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Head Master of Hogwarts

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Chapter 3 – The Head Master of Hogwarts

True to Hermione's words, the staff all laid their ideas on Harry's desk within days. Other professors around the school decided that they would do things to assist in the project. Harry had created permission forms for the students and sent them out by owl post so that the students could go on field trips. The response from the parents was interesting. In each letter sent to a parent, Harry had outlined his ideas for the students. Many of the parents not only signed the form, but also gave ideas of their own. Harry sat with each professor personally and went over the finer details of the original idea. Within two weeks, they had all the kinks worked out. Harry glanced down at the list of students who had signed up for the different projects. He smiled as just about every student signed up for every single specialty course. At dinner that evening, Harry sat waiting eagerly in his chair for the student body.

"If I may have your attention please," said Harry rising and waiting for them to quiet. "I have the privilege to announce that I have received word from all of your parents giving you permission to join the new courses. Many of you will be disappointed as I can not allow you in certain parts of the new courses. This is for your protection and safety. The success we have or not have will depend on if we continue with this program next year. The courses will be broken into your year. A schedule will be handed to you by your Heads of House and of course will be on your bulletin boards announcing what year is doing what on which date. Thank you for your interest. Please dig in."

Harry raised his hands and the food appeared on the tables. The students were very chatty as they grabbed food and started filling their plates. When the meal was over and the students left the hall, Harry pulled Minerva, Severus, Hermione, Draco, and Pomona to the side.

"I think it is time for phase one of the school unity program," said Harry. "This idea came to me last night when I was reading Godric's Book of Shadows. While he never implemented the idea, he hinted at something similar."

"So what are we going to do?" asked Hermione.

"We are going to change the seating arrangement in the Great Hall," said Harry smugly.

"That sounds like an intriguing thought," said Severus. "What do you have in mind?"

"First off," said Harry waving his hands. "Let's get rid of the House tables. We will not need them anymore. My idea is to alter their clusters. "

With a flick of their wands, the staff of Hogwarts banished the tables.

"Now what do we do?" Minerva asked.

"There are six of us," said Harry pulling a piece of parchment out of his pocket and passing it around. "I think we need seven tables big enough to accommodate the number of students in each year. We will put the younger students closer to the staff table and spread them out from there. I drew a diagram of the idea."

"That sounds good so far," said Pomona. "What purpose will this serve though?"

"Well," said Harry handing a sheet of parchment to each professor present. "My idea is that we stamp out all house rivalries that are not on the quidditch field. To do this, I think we need the students to interact. With this particular project, we have the students sitting together grouped by year rather than house."

"It will help them get to know their age groups outside of their own houses," said Hermione excitedly.

"Exactly," said Harry. "It is my thought that some of the house qualities that each house possesses will somehow affect other houses. For instance, the intelligent Ravenclaws would be more than willing to help the loyal Hufflepuffs with tutoring. Not the Hufflepuff students are less than perfect. I was just using an example."

By now, the teachers were all laughing at Harry's face. He had turned red trying to figure out how his explanation turned into a faux pas.

"We understand what you mean Harry," said Pomona laughing.

"Good," said Harry. "I feel stupid enough already without having to try that again. So Hermione, why don't you take the first year table and decorate it? Place name cards on the table. Draco, you take the second year table please and do the same thing. Pomona you can have the third year table. Minerva, you can have fourth year. Severus you can have fifth year. I will do sixth and seventh year."

The teachers all nodded their heads and went to work. An hour later, there were seven tables set up. Each one had a different colored table cloth. First year had white, second year had blue, third year had green, fourth year had red, fifth year had black, sixth year had silver, and seventh year had gold. All in all, the color spray around the room was nice. Harry then conjured and placed a figurine of the Hogwarts crest on each table as the centerpiece. He slightly modified the crest to add a phoenix to it. When he was done, he and the rest of the staff all stood for a few minutes to admire their handy work.

"Ok each professor knows when their activity is," said Harry. "To make more time, we may have to do two years at the same time."

"Let's just see how this first week goes," said Minerva. "They may surprise us."

"Agreed," said the rest of the group.

From there, everyone went to attend their duties around the castle. Harry was certain that the students would be in for a surprise in the morning.

True to his prediction, there were some mutterings around the Great Hall the next morning. Harry waited until each student was present before he made his announcement.

"As each of you noticed, we have already started our program," said Harry. "The seat you are in now will be your designated seat until the end of the year. I suggest you get to know you table mates. Some of them will be your companions for the field trips and so forth."

"Head Master," called a third year.

