects of etiquette. They also knew that she was the perfect one for the job. Harry and the rest started eating with gusto. There were things that Harry wanted to do in the castle that day. He went about his duties like before. February faded into March. March ended with a bang and they were now entering April.

April came to a screeching halt. The days flew for the occupants of the castle. Those students that were taking their OWLS and NEWTS were starting to visit the medical ward for attention as more and more collapsed under the strain. Ginny and Luna were going to start their seventh year coming up. Many members of Team Potter were graduating. Some were going into the Auror program at the Ministry. A couple of students were going to university for further training in the medical field. And a few were going to start working with younger muggle born children so that they would have the full idea of what to expect when they go full time in the magical community. Harry was delighted by this. He talked with those students interested in the project about starting the students at nine and giving them two full years of knowledge about the magical world before they were to come to Hogwarts.

Hermione was finally starting to show. She was slightly bigger than a normal pregnancy, but Poppy assured her that it was only because she was carrying twins. Hermione would visit the nurse at least once a week to get a check up on the babies. Sometimes Harry would accompany her and other times Draco would. Even Severus and Minerva could be seen talking with Hermione about the babies.

Harry was sitting at his desk one evening when he looked over to Draco.

"How about we go and free Salazar this evening?" he asked. "I am sure you would enjoy going look at the Chamber of Secrets again."

"We are going to need help," said Draco. "The Chamber is huge if I remember right. Just the two of us looking will not do much good."

"That is true," said Harry. "In all the time that I visited the place, I never once found his secret room. I am rather surprised that Riddle would entrap his own relative though. He is always talking about the blood line and such. I wonder why he would do that to an ancestor that he holds dearer to him than anyone alive."

"I had those same thoughts going though my head as well," said Draco. "Something doesn't seem right about all of this. My reasoning would be that he trapped Salazar because if the founder were out and about then it could be discredited that he is the only heir to the name."

"Being that you put it that way," mused Harry. "It would only make sense. Plus it is possible that Salazar told him that another of his blood would destroy him."

"I guess we will find out the answers to all of that when we find him and release him from his imprisonment," said Draco. "Shall I get Severus and Minerva?"

"Yes please," said Harry. "I will meet you all at the entrance to the Chamber. Tonks and Andromeda are the only other relatives other than your mother, but I don't want to involve Mother Narcissa in this."

"No worries," said Draco. "We will meet you in Myrtle's bathroom."

Harry kissed Draco quickly on the lips and apparated away. He stopped in the teacher's lounge and told Pomona and Hermione where they were going. From there he walked to the bathroom that held the entrance to the Chamber. Moments later, Draco entered followed by Severus and Minerva.

"The way is very clear," said Harry. "There is no longer anything down there that will harm you. Keep your wands at the ready just in case. Draco I grabbed your sword for you."

"Thanks," said Draco taking the blade. "I forgot all about needing one of the swords."

Harry smiled and then turned to the sink. He hissed at it to open in parseltongue and watched as the opening appeared. He helped Minerva step carefully in to the hole, and apparated down to be on the receiving end in case she had trouble. She landed lightly beside him and withdrew her wand. Harry had placed wall sconces all along the important passageways. With a wave of his hand, he lit them all. Severus and Draco came into view a few minutes later. Together the quartet made their way to the next door. Harry held his sword in one hand and his wand in the other hand as he commanded the second door to open.

"I want to do something else while we are down here," said Harry.

"What would that be?" asked Severus.

"Do you remember the extra blood I had you pull from Draco?" he asked.

"Yes," said Severus.

"Well I have it in my pocket," said Harry. "I want to try the spell I have been working on."

"What spell is that?" asked Draco.

"The signature of venom in your system came from Nagini," said Harry. "I want to use that signature to cause her to appear here. When she does appear we can destroy her and the last Horcrux."

"I want to view that spell," said Severus.

Harry reached into his pocket and withdrew a scroll and handed it to Severus. The older wizard read the spell carefully and looked at Harry in awe.

"I see no reason why this wouldn't work," admitted Severus. "By changing some of the annunciation of certain words, you can actually pull something through time and space. I am very impressed."

Minerva reached for the scroll. When she had it, she too read it and had awe on her face. From there, she handed it back to Harry who handed it to Draco.

"It will probably take all four of us to do it," said Harry. "I don't want to risk draining myself like I did the last time. With all four of us being descendants of Slytherin, we should have no trouble bringing a piece of Voldemort's soul here."

