Potter to Potter

My Endless Love

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DISCLAIMER – "My Endless Love" is sung by Dianna Ross and Lionel Richie. "My Wish for You" is sung by Rascal Flats.

NOTE – Thank you all for following along with me so far. I know I have thrown many twists at you. You all seem to enjoy that. It is an enjoyment for me to see all the feedback that you all send when you read my stories. Thanks for everything.

Chapter 18 – My Endless Love

The concert went off without any troubles. The students left the following day so that they could spend the holidays with their families. Harry asked Arthur to send someone to get the Grangers for him so that they could spend the holiday in the castle. This served as a dual purpose. Hermione would never leave the twins and Harry refused to let them out of his sight as well. Draco was the one that suggested that the Grangers come to the castle.

"It does make sense," said Draco. "You two are so stubborn."

Both Harry and Hermione scowled at Draco. He shrugged his shoulders and went on.

"This way we all get to spend the twin's first Christmas together," said Draco.

"I will see what I can do about getting them here," said Harry. "For now I think I am going to go lay down. I feel like shit."

"Do you want me to send Poppy up?" asked Hermione.

"No," he replied. "Just get Dobby to send me some soup or something later."

Both Hermione and Draco looked in concern at Harry. He looked really sick.

"I wonder if he is keeping something from us?" asked Draco.

"It would be like him to be seriously ill and not tell anyone," said Hermione. "I think I am going to mention it to Poppy anyway."

"I think we should," agreed Draco. "He looks so thin these days. I know he has been eating better and everything. I make him come to bed at a reasonable hour. He sleeps clean through the night and late into the morning. I am starting to worry about him."

"The rest of the staff is starting to notice as well," said Hermione. "Maybe if we all ban together, we can force him to sit still while Poppy runs a scan on him and see if we can figure out what is wrong with him."

"I don't care if he gets mad," said Draco suddenly. "Let's do it. Let's tell everyone that we think Harry is sick and refuses to let anyone look at him."

"Deal," said Hermione.

Together the two of them made it to the lounge where they knew that most of the teachers were still sitting. When they walked in, Tom walked over.

"We have been talking," he said. "We think there is something wrong with Harry."

"We just finished discussing it with each other," said Draco. "We think he should get a check up by Poppy."

"Dobby," called Hermione.

With a small pop Dobby entered the room.

"Professor Granger is calling Dobby?" he squeaked.

"Yes," she said. "Draco and the rest of us need your help."

"Dobby is willing to help," said the elf.

"Is there a way that you can make Harry stay asleep with your brand of magic?" asked Hermione.

"Yes," said the elf. "Why is Professor Granger wanting to know?"

"We think that Harry is really sick and he refuses to let anyone check on him," said Draco kneeling next to the elf. "Can you help us please? We are very worried about him."

"Dobby is happy to help his Harry Potter and Draco," said the elf. "When is you wanting Dobby to do this?"

"Right now if you can," said Draco with tears in his eyes.

"Do not cry Draco Potter," said Dobby. "We is going to help Harry Potter."

Draco wrapped the little elf in a hug. Hermione and Tom helped him to stand and then Draco broke down. Narcissa and Severus were at his side in a flash.

"It is ok son," said Narcissa. "We will work together. Harry can't be mad at all of us for long. It is in his best interest that we do this. Dobby, please go put him to sleep magically."

"Yes Mistress Black," said Dobby before popping away.

The elf appeared beside Harry and looked at the barely sleeping man. Winky joined him and he quietly told her what was going on. Together the two elves joined hands and worked their own brand of magic to wrap Harry in a cocoon of sleep. When they were sure that Harry would not wake, they popped back down to the teacher's lounge.

"Dobby and Winky is wrapping Harry Potter in sleep," informed the elf. "Harry Potter is not waking up until you is asking us to wake him."

"Thank you Dobby and Winky," said Minerva.

"Shall we go up and see what is wrong with that stubborn boy?" asked Poppy. "Draco, do you want a calming draught?"

"No thank you Poppy," said Draco wiping his eyes. "I am ok. It just hurts to know that something is wrong with Harry and he won't let us help him."

"He doesn't have a choice in the matter anymore," said Pomona.

The entire staff of Hogwarts headed to the Head Master's office. Poppy, Severus, Draco, and Hermione all went upstairs. Poppy and Severus both pulled out their wands and ran the diagnostic. What they saw floored both of them. Poppy was so shocked by what she saw that she actually dropped her wand.

"This foolish boy," she said angrily. "This is an absolutely, foolish boy. If he weren't so sick I would slap the shit out of him."

"What is wrong with him?" asked Draco.

Let's go downstairs," said Severus quietly. "This is something that everyone needs to hear."