Harry looked around until he saw the youngster standing.

"Yes Mr. Richard," he answered. "What may I do for you?"

"Um," said the boy looking nervous. "I was wondering if you could do something about Peeves."

"What has he done this time?" asked Harry worriedly.

"I lost points yesterday in DADA for being late because Peeves had locked me in a room where I could not get out," admitted the boy.

"Have you spoken with Professor Snape about this?" asked Harry not looking at Severus for the moment.

"Uh," said the boy blushing. "No Sir I didn't. I was too embarrassed to say anything."

"PEEVES," called Harry.

With a cackle, Peeves flew into the room throwing things at the students. Harry twitched his fingers and the missiles froze in mid air. Standing, Harry approached the poltergeist and froze him in mid air as well. He left only the mouth to work.

"Did you lock this student in a room with no way to get out?" he asked.

"Sure did," said Peeves. "It was great fun to hear him scream until he couldn't anymore."

"Why did you do that to him?" asked Harry in a dangerous voice. "You got this student in trouble. You have been pulling these stunts since I was a first year here in the castle. I would give a small guess that you have been doing this ever since you got here."

Peeves didn't say anything. He knew that even the ghosts would do well not to upset the Head Master. The Bloody Baron was also one that did not want to cross the Head Master. Harry looked around to Severus. Severus merely nodded his head.

"Ten points to Hufflepuff for the points you lost from me yesterday," said Severus. "Twenty points to Hufflepuff for the detention that you served. The rest of your detention is hereby canceled."

Harry smiled at Severus who gave him a quick smile in return. Harry turned to the poltergeist after.

"If I hear of you causing trouble for one more student," said Harry. "I will make you wish you were dead again. This is your first, last, and only warning. Stop causing troubles for the students of this school or go find somewhere else to haunt. I have zero tolerance for bullies."

With a wave of his hand, Harry removed the poltergeist still frozen in mid air to the entrance way. Peeves screamed for Harry to release the spell on him. Harry just waved his hand and stopped the sound.

"Let's give him a taste of his own medicine for a while," said Harry to the laughter of the school. "I think I'll let him hang there for a couple of days to prove a point."

The rest of the school all applauded him. Smiling Harry sat down and engaged Severus and Draco in conversation as the tables filled with food to eat.

As predicted, the program started off a little rocky at first, but quickly everyone fell into a routine. Not all students were able to go to all of the special classes. Those that was unable to attend just showed up when they could. The teachers were all delighted by the ever changing students. They worked for a few extra hours each day to offer the etiquette needed. Pure bloods mingled with muggle borns. Harry had added table etiquette to the retinue of programs. Madam Hooch was delighted to be able to work with that aspect. Harry smiled as he read letters of gratitude from parents for the obvious changes that were helping their children to be more tolerable of others.

October arrived and with it came the Halloween feast. Harry had a great party set up for the students. Harry and the others decided to try their first attempt at catching the spy. They had it set for the night of the feast. As a treat for the students, Harry got up and sang a few songs. Everyone was delighted by this. Each student enjoyed hearing Harry sing. The party lasted until ten o'clock. Harry had extended curfew with the understanding that if anyone was caught out of bounds, then the party would be over. No one wanted to have an extra hour of freedom removed, so they all stayed where they were allowed to be and did not cause problems.

Harry and Draco stepped out of the Great Hall together. Minerva and Severus had already left. Harry pulled Draco to an area behind the staircase and pulled him into a warm embrace.

"My beautiful Dragon," said Harry. "I love you more than I can ever put to words. I am so happy to have you in my life. It makes each and every day seem special to me."

"Ah my beautiful Phoenix," said Draco warmly caressing Harry's cheek. "You have such an amazing way with words. Every time you look at me, I can feel the love you have for me. When you sing to me it makes me lose all sense of the world and swim in your passion. I can only hope that it never dies. I love you. I will always love you."

"Well since you like to swim," said Harry with a soft smile. "How about I sing a song just for you my Dragon Prince?"

"Music to my ears," said Draco laughing at his own joke.

Harry kissed him tenderly on the lips. When he pulled his head back, he gazed into Draco's eyes and started to sing softly to his heart's treasure.

Something in the way he movesAttracts me like no other loverSomething in the way he woos me

I don't want to leave him nowYou know I believe him now

Somewhere in his smile he knowsThat I don't need no other loverSomething in his style that shows me

Don't want to leave him nowYou know I believe him now

You're asking me will my love growI don't know, I don't knowYou stick around now it may show

I don't know, I don't know

Something in the way he knowsAnd all I have to do is think of himSomething in the things he shows me

Don't want to leave him nowYou know I believe him now

When Harry finished his song, Draco had tears in his eyes. He lifted a hand and caressed the cheek of the one person in the world who would ever know his passion for someone else. Draco reached over and gave another kiss on the lips to Harry.