"I think that is a good idea," said Draco looking up from the scroll. "I don't want to see you like you were a couple of months ago. I have noticed that you are careful with your magic. Though I do agree it is time to free the last two founders and get rid of the Horcrux."

"We are only freeing Salazar today," said Harry. "Godric will just have to understand that we will free him when we don't have so many students wandering the halls to look after. The spell Voldemort used on the portraits is unusual and difficult to get around. As it is I will be tired when we are done with all of this even with our powers combined."

"Just leave enough energy to apparate us out of here," said Draco. "I will personally see to it that you are comfortably in bed with a Head Ache Potion."

"Music to my ears," said Harry with a smile.

"DO NOT, break into song right now," warned Severus. "We have some work to do."

"Take a chill pill Severus," said Harry. "I was not going to sing. I can always ask the castle to exclude you the next time that I do sing."

"You do that and I will hex you into next year," threatened Severus. "Now, can we please get to work? I have other things I would like to do with my afternoon."

Harry grumbled under his breath about obnoxious bats. He rounded the corner and saw the statue of Slytherin.

"My guess is that his room would be near this statue," said Harry. "I will take the top with Draco and you two can start from his feet on up. You will know you have the right spot as it will send you a tingle. Cover every inch. Helga's spot was so hidden that it took me two tries going up and down the stairs of the Divination tower to find it."

Everyone nodded in understanding and Draco and Harry climbed to the top of the statue. They searched every inch of the head of the statue. Harry even leaned over and ran his hands along the brow of the statue.

"I have it," said Minerva. "I have the key hole here. I think you need to open it in parseltongue. I can feel the ripple, but it will not open with just my touch."

Harry grabbed Draco and apparated them beside Minerva. Harry ran his hand where Minerva pointed. Sure enough, the ripple was there. Harry softly commanded the door to unlock and open in parseltongue. The door appeared in seconds and Harry opened it to admit them.

"There he is," exclaimed Draco pointing to a distorted portrait on the far wall.

"Just be careful," said Harry. "I think we should all cast the charm to check for traps."

They all cast the charm to look for traps. Thankfully none appeared.

"Just the same," said Harry. "I still think we should be careful. Voldemort spent a lot of his time here when he was in school."

Treading carefully, the group made their way to the portrait of Salazar. Harry immediately cast his protective charms and went to work. Once he had the magic of Voldemort pulled away from the portrait, he turned to Draco. Draco wasted no time in swinging his sword in an arc and severing the magic that Harry was struggling to hold. Harry sat down winded as Severus and Minerva explained to the portrait what was going on and who they all were.

"He did this to me because I told him he was a failure and had all of my ideals wrong," said Salazar. "When I could not get him to se reason, I told him of others that were of my bloodline that would see to it that he was stopped. He cast this spell on me and said he would work hard to find my sword and wand. Thankfully he did not know about my Book of Shadows. Does anyone know where those three items are?"

"I have them," said Harry breathing normally again. "I have your wand and Book under heavy wards. Your sword is warded so that anyone with your bloodline can have access. If it is someone that I do not want to use the sword then I can always send it back to its case."

"You are the one that Rowena predicted," said Salazar. "You must be the one that is heir of all four of us."

Harry nodded his head.

"I don't understand one thing though," said Harry. "If your portrait was under siege as it was, and your ghost can not walk freely until all four founders are reunited, then how did you all approach Albus and tell him that you all only wanted me to be Head Master of the school?"

"Ah," said Salazar with a grin. "I am glad you ask. That was not really our ghosts talking to Albus. When we passed from this world, we left a small impression of ourselves in the castle foundation itself. It was a small bit of magic that would allow a leaving Head Master to appoint a worthy replacement with our approval. We have done this for every Head Master and Head Mistress that has graced the halls of Hogwarts since we have died. It was the only magic that Tom could not find or damage."

"Well that definantly clears up some confusion," said Harry. "We are going to destroy the last Horcrux now. Is there any way you can lend us some magical assistance?"

"I think, I have enough residual magic in my portrait, to assist you in this," said Salazar. "It will not harm my portrait in any way nor will it stop me from being a ghost in the castle when we are all united. You do have all four wands right?"

"Oh yes," said Harry. "I have all four swords as well. Plus I have all four Book of Shadows under heavy wards with my own and Draco's. Albus' journal is also kept in that case."

