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Fight in Diagon Alley

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Chapter 14 – Fight in Diagon Alley

The days moved on. From their anniversary it went on to be time for Draco to turn eighteen. Harry left him to go to Diagon Alley. He wanted to go shopping for something really special for him. Draco loved jewelry. He wanted to find something that represented him in something that he knew that Draco would wear. He went into the jeweler's shop and talked with the shop keeper for over an hour. Finally they decided on getting a picture frame made of emeralds and placing a picture of Harry in it from their first date. He quickly paid the jeweler and had the gift wrapped and sent to the castle.

Harry was wandering down the Alley when he heard pops behind him. He turned around and was face to face with no less than eight Death Eaters. Harry pretended to be shocked and went through the action of putting his hand against his throat. By doing this, it looked like he was having trouble breathing. In reality he was alerting Draco and the others that he was under attack. Harry backed away as he studied the Death Eaters assembled before him. Percy led the attack. With him were Crabbe and Goyle. Pansy Parkinson was there as well. Amycus, Yaxley, Selwyn, and Mulciber were taking up position. They were trying to corner Harry. Harry quickly summoned his sword and waited. He had his wand in his hand. He knew that not all of the Death eaters knew he was proficient in wandless magic and did not want to give it away. Soon, Percy ordered the attack. Harry dodged and parried each spell with a flick of his wand or sword. He just had to hold off long enough for the others to get to him in Diagon Alley. Soon enough, Harry noticed Draco behind his attackers. He kept them busy while Draco and the others got into position. Finally Harry lowered his wand and replaced it in his pocket. Percy and the rest wondered why he stopped. It wasn't until a few of their numbers collapsed from spells to the back that they realized that they were now outnumbered. Many of them grabbed someone and apparated away. Percy was by himself and looking around in fear. Harry quickly waved his hand and froze him on the spot. He waited as Draco, Ron, Ginny, Molly, and Narcissa came into view.

"How could you Percy," said Molly. "Harry has never done anything to you. You have hurt your family, Harry and Draco, and the Creevey family."

Percy was frozen and could not say anything. Harry waved his hand and released his head. He released Percy's left and then caused him pain until he dropped his wand. He walked over and raised Percy's left sleeve. Plain as day the Dark Mark was branded on his arm.

"I wanted you to see with your own eyes Mother Molly," said Harry. "He was here today to kill me. He just didn't know that I had a way of contacting Draco."

"You will not win Potter," snarled Percy. "The Dark Lord will beat you."

"Your own spies have turned against you," said Harry. "Collin and Dennis were in tears after their betrayal. The forces of the Light will always win. Love will lead us where we need to go."

He started to sing. His voice overpowered everyone in the general vicinity.

Everywhere I go all the places that I'veBeenEvery smile is a new horizon on a landI've never seenThere are people around the world -Different faces different namesBut there's one true emotion thatReminds me we're the same...Let's talk about love

From the laughter of a child to the tearsOf a grown manThere's a thread that runs right through usAll and helps us understandAs subtle as a breeze - that fans a flickerTo a flameFrom the very first sweet melody to theVery last refrain...

Let's talk about loveLet's talk about usLet's talk about lifeLet's talk about trustLet's talk about love

It's the king of all who live and theQueen of good heartsIt's the ace you may keep up yourSleeve - till the name is all but lostAs deep as any sea - with the rage ofAny stormBut as gentle as a falling leave on anyAutumn morn...

Let's talk about love - it's all we'reNeedingLet's talk about us - it's the air we'reBreathingLet's talk about life - I wanna know youLet's talk about trust - and I wanna showYouLet's talk about love

Percy stood there with a scowl on his face.

"Save your words for someone who gives a shit Potter," he snarled. "I don't care one bit about you or your precious faggot of a lover."

Harry walked up to Percy and punched him square in the face.

"If I ever hear that word come out of your mouth ever again," threatened Harry. "I will make sure that it is the last one you ever speak. As it is, I think you will have trouble using your mouth for awhile. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE talks about my husband like that."

Harry turned and sent a patronus to the Ministry of Magic. Within moments, pops could be heard as Aurors apparated in. Harry quickly pulled the memory from his head and placed it in a bottle that Draco provided him. Harry gave a brief statement to Kingsley. From there with a wave of his hand, he released Percy. Percy dove for his wand and Harry pointed his finger at it and snapped it in half.