When they made it to the office, Poppy and Severus stood there for a moment trying to figure out how to tell the others the shocking news.

"Just spit it out," said Minerva. "We can handle anything you have to tell us."

Poppy took a deep breath and with tears trailing down her cheeks began. Severus looked as if someone had poisoned him.

"Harry has pneumonia," said Poppy.

"That's it?" asked Narcissa. "Surely that is something that you can cure."

"Yes," Poppy said starting to cry harder. "I can fix that."

By now the rest of the staff were starting to get scared.

"What is it Severus?" asked Tom walking up to the man. "What is she not telling us?"

"Harry has lung cancer," said Severus. "It is pretty bad."

"NOOOO," screamed Draco.

He ran to the door and flung it open. He darted down the stairs and kept on running.

Ginny and Tom raced after him. They caught a glimpse of him running through the grounds to the Forbidden Forest.

"Hagrid stop him," called Ginny. "He needs us."

Hagrid reached over as Draco was running past and plucked him up by his collar.

"Let me go Hagrid," screamed Draco as tears fell from his eyes.

"NO," said Hagrid. "NOW YOU STOP RIGHT THERE."

Draco was so shocked by the force of Hagrid's voice that he actually stopped.

"Draco we need to be strong for Harry," said Ginny coming up and wrapping him in her arms. "You should be by his side right now. Not running away. I know you are hurt, but don't do this to Harry. He needs you."

"What's wrong with Harry?" asked Hagrid.

"He has cancer," said Tom quietly. "It doesn't look good at the moment."

Hagrid wrapped Draco in his arms and held the sobbing man. Ginny leaned back against Tom and cried right along side of him. Tom for his part just wrapped his arms around her and let her cry.

"I happen to know someone that might be able to help him," said Tom.

"Really?" asked Draco through his sobs.

"Morticia Daniels used to work for me," said Tom.

"If we bring her here she might leak out information to your father," said Draco bitterly.

"Ah," said Tom with a smile. "She was loyal to me and not to my father."

"Where is she now?" asked Ginny.

"She works at St. Mungo's," said Tom. "Let's go back to the castle and I will contact her. Draco you really should be by Harry's side."

The trio said goodbye to Hagrid after promising to keep him posted and went back to the castle. They went back to the office and Draco looked down at the floor.

"I am sorry I ran out like that," said Draco. "Someone get Dobby and Winky to undo the magical sleep. I plan on being by Harry's side the whole way. If he is not better by the time the holidays are done, I need Tom to take over potions for me."

"No problem," said Tom. "Go sit with Harry. We will send the elves up in a few minutes."

Draco went up the stairs and sat in the bed with Harry. A few minutes later Dobby and Winky came in and with tears in their eyes unwove the magic from around Harry. Harry woke up with a start to see the tear ravaged face of Draco.

"What is wrong?" asked Harry immediately. "What happened while I was sleeping? Is someone hurt?"

He made to get out of the bed and was overtaken by a coughing fit.

"Damn cold," said Harry as he looked around for his clothes.

Draco pulled him back into the bed.

"Harry you are VERY sick," said Draco. "When you came up to sleep Hermione and I got Dobby to wrap you in magical sleep to keep you asleep. From there, Severus and Poppy ran a diagnostic on you. You have pneumonia."

"So," said Harry stubbornly. "Poppy can fix that or you can make me a potion. Can you make one that doesn't taste so bloody awful?"

Draco started crying again.

"Dragon what is wrong?" asked Harry becoming truly alarmed. "I am not mad at you and Hermione. I know you are only looking out for my well being."

"It's not that," said Draco crying harder.

Harry gathered Draco on his arms and Draco could not help but notice how thin Harry had become.

"Hey now," said Harry softly. "It can't be that bad."

"It CAN," said Severus from the doorway. "Harry you are suffering from something far worse that pneumonia."

"Well I am sure Poppy will fix me up in no time," said Harry becoming totally confused by the expressions on Severus' face.

"This is totally out of Poppy's league," said Tom coming into the room and sitting down. "I am calling in a special healer that worked for me."

"Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on?" asked Harry before he was hit with another coughing fit.

"You have lung cancer," said Draco quietly. "You are VERY sick. That is why you are losing weight and feeling weak all the time. Tom will contact Healer Morticia Daniels to come and tend to you."

"I already have," said Tom. "She will be here in less than an hour. She will be your personal healer until we get you better."

"How long is the treatments going to last?" asked Harry shaking.

"About six months," said a new voice from the doorway. "Everyone clear out except the husband and Poppy."

Severus and Tom left the room and Poppy and Morticia walked up to Harry.