"Very wise of you," said Salazar. "Tell me about the spell you are going to cast."

"Well I altered the summoning spell slightly," said Harry. "Riddle sent his pet Animagus to sneak into the castle. While I was down checking on your tombs, I could not feel him coming through the wards. Plus I could not feel if Draco was in trouble or not. When I got back upstairs, Pettigrew had attacked Draco an injected him with spell enhanced snake venom. While Draco still had venom in his blood, I had Severus draw another vial. What I am proposing is that we use the signature of the snake venom and use a variation of the summoning spell."

"That would definantly do the trick," said Salazar. "Just take me off the wall and have two of you hold on to my frame and hold hands. Leave one of you free to deal with the snake."

"I will do that," said Harry. "I am the only one of your descendants other than Riddle that can speak parseltongue."

"You may be able to save the snake if you get the Horcrux out of her," said Salazar. "Between the two of us we might be able to talk her into switching allegiances."

"I created a spell that will freeze only parts of a body," said Harry. "I can freeze enough of her so that she can't strike out at anyone. From there we can pull the Horcrux out of her. After that we can try and tempt her with a better way of life here rather than with Riddle."

"We can only try," said Draco. "Shall we get started? I can see the pain building up behind your eyes."

"Yes," said Harry. "Draco and Severus, you two hold one hand each on Salazar's portrait and the other hand will grab Minerva's. I will place my hands one Draco's shoulders and start the incantation."

Everyone got into position quickly. They all knew when it came to the creation of new spells, that Harry was a pro. When everyone was in position, Harry quickly kissed Draco on the neck and started the incantation. When he said it for the third time, the rest of the group said it with him. Finally when the spell was said three times three, Harry pulled his hand up and caused the vial containing the blood to explode. He poured his magic into the spell. The others lent him their energy and strength. With one final wave of his hand, Nagini appeared in their midst. She reared up to attack when Harry stopped her with his freezing spell. Her head swayed back and forth as Harry and Salazar told her what was happening. She responded in kind. Harry stepped into the circle and freed her from the spell. She lifted as high as she could go so that she was face to face with Harry. Harry lifted one hand and placed it under her chin. He turned and placed the other hand on Draco's sword. The magic flowed through the four people, snake and portrait. All of a sudden, a greenish cloud of pure evil flowed out of the snake. Draco allowed Harry to use his sword to slice through the mist. It screamed and drenched the humans and snake with black slime.

Harry sat heavily on the ground. His head was beating like a drum and it hurt. Severus waved his wand and cleaned off everyone.

"What are you going to do with her?" asked Minerva pointing to Nagini.

The snake slithered up to Minerva and up her body to rest on her shoulders.

"We will keep her of course," said Draco. "She will be part of our family now."

Draco walked over to Nagini and scratched the scales under her neck. Severus did the same.

"She can live here with us in the castle," said Harry. "We can make her some sort of nest in the castle in our suite. That is if she wants to."

Nagini hissed and told Harry she would like that very much. Harry smiled and took the snake from Minerva and draped it over his shoulders.

"Severus and Minerva grab the portrait please," said Harry. "I have enough energy to get us to the Great Hall. Then I want to sleep for the rest of the day."

"Just get us there," said Minerva. "I will deal with the students and staff, and Draco can deal with you and Nagini. Severus can hang Salazar next to the grandmothers in the Great Hall."

Everyone grabbed hold of each other and the portrait and Harry apparated them to the Great Hall.

"That was amazing," said Salazar. "Even we could not apparate on the grounds."

"Harry has all of your blood lines in him," said Severus. "Plus he has the Potter and Evans bloodline flowing through him as well."

"Draco," barked Minerva. "Get him upstairs before he collapses."

"Yes MOM," drawled Draco. "Ron, come over here and help me."

"What's with the snake?" Ron asked nervously.

"She is Harry's new friend," said Draco laughing. "Do not worry. She will not do you any harm unless one of us asks her too. Now please help me."

Ron took Harry's other side away from the mouth of Nagini and helped Draco get Harry up to their room. Draco sat Harry down and took Nagini off of his shoulders. He laid her gently on the bed. He quickly transfigured Harry's clothes into pajamas and tucked Harry into bed. He gave Harry a Head Ache Potion and then turned to Nagini.

"I know you can understand me," he said. "If Harry needs anything, you come and get someone."