"You will never use that again," said Harry. "By the way Kingsley, Percy won't be talking for awhile. He got a bit mouthy and I shut it for him with my fist. It is all in the memory."

"Thank you for the heads up," said Kingsley with a laugh. "We will take it from here. Why don't you go back and enjoy the rest of your day. I really wish that we could convince you to join the Auror department. Your mind and your abilities are not matched by anyone."

"Thank you for that," said Harry. "However, I enjoy running my school. Tell Arthur that I will send him the proposed changes as soon as Hermione has them copied."

"Oh I forgot to tell you," said Molly. "He has already approved of your ideas. Bill and Augusta have both approved of your job offers as well. I was going to tell you, but you were not at the castle when the word came."

"Excellent," said Harry. "That is great news. Things will be so much easier. Plus Bill will be working with something other than dead bodies and curses all day."

"It will make a nice change for him," admitted Molly. "Thank you for all that you have done for my family Harry. It means so much to me. I am sorry about Percy. He is just lucky you got to him before I could. I probably would have done him more damage than you did."

"Think nothing of it Mom," said Harry wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "Family takes care of family. Before you even knew who I was, you were polite and gentle with me. You took me in as a surrogate son immediately. My first Christmas present came from you. From there, you have always treated me like part of your family. You helped with my wedding and accepted Draco into your heart and family without even batting an eyelash. What I do for you is nothing compared to what you have given me. So please keep your chin up and a smile on your face. Percy doesn't matter. He was always an oddball. You have nine other children that think the world of you."

"I have an idea," said Draco. "Let's all go to the zoo. We can go back to the castle and pick up everyone that wants to go and then we can go to the zoo. After that Harry and I can take everyone to a fancy restaurant. Then we can all go to a movie."

"That sounds like a great idea," said Ginny. "The walking will help Hermione. Plus we get to get dolled up and stuff."

"Sounds good to me," said Molly.

Harry had everyone hold hands and then he shifted and apparated everyone back to Hogwarts. Everyone went in different directions to tell everyone the idea. The excitement was contagious. Everyone agreed with a little bit of fun. Harry felt bad for the few teachers that had left that morning. Everyone headed immediately to their rooms to shower and get dressed. Ginny and Hermione chose lightweight dresses in pale blue. Petunia and Molly chose dresses in pale green. Narcissa went in a short black satin outfit. Severus decided on Navy slacks with his light blue shorts sleeved button down. Minerva was convinced to wear a short sleeved gown in pink. Harry wore black slacks and an emerald green shirt. Draco wore black slacks and a grey shirt. They all met at the entrance hall.

"Give me about five minutes," said Harry. "I am going to find us a good apparition point outside the entrance of the zoo. It is a good thing that Draco and I keep a large amount of muggle cash here at the castle. It will save us from having to go to Gringotts."

With that, he transformed into his eagle form and disappeared with a pop.

"I really wish I could apparate in my Animagus form," said Draco. "It is so awesome to see."

"As far as we know," said Minerva. "Harry is the only on that can do that. Hermione and I have not found any documented cases anywhere of anyone else being able to do that."

Harry popped back in with a smile.

"I have found us a safe location," he said. "I also got the price of the tickets."

He passed around the muggle money to everyone. When he was done he had everyone hold hands and then he apparated them to the safe spot. When they arrived, they discretely left the trees and joined the line to get into the zoo. They walked around for a few hours admiring the different animals. When they got to the snake house, Harry had a great time. He talked with the different snakes when no muggles were looking and inquired about their health and such. One snake was really ill. He found the door to the office where the caretaker of the snakes was located.

"Sir," said Harry politely as the rest of the group watched. "Your North American rattlesnake is very ill."

"How would you know that?" asked the man confused.

"I work with snakes," said Harry. "I know what symptoms to look for and work with. I would be willing to help the snake."

"You can heal it?" asked the man automatically.

"Yes Sir," said Harry. "I have a way with this particular type of animal. I will sign a waver if you like saying that if I am bitten that I will not hold the zoo liable."

The man pulled out the document and had Harry sign it. Once Harry was done the man put the paper in a folder.

"Which particular North American snake is it?" asked the man.

"The Diamond Back Rattlesnake," said Harry pointing.

The man led Harry to the back of the case where the snake was displayed.