"Poppy will have to clear your lungs on a daily basis," said Morticia. "The fluid will build up and it will start to get painful. I will start you on a regular set of potions on a daily basis. You will limit your activities to hardly anything. Let your staff handle the running of the school. You will eat properly on the diet that I will provide your house elves. There will be no strenuous activities in your near future. Limit your magic down to hardly nil. No apparating. You will walk around as often as your body lets you. You must keep up your strength."

Harry nodded and lay back on the bed. Poppy took out her wand and started to clear his lungs of the fluids. While she was doing that, Morticia placed a couple of vials on the bedside table. When Poppy was done, Harry picked up the first vial and drank it. Soon he had all of the vials drunk.

""Draco," said Morticia handing a sheet of parchment to him. "I need you and Severus to get started on these potions right away. The sooner you start making them the better. I can only bring so many from the hospital before it starts to look like something is going on. I will be here daily. Make sure he drinks one of every potion on this list daily. Here is the new diet he will be on. Poppy will come back later and take care of the pneumonia. We need time to let those potions start to kick in."

"Thanks Healer," said Draco taking the lists from her. "I appreciate what you are doing for me and Harry."

"You are more than welcome," she said smiling. "He will be asleep soon. If he wants to sleep more, let him. The more rest he gets the better. He will lose his hair from this. It can not be helped."

"I'm not vain," said Harry. "If losing my hair means it saves my life, then I will gladly do so. Besides, I can always wear a hat."

"Just follow the instructions and you will pull through this," Morticia said kindly. "I promise."

"I will," said Harry. "Right now I have to give my final instructions to the staff and then I am going to come back and get some rest."

"Just don't take long," Morticia said.

Harry nodded and he and Draco went downstairs. Harry sat behind his desk and looked at all of the concerned faces before him.

"Severus," said Harry. "I need you to help Draco with the potions the Healer wants me to take on a daily basis."

"No problem," said Severus.

"Minerva," said Harry. "I need you to team up with Severus in running the school. The two of you along with the other three Heads of House will be in total charge of the school for the next six months."

"We will take care of it Harry," said Minerva wiping her eyes.

"Tom I need you to just help out wherever you can," said Harry. "Your knowledge of things is very valuable to the school."

"You didn't even need to ask Harry," said Tom. "I will help out where needed."

"Mother Narcissa and Aunt Petunia," said Harry. "Your jobs will be to keep Mother Molly off my back. When she finds out about this she will be hovering over me like I am already dead or something. I won't be able to handle that."

"Leave it to us," said Narcissa. "We know how to deal with Molly."

"I will be very drained and weak for the next six months," said Harry. "I can answer questions and such, but I will probably just tell you all to defer to your own judgment. Thank you all for caring enough to have me checked. It probably saved my life."

"You would do the same for us Harry," said Hermione. "We are your family. There is no need to thank us for caring. We all love you. Go upstairs and get some rest. I am sure Draco can sing you to sleep."

"I would love that," said Harry with a smile.

Draco helped Harry stand and led him back upstairs. Severus left to go start on the potions. Minerva sat behind Harry's desk and looked at some of the things in his inbox. After reading them, she made some changes and sent them on their way. The rest of the staff headed out and made their way around the castle. Each person had it set in their mind that they would do whatever it took to make sure that Harry just got rest and relaxation for the next six months. Each person thought about the compassion that Harry had for each and every one of them. They were all determined to see to it that Harry knew that they felt the same way about him. Draco got Harry back into the bed and tucked the blankets around him. He looked into the face of the one person he loved more than life itself and decided that he didn't need music. He would sing acapella.

My loveThere's only you in my lifeThe only thing that's right

My first loveYou're every breath that I takeYou're every step I make

And II want to shareAll my love with youNo one else will do

And your eyesThey tell me how much you careOh, yes you will always beMy endless love

Two heartsTwo hearts that beat as oneOur lives had just begun

ForeverI'll hold you close in my armsI can't resist your charms

And loveI'll be a fool for youI'm sureYou know I don't mindWhoooooa, you know I don't mind

'Cos youYou mean the world to meOh, I knowI know I found in youMy endless love

OoooooohAnd loveI'll be that fool for youI'm sureYou know I don't mindWhooooa, you know I don't mindAnd yesYou'll be the only one'Cos no one can't denyThis love I have insideAnd I'll give it all to youMy loveMy endless love

Harry was asleep within moments after Draco was done singing. Draco kissed him softly on the lips and headed down to the dungeons after setting Dobby and Winky to watch over Harry. Petunia had brought the special diet to the kitchens and instructed the elves that this was for Harry's own good. The elves all agreed to help out.