As they came apart, Severus dropped his Disillusionment Charm.

"I am sorry," said Severus. "No one was here. I was waiting and watching the whole time."

"I have some news to report," said Minerva coming around the corner. "I just caught a student trying to break into your office."

"Who was it?" asked Harry.

"Colin Creevey," said Minerva gesturing for Harry, Draco, and Severus to precede her to the corridor.

Together they made their way back to the corner. As they approached, they could hear the voice of Dennis Creevey.

"What do you think you are doing?" asked Dennis. "You have probably blown our cover."

"No I didn't," said Colin. "They have no idea that we have been spying on Harry Potter."

"What did you think you were doing trying to break into his office?" asked Dennis. "We were told to report what we see. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were by the stairs in the entrance hall."

"I was hoping to be able to steal one of the books or wands for Percy Weasley," said Colin. "The Dark Lord would reward us greatly for one of those items. You had better get back to the Gryffindor common room before they come back. McGonagall was just going to get Harry."

"I don't think Dennis will be going anywhere," said Harry stepping around the corner and waving his hand to freeze both boys in place. "So you two are the spies of the castle. How interesting to discover that after everything that I have done for the two of you that you would betray me in this fashion. You two will head up to my office now. Hand your wands over to Professor McGonagall. I will be calling in some people so that we can discuss this."

Both boys were still frozen, but this time in shock. Harry had released them from his spell. They did not think they would get caught. Now they had a very pissed of Harry Potter on their hands. Guilt, sadness, and something else passed through the eyes of Colin.

"Severus, please contact Arthur and Molly and have them floo to my office," said Harry. "Draco, get the other Heads of House and the Weasleys and have them come to our office. Minerva, please escort these two upstairs and watch over them. I will be right there after I speak with Neville and Luna."

The group all nodded and left to do as Harry asked. Harry quickly spotted Luna and Neville and told them quickly what was going on. He then asked them to assemble Team Potter and have them assist the Prefects with rounds. Neville and Luna both promised to see that it was done. When he made it to his office, Albus, Molly, and Arthur were present. Harry glanced at the map and saw that Draco, Hermione, Ginny, and Ron were just about to enter the stairs that led to the office. Dennis and Colin were standing quietly, quivering under the glare of their Head of House.

"Albus," said Harry. "We need my floo to be connected to the Creevey household. I would like to have them listen to this conversation."

Albus stepped through the fire. Ten minutes later he returned to Harry's office and sat down.

"I have arranged it," said Albus. "An Auror is at their house now and is assisting the Creeveys with their end of things."

"I have them ready Minister," said the Auror. "The channel is open and they are ready."

"Thank you Mitchell," said Albus.

Everyone else in the room looked to Harry.

"It seems that Colin and Dennis have been informing outside forces of what is going on in the castle," said Harry. "Unfortunately, they are telling half truths and in some cases, outright lies. Mr. and Mrs. Creevey, your oldest son was caught trying to burglarize my office. By his own admission in the presence of me, Professor Potter, Professor McGonagall, and Professor Snape, he admitted that he was trying to steal valuable books and or wands from my office. Further admission from your sons indicates that they have been telling an outside source, half truths about me and Professor Potter."

"What have they been saying?" asked the stern voice of Mr. Creevey.

"I have here a memory of things I have been accused of," said Harry. "I will let the Minister of Magic view the memory and tell you what was said."

Harry pulled the memory out of his head and put it in the pensieve. Albus touched the memory with his finger and was pulled in to watch the memory.

"I want a word with you Potter," snarled Percy.

"Weasley," snapped Minerva. "You are speaking to the Head Master of this school. I suggest that you show him some respect."

"I will show him respect when he dam well earns it," said Percy.

"Why don't we take this to my office," said Harry calmly. "Severus, please lower your wand."

"Why don't you tell me what is bothering you Percy," said Harry.

"I will tell you what is bothering me you freak of nature," said Percy. "You have the audacity to accuse Madam Umbridge of a pack of lies which resulted in her receiving the Dementor's Kiss. You then have the audacity to flaunt your freakish sexual habits all over the school. Now thanks to you my sister is picking up your bad habits. Many may worship the ground you walk on Potter, but I am not one of them. You may have pulled the wool over many people's eyes, but I will not have you subjecting my sister to your abnormality in this school."