"I will need some privacy in which to work," said Harry politely.

"Lover," said Draco through the link. "We will help you by standing in the way of the display so that you can work the magic needed without the muggles seeing."

"Thanks babe," Harry sent back.

After making sure that the muggle caretaker was out of sight and hearing, Harry began to talk to the snake. When he got close to the snake, it shifted slightly so that Harry could get a better view of what was causing the snake distress. Draco and the rest of the group all congregated in front of the display case while Harry worked.

"What is troubling you madam?" Harry asked the snake.

"I am due to give birth, Speaker," she hissed back. "The first egg is stuck."

"I can help you," Harry said. "All I ask is that you not bite me if the pain is too much."

"I promise Speaker," she replied.

Harry could see the muggle caretaker trying to get past the group to watch. Harry nodded at Draco. Draco shifted the man in front of him and told him to stay very quiet. Harry placed his hand on the snake and slowly let the magic begin. The snake hissed in pain for a moment, but she did not bite. Slowly Harry worked the egg until she was able to lay it. She hissed in relief. Harry worked with her until she was able to lay her second egg. Harry started to slightly sweat. The male came out of hiding and was watching the scene. Harry told him what was happening and the snake climbed up his proffered arm and hung around his neck as he worked with the female.

"I have never seen anything this amazing before," said the muggle. "He was right when he said he knows how to work with them. Those snakes are extremely poisonous. Yet one is around his neck and the other is letting him help her. It sounds like he is talking to them in their language."

"He is," said Draco. "We will ask you to not repeat what you see or hear to anyone. I will write down our address on a piece of paper. If you have trouble with any other reptile in the zoo, you are to immediately go to the zoo manager and tell him. We will talk with him as well. He will know what to do with regards of how to contact us."

"I swear that I will not repeat this to anyone," said the man. "I am a man of honor. What he is doing for the lady is indeed a wonderful thing. I will certainly let the zoo manager know if any of my serpents are ill. He is doing magic isn't he?"

"How do you come to that conclusion?" asked Severus.

"My sister is a witch," said the man. "She went to school in the United States. If that man is who I think he is, he is more than welcome to come here anytime he wants and work with my babies."

"Who do you think he is?" asked Hermione.

"Harry Potter of course," said the muggle. "Another guy came and stole my Egyptian Asp. That is why I walk with a limp. He did a lot of damage to my leg. Told me if I told anyone he would kill me."

"Don't worry," said Draco as he watched Harry assist the female to give birth to her tenth egg. "Harry will help you get the snake back."

"Are the two of you a couple?" asked the man politely. "I notice that from time to time your eyes glaze over. Plus you are wearing identical rings. My sister told me that couples sometimes have a telepathic link. I may not have magic myself, but I listened to what my sister said."

"Harry and I is what is called a soul bonded couple," said Draco. "We got married on June first of last year."

"Happy belated anniversary," said the man. "I am Roy. I am the caretaker of all the snakes here in the zoo."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Roy," said Draco. "I am Draco. I am Harry's husband. I do believe he is done. You might want to go open the door and let him out."

Harry stood up and smiled at the caretaker. With a grin the man left to go and open the door for Harry to come out.

"Thank you Mr. Potter for helping her," said Roy. "Your husband said that you would talk with the zoo manager about coming from time to time to help with some of our other reptiles. I am familiar with who you are. Even in the United States, you are well known. Your husband told me that you would be willing to help retrieve my Egyptian Asp that the other man stole."

"Take me to that showcase," said Harry. "I may be able to get her back right now."

Roy led Harry over to the case where the asp used to be. Harry had the man quickly clear the house so that he could work undisturbed. Roy nodded and with the help of the rest of Harry's group, they cleared the snake house. Roy locked the door and gave Harry the thumbs up. Harry pulled out his wand and looked to Draco and Severus. He waved his wand and caused the glass to vanish. He hissed to the other asp to stay out of the way while he worked. The snake nodded at him and moved to the far corner of the area. Harry reached in and felt the underside of the asp's neck. When he had its signature, he felt around on the ground until he could feel the signature of the other snake. He looked to Severus and Draco and the trio locked hands. When they were in harmony with one another, Harry released one hand and placed it into the living area. The grabbed hold of the essence of the second snake and pulled. Within moments he held on to a second asp. He gently laid the second snake down and replaced the glass. Harry nodded to the group as they spread out and clasped hands. Ten minutes later, Roy was bringing refreshments to the group. Harry had placed wards up preventing the theft of any more of the snakes. Harry was a little winded, but he had a grin from ear to ear. Roy looked around in amazement as all of the snakes were hissing to Harry.

