Potter to Potter

She Works Hard For Her Money

DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling. I only own the plot.

DISCLAIMER – This is a gay love story between Harry and Draco. If you are uncomfortable with gay rights or homosexual innuendoes, then do not embarrass yourself by reading beyond this point. Should you read beyond this point, I ask that you not badger me if you do not like what you see. You were warned.

DISCLAIMER – "When I Need You" is a song sung by Leo Sayer. "I don't know much" is sung by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville. "Back to One" is sung by Mark Wills.

NOTE – Thanks for the wonderful reviews and for so many of you following along with the story. I am trying my best to work on this story and my new series. I will be concentrating hard on finishing this trilogy. So for those that are reading both, I humbly ask for your patience.

Chapter 17 – She Works Hard For Her Money

The startling events of the last few days left many breathless. Tom, Harry, and Draco sat in discussions for hours at a time. Sometimes other professors would join them and sometimes they were alone. Tom was able to give a full list of each and every Death Eater. Now that he was no longer under the Vow, he could freely give that information up. Harry and Tom became fast friends. They worked together on many different projects. From time to time the two would go off and bring in a few Death Eaters to the Ministry of Magic. So far, Bellatrix had not shown her face in some time. Harry wondered what she was up to. It was not like her to be so quiet. Even Tom was starting to get a bit concerned. She was after all his top lieutenant.

"We just have to lure her out somehow," said Hermione. "Stop her and we stop the hierarchy of Gellert."

"What do you propose we do?" asked Harry. "We have tried everything we can think of to try and lure her out into the open. It would appear that she is not easily captured. Let's also not forget that she is a powerful witch."

"Well," said Hermione thoughtfully. "We could always let it out into the press about Chyna and Alexander."

"I AM NOT putting the children in danger," snarled Harry.

"Oh lighten up," said Hermione. "That was a stupid thing to even think about. I would not EVER put our children in danger. I said tell the press about it."

"What good would that do?" asked Harry rubbing his head tiredly.

It was plain to Hermione, Draco, and Tom that Harry had not been sleeping that much lately.

"Simple," said Hermione. "We give Jeanette an interview and let her take pictures of the twins. From there we can say that we are going to be going on holiday. When we lived in the muggle world, there was a newspaper of sorts called the Enquirer. It gave the gossip of local celebrities and such. Let's face it. You and Tom are both celebrities."

"UGH," said Harry wearily. "Please don't remind me."

"She does have a point," said Draco walking up behind Harry and massaging his shoulders. "With Tom switching allegiances, the twins being born to the heir of all four founders, and OUR Christmas Concert, that would put enough information into the paper to draw the attention of Bellatrix."

"You could always lead her on a fake trail," said Albus behind Harry.

"What do you mean?" asked Harry leaning into Draco.

"Like Miss Granger said," he replied. "Pretend that you are going on a holiday somewhere. Make it public news that you are going to be somewhere. Have other members of the group following in disguise. It is quite easy to transfigure something into what would appear to be a baby in your arms. The twins never have to leave the castle."

"That is an excellent idea," said Tom. "I happen to know that Bellatrix watches closely about anything in the prophet regarding you Harry."

"I guess we can give it a shot," said Harry. "Hermione you work on that. Give Jeanette a call and set up everything."

"She works hard for her money," said Hermione with a smile. "When was the last time you slept?"

"I can't remember," Harry said honestly.

"Then you are going right to bed young man," said Tom firmly. "You are of no good to anyone if you are this worn out."

"Yes Daddy number three," said Harry with a smile.

Hermione and Draco laughed out loud at this. Tom gave a smile also, but he pointed upstairs.

"Come on lover," said Draco. "I will sing you to sleep."

"Really?" asked Harry. "You promise?"

"I promise," said Draco. "Now come on. Up you get. Tom, why don't you go inform Minerva and Severus what is going on?"

"I can do that," said Tom. "I want to make sure this one goes up to bed first."

Hermione giggled at this.

Harry allowed Draco to drag him upstairs. After putting on a pair of silk pajama bottoms, Harry climbed into the bed. Draco thought for a minute about what song he wanted to sing for Harry. When he had his idea, he twitched his fingers and made the music start. He waited for the right beat and let his voice blend with the tune.