Albus left the memory. When he was done, he approached the fireplace and spoke to the Creeveys. He told them word for word the conversation he just witnessed.

"Where are my sons?" asked Mr. Creevey. "I would like to talk with them if at all possible."

"They are standing right here," said Albus. "They can hear you and answer your questions."

"Is what the Head Master and the Minister saying true?" asked Mr. Creevey. "Are you passing information to an outside source?"

"Yes father," said Colin sadly. "It is true."

"Is it also true that you were caught trying to steal something from Harry Potter?" asked his father.

"Yes it is," said Colin with tears in his eyes.

"Why would you and your brother do this to him?" asked their father. "I thought you boys liked him. I thought we raised you better than that."

"I was going to take the book so that we could have money," said Colin miserably.

"We make plenty enough money?" snapped Mrs. Creevey. "There was no need for you to be greedy. Your father and I are so ashamed of you, our sons. Why would you betray Harry Potter? He has always been good to you. He has always treated you kindly. As your Head Master he deserves better than that."

"Because," said Colin angrily. "I did it because he is with Malfoy and not me."

Shock entered the room at this statement. Many knew that the Creeveys idolized Harry, but none knew that the older boy was in love with Harry.

"So you betrayed me to my enemy because I did not fall in love with you?" asked Harry when he recovered from his shock.

"Yes," said Colin. "You should have been MINE."

"That is no reason to betray him to the dark side," snapped Minerva. "You have hurt him by doing this."

"What will become of our sons now?" asked Mr. Creevey with sadness in his voice.

"Usually it would mean they would be expelled and their wands snapped," said Albus looking grave. "However I am no longer the one calling the shots around here. That would be for Head Master Potter to decide."

"First I want you to tell the assembled people who you are passing information to," said Harry to the boys. "Do not try to lie about it. I already know. This is part of your punishment. From there, you both will serve detention for the rest of the year. One hundred points will be deducted from Gryffindor House each for your actions. All Hogsmeade visits are hereby cancelled for the pair of you. You will not be allowed out of your common room unless you are in class, eating, serving detention, or in the library. If you are caught outside of your dorm room after that, you will be expelled. That is my part in this. Your Head of House will decide further punishments."

"You both will write a two thousand word essay on the scruples behind loyalty," said Minerva. "I will take another fifty points each from you. You both will give a written apology to Head Master Potter. Also, you will give a public formal apology as well tomorrow morning at breakfast."

"That is just a little of what you will be getting," said Mr. Creevey. "You just wait until you get home. The two of you are in serious trouble. You both had better do what you are told. I better not hear of either one of you doing or saying another thing. Count yourselves lucky that I don't pull you from the school personally and redden your asses for you."

"Head Master," said Mrs. Creevey. "Thank you so much for your leniency to my sons. You have my gratitude for not expelling both of them."

"Think nothing of it," said Harry. "Colin and Dennis, I think I asked you to tell the group who you are passing information to."

"Percy Weasley," said Dennis looking at the ground.

"What?" Molly asked standing up quickly.

"Percy is behind this?" asked Arthur in disbelief.

"I am afraid so Arthur," said Albus. "With Harry's permission I would like you both to view that memory."

Harry nodded his head and the elder Weasleys touched the surface with their finger. While they viewed the memory, Harry looked over to Ron and Ginny. Both were glaring daggers at Colin and Dennis.

"Harry," said Ginny. "We are sorry that Percy did this to you. Please know that I will stand by you one hundred percent."

"I will to," said Ron tearing his eyes away from the brothers. "Never doubt that the Weasleys think of you as family."

"My son speaks for us all," said Molly. "Harry and Draco, we are so sorry that this has happened. We knew that Ginny helped you set up dates. We had no idea that Percy was doing this."

"Mother Molly," said Harry softly. "I am afraid I have more bad news for you."

"You can tell us anything," said Arthur. "We trust you."

"Percy was branded with the Dark Mark," said Harry with tears in his eyes as he watched his surrogate parents. "I saw it one night when I was sleeping here at the desk. The link between me and Tom Riddle opened and I saw him getting the Dark Mark. I am so sorry."

Molly walked over and wrapped her arms around Harry. Arthur was quick to follow. Soon Ron, Ginny, Hermione, and Draco joined the group.

"There is NOTHING for you to be sorry for," said Molly. "You are such a kind and loving young man. Percy made his own decision. The fault lies with Percy and NOT with you."

"I still can't help feeling responsible," said Harry sitting down at his desk.