The snake nodded her head and lay next to Harry. Harry was already asleep. Ron looked once more at the snake lying protectively next to Harry and smiled. After gently smoothing Harry's hair away from his forehead, he touched his finger to her snout and left. Draco sat at his desk and wrote a poem to Harry. When he was done with it, he read it again to make sure there were no mistakes.

To stand by your side

Is a gift to me!

To hold you in my arms

Is a pleasure to have!

To look into your eyes

Is pure elation!

To sleep near you at night

Is comfort unimagined!

To love you

Is a dream come true!

To give you my heart

Is a promise of eternity!

Thank you for giving me the strength to look forward to a new and bright day!

He knew he wasn't the poet that Harry was, but he knew Harry would love it all the same as it came from him. With a smile, Draco and Ron left the office to go and assist Minerva and Severus in helping the students understand that even though there was a snake living in the castle that she was no threat to anyone unless they did something to hurt her.

That evening at dinner, Draco looked over to Harry's empty chair. He knew Harry was alright because Dobby had told him that both he and the snake were sound asleep.

"Harry Potter is drooling in his sleep," giggled Dobby. "Dobby is taking a picture for you Master Draco."

Draco looked at the picture and laughed. Nagini's head was resting on Harry's chest and Harry was out like a light drooling as he slept. Hermione and Ginny came to look at the photo and laughed with Draco. When everyone sat down and began to eat, Draco looked once again at Harry's empty seat.

"He is such a brave and strong man," said Draco to Severus. "He is always putting himself last so that he can help someone else."

"He makes us proud to be called his grandparents," said Rowena from behind Draco.

The other two portraits added their two cents worth to the conversation as well.

"Why don't you sing him a song?" asked Ginny. "I am sure that even asleep he can hear you. Didn't you tell us that your telepathic link was open?"

"Why would they have a telepathic link?" asked Salazar. "That only happens with soul bonded pairs."

"They are soul bonded dummy," said Helga with a smile. "They are the strongest bonded pair that I have ever seen."

"So how about that song?" asked Severus.

"Ok," said Draco. "I have the perfect one."

He twitched his fingers and the music started. Slowly he lifted his voice in song. The students all stopped eating to listen. Nagini raised her head as she heard Draco's voice. Harry smiled in his sleep as he heard the words of his lover singing passionately to him.

Oh, oh, oh, oh

It must have been cold there in my shadowTo never have sunlight on your faceYou were content to let me shine, that's your wayYou always walked a step behind

So I was the one with all the gloryWhile you were the one with all the strengthA beautiful face without a name for so longA beautiful smile to hide the pain

Did you ever know that you're my heroAnd everything I would like to be?I can fly higher than an eagleFor you are the wind beneath my wings

It might have appeared to go unnoticedBut I've got it all here in my heartI want you to know, I know the truth, of course I know itI would be nothing without you

Did you ever know that you're my hero?You're everything I wish I could beI could fly higher than an eagleFor you are the wind beneath my wings

Did I ever tell you you're my hero?You're everything, everything I wish I could beOh, and I, I could fly higher than an eagleFor you are the wind beneath my wings'Cause you are the wind beneath my wings

Oh, the wind beneath my wingsYou, you, you, you are the wind beneath my wingsFly, fly, fly away, you let me fly so highOh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wingsOh, you, you, you, the wind beneath my wings

Fly, fly, so high against the skySo high I almost touch the skyThank you, thank youThank God for you, the wind beneath my wings

"He truly is our hero," said Hermione wiping a tear from her eye. "He loves each and every one of us with everything he has."

"Yes he does," said Draco. "I for one could not be prouder of him."

"I think a toast is in order," said Severus standing and lifting his glass. "To Harry Potter, The Wind Beneath Our Wings!"

Staff and students alike stood and toasted to Harry. He was indeed a much loved individual. In his room while still sleeping, Harry smiled as he rolled over and placed a hand on Nagini in comfort.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Each one of us should take a look around and notice when a person does something for us over and over and not ask for payment in return. The person who does these things for you is someone that you know you will always be able to count on. If the person does something for you and expects something in return, then they are not truly doing anything for you. If they do something for you time and again, then you should tell them how much you love them for what they do. If you have someone like that in your life, then I think you should send them a copy of the lyrics to this song. You would be surprised at how much it will make them feel better knowing how much you are thankful for them.

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