When I need youI just close my eyes and I'm with youAnd all that I so want to give youIt's only a heartbeat away

When I need loveI hold out my hands and I touch loveI never knew there was so much loveKeeping me warm night and day

Miles and miles of empty space in between usThe telephone can't take the place of your smileBut you know I won't be traveling foreverIt's cold out, but hold out, and do I like I doWhen I need youI just close my eyes and I'm with youAnd all that I so wanna give you babeIt's only a heartbeat away

It's not easy when the road is your driverHoney that's a heavy load that we bearBut you know I won't be traveling a lifetimeIt's cold out but hold out and do like I doOh, I need you

When I need loveI hold out my hands and i touch loveI never knew there was so much loveKeeping me warm night and day

When I need youI just close my eyesAnd you're right here by my sideKeeping me warm night and day

I just hold out my handsI just hold out my handAnd I'm with you darlin'Yes, I'm with you darlin'All I wanna give youIt's only a heartbeat awayOh I need you darling

"I guess Harry was right," said Tom. "I would be butter in Draco's hands as well if he was singing to me."

"Wait until Wednesday at the concert, to hear them sing together," said Hermione with a smile. "Combined, their voices do not leave a dry eye in the place."

"They have no idea at the magic that they use when they sing," said Tom.

"What do you mean?" asked Hermione as she and Tom walked down the stairs together.

"There is an underlay in their voices," said Tom. "Being a soul bonded pair that is as strong as they are, it makes the magic spark and come out when they sing."

"Is this a branch of magic that can be used consciously?" asked Hermione intrigued.

"I do not know," admitted Tom. "Let us not forget that I was evil and not used to using love as a form of magic."

"You may want to be careful," said Hermione with a smile at his joke.

"Meaning?" asked Tom.

"Harry and Draco love to play cupid," said Hermione.

"Like your nose is not in the thick of it all," said Severus approaching. "Beware Tom. This harpy is one of the ones that aids and abets the dynamic duo."

"I am too old for a relationship," said Tom.

"That will not stop them," said Severus. "Where is Harry?"

"With a little luck," said Tom. "He will be asleep before long. He has not slept in days."

"Foolish boy," said Minerva hearing the last comment. "How many times do we have to tell him that he needs to sleep and eat?"

"Now that you mention it," said Draco coming up behind the quartet. "I have not seen Harry sit down and eat anything in awhile. We better get Dobby to place some food next to him. If he doesn't stay in bed for the rest of the day and eat, I will hex him into next week."

"Has he always been like this?" asked Tom.

"Always," said Draco. "Even when he was a student here, he would barely eat half the time. There were those times when I could swear he was wearing glamour to hide his thinness."

"He was," said Severus angrily. "He better start taking care of himself or I will set Molly Weasley on him."

"Now THAT is a threat that anyone would be scared of," said Tom with a laugh. "That woman scares the hell out of me when she is angry."

"For the record," said Severus. "Even I run when she is furious."

Hermione was looking between Tom and Minerva. She knew that Minerva was a year older than Tom. In the wizarding world, you lived to be a ripe old age. Draco caught her look and the two of them shared a knowing grin. They finally figured out who they could set Minerva up with. Her sharp tongue was only matched by his stubbornness. They were a perfect match.

"Well I have things to do," said Hermione excusing herself. "Draco, don't forget that Wednesday is the concert. I expect you both to be impeccably dressed for it."

"Yes Mother," said Draco with a laugh. "Would black leather pants and white button down shirts be ok with you?"

"Actually that sounds good," said Hermione. "Tom, do not forget that we are taking you shopping soon for some clothes."

"I suggest you run," said Severus in a harsh whisper. "When they get going there is no stopping them."

"I will take your words to heart," said Tom. "I am not used to so many people being so nice."

"Around here you can go into a diabetic coma with all the sweetness," said Minerva. "It is worse when Harry and Draco are the ones starting it."

Draco pulled out his wand and hit her with a tickling jinx.

"What have we told you about picking on our relationship you old besom?" asked Draco.

"Stop," screeched Minerva laughing as she was trying to perform the countercharm.

Draco pulled up his wand and released the charm.

"DRACO MALFOY," said Minerva's magically enhanced voice. "I AM GOING TO GET YOU FOR THAT."