"They are all thanking me for the protection," said Harry. "I am one of two people living that can talk to the snakes. I am sure that I do not need to tell you who the other one is."

"His name is well known to us from the States as well," said Roy. "Thank you for everything you have done for me."

"You can repay me by telling me the name of a good restaurant around here for us to go eat," said Harry.

"What type of food?" Roy asked.

"Chinese food," said Hermione suddenly.

"You want to go to Ming's then," said Roy.

He went to his office and wrote down the address. He handed it to Harry and mentioned that there was a park with lots of trees for him and the group to arrive in without being noticed. Harry thanked the man and transformed into his eagle form and shifted his wings and apparated away. He came back a few moments later and gave the all clear sign. They all held hands as Harry shifted on the spot and apparated them to the park. Together the nine of them walked to the restaurant and entered. They were greeted by a pretty little woman and sat. They ordered and had a great time. Harry paid for the food and then asked the waitress where the nearest movie theater was. She told him that there was one about three blocks down the street. He thanked her and left a large tip on the table. Together the nine of them made their way to the theater. They decided to watch a double feature. After much discussion, they all entered where Harry bought tickets to the movies Twilight and New Moon. Hermione pointed out the concession stand and Harry gave her some muggle money to go and buy herself some snacks. Molly went with her and they came back with popcorn and soda for everyone. They entered the movie theater and sat down. They watched in amazement as the vampires and werewolves acted on the screen. When the movies were done, Harry apparated them back to Hogwarts. They all sat down and discussed the differences between Remus and the werewolves in the movie.

Hermione was starting to nod off. Ginny, and Molly help her to stand and they walked away. Harry and Draco excused themselves as they too were tired and wanted to get some sleep.

"That was a very noble thing you did," said Draco. "I asked Minerva to go and talk with the zoo manager. The man promised to send an owl whenever they needed you for a sick reptile."

"Thanks my love," said Harry. "She would have died had I not stepped in. You know me. I can't mind my own business. I had to do something to help her."

"The savior of the reptile world," teased Draco. "You are my hero."

"At least I have you to save me," said Harry grabbing Draco and pulling him close. "Thank you for getting a group together so quickly and coming to save me today. Albus would have been proud of you."

"Your mom and dad would be so proud of you," said Draco. "Not to mention Sirius. I know he was fond of you."

"I have an idea," said Harry. "Let's sing that new song that we taught everyone. Once we start singing everyone still in the castle will sing with us. I am sure of it."

"That will be great," said Draco. "It will be a way for us to all tell Albus and your mom and dad and Sirius and Cedric what we never got to say to them while they were alive."

"Exactly," said Harry as he twitched his fingers to get the music flowing.

Everyone that was still in the castle heard the first few notes of the song. Each one smiled. They knew Harry and Draco had a reason for this song and they waited for Harry and Draco to start them off. When they heard the Potters start to sing, they all lifted their voices to match theirs. Each one remembering someone they lost because of the war.

Sorry, I've never told you, all I wanted to sayAnd now it's too late to hold you'Cause you've flown awaySo far away

Never had I imaginedLiving without your smileFeeling and knowing you, hear meIt keeps me alive, alive

And I know you're shining down on me from HeavenLike so many friends we've lost along the wayAnd I know eventually we'll be togetherOne sweet dayEventually I'll see you in Heaven

Darling, I never showed youAssumed you'd always be thereI, I took your presence for grantedBut I always caredAnd I miss the love we shared

I know you're shining down on me from HeavenLike so many friends we've lost along the wayAnd I know eventually we'll be togetherOne sweet dayPicture a little scene from Heaven

Although, the sun will never shine the sameI'll always look to a brighter dayYeah, Lord, I know, when I lay me down to sleepYou will always listen as I pray

And I know you're shining down on me from heavenLike so many friends we've lost along the wayAnd I know eventually we'll be togetherOne sweet day

And I know you're shining down on me from HeavenLike so many friends we've lost along the wayAnd I know eventually we'll be togetherOne sweet day

Sorry, I never told youAll I wanted to say

Each person knew that the loved one would hear them. They sang with passion and feeling. Everyone from the haunting beautiful voices of Harry and Draco all the way down to Hagrid's booming voice sang with pride and passion. No one worried about how well or unwell someone sang. It was a song meant to honor the loved ones they lost.