"Did you hear that boys?" asked Mr. Creevey. "Did you hear what YOU helped to cause?"

"We were wrong," said Dennis. "I should not have listened to Colin. I should have stopped him from doing what he was doing. I believed him because he is my brother. Harry I am sorry."

Tears were falling from Dennis' eyes. Colin was glaring at his brother with disgust. Harry watched the exchange with interest.

"I think it would be in the best interest to separate these two," said Harry. "I think Dennis should be moved to Hufflepuff."

Pomona and Minerva both nodded.

"Sometimes a family member will do something for a brother, sister, mom, or dad with the best of intentions," said Harry. "Even though they know they are doing wrong, love will sometimes cause us to do things anyway. I respect your loyalty to your brother Dennis. If I would have had a brother of my own, I would hope he would have stood by me as you have done for Colin. While I don't condone the outcome, I commend the action. Therefore I will reduce your sentence slightly. Instead of detention for the rest of the year, I will reduce it to two months. However, the rest of the instructions that were given will still be enforced for now. Your behavior and actions will determine if you get any of your privileges back. I suggest that you go with your new Head of House now and get settled into your new room. Dobby will see to it that your things are moved from one tower to the next."

"Thank you Head Master," said Dennis. "I swear I will not let you down again."

"I will hold you to your word," said Harry. "Now please go with Professor Sprout."

When Pomona and Dennis left, Harry turned to Colin.

"You do not seem to have the slightest remorse for what you did," said Harry. "My love for Draco will never change. Even had he and I not married and became one, I would not have been able to return your love. You are still a minor. It would not have been appropriate for us to be together. I am sorry that I can no longer count you as one of my dearest friends. It saddens me that you were lying to me this whole time. Professor McGonagall will be doing a clean search of your possessions. Any paraphernalia regarding me will be taken immediately from you. I will not allow you to continue to abuse me in the way that you have been. Please know that if you are caught with even a photograph of me, then you will be expelled from Hogwarts. We will see to it that your wand is snapped, and your magic blocked from further use. I am very disappointed in your actions and in the actions that you are portraying now. A special room will be made up for you in Gryffindor Tower. Even though I am disappointed in you, I still will feel for your safety in the castle for the rest of the year. Your prefect badge will be taken from you. You no longer have access to the prefect's rooms and bathroom. Professor McGonagall will now escort you to your room."

Minerva grabbed Colin by the arm and led him from the room. Harry watched with sadness as his words finally hit home with Colin. The boy's shoulders drooped as he was led away.

"Mr. and Mrs. Creevey," said Harry. "Once again I apologize for this."

"You have no reason to be sorry," said Mr. Creevey. "Thank you for not expelling them. I see they were correct when they said you were a loving and caring man. Good luck in the future with your mate. If my sons cause any more trouble, please let us know. We will abide by your laws as to what to do with them if they continue."

"Thank you," said Harry.

Albus poked his head in the fire and finished with the details there. When he was done, he looked to Harry. Harry understood his meaning perfectly. He raised his hands and lowered the wards on the Head Master's office. Albus looked to Molly and Arthur who nodded. All three turned on the spot and apparated away. Harry let his hand drop and felt the wards snap back into place.

"Severus, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione," said Harry. "Thank you for the support. The fact that you, Ron and Ginny, stated your support without even blinking makes me happy. Severus and Hermione, if you would be so kind as to escort them to their rooms, I would appreciate it. I think I need some alone time with my husband."

"Ginny," said Harry stopping her by the door. "Thanks for your words. I also think you should tell your family about you and Hermione."

"I already did," she replied. "As for the first part, you will always have the support of the important Weasleys. "

The quartet all gave Harry a pat on the cheek or arm before they smiled and left. Draco stood up and went over to Harry. He leaned over and kissed his lips softly.

"Sing that song for me again," said Draco as he sat in Harry's lap.

"I would be happy to," said Harry.

Something in the way he movesAttracts me like no other loverSomething in the way he woos me

I don't want to leave him nowYou know I believe him now

Somewhere in his smile he knowsThat I don't need no other loverSomething in his style that shows me

Don't want to leave him nowYou know I believe him now

You're asking me will my love growI don't know, I don't knowYou stick around now it may show

I don't know, I don't know

Something in the way he knowsAnd all I have to do is think of himSomething in the things he shows me

Don't want to leave him nowYou know I believe him now

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this chapter here. Thank you for reading. It took me awhile to find the perfect bad guy here. I hope that you all forgive me for using the Creeveys like this.

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