Minerva chased Draco out of the foyer firing stinging hexes at him the whole time. Tom stood there with a shocked look on his face at the antics of the professors.

"Don't worry," said Severus. "They do this all the time. She won't hurt him much."

"I take it you did something that caused either Harry or Draco to get even," observed Tom pointing at the photo on the wall to the entrance of the Great Hall.

"The spirit of Albus convinced Draco, Hermione, Ginny, and me to start a food fight," said Severus. "We kind of ganged up on Harry. This was his punishment to us."

"Nice pink nightie," smirked Tom.

"Oh shut up you," said Severus.

Tom smirked as he left to attend his duties around the castle. Harry had given him a job as the study hall professor. He was in charge of working with students that needed tutoring in certain subjects. He was enjoying himself for the first time in his sixty somewhat years. Severus found Dobby and instructed the elf to bring Harry some food. Dobby gave a smile to Severus who couldn't help but give one in return. When that task was completed, Severus made his way to the nursery to play with his godchild and his twin. When he got to the nursery the twins were not there. He started to panic for a moment. He cast a tracer charm and found them. He entered Harry and Draco's bedroom to witness the most beautiful sight imaginable. Harry was sound asleep with a baby tucked comfortably asleep in the crook of each arm. Severus picked up the camera and took a picture. Ginny came in a few minutes later looking for the babies and saw Severus standing there. He turned and placed a finger on his lips to quiet her. She nodded and joined him as they watched the three sleeping. Together they left the room.

"Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your life?" asked Ginny quietly.

"I got a picture of it," said Severus. "I will make sure that everyone gets a copy."

"Thanks," said Ginny. "I was slightly panicked when I came into the nursery and the babies were not there. I saw you through the open doorway and figured that Harry must have them."

"I was coming up myself to play with them," said Severus. "I actually cast a tracking charm because I was not sure where they were."

"They are some very beautiful babies," said Ginny wistfully. "I only hope that mine is half as beautiful."

"When you are ready," said Severus. "I am sure that you will make very beautiful children. With a little luck one of your children will look just like Harry's mother. Her hair was slighty darker than yours."

"It would be great to have a little girl that looks like Lily Potter," said Ginny. "I want to thank you for all that you are doing to help my family."

"What I do," said Severus. "I do gladly. Harry and Draco are two wonderful young men. The Weasleys are good people. Besides, if the wheels were reversed I can only pray that someone would have done for me what I have done for you all."

"We already do," said Ginny. "You are part of this family Severus whether you care to believe it or not. Harry and Draco, not to mention many others around here, would gladly give their lives to help you. That is what being a family, is all about."

"How did such a young woman get so wise?" asked Severus.

"When you are engaged to Hermione it is hard not to be wise every now and again," smirked Ginny.

Severus laughed quietly at this.

"Have you two set a date then?" asked Severus.

"We are thinking of an August wedding," said Ginny.

Severus nodded as he guided her out of the nursery. Together the two made their way down to the Great Hall.

"Do you think this war will ever end?" asked Ginny suddenly.

"I'm sure it will," said Severus. "Harry and Draco are determined to make sure that it ends so that there can be peace during your lifetime and for that of your children."

"I worry that those two are pushing themselves far too hard," said Ginny. "I hate the idea that they never slow down and never take time for themselves. I wish we could send them on vacation for a week somewhere away from everything so that they can have some quality time together."

"That is actually not a bad idea," said Severus. "Maybe we can all ban together and buy them a trip to somewhere."

"I will spread the word," said Ginny. "We have to help with the decorations for the Great Hall for the concert. Will you be with us for that?"

"Yes I will be there to help," said Severus.

"Excellent," she said. "I will see you in class tomorrow then."

Waving, Ginny headed down the hall to spread the word about the idea that she and Severus had come up with.

Wednesday rolled around and the first day of the Christmas holidays was upon them. The students that were leaving would be leaving the following day. Harry and Draco showered and got dressed with care that evening. They wanted to look their best for when they started the concert. Finally seven o'clock rolled around and the students were in the Great Hall in anticipation of the concert. There was a dance floor set up so that the students could dance if they chose. The band was setting up on the dais where the staff table usually sat. For this night, the staff and guest would be sitting with the students. When the band was finished setting up, Minerva stood up and got everyone's attention.