After they finished singing, Harry slowly undressed Draco. A feathery soft kiss was planted on many areas of Draco's body. Draco felt like butter in Harry's hands. Harry finally had him totally naked and lifted him to the center of the bed. Harry quickly got undressed and climbed in after him. That night the two made love several times. They were a perfect couple. They fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms quietly dreaming about each other. The castle wrapped the boys in a soft golden glow. Hogwarts loved the two young men. The ghosts of the four founders all smiled to one another as they sat and discussed the power that the two young men had.

"I think the castle will now acknowledge Draco as Harry's equal," said Godric.

"In all of my years as a witch and then a ghost, I have never seen two people more in love and bonded than those two," said Helga.

"I agree with you," said Salazar. "They are the perfect couple."

"We can all agree that our heir is in very capable hands with those people that are so devoted to his happiness," said Rowena.

"It may be time for us to move on," said Godric. "This castle and the way things are being run will be in very capable hands."

"Agreed," said Helga.

"I agree also," said Salazar.

"I too agree," said Rowena. "Shall we say goodbye tomorrow then? I think we deserve our rest."

The other three nodded their heads in agreement.

"After all," said Helga. "Our portraits can still offer advice."

The four founders talked late into the night. Harry and Draco slept peacefully without any worries or disturbances for the first time since Harry came of age.

The next day, Harry placed Draco's birthday present next to him on the bed and went take a shower. He got dressed and smiled at the sleeping form of his lover. He went downstairs and saw the four founders standing there.

"Good morning," said Harry. "Why do I have the feeling that you four are going to give me some news that I am not going to like?"

"We want to tell you goodbye," said Godric. "You do not need us here any longer."

"The faculty here all loves you," said Helga stepping to Harry. "They will continue to look out for you. They will not let you down."

"Your husband will be with you always," said Salazar stepping up. "Together the two of you will always defy the odds. Just remember that if you every have problems to talk with one another. Do not let it build up inside until the anger is too much to bear."

"The castle had now decided to treat Draco as your equal," said Rowena. "She will allow him the same privileges that you have minus the apparating in his Animagus form. That was our gift to you. Your children will not even be able to do it. However the castle will allow Draco to apparate on the grounds."

"We all wish you the best of luck Harry," said Godric with a kind smile.

"We know you will do an excellent job," said Salazar.

"I have seen the end of the war," said Helga. "I will be hard for you, but I have seen that you will win. You already know this. You already know that you have something worth fighting for."

"We have earned our rest," said Rowena. "It is time for us to move on to the next stage of our journey. Just know that we will always be there watching out for you. Our portraits will still be able to help you."

As one the four became solid just long enough to hug Harry and kiss him on the forehead. When that was done, they slowly faded from sight.

"What was all of that?" asked Hermione as she and Ginny along with Draco came to stand beside Harry.

"They were saying goodbye," said Harry wiping away a tear. "They said it was time for them to move on and that we will do well for the castle and the students. I was even told that Hogwarts will give Draco all of the abilities that I have minus apparating in Animagus form."

"I am sorry Harry," said Ginny. "I know you will miss them."

"They will always be watching," said Harry wrapping an arm around Draco.

"Thanks for the beautiful frame," said Draco showing it to the girls. "I love it."

"This is beautiful," said Hermione with a smile.

The group sat down for breakfast and chatted about the future. Harry leaned back and looked at the portraits on the wall. Each one gave Harry a smile and a bow and sat down to watch the scene before them.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – This chapter will be shorter than normal for me. I tried to pull it out as far as I could. The moral of the chapter is simple. When in need, it is always good to ask for help. Harry did just that. He could have fought all eight opponents and probably could have won, but he called on Draco and in turn instead of sustaining injury, they were able to catch Percy. The next moral is that even if you are famous, it is always a good idea to humble yourself to strangers. You never know if that stranger will turn out to be a friend. Last but not least, I placed "One Sweet Day" in this chapter to remind all of you that just because friends and family die, doesn't mean that they don't still love us. They will wait for us for our next journey. Thank you all for following along.

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