The days passed and Harry had days where he was ok to move and other days where he could not get out of bed. Severus and Draco had made enough potion that if Harry never used all of it, then they would donate it to St. Mungo's. Morticia came on a daily basis to check up on Harry as she promised. Harry's hair fell out within the first two weeks of the treatments. He felt odd not having hair. Draco told him that he was still the most beautiful man alive. Christmas came and went with Harry in his bed. When he was able to sit at the staff table, there were many pillows surrounding his small frame so that he could be comfortable. The student body took up the cause and each student was doing his or her best to cause little trouble. They were determined to be on their best behavior so that they could see Harry smile. As promised, Poppy came daily to remove any fluid from his lungs. The staff took over the running of the school in Harry's absence.

One day, Harry had a burst of energy. He was able to navigate the stairs mostly by himself. Draco laughed to see his excitement. Harry went to the Great Hall and many of the staff members stood and applauded the happiness that was on his face. When all of the students were assembled, Harry stood to make an announcement.

"I want to thank you all for the love and support that you have shown me during my time of need," he said. "I have a long way to go, but I know deep down that you all love me enough to keep on working as you do. Therefore as a special treat to you all for your hard work and dedication to me, I have the energy today to sing you all a song."

Harry looked to Draco who flicked his wand to make the music start. Harry waited and then launched into the song.

I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slowAnd each road leads you where you want to goAnd if you're faced with the choice and you have to chooseI hope you choose the one that means the most to you

And if one door opens to another door closedI hope you keep on walkin' 'til you find the windowIf it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smileBut more than anything, more than anything

My wish for youIs that this life becomes all that you want it toYour dreams stay big, your worries stay smallYou never need to carry more than you can hold

And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' toI hope you know somebody loves youAnd wants the same things tooYeah, this is my wish

I hope you never look back but you never forgetAll the ones who love you and the place you leftI hope you always forgive and you never regretAnd you help somebody every chance you get

Oh, you'd find God's grace in every mistakeAnd always give more than you takeBut more than anything, yeah more than anything

My wish for youIs that this life becomes all that you want it toYour dreams stay big, your worries stay smallYou never need to carry more than you can hold

And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' toI hope you know somebody loves youAnd wants the same things tooYeah, this is my wish, yeah yeah

My wish for youIs that this life becomes all that you want it toYour dreams stay big, your worries stay smallYou never need to carry more than you can hold

And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' toI hope you know somebody loves youAnd wants the same things tooYeah, this is my wish(My wish for you)

This is my wish(My wish for you)I hope you know somebody loves you(My wish for you)May all your dreams stay big(My wish for you

Everyone stood and gave Harry a standing ovation. He smiled as he sat down and began to eat his dinner. His joy did not last long however when his stomach started to give him some trouble. He quickly grabbed Draco's arm.

"Shield me please," Harry whispered. "I am fixing to be sick."

The staff all stood and rushed to assist Harry. Draco shielded the staff table from the students as Severus conjured a bucket. Harry lost the contents of his stomach into it. Minerva conjured a cold cloth and draped it over the back of his neck. Poppy handed him a potion that would sooth his stomach.

"I didn't mean to spoil your dinner," said Harry with tears in his eyes.

"Don't worry about it," said Hermione flicking her wand and making the contents of the bucket disappear. "You can't help it that you are sick. We don't want any apologies."

"Dray can you help me back upstairs?" asked Harry.

Tom sighed and picked up Harry in his arms. Together he and Draco took Harry out of the Great Hall.

"Attention please," said Minerva standing up. "The Head Master has taken ill. We do not want any of you to worry. It is a normal thing. It will happen quite often."

"What is wrong with him?" asked a third year student. "We respect the Head Master. He cares for us. If it weren't for Harry Potter, I would have ended up in a muggle orphanage."

"The Head Master is suffering from lung cancer," said Severus. "He is on a strict regimen of potions to cure him. They are so powerful that they make him ill. He will be cured of this though. The faculty is doing everything we can to make him comfortable and ease his suffering. We appreciate that without knowing what was wrong with him that you all decided to do your part to help him. All we ask is that you keep up the good work and continue with your schoolwork. It would make him happy to know that you all are getting good grades and such."

"We will do our part Professor Snape," said the boy. "You can count on us."

This was met by a resounding cheer from the rest of the students. Severus and Minerva looked at each other and smiled. Harry Potter was indeed the best thing that ever happened to Hogwarts.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop here with this chapter. I don't really have a moral to this chapter. More like a thought. In this world, you do not have to do it alone. Even the strongest of people needs help every once in awhile. As a cancer survivor myself, I know what Harry is going through. I was glad that I had my family and friends there through my entire treatment. Thanks in advance for the wonderful reviews.

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