"As you know," she said. "The staff has been planning this concert for awhile now. So without further ado, may I introduce Mr. Harry and Draco Potter?"

There was wild applause as Harry and Draco took to the stage. Harry looked to the band who smiled. Harry looked out to the audience. He saw Jeanette and Orelie in the audience. He looked around and saw Tom in a nice suit. Minerva was in dress robes. Narcissa and the ladies all wore gowns. Harry looked for his babies. He saw Alex sitting with Severus and Chyna sitting with Hermione. Nodding he signaled the band to begin. The first song was a duet.

Look at this faceI know the years are showingLook at this lifeI still don't know where it's going

I don't know muchBut I know I love youAnd that may beAll I need to know

Look at these eyesThey've never seen what matteredLook at these dreamsSo beaten and so battered

I don't know muchBut I know I love youAnd that may beAll I need to know

So many questionsStill left unansweredSo much I've never broken through

And when I feel you near meSometimes I see so clearlyThe only truth I've ever known is me and you

Look at this manSo blessed with inspirationLook at this soulStill searching for salvation

I don't know muchBut I know I love youAnd that may beAll I need to know

I don't know muchBut I know I love youAnd that may beAll I need to know

I don't know muchBut I know I love youAnd that may beAll there is to know

From there Harry looked at Draco. He tuned out the rest of the school. Students were dancing. When Harry got that look in his eyes, Minerva and the rest of the staff gave a knowing look to one another. They knew that Harry was fixing to give his all to the next song. It was specifically for his one true love. Harry nodded to the band who struck the first chords of the song. Harry waited until he found the note he wanted and then launched into his song.

It's undeniable, that we should be togetherIt's unbelievable, how I used to say that I'd fall neverThe basis you need to know, if you don't know just how I feelAnd let me show you now that I'm for realIf all things in time, time will reveal

1, you're like a dream come true2, just wanna be with you3, boy it's plain to seeThat you're the only one for me and4, repeat steps 1 through 35, make you fall in love with meIf ever I believe my work is doneThen I'll start back at 1

It's so incredible the way things work themselves outAnd unemotional once you know what it's all about andAnd undesirable for us to be apart, I never would have made it very far'Cause you know you hold the keys to my heart, 'cause

1, you're like a dream come true2, just wanna be with you3, boy it's plain to seeThat you're the only one for me and4, repeat steps 1 though 35, make you fall in love with meIf ever I believe my work is doneThen I'll start back at 1

Say farewell to the darkened night, I see the coming of the sunI feel like a little child whose life has just begunYou came and breathed new life into this lonely heart of mineYou threw out the lifeline just in the nick of time

1, you're like a dream come true2, just wanna be with you3, boy it's plain to seeThat you're the only one for me and4, repeat steps 1 through 35, make you fall in love with meIf ever I believe my work is doneThen I'll start back at

1, you're like a dream come true2, just wanna be with you3, boy it's plain to seeThat you're the only one for me and4, repeat steps 1 through 35, make you fall in love with meIf ever I believe my work is doneThen I'll start back at

1, you're like a dream come true2, just wanna be with you3, boy it's plain to seeThat you're the only one for me

Tom was all but floored at the depth of emotion that came from Harry. This was indeed the most powerful soul bonded pair in history. He danced with Minerva while Severus and Narcissa were together. Molly and Arthur were holding the twins while Hermione and Ginny were wrapped in each others arms. Collin and Blaise were in a lip lock as they spun on the floor. Neville and Daphne were also spinning together. The beauty and majesty that was Harry and Draco's voices made sure that there was no doubt that love was in the air and that everyone deserved to be happy.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end here. The moral behind this chapter is, it doesn't matter who you are and what you do. If you have someone that cares for you, then you are part of that person's inner life. The scene between Severus and Ginny tells the tale that it doesn't matter who you are. When someone decides that you are part of their life, blood doesn't matter. It is who you are inside that makes someone a part of your family. Life is to short for one to walk along. Take the hand of the person that is offering it to you and walk with them. If you decide to walk alone, then you are only causing yourself the pain. If someone wants to be there with you, it is always better to let them. Thank you.

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